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Nadipathy: Detoxification, Rejuvenation and longevity
No Medicine, No X-ray, No Scanning, No Surgery, No Side-effects by Dr. P. Krishnam Raju   in conversation with   Hemamalini Raghunathan

Nadipathy detoxifies the body; the accumulated toxins are removed with different ancient therapies. It will be a great rejuvenation for the body, to increase the longevity. Nadipathy’s diagnosis is a wonderful system, in finding the root cause of the problem, by examining the patient with different techniques. The prime examinations are Pulse checking (Nadi pariksha), Tooth, Tongue, Eyes, Face, Nails, sitting style, walking styles and other techniques.

Dr. P. Krishnam Raju Ancient alternative therapies are gaining more popularity and support among people nowadays. Nadipathy, introduced by Dr. P. Krishnam Raju of Kakinada, is an ancient Indian system, with traditional therapies, that prevents and cures from simple ailments to chronic ailments, without any medical procedures or interventions on the patient. In other words, there is no need to consume any medicines at all. With pulse check, Dr. P. Krishnam Raju (Ph:0884-6459111; mobile: 08885011326/329; can find the root cause of the ailment and start treating the subtle body, which can stop the future-ailments also.

Dr. P. Krishnam Raju ( is well qualified with M.P.Ed, N.I.S M.D. (Alternative medicine) Ph.D., D.Sc and many other degrees. He has done research for 12 years in different techniques like Naturopathy, Panchakarma, Marma etc and found that those form the parts of Nadipathy and gave this valuable technique to the world.

Dr. P. Krishnam Raju also recommends practice of meditation, observation of natural breath etc. He says that diseases are Psychosomatic and so meditation is a must. He is been flooded with many reputed Awards for his innovative treatment techniques. He has also authored several books. He chooses the very appropriate therapies by the symptom of pulse of the patients and there lies his success!

How did you get interest in Alternative therapies, while Allopathy system is flourishing around us ?

During my childhood, I have watched village-doctors treating my relatives by examining the Pulse and prescribing herbal medicines. My grandfather used to apply mud on my body every week, which has made me feel very fit and healthy.

I also witnessed another incident, where a doctor diagnosed a patient by the sound of his cough and said that the patient would die within 12 hours. The patient did die within 8 hours. This incident made a huge impact on me.

I also came across many types of treatment such as leaches for Filiarsys, Cigar ash for injuries, Urine therapy, Sun bath, piercing ears and nose, herbal medicine for jaundice, oil massage on the foot for good sleep etc. These experiences made me learn alternative treatments.

What is Nadipathy’s unique Diagnosis system?

Nadipahy’s diagnosis is a wonderful system, in finding the root cause of the problem by examining the patient with different techniques. The prime examinations are Pulse (Nadi pariksha) checking, Tooth, Tongue, Eyes, Face, Nails, sitting style, walking styles and other techniques.

Here the patient need not to reveal any of his ailment details to us; however the Doctor reveals by simple examining the Pulse(Nadi pariksha). For best results, the patient can come with an empty stomach to meet the Doctor.

Nadi pariksha reveals the entire ailment conditions like an advanced MRI scan, as it states the future sickness/ailments too.

Doctor analysing the pulse

Could you throw light on evolution of Nadipathy Therapeutic treatment?

Nadipathy is derived from the ancient word ‘Nadi’ which means nerve or tiny blood tubes of the physical body. The energy flows on these Nadi give strength to the physical body to maintain sound health. Ancient sages invented 272,000 Nadis in the subtle body, which are related to the seven Chakras; Nadi centres’ are connected with our palms and soles. If they work well, we will be with better health and if they do not work well we will become ill; at that time, we have to stimulate the Nadis to become well. One who has the knowledge of Nadis and treats Nadis is called Nadipathy.
The first and foremost treatment without using any medicine is none other than Nadipathy.
After some years, Ayurveda had come; sage Charaka has found treating the Physical body by using Ayurvedic medicines and also surgeries.
There were different theories derived from different countries, notably from Chinese, Egyptians, Mesopotamians etc. Different countries inherited this Nadipathy system unknowingly and developed in their own style with a little changes .Chinese recognized the importance of the subtle body and they explained that 14 Energy Channels are flowing in the human body and if any of those get stuck with blocks then it appears as disease on the body. They called it as Meridian system. Besides using the Acupressure and Acupuncture, they discovered some more therapies. Egyptians discovered energy flows in the form of Pyramid angle and even in all forms in a nature as well.
Mesopotamians said that energy flows in our body in Zone-wise—from Hand fingers to toes, etc. They discovered some therapies, after doing research in those zones. Besides these, different countries recognizes the energy as Spider Energy, Diamond Energy and designed some therapies basing on them. All these systems are of before 8000 B.C. and without medicine.
All these systems have a basis of Ancient Indian Nadi system and we can call Nadipathy, ‘The father of all these systems.

What is the basis of illness in the body?

Nadipathy strictly believes and preaches that 5 elements are important in treating the Cosmic body that cures the physical body. As we know that Fire, Earth. Air, Water and Sky are the basis for the Nature, Physical body also has the same 5 elements called Pancha-bhoothas.

Imbalance on any of these elements causes sickness on the physical body. Balancing these elements create complete health. At this stage, Nadipathy treats the Subtle body that cures also the physical body and vice versa.Another important factor of the sickness is the pooling up of toxins.

In our body, toxins are being flushed out in different ways like Sneezing, cold & cough, Fevers, Swatting, vomitting, Urine, loose bowels etc. Nature’s mechanism is in such a way that it doesn’t allow to stay any toxin or foreign particles in the body but immediately flush it out; if not, it will flow underneath the skin and causes effect on physical body’s energy flow.

Illness spreads in 2 ways—Gradual spreading and Speedy spreading. The body becomes weak, due to any sudden incident or food habits or any change in the nature. If any one of the Nadi is not working properly, then it multiplies gradually (i.e. 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 ...) decreases its energy .That reflects gradually on the physical body and it changes as disease on the physical body. Modern Doctors can recognize diseases only at this stage.

When we meet with an accident, the Nadis connected to that particular part will be affected, leading to illness. In the modern therapies, they will treat the cuts and wounds, but not the Nadi connected to that part. By maintaining balance in the Nadi system through adjusting the Nadis, health can be regained. Energy is of 2 types-Bio-Energy and Cosmic energy. We get Bio Energy through food, and Cosmic Energy through 5 elements .The Body needs these 2 types of energies.

The body remains with life for some days, even if we do not take food; but it will be difficult to live, if we do not have Cosmic Energy. Ancient sages examined the Subtle body, Nadi system, and the 5 elements through Nadi testing health will be gained through adjusting the Nadis. Nadis are the masters that rule the body. Re-adjusting the body is the therapy; so it is called Nadipathy. The main function of Nadipathy is to de-toxify the body, by utilizing the ancient Indian therapies. This traditional approach really yields excellent results in this new era. After this treatment, the body’s functionality is being improvised, especially for chronic ailments like Kidney issues, Cancers, Liver issues, skin diseases etc. These detoxification methods are very much helpful for those patients, where the body doesn’t respond, even after using the medications.

Nadi (pulse) can be measured in the superficial, middle and deep levels, to obtain more information, regarding energy imbalance of the person, status of three Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha), condition of 12 organs, etc. Nadipathy can treat the root cause of the particular Nadi blockage, stimulate Pancreas gland to cure Diabetes permanently and set right chronic Kidney malfunctioning etc.

What are the various steps involved in Nadipathy treatment?

After finding the root cause of the disease and the patient’s condition, the treatment would begin with any of the Nadipathy therapies.

We, at Nadipathy, record the patient’s health in video format. Similarly during the treatment also, we record with pictures, videos to know the health improvement, after the treatment is completed, again a final video recording be shot, to see the smile on the face of the patient. The patient can go anywhere to get the health check-up like blood test, scanning, X-Rays etc during the treatment. Nadipathy treatment starts only after the Sun rises, strictly day-time only. The power of Sunrays coupled with this treatment yields commendable results.

Q: Kindly explain to us a few therapies, used by you, without using medicines.

Fine needles are inserted at specific points to stimulate, disperse, and regulate the flow of vital energy, and restore a healthy energy balance. Using this technique, five elements can also be balanced.

We use the same pressure points and meridians as above, but Acupuncture employs needles, while Acupressure uses gentle to firm Finger-pressure. Acupressure treatment can be carried out without any special equipment. In an emergency situation, the fingers or a Ball-point pen can be used to apply Acupressure, which can dramatically ease the symptom.

Nadipathy is an ancient treatment method, the disease can be diagnosed through (Nerve Inspection) Nadi pariksha. By examining them, we can cure the diseases of the past, present and future as well. In Nadi Pariksha, a person needs to tell any of his/ her problems in advance. Any form of disease is revealed through the prevailing symptoms. Each and every cell in our body has its importance and intelligence. In Nadi Pariksha, this intelligence/communication is studied in the form of vibrations. Nadi Pariksha reads the vibratory frequency of the pulse at various levels of the Radial artery. Subtle vibrations are read at seven dissimilar levels vertically downward that help in determining various functions in the body. When examined, physical and mental features of the person are revealed through the pulse.

The application of suction to the body. There is a number of varieties in Cupping therapy. We at Nadipathy use Cupping therapy for many ailments. We believe that Cupping therapy mobilises the blood flow, in order to promote healing. In this process remove harmful substances and toxins the body to promote healing. Cupping causes the skin to temporally turn into Red colour, which disappears in one week. This treatment is inverse of massage. Rather than applying pressure to muscles, the suction uses pressure to pull skin and muscle upward.

In this therapy, balancing of body Chakras activate the nervous system. Adjusting the fingers of the hand and toes would release bad energy. When specific energy channels get disturbed by polluted food or injuries, the body can undergo various health problems. If it is not cured at early stages, it will damage the internal organ systems.

This is one of Nadipathy’s prominent therapies, used for a number of diseases. This is one more detoxification method, in treating chronic diseases. If the salt intake is making one unhealthy (B.P, Sugar etc), then the same salt can be treated on the body naturally; then it can completely remove the diseases. On the banks of the beach, the patient is covered with the sand slowly, by pouring the sand on the appropriate positions, till it covers the whole body.

Colour is simply a light of varying wavelengths; thus each colour has its own particular wavelength and energy. The energy relating to each of the seven colours of (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet) can treat the seven main Chakras of the body. Balance of the energy in each of the body’s chakra is very important for health and well being. Colour therapy can help to re-balance or stimulate these energies, by applying the appropriate colour to the body and therefore rebalance the seven chakra.

Seeds are natural stimulators to Acupressure points and are also part of Sujok therapy. After Acupressure treatment, one can tie seeds, pulses, at the treated point, to supply extra life-force to facilitate quick healing. Green grams, kidney beans, peas, wheat, mustard seeds, grape seeds are used for the treatment. Suitable size, shape, colour seeds or beans are picked. In Sujok concept, every organ has its own fruit/ vegetable that represents the shape.

Moxa Therapy :
Moxa is used to strengthen the immune system, to warm the body, to bring energy and blood-flow to the affected area. Moxa therapy is especially treated to pains. Moxa therapy is regularly used in Nadipathy. Moxa (some sort of herb, etc) is burnt in order to warm the body-part. In India, this is termed as Chutta therapy. Ginger, salt, potato etc are used in this therapy.

Magnet therapy is also called as Bio-energy therapy; It uses magnets of varying sizes and strengths, being placed on the body, to relieve pain and treat disease. Magnetic fields help to stimulate metabolism, increase the oxygen available to cell, and create a less acidic environment within the body. Researcher Albert Roy Davis, PhD had observed that positive and negative charges had different effects on human biological systems. Placing the magnets over the area of disease strengthens the body's healing ability.

Could you explain a few Case-studies with particular disease and the relevant treatment given?

Case-study 1: Patient was suffering from Kidney stone for one and half year.

Many treatments are available to cure kidney stones. But a lot of medicines are given to remove the stones through urine. It will take much time as weeks or months. Sometimes harmful surgeries are also done to remove the Kidney stones. This will cause damage to Kidney.

Nadipathy introduced a special treatment first time in the world to remove kidney stones, without using any medicines and surgeries. By using Acupuncture, Acupressure, Marma therapy, Vedic therapy, Magnet therapy, Seed therapy, Beach sand therapy, and some other natural therapies, we removed the kidney stones safely with 0% side effects. The stones came out from bladder within 30 minutes. Sometimes, based upon the size of the stones, it needs 2 – 5 treatment sessions. Once the problem is cured with our treatment, the stone does not appear again at all in the lifetime.

Case Study 2: Diabetes
Nadipathy introduced new treatment to all Diabetic patients, without using any medicines. It is the natural treatment, to strengthen the Pancreas to produce insulin in our body. We are using 100 ancient therapies to enhance the Pancreas function normally. Nadipathy treats the subtle body; it will make the physical body healthy.

We also treat Diabetes-related problems like weak vision, heart problems, kidney problem, surgery wounds, neurological problems, etc. But it depends upon the patient’s subtle body. The treatment gives good results within 1 - 10 days sittings. Once the problem is cured with our treatment, the Diabetes does not appear again in their lifetime. It is the safe treatment to cure the Diabetes problem.

We have treated hereditary patients in prevention, not to get Diabetes. In our research, we have found that, due to lack of energy to Pancreas, it does not work properly to produce adequate insulin in the body. So we are giving sufficient energy to Pancreas through certain Nadis present in our body.

Treatment Duration :
Considering several factors like Age, food habits and other ailments, the treatment would take 7 days to 10 days, to get rid of the Diabetes. During the treatment, we recommend the patient to get the Blood test done at any lab of His/her choice.

Case Study 3 : Increasing Height

Before Treatment Height : 148 CMS
After Treatment Height : 164 CMS

There are a number of methods to increase the Height in many systems; however our Nadipathy is using Ancient Indian Traditional Therapeutic Techniques to increase the height of the boy/girl, without any surgeries.

The Best Age for this treatment is between 14-21 ; For the Girls 14 to 18 and for the Boys 14-21. After crossing the age 21, the chances of Height growth are less and it may be less than 2 to 3 cms.

The Boy/ Girl, should attend first 4 sittings in 2 days, Morning and evening.
  • After 3 months, 4 sittings in 2 days, Morning and evening.
  • After 6 months, 4 sittings in 2 days, Morning and evening.
  • After 9 months, 4 sittings in 2 days, Morning and evening.
  • After 1 Year 6 months, 4 sittings in 2 days, Morning and evening.

Treatment Method :
Nadipathy has treated to gain a lot of height within 1-4 sittings. Generally people stop growing at 18. Studies show that people continue growing well in to their twenties at a much slower rate, but they do grow. According to our research, most people have nutritional problem& hormonal in-balance as the main reasons to their stunted growth. Once the pituitary gland/thyroid gland is activated, we can see positive results very soon. If any genetic history that the person has for the stunted growth, he/she will slowly develop the ability to increase the height.

We use Acupuncture, Acupressure, Marma, Vedic therapy, Roping therapy, Exercise therapy, Yoga therapy, Magnet therapy, Seed therapy, Cupping therapy, Reflex therapy, Beach sand therapy &some natural therapies to increase the height maximum possible. It is the safe treatment with 0% side effects, but it does increase their height.


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