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Navagraha shanti Puja
Abhishekam for each graha - Order Now Offering of water, milk, flowers, fruits etc. presiding deity by temple Priest. $30
Homa for each graha - Order Now Oblations, sacrifice with fire, etc. to planet deity by temple Priests. $65
Prices include everything from puja materials, pundit dakshina (gift) temple and postage expenses. Prasad will be sent to you by airmail.

Please send your exact birth details. The puja’s are normally performed on the day of your birth star or nakshatra. If you will like to choose another day for the puja, please let us know 40 days in advance.


Planet Navagraha
SUN Suryanar Koil Aswathwajaya Vitmahae Padma Hasthaaya Dhimahee Thanna Surya Prachodayaath
MOON Thingalur Nishakaraya Vidmahae Kalahnathaya Dhimahee Thanna Chandra Prachodayaath
MARS Vaidheeshwaran Koil Angarakaaya Vidmahe Bhoomi Putraya Dhimahe Thanno Bhowma Prachodayaath
MERCURY Thiruvenkadu Atreyaya Vidmahe Indu Puthraya Dhimahe Thanno Budha Prachodayaath
VENUS Kanjannur Rajathabhaya Vidmahe Brugu Suthaya DhImahe Thanno Sukra Prachodayaath
JUPITER Alangudi Vrishabha Dhvajaya Vidmahe Dhanur Hastaya Dhimahi Tanno Guru Prachodadayat
SATURN Thirunallar Chhayathmajaya Vidmahe Neelavarnaya dhimahe Thanno Mandha Prachodayaath
RAHU Thirunageshwaram Naaghadhwajaya Vidhmahe Padma Hasthaya dhimahe Thanno Rahu Prachodayaath
KETU Keezhaaperumpallam Chitra Varnaaya Vidhmahe Sarpa Rupaya Dhimahe Thanno Ketu Prachodayaath

** Prashad & Gold Yantra will be delivered to you after the puja. **


* The online payment is for overseases customers only

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