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“People unconsciously portray themselves, the moment they put the pen to the paper. Their Handwriting reveals the writer’s feelings and attitudes at that moment. An instant assessment of the personality of the writer can be got from his Handwriting. With deep study, it can be extended to predictions about the future also”.

“Change your Handwriting; Change yourself”
V.Arun in conversation with Hemamalini Raghunathan

V ArunThe way we craft the letters and words in our Handwriting can indicate our personality traits. Analysis (study) of Handwriting is termed as Graphology. Just like fingerprints, no two handwritings are identical. Every unique variation in our strokes, loops, slants, spacing, pressure, etc is meaningful and a Graphologist can evaluate easily our personality (inner self) quite accurately. Such a capable Graphologist from Salem, Tamil Nadu is Mr. V. Arun, who has done decades of research in this subject.

Octogenarian Mr. V. Arun (Mobile:09442906081) has served as the Headmaster of a school, and later mastered the science of Graphology , Psychiatry, Counselling etc. He does not confine himself to character analysis, but predicts the future and also the probable ailments in the body and mind. Mr. V. Arun offers guidance in matrimonial matters, selection of employees, analysis of Forged signatures, better academic performance to students etc. Mr. V. Arun has published several papers on Handwriting and delivered lectures among students and the public.Here, he shares his wisdom with EST readers.

Q: What made you take interest in Graphology?
The first reason was that my father highly disliked my handwriting, which was very illegible. As a student, itiwas a big drawback to me, which continued in my professional matters also. In 1969, I found a book on Graphology in a public Library. This was the starting point to a search that took me deep into the subject.

Q: What is the significance of Graphology?
Just as an artist’s painting can reveal a lot about the nuances of painting and also the artist’s special talent, the handwriting can reflect the executive capacity of the writer. Handwriting provides a clear picture of your mind. The nervous system carries commands from brain to hand. Some people write differently at different times. When the handwriting is ‘wavy’, the person can be either nervous, very anxious about the result of an errand etc. Actual characteristics of a person depend on significant aspects of the writing such as pressure, slant, size etc.

Q: How do you analyse the Handwriting of a client?
Sixteen different Handwriting characteristics such as rhythm, margins, spacing, tempo etc portray the physical and mental condition (state) of the writer. So I have devised a Format and I ask the client to write that, which consists of Numerals, script, signature etc. Then I start analyzing the size and shape of the letters, beginning and end strokes, regularity in letter slant, connective forms between letters etc. I compare the script with the signature. Placement of the signature assumes importance.

Here are a few specimens :
For a vernacular magazine, I analysed the Handwriting of a very popular Carnatic Musician Mrs. Sudha Raghunathan, which was greatly appreciated by the singer herself and others.

Specimen 1 from Mrs. Sudha Raghunathan

I deduced from her handwriting that she has been educated in a Convent; she possesses high Intelligent Quotient. She is very creative, not taking decisions without adequate thinking, loving solitude, liking literature, self-disciplined, possessing good memory etc.
Specimen 2 from a student

The above student’s handwriting revealed Flatulence and digestive disorders, which added to his not-sogood academic performance. I suggested changes both in the handwriting and life-style.
Specimen 3

The Numerals indicate Respiratory problems. After my suggestion of undergoing proper medical care, the client experienced improvement in health conditions. Medical-Graphology is my special area of interest and I have directed many persons to medical care, just by analyzing their handwriting, which reveal the hitherto unnoticed ailment.

Anyone can easily learn Graphology; first start with your own Handwriting and your behavioural pattern.

Q: What is perceived from the signature of a person?
A : When a person puts a signature, he knows (consciously or unconsciously) that ‘some aspects’ of him are on display. From the style and form of the signature, the Graphologist can perceive the way the writer want others to see him; a sort of pretence will be there. Your signature is your light and destiny. I suggest signature alteration to promote business prospects, to get success in all undertakings, to improve behavioural pattern etc. Placing dots in signature does not suit all.

While hiring an employee, the employer may look for three main traits…Honesty, Intelligence and Getting along with others on the job. Popular Graphologist Jess E. Dines provides the following tips for the person of above characteristics :
  • The script is clear, consistent, simple and legible, has uniform style, a constant firm pressure, even baseline, absence of ornamental writing with extra strokes and has a consistent slant, size, spacing and pressure. In addition, the letters are well formed, the i-dot and t-bar are firm and exact, and there is no over-or under-inflated Capital I.
  • No extra beginning or ending strokes. ‘Short-cut’ strokes show the ingenuity and creativity in handling problems.
  • Balance between upper and lower loops, especially the small letter ‘f’.
  • Open Ovals in ‘O’. Sharply-pointed letters, especially ‘m’ and ‘n’
  • Right slanting script, a combination of both Cursive and Split handwriting. Medium-seized letters. Margins should be evenly spaced.

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