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Malefics in the 3rd, 6th, strong Jupiter, strong Mars and Panchanan Yoga can make anybody famous in sports. Conjunction of Mars and Venus either in Marsí sign or in Venusís sign in the 6th house makes one a great athlete or a sportsman like Sunil Gavaskar, Chuni Goswami or Kapil Dev. When Sun and Moon are aspepted by divine Jupiter, one enjoys certain reputation for which no justification can be given. So aspect of Jupiter on luminaries should be taken as a green signal to venture in sports line, provided Mars is very strong.

“Make Your Child a Sportsman”
By. Dr. S.S. Chatterjee

COST of education is going beyond the reach of ordinary people of India. Unless one gets a lustrous degree like MS, B.Tech, MBA, CA, CS, MD, it is very difficult to earn a descent living. Most of the successful people on this planet have acquired several academic degrees. 320 universities in India are engaged in multiplying the academically qualified persons in any field. Sports is still a very neglected branch for a profession. Skill is the main consideration in sports. Sachin Tendulkar never visited college, though he is more famous and prosperous than the best-educated persons of India. In the modern age, sports is a very huge source of earning. All famous and successful sportsmen, who play around the year in various parts of the globe are multimillionaires. Sports is a broad term and it embraces so many kindsóó-Cricket (the most popular game in India), football, hockey, golf, cycling, lawn-tennis, table-tennis, badminton, volleyball, boxing, wrestling, athletics, swimming, chess, ice-skating and so on. Poverty is a curse that brings forth a person hunger, deprivation, humiliations, subjugation and many degradation of his or her own status and personality.

Wealth automatically bestow on people many blessings such as social status, objects of luxury and acquisition of all kinds of riches, novelties, opportunities and prestige. It also begets power, fame and honour. So develop your or your child’s talents in sports, as per by the guidelines of stars at the time of birth. If the stars are good, success is only a few meters away. Malefics in the 3rd, 6th, strong Jupiter, strong Mars and Panchanan Yoga can make anybody famous in sports. Conjunction of Mars and Venus either in Mars’ sign or in Venus’s sign in the 6th house makes one a great athlete or a sportsman like Sunil Gavaskar, Chuni Goswami or Kapil Dev. When Sun and Moon are aspepted by divine Jupiter, one enjoys certain reputation for which no justification can be given. So aspect of Jupiter on luminaries should be taken as a green signal to venture in sports line, provided Mars is very strong. The following varieties of games require the exercise, strength, and skill of the same limb or same part of the body. In cricket, for instance, hand is the agent having the key role. For success in badminton, table tennis, lawn tennis, basket-ball, volley-ball, hockey and boxing, enormous strength of the hand (right or left) is called for. The legs are the media in the game of football. But in all departments of games, the power of eyes stands as a great asset and physical fitness is the essential requisite in moulding a successful sportsman. In the classical texts of astrology, the 3rd house has been termed as the house of strength. In fact, the 3rd house plays the vital role in the horoscope of a sportsman. The 3rd indicates the right hand and the 11th governs the left hand.

Mars is the Karaka for sports. So for physical strength, stamina and fitness, Mars should be in trines, quadrants or Upachaya houses. Venus is the Karaka for artistic talent and for eyes. Venus should occupy a prominent place in the horoscope and should not be debilitated in Navamsa. In Football player Pele’s chart, Venus and Sun have exchanged places Lagna or Moon should receive the aspect of a natural benefic. If the lord of lagna is placed in a friend’s house and is also aspected by a natural benefic, the native gains wide fame. If the lord of lagna and the lord of the 12th house are mutually in angular position from each other and are also aspected by the benefic planets at the time of birth, the Parvata Yoga is produced in the horoscope. 12th house happens to be the 9th house from 4th house and when the lagna lord is conjoined with the 12th lord, the luck of the public gets attached to the self of the native. In other words, he becomes popular among the public through his deeds. The luxuries become more easily accessible, when the lord of lagna conjoins with the 12th lord. Saturn is the lord of sufferings, it should also occupy a prominent place, particularly in aspect to Jupiter, or Jupiter must occupy a Kendra position from Saturn (Eg.Steffi Graff, P.T. Usha, Prakash Padukone, Pele, Vishanathan Anand, Dhyanchand, Bjorn Borg and other famous players). When all the seven planets (except Rahu and Ketu) are located in five signs, it is called the Panchanan Yoga, which is a yoga of sportsman. Such people become famous in sports. They get enough wealth. In the charts of Mohmmad Ali and Venus William, all the 9 planets are located in 5 signs. Miss William is the lawn tennis player. Saturn and Mars should not form conjunction in the 5th, 8th or 12th. In such a case, Kemadruma yoga will surface out and the native faces criticism, humiliations and insults. In Prakash Padukoneís chart, all the seven planets were located in five signs, so also in the case of Sachin Tendulkar, Steffi Graff, P.T. Usha etc.

Among the signs of the Zodiac, Gemini (as natal Moon sign) holds the key portfolio for sports. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and Scorpio signs produce fiery bowlers (paceman) and sprinters. Action, force, power, agility are the gifts of Fiery signs and also the Scorpio sign is ruled by Mars. Sportsmen are seldom products of Watery signs Cancer and Pisces. All Airy signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) produce giant hockey players, pilots, dare devils jumping out of aero-planes, gas balloons etc.

Role of Houses
Well-fortified 5th house/5th lord allows anybody to apply his intelligence faculty in a proper manner in any game. The 3rd house should have a malefic to push forward a man. It provides necessary guts, planning and execution ability. Hardly they wait for the green signals from others. They are very brave to take independent decision. Cowards are born with a benefic in the 3rd house. Prakash Padukone had Mars, Mercury and Ketu in his 3rd house. Mars produces necessary courge and helps to fight and defeat other co-players. In football; 1-billionth of a second is needed to score a ball inside the net. In Peleís case, Mars and Rahu are in the 3rd house of Moon. Steffi Graff has Rahu in the 3rd. 9th house/9th lord control our fortune. In the absence of good fortune, simply the talent and merit are almost useless, because in that case, the native cannot get suitable and appropriate opportunity to exhibit his talent. When the 9th house and the 9th lord are weak, everything evaporates in their air. 6th house rules over enemies. A malefic in the 6th helps the native to crush the enemies. So, if the 6th house has Mars, Saturn or Rahu, one will win the game. Kapil Dev had Mars in the 6th. Pele had Sun in the 6th house. In the case of Sachin Tendulkar, 6th lord Saturn is posited in the 9th and is aspecting the 3rd and 6th houses, boosting the prospects of the 3rd house and 6th house, if the 6th house is well-disposed and powerful, it can make the native a good sportsman. These houses (3rd and 6th) are strong and if their lords influence the 11th or the 2nd house, the native will earn through sports. In Kapil Devís chart, we find the conjunction of 10th lord, 11th lord and the 3rd lord in his 2nd house. All the famous players and sportsmen do have strong 3rd and 6th houses. The author has observed that the natives commence earning money early in their life and that too easily and enormously, since the house of wealth (2nd) and house of profits (11th) are both owned by Mercury, which gives quick and lightning results. All Leo born natives should jump on the sports. The legendary astrologer Sri. Arun Bansal established himself as an entrepreneur, when he was less than 25 years of age. He has Leo Lagna.

Role of Planets
Jupiter provides discipline, morality, caliber to dive deep into the game, commonsense, judgment power, wisdom and abundant talents. It also denotes bonanza and elevated luck factors which help one to earn success in the professional field. Elevation, increase of rank and status of professional career as well as good financial stability, depend on the reputation and honesty of the individual, which are generally conferred by Jupiter. Strong Jupiter provides amazing spirit to convert the latency to potency. It is suffice to say that the elegance to their nature show that they are agog to utilize their resources as much as possible. Mercury rules over the fertility and frequency of the brain, along with quick activities, fast reflex actions, cleverness, smartness, swiftness etc. In the absence of appropriate intelligence and proper timing sense, one can never be a successful sportsman. It is not possible to teach how to score a goal in the 11th hour. It is also common for all other sports; it is not really possible to teach how to score a century in a cricket match. The brain power decides every thing. Mercury usually blesses one with brain power, adroitness, quality of loquacity and the skill to convince others at the first instance. Jupiter and Sun help him to reach the top of any game. (Sun and Jupiter are significators of luck).

Case Study 1
Legendary Heavy Weight Boxer Mohammad Ali

Mohammad Ali Mohammad Ali was the World Heavy Weight champion in the early sixties and he dominated the scene for many years. He was born with Parijata Yoga, Gajakesari Yoga, Panchanan Yoga and a strong Raja Yoga (5th lord Mars and 7th lord Saturn have formed a strong Raja Yoga in his 10th house.) Venus-Sun-Mercury combination in the 7th made him a genius. 3rd lord (left hand) is aspecting his lagna and we can find Saturn-Mars conjunction in the 3rd house of Chandra Lagna. 3rd house and its lord are aspected by the divine Jupiter. Mars, the symbol of courage, is sitting on the meridian (MC=0s10o); any planet near the meridian energises a man for gigantic purposes. Mars and Saturn in the 10th endowed him with boundless spirit, ambition, perseverance, energy, stamina for victory and helped him to open new chapters in the history of world Heavy weight boxing. Mercuryís close aspect on the lagna made him flippant, witty and swash buckling in disposition. From 1990, he has been suffering from Parkinsonís disease. He can hardly speak with clarity, his hands are trembling always and he feels severe pain in his head. Saturn and Mars in Aries (Head) produced this disease. Sun in Capricorn added fuel to the fire. Sun in the house of Saturn is never welcome. It controls our body energy.

Case-study 2
Kapil Dev, the legendary cricketer of India.

Kapil Dev Kapil Dev is a pride of India as far as the sports of cricket is concerned. He had been an outstanding all-rounder in the game and snatched dramatic win from the hands of the West Indies in the World Cup final in the eleventh hour in 1983, in England. He made many unbeaten records during his heydays of life, due to his impressive attitude towards the game. He was born with Gajakesari Yoga and Maha Lakshmi Yoga. The most significant houses of sports are 3rd and 6th. Here Mars is placed in the 6th house, in its own house, in the star of Venus and we find Venus in his 3rd house. Mars is aspecting the lagna and so there is a wonderful association between the lagna, 6th and the 3rd house. If at the time of birth, 5th and 9th house of the horoscope are occupied by their respective lords and there is mutual aspect between the 5th and 9th lords and the lord of Lagna is endowed with strength, Maha Lakshmi yoga is produced and as a result of this, all the problems of the native concerned are vanquished by dint of the immense prosperity bestowed upon him. He started his life with Saturn dasa and became world-famous during Mercury Mahadasa. Mercury is an infant plant (<1°). Dasa of an infant planet is never favourable. Jupiter forced Mercury to bestow the excellent results of a Gajakesari Yoga, because he will never enjoy Jupiterís Mahadasa. He retired from the international scene at the fag end of Ketu Mahadasa. Strong 5 th lord Jupiter made him an international player.

Case-study 3.
Prakash Padukone, the legendary badminton player of India.

Prakash Paduone He was born with Hamsa Maha Purush Yoga, Sasa Mahapurush Yoga, Amala Yoga, Gaja Kesari Yoga and Raja Yoga generated by the exchange of 4th and 9th lords. Badminton is a game, where the skills of hands, powerful eyes and strong Mars are essential for producing a great player in this field. Left hand is represented by the 3rd lord. Here, the lord of the lagna had occupied his 3rd house. This house is the 6th from the Chandra Lagna. 6th lord Mercury is placed in the 3rd. So there is inter-connection between the well-placed 3rd, 6th house and the lagna. Venus is posited (eyes are controlled by Venus and 2nd/12th houses of the zodiac) in its own house. From the Chandra Lagna, the 3rd lord Jupiter is on the exaltation point, aspecting Moon. All the favourable planetary configurations made him a world famous personality in badminton. It is very interesting to observe that the debilitated Rahu generated excellent results for him, during his hay days of life. Rahuís debilitation has been cancelled, because its dispositor Jupiter is exalted and is placed in the angle from both Lagna and Moon. Mr. Prakash Padukone received Honorary doctorate degree and Padma Shree in 1982. In 1972, he bagged Arjuna Award for his outstanding performance in the game.

Case-study 4
P.T. Usha, the famous Athlete of India.

Pt-usha She brought honour for India, by winning more than 100 medals in various international sports events as an athlete. She was honoured with Arjuna Award and a honourary doctorate degree. From Chandra lagna, her 3rd house is occupied by Saturn in its own house and 6th house is well fortified by four planets. Her yogakaraka Venus is a vargottom planet; except Moon and Mercury, all the planets are on the angle of the 9th lord Venus, which can generate excellent results for the native. From Janma lagna also, 3rd lord Mars is in the 7th house with opposition to Lagnesh Saturn. 6th lord occupies the 11th house (Upachayapati in a Upachaya house generates excellent results). Significator of sports, Mars, and Jupiter are well fortified in the horoscope. Yogakaraka Venus is placed in the star of the 6th lord Moon. All the seven planets are posited in 5 signs, producing Panchanan Yoga, a yoga for sports personality. So all these favourable combinations made her an athlete of international fame.

Case-study 5
Pele, the legendary Foot-ball player of Brazil

Pepe Moon is the 3rd lord, which is a Vargottom planet. 1st/6th lord Venus has exchanged houses with the 4th lord Sun, which has made the 1st, 4th and 6th houses strong. 6th house is aspected by significator Jupiter. 7th lord Mars & 5th lord Mercury have also exchanged places forming a Maha yoga, which is mostly found in the charts of wealthy persons of the society. Saturn and Sun have generated Neechbhanga Raja Yogas. Strong Lagna, strong Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Sun, well fortified 3rd and 6th houses made him a legendary sportsman of the world. Mutual angle of Moon with Jupiter and Saturn helped him to be flooded in money. Aspect of Jupiter on Sun, Gajakeshri Yoga, Moon in its own house made him world famous. To be famous, one should have a strong Moon. He helped Brazil to become the World Champion several times.

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