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Couple Compatibility
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2011 Forecast
Welcome 'Vilambi'
In the Solar New Year 'Vilambi', Real-estate transactions, which have remained subdued in the post-demonetisation period, will stage a recovery.
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Your Year in Your Numbers
The year 2018 breezes with great energy and marks the beginning of a new direction! Take action on your goals and desires this year - there's no better way to do it!... Click to read
Financial Gain in Share Market for Individuals
WE already know that the main significators of speculation are Mercury and the 5th house. Chief significators of the financial transaction are Mercury!... Click to read
I have learnt a lot through experience of analyzing charts
Dr. S. Shantha has been practising diligently to make her study of astrology excel. An Arts Graduate, Dr. S. Shantha... Click to read
Natal Chart reflects past Karmas; deeds of the present life can be effectively depicted, only through Prashna Chart
According to me, Prashna chart limitations are not upto one year; it depends upon the slow-moving planets... Click to read
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