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Right recommendation of Remedial measures is a very tough and intelligent task

S. Swaminathan   in conversation with   Hemamalini Raghunathan

Generally, remedies aim at making the native surrender completely to the Almighty to mitigate oneís sufferings. Even though, the destiny cannot be fully altered, the path of life can be smoothened, with adequate astrological remedies.

Ashta-Vinayak yatra

Mr. S. Swaminathan
Ancient astrological treatises recommend remedial measures both as preventive as well as curative therapy. There must be ways to break out of the Karmic destiny. But, no remedy is a miracle; it does require staunch faith, dedication and patience. Positive thought waves produced through remedial measures bring positive results.

Astrologer Mr. S. Swaminathan is quite keen to ward off the sufferings of his clients. He keeps enriching his knowledge of remedial measures , for the benefit of the mankind. Mr. S. Swaminathan (email:; mobile:9840036100) leads a simple, disciplined life, amidst the chaos of the city. He says that recommendation of Remedial measures is a very tough and intelligent task, as the client places complete trust on the astrologer to come out of his problems.

A Graduate from Vivekananda College, Chennai, Mr. S. Swaminathan started his career in the Advertising sector. His elder brother is an astrologer. He undertook Veda Adhyayanam (Learning Veda) under learned Vedic pundits and Ganapatigal. He claims that the Vedic study is endless, and his learning still continues. In addition to suggestion of pariharas, he also volunteers to do Japa, homa etc for the sake of his clients.

Q : How did you develop interest in Astrology and How did you learn?

My brother Sri. S. Ganesan is an astrologer. As I was associated with him for more than 15 years in his Advertising agency (My 10th lord Venus posited in the 3rd house of Brathru-sthana), I was fortunate enough to listen to many astrological discussions and consultations that were going on at that time. That helped me to get access to the fundamentals of Astrology effortlessly. That time, I was running Mercury mahadasa. My Vargottama planet Mercury is in the 4th house vidya-sthana), in the star of Ketu (Karaka for occult subject like astrology) and it is posited in my 11th house of Labha-sthana, Scorpio, This sign Scorpio is the 8th sign of Zodiac (a house of secrecy). This disposition is instrumental for me to acquire the basics of astrology without much strain. Those who talked to me over phone in my brotherís absence started asking me the doubts in their horoscopes, thinking that I know astrology. That kindled a sort of interest within me to learn more about astrology, to answer the callers at least. Then I started reading the books on Astrology, including classical ones. My brother also used to share his experiences every now and then, including the remedies which he advised for his clients.

Later, when I started learning classical music (My Venus, the Karaka for fine arts is in Pisces, in exaltation) I got acquainted to a different area of astrological study. My teacher was an ardent believer of K.P. System. There I was able to learn some more intricacies of astrology.

I had been a regular reader of Express Star Teller from 2007, as I liked its analytical articles, case studies, parihara temples, monthly predictions etc, which seemed very much interesting and rudimentary.

I seriously started pursuing my Vedic astrology studies from 2009, at the end of Ketu mahadasa, Mercury bhukti. Ketu in the star of Jupiter which is in Gemini, a sign of Mercury luckily Mercury is in turn in the star of Ketu. What a blissful combination to place me in the divine subject! With the advent of Venus mahadasa, I could feel that the Vedic activities were more soothing and heartening to my spiritual path. In Venus dasa, I continued my study of Vedic mantras and also rendered services in performing marriages, auspicious occasions, (Vaidika procedures) etc.

Q : Which aspect of Astrology is significantly useful in our life and why ?

All aspects of astrology has its own significance. But the matrimonial compatibility factors have more significance, I believe. Whether oneís life will flourish or not, the compatibility factors of both the boy and girl decide. People should give adequate importance to Compatibility checking.

I could see a few couples suffer, due to Vadha Vainaasikam (7 - 22 stars) affliction. More than the ten Compatibility factors, other aspects like possibility of progeny. Dasa sandhi and mutual affection should also be well analyzed.

Another significant and useful factor of astrology is Muhurta (Electional astrology). For every successful completion of work, the starting time is very much important. If an errand is started in an auspicious day, nakshatra and Tithi, one can enjoy the smooth harvest also.

Q : How do you assess Dosha (affliction) to a planet ?

Generally, when a sign is unoccupied by planets, it becomes free of afflictions. When the Karaka occupies the same sthana (sign), there comes the Ďkarako bhava nasthií, i.e. the significator occupying its signifying Bhava. If Jupiter or Venus occupies the 10th house, naturally the native loses interest in going for a job or rather he or she may become a freelancer, unless the 10th house is strong or 10th lord aspects its own house. If Mercury occupies, the 4th house, discontinuation or dullness in studies will result. If the 12th house Sayana-sthana, is afflicted by Ketu, the native would talk about renunciation, at least during its dasa/bhukti. If the second house is afflicted by Saturn and Rahu, without any benefic aspect, the native would keep on losing money in his endeavours or he will be lured to invest in Share markets. Other than Rahu or Ketu, other planets in the seventh house cause affliction for marriage. Venus and Jupiter also stand as one of the reasons for the denial or failure in marital life. For Gemini Lagna natives, Jupiter in Sagittarius hurts the marital life severely, though it makes the person bestowed with good financial status.

Likewise, Venus in the seventh house also creates 'Karako Bhava Nasthi' as a result the marriage gets delayed or denied.

Another major affliction is to the Sun caused by Saturn and position of Saturn in the 9th house or Rahu and Ketu in the 9th house, which divides the father and the son easily. They always differ in the opinion, which might end in separation physically or ideologically. Especially Ketu in the 9th house goes to the extent of losing oneís father, during its Dasa or bhukti, provided his father has weak longevity.

3rd house affliction by Rahu, with a weak 3rd lord shows lack of siblings to the native; he or she becomes the only son or daughter. Sometimes, if the 3rd house is afflicted by Saturn, Rahu, then the native might lose his brother miserably.

Another type of affliction is the planet getting posited in 12th to its own house. For example, if the 4th lord Moon is posited in the 3rd house (Gemini) for Aries Lagna native, then he cannot live in his own house, though he has one. This position of Moon, sometimes, makes the native to lose his share in his family property or it makes person lethargic in such acquisition.

Q : Could you explain 2 or 3 planetary afflictions for marriage and profession etc. and their remedies ?

Though the afflictions cause barricades in their respective areas, our Vedic literature has prescribed remedies for all the afflictions. If the horoscopes are diagnosed in terms of affliction, then there must be remedies in the form of poojas, chanting vedic mantras, performing homams and offering charity. In extreme cases of affliction, apart from the remedies adhered by the natives themselves, Japa (chanting of relevant vedic mantras to appease the deity) and Homa are performed by learned Purohits. As I am well-trained in Veda mantras, vedic rituals, homa etc., I undertake Japa of mantras, on behalf of the native.

If oneís Ayush Karaka Saturn is afflicted or conjoined with Mars, in the 4th 8th or 12th house, worship of Lord Rudra like performing Mruthyunjaya japa, homa(havan), Sri Rudra Ekadhasini, Pancha Rudra Pooja and worship of Lord Kartikeya help overcome the problems.
If exalted Jupiter is posited in the 7th house (Kalathra sthana) and Mars (Mangalya karaka) is conjoined with Ketu, worship of Lord Kartikeya through chanting Sahasranama or performing Trisati pooja or abhishekam for the Lord at His temple would help in materialzing the marriage.
If there is any affliction by Rahu to oneís 10th lord, Durga Sooktha Japa homam or Devi Mahatmya recital on a Krishna Paksha (Waning Moon) Ashtami would help them clear hindrances in their profession. If Mercury is afflicted, then continuous recital of Vishnu Sahasranama would help overcome the evil effects.
Generally for all any navagraha doshas, Ganapathi homam and Navagra homam (havan) can be performed. Chanting more Vedic mantras and Ahuthi (offering dravyam) for the respective afflicted planet would mitigate the evil results of that particular planet.

Could you recollect 1 or 2 case-studies, where remedial measures have brought relief ?
Case-study 1: Enhancement of Professional Prospects

For this Dhanur lagna (Sagittarius ascendant) native, Mercury is the 10th lord of profession, which is placed in the 12th house Scorpio (house of secrets and hidden objects) with 9th lord Sun. This Mercury is aspected by Saturn, which is in the 6th house, the house of service.

According to me, Saturn and Mercury conjunction or aspect always make one to easily identify the shortcoming or any fault. If we apply this quality in to suitable profession one among them must be the field of editing and proof reading. Mercury is for books, journals and publishing. 9th lord in the 12th shows foreign connections. So she is destined to work as proof reader, editor; she was then promoted to a senior quality controller.

At the advent of Venus maha dasa, (Vargottama Venus in the 10th house of profession), this native was first appointed as proof reader only, when she approached an office for job.
Mercury being the lord of 10th house posited in the 12th house, the 10th house occupied 6th lord Venus, retrograde position of Mercury and a formation of feeble Dharma-karmaadhipathi yoga of 9th and 10th lord conjunction in the 12th house have been frequently giving her break in the professional journey.

Remedies suggested to remove the break in the service and get a new job:

(i) Chanting Vishnu Sahasranamam, Purusha sooktham, Narayana sooktham and Sri sooktham
(ii) Navagraha mantra Japa. Chanting of Veda mantras for Mercury and Venus on 5 Wednesdays by 5 vedic pundits.
(iii) Sahasranama archana to Lord Mahavishnu, on Wednesdays
(iv) Offering Moong dal savoury to the Lord
(iv) Donate raw Moong dal to all Brahmins, who chanted Vishnu Sahasranamam.

I suggested Sudharshana japa and homa also, The barricades are removed with divine grace. The nativeís faith and commitment in the adherence of remedial measures have proved very fruitful. The native is now happily settled with a suitable job.

Case-study 2: Problems between Husband and Wife

In wife' chart, 7th lord of marital life, Saturn, is in conjunction with the node Ketu. She is undergoing Saturn mahadasa Jupiter Bhukthi up to 2020.
In husbandís chart, 5th house (the house of celebration and the house instrumental for progeny) is occupied by the node Ketu, ready to separate the couple. In fact they went to the extent of divorce once.
Another reason for incompatibility is the stars. The star of wife is Punarvasu and that of the husband is Rohini. For Punarvasu star, all the Moonís stars are Vadha Tara (ie.7th star Hasta, Sravana and Rohini). This is the first and foremost reason to develop a sense of hostility between them. These two stars are not supposed to be so friendly. As far as I know, in many cases, Childlessness, is predominant in such combination. I presume that only this childless state brings frustration between them and that leads to separation at last.
Next comes the strong Kendra dosha from Kalathra karaka Venus in the wifeís chart, as it is lonely posited in its own sign Taurus. Moreover, 4th lord (Sukhasthanaadhipathi) Mars is posited in the 12th, which denies the carnal pleasure. She is Simha lagna (Leo ascendant); her 5thlord Jupiter unfortunately become weakened by its occupation of debilitated house. (Jupiter in Makara)
From the angle of the husbandís horoscope, his Venus posited in the 12th house with a strong aspect of exalted Saturn creates Kalathra dosha. His 5th lord, putrakaraka (lord of children) posited in the 4th house (i.e 12th to 5th) and the 5th house being posited by Ketu are against the blessings of getting children.

Here are the supporting factors to make them united, which can give a ray of hope for the progeny: For the wife :
The beginning of Mercury dasa from 2020. Dasalord Mercury is not eclipsed (not in the clutches of Rahu and Ketu) and no other planets occupy Mercuryís three stars Aslesha, Jyeshta and Revati. So Mercury becomes stronger and it would pour its 2nd and 11th house results. (2ndKutumbasthana, being in the family set-up with happiness, 11th house of fulfillment of desires). Transit Jupiter is also favouring her presently for progeny.

Husband's chart : Fortunately he is running Jupiter Mahadasa. Though Jupiter is not posited well, he has the portfolio of 5th lord, which is the lord of celebration, especially the child-birth related one. I strongly believed that Vedic remedies can definitely help them to lead a blissful life.
For both of them the 5th lord is Jupiter, as they are Simhalagna natives and unfortunately Jupiter plays a very feeble role in the coupleís horoscope. So, I first concentrated on eulogizing the most benefic planet Jupiter. Instead of directly praying the planet, worshipping the deity of that planet is the prudent and promising way for fruitful results. Next is to satiate the Dasa lord and provide remedy for the eclipsed position. i.e. for Saturn and Ketu. For the weak position of Jupiter, I have suggested them to visit Thiruchendoor Skanda temple in Tamil Nadu. After that, for 9 Thursdays continuously, they did the Subrahmanya Sahasranama archana also, with related things, specified for Jupiter.

For Ketuís grip to the 7th lord Saturn, I first suggested Thila Homam to appease the Forefathers at Rameshwaram; then to increase the strength of dasa lord and 7th lord Saturn, worship of Lord Shiva like Rudra Ekadhasini was suggested. Yagna Rudra Ekadhasini need to be performed with the help of many Vedic Pandits. I am adept in such rituals and I conducted the yagna.
By the immense Grace of God, the couple is bestowed with marital bliss now, thanks to the power of appropriate remedies.


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