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Tarot Card Reading 2016

By Divya Khanna

Guidance for Sun Signs

Card ReadingWhat exciting new developments will unfold over the next 12 months?
See here the big picture of your life this Year!

Whether your personal vision involves romance, riches, or personal
happiness, this Taroscope 2016 reveals how you can make your dream a reality!
Aries (21 March 19 April)

Keywords : Choices, Authority & Completion

A perfect year to let go off everything that has been holding you back from forging ahead! Don’t compromise your standards and you will be able to meet the challenges with confidence and vigour.

Career : Challenges will bring a renewal in your career-zone. Stand up and dust yourself and make new plans that will everyone shaking their heads in amazement. As you would need to multi task a variety of projects, there will be plenty of opportunities for errors to filter in. So be clearheaded, in order to take control of the situation. In the second half of the year, your explicit work will bring you into the public eye that will help you get to the top of the ladder in your career. For those in business, intelligent moves and perfect timing shall result in increased market share.

Wealth : Finances will be available to you, but dont waste it or blow your savings this year. In the first half of the year there would be an uphill battle regarding your finances. Avoid investing in anything mysterious; probe beneath the surface and keep your own counsel. Various transactions and negotiations towards the 3rd quarter will give you the freedom to put some ambitious plans into action; be proactive, but stay in control.

Home : Balance will be needed, as your home and career will be the prime focus this year. When making major changes, seek counsel of trusted advisors. You will gain a valuable insight into the nature of your relationships with your loved ones, bringing positive healing into the area. This year, you will find lasting friendships with people, who will become very important, as your life unfolds

Love : Over the next 12 months, your love relationships will require bold re-definition and delicate discussions. Know that your innate creativity can spill over into matters of the heart. Find a new way to tell that special someone you care. Singles, your opportunities for romantic encounters will emerge towards the 2nd half of the year.

Health :Suppressed emotions and resistance to change will cause emotional and mental imbalances. In case of health problems, accept nothing at face value. You might suffer from dermatological and allergy-related problems. Being completely healthy will require adequate exercise and rest.

Angel's Advice : "The Changes that youre going through are positive!"

Cosmo Tip : Wear or carry a Smoky Quartz crystal for clear insight in all spheres. 4-The Emperor 58

TAURUS: (20 April 20 May)

Keywords :Abundance, Intuition & Wisdom

This is a good year to start laying foundations that would enable you to turn your dreams into reality! Wind up the loose ends and plan elaborately for the new, bolder, visionary things you are now conceptualizing!

Career :Due to unpleasant and unexpected changes, you might find yourself at crossroads. Step back and re-examine your situation. Someone in authority might behave unreasonably. Be diplomatic rather than trying to force him to your way of thinking. Rather than giving in to petty fighting and competition in your workplace or business sphere, apply your passions in a more productive direction. For self-employed, a sound and a strict infrastructure will encourage progress and help your ventures to be successful.

Wealth : A mixture of caution and bold action will assist you in re-floatation of your finances. To attain financial fluidity balance your accounts through skillful manipulation. Do not be over-zealous in investing, as someone might hold back on facts, forcing you to make an uninformed decision. During mid year, there would be good financial inflow, but you need to revamp your budget and set aside some finances for your future growth plans.

Home : Due to your worries and fears, the stability of your domestic situation would be threatened. Stay confident and realistic to get the support of your family, to move things forward on the home front. Relationships with your family members will transform and evolve, while you will figure how to balance your power! Your social network will grow and you would be able to attract creative and spiritual friends, who would share your views and thoughts.

Love: This year, you would gain insight and clarity in your emotions and make some monumental decisions regarding relationships. Stress could hamper your communication unless you work hard to keep conversations open, clear and loving. Coping with a difficult relationship might turn you to seek wise counsel that will be beneficial for you. Singles will find many suitors, but avoid accepting things at face value and question the motive of others.

Health : You will experience real highs and lows, before finally understanding your true heath issues. Health problems like migraines, heartburn or problems with nervous system might plague you. Regarding health problems, get a second opinion and explore alternatives therapies outside established medicine.

Angel's Advice : "Make a wish and expect the very Best!"

Cosmo Tip : Keep a Fluorite crystal in your workplace, to enhance creativity and cooperation!

GEMINI: (21 May - 21 June)

Keywords :Fairness, Attainment & Enlightment

This year, vast array of abundant possibilities will transit around you! Sharpen your powers of discrimination and use your intuition to move forward!

Career : Your professional life will expand significantly, enabling you to deal easily and successfully with any disruption that might occur. You will be at your creative best and a barrage of ideas will come seamlessly to you. Fascinating and challenging projects will come your way, towards the second half of the year that would elicit some of your best work. For Self- employed, looking for new clientele, expanding your professional network will yield the best results.

Wealth : Financial position might become precarious in the first half of the year as well as laid plans may fail. Your credit obligations might bring you to an impasseTake stock and then act. Look closely at the deals that promise big returns and quick returns. Towards the 3rd quarter of the year new opportunities will sweep in bringing handsome dividends.

Home : On the domestic front, you will try to maintain emotional equilibrium but will find it very difficult as all of your plans or endeavors will go awry. Through self-discipline and a strict regime, you would be able to achieve domestic harmony and happiness. Be honest about your feelings and your family will fully support you.

Love : Relationships will go through tense and bumpy period in the first half of the year. A short vacation with your partner will help you to rekindle your relationship. Singles need to be careful, as deep attachments and commitments may be made, without serious thoughts of consequences.

Health : Your vitality will be renewed and would make a rapid recovery from surgery or illness. You would plunge ahead, despite your health problems and find exactly what you need in order to recover. Trouble with your teeth, gums or digestive tract might arise. Try natural remedies to correct the problem.

Angel's Advice : " Lots of little steps make Big dreams come true!"

Cosmo Tip : Keep a Carnelian crystal with you to keep jealous people at bay !

CANCER: (22 June 22 - July)

Keywords : Renewal, Willpower & Prudence

This year, you need to adapt to changing circumstances, juggle with ideas and find the right way forward. Structure, organization and rulebook will get you best results.

Career : Changes in your work-environment might stimulate a need to make some adjustments, that will allow you to move out of discordant and non-productive circumstances in the first half of the year. Towards the 3rd quarter, you will make progress in showing others what youre capable of at your current job, giving you the upper hand in negotiations on promotions and salary increases. For the selfemployed, business will improve, as innovative ideas will besiege you, that will formulate towards the second half of the year.

Wealth : Despite an increase in your earnings and revenue, be careful regarding the finances . Adopt a more rigorous regime of self- discipline. It may limit your lifestyle, but it will enable you to regain control. Someone highly resourceful and skillful will help you to conclude a beneficial contract, that would stabilize your finances towards the second half of the year. Diversify your investments and be prepared to modify your plans at a moments notice.

Home : Family harmony and happiness will bring you great confidence. A favorable change will occur in your family-life, eliminating all its trouble concerns and conflicts. By shouldering your responsibilities and obligations, you will exercise appropriate control over your family. Be cautious, as there would be vandals or mischief around your home or property.

Love : Personal ambitions might make you pre-occupied by your own goals, thereby shutting out your partner completely. Avoid being emotionally manipulative to protect yourself. Old baggage from a former relationship might prevent you from sorting out your mixed feelings and make honest choices about a new person. Singles might meet someone, who might be completely opposite to them, but will feel a deep connection.

Health : Guard against self destructive tendencies that can ruin your health. Channel your over aggressive tendencies into competitive sports and martial arts. You have to fight, to keep your energy levels high; if you are not careful, you might contract a flu or a virus.

Angel's Advice : "Dont take on other peoples stress..Breathe it out now!"

Cosmo Tip : Keep an Labradorite crystal in your workplace for achieving accuracy !

LEO: (23 July 22 - August)

Keywords : Determination, Equilibrium & Exuberance

This year, like a snake shedding its skin, you will strip away and leave behind whatever you have outgrown! Channelize your energy, organize and arrange the building blocks for your future!

Career : A new career idea might need some additional thought, before diving in and taking action. Towards the 2nd quarter, projects that you had been working on would be at near-completion; you would gear up for the next major undertaking. Be exceptionally careful, as others might take your ideas and present them as their own. For those involved in business, it would be beneficial to comb through your major projects and repair any holes you discover, as this would ensure your long term success.

Wealth : Your finances can be in state of flux. Be discreet and discerning with your resources and information. Towards the mid-year, your financial position will undergo a period of expansion, leaving your strong position, to make necessary decisions. Guard against generous frittering of money and try to revamp your budgetary plans, for better financial security.

Home : Following an abrupt decision, you will experience major upheavals on the home-front. Happiness in your family would come from making sound judgments and sensible decisions, in which everyone will feel involved. Social activities will be highlighted, bringing opportunities to diversify your skills. Your circle of friends will expand.

Love : Relationships will reach a delicate stage and you will risk veering off course, towards a crisis. Criticism and blame towards your partner will not help with anything, but interfere with finding happiness. By tint of your own will-power, you will be able to take your relationship to a healthy level. Avoid allowing the judgments of others inhibit your possibilities in a potential relationship. Singles will be able to instigate romance, by turning on their charm and being sensitive to others needs and feelings.

Health : Exceeding high levels of stress and pressure can lead to unhealthy indulgences. Deal with it constructively. Healthy habits and embarking on positive self care are especially critical this year!

Angel's Advice : "Youre a great personEnjoy being yourself!"

Cosmo Tip : Wear Ametrine crystal to work with detailed precision!

VIRGO: (23 August - 22 September)

Keywords : Contemplation , Regeneration & Achievement

Empowered by your journey through the trials of the past year, you will be strong, confident and ready to take on any challenge. Locate your true passions and strive for excellence.

Career : A positive attitude and a strong potential will motivate you to achieve your personal best in your work. This would be a good year to take creative projects off the back burner, as your fresh and innovative ideas will be crowned with success. Avoid caustic remarks, direct confrontations and head on debates in your career-field, as this might boomerang on your future prospects. For the selfemployed, during mid-year, an opportunity will come to the fore in their business affairs, that will allow them to branch out into new and untried areas.

Wealth : Favorable circumstances will help you to make good use of resources and invest them wisely. There could be wasteful expenditure in the first half of the year, as you would have the tendency to splurge; manage your finances prudently, by proper budgeting and sound financial intelligence .Towards the third quarter of the year, you would be able to introduce smart initiatives that would solidify your finances. Avoid being generous in lending money to others, as this might affect your finances in the long- term.

Home: Domestic situation would be stable, sound and well- balanced by a generous and an understanding woman close to you. You would be obliged to leave either by moving house or by going on a journey, to escape from an awkward and frustrating situation. Planning family getaways will help you strengthen the family bonds and re-invigorate your soul.

Love : Jealousy or worries might put you in relationship hassles. Look for unexpected moments of humour to diffuse tense situations. Being kind and generous with your partners need for space will act in your favour. For singles, its time for a few lifestyle changes that will encourage new meetings with wonderful suitors.

Health : Your vulnerability to temptation will compromise your health. Demonstrate caution and moderation. An accretion of small irritations might affect your immune system, resulting in cold, sore-throat or laryngitis

Angel's Advice : "Something very good is about to happen!"

Cosmo Tip : Wear / carry lapis Lazuli crystal with you to sharpen your communication skills!

LIBRA: (23 September -23 October)

Keywords : Opportunity, Diplomacy & Transition

The wheel with power of life turns and brings you prosperous new opportunities. New pursuits are highlighted; so it is crucial to minimize distractions.

Career : You may find that the simple information you need to perform your job-functions is hard to come by, or that work-mates are hiding the truth. While it may be hard to facilitate an ideal, healthy atmosphere at work, its best to stay put. During the second half of the year, you will have the opportunity to blend a number of diverse skills and talents, and incorporate those into your work. Those in business need to have a pragmatic approach, regarding business expansion plans. Keeping a back-up plan ready will be helpful during crises.

Wealth : During the second quarter of the year, you might experience some financial setbacks or find some extra hurdles to jump through. Avoid get-rich-quick schemes, as wealth will be attained slowly methodically over time through good financial discipline and judgment. Towards the second half of the year, skillful comprises will help you steer your finances in the right direction .

Home : Family will play a dominant role for you this year. There would be transformations on the home-front; so improve your connections and strengthen the bonds that you have. This year, you would want to improve your living conditions or change your home. Your circle of friends will expand and some new and improved friendships will enter your life.

Love : An emotional complication will ripple its way to the surface in a relationship ,leaving you disheartened and confused. Take time to step back and examine your relationships with clarity and honesty, and you will discover a desire to restore things, which had been laying in despair. For singles, an old friend or ex-flame might re-appear. Avoid getting drawn back into past relationships. But watch out for new introductions that could turn into meaningful relationships.

Health : You will go through a period of fatigue, lethargy and turmoil that would cause serious health problems. Though your physical health might improve as the year goes-by, your mental health would need constant strengthening and rejuvenation. Regular exercises and a healthy lifestyle will help you to boost your vigour and strength of the mind.

Angel's Advice : "What youre asking for will happen soon in a Happy way!"

Cosmo Tip : Keep an Amazonite crystal sphere at your workplace to attract right opportunities!

SCORPIO: (24 October -21 November)

Keywords : Destiny, Courage & Strategy

This year, you would be on the verge of an incredible transformation! Tough though it may be, switch gears and you’ll find yourself rewarded with progress!

Career : A change in your work-situation might knock you off balance, but will lift a great burden from your shoulders. Extend your education or sharpen your skills, as you may find that career avenues are more than in the past. Lured by some interesting projects, you might make a sudden move to a new job, towards the 2nd half of the year .Be wary about who you share your innermost thoughts with and be professional at all times. Those in business will have to re-structure their business-plans so that you can be more adaptive with services you provide.

Wealth : With your confidence and financial skills, you would be able to make far-sighted moves to improve your finances. Take rigorous, but strict legal steps to clarify any financial agreements, as that will prove beneficial for you. . Reduce financial risk, by putting spare funds in safe monetary instruments during this year. Before entering into any new investments, get a clear idea about the financial liability involved.

Home : Changes will lead to an altercation in your domestic situation. Dont injure any relationship that you wont be able to repair in the future. Be patient and watch what you say. Friends can be a source of opportunity and you would be able to lean on them for support.

Love : A sudden challenge in your emotional life will force you to come out of your shell and acknowledge your problems. Make the adjustments required for dealing with a new set of circumstances. and respond gracefully to it. Towards the 2nd quarter of the year, you and your partner will reach a new level of understanding and even renew old vows. Singles need to have a change of attitude, as blindly devoting yourself to finding an ideal person will cause you to miss wonderful opportunities.

Health : Suppressed emotions and resistances could lead to nervous disorder, turmoil or fever. Avoid over-exertion and adopt calming techniques like yoga or meditation, to keep your mind and body healthy.

Angel's Advice : "Dont worryIts all going to be fine!"

Cosmo Tip : Wear Ruby crystal to promote dreams and clear visualization!

SAGITTARIUS: (22 November 21 December)

Keywords : Revitalization , Triumph & Ambition

This year, streamline your life and let go of what you don’t need. Roll with the punches, gather yourself up and move on out of the shadows and go into the light!

Career : Sudden changes on the professional front will force you to re-consider and review your position with care and determination. A delicate approach at work will work better than the sledge hammer alternative. Towards the 2nd quarter of the year, you will have the potential to utilize your ambitious goals, as you would have all the tools you need to ensure that you will come on top. Those in business will uncover a Gold mine in a client or a project and if you play your cards right, you will lead for professional success.

Wealth : Adopt a minimal spending style during the year, as there would be unexpected expenses cropping up without any notice. In the second half of the year, you would having a clear idea about your financial goals will assist you in improving your finances. Be alert, so that you would be able to grab the right financial opportunity at the right time.Watch all of your financial-based transactions for any fraud.

Home : Fairness, firmness and affection will win through over the turmoil or conflict that may cloud your domestic life. You would be able to rely on the support of someone, who is competent and honest to help you solve family issues. Be careful, when communicating with others during this time, as arguments will be easily started.

Love : Relationships will flourish, provided they are built on mutual respect and honesty, tempered with a dollop of tact and diplomacy. Calm and open discussion about your differences and complaints would end an indecisive period. Singles will find abundant romantic opportunities. Avoid rushing into any relationship and take time to get to know the person, before you commit yourself to a deepening involvement.

Health : Dig deeper into your body and mind for the information you need, or do some research. Once you have all the information, you can make some informed decisions and get on the road back to better health. The most vulnerable areas of your body this year would be your knees, digestive system, neck and shoulders.

Angel's Advice : "You'll soon see that this Change will make things better!"

Cosmo Tip : Carry a Topaz crystal for successful attainment of your goals!

CAPRICORN: (22 December 19 January)

Keywords : New skills, Control & Revitalization

Climb on board and travel in the fast lane this year! Be sure that you have sufficient backing, and don’t burn any bridges you may need to cross back over.

Career : A rewarding possibility will lead you to take sound decisions. Career transition towards the 3rd quarter in the form of a new job or a new location will offer you many opportunities for growth and progress. Experience or additional knowledge will be needed to achieve your aims and meet the necessary pre-requisites to place yourself in the position you desire. Those in business will have the opportunities for advancement, accompanied by increased responsibilities.

Wealth : A breakthrough in a stalemate situation will help you remove the dead wood from your financial situation. Financial condition will be unstable, but you might stumble upon an opportunity, towards the second half of year. Unexpected expenses might crop up from different quarters. Be careful about all the details of the financial transactions, as there is a risk of being tricked. Manifest your well- known prudence and do not take any hasty decision, until you are aware of all the data.

Home : On the domestic front, lot of constraints will surround you and reaching compromises will not be easy. If you have hurt someone, you should make sincere apologies to mend those relationships. Avoid letting your temper get the best of you.You will successfully get involved in projects to re-decorate and make major repairs in your home. This year, new and good supportive friends will seek you out and support you.

Love : On the relationship front , You will need to take a lead in your relationship and get things organized and moving. Family and domestic issues or conflicts might affect your relationship. Towards the mid-year, you would be able to build your relationship brick by brick and use your insight and time to make relationship solid and strong. Singles might be too stubborn, regarding their search for potential mates. Lighten up a bit and things will go as desired.

Health : You might experience depression, stress and uncertainty. Refuse to become discouraged, pull yourself out of the blues. You will find harmony and balance, when you change from a conventional medical practitioner to someone, who practises holistic medicine.

Angel's Advice : "Be powerful and take charge of your life in positive ways!"

Cosmo Tip : Wear or carry Garnet crystal for Successful outcomes of your endeavors!

AQUARIUS: (20 January - 18 February)

Keywords : Liberation, Discretion & Reassessment

Assume a new position of mastery in your situation with diligence and hard work this year! You’ll need to take charge of your thoughts and ensure that no one shakes your confidence!!

Career : On professional front, cultivate mutually beneficial unions with bosses, co-workers, and colleagues and you will be able to create your own version of success. Towards the second quarter of the year, you might receive a raise or acknowledgement of your work. Revel in the glory, before you return to the drawing board to plan your future goals. Those in business will require patience to chalk out business strategy and work harder, since your adaptability will be put to test.

Wealth : It would be hard for you to gain control over your finances, as you could easily miss details and get duped by others. Be realistic and avoid trusting anyone easily, when it comes to your finances. Towards the 3rd quarter of the year, innovation and originality will lead to improvement in your financial situation.

Home : Communication with the family member can be less than stellar, and you will have to work harder to be more open and understanding. Capitalize on your personal charisma, as your intuitive genius will help you find a balance between your needs and the needs of your home. Be prudent in your behavior and make sure that you do not jeopardize friendships you really care for.

Love : Dramatic developments will banish conflicts and disperse the shadows that have been darkening your emotional life. Be upfront and exact about what you expect from your partner, rather than hoping for them to read your mind. An old flame or friend might also re-appear in the scene. Handle with care! Singles might meet someone special and interesting during family celebration or through a friend circle.

Health : You need to be cautious and watch out for anything that could have a destabilizing effect on your heath. Old health problems might resurface, so avoid stressful situations. Adopting relaxation techniques will help you combat health challenges and enjoy radiant health.

Angel's Advice : "Keep an open mind and learn new ideas!"

Cosmo Tip : Keep a Citrine cluster at your workplace to attract wealth, success & prosperity!

PISCES: (19 February - 20 March)

Keywords : Intuition, Self- Confidence & Adaptation

Draw on your power, by amplifying your gifts and skills for others to see this year. You will win battles of any kind, provided that you are determined not to give up!

Career : Unexpected events will knock you off balance. Strive for balance and integration in your professional life. Sticking to the present job and maintaining a low profile during the first half of the year will be beneficial for you. At the work-place with inner wisdom, diplomacy and a flexible attitude, extricate from any disrupting situation. With your enthusiasm, you will achieve ambitious goals in the second half of the year that will have positive slant on your career. For those in business, if they play their cards right, they will be able to achieve a vertical growth for your business.

Wealth : To manage your money, operate under a sense of extreme caution to avoid nasty surprises. The investments that look too lucrative could be a mirage. Be careful, about where you place your trust and money. A reliable financial advisor can help you sort out your options and separate genuine opportunity from the deception. Towards the second half of the year, lucrative opportunities for monetary gains, will enhance your financial strength.

Home : Positive circumstances will make it easier for you to put in place a framework of balanced and equitable values on the home-front. You need to have a cautious, yet realistic attitude towards a house-move or change that is in the offing. Beware of your friends deceiving you, as you would be vulnerable to emotional blackmails.

Love : Relationships will reach a crisis point, due to feelings of possessiveness or issues of control. By taking time to focus specifically on whats bothering you and communicating it with your partner, you will be able to handle all matters of the heart with ease and grace. Singles will find serious opportunities for commitment and might find someone at a party or a wedding.

Health :Your health will be generally good, but you might go through a few bumpy spotsan upset stomach, tight neck or minor problems with your knees. Anger will affect your health, so pinpoint what angers you and take steps to rectify it.

Angel's Advice : "Your dreams are blooming more rapidly than you realize Be Patient!"

Cosmo Tip : Carry Snowflake obsidian crystal for dispelling illusion.

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