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Tarot Card Reading 2015

By Divya Khanna

Guidance for Sun Signs

Play your cards right all year long!
What can you expect to happen in your major life-realms over the next 12 months? The Taroscope 2015 is your exclusive guide for Love, Relationships, Career, Money, and more……!
Aries (21 March 19 April)

Keywords : Revelations, Courage & Accomplishment

This year, positive vibes and new adventures would enrich your purpose and allow you to evolve. Throw away your old habits that have outlived their usefulness and open your eyes to wonderful opportunities this year!

Career : Gear up for an adventurous year, blended with challenges in the field of your profession. Remain steady & delve into the minute details of any projects that you handle during this year. For astounding business ventures, make sure you wrap all loose ends and file paperwork correctly. The latter part of the year will bring along more lucrative opportunities to climb the ladder of success in your work area. Grab any opportunities that would increase your knowledge and help grow your expertise. Beware, as letting people grasp on to your coat tails can end up bringing you down!

Wealth : Your finances shall have major changes and fluctuations, so curb your expenses to a bare minimum. In latter part half of the year, new horizons will open up bringing in serious opportunities for fiscal expansion. You would have the capability to steer the financial dealings in the right direction and make sound investment plans that would pump up your savings. Be smart with your finances and keep tabs on what others are doing with your money.

Home : On the domestic front, conflicts of financial nature would create tensions within your family and relatives. Impartial and just compromise will surface to help things return to normal, towards the mid-year. Your circle of friends will change, so do not be afraid to reach out to new people and nurture these future relationships.

Love : This year, you would be able to respond to your relationships in a more matured and organized manner. It is exceptionally important to follow your instincts and sort out and seek the truth in your relationships, but not in a way that is detrimental to you or your partner. Singles need to free themselves of past emotional baggage and be honest about their desires of a life partner.

Health : Health-wise you need to be cautious, as occasional health issues may crop up, making you irritated and impatient. Consider taking up a sport or an active hobby, to keep you healthy and increase your happiness quotient.

Angel's Advice : You deserve only the best, and this is all you should focus on!

Cosmo Tip : Wear or carry Bloodstone crystal, for victory in all spheres.

TAURUS: (20 April 20 May)

Keywords : Leadership , Potential & Growth,

The Wheel will spin with the power of life, bringing you prosperous new opportunities. Now is the time to let go which is not aiding you or your life and make room for new fantastic prospects.

Career :A process of transformation would allow you to access certain aspects of your work that has been neglected. The stakes would be high, so be careful with every move you make in your career and business. It is a great year to let your leadership qualities shine; so allow everyone in the team to offer their own expertise and bring in the laurels. Towards the second half of the year, any career or business venture plans in the pipeline would start materializing. Stay alert at your work-place and avoid getting pulled into any emotionally or politically draining vortexes.

Wealth : Financial status will change for the better, so cherish moderation in order to build long term prosperity. Unexpected small amount of finances might come your way; use it smartly. Finances would improve towards the midyear but a tight rein would be needed. Invest your finances into money markets with proven track records. Process your emotions and trust your instincts, so that you are able to make informed decisions about where your investments should head.

Home : The domestic situation would be secure and sufficiently strong, to withstand any changes. Towards mid-year, lack of communication between the family members might make you weak or vulnerable. Be tactful and avoid burning any bridges that you might have to walk over later. Be attentive as chaotic social life and betrayals from people posing as friends could result in deception and a lot of inconvenience.

Love: Kindness and desire to improve your relationships will lead to resurrection of love and attraction, which were once thought dead. During arguments, avoid being politically correct about vital issues and cultivate patience and focus to diffuse disputes, before they escalate. It will be an apt time to root out unwanted relationships that have been bothering you for long and switch to genuine relationships. Singles looking for a life-partner should judge potential partners by their present needs and desires.

Health : Heath issues will arise and will cause deterioration in your stamina and vitality. You might be prone to infections and stomach ailments, and should be extra careful about hygiene.

Angel's Advice : Your thoughts can shape your experience, so be sure to focus on the positive!

Cosmo Tip : Wear or carry Lapiz Lazuli crystal, to increase intellectual and communication abilities.

GEMINI: (21 May 21 June)

Keywords :Will-power, Manifestation & Commitment

Expect a year, when you would be completing an era and closing the door to the past and begin afresh in a new direction. Keep your mind free from trivial things and shift your outlook to a higher vantage point.

Career : Your work and personal standards would be scrutinized ,with self-discipline; you would safely navigate this minefield and emerge much stronger. A major insight would be stored within past memories that would give you clues to solve your immediate work situation. Towards the second half of the year, fascinating and challenging projects will come your way that would elicit your best work. Promotions or awards might come to you, as you would attract important and powerful peoples support. Champion your needs and put some distance between yourself and those who would hamper your progress.

Wealth : This year would be an ideal time to lay foundations and take on long term assurances. You might be suddenly blessed with some kind of inheritance that you need to put to good use. Someone might not be totally honest in the realm of finances. Be sure to know, where your finances are to the last penny; ducking your problems will not fix anything. The latter part of the year shall rope in financial inflows with investments in the field of real estate and high-value gadgets.

Home : On the domestic front, you need to deal with certain realities. It would be great time for reconnecting with family and forging stronger ties with your dear ones. Towards the second half of the year, you might renovate your home or move to a new home.

Love : Your relationships would be the source of profound transformation. Sharpen your communication skills and clear any misunderstandings or it might lead to separation. For singles, Cupid would play the right strokes in your life and bring you close to someone special !

Health : Problems could stem from un-remitting and repetitive work. Be sensible to your needs and organize your time to counter this. Avoid pushing yourself or you might end up getting sick or injured.

Angel's Advice : Bring your focus back to key intention and let your Angels help!

Cosmo Tip : Wear a Rainbow Obsidian Bracelet on the Left hand, to protect you from gossip and spite.

CANCER: (22 June 22 July)

Keywords : Enlightenment, Diplomacy & Renewal,

Pull yourself from all superficial distractions and relationship concerns to gain important insights. Explore as many new avenues as you can and you would be able to turn selected visions into realities.

Career : A Roller coaster ride with dramatic restructuring of events awaits you. Modify your priorities according to circumstances and avoid putting your head in the sand. Re-uniting with old colleagues would be helpful especially if looking for different employment or setting up a business enterprise. You would find ways to show case your unique talents, but avoid stimulating envy or competition. Myriad of opportunities with the assistance of a powerful person would be presented to you in the second half of the year to further your career.

Wealth : You would be able to find the correct balance in your financial situation which would be chaotic but rich in possibilities. Seek the aid of an expert to help you slowly and steadily reach your financial targets. A sudden improvement in your financial affairs is foreseen due to a new enterprise that would begin to yield profit towards the latter part of the year. Idealism backed by careful research would help you to make sensible financial decisions and avoid financial scams. Speculation based on a hunch or unsupported feelings could be costly in the financial realm.

Home : A feeling of isolation and restriction might plague you in your family life. Avoid forcing issues when circumstances are against you and let events take their course.

Love : A major milestone will be reached and you would experience greater heights and new dimensions this year. Power imbalance might develop between you and your partner. Avoid following the pattern of unequal treatment that would unduly benefit the others. Give up dramatic agendas and be willing to meet half way with open hearts. For singles, a new and different way to meet people would lead to sudden new encounters.

Health : Being slothful and lazy with your health will give rise to health issues. Avoid ignoring signs and symptoms of anxiety, depression or over indulgent behavior. It would be vital to clear the cluttered thoughts with guided relaxation and meditation.

Angel's Advice : Be open to all avenues to receiving, and you’ll be provided for in every way!

Cosmo Tip : Wear or carry Smoky quartz crystal, to detach and think logically.

LEO: (23 July 22 August)

Keywords : Fulfillment, Intelligence & Self-Discipline.

This year, you would be able to take wise and futuristic decisions and achieve your dreams. Handle the package of your emotions, pride and ego smartly and this year would be a cakewalk for you.

Career : On the career-front, you would have to fight your battles in your own way to maintain your power and position. Older and experienced friends and colleagues would boost your confidence and help you achieve your career goals. Those in business need to plan their strategies and policies so they can have a strong base ready. The second half of the year would prove to be beneficial to reap rewards and receive accolades.

Wealth : Financial crunch would force you to review your finances and adopt a new fiscal strategy. This year, take up the lesson for saving up for the future and the rainy days. Refrain from following crooked means of making money, as it would put you in greater trouble.

Home : Dynamic changes could stir up control-issues in your household. Make sure that you draw clear boundaries and avoid committing to anything that is to stressful for you to keep. There will be many social invitations coming your way that would expand your circle of friends

Love : In relationships, you might feel being struck like a revolving door at a rush hour. Accepting your partner as they really are and not placing too many demands on them would help you; enjoy exciting and electric moments. For singles, new romance is on the cards, but make sure you visit places where you could meet an eligible partner.

Health : A stroke of luck will be with you , giving you the reality and increase in health. Try not to let minor health issues take a toll on your mental agility and energy levels.

Angel's Advice : When you release negativity, the answer to your question will shine through!

Cosmo Tip : Wear or carry Pyrite Crystal, to increase confidence and take correct decisions.

VIRGO: (23 August 22 September)

Keywords : Keywords:- Optimism ,Wisdom & Harmony

Look forward to the year, full of opportunities for you to have new experiences and bring good things into your life — Don’t miss on it ! Seek to divine principals behind chaotic events and get attuned to subtle spiritual view.

Career : Using hidden talents and developing brand new set of skills would bring magic to your work. Those looking for a job change, opportunities would arrive towards the second half of the year. Great opportunities to fetch new cliental would arrive for people in business towards the mid-year. Be careful as lack of foresight combined with too much speed would force you to undermine the opportunities you get. Battle-lines would be drawn at workplace; take the middle course.

Wealth : Try to obtain your financial independence and avoid relying on your partner for financial security. Your investments and shared finances would undergo a significant review in the initial months of the year. Your self-discipline would enable you to stick to the budget you had previously determined. Delay any new investment in the first half of the year and play careful attention, when dealing with financial matters.

Home: Wisdom, faith and inspiration will enter your household this year enlarging your perspective on family matters. Circumstances would compel you to set strong boundaries to protect your private life. Optimize the time you spend with your family as career concerns might keep you occupied most of the time.

Love : A new transparency in your relationships would help restore matters in your emotional life. You and your partner would equitably share the work of maintaining the relationship. Undue criticism can thwart your plans for happiness and deepening of an early stage relationship. Singles might meet someone special during celebrations or through mutual acquaintance.

Health : You might experience real high and lows, before understanding your true health issues. Health concerns in the form of troubles in the digestive or nervous system might plague you. Moderate your diet to increase your recovery rate from any illness.

Angel's Advice : You have prayed for help; Now be open to accepting it!

Cosmo Tip : Wear or carry a Labradorite Crystal, to bring out the best in you.

LIBRA: (23 September 23 October)

Keywords : Communication, Contentment & Balance

This year will be the culmination of all your efforts and a harboring of remarkable potentials. Door will be opening for you on multiple levels and present you with new opportunities.

Career : Freed from uncertainty about future, you will be able to develop your talents and enjoy greater fulfillment at work .Those in business would gain global exposure and will expand their work after a lot of planning and execution. By using new vocabulary and presenting new ideas, you would be able to change conditions and refine shared goals towards the mid year. Stay attentive, gather the skills and tools, as you would be faced with tremendous opportunities.

Wealth : Sudden clarity on the financial front will help you to resolve issues and move forward despite potential difficulties. In the first half of the year you might encounter financial difficulties and limits concerning your possessions. Your investment will bring wonderful returns, but make sure you study the markets before investing your hard earned money.

Home : A happy and contented family environment will give you the opportunity to consolidate and enrich your family life. You would be in a position to exert both moral and material influence over your family with a discreet yet genuine support of someone close to you. Your circle of friends and socializing will increase; make sure you concentrate on maintaining your old friendships too.

Love : You would desire change and will stir up things to revitalize a stagnant relationship. For married couples, it will be an ideal time to move ahead with decision of expanding their family. Efforts would be needed to nurture and build up the mutual trust and dependability factors in your relationship. Singles would soon find their life partners, provided they wont settle for less than they deserve.

Health : You would enjoy a sense of well being with full confidence and no major health problems will catch you unawares. A change in your lifestyle will help you make the best use of your natural resources and dynamism.

Angel's Advice : Don’t give power to negative words by saying them, instead make your communications peaceful and loving!

Cosmo Tip : Wear a Blue Apatite crystal bracelet on the Left hand, to clear confusions and enhance communications.

SCORPIO: (24 October 21 November)

Keywords : Triumph, Regeneration & Progress

This year, the universe will clear out the roads for you to achieve your dreams. Transform your mind and the way you view the world —— And you can change the things you are not happy with!

Career : This will be a year to shine, so assert yourself and show your talents to achieve your career goals. Favorable opportunities would pass through your career zone, bringing increased status and recognition. Those who want to work abroad would get the desired result in the 3rd quarter of the year, but with a lot of skill sharpening. Self employed people need to push their boundaries and leave their comfort zone. Your communication skills would be at the best and would fetch you new contacts helping your career flourish.

Wealth : There would be financial inflows, but simultaneously you would have to deal with extensive outflows of funds too. Limit your expenditure to basic necessities. Avoid new investments or business alliances, but revise any existing agreements to fit with your current needs. Financial conditions that might get tight due to commitments or debts in the first half of the year would improve towards the 3rd quarter.

Health : An upsetting or emotionally fraught situation will cause you to over-react aggressively and thoughtlessly. Relationships might be re-evaluated, changed or there could be complete renewal, following major break-ups. Bide your time and look forward to the future with confidence and optimism .Your bonding will strengthen with real friends and you would break away who dont fit in your criteria.

Love : A renewal in your emotional life will bring disturbing but healthy awareness to the fore. Adopt a thoughtful attitude and behave responsibly, while venting out your feeling. Your relationships sphere would pickup towards the last quarter of the year. Long-term relationships would culminate into marriage, but you need to sort your feelings before taking the plunge. For singles, a new love may blossom or an old partnership might get revitalized this year.

Health : As the year would progress, you might feel the fatigue and exhaustion, which if not paid heed, would cause you severe health hazards. Apart from aches and pains, trouble might brew up with your nervous system. It is advisable for you to seek relaxation and go on a vacation.

Angel's Advice : You are strong enough—Don’t back out now, your angels believe in you!

Cosmo Tip : Wear or carry a Garnet crystal, to motivate you and let your real talents shine !

SAGITTARIUS: (22 November 21 December)

Keywords : Mastery , Divine Intervention & Illusion

This year, you will be forced to make “the spring cleaning” of your life and perceive clearly what holds you back. You will have an innate strength prosper in any tasks and take any hurdle in your stride.

Career : This year, travel and connection with other countries and cultures will transcend your limits and open new horizons. In face of conflicts, stand your ground, but make sure you dont tread on anyones toes. Those in business will be able to expand and boost their work through their skills and intuition towards the 3rd quarter of the year. Stay focused on surpassing your current record of performance in a clean way, avoiding the snares of stressful competitions.

Wealth : Significant gains will help you to save money and make profitable investments. Sudden inflow of funds would make you excited and tempted to put you on a spending spree. Investors will be interested in your ideas so set realistic goals and dont over commit yourself. Make sure your integrity is above reproach and avoid investing where you havent done the back-up research.

Home : Problems, challenges and conflicts will restrict developments on the domestic front and compel you to make sacrifices. Timely and useful compromises would provoke disruption, but will help your family in the long run. Favorable circumstances will help you, to upgrade your living space to match your attitude. You would forge towards new friendships, but dont lose yourself in other peoples goals or hopes.

Love : Those in relationship will have the tension or a conflict to sort out. A balancing act would be needed to keep exciting relationships alive. There would be temptations to stray off from your existing relationships towards other territory. Stay focused on commitment, rather than cravings. Singles will find the opportunity for new romance; just make sure it does not push you further or faster than you want.

Health : High energy levels will help you to review your lifestyle and make positive moves. Act conscientiously and practice certain therapies to end chronic problems.

Angel's Advice : By purifying your life of negative people and experiences, you will attain true peace!

Cosmo Tip : Wear or carry a Sunstone crystal, to increase your self- worth and confidence.

CAPRICORN: (22 December 19 January)

Keywords : Self-Assessment , Accomplishments & Tradition

This year, your life will continue to change suddenly and you need to go with the flow. Muster courage for a journey that would test your confidence & optimism, as you would be faced with challenges.

Career : In your professional arena, you would be blessed with more freedom to excel and showcase your skills. Brush up your communication skills, to walk the extra mile and tap the Silver-lining in your work place. Your dedication, hard work and planned action would bring you dividends, towards the last quarter of the year; but abide by tried and tested paths. Expansion in business will let your ambition take new wings in the second half of the year.

Wealth : This year, you would be blessed with a stable financial condition with ample opportunities to increase your scope of income in the initial months . The expansion of your financial situation would involve vital and decisive choices. Be prepared to stem the tide, before you land in murky waters of a big financial deal, as chances would be high for money-loss, due to overconfidence.

Home : Your domestic life would get turned upside down, but new horizons would present themselves and your family would be together with all the support and protection. You would desire to modernize your home, as you would want to get rid of all the old stuff that agglomerates your house. Your social network will pass through a reconstruction and will show the reality of your friendships.

Love : In relationships, look at the clear picture of life and let not pleasures and emotions cloud your relationship prospects. Your emotional involvement with your partner would be deepened and you shall experience a better level of understanding. Singles will be attracted towards the people, who are spiritually oriented.

Health : Your health would be distinctively on an upward curve. During the second half of the year, you might feel lethargic or low on energy reserve. Take some time to pamper yourself and take precautions to keep your immunity and energy reserves high.

Angel's Advice : Take this as an opportunity to rise from the ashes and be stronger and more determined!

Cosmo Tip : Wear a Malachite Bracelet in your Left hand, to achieve your desired goal.

AQUARIUS: (20 January 18 February)

Keywords : Control , Skill & Intuition

This year, you would re-organize your life and will let go certain behavior patterns that are conducive to optimum functioning. Listen to your intuition and connect with your inner self, to bring out latent talents.

Career : A disturbed atmosphere will prevail at work, which would slow down your work. An influential person will push you, to change your views and expand beyond comfort-zone. Expect some changes in your professional life. Those in business might find scope of expansion, towards the second half of the year. Continue to gather clues, be receptive to new information, but choose with your heart.

Wealth : This year, expenses might rise sharply from all the different quarters. Prioritize and set your focus in the right direction. Due to lack of judgment and gullible disposition, you might get easily fooled by people, who would seek financial aid from you. Last quarter of the year would bring in much inflow. So take opportunities by their horn, as they come your way!

Home : The matters of home and family would seem less significant, as your spirit will soar to higher dimensions. This would be a good time to show up your base by attending to the needs of your family members emotionally and physically, whenever its needed. If involved in legal issues or having problems with justice, an unexpected help and a miraculous support will help you escape from your troubles.

Love : Personal relationships would experience a mixed phase, where differences of opinion would put your relationships at risk. Avoid letting a third party create any kind of influence in your relationship. Opportunities will arise to restore peace, loving atmosphere you once had. Guard against being too arrogant, as it might hamper your partners attempt to make necessary changes. Singles need to become more assertive to increase their chances of finding a life partner.

Health : You would be blessed with robust health and immunity system, which would help you to keep aliments at bay. Over-indulgence might take a toll on your health. So maintain a regulated lifestyle with a healthy diet.

Angel's Advice : Focus your attention on the many blessings that surround you!

Cosmo Tip : Keep or wear an Aquamarine crystal, to sharpen your intellect.

PISCES: (19 February 20 March)

Keywords : Spontaneity, Structure & Destiny

Creative thoughts coupled with major changes shall diversify your portfolio of interests. Pay attention to how the life-force moves, so that you can follow its flow and keep learning from it.

Career : Your unique intelligence and clever experimentation will be a valuable asset in generating new opportunities in your career. You will be extremely well-matched in your work, but it will be challenging to sustain this intensity for long. Use a combination of technical skill and intuition to reach your career and work goals. Stay low during any conflicts in the work-place, as any attempts to dissemble the issues or arguments will be counted against you. Self- Employed will prosper, but build strong foundations rather than expecting instant miracles this year.

Wealth : There would not be much avenues to increase your financial net-worth, this year. You might make changes, to improve the quality and authenticity of your life that will endanger your material security. Take care about the reckless and impulsive decisions to do business or to spend money, without thinking well. Double-check your financial plans, before venturing into a new territory. Most of your earnings will be less than you expect, but would be pouring in towards the second half of the year.

Home : Your family members will be at odds this year and you will find yourself torn in multiple directions, because of a family squabbles. Be gentle and caring without getting swept up in the emotional dramas of others. Friendships will be tricky, as you will be cutting a few people loose and while it will be painful, youll find yourself happier in the long run.

Love : Misunderstandings with the life-partner on financial issues might arise in the first half of the year. Avoiding your partner for others will create serious issues in your love life, so beware and act wisely. An increase in your confidence and self-expression will provide you with some new romantic opportunities. Those looking for marriage alliances will get some worthy options to consider towards the 3rd quarter of the year.

Health : Health-wise, things will seem to work pretty well, as you will possess more vitality and energy. Be careful with your physical and mental moves, as there would be phases of indisposition. You need to take a break from the rigours of life, by resorting to some sort of therapies.

Angel's Advice : Don’t let others coerce you into making a decision; you know in your heart what’s the right choice!

Cosmo Tip : Wear or carry Hematite crystal, to protect you from unfair accusation and pressures.

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