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Taroscope 2014

By Divya Khanna


Taroscope 2014 reveals a motivating message, helping you to make sense of a situation that you are trying to take charge of. Boldly take the reins of your life’s circumstances, to come out victorious! Here are Guidance for your Sun Signs!
Aries (21 March 19 April)

Keywords : Contemplation , New Skills and Temptation

Your newfound clarity and understanding will help you to move out of the shadows, into the limelight!

Career : Situation at work-front would be secure and profitable, but a firm hold and realistic approach would be needed to avoid any disruption. With the power of your talents and skill, you would be able to influence people and events, and move up the ladder of success towards the second half of the year. Someone at your work-place might mislead you into making wrong choices. Be wary of fanciful promises and look carefully, before making any adjustments.

Wealth : Major financial disturbances would prove beneficial, helping you to face the developments with confidence and courage! Favourable circumstances towards the mid-year would encourage negotiations and resolutions relating to the management of funds. There might be deceptive undercurrents and hidden things, regarding financial deals. Thoroughly investigate all details, before signing any legal documents. Keep a tight rein on your budget, as over-spending on frivolous items will lead to disappointments.

Home : The renewal in your family situation would lead to greater mobility, house-move or an important transition in your domestic life. Sudden challenges in the second half of the year will bring disruption and force you to review certain matters. A young person in the family will help you to tackle situations with enthusiasm and positive energy.

Love : You might find yourself in an emotional crisis and go through a turbulent period. Mutual encouragement of each others strength and interests will provide a foundation for an enduring relationship. Being kind and generous, with your partners need for space will prove beneficial for your relationship. Singles need to broaden their circle of friends and activities, to meet someone special.

Health : Caution and foresight will help you to avoid risks and make a healthy development. Sensitive people need to take care, as they could become seriously ill. Health problems caused by stress or diet are strongly indicated.

Angel's Advice : A Major Life Change Brings You Great Blessings!

Cosmo Tip : Wear or carry an Aquamarine Crystal for courage and stability !

Number : 10, Colour : Black, Stone : Jet

TAURUS: (20 April 20 May)

Keywords : Assertiveness, Ambition and Control

This year, get structured and disciplined, as organization and the rulebook will get you the best results!

Career :Unexpected changes would shake up your work-environment, giving you the opportunity to start afresh, with a whole new set of building blocks. Your plans for expansion will succeed in the second half of the year, if you play by the rules and ensure self - discipline. Count on teamwork and share ideas to explore all possible options, before going on to the next phase. Self employed will have a perfect opportunity to market and broadcast their talents far and wide. Remain detached from spiteful gossip and rumours, as they can backfire!

Wealth : Difficulties and mistakes will restrict the expansion of your financial situation, forcing you to make sacrifices. After temporary cash flow problems, a new prosperous phase will usher in, towards the second half of the year. Smart money-management and re-scheduling of your finances will help you to meet your obligations. Double check and ensure that facts are not hidden under the rug, regarding financial investments !

Home : Some major changes in your domestic area will bring problems and opposition, to confront. In the event of troublesome atmosphere, make concentrated, sensible efforts to make intelligent decisions. Plans of travel might get postponed, as something better will come up. Support of a sympathetic person would help you to bring your domestic situation under control.

Love: A review of your emotional life and relationships will bring disruptions, but will banish any lingering doubts and worries. Being tactful and considerate in expressing your needs can open doors to receptivity and more satisfying atmosphere. Beware of romantic whims and secret affairs, as betrayal will provoke explosive reactions. Singles would get many opportunities to enhance their romantic encounters and meet someone special.

Health : Patience would be needed, as you might get diagnosed with a serious illness. Your natural flexibility and calmness will help you gain insight into the root of the problem. As your energy will be dynamic, you would have the strength to overcome any health problems.

Angel's Advice : Take your destiny in your own hands, to achieve your goals .

Cosmo Tip : Wear or carry Garnet crystal, to increase confidence and security.

Number : 17, Colour : Red,
Stone : Ruby

GEMINI: (21 May 21 June)

Keywords :Moderation, Potential and Discretion

This year,, success will come to you, through terminating the areas in your life that no longer serve you!

Career : New found freedom will help you take constructive and intelligent steps to instigate a renewal in your work arena. Guard against illusions, as they might cause errors in your judgment and risk an imminent professional situation. New trends and possibilities would come to you, towards the second half of the year. Take a good look and be ready to take advantage of its power. Those in business need to conclude the old business, by following through on previous agreements that have been in the work for a long time.

Wealth : An advantageous financial situation will prompt you to take disruptive but beneficial action. Favourable circumstances towards the second quarter will help you to explore your financial resources and make progress. Be cautious, as you could become the victim of false information and double dealings. Play by the rules and follow the tried and tested strategies when buying, selling or investing money.

Home : Unspoken facts, misunderstandings and hypocrisy could create a negative atmosphere in your domestic sphere. You might need to make certain sacrifices and acknowledge your mistakes, in order to break the stalemate. Fairness and affection will win through over the turmoil and conflicts. Domestic routine will undergo a sudden and fortunate change, but dont force any issues regarding money, rent or property.

Love : The stability of your relationship will be effected by imagined problems, unfair conflicts and misunderstandings. You and your partner might get caught up in power- struggles and arguments. Cultivating patience and communicating tactfully will help you stay grounded and diffuse any disputes, before they escalate. Singles need to take care that pain from past relationships doesnt eclipse new hopes and realities.

Health : Despite your strength and courage , you would need to resolve your health issues and overcome your anxieties. You might suffer from stomach problems and would be forced to adopt a strict and a healthy regime.

Angel's Advice : Slow down and move forward with the whole picture in sight.

Cosmo Tip : Wear or carry an Amber crystal, for clarity of thought and wisdom

Number : 23, Colour : Orange, Stone : Carnelian

CANCER: (22 June 22 July)

Keywords : Major Transformation, Renewal and Dedication

This year,, you need to develop your hidden potential and listen to your intuition, to accurately guide you!

Career : Key professional development will prompt you to review and re-consider options with caution. Through an innovation or a new idea, you would find surprising solutions to practical problems, towards the second half of the year. Those in business will have the knack for producing magical results and turning the situations in their favour. Being indecisive would lead to an adversary taking advantage and gaining an upper hand. So strive for clarity and balance.

Wealth : Lack of fund could cause problems and plunge you into financial insecurity. Through hard work and courage, you would be able to bring your finances back on track. During the third quarter of the year, you would be able to exert control over finances, through innovative decisions. An investment might need time to grow and improve, so avoid pushing things to develop prematurely. Losses might result, if you invest under illusion or expectations.

Home : An essential favourable change will take place in your family situation, leading to chaotic but positive arrangements. With sensible compromises and hard work, you would be able to move house or achieve something new soon on the domestic-front. A young person in the family will be able to make their mark and flourish.

Love : Chaotic circumstances might make you focus on your own desires and wishes , thereby jeopardizing your relationships. Guard against holding unhealthy grudges and opening old wounds to hurt your partner. A few sensible and adjustable moves will help to release those emotions that are tense, difficult, and blocked. Being ethical and respectful of your desired ones boundaries will help to establish a solid foundation for the future. Singles will attract someone special, after a lot of hits and misses.

Health : You might be forced to control your anxiety by nipping in the bud any temptation to over indulge. Shake off any fool-hardy venture that might destabilize your health and make it difficult to follow through with plans.

Angel's Advice : You have great potential and strength; so believe in yourself!

Cosmo Tip : Keep an Apophyllite Cluster in your work-place, to discover your next step in life!

Number : 24, Colour : White, Stone : Snow quartz

LEO: (23 July 22 August)

Keywords : Willpower, Success and Rationality

This year, you would have plenty of trump cards up your sleeve to achieve all that you desire!

Career : Career will progress remarkably well and bring increased range of activities towards the mid-year. Confident and courageous attitude will help you broaden your horizons and win significant support for your ventures. People around you would hold different goals and values that would create disagreements in your work-place. Have the presence of mind, to take the middle road in dealing with others.

Wealth : Healthy circumstances will help introduce smart and practical initiatives, to solidify your finances. During the first half of the year, you would have additional obligations and financial burdens to shoulder. By seeking help and finding alternatives source of funds, you would be able to bail yourself out. In face of choices and decisions, ensure that you choose a way that ensures greater flexibility for you. Someone around you might emotionally manipulate you and use hidden resources to profit. Be Alert!

Home : Certain revelations made at the heart of your family-circle will clarify the situation leading to positive results. When dealing with an inflexible family member, deal gently to make them your ally. Your natural steadiness will make you cautious, when faced with prospects of change, house-move or travel plans. An unexpected encounter with someone from the past would need patience and diplomacy.

Love : Letting go of a bad relationship or unrealistic expectations will lift the veil of illusion, helping you to gain greater clarity. Your desire to reach your goals at all costs might make you impatient and impulsive. Spend quality time to communicate and listen to what your partner wants. You might discover something new. Singles looking for love! take heart, as an exciting new liaison is on the cards.

Health : Certain precautions will be needed to preserve your stability and general well- being. Fortunate circumstances will allow you to travel for health or leisure reasons, leaving you feeling revitalized. Guard against accidents, and also too much Sun or heat could make you ill.

Angel's Advice : Be open to new ideas and solutions from different or even unusual sources!

Cosmo Tip : Wear or Carry Carnelian Crystal, to protect you from envy and jealousy.

Number : 62, Colour : Pink,
Stone : Rose quartz

VIRGO: (23 August 22 September)

Keywords : Fairness, Reflection and Liberation

Career : Professionally, you would be able to seize the opportunities and showcase your best work that had been hidden till now! Your ambitious plans will inject a new vitality and lead to significant business dealings. Some hidden aspects in your work- environment will come to light, helping you to turn the situation to your best advantage. Favourable conditions towards the 2nd quarter would help you to re-float a business or expand a budding company.

Wealth : Natural expansion of your professional horizons, combined with assured control of your circumstances, will help you clinch financial deals successfully. During the first half of the year, you would be plagued by financial difficulties and disappointments. By remaining cautious and aware of your material and moral responsibilities, you would be able to bring all your resources together for financial expansions. During financial investments, you might trip over a binding word; so check thoroughly, before making any commitment!

Home: Domestic situations might witness turmoil, due to lack of communication, trapping you in a situation, you had not envisaged. Family members will calmly make arrangements to preserve domestic peace. Drawing on your own courage and strength, you would be able to give your domestic situation a new lease of life.

Love : By keeping a tight rein on your emotional responses, you would be able to resist potential harmful and disruptive influences. Rather analyzing your partner, listen to your heart and be guided by your feelings. Family members opposition might wreck havoc on your love life. Relationships will take a turn better, towards the later part of year, as you would be able to move into an open frame of mind. Singles might have several romantic choices at hand; be clear and specific about what you want in a relationship.

Health : Compromising on health issues will lead to serious and time-consuming problems. Due to stress, you might blow small health matter out of proportion. Meditation and relaxation can help to improve your health.

Angel's Advice : Don’t doubt yourself, as your courage and loyalty will shine through!

Cosmo Tip : Wear or carry Amazonite crystal, to open up new communication channels

Number : 22, Colour : Indigo, Stone : Lapiz

LIBRA: (23 September 23 October)

Keywords : Opportunity, Prosperity and Progress

Career : Ambitious plans and projects for major growth will pan out, according to your desires. As long as you remain adaptable to circumstances, you would be able to introduce an innovation in your work arena. Those looking for a job need to gather the skills and tools, when faced with a tremendous opportunity. Be careful, as you would be tempted to impulsively fling yourself into every attractive new prospects without due consideration. When conflicts arise in the work-arena due to conflicting ideas, step forward and clarify the issues!

Wealth : Despite flourishing finances, stay sensible and adopt a reasonable and careful attitude towards money. On reviewing your financial situation, you would be able to carry out few well timed transactions. Stay conservative with your financial decisions, as this is not the time to gamble. Keep your enthusiasm high and will-power strong, when dealing with financial matters. Avoid revealing your financial information and plans to anyone. Remain detached, when dealing with money matters.

Home : New and positive events will give you unprecedented confidence in your personal situations. A happy event would restore peace and harmony, allowing you to control the domestic situation. Remain flexible and take advantage of the positivity to bond with your family members.

Love : There might be an opportunity to learn from the past relationships, without being swept away with nostalgia. When confused, avoid squandering your energy on taking premature action. Clear up your past dysfunction and address entangled emotions in your relationships. Singles will wait for the right person, rather than settling for the second best.

Health : Several constraints would make you feel mentally and physically tired. So take time to reset and recover from stress. Upsetting conditions would cause a previous health problem to resurface that would need medical attention. A spiritual cleansing would be beneficial for you and help you to experience better health.

Angel's Advice : Be tactful, and do not be too obstinate - it adds nothing constructive.

Cosmo Tip : Wear or Carry an Aventurine crystal to enhance your leadership skills!

Number : 11, Colour : Blue,
Stone : Aventurine

SCORPIO: (24 October 21 November)

Keywords : Wise Council, Inspiration and Restoration

Unexpected turn of events will introduce changes and new possibilities in your life. Act on your feel, as you roll with the new energy.

Career : Surprising new possibilities might open a whole new vista for you in your career. Keep your nose to the grindstone and stay focused on the tasks that you need to accomplish. Your intelligence and talent for clever experimentation will help generate new opportunities at work. Stay optimistic and balanced, and dont allow the judgments of others to inhibit your progress.

Wealth : You will be in a position to bring about significant financial growth that will be favored by circumstances and solid support. Positive transactions towards the second half of the year will ease your doubts and end the period of financial uncertainty. Be scrupulously honest and strict on the financial front, to resolve any monetary problems. Rely on your own judgment and counsel, when contended with a suspicious and untrustworthy financial deal.

Health : Home:- Thoughtless choices and impulsive actions would be incompatible with your family circumstances and bring more discord. Make sure that you consider the consequences carefully, before you act. By exploiting a key event, you would be able to consolidate domestic issues towards the second half of the year.

Love : A legacy or an inheritance would provide a stable foundation, upon which you would be able to build a beautiful relationship. Emotional challenges will force you to stay conscious of your deepest value and most cherished long- term goals. A sudden realization towards the 2nd quarter will synchronize you and your partners motives, outlook and beliefs. Singles will find themselves at the right place and time, for a potential relationship with the one, they desire.

Home : Inspite of admirable reserves of energy and courage, you still need to overcome your anxieties. Physical and mental fatigue would prevent you from pursuing your desired course of action. A pragmatic and cautious nature will help you regain your well-being.

Angel's Advice : Things will move at their own pace; so do not take questionable short-cuts!

Cosmo Tip : Wear or Carry an Iolite Crystal, for successful management of money!

Number : 49, Colour : Silver, Stone : Clear quartz

SAGITTARIUS: (22 November 21 December)

Keywords : Regeneration , Creativity and Freedom

Positive influences will help you draw your arrow and hit your target, with the style of a skillful archer, this year!

Career : An important career opportunity with significant potential will help you regain your professional balance. The broadening of your social horizons would put you in an excellent position, to firm up your projects towards the mid-year. Refrain from judging things in Black and White terms, in order to tap the tremendous energy available in your career. Bide your time in business and professional matters, as impulsive actions could be risky.

Wealth : Due to Some financial agreements, you would be able to control and stabilize your finances, but the situation would still be precarious and restricted. Your efforts to find long term financial stability will be helped by new positive circumstances in the second half of the year. Skillful initiatives and new fiscal moves would help you put things on a new footing and opening up new horizons. Guard against dangerous temptations that could endanger your finances.

Home : A new slant on domestic affairs would lead to great happiness and birth of a new situation. Due to your hard work, you would be able to compromise and bring domestic matters to a full potential. Any turmoil, extreme behavior can be dealt with positive, bold and tough actions.

Love : Conflicts and disappointments will nudge you to clear up the past dysfunctional memories and address the entangled emotions in your relationships. Take caution that you dont over-step relationship boundaries or promise more than you truly want to deliver. Towards the second half of the year, an opportunity will arrive for you to balance your relationship in a way that it sweetens and strengthens your bond. Singles need to take a break from their single minded focus, and return to their search with a renewal energy and enthusiasm.

Health : You would experience many highs and lows, before you get a grip on your health issues. Take energetic measures to look after yourself, and avoid letting your health deteriorate. Those suffering from headaches and migraines should be extra careful This year,.

Angel's Advice : Expand your horizons and exit any situation that locks you down.

Cosmo Tip : Wear or Carry Turquoise Crystal, to attract good luck.

Number : 50, Colour : Yellow, Stone : Citrine

CAPRICORN: (22 December 19 January)

Keywords : Security, Attainment and Logic

Use the active force of transformation to bring about change and new directions for yourself!

Career : A wake-up call would force you to review those aspects of your work that had been neglected or un-discovered. Towards Spring months, things will speed up, but an exponential growth will challenge you to keep up your standards. In the face of disagreements, rely on your superior energy, to neutralize conflicts and usher in harmony and cooperation at the work-place. To be successful and powerful, businesspeople need to re-think their strategies to outsmart their competitors.

Wealth : Unplanned and uncontrollable changes will present a brilliant opportunity for transformation in your financial matters. With dynamic choices and astute initiatives towards the 3rd quarter of the year, a stable and potentially advantageous situation would help you to make significant profits. Take care that you are not let astray by someone, who wants to assert their power, regarding the financial issues. Avoid lending or borrowing money, as you might get abandoned by even trusted associates.

Home : The problems in your family-life would overcome by transformation and complete termination of a troubling situation. Domestic troubles would highlight your strength of character and remarkable courage, to tackle the challenge. You would be able to achieve your domestic goals, but in a chaotic way towards the mid-year.

Love : A major change would end your stalemate and free you from constraints and shackles that caused you emotional inertia. Use a combination of technical skill and intuition, to let go and achieve a new set of circumstances in your relationship. Towards the Summer months, your relationship would see a new light; pay attention to this time of blessing, when it arrives. Singles need to keep their emotions in check and be patient, while assessing the romantic prospects.

Health : Caution, impatience and ill-timed impulsiveness would leave you with fluctuating energy levels. You might get tempted to make extreme choices to come out of mental and physical weakness. Strong inner resources and favourable circumstances would trigger a genuine revival on both physical and emotional level.

Angel's Advice : Pay attention to subtle messages that you will receive as instructions or clues

Cosmo Tip : Keep or wear a Bloodstone crystal, to bring success.

Number : 51, Colour : Brown, Stone : Jasper

AQUARIUS: (20 January 18 February)

Keywords : Initiative, Intuition and Tradition

Stay open and don’t limit yourself as the possibilities are endless this year!

Career : Sudden challenges at work would compel you to adopt original and creative ideas to achieve your aims. A legal decision would restore your honour and help you to find a way out of an impasse. New circumstances towards the mid-year would give shape to your ideas and plans, but you need to be proactive and willing to travel. Those looking for job might need to further their education in order to improve their job prospects. Try to be patient and stick to guidelines, as staying within the limits will help you reach your goals more steadily.

Wealth : Some fortunate initiatives would liberate your financial situation and help you to start afresh from a new angle, towards the second half of the year. Diversify your investments and be prepared to modify your plans at a moments notice. Difference of opinions might arise regarding finances; so avoid allowing other people to confuse you. Tempting investments would be presented to you; do not get into a trap for quick and small gains.

Home : Domestic situations would weigh you down by certain restrictions and obligations, forcing you to face your responsibilities. Compromises and necessary adjustments have to be reached to achieve personal targets. A firm control over events with strong and reliable foundation will help you bring positive changes or a house- move.

Love : New revelation will melt your frozen emotions and open up new territory for you and your partner. Honesty and self-scrutiny will give you an opportunity to review and reset your standards for the relationships you want towards mid-year .Singles need to stay in touch with reality and be aware of their values, when they search for their mate.

Health : Strong sense of self protection and self control would allow you achieve stable health without making you hyper-active. Circulatory system might not function well or you might suffer from problems related to joints and legs

Angel's Advice : Re-assess any problem areas and ask your angels to help improve them.

Cosmo Tip : Wear or carry an Amethyst, to reach career goals.

Number : 12, Colour : Purple, Stone : Amethyst

PISCES: (19 February 20 March)

Keywords : Compassion, New Beginnings and Empowerment

Positive changes would inspire you to reach far beyond your everyday boundaries; follow a new dream and reach for the stars!

Career : Reliable professional background would help you to pursue your quest for original ideas for long-term projects. Self employed will advance by benign circumstances and having the right connections. Dont become over-confident and throw these opportunities away! At your work-place, use your intuition to gauge, when it is safe to share your innermost self with others at work and when its not!

Wealth : Tough and uncompromising circumstances in the first half of the year would make you feel powerless . You need to free yourself of debts and financial obligations, to take over the helm again. Due to uncertainty, reliable information regarding financial deals might not be available. Keep your own counsel and do not make any sudden or rash moves. Great financial possibilities would come your way towards the second half of the year; so be patient and practical, as with right timing and alertness, wise investments will multiply.

Health : A receptive emotional nature would make you unstable and vulnerable, regarding your health. Constructive and sensible advice would help you to re-establish yourself and revive your balance and feel radiant, refreshed and dynamic again.

Love : Dramatic developments would banish conflicts and uncertainty, dispersing the shadows that had darkened your emotional life. Strive to put your heartache and disappointments aside and talk objectively with your mate. Be wary what others want you to do, because no one else knows your inner world as you do. Singles looking for love, should clear up past residual effects to make room for new relationships to manifest.

Angel's Advice : Renew your potential and discover who you really are!

Cosmo Tip : Keep a Citrine cluster in your work-place and home, to combat negative energy!

Number : 56, Colour : Green, Stone : Jade

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