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Rise from body-consciousness to

Self-realized master Atmaguru   in conversation with    Hemamalini Raghunathan

“Every moment is new and fresh. To live in this freshness is bliss”. “The world can be a better place to live, only if the individuals live a blissful life”           —Atmaguru

‘Energy only exists’ declares the enlightened master. Human beings need a lot of energy and calibre to meet out the activities of day-to-day life. One has to face the situation and problems with a lot of confidence. To meet out these needs, one has to explore oneself to bring out his source of energy, that lies within oneself. Only meditation can bring out our inner talents.

Nambiyarasan, also called as Atmaguru, is a multi-dimensional, self-realized master, who easily connects with people through his relaxed, outgoing and humorous personality. Just to be in the presence of Atmaji’s inner silence, brings healing and connects you to your true nature. On 7th October 1994, the unforgettable experience of enlightenment occurred to Nambiyarasan. With the inner drive of diving deep into the Self and spirituality, five different masters and teachers blessed him with various experiences and practices. Following his Self-Realization, after 2 years of silence. Sri Atmaguru (; Phone:0427 2491305; mobile:09443008709) decided to clear the paths for seekers and to lead them into spirituality through meditation, yoga and kriya. In 2012, Sri Atmaguru had his international breakthrough with a speech that reached the souls of the participants of the World Parliament of Spirituality at Hyderabad, India. Sri Atmaguru’s ( teachings, Courses and meditation techniques have one main aim, to bring humanity from body-consciousness to soul-consciousness, a state of permanent inner harmony and full potential.

Sri Atmaguru
Sri Atmaguru

Teachings of Sri Atmaguru are in line with both life and godliness, He strongly believes that unless the hurdles of the seekers are removed, progress in the spiritual path is difficult. His approach towards the humanity is down to earth. He wants to improve the potential in man, through the empowerment of the inner consciousness through psycho-spirituality.

What was the special incident that pulled you strongly towards spirituality?

In my school days, my mother used to take me for evening special classes, taken by the temple priest Sri Nataraja Gurukkal. My spiritual journey started right from that time. I learnt a lot from him, arranging things for pooja for Lord Shiva temple, performing rituals and yagnas. To make others understand about the present social living, I used to tell mythological and historic stories. Clarity in Bakthi Marga and my knowledge in English language too improved, slowly. During these days, my love for nature and my search in spiritual journey became deep. My first Guru was a great social worker. He was handicapped, because his spinal cord was injured in his young age. Still he never lost his will-power and his intellect was very sharp.
When I was 26 years, after my mother’s death, my Guru encouraged me to move to Chennai. There, I met my second Guru Sri Lakshmi Narayanan. I got a job in Pharma-Marketing department. Later I was given promotion as Area Marketing Manager. I had to travel in and around many cities of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. My spiritual search persisted, even during these days of travelling. During this time, Sri Lakshmi Narayanan guided and encouraged me. This gave me clarity in Karma yoga.

Master appears, when the disciple is ready. The next Guru whom I met was the Founder of “World Peace Temple” Ethapur, Salem, Sri Gnanaparanjothi. He gave me Kundalini deeksha. He also taught me various spiritual exercises, which stabilised my spiritual journey.

Master appears, when the disciple is ready. The next Guru whom I met was the Founder of “World Peace Temple” Ethapur, Salem, Sri Gnanaparanjothi. He gave me Kundalini deeksha. He also taught me various spiritual exercises, which stabilised my spiritual journey.

Under the guidance of Guru Paranjothi, I met Master Mohan Bharathi. I did my regular meditations and I went into deep silence. My energy started collecting at a certain space and Enlightenment happened on 7th October 1994.

Kindly tell us about your institution, its goals, its services etc

Upanishads and Vedas are the pillars of spirituality. Upanisha means “The space where truth is”. This world can become a Bliss temple, if every human being is encouraged to express his inner talents. To bring this inner change in all is the vision and mission of Upanisha Ananda Mandir organisation. Every human being can become a moving temple of consciousness. Upanisha Ananda Mandir teaches the connection of the Jeevathma, the individual soul consciousness with the Paramathma, the Eternal Cosmic consciousness, through various meditation techniques like Navasakthi Kriya, Bairava, Vipasana and many more consciousness-raising meditation techniques.

Under the guidance of Upanisha Ananda Mandir Organisation, many spiritual leaders across the world, who have experienced the inner light and wisdom, extend their grateful work of sharing their love and energy in many places like self-realisation centres, social-service centres and spiritual organisations.

What are the training modules (Courses) that you have developed for spiritual progress?
  • To offer health to everyone.
  • Guidance for unconditional happiness and peace.
  • To get rid of fear, worry, confusion and disturbances.
  • Counselling to bring out inner talents of the students.
  • To create awareness for the foetus inside the womb.
  • Salient features imbibed for the growing children.
  • Tips to do work without any tension.
  • To establish lovable relationship around us.
  • Suggestions to get rid of the blocks, to live a comfortable life.
  • To create service mindedness among the people for the helpless.
  • To create opportunity to everyone to know oneself.
  • To create the climate to understand the life’s secrets.
  • Training to check the evils in the society and find alternative ways.
  • To grow more Bodhi trees, to improve environment and Ozone layers.
  • To establish Tamil Nadu as “The Temple of the World
  • To bring awareness for alternative educational system.
  • To establish art and culture, by balancing science and spirituality.
  • To enhance the individuals’ inner consciousness energy-level, through meditation.
  • To create leaders with spirituality as their backbone.
  • To liberate people with superstitious beliefs, by making them think intelligently.
  • To join hands with like-minded organizations and to extend our services.

These are the human wellness Courses, which I give. The world can be a better place to live, only if the individuals live a blissful life.

In the near future, preparations are going on to publish “Manitha Geetham”, a spiritual book, on the inner journey of the human being

What are the various meditation techniques?

The general aim of the meditation techniques developed by us is to take people into inner silence, peace and unconditional joy, which is Enlightenment. Most problems in life can be solved through going inwards and being aware of the true Self.

Below are short descriptions of a few techniques. Awareness Teachings

In order to bring knowledge about the true Self, I give speeches. To create inner awareness, my approach to the subject depends on the situation, background and needs of the audience.

Meditation Techniques

The meditation techniques are up to date and specifically designed for this time-period of the human being. They effectively cut through inner blocks and Karma, and give you direct experiences of your true Nature. The meditations have been tested on 10’s of thousands of people and have been proved to heal and bring you to the essence of you. The techniques cover both active and passive meditations, some supported by specifically designed music that works on the energies. Here is a list of the major meditation techniques. Depending on the needs, many more techniques are to be shared.


This is a breathing meditation, working both actively and passively. Supported by music, high amounts of energy is being built up within, in order to effectively free your Self, from the rock-like Karma. It is a typical physical male-based exercise.
Energy Meditation - Bhairavi

This meditation rimes with the female energies, where Karma is released through physical movement and dance.

Cosmic Meditation

In this meditation, you create space within and get to know your Self. You’ll be guided through the evolution of the being, from the 1st sensed stone to the 7th sensed divine being of the true Self. Through visualization and acting out these sensual beings, you get relieved from past life karma and blocks in the energy system.

Triangular - Thiriveni Meditation

The penetrating sound of Tibetan bells and repeatedly saying of (mantra) syllables, create vibrations that effectively clears each Chakra and helps the Kundalini energy to flow freely.

Sound Healing Meditation

Through the sound of several syllables, vibrations are created and spread in the body, with a tremendous healing effect.

Dancing Meditation

Mixed modern and exotic tunes, create a meditative space for free dance and body movements. The music works on the Chakras and energies. Then it raises the Kundalini energy.

Silence Retreat

During a Silence retreat, you accumulate large amount of energy and strength. It helps you to get in touch within and you get an experience of the inner Self. The benefits are many. With the right approach, you release stress and emotional blocks within. The retreat can range from few hours to several days.

Dasanga Dhyana Yoga

The course of Dasanga Dhyana Yoga describes spirituality through the nature of the 96 energies that a human being consists of and how to handle them with the aim of Inner balance and harmony...Enlightenment. These energies have different qualities, where some need to be balanced, few raised or totally deleted. In this Course, you’ll be taken on a journey into the depths of your being, through theory of ancient knowledge and spiritual wisdom. It also gives you modern hands on techniques, which can be used in every day life, in order to approach the energies within to become free of the mind.

Ideal Couple Program (Vasudeva)

Have you ever wondered how to find a compatible partner and how to create a nourishing relationship, where there is space and energy for both partners and the children to grow and thrive out of their full potential? How do you create and bring up a healthy child, which is grounded in its Self with full inner freedom? This Course will give you the insights, wisdom and techniques from a spiritual point of view, on how to create relationships and children in full contact and balance with the inner Self. Included in the Course is the theory of Pariyanga yoga, to raise the energy within and to realize yourself through the union.

Little Star Program

This programme is specifically designed for youngsters between 7 to 14 years of age, a period of life when the child is rapidly growing, and the endocrine and energy system needs extra support to be cleaned out and balanced. The aim is to bring out the individual ‘Star’ qualities of each child’s true nature. This is done with an open, loving approach in combination with fun and playful awareness techniques. These meditations are helpful tools for the parents and teachers, to support the children in their mental, physical and inner growth.

Grandmaster Programme

This course is fit for those that have a young heart and mind, as well as the age group of 15 to 21. This is the age when you accumulate lots of knowledge through studies, where you transform from child to grown-up stage, and start to take responsibility for your Self, in many areas of life. The program with its meditation techniques, enhances the Self-confidence, amplifies the memory power and balances the hormone system and sexual drive.

Self Empowerment Programme

The potential within is enormous and vast, but blockages in the body and lack of knowledge prevent us from utilizing it fully. The various qualities that each personality inhabits are steered from several braincentres. These are to be handled properly, in order for a person to be in one’s full potential, ready to work efficiently, in a joyful and relaxed way, together in collaboration with others. The contents of the Course are designed for the scientific mindset, easily digested by most of the people. It is also designed as a helpful tool in the work-stations, for example, industries and companies.

Yoga Nitra - Sleeping Meditation

This course is for people, who have little time for meditation and deep rest in everyday life or who have restless sleep. Through the course, you’ll be guided with various approaches and techniques, in order to gain optimal energy and rest, during the night hours. This is essential wisdom for the people, who are often fully occupied and lead a stressful life in the modern society.

Your Healing techniques are boon to mankind. How is it done?

Let us first understand what disease is. Dis-ease means discomfort, uneasiness, pain and wounds. These are the meanings of the word ‘disease’.
Diseases are of two major kinds. One is physical and another is psychic. Body and mind are inseparable, because whenever body is affected, the mind is also disturbed. Whenever the mind is disturbed, body is also suffering. Hence it is important to look into the pattern of the function of the mind and its implication in actions.
Every word can either be a medicine or can be an agent to create disease. Hence communication itself plays a vital role in healing.

It is not only the word, it is more of energy through which words are arising, which is called vibration. If the vibration is positive, the words will carry positive vibration. After all, words are carriers of energies. In order to understand healing, we have to understand subtler bodies hidden within the physical body. Once we understand nature of bodies, we can do healing on it normally. Most of the healing techniques are symptomatic.

I recommend spiritual healing, which is very deep and is capable of eliminating the diseases once for all. I transmit my Kundalini power to the suffering person. Before I transmit, I cleanse the patients thoroughly. I study the condition of seven Chakras. Depending on severity of patients, multiple sittings are also decided.

I have developed healers around me, who are capable of healing the patients very effectively. Sometimes the spiritual healings are done through distant healing process, where the patients are far away.

How do you guide aspirants in “Round the clock Awareness program”?

The one and the only work of spirituality is, to make every human being who are slaves of sensual pleasures, who are suffering from mental tortures and economic pressures, to travel towards soul awakening consciousness.

Many think that soul means some evil spirits and ghosts. This mental impression should be changed. Spirituality should be explained scientifically. Science and spirituality should be interlinked.

There is suffering when the body, mind and soul are scattered. When these three function on a balanced platform, we experience the untapped power of the mind.

The anti-life working of the body, mind and soul should be changed to life-oriented working. For this purpose, a few meditation techniques should be taught to the people.

It will be apt, if the spiritual people teach love, instead of preaching god. They should make others feel that love is God and love is meditation.

Kindly guide EST readers with a few easy methods to eliminate fear, worry, anger, confusion and restlessness

1. Balancing Meditation

Emotion : Emotions are nothing but unnecessary thoughts, which create negative attitude. It is our own mind’s creation.

Balance : Elevated energy, which is already inside us, gives us true and permanent relaxation.

Emotion Balance
Expectation Acceptance
Fear I am pure atma
Worry Live in the present
Longing for respect from others Accepting our self as it is
Jealous (Comparison) Everyone is unique
Ego (Seriousness) Playfulness
Complaint and dissatisfaction Thankfulness and Gratitude
Anger Forgiveness

In day-to-day life, when you are emotionally disturbed, balance them with elevated energy (from acceptance to forgiveness). You can feel the calmness of the mind.

2) Neti Neti Meditation.

This is a passive meditation, which cuts your identification with the flow of thoughts and gives you an experience of your true Self, with the qualities of inner harmony, silence, peace, power, wisdom, gratefulness and unconditional joy.


Sit straight in a quiet calm place. Let your breathing be normal. Relax yourself. Just focus on the space in-between your eyebrows. If any thoughts, colours or visions arise, simply ignore them. You are not the body, neither the mind, nor your borrowed knowledge. You are pure atma. Just a witness.

These two techniques will remove anger, fear, worry, confusion and restlessness.

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