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Celestial Dramas 2016
By R.S.Maniam

  • 2016 will be a Leap year, and February 2016 will have 29 days.
  • The year will begin with Grahamalika Yoga, commencing from the sign of Leo.
  • The year 2016 will witness Guru Chandala yoga in the sign of Leo, as Jupiter and Mean Rahu join together, which may cause turbulence with religious faith.
    As Jupiter rules Gold and become associated with Rahu, Gold Market will have a significant turn.
  • Much-dreaded Saturn-Mars conjunction will happen in Scorpio, with tendencies to produce natural disasters, human violation and aggression
  • A beautiful Solar Eclipse with spiritual fervour will occur on 9 March 2016, in the constellation poorvabhadrapada.
  • The month of April will witness major planets Mars, Saturn and Jupiter in retrogression. Historical events are possible with negative effects.
  • The world will witness again the transit of Mercury over the disc of the Sun, which will happen on 9 May 2016. Mercury will be in retrogression. Jupiter’s retrogression will be over on that day.
  • 22 May 2016 would become a significant day, as Mercury will become Direct and a Full Moon would appear in the sign of Scorpio, causing opposition between Mars-Saturn and Sun-Venus. Mars would move close to Earth. This would trigger disasters around the globe, political instability and trouble to government leaders.
  • Between 10-12 June 2016, all planets in the Zodiac will square each other. It will be confined to all Fixed signs only. It will be a historic planetary disposition.
  • The month of August will see good development in Research and education achievements. Expect signs of good trade and profit, more stable market and a boost in diplomacy.
  • September 2016 will commence with Solar eclipse. Ruling governments, especially in the democratic monarch countries will face troubles.
  • Kalasarpa yoga disposition of planets will begin in the month of September 2016. It will last until 29 Dec. 2016.
  • A peculiar line up of planets, especially those of Mars, Venus and Mercury would occur in the month of October, where planets are posited in the second to their own houses. This happens from 21 Oct. 2016 to 1 Nov. 2016
  • Sasi-Mangala yoga gets formed with aspects of Saturn and Jupiter falling on the exalted Mars in November, indicating good development in engineering, medical and scientific fields with new innovations.
  • This year, Christmas will witness a good Graha-mallika yoga, from the sign of Leo to the sign of Aquarius, in the midst of Kalasarpa yoga formation, created by all the planets placed between the the Royal sign of Leo to Aquarius. Mercury in Sagittarius obtains Parivarthana with Jupiter in Virgo. The Lord of the Sun sign, Jupiter, would transit Virgo, the sign of Virgin Mary.


The year starts on a Friday, with Moon in Uttaraphalguni (1st pada) in Dhanur Navamsa. As the year commences, Moon will be in conjunction with Jupiter in Leo. It is an exact conjunction with Jupiter in the royal sign of Leo and both Jupiter and Moon attains Dhanur Navamsa. On 1 Jan. 2016 a beautiful Graha-malika yoga forms from the royal sign of Leo to Capricorn. There is a Parivarthana between Mars and Venus. The 10th aspect of Saturn falls on Jupiter. In fact the commencement of 2016 shows a close conjunction between Jupiter-Moon and Rahu, pinpointing the impending Guru Chandala Yoga. A strong Parivarthana occur between Jupiter in Leo and Sun in Sagittarius. Sun receives the 5th aspect of Jupiter. Mercury turns retrograde in the sign of Capricorn on 5 Jan. 2016, in the constellation of Uttarashada (4th pada) and receives the 4th aspect of Mars. On 9th January, exact conjunction between Venus and Saturn occurs in the sign of Scorpio, in Dhanus Navamsa. Jupiter turns retrograde on 8 Jan. 2016 in the constellation of U.Phalguni (1st pada). Spiritual Amavasya falls on 9 Jan. 2016 in the sign of Sagittarius, aspected by Jupiter. On 14 Jan. 2015, Mercury (R) enters Sagittarius. Sun enters Capricorn on 15 Jan. 2015, receiving the 4th aspect of Mars. Venus enters Sagittarius on 19 Jan. 2015. A Full Moon falls in the constellation of Pushya on 24 Jan. 2016. Mercury becomes Direct on 26 Jan. 2016. 30 Jan. 2016 Mean Rahu enters Leo become conjunction with Jupiter forming Guru Chandala yoga.


Amavasya (New Moon) falls on the 8th. Mercury moves to Capricorn on 9th. Mercury and Sun will receive the aspect of Saturn and Mars. On 12th Venus moves to Capricorn. All inferior planets would receive the aspect of Saturn and Mars (political tension). On 13th Sun moves to Aquarius, joining Ketu, aspected by Jupiter and Rahu (Religious ideology conflict). On 20th Mars moves to Scorpio and becomes associated with Saturn. Mars and Saturn conjunction in the sign of Scorpio, a Watery sign, will produce very undesirable events, natural disaster such as earthquake, landslides, severe flood, tornado and typhoon. Coastal areas will witness disaster in sea travel, such as boat-capsizing etc., including tsunamis. All superior planets, Mars and Saturn will square Jupiter in Leo. A Full Moon will occur in the sign of Leo on 23rd in the constellation of Makha (3rd pada) and significant spiritual events may occur during this period. Last days of the month of February will see conjunction Moon, Saturn and Mars which will triggers violence, massacre, natural catastrophe.


On 2nd, Mercury moves to the sign of Aquarius. Mercury, Sun and Ketu association will induce great thinking ability, as it is being aspected by Jupiter too. Intellectual appreciation, scientific invention and discovery are possible during this period. Major discoveries in the space exploration are possible, as this conjunction occurs in Aquarius on Airy sign. Mars’ 4th aspect on Sun, Ketu and Mercury may increase the political tension. On 8th, Jupiter comes in opposition to Sun, thus making close approach to Earth. It will be a significant day, as all planets will be squaring each other. A spiritual Solar eclipse will also occur on 8-9 March, in P.Bhadra (2nd Pada). It will be significant in human history. Natural disasters are likely. On 14th, Sun moves to Pisces. A Parivarthana between Sun and Jupiter occurs during this month, as they exchange places. Sun in the house of Jupiter (Pisces) and Jupiter in the sign of Sun (Leo). Mercury moves to debilitation on 19th. On 23rd, Penumbral Lunar eclipse will occur in the sign of Virgo. It will happen in the constellation of U.Phalguni (4th pada). Some kind of religious fanaticism or malpractices will surface during this period. Venus becomes Atmakaraka from 27th and gets associated with Ketu, aspected by Jupiter. Celebrity marriages, royal alliances are possible.


Venus moves to exaltations sign on 1 April . A good trine occurs between Saturn and Mars in Scorpio and Venus in Pisces. Mercury moves to Aries on 3rd and receives the aspect of Jupiter from Leo. Amavasya (New Moon) occurs on 7th, thus marking the commencement of Chandramana year of Durmugha. The Solar New year will begin on 13th, as Sun moves to exaltation in Aries. On 17th, Mars will turn retrograde in the sign of Scorpio at 14°49’ in the constellation of Anuradha (4th pada). The month of April will see all Superior planets in retrogression. Mars turning retrograde in the Watery sign without any beneficial aspect, also being in association with Saturn, will see surge of violent events such as shooting, bombing, collapse of building etc. In some countries, there may be military or internal conflict. During this period, tendency of major earthquake is possible. There may be fear of terrorist activities across the globe. Some such events may be possible around 24-25 April. Venus moves to Aries on 25th April. This period with Venus/Sun/ Mercury receiving the 9th aspect of Jupiter is quite a favourable time for Showmen, royal families and ruling parties. Mercury turns retrograde on 29th. Thus, four planets in the zodiac will be in retrogression. Since Fiery sign Aries and Fiery sign Leo are involved there may be tendencies for explosion, especially aimed at the governments. Religious provocation may induce attacks on the public places, with bombs and explosives. During Mars’ retrogression with Saturn in Water sign Scorpio, a major earthquake is possible. Regions around Acheh and Indian ocean may be subjected to seismic activities.


Peculiar planetary position will be noted from 25 April, where most of the planets will be occupying only four Zodiac signs, except for the fast-moving Moon. Sun, Mercury and Venus in Aries, Jupiter and Rahu in Leo, Saturn and Mars in Scorpio and Ketu in Aquarius. On 1st May, all the planets will be in four signs of zodiac, forming Kedara Yoga. During this period, the two Nodes Rahu and Ketu, will be aspected by malefics.... Mars 4th aspect on Ketu, and Saturn’s 10th aspect on Rahu. On 7th May, Amavasya will fall in the sign of Aries, which will be aspected by Jupiter. Jupiter is the only protective shield. Jupiter’s retrogression will be over by 9th. A great celestial phenomen, of Mercury crossing over the disc of Sun will also happen on 9th. This will happen in the constellation of Bharani (4th Pada) at 25°16’. On 14th, Sun moves to Taurus, Sun will be afflicted by the aspect of retrograde Saturn and Retrograde Mars. Political tension will rise, including instability in certain countries. There may be a major disaster in this month, as Sun in Earthy sign is aspected by Mars and Saturn. Major earthquake is possible with volcanic eruption and explosions. The areas Nepal, Taiwan, Japan and the Middle-East are prone to disaster. On 19th, Venus moves to Taurus and receives the aspect of retrograde Mars and Saturn. This opposition of Sun and Venus to both malefics can cause divorce or separation or even death of celebrities. As Mercury becomes Direct on 22nd May, a Full Moon will appear in the constellation of Anuradha (2nd pada). The combination of Moon, Mars and Saturn opposing the Sun and Venus, and Mars moving close to Earth on this day may cause increase of Martian influence on Earth such as explosions, violent waves, extreme weather etc. A major seismic activity under the sea is also possible. Moon in debilitation with retrograde Saturn and Mars occupying Watery sign without any beneficial aspect may indicate seismic activities, high tides and weather changes. On 19 May, Venus moving to Taurus and opposing the retrograde Saturn and Mars will put much pressure on women. Celebrity scandals, re-marriage of cinema stars or divorce can surface in the media. Accidents are likely, especially that of trains, luxury vehicles such as ferry.


Saturn will be in close approach to Earth, in opposition of the Sun on 3rd. Lunar month of Jyestha will begin on 5 June 2016. Mercury moves to Taurus on 8th. Between 10-12 June, squaring of all the planets in the Zodiac will happen. Venus moves to Gemini on 13th, followed by Sun on 15th. On 18th, Mars in retrogression moves to Libra and changes polarity. Rahu-Jupiter exact conjunction will occur on 25th in the constellation of P.Phalguni (2nd pada) and in the Navamsa of Libra. A Full Moon will fall on 20th in the constellation of Moola (2nd pada). On 28th, Mercury moves to Gemini. A good trine will occur between Mars, Ketu and Mercury, Venus, Sun indicating a good development in Aeronautical industry and space exploration. The month June will end with Mars becoming Direct on 30th in the constellation of Visakha (3rd pada).


Amavasya will fall on 4th in the sign of Gemini. The lunar month of Durmukha Ashada begins. Venus moves to Cancer on 8th. Grahamalika, from the sign of Gemini to Scorpio, will happen during 10-12 July, as Mercury moves to Cancer on 12th. During later part of the day, Mars moves to Scorpio again. Recurrent Saturn-Mars association happens. During 16-17 July, Sun moves to Cancer. Six planets will occupy Watery signs— Sun, Mercury, Venus in Cancer and Saturn, Mars, Moon in Scorpio forming a trine. A Full Moon will fall on 20 July in the constellation of Uttarashada (3rd pada). Mercury moves to Leo on 27th and becomes associated with Rahu and Jupiter. This combination is aspected by Saturn from Scorpio.


Venus moves to Leo to get associated with Jupiter, Mercury and Rahu on 1 August. Amavasya will fall 3rd. During 5-6 August, again all the planets will be located in four Zodiac signs only. Jupiter moves to Virgo on 11th. On 16th, Sun moves to Leo and becomes associated with Rahu, Mercury and Venus. Saturn’s 10th aspect will fall on Sun. This will be a very crucial period for politician and royal descendant. Mercury moves to its exaltation sign of Virgo on 19th. Jupiter-Mercury association in Virgo will augur well for education and high academic researches. Exact conjunction will happen in the constellation of Uttara Phalguni (2nd pada) in the Navamsa of Capricorn. It is an Earthy sign, hence development pertaining to Geology, banking, monetary policies may be introduced for more stable currency. Vargottama conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Scorpio will occur on 24th. On 25th, Venus moves to Virgo and obtain Neechabangga. Jupiter, Venus and Mercury’s conjunction will boost tourism, cinema industry and hotel lines. Jupiter-Venus exact conjunction will occur on 28th, in the constellation of U.Phalguni (3rd pada) in the navamsa of Capricorn. Mercury turns retrograde on 30th.


The month commences with Solar eclipse falling in the constellation P.Phalguni (1st pada) in vargottamasa in Leo. This Solar eclipse will have some political effects in large democracy, as Saturn aspects the Solar eclipse point. There may be death of senior politician or change of government. During 2-3 September, again all planets will be localised to four Zodiac signs only. On 9th Mercury moves back to Leo. Mercury, Sun and Rahu aspected by Saturn will cause the governments being subjected to severe criticism and may force some leaders, to resign. Between 16-17 Sept., a Lunar eclipse will fall in the Poorvabhadrapada (4th pada). Finally, Mars will move to Sagittarius on 18th, bringing new hopes of peace and harmony to the world. This will be followed by Venus moving to own house on 19th. Movements Mars and Venus will raise new hopes. Mercury becomes Direct on 22nd. Sun and Mercury Parivarthana will augur well for business. During 25-26 September, a beautiful Grahamalika will occur from the sign of Cancer to the sign of Sagittarius. Much-talked about Kalasarpa disposition of planets will begin in the month of September 2016.


1st Oct. Coincides with the beginning of new Lunar month of Durmugha Aswayuja. On 3rd, Mercury moves back to Virgo. All planets will be under Kalasarpa dosha till 12 Oct. 2016, which started from 29 Sept. 2016. On 13, Venus moves to Scorpio and becomes associated with Saturn. Saturn and Venus conjunction in the sign of Mars may increase activities of sex-abuse among women. A Full Moon will fall on 16th in the constellation of Revati (4th pada). This Full moon will be aspected by Jupiter and Mercury. Since Revati is the last constellation of the Zodiac, a departure of an important influential person (including religious head) may occur. This Full Moon will also have 4th aspect of Mars, which happens to be the 2nd and 9th lord from Moon. Sun moves to debilitation on 17th. Mercury enters Libra on 21st and joins Sun. A peculiar line up will happen i.e. The Lord of Virgo will be in the 2nd house to Virgo, Lord of Libra Venus will be in the 2nd house to Libra in Scorpio. The lord of Scorpio, Mars, will be in Sagittarius, the 2nd house to Scorpio. This arrangement of planets fortifies all these houses. The new Lunar month of Durmugha Kartika will begin on 31st.


Mars moves to the sign of Capricorn on 1st, thus becoming exalted. Mars will be aspected by Jupiter and good Parivarthana between Saturn and Mars will occur. Mars’ 8th aspect will fall on Rahu in Leo. On 6th, a significant Mars-Moon conjunction will happen in Capricorn, in the constellation of Uttarashada (3rd pada) in the Navamsa Aquarius, This Sasi Mangala yoga will receive the 5th aspect of Jupiter. Saturn in Parivarthana with Mars will enhance new achievements in the Medical field and new scientific inventions will benefit the public. On 7th, Venus moves to the sign of Sagittarius. Kalasarpa yoga of planets with Grahamalika from the sign of Leo to Aquarius will occur till 15th. A Full Moon will fall on 14th in the constellation of Kritika (1st pada). Sun moves to Scorpio on 16th, thus becoming associated with Saturn and Mercury. Mercury moves to Sagittarius on 29 Nov. 2016. A good Parivarthana is seen between Mercury and Jupiter. The new Lunar month of Durmugha Margasirsha begins on 29th.


Venus moves to Capricorn on 2nd. Mars’ exact trine with Jupiter happens on 2nd. Mars in exaltation receives the 5th aspect of Jupiter and 3rd aspect of Saturn. The Heads of the government will receive awards; National prestige of certain nations will rise. Good development in Military affairs will be noted during this time. Good development in agricultural technology is in the offing. As Venus becomes associated with Mars, celebrity news will be on the top, including cinema, marriage and love affairs. At personal level, success and re-union will materialise. A good Parivarthana between Saturn and Mars will confer success. Exact Sun and Saturn conjunction occurs on 10th in the constellation of Jyeshta (3rd pada) in the Navamsa of Aquarius, which is undesirable for political harmony. Mars moves to the sign of Aquarius on 11th and becomes associated with Ketu in the Airy sign. Mars does not receive any beneficial aspect. A Full Moon will fall in the constellation of Mrigasira (2nd pada) on 14th. During the period of Full Moon, there will be planetary squaring between the planets in the Fixed signs and Moon in exaltation. Six planets induced by Moon occupy the Fixed signs. There will be squaring of planets Ketu and Mars in Aquarius, Moon in Taurus, Rahu in Leo, Sun and Saturn in Scorpio. Long-lasting political hostility may surface, during this time. Mars-Ketu association in Airy sign foretells disasters in air-traffic, such as aeroplane crash, or fear from satellites etc. Sun moves to Sagittarius on 15th. Around 18-19 Dec. 2016, Moon will be with Rahu; Mars and Ketu will aspect them through 7th aspect. Jupiter receives the 8th aspect of Mars. Saturn throws its 10th aspect on Moon and Rahu. These two days will create fear and it will be a disaster-prone period; more evil effects are noted. Mercury becomes retrograde on 19th 2016 which will increase gossips and comments on current matters. This year, Christmas will witness a good Grahamalika from the sign of Leo to the sign of Aquarius, in the midst of Kalasarpa created by all planets between the the Royal sign of Leo to Aquarius. Mars-Ketu exact conjuction will happen on 28th in the constellation of Satabisha (2nd pada). The new Lunar month of Durmugha pausa will begin on 29th and also Venus moves to Aquarius and becomes associated with Mars and Ketu. The year 2016 will end on a Saturday, while the Moon is in the constellation of Sravana (2nd pada).

Transit of Mars and its affliction by Saturn

On 1st Jan. 2016, Mars starts at 4°18’ in Libra and finishes the year at 15°12’ in Aquarius. Mars spends long days in Scorpio in association with Saturn. Mars enters Scorpio on 20 Feb. 2016 and be there till 14 June 2016, re-enters Scorpio and be there with Saturn from 12 July 2016 to 18 Sept. 2016. So Mars transits Scorpio for almost 184 days (almost 50.4% of the year). Though Mars transits its own sign, the association of Mars with Saturn is undesirable astrologically, for 50.4% of the days of the year. This period can be critical globally. Incidents such as shooting, killing, damage due to storms, extreme weather conditions, etc. are possible. All this may endanger coal mine workers, bridge construction and under-water expeditions such as massive drowning. Industrial areas, factories and production-centres demands competent hazard-control.

Eclipses in 2016

The year 2016 will witness all together four eclipses, Two Lunar eclipses and two Solar eclipse.

Date Eclipse
9 March 2016 Total Solar Eclipse
23 March 2016 Penumbral Lunar eclipse
1 Sept. 2016 Annular Solar Eclipse
16 Sept. 2016 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

March 9th eclipse will have significant effect on the mundane affairs, as the eclipse point is aspected by Mars from Scorpio. Venus, Mercury, Sun and Moon oppose the Jupiter in Leo. The impact of the Solar eclipse will last longer, as all the planets are in the Fixed signs of Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. SouthEast Asian countries may face some internal political trouble or natural catastrophes may happen. The 1st Sept. 2016 Solar eclipse occuring in Leo will be aspected by Saturn. This eclipse may trigger political disturbance, unrest in some major old democracies etc. Senior politicians may give way or be out of politics. A South African nation will be under tension and turmoil.

Affliction to Jupiter

The year 2016 will see affliction to great benefic planet Jupiter. Jupiter-Rahu association will happen in the sign of Leo, 10 Jan. 2016, (Rahu’s True transit to Leo). Astrologically, it is classified as Guru Chandala Yoga. Jupiter’s beneficial rays will get obscured and even infiltrated with venomous Rahu. Guru Chandala is believed to reduce religious faith, enhance extreme religious mis-interpretation etc. Rahu indicates Muslin faith in Vedic astrology. Since the sign of transit is Leo, tendencies for governments to face aggression from Islamic faith, is possible. Other religious faiths also may show signs of abuse of religious faith. Exact conjunction of Rahu and Jupiter will occur on 25 June 2016 in the constellation of Purvaphalguni (3rd pada), in the Navamsa of Libra. Jupiter and Rahu will be aspected by Saturn, through its 10th powerful aspect, creating conflicts in religious ideology and disturb the harmony among believers of various religious faiths. A Solar eclipse falling in the sign of Leo on 1 Sept. 2016 with Rahu, Sun, Moon and Jupiter squaring Saturn and Mars, will have a bad outcome among religious matters. Jupiter also rules Aristocracy, Banking, Gold, top administration, diplomacy, judges, court ruling, etc. Affliction to Jupiter may cause market changes and currency instability.

Some historical events, triggered by previous Rahu-Jupiter conjunction in Leo

In history, previous Rahu-Jupiter conjunction has happened in the sign Leo. Jupiter entered Leo on 29 August 1979. Exact conjunction with Rahu happened around 4 Nov. 1979. Major events that had shaken the world economy were the peaking of the energy crisis and the rising inflation. There was trouble in Afghanistan, with change in leadership. Others events were Assassnation of South Korean president, Park Chung Hee, rise of Ayatollah Khomeini regime in Iran, politics of the Persian Gulf coming to limelight, crisis between Russia and Afghanistan. The history gives the following clues: While Jupiter was retrograde in Leo with Rahu ‘Operation Eagle Claw’ was initiated by America to save hostages. This was very shocking to the world. The following major events could be anticipated in 2016:

  • Cold war between Russia and America.
  • Trouble in Persian Gulf / Middle East.
  • Inflation fear from the oil politics, currency devaluation or Gold price
  • Rise of Islamic militants
  • Political changes in Afghanistan, South Korea, Middle East
  • Death of a prominent world leader, in a country ruled by monarchy.

Gold prices and Currency in 2016

Looking far back in history, a very rare combination occurred in 1949. When Jupiter entered Leo on 2 July 1949, and became associated with Rahu, history projects it as “GREAT GOLD RUSH”. As history repeats itself, Gold prices may play a significant role in creating a fear, anxiety or hunt for more possession of Gold. The prizes may be unstable or surge, because Rahu can always create a false alarm. On the 7 May 1929, a conjunction of Rahu and Jupiter occurred at Krittika 1st pada in Aries, which was the onset of great depression. Since the current Jupiter-Rahu conjunction occurs in the 2nd Fiery sign of the Zodiac, Leo in the constellation of P.Phalguni it may to some extent disturb the economic scenario of the world. A Solar eclipse occurred on 9 May 1929 in the constellation Bharani (4th pada) Venus Constellation. In 2016, Rahu-Jupiter association will witness a Solar eclipse in Leo on 1 Sept. 2016 at (15° 16’ in Leo), which is also a Venus constellation P.Phalguni.

The year 2016 will see the influence of Mars-Saturn Conjunction on the mundane affairs. Rahu-Jupiter association (Guru Chandala yoga), and Kalasarpa yoga dominating later part of the year are considered as very challenging. Compared to 2015, the new year 2016 will see more negative factors.


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