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Celestial Dramas 2015
By Indranil Ray


The New Year Moon is at 23°31' in Aries, at Bharani constellation (4th pada), on Thursday. The Moon will be aspected by exalted Mars (260 52) from Capricorn. At the beginning of the year, Jupiter will be in retrogression in Cancer. Vargottama. Mercury becomes Atmakaraka in the beginning of the New Year, occupying 29°19’ in Sagittarius. On 14th January, the Sun will ingress to Capricorn. Mercury moves to Capricorn on 1st January 2015 at 11.44 AM .Mercury will become retrograde on 21st January. Mars and Venus move to Aquarius on 4th January and 28th January respectively. Mars-Jupiter opposition will occur on 1st Jan 2015 at 22:14 hrs. This indicates conflict between the personal-assertive and the societal-assimilative dimensions. The New Year starts with Parivartana between Saturn and Mars posited in Scorpio & Capricorn, respectively, giving instability in the career, health and life of many political leaders.


At the beginning of February, Jupiter's 5th aspect falls on Saturn in Scorpio. On 11th Feb., Mercury becomes Direct in Capricorn at 702'. On 13th February, the Sun moves to Aquarius. On 12th and 15th February, Mars and Venus will enter into Pisces respectively and they will receive the 9th aspect of Jupiter then. Very close conjunction of Mars and Venus will occur in Pisces at 70 48' , on 22nd Feb at 10:43 AM. This will intensify the emotions in individual’s life and so also affect the mundane affairs. A great deal of creative and euphoric energy will be unleashed. In 2015, there will be a total of three Venus-Mars conjunctions. The last time, when there were three Venus-Mars conjunctions in just one Calendar year, was 1985. 2015 is likely to be a power-house year of changing allegiances, creative highs and passionate exchanges. On February 6th, the giant planet Jupiter will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the Sun.


On 12th and 23rd March, Venus & Mars will enter Aries respectively. On 6th March, Mercury will be at Aphelion. On 9th March, Mercury will enter into Aquarius. On 20th March, there will be Total Solar Eclipse at 5023' Pisces, which is invisible from India. The lack of visibility makes the impact much lesser. This Total Solar Eclipse has a harder corridor over many nations. It passes over Iceland, Europe, North Africa, and North Asia. This eclipse is very malefic, causing all kinds of disasters, including those associated with the climate. Worldwide, people will tend to become uncontrollable and unwarranted. Divorces and separation will increase. The global economic mess will continue in Europe and parts of Africa, mainly in mining metals. This eclipse cautions the Europe, on the economic, financial, political, social and spiritual fronts. On 31st March, Rahu and Sun will be in exact opposition, making one more aware of old patterns and brings numerous obstacles to achieve goals. Saturn will become retrograde on 14th March 2015. Venus will be deep exalted on 10th March 2015.


On 2nd April, exact trine will be formed between Jupiter & Sun and Mercury &Saturn and again on 6th, between Jupiter & Mercury. Trine of Jupiter & Sun provides abundance luck, opportunity and sudden growth. Government spends for public benevolence. Trine of Mercury & Jupiter makes good flow of ideas. Trine of Mercury & Saturn is good for communication industries, social networks, efficient planning, and gaining insight from old idea for better trade. A Total Lunar eclipse will fall on 4th April 2015, at 20019'. Virgo, in the constellation of Hasta (4th pada). At that time, debilitated, combusted (59.90%) Mercury will oppose the Moon. Four Total Lunar Eclipses, two each in 2014 and 2015 occur in succession, which is very rare, known as the Blood Moon Tetrad by NASA .All the four Total Lunar Eclipses will be visible in the United States. This Tetrad will bring monumental change to the whole world. On 5th April, Mercury's deep debilitation will occur. On 8th April Jupiter will become Direct. On 14th April 2014, Sun moves into Aries, which marks the beginning of the Solar New Vedic year (Sauramana Manmatha Nama Samvathsara).


Mercury will turn retrograde in Taurus in the constellation of Rohini (3rd pada) at 1902' on 20th May 2015. On 2nd May, Venus moves into Gemini, thus Mercury and Venus will exchange their places. The literary world, commerce, communication and telecom industry will thrive. Women, social factors and diplomatic solutions will come to the fore. On 15th May, Mars in Taurus at 809' in Krittika constellation (4th pada) will be at exact opposition to Saturn(R).On 15th May 2015, Sun moves to Taurus. On 7th May, Mercury will be at greatest elongation 21.20 East at 10:56 IST. On May 23rd, Saturn will be at its closest approach to Earth. Sun in Taurus at 7033' in Krittika constellation (4th pada) will oppose Saturn(R) in Scorpio. Its face will be fully illuminated by the Sun. The opposition mirrors an inner clash externalized into the outer surroundings of relations. Hidden insecurity and fears will place limitations in life, along with the actions of other people or circumstance. Daily routine becomes more hard than usual. Mercury is at Inferior Solar Conjunction on May 30th. The same day, Venus transits to Cancer.


On 2nd June, a Full Moon will occur in the constellation of Jyeshta (1st pada).On 12th June, Mercury will turn Direct in Taurus, at 10° 23' in the constellation of Rohini (1st pada). On 16th June, Sun moves to Gemini. Sun will conjunct exactly with Mars on 14th. With combination of two masculine planets, confrontational masculine energies will be in expression, regardless of gender.  Venus at the greatest Elong at 45.4°E on June 7th at 5:18 hrs IST. Mercury at the greatest Elong at 22.5°W on June 25th, at 6:09 hrs IST. On 21st at 02:42 IST, Moon and Jupiter will make a close approach, passing within 4°29' of each other. Venus and Jupiter will conjunct on 30th June at Cancer .

Adhika Masa (Extra month in Lunar Calendar) comes once in 2.5 years. Adhik Ashaadh Shukla falls between 17 June 2015 and 02 July 2015. Adhik Ashaadh Krishna falls between 03 July and 16 July 2015.


The beginning of July (1st) will witness conjunction between Venus and Jupiter in Cancer at 4th pada of Aslesha. On 2nd July, the Full Moon will occur in the constellation of Poorvashadha. On 5th July, Venus will enter into Leo .The Earth will be at Aphelion on 7th July at 01:11 IST . Jupiter transits to Leo on 14 July. On 16th July, there will be New Moon in Gemini at 3rd pada of Punarvasu constellation. On 20th and 31st July, Mercury and Mars will move into Cancer respectively. Mercury will be at superior solar conjunction on 24th July at 00:41 IST.From the Earth, Mercury will appear to pass around the far side of the Sun. This superior conjunction marks the end of its apparition in the morning sky and its transition to become an evening object over the next few weeks. Venus will become retrograde on July 25th in Leo, in the constellation of Makha (3rd pada).Retrograde Venus has exceptional ideas concerning pleasure, beauty and love, and less concern for the social amenities, which may direct to some form of inconsiderate actions. Venus retrograde teaches lessons in evaluating the real worth and value of people and things in our life. On 17th July, Sun moves into Cancer. On 31st July, there will be another Full Moon in the constellation of Sravana 2nd pada. Many people may consider this Full moon of 31st July to be a Blue moon, since it is the second Full Moon to fall within a single calendar month (July 2015).


Jupiter & Saturn and Venus & Saturn will make exact square on 1st and 4th August respectively. Mars & Saturn and Mars & Ketu will be in exact Trine on 5th and 13th August respectively. Mercury transits to Leo on 4th August. From 12th August, Jupiter's combustion will start, which ends on 10th September. Retrograde Venus transits from Leo to Cancer on 13th August. Venus’ combustion will start on August 14th, and ends on 16th August. Venus will be at inferior Solar conjunction on 16th Aug. On 14th August, Shravana Amavasya will occur in the constellation of Aslesha (4th pada).The Sun will enter into Leo on 17th August. Mercury transits into Virgo on 23rd August. A Full Moon will fall in the sign of Capricorn, on 29th August (30th August at 00:06 IST), in the constellation of Satabisha (2nd pada). This Full Moon will take place at its closest approach to the Earth called perigee. This makes the Full Moon looming unusually large (Super Moon) and bright in the night sky; this phenomenon occurs, roughly once every 13 months. Mercury moves to Leo on 23rd August. Jupiter makes Solar conjunction on 27th Aug. At around the same time, Jupiter will also be at its most distant from the Earth.


Venus and Mars will conjunct on 1st September in the constellation of Aslesha (2nd pada). Mercury will be at greatest elongation (east) on 4th September. Mercury will be deeply exalted (150 Virgo) on 5th September. Venus will become Direct on September 6th in the constellation of Aslesha (1st pada).13th Sep. On the New Moon day, (in the constellation of Poorva Phalguni (4th pada), Partial Solar Eclipse (the Sun in the constellation of Hasta 1st pada) will occur. From India, eclipse will not be visible. The eclipse can be best seen from the following countries: Antarctica (Sun 71% covered), Bonvet Island (Sun 60% covered), French Southern Terrtories (Sun 40% covered), Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands (Sun 32% covered) and South Africa (Sun 32% covered). Mars will become deeply debilitated on 12th September. Mars will transit into Leo from Cancer on 15th September. Lunar Eclipse will be aspected by Mars with its 8th aspect and Mercury(R), indicating a great deal of disarray in mundane affairs of various counries. Sun moves to Virgo on 17th September. Saturn (Scorpio) and Ketu (Pisces) will form exact trine on 23rd September. This aspect will help to overcome the limitations of the South Node. Sun and Rahu will conjunct exactly (6055') on 24th September, in the constellation of Uttra Phalguni (4th pada). This disposition favours making new association with an authority. Mars (Leo) and Saturn will form exact square on 25th September. Frustrated desires can fill this period, if push is against the flow of the times. Exalted Mercury will become retrograde on 17th September in the constellation of Hasta (4th pada). There will be a Full Moon on 28th September in the constellation of Revati (1st pada). On this Full Moon day, Total Lunar Eclipse will occur in the constellation of Revati (1st pada). It will be visible partially from India.


Venus transits into Leo on 1st October. Mercury becomes Progressive on 9th October in the constellation of Uttara Phalguni, 4th pada at 06°45' in Virgo. On 27th October Full Moon (Ashwin Purnima) will fall in the constellation of Aswini (3rd pada) in Aries. The Sun moves into debilitation on 18th October (Tula Sankranti) and becomes deeply debilitated on 28th October which springs up conflict with government authorities. Mercury transits into Libra on 29th October. On 13th Oct (Tue at 05:37 AM IST) Ashwin Amavasya will fall in the constellation of Chitra (1st pada) in Virgo. Exact conjunction between Jupiter and Mars will occur on 18th October in Leo in the constellation of Poorva Phalguni (3rd pada) .Mercury at greatest elongation West on 16th October. Conjunction of Jupiter and Mars indicates worldly comforts and financial success. This conjunction may also initiate military affairs in many countries. Conjunction between Venus and Jupiter will occur on 26th October, in the constellation of Poorva Phalguni (3rd pada). Hard times for Banking stocks and FMCG stocks.This conjunction may produce mental stress. As Mars is also in the same sign at nearer degrees, it may produce sudden and unexpected results, flight accidents, exposal of fake gurus and dip in automobile business. Venus (in Leo) and Saturn (Scorpio) will form exact square on 11th October (2:20 AM). These aspects can make rejection in the issues related to Venus and may bring bad times in the love and relationships.  Conjunction between Mercury and Rahu will occur on 11th October in Virgo in the constellation of Uttara Phalguni (4th pada). This conjunction may induce apparent intelligent decisions, but later they may be proved wrong.


Mars and Venus will transit to Virgo on 3rd November. The third Venus-Mars conjunction in 2015 will occur on 3rd November at the constellation of Uttara Phalguni (2nd pada). Conjunction between Venus & Rahu and Mars & Rahu will occur on 7th and 10th November respectively, at the constellation of Uttara Phalguni (3rd pada). Venus and Rahu conjunction makes matters related to Venus fanatical, especially in the corporeal desire (amplified Venusian energy). On the Mundane front, conjunction between Mars and Rahu might result in more accidents, suicides and mysterious happenings, fraud related to sports, sudden demise of a young sports personality. New Moon will fall on 11th November at the constellation of Visakha (2nd pada). Saturn will become combust from 12th November at the constellation of Anuradha (4th pada). Mercury transits into Scorpio on 17th November. The Sun will ingress in Scorpio (Vrischika Sankranti) on 17th November. Venus will be deeply debilitated (270 Virgo) on 27th. Mercury & Ketu and the Sun & Ketu will form Trine aspect on 19th and 20th November respectively. Mercury Trine with Ketu may make Bearish trend in Share market, which may give a buying opportunity. Sun Trine Ketu may bring a feeling of growth and direction. Conjunction between the Sun & Mercury (at superior solar conjunction, pass around the far side of the Sun), Mercury & Saturn and the Sun & Saturn will occur on 17th, 26th and 30th November respectively. Mercury conjunct Saturn will increase the ability to concentrate and thinking in realistic terms. Sun conjunct Saturn motivates the desire to manifest tangible results and gives time constraints. Full Moon (Kartik Purnima ) will occur on 25th November [26th November 2015 at 04:16 AM IST ] at the constellation of Krittika (4th pada). Around the same time, Saturn will also be at its most distant from the Earth. Venus will transit into Libra (its Mooltrikona sign) on 30th November. Saturn will make solar conjunction on 30th November, at the constellation of Anuradha (4th pada).


Mercury & Jupiter, Mercury & Rahu, Sun & Jupiter and Sun &Rahu will make Square aspects on December 4th, 7th, 14th and 18th respectively. Sun squaring Jupiter indicates unstable elevated mood with over-confidence. Sun squaring Rahu indicates uneasiness. Mercury will enter Sagittarius on 6th December. On 11th December, there will be Amavasya (New Moon) at the constellation of Jyeshta (3rd pada). The Sun will enter Sagittarius (Dhanu Sankranti) on 16th December. Combustion of Saturn will end on 17th December. Mars will enter Libra on 24th December. Venus will enter Scorpio on 25th December, when there will be a Full Moon (Margashirsha Purnima) at Arudra Constellation (2nd pada).Mercury will enter into Capricorn on 26th December. On December 25th and 26th, Mercury & Jupiter and Venus & Ketu will form Trine aspect, respectively. Mercury in trine to Jupiter indicates favourable influence for short trips, education and communication. The trine aspects between Venus and Ketu may bring beneficial influences on marital issues. Mercury and Mars will form square aspect on 28th December.


Notes : 3Israel declared themselves a nation in 1948, just before tetrad happened in 1949 / 1950 but the first permanent government took office on  January 25th, 1949. Again in tetrad of 1967/ 68, in June of 1967, Israel recaptured Jerusalem during the Six-Day War. The war of 2014/15 ,Hamas(Palestine) wants to break the seven-year blockade of Gaza by Israel, which launched the war on July 8 2014 to halt relentless Hamas rocket fire on its cities.


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