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Global Trends in the Solar Year ‘Durmukhi’
13 April 2016-13 April 2017
By K. Krishnarjuna Rao

In the Solar New Year, The country’s economy will improve slightly, in the backdrop of fluctuations in the revenue, on the money market and in stocks and shares. Taxation may be increased, either directly or indirectly. There will be uneven distribution of rain. The Solar year will presage much trouble and difficulty in dealing with foreign powers. Borders with Pakistan, China, and Nepal may become tense. Bills related to trade, commerce and finance may be passed in the Parliament.

THE Hindu New year (Solar) ‘Durmukhi’ begins on 13 April 2016, Wednesday at 19:48hrs. At the beginning of the New Year, the indications are as below :
Tithi is Saptami - Rain is not plenty in the beginning; thereafter good rains. Trouble from the government.
Day is Wednesday - plenty of rain. Ingress during night: Good drops.
Asterism is Punarvsu - Rain in the beginning, diseases among cattle and the people.
Karana is Visthti(Bhadra) - untoward events, prevention of rain and happiness.
Yoga is Sukarma - Plenty of rain and happiness.
Lagna is Libra - Heavy rain, war, fighting among governments ,good crop, prosperity but cows get disease.
‘King’ Venus: crops would grow well, good rains; cows would give plenty of milk. Couples and lovers will be happy, involving in romance and lust ful activities.
‘Minister’ Mercury: Mixed results, winds would disturb clouds, people will be sinful.
‘Commander-in-chief’ Mars: war among rulers ,destruction of crops, trouble, affliction and fever to people.
‘Lord of vegetation’ Saturn: Sesamum, Blackgram, Horsegram and other Black grains would thrive well and Black soil fields and lands will yield good crops.
Effects of the Durmukhi: “fear from burglary and thieves, enmity among people and rulers, moderate rains, six fold troubles. Brahmins will be capable of doing their duties and people will be happy and free from diseases”.
Janma Rasi Income Expenditure Royal favour Dishonour
Aries 2 8 1 7
Taurus 11 14 4 7
Gemini 14 11 7 7
Cancer 8 11 3 3
Leo 11 5 6 3
Virgo 14 11 2 6
Libra 11 14 5 6
Scorpio 2 8 1 2
Sagittarius 5 14 4 2
Capricorn 8 8 7 2
Aquarius 8 8 3 5
Pisces 5 14 6 5
KHANDAYAPHALA : Estimation of favourable and unfovourable prospects for individuals, assessed through number of points during three specific periods
Aswini Bharani Krittika Rohini Mrigasira Arudra Punarvasu Pushya Aslesha
7 2 5 0 3 6 1 4 7
1 2 0 1 2 0 1 2 0
4 1 3 0 2 4 1 3 0
Makha P.Phalguni U.Phalguni Hasta Chitra Swati Visakha Anuradha Jyeshta
2 5 0 3 6 1 4 7 2
1 2 0 1 2 0 1 2 0
2 4 1 3 0 2 4 1 3
Moola P.Shada U.Shada Sravana Dhanishta Satabisha P.Bhadra U.Bhadra Revati
5 0 3 6 1 4 7 2 5
1 2 0 1 2 0 1 2 0
0 2 4 1 3 0 2 4 1


The three numbers (including zero) under each asterism covers the whole year from 13 April 2016 to 13 April 2017 i,e; each number rules for four months. For example, for Aswini borns, seven rules from 13 April 2016 to 16 August 2016; Number 1 rules from 17 August 2016 to 15 December 2016, 4 rules from 16 December 2016 13 April 2017. Zero in the beginning indicates nishphalam and illness. Zero in the middle points to loss of peace of mind and also frequent financial worry. Zero in the end may cause loss of money, agony and misfortune. If three zeros rule one after another in a year there may be risk to one’s life. Odd Numbers bestow prosperity and monitory gain. Even Numbers give mixed results


In the Solar year Durmukhi, Saturn will be in the Asterism Jyeshta till 9 Jully 2016, in Anuradha from 9 July 2016 to 17 September 2016 and again in Jyeshta from 18 September 2016 to 26 January 2017. Saturn leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius on 26 January 2017 at 7.30 pm and remains there till the end of the Solar year.

“When Saturn passes through the star Anuradha, ……….. the kashmirians, ministers, potters, oil makers etc, bell makers are afflicted and friends get estranged. When Saturn tenants the Asterism Jyeshta, trouble befalls on kings(rulers), their preceptors, those who receive royal (govt) patronage. War veterans, seminaries, elite families and trade guilds would come to grief. When Saturn stays in Moola, the people of Kasi, Kosala and Panchala, fruits, herbs and warriors would get affected. (Brihat Samita).

Result of Saturn in Scorpio

“Fear from diseases ,destruction of cattle on a large scale, affliction to mankind and maneuvers between rulers and danger to forward castes.” “Much sorrow and Indraprastha will suffer for more than one year.”

Result of Saturn in Sagittarius: “Dhanu rasaustitau saurir garjitopi na varshati. Toyaheena dhara tatra durbikshamcha vinirdiset.” i.e. “There will be no rains, despite clouds in the sky. The Earth will be bereft of water and there will be famine”.
Saturn in Sagittarius also brings “fear to kings, earth quake, sufferings in Gujarat, roits or disturbance in Madhya Pradesh, fire accidents, political turmoil, trouble in Marwar, warlike situation and enmity among people.”

Jupiter will be in Leo till 11 August 2016 and enters Virgo on the same day at 21.27hrs and will remain there till the end of the solar year.

Result of Jupiter in Virgo : “Kanyarasi gate jeeve meghavrishtistadottama, subhiksham sarvadhanyanamarogyam labhate Janah.” i.e. “There will be good rains, plenty of all types of grains and people will have good health”.

Mars will be in Scorpio from 13 April 2016 till 4 June 2016 and from 12 July 2016 to 12 September 2016 and in association( samagama) with Saturn. The exact conjunction with Saturn will be on 24 August 2016 at 16.56 hrs. Mars turns retrograde on 18 April 2016 and becomes Direct on 30 June 2016. This retrograde period of Mars is called Kujasthambana. Samagama of Mars and Saturn and the Kujasthambana in a martial sign will be catastrophic to the world.

These two celestial phenomena may result in destructive storms, tornadoes, torrential rain in certain regions and intensive heat wave conditions in certain regions, flash floods, inundations, landslides, powerful earthquakes or volcanic eruption, terror attacks, suicide blasts, fire accidents, explosions, violence, war or movement of armed forces or escalation of ongoing wars, bombardment, murders, coups, overthrow of governments and subversion of democracy.” Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Arabian Peninsula, Iran, Russia, France, Hungary, Chile, Peru, Colombia, U.S.A, Canada, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Western, China, Singapore, Malaysia, N and N.E India, Indonesia and Australia will be more vulnerable to one or other evil effects.

For U.S.A., Gemini is rising in the ascendant. Discontent, protests, riots, fire accidents, arson, gun violence, lawlessness may seriously disturb peace in many states. Employment generation may show signs of decline. Slowly improving economy may take a halt or slower growth rate will be marked. Markets will be subjected to volatility. The weather will be marked with thunderstorms, tornadoes, disturbing storms and heavy rain. Some regions in Western U.S.A may experience drought conditions. Train disasters and locomotion accidents are likely. An earthquake may hit California.

Mars and Jupiter will be in opposition
(Samasaptaka) involving Pisces and Virgo from 20 January 2017 to 1 March 2017 and the exact opposition will be on 27 February 2017. The Samasaptaka between Mars and Jupiter indicates financial and religion-oriented troubles, thunderstorms, blizzards, and troubles relating to Judiciary and earth quakes or volcanic eruption and disturbance and unrest. The Indian subcontinent, Indo-China, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Myanmar, France, England, Germany, Portugal, Algeria, Morocco, Other west African countries,Central America and Mexico will be more vulnerable to one or more evil influences. •Rahu entered Leo and Ketu the Aquarius in True motion on 9th January 2016. These Nodes will leave these signs on 9 September 2017. Rahu and Jupiter will be in conjunction (Samagama) from 9 January 2016 till 11 August 2016 and the exact conjunction will be on 20 June 2016 at 22.45 hrs.

Result : “Strikes, sickness, want, labor trouble, damage to crops, spread of new virus, disturbance of business, volatile economic conditions, severe drought or flash floods, earthquake or volcanic eruption, violence and troubles based on religion or faith.” Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand, Myanmar, Turkey, Iraq, Greece, Paris, England, France, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Morocco, Algeria, Brazil, West Indies, Gruatemala and Mexico will be more vulnerable to one or other evil incidents.

Mars enters Aquarius on 11December 2016 and will be in association (samagama) with Ketu till 20 January 2017 and the exact conjunction will be on 26 December 2016.

Result : “Excess of rain or snow, damage from floods, accidents by sea, drowning incidents, secret criminal attacks, terror strikes, explosions, bomb blasts and terrible accidents.” South Asia, North Africa, Myanmar, Thailand, China, Japan, West Asia, Europe, Algeria, Morocco, Gruatemala and Mexico will be more vulnerable to one or other evil incidents.

ECLIPSES : “There will be four eclipses (two Solar and two lunar eclipses) during the Solar year Durmukhi”.

1. An Annular Solar Eclipse will occur on 1 September 2016 at 14.34hrs in Leo. This eclipse will be visible in South Asia, east in Australia, much of Africa, Atlantic and Indian oceans and Antarctica. Not visible in India.

2. There will be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on 16 September 2016 at 24.35hrs in Pisces and will be visible in Europe, much of Asia, Australia, Africa and west in South America. Partially visible in India.

3. There will be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on 10 February 2017 at 30.03hrs in Cancer and will be visible in Europe, much of Asia, Africa, and much of North America. Partially visible in India.

4. There will be another Annular Solar Eclipse on 26 February 2017 at 20:29hrs in Aquarius. It will be visible in South/ West Africa and South/ west south America. Not visible in India.

The effects of these eclipses will remain at least until the end of the solar year.

These eclipses may cause political turmoil and changes, natural catastrophes in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Central Asia. Some political ramifications due to conspiracy and unfortunate incidents are not ruled out in West Asia. The Shinjo Abe government may face unfortunate political challenges and happenings. A national mourning is on cards. The eclipses may shake the Russian government and changes will follow. Death of prominent people, power struggle and huge loss of life and property due to natural or manmade calamities may make news in China. The eclipses may create political disturbances and changes in Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, Madagascar and in the Arabian Peninsula.

Solar New Year : Global Trends
Libra is rising in the ascendant in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Lagna is aspected by Mercury, the lord of 9th and 12th and the Sun, the lord of 11th. Venus as the lord of Lagna and the 8th is in the 6th. The 2nd house is occupied by its lord Mars, along with Saturn, the lord of 4th and 5th. Lord of 3rd and 6th, Jupiter, is in the 11th, being spoiled by Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Saturn as lord of 4th and 5th is in Watery sign, with its deadly enemy. The 5th is occupied by Ketu being aspected by Mars and Jupiter. Though the 7th is occupied by Mercury and the Sun, the 7th lord Mars (war-lord) is with its enemy. Lord of 10th, the Moon is in the 9th aspected by Mars.

Forgery, theft, blackmail and slanderous activities will increase. Psychics, mediums, fake godmen will suffer. Delusions and peculiar frauds will make news. Personal attacks, libel actions and intense recrimination in the print and electronic media will increase.

The country’s economy will improve slightly, in the backdrop of fluctuations in the revenue, on the money market and in stocks and shares. Taxation may be increased, either directly or indirectly. Spending on the military and military equipment will be increased. Railway, postal or transport unions and bank employees may resort to agitations and cause unrest out of discontent. Railways or means of transport will be disturbed. Road and rail accidents will claim more lives.

The country will experience fluctuating weather conditions. The changeable weather will be moderately favorable for crops. The Northeast monsoon will be less favorable than the Southeast monsoon. There will be uneven distribution of rain. Damage from pests and other unfavorable conditions may decrease crop output.

The Solar year will presage much trouble and difficulty in dealing with foreign powers. A war-like talk will grip the nation. Danger of actual war or intense border shelling cannot be ruled out. Borders with Pakistan, China, and Nepal may become tense. Issues relating to fishermen and Tamil minorities issue may disturb the cordial relation with Sri Lanka. Border with Bangladesh and Myanmar will also be not free from illegal migrants’, militants and movement of troops. Terrorists will strike in the vulnerable spots. Military operation will be required to bring normalcy. The country may see much Jealousy and hostility abroad. India’s past efforts for better relations with other countries and improvement of trade may not yield positive results in 2016. Despite tensions along borders, India and Pakistan will strive to take forward the proposed bilateral peace process. Relations with Nepal, Bangladesh and Afghanistan will be cordial and with that of Sri Lanka and Myanmar will run with suspicion. Relations with the U.S and China will be cordial and mutually beneficial. The expectation from the European countries may not be fulfilled this year.

Wordy duals or recrimination in the print and electronic media between conservative elements and rationalists or secularists, trouble relating to religious institutions and religious activities and from the judicially are not ruled out. Sensitive issues and regions will be targeted to divide people on religious and caste lines, for political gains. A strike in the shipping field and disasters to vessels are likely.

The BJP governments in the Centre and States and its allies, though firm on the saddle, will face many challenges and political jolts in the form of graft charges, lack-lustre performance, resurgent opposition parties and other allegations and controversies. Certain bills, which look controvertial in the eyes of the opposition will be blocked. Internal bickering may also plague the BJP and its popularity will be dented. Chances of the BJP forming governments in the States going to the polls during 2016 are very much less.

Death of some public figures or leaders either due to illness or accidents cannot be ruled out. Embittered arguments, personal recrimination and blockade will mark the parliamentary business. Bills related to trade, commerce and finance may be passed in the Parliament. Reforms relating to public institutions, hospitals and jails are on cards.

Pakistan faces serious threat from terrorists in the form of killings, explosions and murderous attacks. Attacks on Shias will continue. The country’s army will be proactive and will carry out military operations internally and along the country’s borders.

Bangladesh may suffer from mining disasters and seismic shocks. The country may experience heavy rain fall, storms in some parts and less rain in other parts. The government can expect much trouble from the main opposition party and other fundamentalist parties.

Sectarian protests and agitations may subject the Nepalese government to jolts of political instability. External interference in its internal affairs, antagonism and economic hardship are on cards.

The present fighting or war in Afghanistan may further escalate causing huge loss of life and bloodshed. Internal bickering and grave discontent among parties may pose serious threat to the stability of the government. Foreign embassies require tight security and vigilance.

Assassination attempts on important leaders and serious accidents in the Indian subcontinent are on cards. ISIS will try its best to prove its presence in this region. Peace may be disturbed in some Central Asian Republics. Unless carefully managed, one or two regimes may be destabilized.

North and West India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Hindukush region may be hit by moderate to destructive earthquakes.

Scorpio is rising in the ascendant in Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and China. Sagittarius is rising in the ascendant in Japan.

Though the military-dominated government in Myanmar transfers power to NLD, Aung San Suukyi may face machinations, backdoor manoeuvering by the Junta and some restrictions in governance. Aung San Suukyi has to guard her health. Many disgraceful episodes of the leaders and government functionaries will see light. Violence on religious or ethnic grounds cannot be ruled out.

The opposition parties become stronger in Thailand, in spite of ruling Junta’s efforts to scuttle and block them. Corruption, impropriety, nepotism and illicit episodes may tarnish the image of the present government. Elections will be further delayed. Myanmar and Thailand should be braced for weather woes, in the form of typhoons and floods.

Indonesia’s economy, including stocks and shares, will fluctuate. Natural calamities-(seismic hazards or volcanic eruption, inundation and landslides) are likely. The country may involve in military or war-like operations. Military and war machinery will be modernized. Necessary steps are to be taken to prevent aviation disasters.

Philippines may see improvement in its economic situation, despite market and revenue fluctuations. In spite of problems and some unrest, the government may overcome them and remain strong. Foreign affairs will be disappointing and South China Sea dispute may make the country restless. There will be a couple of storms bringing high speed winds and heavy downpour.

China : The government would become stronger and the country’s affairs will be positive. In spite of fluctuations in the revenue and on the stocks and shares, the economy will register growth (a bit lower). Government will embark on further reforms and corrective economic measures. The leadership will act pro-actively regarding controversial territorial disputes. The President will further tighten his grip over the C.P.C and administration and will become

ruthless. More heads may roll in his anti-corruption drive. Exports may slightly decline. Trade deficit may cause some worry. South China Sea region may become a hot spot in the backdrop of contest from other countries and the support of United States to them. The country will see hostility, jealousy and disappointment in its international relations. The weather may be too wet indicating typhoons, torrential rains, flash floods and landslides.

Japan’s economy and stock markets will greatly fluctuate, amid sharp practices, losses and unethical activities. However, the overall condition of the people will improve. 3rd quarter may bring unrest and disturbance in the country. The present government firmly takes steps to modernise its military and yawrns for proactive international roll. There will be some sudden political developments which will require careful handling. The Shinjo Abe government may face troublesome political challenges. A national mourning is on cards. An earthquake of severe intensity may hit the country. Storms and rain may also play havoc.

Virgo is rising in the ascendant in Russia, Iran, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon and Turkey. Russia’s military involvement in the Syrian conflict will continue. The country may witness conspiracies, disasters, fire and explosive disasters and many deaths. Russia’s bonhomie with Iran, Iraq, Syria and Egypt may continue. Relations with the U.S may improve and the bitterness will be subdued. Relations with France and Germany may not be trust worthy. Working relationship can be expected with that of Japan. The country’s economy may not be encouraging. Both the president and the prime minister are having a tough year politically and internationally. They have to guard their health and person. Women may suffer due to crime, ill-treatment and misfortune. Immoral activities and scandals will surpass the previous records. Rail or aviation disaster due to human error or sabotage cannot be ruled out.

Ukraine will be once again in the news for unrest, violent events and fighting. Bitter relations with Russia can be expected.

Iran’s economy may subject to great fluctuations and losses. Its armed interference or proxy war in Syria, Iraq and Yemen to defeat Sunni fighters will give some positive result at the cost of some soldiers. Disasters, explosions and panics may result in large number of deaths. The ageing leaders may pass away or subject to serious illness. The gap between liberals and conservatives may further widen.

A turbulent Solar year is ahead for Israel, Palestine and Lebanon. Riots, violence and anarchy may disturb peace. Sporadic shootings, explosions and killings may cause much bloodshed. Children and women will be targeted. The top leaders of these regions have to face political storms.

Turkey may see sudden and unexpected developments, political catastrophes and speedy changes. The country’s financial position may be weakened due to heavy losses and unnecessary expenditure. The stability of the government is at stake. The government will be virtually at war with Kurdish rebels. Bomb blasts and explosions will claim many lives. Moderate to powerful earthquake may hit Iran and Turkey.

Leo is rising in the ascendant in the European countries.

In Greece, socialist agitation or propaganda may create some unrest in spite of improvement in the condition of the people. Economy will improve slightly coming out of rubble. But the worst situation will not over during Durmukhi. Much trouble may also come from conservatives, religious and legal institutions or persons. The government has to tackle many difficult problems, influx of refugees and havoc from storms.

Italy’s’ economy may improve. Political stability is threatened. Rains may play havoc.

England : Increased returns and trade surplus will help the economy register growth. Fluctuating weather conditions in the form of winds, storms, flash floods may adversely affect agriculture and farming. Foreign affairs will be predominantly marked by military involvement more deeply in west Asia and in other countries, where Briton’s interests are involved. The Cameron’s government may have to encounter unforeseen difficulties and adverse vote.

France may deploy troops and air power in some pockets In Africa and west Asia. The country’s economic condition looks positive. Storms and inundations may play havoc. The socialist government may lose further ground to the opposition parties. The government faces a tough year politically and administratively.

In Germany, secret propaganda, trouble from socialists, underhand and treacherous activities of certain sections of the people, crime against children and women, xenophobic protests or attacks, trouble from religious institutions or persons may largely disturb peace and tranquility in the country. In spite of losses and lavish spending the economy looks favorable. The refugee crisis may create problems for Angela Markel. Friendly foreign relations may exist despite some trade and financial disputes.

Spain’s economy will improve further but the country may see political uncertainty.
Europe does not look to be free from terror strikes especially from the ISIS.

South America : In Brazil and Venezuela, Gemini is rising in the ascendant and Taurus is rising in the ascendant in other countries of the region. Almost all countries in this region may experience economic meltdown and depression. Brazil may also suffer from adverse weather conditions. The new zika virus will come under control from October 2016. Output from crops and farming may decline. Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Ecuador may expect heavy downpour and thunderstorms. Prison related untoward incidents, mysterious crimes and killings will make news. A few countries may also face protests and agitations for corruption charges. Fluid political situation will be marked in these countries. Seismic hazards or inundations are likely in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile.

Central America and Mexico : Taurus is rising in the ascendant in Central American countries and Mexico. Extreme weather conditions may play havoc in Central America and Mexico. The economy in these countries may deteriorate and adversely affect the living conditions of the people. Crime, riots and attacks may disturb peace.

African Continent: Virgo is rising in the ascendant in Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia and Leo is rising in the ascendant in most of the African countries. The weather will be comparatively looking better for crops and forming in east African countries including Sudan, S. Sudan , Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa. Ethiopia and South Africa, which suffered from severe drought in 2015, will receive moderate to normal rainfall. The economic situation looks to be improving despite road blocks. Any lacunae or breach in internal security will create mayhem and serious law and order problem in these countries.

The West African countries including Zambia, Angola, Congo, Gabon, Zaire, C.A.R and Chad will experience unpredictable and adverse weather conditions, detriment to the welfare of the people and farmers. Huge expenditure and high military spending may adversely affect the economy in these countries. Ethnic clashes, rebel attacks and Islamist militancy will pose serious threat to peace and stability in many countries and the governments have to use force to contain them. One or two governments in this region may be overthrown by coups or by rebellion.

Egypt looks to be on a quagmire. Militancy, Islamist protests and violence may cause much blood shed and shake the government. The turbulent situations if not carefully managed may destabilize the government. Aviation and other accidents are likely. 29 mundane predictions for various countries


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