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Global Economic scenario in 2018
By Sachin Malhotra

The transit of Saturn from the Fiery sign Sagittarius will bring tremendous fall in the production of Crude oil, leading to sharp increase in its prices. The skyrocketing prices of Crude oil will affect the common man in developing nations like India, due to increase in the prices of essential commodities.

THE transit of Saturn from the fiery sign Sagittarius is considered very important, as it brings major global socio-economic transformations. Saturn is in Sagittarius again after a period of 30 years and is astrologically expected to trigger a great political and economic revolution worldwide.

Few historic events, during Saturn’s stay in Sagittarius in the last Century.
1929 Great Depression - In the year 1929, the Wall Street crash in USA started the period of Great Depression, which lasted till the mid of 1930s, seriously affecting the world economy. Saturn was transiting from Sagittarius during 1929-30. In India, the 'Indian National Congress' demanded complete Independence (Poorna Swaraj) from the British in 1929. Later in 1930, Mahatama Gandhi started his 'Dandi March' (Salt March) to protest against the British monopoly over the production of salt. This 'civil disobedience' movement was the turning point in India’s freedom struggle.

1959-60 : Tibet annexation by China and African Independence movement.

During the transit of Saturn from Sagittarius during 1959- 60, the Tibet was incorporated into the People Republic of China. The Tibetan government was abolished after a failed uprising. Many of the Tibetan leaders fled to India, led by Dalai Lama, to take refuge.
In the year 1960, as many as 17 African nations got their Independence. This year is known as the 'year of Africa'.
1989-90 : Fall of Soviet Union and end of Cold War
Saturn's transit from Sagittarius during 1989-90 was the most influential in re-shaping the world-order. The collapse of USSR triggered the fall of Communist governments in Eastern Europe. The Berlin Wall crumbled after 28 long years and Germany was united. In China, the ‘Tiananmen Square Protest’ shocked the whole world; after great massacre of students, the Chinese President Deng Xiaoping resigned in 1989. In Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev became the President during that year and initiated democratic reforms in the country. Gorbachev worked closely with US President George Bush Senior, in ending the era of Cold War.

For India, the transit of Saturn from Sagittarius in 1989-90 was very disturbing. The country was struggling with religious, political and economic crisis. The ‘Ram temple movement’ by the BJP and the anticorruption protests by V.P. Singh, on the issue of Bofors Scandal, saw the fall of Rajiv Gandhi during the General elections of 1989. A minority government led by V.P.Singh was ruling the country, struggling with economic crisis, in which India had to airlift its national Gold reserves as a pledge to the IMF (International Monetary Funds), in exchange for a loan to cover balance of payment debts. The Prime Minister V.P. Singh later had to resign in November 1990, after a series of protests in the country against the implementation of ‘Mandal Commission’ report, giving 27% job reservations for the OBC (Other Backward Classes) in government jobs.

Interestingly, during the last transit of Saturn from the Sagittarius sign, the economy of China and India started to become open for the world. The goal of 'global economic liberalization’propagated by USA was to make the economies more market and service-oriented and to expand the role of private and foreign investments. Now, the rise of nationalist movements in Europe and Donald Trump’s policy of protectionism have started threatening the system of ‘economic liberalization'.

Trade Wars Between the Nations :
The year 2018 could be the year of ‘Trade wars between the Nations’, as per the astrological analysis of the Foundation horoscopes of major countries of the world.
The political tensions between the USA, China, Japan and Russia may initiate a 'trade war', which can damage the global economy very seriously. The issue of North Korea, South-China-Sea dispute and Syria war is potentially dangerous, in starting a new 'cold war' between major countries of the world. Transit of Saturn from the 'war sign' Sagittarius can induce 'trade war' between the Nations.

Prices of Crude oil and Gold :
The transit of Saturn from the Fiery sign Sagittarius will bring tremendous fall in the production of Crude oil, leading to sharp increase in its prices. The prices of Crude oil may cross $80 per barrel mark or even higher, by the end of year 2018. The sky–rocketing prices of Crude oil will affect the common man in developing nations like India, due to increase in the prices of essential commodities. The stock markets around the world will start falling specifically after the Total Lunar eclipse of 31 January 2018. The prices of Gold will increase, due to Jupiter’s transit from its enemy sign Libra.
Now let us analyze the Foundation horoscopes of major countries in this regard.

Solar Eclip     Solar Eclip
Source : From the data of K.N.Rao

Asc 29°49’ Leo U.Phalguni
Sun 22°19’ Gemini Punarvasu
Moon 02°19’ Aquarius Dhanishta
Mars 00°27’ Gemini Mrigasira
Mercury 03°35’ c Cancer Pushya
Jupiter 15°08’ Gemini Arudra
Venus 12°02’ Gemini Arudra
Saturn 24°04’ Virgo Chitra
Rahu 16°52’ Cancer Aslesha
Ketu 16°52’ Capricorn Sravana

Balance of Dasa in Vimshottari: Mars 2 years 3 months 11 days

The Vimshottari period of Mars-Moon from March 2018 to October 2018 is going to be very difficult for the USA, as per its Leo lagna Foundation horoscope. It is the 'Dasa Chiddra' and the next mahadasa would be of Rahu, which is falling in the 12th house of ‘war losses’. Moon is the lord of 12th house placed in the 7th house, which as per Mundane astrology signifies trade agreements, foreign relations, war etc. Moon is the 12th lord here and is in 'Kemadruma Yoga'. Donald Trump has already pulled out USA from the 'Paris climate accord' and has openly shown his disrespect for the trade agreements with various nations. Trump may put various sanctions on the imports from China and can also target the companies outsourcing various services. The period of Mars- Moon and later the Rahu mahadasa will put USA in confrontation with China and Russia in many traderelated matters. The ‘Buy American, Hire American’ policy of Trump will directly hit the economic interest of India, China and some of the other South-Asian countries.

Solar Eclip     Solar Eclip
Balance of Dasa in Vimshottari: Moon 9 years 11 months 23 days

Source: The book of World Horoscopes
Asc 12°45’ Capricorn Sravana
Sun 14°45’ Virgo Hasta
Moon 10°01’ Capricorn Sravana
Mars 21°44’ Cancer Aslesha
Mercury 20°13’ Re Virgo Hasta
Jupiter 29°26’ Sagittarius U.Shada
Venus 26°25’ Libra Visakha
Saturn 20°00’ Leo P.Phalguni
Rahu 23°33’ Pisces Revati
Ketu 23°33’ Virgo Chitra

In the Makar (Capricorn) lagna Foundation horoscope of China, the period of ‘Sade-Sati’ has just begun. During this ‘Sade-Sati’ of Saturn, the Chinese society will go through great socio-economic changes. The demand for democratic reforms may trouble the Communist government of China in the coming years. The Vimshottari period of Saturn-Jupiter shows that the country will invest heavily in foreign investments. The China may increase its investments in Africa and South-America, to cover the losses due to trade sanctions from USA. The antardasa lord Jupiter is Vargottama (3rd and 12th lord), which shows the focus of the country on its relations with neighbours and on foreign trade.
The Chinese economy may overtake the Indian economy in terms of GDP growth rate, to become the fastest growing economy in the world.


Solar Eclip     Solar Eclip
Balance of Dasa in Vimshottari: Mars 0 years 7 months 13 days

Source: The book of World Horoscopes
Asc 07°19’ Sagittarius Moola
Sun 15°06’ Aries Bharani
Moon 05°29’ Gemini Mrigasira
Mars 18°08’ R Libra Swati
Mercury 19°12’ Pisces Revati
Jupiter 06°45’ c Aries Aswini
Venus 29°45’ Pisces Revati
Saturn 16°26’ R Virgo Hasta
Rahu 04°27’ Aquarius Dhanishta
Ketu 04°27’ Leo Makha

In the Dhanu (Sagittarius) lagna Foundation horoscope of Japan, the Vimshottari period of Mercury-Jupiter from December 2017 to April 2020 shows improvements in the economy. At present the GDP growth rate of Japan is just around 1% only. It is, however, the 3rd largest economy in the world in terms of nominal GDP and fourth largest in terms of purchasing power.
Since last few years, the growth rate of Japanese economy is declining. This situation can now change for the positive.
However, there is a great possibility that the country may have to invest heavily in the development of military infrastructure, due to threat of war from North Korea and China. The mahadasa lord Mercury is the lord of 7th house of war and the antardasa lord Jupiter is in the house of Mars, receiving its aspect showing military-related events. The economy of Japan will now see higher growth rate, due to its heavy investments in military infrastructure.

Foundation Chart of India

Solar Eclip     Solar Eclip

The Indian economy is struggling due to Demonetisation. The Modi government’s ‘Make in India’ and ‘Start- Up India’ initiative have also not received good response, due to lack of proper infrastructure and business environment in the country. India ranks 130th in ease of doing business index, which is very poor. The current Vimshottari period of Moon- Rahu till October 2018 shows very little hope of improvements. The transiting Jupiter from Libra in the 6th house and the transiting Saturn from Sagittarius in the 8th house from the Foundation horoscope of the country is also not very auspicious. It shows some more troubles for the government, in controlling the rampant corruption and ‘red tapism’ in the country.

However, there will be good improvement in the Railways, Airlines and Road infrastructure.The dasa of 3rd lord Moon also shows heavy investments in the modernization of armed forces. The antardasa lord Rahu is strongly placed in its friendly sign Taurus at the 11th house from the mahadasa lord Moon.The manufacturing sector and space technology will witness tremendous growth in the sub period of Rahu in the year 2018. There will also be labour reforms in the country and the demand for fixing the minimum wages in the un-organized sector will be accepted by the Indian government this year.
Overall, the year 2018 will be a good year for the common Indian labourer and worker in un-organized sector of the economy.


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