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By Vandana Devah Khatar

Significant Transits of Planets in 2017, making notable impact on Share Market

Jupiter : will be transiting through Virgo sign till 12th September ; thereafter, it will remain in Libra sign for the rest of the year. It will move in Retrograde motion from 6th February and will assume Direct motion on 9th June . It will set in the West on 10th October and will rise in the East on 7th November.

Saturn :will transit through Scorpio sign till 26th January; thereafter, it will move into Sagittarius sign . It will move in Retrograde motion from 6th April , will enter Scorpio sign on 20th June and will assume Direct motion on 25th August . It will re-enter Sagittarius sign on 26th October. It will set in the West on 5th December

Rahu / Ketu : will transit in Leo and Aquarius upto 17th August and then move into Cancer and Capricorn respectively to remain there till the year-end. Throughout the article, Mean transit of Nodes is considered.

Uranus : will transit in Pisces till 7th April; thereafter, it will move to Aries sign . It will assume Retrograde motion on 3rd August

Neptune :will transit in Aquarius for the whole year. Neptune will go Retrograde on 16th June and Direct on 22nd Nov.

Pluto : will transit in Sagittarius for the whole year. Pluto will go Retrograde on 20th April and Direct on 28th September.

Mars : will move in Direct motion the whole year. It will set in the West on 31st May and rise in East on 17th September

Mercury : will will continue Retrogression till 8th January , 10th April to 3rd May , 13th August to 5th September , 3rd December to 23rd December

Mercury Set and Rise dates
Set Rise
18th February 20th March
12th April 27th April
10th June 2nd July
20th August 3rd September
22nd September 29th October
7th December 18th December

These are significant dates in stocks of banking, finance, FMCG, Publications and commodity trading.

Sun : will enter Aries sign on 14th April 2017, when Capricorn ascendant is rising The wicked forces and natural calamities are likely to trouble the people of Northen areas.

Solar Eclipse : is falling on 26th February 2017, Sunday, 21st Aug. 2017 Monday. It will not be visible in India, but will be visible in South West Africa , South American countries

Lunar Eclipse : is falling on 7th /8th August 2017, Monday. This will be visible in India , Europe, Australia, Africa and most of the countries of Eastern & Southern countries of Asia . Eclipse falling on Monday will increase the demand for camphor, saffron and alcoholic beverages. Rates of stocks of companies dealing in these products will see upsurge. This inauspicious for prominent lady of the country. People residing on the banks of Yamuna river will experience troubles, due to floods etc . Shortage of oil , rice and grains may be noticed. Investors in Cotton sector are likely to make profits. Kashmir, China, Muslim countries (Afghanistan, Iran , Iraq, Syria etc) will be affected due to war-like situations . Untimely rains will destroy the crops. Winter crops will get damaged, due to unfavourable natural conditions. People associated with art and cinema will also get affected due to one or the other reasons. As the eclipse is falling in Capricorn sign, ministers, sweepers, soldiers and people living in southern parts will experience inconvenience . Farmers will enjoy profits. Traders would like to hoard and increase the prices of essential commodities, but the Government will take firm actions to control this .

Solar eclipse is falling on 21 /22 August . This will not be visible in India. This will be visible in West Europe, North-East Asia, North-West Africa, North America and Pacific Ocean.

Jupiter's transit in various constellations
Set Rise
Since the beginning of the year 2017 to 14th April Chitra
14th April to 4th August Hasta
4th August to 14th October Chitra
14th Oct. to 16th Dec. Swati
16th December till year end Visakha

Following are the important planetary positions in 2017, influencing the Stock Market:

Dwi – Gruha yoga (Conjunction of two planets )
Planets Period Sign
Mercury & Saturn 26th Jan. to 2nd Feb Sagittarius
Mars & Venus 27th Jan. to 28th Feb Pisces
Sun & Mercury 3rd Feb. to 11th Feb Capricorn
Mars & Venus 11th March to 26th March Pisces
Sun & Venus 14th March to 28th March Pisces
Mars & Mercury 28th March to 12th April Aries
Sun & Venus 14th March to 13th April Pisces
Sun & Mercury 13th April to 14th May Aries
Sun & Mars 14th May to 26th May Taurus
Sun & Mercury 3rd June to 15th June Taurus
Mars & Mercury 18th June to 2nd July Gemini
Sun & Mercury 18th June to 2nd July Gemini
Sun & Mars 15th June to 11th July Gemini
Mars & Mercury 11th July to 21st July Cancer
Sun & Mars 16th July to 16th Aug. Cancer
Sun & Mercury 16th July to 21st July Cancer
Mercury - Rahu 21st July to 17th Aug. Leo
Mars & Rahu 17th Aug. to 21st Aug. Cancer
Sun & Mercury 16th Aug. to 16th Sept Leo
Mars & Mercury 27th Aug. to 26th Sept. Leo
Mars & Sun 27th Aug. to 16th Sept. Leo
Venus & Rahu 21st Aug. to 15th Sept. Cancer
Venus & Mercury 15th Sept. to 26th Sept. Leo
Mars & Venus 15th Sept. to 9th Oct. Leo
Sun & Mercury 26th Sept. to 13th Oct. Virgo
Venus & Mercury 9th Oct. to 13th Oct. Virgo
Mercury & Jupiter 13th Oct. to 1st Nov. Libra
Sun & Mercury 17th Oct. to 1st Nov. Libra
Sun & Jupiter 17th Oct. to 16th Nov. Libra
Jupiter & Venus 2nd Nov. to 26th Nov. Libra
Sun & Mercury 16th Nov. to 24th Nov. Scorpio
Mercury & Saturn 24th Nov. to 10th Dec. Sagittarius
Venus & Mercury 10th Dec. to 20th Dec. Scorpio
Sun & Saturn 15th Dec. to 14th Jan. 18 Sagittarius
Sun & Venus 20th Dec. to 13th Jan. 18 Sagittarius
Dates of close conjunction of two planets
Date Planets Sign
7th March Sun & Mercury Aquarius
18th March Venus & Mercury Pisces
25th March Sun & Venus Pisces
20th April Sun & Mercury Aries
21st June Sun & Mercury Gemini
28th June Mars & Mercury Gemini
22nd July Mercury & Rahu Leo
27th July Sun & Mars Cancer
16th August Sun & Rahu Leo
26th August Mars & Rahu Cancer
3rd September Mars & Mercury Leo
14th September Venus & Rahu Cancer
5th October Mars & Venus Leo
8th October Sun & Mercury Virgo
18th October Mercury & Jupiter Libra
26th October Sun & Jupiter Libra
13th November Jupiter & Venus Libra
28th November Mercury & Saturn Sagittarius
15th December Mercury & Venus Scorpio
21st December Sun & Saturn Sagittarius
25th December Venus & Saturn Sagittarius
Saturn's transit in various constellations

Since the beginning of the year till 26th Jan.    Jyeshta
26th January to 20th June    Moola
20th June to 26th October    Jyeshta
26th October till year end    Moola

According to Brihat Samhita , Saturnís transit through Jyeshta is not considered auspicious for the Kings, Valiant soldiers and public in general . This indicates restlessness, anxiety and stress till 26th January and also between 20th June to 26th October. Saturnís transit through Jyeshta nakshatra causes stricter government actions , medium rains and rise in the rates of Silver & grains.

Saturnís transit through Moola nakshatra (26th January to 20th June and from 26th October till year-end) is inauspicious for the people of Varanasi, Panchal and Kosal. In the modern context, Panchal be referred to Bareilly, Budaun and Farrukhabad in Uttar Pradesh and Kosal as Awadh (The modern definition of Awadh geographically includes the districts of Tulsipur, Dang, Ambedkar Nagar, Bahraich, Balrampur, Barabanki, Basti, Faizabad, Gonda, Hardoi, Lakhimpur Kheri, Lucknow, Pratapgarh, Raebareli, Shravasti, Siddharth Nagar, Sitapur, Sultanpur and Unnao). Ayodhya used to be the capital of Awadh . The rates of Cotton, grains. Silver and Textiles would go Northwards.


The chief planet of Business and Trade, Mercury, in Retrograde motion , will rise in the East on 3rd January. This will set Bullish tone in the market . Saturn will aspect Sun from 14th to 26th .This is a very important phenomenon and political & business scenario will be effected majorly. After 14th, the price of crude and Bullion can see North direction. Stocks of Cement, Copper, Coal, Wool, Honey and Agriculture-related productsí companies will be in demand. Stock market indices will witness volatility. The aspect of Jupiter on Sun (in Capricorn), in its debilitated sign, can set sudden Bearish tone in the market . The prices of grains and stocks of beverages, water-purifying companies & FMCG will see upsurge after 26th


Jupiter in Virgo moving in Retrograde direction on 6th will cause surge in the prices of Textiles, Gold and Turmeric. On 12th, Sun will change the sign to Aquarius and conjoin with Ketu. Bullish trend will be observed, after volatility in the prices of Gold, Silver and indices. Stocks of electronics, telecom, commercial automobiles, PSUs and Aluminium sector companies will be in demand .The planet of trade & business, Mercury, will also join Sun & Ketu in Aquarius on 22nd . Saturn will be aspecting this combination from Sagittarius. This is likely to create Bullishness sentiments in Bullion, Crude, Copper, Zinc and Sugar, after volatile movements.


Entry of Mars in Aries on 1st will create Bullishness in Textiles, Cotton, Oil, Sugar, Gold, Copper, Rice and Betel nut. Sun will move in P.Bhadrapad nakshatra on 4th and on the same day , Venus in its exalted sign Pisces will change the direction & will move Retrograde . Retrograde Venus and retrograde Jupiter will aspect each other beyond the month. This will create buying euphoria in Bullion, Wheat, Oil, Sugar and Cotton. Bullish sentiments in grains and commodities are likely to settle down gradually, after 14th onwards. Current trend is likely to change the direction on 18th . The stocks of Tyres, Tin, Zinc, Jute and Tea will also follow Bearish trend. Textiles sector stocks will suddenly take a upsurge after 20th


Saturn in Sagittarius will change the direction of movement on 6th. The rates of Oil , Coal , Gas and Steel sector companies will get Bullish impact . Solar ingress on 14th in Aries sign will create Bullish impact on Tea, Coffee, edible oil, Rice and Steel sector companies. Spread of some kind of epidemic will cause uneasiness to general public. Stocks of Cotton and Textiles sector companies will be appreciated by the investors as well as by the traders. Exalted Venus will resume Direct motion from 15th. Bearish movement can be seen in the stocks of Sugar sector companies.


First two days are likely to be indecisive .Mercury is resuming Direct motion in Aries sign on 3rd. Traders should stay alert, as this can cause sudden Bearish tone in the market. Stocks of Castor related companies will go up after 10th till 15th atleast. Sun will enter in Taurus sign on 14th. Sugar, Grains, Media ,Textiles & Perfumeries / Cosmetics sector companies are likely to witness uptrend. Mars is entering Mrigasira nakshatra and Venus the Revati on 15th. Bullish tone will be observed between 15th and 22nd. With the entry of Mercury in Bharani on 23rd, buying sentiments will rule the market. Mars will be in Gemini on 26th, which has potential to spoil Cotton crop. This will result in increase in rates of Cotton


Rates of grains are likely to go upwards from 3rd. With the movement of Mars in Arudra nakshatra on 5th, the demand in Pearl, Rice, wheat and Cotton will surge higher, due to aspect of Saturn on Mars . Conjunction of Sun & Mercury in Taurus will further increase the Bullishness in the market. Traders in futures should be very cautious on 9th, as the trend can change suddenly due to Jupiterís Retrograde motion. Sun will enter Gemini sign on 15th. Profit booking in FMCG, Copper, Cotton and Silver will be noticed. Around 24th, Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars will conjoin in Arudra nakshatra. Losses due to political / natural calamity will entice hoarders to stock the essential commodities to sell them later in profits.


Mercury will enter Cancer sign on 2nd and will spread Bearish sentiments in the market. Also Mercury will rise in the West on 2nd. This planetary phenomenon is capable of keeping the tone of the market in selling mode for the next 15 days. Profits should be booked time to time. Sun will enter Cancer sign and conjoin with Mars & Mercury on 16th. Gold rates will surge high. The rates of Dairy and Marine products, and edible oil stocks are likely to lose its sheen. Demand of gram, corn etc will increase . FMCG stocks will be in demand. Stock markets are likely to see Bullish trend from 18th to 23rd July. Short-term traders, especially dealing in F & O segment, shouldnít be on long side for current month expiry.


Uranus will move in Retrograde direction from 3rd. Due to unfavourable weather, the crops can experience setback. The rates of Oil and Sugar can see upsurge. Bullish traders of Bullion have chances to gain profits till 7th. Mercury will move in Retrograde direction on 13th .This is likely to cause Bullish buying frenzy in the Banking stocks . Sunís ingress in Leo sign on 17th will create Bullish tone in Gold, Pearl, Cotton, Jewellery and Rice . Indices will remain volatile between 19th to 25th. Mars will enter Leo sign, Makha nakshatra on 26th . Sun and Mercury are already placed there. These are Bullish indicators . The indices are likely to favour the buyers till the month end.


Venus will enter Aslesha on 4th. Rahu has already taken position there . Natural calamities can be witnessed. Mercury will resume Direct motion on 5th. Direct Mercury , Sun and Rahu conjoined in Leo sign can set Bearish tone in the commodities . Sun will enter Virgo sign on 17th . Stocks of Cotton, Textiles & capital goods are likely to see downtrend, whereas the rates of grains , Gold, Silver and Rice can see upsurge. Intraday traders should be cautious as Stock market can suddenly change the direction of the trend around 17th. Bearish volatile movements in the Indices may be noticed from 23rd to 26th. The demand of Silver will see downtrend on 28th .


Mercury will conjoin Sun in Hasta-nakshatra on 2nd. Indices are likely to move Northwads, after brief volatility. Venus will also join Mercury & Sun in Virgo sign on 9th. Bullion sentiments will turn Bullish. The planet of abundance Jupiter will set in the West. The reduction in supply will cause demand, hence the stock market & especially textile stocks will set Bullish tone. From 14th to 17th, Bearish reactions can shake the confidence of the investors. Donít buy the stocks in one go, but buy in staggered form to take advantage of fallen rates (Buy on dips !) . Saturn will re-enter Moola nakshatra, Sagittarius sign on 26th and will form Square aspect with Mars . The stocks of Plywood , Sugar , Grains and Crude will see uptrend.


Venus will enter Libra sign on the 2nd and conjoin with Sun and Jupiter. Gold, Turmeric and Crude price will see demand . Bullions will witness increase in supply on 4th, due to Mercuryís entry in Anuradha nakshatra. The lord of abundance Jupiter will rise in East on 7th. Demand of Gold will rise . Spread of rumours can produce volatility on 8th . Sun will enter Sagittarius sign on 16th and will conjoin Mercury. Sudden upsurge in F&O segment can surprise the traders . Intraday traders should be careful on 20th, as volatility can hit stoploss orders. Bullish trend will raise the indices level from 24th. FMCG stocks will be in demand from 26th.


Mercury is getting Retrograde in Sagittarius on 3rd . This phenomenon is likely to change the existing trend. Saturn will set on the 5th in Moola nakshatra. The rates of Wool, Sugar , Jaggery, Sesame and Coconut will see North direction .Short term traders! beware! the trend may change abruptly around 15th .Mercury is setting in the East on 18th. Cotton and Textiles stocks will see downtrend, then sudden upsurge will take traders for surprise. Venus will enter Moola nakshtra on 20th and conjoin with Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius sign. Investorsí buying interest will take the indices to higher levels. The trend of the Indices is likely to be reversed on 22nd Dec . Stock market will see range bound trend in the last week of the year.


These inferences are purely based on planetary conditions. Neither the editor/publisher, nor the author is responsible for any loss. These astrological inferences are neither an invitation nor a suggestion / recommendation to trade in the Stock Market. Consult the Registered Financial Advisor, before investing.

Reference -

Vyapar Ratna by Pt.Hardev Sharma Trivedi


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