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Jupiter's Bounty from Libra
By Dr. T. R. S. Raghavan

12 Sept. 2017ó11 Oct. 2018

Details of Jupiter's Movements in Libra 2017-2018
Jupiter enters Libra on 12th September 2017. Gets Combust and Sets in West on 12 October 2017. Heliacally Rises in the East on 6th November 2017. Enters Swati Star on 14th October 2017. Gets exact conjunction on 26th October 2017. Remains Combust till 6th November 2017. Enters Visakha Star on 16th December 2017. Moves in Retrograde motion on 11th March 2018. Gets into Direct motion on 11th July 2018. Leaves Libra on 11th October 2018.

ALL kinds of development, expansion, optimism and maturity are the domain of Jupiter. Exuberance comes naturally when Jupiter is well positioned in a birth chart. Job-holder seeking promotion needs support from Jupiter. Well aligned Jupiter in a birth chart and transit, leads to a strong position on financial front. A weak Jupiter means squeeze in inflow of money. Jupiterís aspect to the tenth house helps the person to rise in his profession. Jupiterís aspect to any house is more important than its placement in a Rasi. Jupiter is said to give good results, when it is in 2,5,7,9 and 11th houses from Janma Rasi (Moon sign). In other houses, it might give bad results. For example, when Jupiter is in the 3rd house, it aspects the 7th, 9th and 11th houses, and it will be beneficial to the native. Marriages will take place, even when Jupiter is in the 3rd house. This is my personal view, born out of experience. We should not come to hasty decision that Jupiter will bring only adverse results, when it is placed in (1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 from natal Moon.

Other major Transits in 2017-2018

Ketu moves to Capricorn on 9th September 2017 Dhanishta (2)
Rahu moves to Cancer on the same day Aslesha (4)
Saturn moves to Sagittarius on 26th October 2017 at 16hrs. Moola (1)
We have to study the characteristics of the Rasi (Moon Sign), Stars in the Rasi and the planets that transit that Rasi to know cumulative the effects of the transit of the planet.

Libra (Tula) is a Cardinal (Chara), airy and positive sign owned by Venus. Jupiter is the owner of Fiery (Sagittarius) and Watery (Pisces) signs. It is the planet of expansion, optimism and maturity. Libra is between Jupiterís debilitation (Capricorn) and exaltation (Cancer) Rasis. Jupiter is considered to be the most beneficent of all the planets, and its influence promotes expansion, gathering knowledge, teaching, wealth, Children and their progress and spiritual growth.

The prospects for growth in relationships and financial expansion are favorable during Jupiterís transit in Libra. The good effects are obstructed by its square aspects to Ketu and Rahu. They move to the next sign, three days before Jupiterís transit to Libra.

General Mundane Trends

Jupiter, the controller of finance, will be in square to Rahu and Ketu and hence there will be fluctuations in Share market. Price of Gold and costly materials will rise. Problems related to Law and Order will persist. But Jupiter aspects the 12th house of our countryís chart and hence Indiaís relations with neighbouring countries will get affected. As it aspects the 2rd house of our National chart financial stability will grow. New astronomical discoveries, accidents in air travel etc. are indicated. Earthquakes, cyclones and floods are also foreseen in September, October and November.

Predictions and Remedies for 12 Rasi Individuals
Lal-kitab Remedies contributed by Rajeev K. Khattar


MESHA (Aries):
(Aswini, Bharani and Krittika (1))

(Jupiter in the 7th, Rahu in the 4th; Ketu in the 10th, Saturn in the 9th from 26 October 2017 ).

Those who are born in this Rasi will be assertive and aggressive and ready to face any difficulty in life to achieve their ambition in life. Like the Ram, they are steadfast in their goal. They are active and inspirational; radical in thought and action; but not amenable to reason.

Family : Home environment will cause unnecessary worries and anxieties to the native. He will neither have mental peace nor happiness either at home or outside. He must be cautious in his speech and writing. Disagreement with wife, partners and elders will arise and get settled soon. Siblings will be prosperous and help the native.

Finance : The native will feel the financial burden during this period. Friends and relatives will hesitate to render him physical or financial help. The native may find it difficult to borrow or to clear loans borrowed. He is advised not to indulge in speculation and gambling. He has to work hard to earn his living.

Career : Loss of job or change of Job or harassment by Government will vex the mind. There will be fear of incarceration. Some will be dragged into litigation. Some will lose confidence. You are advised to practise patience.

Health : The health of the native will get affected owing to bile and intestine problem. Chest pain owing to wind (Vata) will give him some problem. Physical injury or humiliation from others should be guarded against. Acute ailments on shoulders will turn to be chronic, if not attended to at the early stage. The eyes, the knees and feet will be seats of trouble.

Women : Troubles will arise from partners in general and life partner in particular, if Dasa and Bhukti are not good. Working women will have trouble at their work spot. They are advised to hold their tongues to avoid any trouble later. They are advised to take care of their health also, as they at times will get health problems peculiar to women.

Students : Students must be careful in their studies. They will easily forget what they have learnt. They must train themselves to express clearly and lucidly without any ambiguity. They may lack expression both in speech and writing. Students who aspire for higher studies must work hard to get success in their effort. They will have difficulty to persue higher studies; there will be delays, if not complete disappointment.

Birth Star Predictions

Aswini : The effects will be neutral till 14th Oct. 2017; it will be good till 16th Dec.2017 and then bad. Those born in Aswini will have occupational problems and difficulty in domestic atmosphere. They are advised to avoid quick and rash decision. Control of tongue is very necessary. They are advised to be careful during land travel.

Bharani : Saturn is favourably placed. The natives, though have to face delays and disappointments in their undertakings, will overcome them in the end. Guru is favourable. They are advised to control their expenses on furnishing their house or apartment, with luxurious articles. Extravagance will land them into troubles.

Krittika (1) : Jupiter in the 7th is not wholly unfavourable . Saturn in the 9th is in the Sathaka Tara (favourable star). Unexpected help will bring peace and comfort to those born in this star. They are advised to take care of Chest, lungs, liver, abdomen and blood circulation. Abscess in the body should be checked.

Vedic Remedies : Chant Aditya Hridayam daily. Worship Lord Shiva or Narasimha for peace and happiness. Distribute of alms and Red/Black/Blue clothes to the poor and the lame on Tuesdays or Saturdays to minimise the evil influences of the malefic planets (Saturn, Rahu and Ketu).

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Worship Lord Shiva.
Do not wear Beads Rosary, around your neck.


Krittika (2,3,4), Rohini and Mrigasira (1 & 2)

Jupiter in the 6th; Saturn in the 8th from 26th October 2017; Rahu in the 3rd; Ketu in the 9th

Though skilled and obstinate like the Bull, the natives of Taurus (Vrishabha) are advised to be careful this year in all matters. Saturn in the 8th and Ketu in the 9th will hinder their progress. Jupiter in the 6th is not good. But its aspects to 10th, 12th and 2nd houses will help the natives to overcome occupational, financial problems. They will have to spend on auspicious occasions. Problems connected with siblings and children will arise occasionally. Jupiterís transit will give neutral results.

Family : Home atmosphere will vex the mind of the native. The natives will suffer from ailments, if not attended at the right time, ailments will become chronic. Relationship with brothers/brothersĖin- law will become strained. The native must be careful in his speech, writing and standing on sureties for others. Servants and attendants will disrespect him.

Finance : Financial strain will be overcome to a certain extent, but not wholly. The natives of this Rasi will be tempted to spend a good amount of their hard-earned money on something that will turn to futile in the end. They are advised to be careful before taking any big financial decisions, particularly in Share trading.

Health : Ill health and trouble from others will torture the mind of the Taurus natives this year. Physical ill health and headache will cause worries to the natives. At times, they will suffer from unusual hunger and appetite. Saturn aspects 10th , 2nd and 5th houses from the 8th, and it is not good for health, comfort, conveyances, prospects and progress in general. They are susceptible to diseases like enlargement of liver, heart diseases and congestion of kidneys.

Career : Change of job, loss of job or transfer to unknown place will take place. The native will lose self courage and confidence. He has to face delays or at times disappointments also in his efforts. Better to be careful against loss of self-respect and humiliation. He will be forced to undertake unwanted and aimless travels. He is advised to focus on his job security. This is the period, when the employer and employee should feel at ease to avoid any itch.

Women : Women born in Taurus should avoid unnecessary arguments with their partners in general and life partners in particular. There may arise occasions to think of separation. They should guard themselves against any ailments that are peculiar to women. Women who are in the family way should be careful till child birth. Some will have to undergo caesarian operation. Unpleasantness will cause disturbances in mind. It is said that Jupiter will not favour marriage and give only malefic results when it is in the 6th house. But bachelors and Spinsters will get married as Jupiter aspects the 12th and 2nd houses from the 6rd house.

Students : Students will have ample opportunities to pursue higher studies with difficulty. This is the period when they can reveal their hidden talents and achieve their goals with great effort. They must be clear in expression and lucid in writing. Innovations in some specialized fields will be successful for some, only after hard and strenuous effort. They should be careful about their friends who will sometime betray them.Students will have ample opportunities to pursue higher studies with difficulty. This is the period when they can reveal their hidden talents and achieve their goals with great effort. They must be clear in expression and lucid in writing. Innovations in some specialized fields will be successful for some, only after hard and strenuous effort. They should be careful about their friends who will sometime betray them.

Birth Star Predictions

Krittika (2,3,4) : When Jupiterís sojourns in Chitra (till 14th October), it will give rise to health problems connected with bile (pitta). Shoulders will be the seat of trouble. Gardening activities will bring wonderful nutrients into the body and will be a pleasant thing to share with others. Medical help will become necessary in certain cases, when Dasa bhuktis are not good. From 15th October 2018 to 16th December 2018, things will be better and favourable to the native.

Rohini : Those who are born in Rohini are advised to be careful in their communication, signing important documents and standing on sureties for others. They must try to avoid legal proceedings. Their health will get affected, owing to skin allergy or enlargement of glands. They should be careful about their honour and reputation.

Mrigasira (1, 2) : Those born in Mrigasira should take care of their health, particularly their upper right limb. General health and health of children will become a major problem. This is not a good period for any compromise or agreement to enter upon. Relation with partners will at times be unpleasant.

Vedic remedies : Taurus natives must strive to conquer the attachments to worldly things. Worship of the deities Hanuman, Sani, Sukra or Venugopala will help the natives get peace and tranquility. White clothes and milk could be given in alms to the poor, needy and children. Light ghee lamps on Fridays and Tuesdays at the shrine of Goddess Durga, Sukra or Goddess Lakshmi.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Donate dried Turmeric to the priest in any temple.
Be a pure vegetarian.


Mrigasira (3,4) Arudra, Punarvasu (1,2,3)


Jupiter in the 5nd; Saturn in the 7th from 26 Oct. 2017; Rahu in the 2nd; Ketu in the 8th.

Gemini natives are fond of change. They are highly intellectual and deductive, but mostly they build castles in the air. They are vociferous and desirous to be communicative.

Family : The native will get all benefits during Jupiterís transit in the 5th house. Expansion in the family and acquisition of property will take place. The native will be respected by all. His words will carry weight. Occasionally, peace in the family will get disturbed. Problems will arise between partners. Second, Seventh and Eighth houses are occupied by malefics, though Jupiter is in the fifth. It is in square aspects to Rahu and Ketu. Hence, problems will persist in all spheres of life. However, Jupiterís aspects to 9th, 11th and 1st houses will confer courage to face and overcome all hurdles in life.

Finance : The native will find it difficult to make both ends meet during this year. He must be a little more serious about monetary aspect. Unnecessary and extravagant expenses will bother. Better to be careful in his borrowing and lending. Sometimes, easy flow of money is dangerous also.

Career : The courage and confidence of the native will increase and he will be bold to tackle all problems and impediments in life. Chances are there for the native to go abroad or to get help from foreign countries. He will overcome all opponents and obstructions in life. He will enjoy all comforts and conveniences during this year, if Dasa and Bhukti periods are good. Those who are unemployed will get employment. Chances for promotion or change for better position are predicted. However, the native is warned to be cautious about unknown and hidden enemies in life.

Health : Jupiterís aspect to the Moon sign Gemini ensures good health. But, Rahu in the 2nd, Ketu in the 8th will create problems related to health. They should guard against any injury, caused by accidents. If Dasa and Bhukti are not good, they will be hospitalized for some time. Awareness about the surroundings will help the native enjoy life better. He should protect himself against skin allergy.

Women : Spinsters will stand a chance of getting married. A few married women will be blessed with a child. Working women will face some embarrassing problems at their work-spot. Some will get disturbed sleep, owing to bad dreams. Their health and the health of their spouse will get affected, owing to wind (vata) and cold(kapha). Pregnant women should be careful to avoid any miscarriage.

Students : It is a good time for students to come out in flying colours. They should keep the mind sharp to achieve their goal. They should think of what their life is currently lacking and try to discover an interesting way of learning more about what they need. They should be clear both in their speech and writing. They should avoid any ambiguity.

Birth Star Predictions :

Mrigasira: (3,4) : Hard and sincere work is necessary for success in life. The natives of this star should be careful about their friends and in money matters. They will at times stand the chance of losing either friendship or money or both. Occupational success, promotion or a favorable transfer is seen after 14th October 2017. But they should be careful about their health.

Arudra : All financial matters will crop up, after October 2017. Health will get affected owing to indigestion, cold, or even food poisoning. The natives are advised to be careful in their food habits. A few will be betrayed by their friends. Loss of wealth or theft in the house is predicted.

Punarvasu (1,2,3) : Those born in this star should protect their economy, tactfully, otherwise they will land into financial problems. Trading in stocks and shares should be deftly handled, to avoid any financial loss. Health is also to be taken care of as cold and indigestion will upset the body. Occupational problems, sudden and unexpected transfer to unwanted place will worry the mind of the natives.

Vedic Remedies : Prayers to Mercury, the Rasi lord, on Wednesdays will do good to the natives. Bengal gram or Horse gram and Green/multi-coloured clothes can be given to the needy on Wednesdays. Hanuman Chalisa can be recited daily.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Not to take anything free from anybody.
Read Vishnu stothras regularly.



Punarvasu (4), Pushya, Aslesha


Jupiter in the 4th Saturn in the 6th house from 26 October 2017. Rahu in the 1st and Ketu.

Cancerians are fond of ease and comfort. Their mind is always active, as the waves on the ocean. They are homely in their habits and attached to their family. They are influenced greatly by surroundings. They have a tendency to take an evasive path, when hurt.

Family : Jupiter is in the fourth house, the house of local environment. It is the house of comfort. Rahu is in the first house. Saturn is in the 6th house which will give confidence to the natives. Childrenís health and education will vex the mind of the natives. Besides, their health will also get affected. They will have troubles with children. Their unpleasant speech will affect their relations to a great extent. They are advised to keep a check on their verbal or written communications, as chances of being misunderstood will be on the higher side.

Finance : Jupiterís transit to the fourth house is not good in any way. But, it aspects the 8th, 10th and 12th houses. The natives will get the benefits of theses houses. Money from unknown sources or legacy, occupational success or promotion and foreign contacts are predicted. This is not a good time for speculation, shares and stock or lottery. Their expenses will be very high. They should pay attention to reduce their debts and avoid expenses on unnecessary luxury items.

Career : In the career-field, the natives would find it difficult to do everything alone. Team work and cooperative endeavours would do them good. They must side-line the occasional hindrances caused by coworkers and authorities. Patience is the most required thing for them as their subordinates may not be as cooperative as they are expected to be. Businessmen should be careful in expanding their business, as Jupiter and Saturn aspect their eighth house. Property developers are to be cautious, as they will find sluggishness in their business. Business travels will be successful.

Health : The natives of Cancer should be careful about their health. They will be passing through some stressful situation which would affect them largely. Some nervous break-downs, worries and anxieties will bother their body, mind and the spirit. They are advised to meditate and pacify their mind. They should relax as much as possible from their routine to prevent any break down.

Women : Lovers will find a difficult period to get their desire fulfilled. Disagreement between partners will arise. Deft handling of the issue is necessary. Working women will face some embarrassing problems at their work-place. They must pay attention to the health of their partners as well as of their children. Women in the family-way should be careful. Misunderstandings might arise between the partners.

Students : There would be some delays and hindrances for those who aspire for higher education. But the grace of God and sincere hard-work will give good results. Those in the school level of studies would find the sailing smooth. However, those aspiring for higher studies would feel the pinch. Some setbacks are in store around the middle of the year.

Birth Star Predictions :

Punarvasu (4) : The natives born in Punarvasu will face many difficulties, sorrow, loss of money and worries. Illness is also indicated. A little amount of relief will be found, before the transit of Jupiter to the 5th house. However, results will be moderate. The natives are advised to be careful in their communication both oral and written and in standing for surety. On the whole, it is not a pleasant period for them.

Pushya : Risky speculative activities should be avoided. Transit of both Jupiter and Saturn in malefic or neutral constellations is not wholly good. Transits of Rahu and Ketu are also not favourable. Fear of illness or illness and worries will dominate the mind of the natives. Health hazards are predicted. Family, finance, children and health should be taken care of.

Aslesha : Saturnís transit in Moola star will cause illness and worries to the natives of this star. Though Jupiter transits in a favourable constellation, Rahu in Janma Rasi will check the good effects of Jupiter. The cancerians are advised not to take up any big projects during this period. They should be careful, while travelling or driving. Careful and cautious speculative activities should be attempted. They should avoid any new venture this year. Eyes, throat and teeth are the seats of trouble. They should guard their honour and self -respect.

Vedic Remedies : Worship Divine Mother in any form-Lakshmi, Durga or Eshwari (Parvathi). Recitation of Durga Stothra or Durga Sukta is good. Archana to the goddess on Tuesdays or Fridays will give mental peace. They can distribute milk to poor children on Mondays; White clothes can also be given to the poor and the needy. Perform Milk abhishekam to Shiva Linga.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Not to share your financial problems with others.
Wear Red colour vest.


LEO (Simha) :
Makha, Poorvaphalguni and Uttaphalguni (1)


Jupiter in the 3rd; Saturn in the 5th from 26 Oct.í17; Rahu in the 12th; Ketu in the 6th

Those who are born in this Rasi (Leo) will be stately, proud, very possessive and inspirational. They are large-minded, powerful, strong, loving and determined, to achieve their goals in life. They will be capable of guiding others. Their destiny will bring them to the front.

Family : There will be problems in the family. Chances of separation from the family owing to transfer or change of job is foreseen. Some will face enmity of relatives. Partnerís health will trouble the mind of the native. Worries connected with children will trouble the natives.

Finance : Natives of this Rasi will find it difficult to make both ends meet during this year. They are advised not to borrow indiscriminately to meet the increased expenses. They should be careful in their speculative and gambling activities. Danger of theft of valuables is also predicted. Finance is the most hazardous area for these people. However, they are advised to think positively to overcome the stress and strain in life during this period. Loss of all comforts, and loss of lands and estates are also foreseen. They would become puppets in the hands of destiny. They should be very careful, if they stand on surety to others.

Career : Impediments in business and profession are seen. The enemies will conspire against the natives of this Rasi. Some have to face hindrances in every effort. There will be troubles during travels. They should guard themselves against Government penalty and mental tension. But chances of exhibiting their creative talents will make them thrive in their chosen job. Mutual trust and positive acknowledgements will allow the natives to succeed at their career-front. Their ability to be social and interactive will bring them success. They are born victims to praise or flattery. It is important for them to praise others and make them feel happy, at times. Let them not bother too much about othersí opinions says during this time. This is the best way to keep calm and live in peace. Let them take interest in spiritual as well as religious activities, to feel quite better.

Health : The natives of this Rasi should be careful about their health. Rheumatic pains will bring discomfort to them. Tension and worries at the workspot will also affect their health. They should guard against stomach problems. Throat and eyes would become centres of problems. Indigestion owing to over-eating will be the cause of stomach ailments. The natives must realize that both mental and physical balance will help them a lot during this period. Most of them will like to be away from people, in solitude.

Women : Women of this Rasi should be careful about the health of their life-partners and children. Women employees will face problems at their work-spot. They may have to deal with intolerant people. Their subordinates will be a little revolting against them.
Their health will also get affected. A few will have uterus trouble. Proper check-ups will do them good. Women in the family way should take extra care about their health.

Students : Students aspiring for higher education and research will succeed, after some difficulty. They will gain good knowledge and new information in their studies. This is the time for them to realize the hidden potentialities in them. Even hard and sincere work at times will bring them disappointment; never mind! They must practise to improve their memory.

Birth Star Predictions :

Makha : Persons born in Makha will face auspicious expenses and foreign contacts. Some will have chances of going abroad. October to December will be a good time for them, as Jupiter transits in Swati. Saturnís sojourn in Moola will affect their health. Mixed results will be experienced by the natives.

Poorvaphalguni : Persons born in Poorvaphalguni will face problems, when Jupiter transits in Swati star, during October Ė December. Expansion in every walk of life is expected, after December. Desires will be fulfilled. Only moderate benefits will be seen after October. They have to take care of their health. Unexpected expenses will upset the mind of the natives. Unexpected transfers or even a foreign trip is foreseen for a few. Those, whose Dasa and Bhukti periods are not good, will have a bad time this year.

Uttraphalguni (1) : Jupiterís transit in Chitra and Saturnís transit in Moola will give mixed results to the natives of this star. They will feel that everything is beyond their control and lose confidence. But they will overcome all problems, by divine grace. They are advised not to indulge in Share trade and gambling.

Vedic Remedies : Yellow or Orange clothes may be distributed to the poor. Wheat should be donated to vedic pundits. Jaggery rice may be offered to the Sun. Aditya Hridayam can be recited. Worship at Suryanar temple or Dhakshinamoorthi or Shiva temple on Thursdays/Sundays. Offer a mixture of rice and milk to a cow.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Worship Goddess Durga with sincere devotion.
Treat your guests respectfully.


Uttraphalguni (2, 3, 4), Hasta, Chitra (1,2)


Jupiter in the 2nd; Saturn in the 4th from 26 October 2017; Rahu in the 11th; Ketu in the 5th.

Those born in this Rasi (Virgo) will be deductive and practical. They will reap the harvest of personal experience. This sign stands for purity, chastity and refinement. They are critical and detailed in all works. They will take life seriously. They will aim at a dignified accomplishment of things. They are desirous of being continuously active and energetic. They aim at the service of humanity on the physical plane as well as in the spiritual lines. They constantly seek for perfection and thoroughness.

Family : There will be harmony in the family. Comforts and luxurious living will make the natives of this Rasi enjoy health, wealth and prestige. However, they must take extra care of their health. Sons, relatives and persons from Government will not be cordial towards you. Auspicious occasions will bring joy to the family. Some will enjoy aristocratic life during this period. Jupiter is to now move through the second house, linked with finance and family among other things. This transit of Jupiter will cause increase in domestic expenses, which will be met somehow. Encouraging monetary gains are to accrue for you.

Finance : Generally, the natives of this Rasi are known for their saving tendency for the future. They are to be careful in establishing stability in the financial front, though Jupiter is in the second. It is time to start thinking about what would be important to invest in. Chances for the purchase of immovable property are also there. Careful trading on shares and stocks will be advantageous for those whose DasaĖBhukti periods are good.

Career : Promotion in service and expansion in business are indicated to a few. Success in all efforts is seen. Enemies will be vanquished. Those who are unemployed will get employment. There is scope for development of confidence and courage. The natives will be pulled in several directions and hence advised to learn self-discipline to focus in one area. They are not always career oriented. They are suited for research and scientific inventions. Writing and publishing will bring the laurels. They will be very creative and well-suited for intelligent position. They will be good at planning.

Health : The natives of this sign need to worry much about their health, though they are always good at maintaining their well-being. They know what the body needs, in order to survive. However, they should be careful about the health of their partners. At times, they will suffer from headaches. Indigestion will cause health problems. The natives are advised to keep the intestine and stomach clean, to avoid the risk of food poisoning. Negligence will lead to chronic sufferings.

Women : Married women of this Rasi should take all precautions about their health as well as that of their partners. At times, they are prone to ailments peculiar to women. A few will be hospitalized. Those who are in the family way should be careful and should consult the doctor periodically. Those whose Dasas and Bhukti periods are bad should seek for remedial cures. Sincere prayers will ward off all evil effects of the planets. Women employees will have problems at work-spot. Some of them will get transfer also, much against their wish.

Students : Students aspiring for higher studies should work hard, as they are prone to forget what they had studied. Some of them will lack quick-wit to tackle problems. They will feel that their progress is very slow and thereby lose confidence in themselves. Saturn in the 3rd had been causing some obstruction in their communication skill. Prayers to Ganesha will give them confidence to overcome obstacles in the educational progress.

Birth Star Predictions :

Uttraphalguni (2,3,4) : Rahuís transit in Aslesha will be unfavourable. Sudden and unexpected things will happen and disturb the peace of the native at home environment. Siblings will not be helpful. The natives will become pessimistic in their attitude. They must face the problems, which may arise from partners and co-workers at the work spot, with confidence.

Hasta : Rahuís transit in Aslesha promises promotion or transfer with additional responsibility. They are advised to be alert, while driving or travelling. Physical injury is possible. They are advised not to stand on surety to anyone.

Chitra (1, 2) : The natives will turn to be pessimistic and lose confidence. They will have to travel frequently. Sudden and unexpected occurrences will often upset the mind of the natives. They will always be in a fix. Saturn in the fourth house and its transit in Moola star will not help the natives to overcome all obstacles. Expenditure will increase and the health will also deteriorate. Hence, it will be wise to work with patience and intelligence

Vedic Remedies : Worship and prayers to Mercury will help the natives to overcome all obstacles in their way of progress. Lord Vishnu or Lord of the Seven Hills can also be worshipped. Green Dhal and Green clothes can be distributed to the poor on Wednesdays. For any ailments, Lord Dhanvantri, an Incarnation of Lord Vishnu can be worshiped. Watering the Peepal tree and visiting a Shiva temple nearby regularly will also be beneficial to redress the sufferings.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Not to give unsolicited advice.
Donate food to the poor, whenever possible.


LIBRA (Tula)
Chitra 3,4, Swati, Visakha 1, 2, 3

Jupiter in the 1st; ; Saturn in the 3rd from 26 Oct. 2017; Rahu in the 10th; Ketu is in the 4th.

Those born in this Rasi (Libra) are active, intellectual and dreamy. They must stop building castles in the air. They are amorous, sweet and tempered. They are bound to collate, choose and adjust. They will try to be judicious and impartial. Partners will play a prominent role in the nativeís career. They will regard life from the standpoint of justice. They will have a tendency to become more and more equable and artistic, affable and courteous. They will have the ability to maintain balance in life. They are noted for their all round capacity rather than specialization. Justice in all things will be their motto. They should be cautious, not to be overambitious.

Family : Separation from family, owing to unexpected transfers, is indicated to a few. The health of children will get affected. Depression would overcome as confidence is shaken. The desires will remain unfulfilled. Disagreement among the kith and kin will vex the mind of the natives. There will be frequent disputes among the members of the family. The health of the life-partner will be affected. Saturn in the 3rd house will inflict untold misery on the native, regarding their siblings. Sani in the third house will give courage and confidence to the natives to face all difficulties.

Finance : Financial problems will pester the mind of the native. The native will face disgrace and degradation in status. He will be held responsible for misappropriation at work place. All endeavours will go in vain. But, Income from many sources is foreseen. There are chances of getting immovable property and foreign travels.

Career : The natives are advised to take life and activity a little more serious than usual.. They have to focus on the reality of life to take better decisions. Unexpected transfers to some will disturb the mind of the natives. This is the time for them to take decisions on important issues. Removal of negative energy at work will help the natives to overcome the obstacles.

Health : Many ills will affect the natives of this Rasi. Diseases of phlegm will trouble the native. They will be able to understand their body signs and will make improvements, when needed. Eye troubles to some are indicated. Relaxation of both body and mind is necessary. Practice of Yoga under proper guidance will help to some extent. Sickness will be cured and improvement in health will be noticed, as months pass by.

Women : Employed women will get transfer and will be forced to be away from the family. Their health will also get affected. Their home environment will be disturbed. Petty quarrels and disputes between the couples will disturb the peace at home. They are cautioned to control their emotions and to be careful in their utterances. Things will be better, when Jupiter moves to the 11th house. However, they should be careful, as Rahu is in the 10th (Cancer) and Saturn in the 3rd (Sagittarius). Financially, they may find it difficult to make both ends meet. They need to be a little stingy.

Students : Students of this Rasi are prone to forget things that they have learnt. They must concentrate on their studies, instead of letting their mind wander over unnecessary details. Though they are intelligent, lack of expression both in speech and writing will retard their progress in the field of educational attainments. Group study and group discussions will help a few to overcome their weakness in studies. Meetings and discussions with experienced people will pay high dividends to them. They are sure to get positive results. They must put more efforts for the pursuit of higher studies.

Birth Star Predictions :

Chitra( 3,4) : All efforts will turn futile, as Jupiter is in Janma rasi. Sudden and unexpected delays or failure will trouble the mind of the natives. No harm in aiming high at the skies, but they must place their feet firm on the ground to succeed. This is a period of ups and downs in their life. Saturn in Moola will give them courage and confidence to face difficult situations in life.

Swati : Persons born in this star will have a difficult time, as Saturn traverses in Moola. Janma Guru is also not favourable. Expenses will be beyond oneís control. A few will fall ill owing to indigestion, intestine disorders and excess of bile secretion. If Dasas-bhukti periods are unfavourable, a few will be admitted to the hospital. The ills will only be passing clouds, beyond which shines the bright sun.

Visakha (1, 2, 3) : Persons born in this constellation will have occupational worries. The cruel grip of fate will be loosened and the natives will breathe the fresh air of achievement between October and December. Then again, difficulties may arise. Sudden and unexpected expenses will haunt the mind of the natives. Income will also shrink. Health will also be affected a little.

Vedic Remedies : Worship and prayers to Sukra, Mahalakshmi, Durga or Rajarajeswari will help the natives to overcome all obstacles in their way of progress. Lord Vishnu in the reclining posture at Srirangam, Trichi District, considered to be Sukra Kshetra, can also be worshipped. Durga Suktam and Durga Sapta Sati can also be recited. Beans (Cow gram) and White clothes can be distributed to the poor on Fridays.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Wear a Gold chain around the neck.
Be humble and down-to-earth.



SCORPIO (Vrischika)
Visakha (4), Anuradha, Jyeshta

Jupiter in the 12th ; Saturn in the 2nd from 26 October 2017; Rahu in the 9th Ketu in the 3rd

Highly possessive and greatly emotional are those born in this Rasi. They are known for their deeds, rather than for their words. Though born in a Fixed sign, their mind will always be wavering as ripples in a water-body. They will aim at a life of discipline, regeneration and liberation from all demoralizing, disintegrating and limitation factors of their environment. They are interested in movements of progress and reform. A few will be capable of spiritual achievement. They are cunning and subtle. They are able to see and understand the beauty in the world. They are shy in the beginning or get lost in their emotions.

Family : Saturn in the 2nd and Jupiter in the 12th will not make the home atmosphere calm and peaceful. There will be disputes and disagreement between couples. Worries about the siblings will be there. Health of the children will keep occupying the mind.

Finance : Generally, Saturn in the second is not good for finances. Financial security and business responsibilities are the key notes of this transit. But, financial losses and draining of assets depend on mental makeup. The native will acquire wealth through hard work and economizing his financial matters. It will be a lesson to learn how to handle financial affairs in future. Jupiterís sextile aspect to the second house will help the native to overcome financial difficulties. Handle matters related to finance with utmost care. Avoid speculation-oriented activities strictly.

Career : Career-wise, it is not as good as it should be. Rahu in the 10th will give some problems at workfield. They must stand up for what they feel right, though impediments startle them. They will show others the importance of team spirit and team work. They will develop a positive attitude to life. Sometimes, they will feel their job to be difficult or boring. They have to overcome the obstacles with a will. They will have chances to get transfer or visit a foreign land on business. The last leg of Sade-sati will definitely do them some good.

Health : There will be eye problems for some. There will be deterioration in health. Some will be affected by mucus and shleshma (Kapha) rogas. The health of their children will also be affected. Fear of danger to life will haunt the minds of the natives. A few will suffer from food poisoning. They should guard themselves against chronic diseases. Health will be a major problem to the natives of this Rasi.

Women : Women of this Rasi must take extra care of the health of their life-partners. Their childrenís health and education will get affected. Working women will have difficulties at work-place. They have to be very careful, when they work with fuels. Married women in their family way should be careful. A few married women will have uterus problem and difficulty in conceiving. Abortion and malfunctioning of ovaries will affect their heath much. Skin eruptions around stomach will become a cause of worry.

Students : Students will get positive results, after hard work. Students of business studies will shine. Those seeking admission to higher courses have to face some difficulty .Sincere and hard work alone will get them the desired result. A few will get admission to courses in modern sciences. Students may not be able to remain focused, owing to distractions around. In turn, students may not make the desired progress.

Birth Star Predictions :

Visakha (4) : Expenses will go out of control. Money expected might not reach at the right time. Jupiter, while transiting Janma Nakshatra will affect their health. Some will stand to lose honour, respect and popularity. Religious and spiritual activities will preoccupy the minds of the natives. They are advised to be careful, when they stand surety to others.

Anuradha : Saturn transiting in Moola star will give mental worries, which will be acutely felt this year. Siblings will not be helpful. Children will be slow in their studies. Prospects will be delayed. Saturn in the Moola star will create problems in family, finance, speech and eye sight.

Jyeshta : Difficulties at the career-front will dampen the spirits of the natives. Health will become a major problem. Intestine, nerves and stomach will be seats of worry. Diet regulations must be strictly followed. Untimely food and no exercise will make the body rigid. Some will have enlargements of glands, which, if not attended to properly at the right time, will lead to chronic ailments.

Vedic Remedies: Worship of Lord Kartikeya will bring some relief to the natives. Prayers to Maheshwara will ward off all evils and protect the natives. Hanuman may also be worshipped, with Hanuman chalisa for protection from enemies and diseases. Worship of Lord Narasimha or Sudharshna also can nullify the bad effects. Offer Toor Dhal and Red clothes to the poor on Tuesdays. Throw peanuts nuts to monkey.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Every Thursday, pour water onto the roots of a Peepal tree.
Not to furnish false evidence for anyone.



DHANUS (Sagittarius) :
Moola, Poorvashada, Uttarashada (1)

Jupiter in the 11th; Saturn in the 1st from 26 Oct.2017; Rahu in the 8th; Ketu in the 2nd.

Sagittarius is the symbol of effort and enthusiasm. Deductive and inspirational are those that are born in this Rasi. They are fond of sports and external pleasures. They always aim at the highest though they may fail in many attempts. They are interested in philosophy. They aspire for a lofty ideal. They are rebellious but jovial and optimistic. They are hopeful of providential assistance. They will experience the dualistic extremes of fortune and misfortune.

Family : Home environment will cause unnecessary worries and anxieties to the natives of this Rasi. They will be disliked by others. They have to face opposition from all angles. Friends may even turn to be their bitter enemies. They should try to learn to control their negative feelings. They should guard their tongues.

They will neither have mental peace nor happiness either at home or outside. Disagreement with wife, partners and elders, and separation from family will add more worries and disturb the mental peace. They will have untimely meals and disturbed sleep. Help will come from brothers and brothers in-law.

Finance : The natives do not pay too much attention to their finances. They will spend to enjoy the finer things in life. It would be wise to prepare for the future financially. Patience is the key word for all financial stability, harmony and peace at home. Success in all efforts and relief from all difficulties will be there. Expenses will outweigh the income. However, those will be auspicious expenses only They will not enjoy the comforts, convenience and conveyance as they desire. Loss of money through speculation, horse race, gambling and lending is also predicted. Some of them will get implicated in litigation. They must guard themselves against enemies.

Career : The natives of this Rasi would want to become more comfortable in their work- area. They should be deft in their work to gain more power. They should learn the art of adjusting and accommodating with co-workers and subordinates. Periodical review of their work will help them a lot to succeed in their career. By nature, they are born to climb the ladder of life. They want to have control over every aspect of their lives, a weakness indeed. Co-workers at work-spot will give them trouble.

Health : The natives will be preoccupied with the world around them that they may forget or find no time to take care of their health. This will lead to deterioration of health. Chest pain owing to wind and Cold will affect them. They will sometimes get affected by liver complaints or stomach upset or heart ailments. Fear of accidents and suffering from incurable diseases to a few will worry the natives. A feeling of insecurity will rise in them which will affect their health. But, things will come round in favour of the natives, as Jupiter aspects (Sextile Aspect) Saturn in the Janma rasi.

Women : Women born in this Rasi will be bold, adventurous and masculine in speech, appearance, and behaviour. Women employees will get troubles from their masters, criticism from superiors, sudden transfers, and financial stress and strain. Saturn in the first house will cause health problems. Further, this is the time of sade sani and they will be under the grip of Saturn. They should be careful in their utterances. A few of them will have health problems owing to wind and Kapha. Enlargements of glands will also be there in a few cases. The health of their life partners will also get affected. If Dasas and Bukthis are good, the transit results will be moderate. They should refrain from unnecessary disputes or quarrels with their life partners to avoid separation.

Students : Instead of jumping into every opportunity that they come across, students should plan systematically and move things accordingly. It should not be mere planning, but planning must be followed by perfect execution. Stick to commitments is important. Hurdles and obstacles in the way of success will baffle them, but hard work and sincere perseverance will make them achieve their goal.

Birth Star Predictions :

Moola : Mixed results will be experienced by those born in this star. Jupiter in the 11th will help them to overcome obstacles and reward the natives in the end. They have to realize that there are no freebees in life, in order to overcome symptoms of disease. In a few cases, accidents and ailments will make them realize that they lack the necessary humility

Poorvashada : A few of the natives of this star will get indirect income and extra remuneration for work. Some will have a sudden revelation of secrets of life. Problems at work place will cause mental worries and anxieties. Purchase of new electrical or electronic household appliances will be there. However, Saturn in the 1st house will often give mental worries. Unexpected expenses will pinch the purse of the natives.

Uttarashada (1) : Home environment will be disturbed. Worries in the areas of comforts, convenience and conveyance will torment the minds of the natives. Troubles from unexpected quarters will also arise. But there will be a little consolation at work-place. Bad effects of sade-sati will be there; but they will be minimized by the sextile aspect of Jupiter from the 11th house. On the whole, the natives will have moderate results from the transits of planets.

Vedic Remedies : Lord Hayagreeva (God with Horse face) or Dhakshinamoorti can be worshipped. Thursdays will be good for worship. Offering of Bengal Gram, Ghee, Yellow silk clothes to the temple or to the poor will do good to the natives. Recitation of Hayagreeva slokas or Dhakshinamoortiís slokas will ward off the evil effects of the transits of planets. As the natives experience the effects of sade-sati, they are advised to propitiate Saturn (Sani) by offering black clothes and sesame rice to the poor on Saturdays.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Help and respect your father and Guru.
Keep Yellow-coloured handkerchief.



Uttarashada (2,3,4) Sravana, Dhanishta (1,2)

Jupiter is in the 10th; Saturn in the 12th from 26 Oct.2017 ; Rahu in the 7th; Ketu in the 1st.

The symbol of this sign is the front of a goat and the tail of a fish. It expresses the deep interior inexpressible extravagant ideality which is dominant in individuals born in this Rasi. They can go deep down into the depths of the ocean like a fish and like a goat climb the mountains of difficulty. Their common sense and practical ability will never desert them. Theirs is a life of suffering and success. It is a sign that tells of the evolution of personality through work and service. The natives of this Rasi are steadfast, patient and enduring.

Family : Jupiter in the 10th will not give good results. The home-environment will not be good during this period. The native will get worries from wife and children. Separation from family by transfer to unwanted places is indicated. Health of the children and wife will also worry the mind of the natives. They will lose confidence. Loss of property or someone dear to them is also indicated.

Finance : Multiple loss of income and damage to eatables and grains and essential material at nativeís possession are possible. Some loss through trade in shares and stocks is indicated. However, the natives are advised to be careful in all financial undertakings. The path of life might be asking for troubles. They should avoid purchasing anything new that they do not really need. They should build up a strong savings account. They should realize that money is not the only criterion for happiness. Along with this, it will be better if they think twice before investing anywhere. Lending and borrowing should be within limits.

Career : Success in business is not predicted. Jupiter in the 10th will give occupational troubles, transfers to unwanted places,difference of opinion with higher officials will be there. There will be foreign tours and some gains from them. If Dasa- Bukthis are not favorable, the native will become selfish and his motive will be only on money. Many will become jealous of the natives. They should look forward for ways to be positive on the work and business fronts amidst negative influences. They will be reliable and able to climb the career ladder quickly. Professional ambition and advancement of status are the key notes of this transfer. Inflated ego and domineering attitude will put the natives in conflicts with their superiors.

Health : The health of the natives will be affected by many ills. Eye diseases will be there. They will be affected by mucus and khapha. The health of life partners and children will also be affected. Fear of danger to life to one of the children is also predicted. If dasas and bukthis are not favourable, some of them will be hospitalized. Health and occupation would become the key notes of the natives during this transit.

Women : Married women will not be as happy as they expected. They should be careful about the health, finance and reputation of their life partner and children. Worries connected with their brothers and sisters will vex the mind of the natives. Working women will get promotion or transfer and be away from the family. Spinsters will get married. Married women in the family-way should take extra care of their health.

Students : Students will face a difficult period during this transit period. Success, particularly in education, in each of their endeavour will be the result of their hard, sincere work. They have to aspire for and sincerely try to achieve higher qualification in the field of education to contest and succeed in the sphere of their career development. They will lack the power of communication. They will find it difficult to exhibit their intellectual ability in full.

Birth Star Predictions

Uttarashada (2,3,4) : Uttarashada natives will get mixed results during this transit. They will get an opportunity to travel extensively. They will be interested in cultural and current trends in educational and philosophical spheres. They will be interested in foreign arts also. A few will have prophetic visions. Their health will generally be good; but sudden headaches and digestive disorders will worry them.

Sravana : Generally it is a good period for the people born in this star. Health will become a major issue. Bile, wind and kapha will be predominant in their body and ailments connected with these doshas will upset the mind of the natives. A few will get help from brothers and sisters. A few will invite miseries and troubles by their quick and hasty decisions.

Dhanishta (1, 2) : Foreign travels or contacts will favour a few. Those who are unemployed will get job opportunities. Jupiter in the 10th will not favour the natives to a great extent. Results will be only moderate. Careful and cautious approach in all endeavours is necessary.

Vedic Remedies :
One can please Sani only by oneís hard and sincere work. Donation of Black or Blue clothes to the poor or to the lame on Saturdays will be a sort of propitiating Sani. A pilgrimage to Tirumala will also do good. Also float six Coconuts with husk once in every four months. Maheshwara can also be worshipped on Pradosham days.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Be worldly wise, not to trust anybody blindly.
Feed Yellow colour sweets to the crows regularly.



KUMBHA (Aquarius) :
Dhanishta (3, 4), Satabisha, Poorvabhadra (1,2,3)

Jupiter in the 9th; Saturn in the 11th from 26th Octí. 17; Rahu in the 6th; Ketu in the 12th.

The natives born in this Rasi are highly possessive and greatly intellectual. The symbol of this sign is a pot (Kumbha) filled with water. A man pours water from the pot to the thirsty world. His ideals in life are the brotherhood of man and the betterment of human race. In fact, these natives are filled with humanitarianism. Water stands for knowledge. These people are by nature detached, scientific, intelligent and communicative. Humanism nourishes in Gemini, blossoms in Libra and bears fruits in Aquarius.

Family : A few will feel a breach within their relations with loved ones. Their bitter language could be one of the reasons for disputes. There will be quarrels and disagreements with wife and children. They should not engage in unnecessary arguments with others. They will have fear of enemies and difficulties. They will worry about the health of a member of their family. Separation from the family owing to transfer or change of job to a few is indicated. Lack of essentials in the family will be there. All these are due to Rahuís aspect to the second house, the house of family and finance. But Jupiterís aspect to the fifth house will cause the birth of a child in the family and improve the financial conditions to some extent.

Finance : If Dasa Bhuktis are not good, loss of wealth, health, profession and failure in all attempts are predicted. Lending and borrowing will land the natives into difficulties. Their conservative attitude towards money and possession will bring financial worries. A few will gain through corporate or joint venture. There will be sudden settlement of disputes over legacies and inheritances. Continuous pinpricking from enemies will trouble the mind of the native. Jupiterís move to the 9th will bring a bright sunshine in the financial aspect of the native.

Career : The natives of this Rasi will not simply sit at their work-desk and waste their time and energy. On the other hand, they would spend their time more intelligently to climb the ladder of career. They would gain success in business and benefits from partners. They will work with a sacred aim. They will gain from foreign tours and travels. Their ambition to achieve professional and career advancement will yield the desired the effects. Their sweet words will get the favour of the people around them. They have to share their personal knowledge and insight with those, who struggle in the work-place. They must work with a team spirit to succeed in their endeavours. Everything depends on the position of Saturn in their horoscopes. A few will get transfer to unwanted place or change of Job.

Health : The natives are prone to wind diseases, dysentery, digestive disorders and stomach ailments. Janma Rasi is aspected by Jupiter from the 9th house and Saturn from the 11th house. A few will get ailments in private parts. They have to take care of their physical health so that the other aspects of their body will align without any problem. This will give them a great mental relief. Some will have problem in their mouth; wounds in tongue or cancerous growth at the lower portion of the tongue. A few will meet with accidents, when they travel. All depends on their Dasa-bukthis.

Women : Generally, Jupiterís transit will be good for women. But, they will have worries about their lifepartners and children. Though they have chances of getting additional income, they will be forced to spend the money earned. Spinsters will find their lifepartners. Married women will be blessed with a child. Some will get into trouble with others by their unnecessary arguments. Sudden and unexpected health problems will also give them mental anxieties and fear. Employed women will face problems at their work-place.

Students : Though intelligent they (students) are, they will lack the power of expression both in speech and writing. Want of clear thinking will lead them to confusion. They are advised to be careful in their association with friends. Hard and sincere work alone will bring them the desired success. They stand a chance of getting admission to higher degrees. Their analytical brain will at times fail to help in the hour of need. Jupiterís aspect to the 3rd house, the house of communication, will help them to some extent. Saturnís aspect to the 5th and 8th houses will put some hindrances in the progress of students.

Birth Star Predictions

Dhanishta (3, 4) : Sudden and unexpected changes in life style and status will favour the natives of the star. Free flow of money, let them be cautious in their borrowings or raising bank loans, will make them extravagant. They will be squeezed at their work place. Better to be careful with their friends, as at times, they may disappoint them.

Satabisha : Impediments and obstacles will frighten them at every stage in life. But the natives will overcome all impediments. There will be delay in the areas of speech, friendship, income from unexpected quarters, recovering from ill health and peace at workplace. They will definitely break the back of the beast in the end.

Poorvabhadra (1,2,3) : Transit of major planets will neither affect, nor influence the natives of this star. They will be stable, if they do not aspire for things, which they do not deserve at present. Desire for expansion in any field will land them into difficulty. Financial problem will be there; but that will be solved in course of time. It is better for them to pay attention to their health. Acute ailments will turn into chronic disease later.

Vedic Remedies : Those who desire to win social esteem and advance in studies and research should worship Lord Varaha on Wednesdays or Saturdays. A visit to Rahu Kshetra, Kalahasti, near Tirupati or to Thirunageswaram, near Kumbakonam will also be good. Black Gram and Black silk clothes can be distributed to the poor and the needy on Wednesdays or Saturdays. Donating Yellow clothes to a priest is also suggested. A sincere prayer to oneís own Family deity is more effective than all other things.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Daily go to any temple.
Be a pure vegetarian and teetotaller.



MEENA (Pisces) :
Poorvabhadra (4), Uttrarabhadra, Revati

Jupiter in the 8th; Saturn in the 10th; Rahu in the 5th; Ketu in the 11th.

The natives born in this Rasi are highly emotional and greatly deductive. Their mind is always active as the ripples in water. They will have always double moods. The symbol of this sign is the twin fishes that represent sympathetic feeling and self-sacrifice. The opposite directions in which they swim signify the eternal struggle between the higher and the lower selves. The natives will have desire to help all those who suffer. They are hospitable by nature. Mostly, they are melancholic, pessimistic, brooding and gloomy. They will be liberal in gifts. They will be dualistic and restless. Though Jupiter is in the 8th house, its aspects fall on the 12th, 2nd and 4th which will be beneficial to the natives.

Family : Family life will be happy and prosperous. There will be auspicious ceremonies in the house. The native will be happy with his wife and children. Birth of a child is also foreseen. At times, there will be quarrels and disputes with wife and children. They will even stay away from family. Unnecessary arguments with members of the family will worry the mind of the native. Fear from fire and enemies will torment the mind of the native. There will be no time for relaxation.

Finance : The natives will get promotion or achievement of a position. Increase in business and investment in shares and stocks are predicted. There will be success in speculative activities. However, cautious approach in every activity as well as a good rapt with partners is advised. Let them take good advice from elders. The transit will be more troublesome to the natives. They will get punishment for the faults committed by others. They will be unable to compromise with current trends.

Career : It is difficult to the natives of this Rasi to climb up the ladder of career, this year. If they want to gain success, they have to take risk from time to time to make a next step. It is better for them to improve the quality of work than to aspire for a change in career advancement. Good opportunities will be missed and construction work will be stumbled. Fortune will be blocked. But they stand to gain though cooperative endeavours. Hard work and responsibility will increase. As some astrological texts predict that they will become elevated and gain reputation, one can take the moderate effects of this transit.

Health: Wind diseases, dysentery, stomach ailments and digestive disorders will trouble the natives, if the Dasas and Bultis are not good. They are prone to meet with accidents and chronic diseases. Partnerís health will also get affected. A few will get afflicted with contagious diseases like small pox or skin eruptions. They should focus on their overall health, physical, mental and spiritual, to enjoy the upcoming year.

Women : Married women should be careful about their health, if they are in the family way. They should keep an eye on their food habits. Spinsters will get married in the first half of the year. Though it is nice for love matters, the position of Rahu in the fifth is not considered very good comparatively. There will be break in love affair. They will find it difficult to adjust themselves to new conditions either at home or at office. Employed women should be careful in their work. They should be careful while cooking to avoid fire accidents. They must take utmost care to keep their skin clean and oily, otherwise their skin will be decoloured.

Students : Students will be interested in the study of law, religion, philosophy and higher studies. Their experiences will cope with the practical realities of life. Time is ripe enough for studies. However, Jupiter in the 8th will create some problem or other. Meditation is suggested to keep the mind at peace. A few will get a chance to go broad for studies.

Birth Star Predictions

Poorvabhadra (4) : Those born in Poorvashada 4th pada are wealthy, loved by their wives, respected by the world and supportive to many. They are selfrestrained and accomplished in all arts. They will have problems with their children and in their speculative activities. The health of their partners will be affected. They stand a chance of getting a promotion or a change of job for the better and a chance of going abroad.

Uttarabhadra : Those born in this constellation will suffer from fluctuation of funds and will be surrounded by many people. They will be affected by the imbalance of bile. Jupiter in the 8th will not give them the desired good results. They will get full support from their partners, especially life-partners, which is a positive point. They will have a chance to travel a long distance. There will be a slow progress in their achievement in higher studies. They may suffer from heart problems occasionally, owing to wind and khapha.

Revati : These natives are handsome but are quick in taking decision. They should try to overcome their anger. They are independent in pursuing any jobs. They are wealthy, learned but fickle. They are endowed with good qualities. They will have control over their senses. They should be cautious about their speculative activities, take care of the health of their children and their education and control their expenses. The health of their partners will get affected. They should be careful when they travel or drive a vehicle. Their health will also get affected by intestine trouble or bile.

Vedic Remedies : Worship of Maha Vishnu or Jupiter, the fulfiller of all desires, or Ketu, the Graha (one of the nine planets) or Lord Ganapati will help the natives to overcome all hurdles, suffering, sorrow and bondage, in life. Recitation of Vishnu Sahasranama is suggested to keep the mind free from worries. Donation of Bengal gram, rice, Jaggery to a temple is also good. Distribution of Yellow Silk clothes to the poor and the needy is also a remedy.

Lal-kitab Remedies:
Not to refuse any beggar.
Donate 8 Kg Potatoes in any temple.



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