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Elaborate Annual Predictions and Remedies for the Year 2017

By K. Krishnarjuna Rao
Lal-kitab Remedies contributed by Rajeev K. Khattar


Major Transits in 2017 :

Saturn continues in Scorpio upto 25 January 2017 and enters Sagittarius on 26 January 2017. It becomes Retrograde on 7 April 2017 and comes to Scorpio on 21 June 2017. It turns Direct on 26 August 2017 and re-enters Sagittarius on 26 October 2017 and continues its sojourn there. Saturn transits Jyeshta and Moola asterisms during 2017.

Jupiter continues its stay in Virgo and enters Libra on 12 September 2017 and continues its stay there. Jupiter turns Retrograde on 7 February 2017 and becomes Direct on 10 June 2017.
Rahu (True) remains in Leo and Ketu(True) remains in Aquarius till 9 September 2017. Rahu enters Cancer and Ketu the Capricorn on 10 September 2017 and continue their stay there.

MESHA (Aries)
Aswini, Bharani and Krittika (1)
AriesJupiter in 6th (Virgo) till 11th September 2017 and then in 7th (Libra). Saturn in 9th (Sagittarius) from 26 October 2017. Rahu in 5th (Leo) till 9th September 2017 and then in 4th (Cancer). Ketu in 11th (Aquarius) till 9 September 2017 and then in 10th (Capricorn)

Domestic : The home environment will continue to cause unnecessary worries and anxieties to the natives of Aries, though they are assertive and aggressive. They will have troubles with their spouse. They should avoid any disagreement with wife, partners, children and elders.

Finance : Your financial position doesn’t look positive. Outflow of money will exceed income inflow. Spending on children, parents and sibling may compel you to go for instant loans. You are likely to invest on vehicle or house or flat, gold and precious items. Income will be generated from your profession or business, house or property and also from hereditary sources. Business activities will fetch mixed results. Speculation will be more promising from September 2017. Partnership ventures may show signs of cracks or breaks. Stock market investors have to tread cautiously. A portion of property may be sold or mortgaged to meet domestic needs.

Career : There will be a transfer to an unwanted or distant place. Court cases pertaining to service matters will linger on and settle in your favour in the last quarter. Promotion may elude you. Friends and colleagues will be cooperative and helpful. Attempts of adversaries to harm you will be counter-productive. A pleasure trip to a distant place along with your associates will give you much relief. Earned leave may be availed. You will feel tired of work-load. Lack of appreciation from your boss will depress you. Arrear dues will be realized. Increment will be granted.

Health : Though your health requires special attention, you need not be panic-stricken. Balanced diet, physical fitness activities will prevent you from health breakdown. You are likely to undergo a major or minor surgery. Ailments relating to liver, intestines, lumbar region, knees and private parts are indicated. Eye care is also needed. Chronic ailments may surface. Intemperate habits and gluttony are to be avoided. However, recovery from most of the ailments is on cards.

Women : Domestic harmony will be disturbed. You may face problems caused by in-laws and husband. Though your marital bond looks strong, you are advised to guard your tongue and try to cheer and please your better half.

Working women will get on well at work-place. Extra responsibilities may be entrusted on you. Transfer or deputation to another place is not ruled out. Sickness arising from problems relating to reproductive organs is likely. Bachelor girls may have to wait one more year to find suitable grooms of their choice.

Birth Star Predictions :

Aswini : Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu are transiting both favourable and inimical stars. Ketu is transiting favourable stars. Aswini-borns will reap mixed results. Results like domestic harmony, vehicular comfort, illness, hurdles and delay, distant journeys, high expenditure will be bestowed. There will be some gain. Wedding bells will be heard. Untoward happening may cause some worry. Involvement in love affair is not ruled out.

Bharani:Domestic harmony will be disturbed. Problems relating to house and vehicle have to be encountered. They could pinch your pocket. Self-efforts will succeed. A windfall or legacy can be expected. There may be a pilgrimage. Small gains are foreseen. Happiness from the opposite sex is indicated. Unexpectedly, they will receive blessings of Gurus, in the second half of the year.

Krittika I :Tedious and distant journeys followed by high expenditure are likely. Care should be taken to avoid accident or injury. Health hazard cannot be avoided. There will be happiness at home for a brief period. Failures in initial efforts may not deter their determination. Intimacy with the other sex may blossom into love and physical contact. Such affairs may land them in trouble. Hurdles and much delay in their attempts to succeed will worry them.

Vedic Remedies :Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily. Visit a Saneeswara temple and offer prayers on Sani-trayodasi days. Recite 'Om Namo Narayanaya' 108 times daily. Visit Durga temple and offer prayers on Tuesdays.

Lal-kitab Remedies :Donate sweet prasadam in Hanuman temple on Tuesdays. Whenever possible, feed the elephants.

Krittika(2,3&4), Rohini, Mrigasira(1 & 2)
AriesJupiter in 5th (Virgo) till 11th September 2017 and then in 6th (Libra).

Saturn in 8th (Sagittarius) from 26 October 2017. Rahu in 4th (Leo) till 9 September 2017 and then in 3rd (Cancer). Ketu in 10th (Aquarius) till 9 September 2017 and then in 9th (Capricorn).

Domestic :There will be domestic peace, for most part of the year. Hospitalization of your mother and difference of opinion may disturb peace, for at home occasionally. You will get conjugal happiness in spite of sickness of spouse and heated exchange once or twice. Fruitful, but expensive, journeys are on cards. Auspicious functions and celebrations at home will give you joy. Love affairs will start and continue. Bachelors will hear the wedding bells.

Finance :Though your income inflow is promising, growing expenditure and investment will drain your purse. You will have income from sale of property, vehicle, avocation or business, house, land and public dealings. Business activities will be profitable. There will be expansion of the present business. New ventures may be started. But partnership business will see rough weather and cracks will appear. Speculative activities will yield positive results. Further investment is likely. Stock market investors may see the year, fetching gains and they will expand their activities.

Career :You will have promotion this year, especially before 11September 2017. Enhanced salary, perks and other benefits will be allowed. Work-field environment may be vitiated due to secret enemies. Allegations may lead to departmental enquiry. Transfer to a distant place is foreseen. Arrear dues will be recovered. Court cases may be dropped or settled in your favor. A pilgrimage and a government embarrassment are on cards.

Health : Your health, by and large, would remain normal. Occasional sickness may compel you to visit hospitals. Yoga and exercise will be much useful to you. Fever, body pains and swelling of joints and eye troubles are indicated. Chronic ailments relating to private parts and kidneys and diabetes may give some trouble, if dasa/bhukti period is inimical. There may be an accident or surgery.

Women : Housewives can expect family happiness, despite some squabbles at home. Birth of a child, especially a son, is foreseen. You will spend much on ornaments and drain the money in hand. Hospitalization is not ruled out. Relation with your better-half may be strained, due to arguments and frigidity. Working women will find the year promising, barring small problem. Promotion and transfer to a distant place are on cards. Spinsters would get married.

Birth Star Predictions

Krittika 2,3,4 : Frequent journeys cannot be avoided. These natives will enjoy life, without paying attention to their health. Illicit relations may create problems and marital discord. Increased expenditure will drain the purse. A friend will be a source of trouble. Success in efforts will come, after considerable delay. Your relatives will turn indifferent. Some will develop interest in social causes.

Rohini : Health problems may lead to hospitalization. Reduced income and mounting financial pressure are indicated. Life in a distant place will be fetching. Activity, energy and daunting spirit will ultimately bring success. Reconciliation and reunion with spouse are on cards. Spiritual practices and devotion will bring peace. You may go abroad to spend time with your relatives. Those in show-biz will do very well.

Mrigasira 1 and 2 : Conjugal displeasure and marital discord are indicated. Adamant nature and arguments may lead to estrangement. You will have problems in dealing with subordinates. Foot journeys will cripple your energy. Troubles in a distant place are indicated. Keep a check on your temper. Your friends will extend their warmth and cordiality. Financial crunch and problems of children will be the cause of concern.

Vedic remedies : Perform Rudrabhishekam in a Shiva Temple. Visit Shiva temple on Mondays and offer prayers. Visit Saneeswara temple at Mandapalli on a Sanitrayodasi day and offer prayers. Recite Rahu stothra daily. Worship Lord Ganesha at home daily.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Donate mustard oil to the needy on Saturdays. Avoid investing in property.

Mithuna (Gemini)
Mrigasira(3 & 4), Arudra and Punarvasu ( 1, 2 & 3)
AriesJupiter in 4th (Virgo) till 11th September 2017 and then in 5th (Libra).
Saturn in 7th (Sagittarius) from 26 October 2017. Rahu in 3rd (Leo) till 9 Sept. 2017 and then in 2nd (Cancer). Ketu in 9th (Aquarius) till 9 September 2017 and then in 8th (Capricorn)

Domestic : You can expect normal domestic peace and family happiness. Problems, if any at home, will be solved. Indisposition of both the parents may cause occasional worry. Sickness of spouse and differences may block conjugal bliss to some extent. However marital bond will remain intact. Pending divorce cases will be settled, as per your wish. Comfort from vehicle and at home can be expected. A portion of your property may be sold new property will be added.

Finance : Money inflow will be regular. Financial position seems to be improving. A windfall is on cards. You will save money by economic prudence. Money from spouse and partners is foreseen. Business will improve. Profit margin will be satisfactory. Partnership ventures will click and partnership will sustain. Stock-market investors can see better news. Speculation will be promising.

Career :Those who are in service can expect promotion with enhanced salary and other perks. Transfer to a place of your choice may be allowed. You will overcome all problems with your patience and persuasion and win the confidence of your boss. Colleagues will help you and adversaries will leave the ground. Court cases, if any, will be terminated in your favour. You may go on a pilgrimage, sponsored by the department you are working. You will like the atmosphere at work-place, even though your work-load is heavy. New responsibilities will be entrusted on you.

Jupiters transit in Leo and then in Virgo is less significant. Jupiter is neutral to the natives. Its aspects to 7th (partners), 9th (prosperity) and 11th( honour and profit) houses will give some benefits in these areas.

Health :Occasional sickness needs medication. Chronic health problems relating to bowels, knees, chest and heart will be subdued, after treatment. You are likely to narrowly escape an accident. You may not avoid minor surgery or injury.

Women :You will struggle hard to end domestic quarrels and succeed. All your endeavours will bear fruit, after initial hurdles and delay. Brief illness followed by fast recovery is indicated. Ladies suffering from chronic Gynec problems should be carefully addressed and follow the directions of doctors. Working women will experience normal results. Promotion due will be allowed. Transfer on request is also foreseen. Bachelor girls may find it difficult to hear the wedding bells until 2nd week of September 2017.

Birth Star Predictions

Mrigasira 3&4:There will be fruitful and beneficial journeys. Finances will be well managed. Your clients will render whole-hearted support to you and your organization. There will be happiness from spouse and other family members. Loss of money or property is indicated. The net result will be gain. Regarding health and domestic issues, mixed results can be expected. Trouble from enemies and disputes may cause some worry.

Arudra :Fulfillment of desires or aspirations is likely. Trouble from siblings, neighbours and tedious journeys are likely. Income-front and family affairs look positive. Success in attempts and success over enemies, settlement of disputes or cases are also indicated. You will try to keep your health in good condition. Domestic happiness is also foreseen. You will spend a lot of time, pondering over spirituality.

Punarvasu 1,2,3 : You will get benefitted from co-borns and short journeys. You may face financial crunch, as a result of delay in getting money. You will spend money on your children, for their benefit. Family affairs may sail through rough weather. You may crave for domestic peace. You will be responsible for your health problems. Intemperate habits and carelessness will create sickness. Avoid conversing with strangers.

Vedic Remedies :Recite ’Om Ganapathaye Namah’ 108 times in the morning daily. Visit Durga temple on Tuesdays and offer prayers. Offer Til oil to a nearby Shiva temple on Saturdays. Visit Vishnu temple on Thursdays and Saturdays, and offer prayers.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Be worldly wise, don't be a blind follower of anybody.
Not to sell or pawn Gold.

Kataka (Cancer)
Punarvasu(4), Pushya and Aslesha.

AriesJupiter in 3rd Virgo till 11th September 2017 and then in 4th (Libra).
Saturn in 6th (Sagittarius) from 26 October 2017. Rahu in 2nd (Leo) till 9th September 2017 and then in 1st (Cancer). Ketu in 8th (Aquarius) till 9 September 2017 and then in 7th (Capricorn).

Domestic : In spite of loss and trouble from your siblings and neighbours, you will enjoy family happiness to a great extent. Deteriorating health condition of mother and frequent journeys may prevent you from enjoying domestic bliss. A portion of your property or a vehicle may be sold or lost. A new member may be added to your family, giving joy. You may be deprived of marital happiness, because of your rudeness and rigid mentality. Compromising on issues and pampering your spouse will bring conjugal felicity back.

Finance :Though your earning power looks promising, unexpected expenditure or investment may create worrisome situation. Domestic needs and purchase of vehicle, house or property may demand more money. You will have income from your avocation or business and individual efforts. Business activities will require further investment. Profit margin will not be disappointing. Speculation will yield marginal returns, which will lure you to increase your shares. Stock market investors should manage their affairs cautiously.

Career: There will be occasional troubles from your colleagues and boss at work-place. You will be promoted to the next higher rank, after much struggle and delay. You may be transferred to a place, which you do not want. Pending dues or arrears will be partially realized. Pinpricks and workload will make you feel disappointed. Those who have court cases may see positive result, in the last quarter of the year. Some may face official enquiry initiated against them.

Health: you need to take care of your health. Indigestion, gastric problem, chest pain, ear problems and illness of mysterious nature are some of the health hazards that you may encounter. However, you will be in a position to take all the precautions to keep your health fit. Visits to hospitals and regular health checkups will ensure you sound health. Chronic patients suffering from diabetes, B.P and Cancer will have to adhere to prescribed diet, medicine and physical fitness activities.

Women: In spite of your best efforts for peace at home, you may not avoid domestic disturbances, such as petty quarrels and unnecessary arguments. Trouble may come from mother-in-law or brother-in-laws. Patience, calmness and faithfulness will ensure marital happiness. Those who are seeking divorce will be separated. You may not regulate your expenditure. Spending on ornaments and garments will drain your purse. Spinsters will find it difficult to hear the wedding bells. Working women will experience mixed results. They have to do everything, to avoid wordy clashes and dishonor.

Birth Star Predictions

Punarvasu (4):Income inflow looks positive. Family happiness is assured. Efforts to succeed in endeavours beyond your capacity may fail. Health problems may crop up, which need immediate attention. There will be birth of a son and pleasures to enjoy. One of the children will come to limelight. There will be the prospect of getting a government job or position. There will be gain of land, house and defeat of enemies. Delicious food, wealth and comfort can be expected.

Pushya: There will be frequent troubles in the family affairs. Financial position looks troublesome. Expenditure will be imminent and incoming of money will be delayed. However, many health maladies will be cured. A health diary will be followed. Trouble may come from the government or officials. There will be much delay in securing a job or position. Promotion may remain at a distance. Trouble may come from a child. It would be better to avoid sensual pleasures and speculative activities.

Aslesha :Financial prospects are looking better. Regular income and reduced expenditure may lead to savings. Condition of family members will improve. Family bliss is on cards. Regular health checkups and prescribed medication are essential, to maintain good health. Government favours are indicated. Some may be selected or elected to lucrative posts. Hurdles and delay will result in all endeavours. Progress in the affairs of children will be marked. Pleasure-seeking tours or excursions will refresh them.

Vedic Remedies:Chant 'Om Namo Narayanaya' 108 times daily. Visit any Vishnu temple on Thursdays or Saturdays, and offer prayers. Recite Durgashtakam daily and worship Goddess Durga. Recite Ketu stothra daily and worship Lord Ganesha.

Lal-kitab Remedies:Treat your guests respectfully.
Not to buy new leather items (shoes, belts and chappals etc).

Simha (Leo)
Makha, Poorvaphalguni and Uttara phalguni(1)

AriesJupiter in the 2nd(Virgo) till 11th September 2017 and then in 3rd (Libra.).
Saturn in 5th(Sagittarius) from 26 October 2017. Rahu in 1st(Leo) till 9th September 2017 and then in 12th (Cancer). Ketu in 7th(Aquarius) till 9 September 2017 and then in 6th(Capricorn)

Domestic : You will be able to solve all the domestic problems. Tensions and petty quarrels at home will be well-controlled. Children will give some trouble. An old member of your family may pass away. Unwanted differences and heated arguments with spouse may disturb conjugal harmony in the 2nd or 3rd quarters. Siblings will be a source of trouble. Their affairs and estrangement may depress you. Friends will come to your rescue, in times of need.

Finance: Your financial position will improve. But you may not save as much as you want. Growing expenditure and compulsory investment may occasionally create financial worry. However, nothing will daunt your fighting spirit in your attempts to succeed. You will spend much on property or vehicles. Business will run successfully in spite of challenging situations. You will try and succeed in expanding your business empire further. Partnership business may not run smoothly. Speculation looks disturbing. A cautious approach is advised. Stock market investors will gain in short-time investments.

Career: Work field environment will gradually improve in your favour. Colleagues will help you a lot. Positive attitude of your boss will bring a lot of confidence in. Your promotion due will be achieved. Recovery of arrear dues is on cards. There may be transfer to an unknown place. Secret inimical activities from your adversaries will be detected, with the help of your friends and well-wishers. Extra responsibility may be entrusted on you. You will work hard to prove yourself.

Health: Some chronic health hazards will be subdued or completely cured. There will be overall improvement in your health condition. However visits to hospitals for health check-up and treatment may not be stopped; you will try your best to keep yourself fit. Those suffering from heart, lungs and intestine problems will get some relief this year.

Women: Housewives may find the going easy at home. Family members will begin to understand you. Their attitude will also change positively towards you. You will try to preserve domestic harmony. Working women can expect promotion, transfer and perks. Income will be promising. But they cannot resist their urge for shopping and valuable purchases. Asthma, abortion, uterus trouble and joint pains are some of the maladies indicated.

Birth Star Predictions

Makha : Much attention is required to safeguard health, as acute and chronic health hazards may crop up. These people may follow intemperate habits, which will prove detrimental to sound health. Life at distant and secluced places will be fetching and enjoyable. Occult studies and yoga will attract them and they would make progress in these activities. But trouble from a Guru or preceptor cannot be ruled out. Loss of property or vehicle and domestic disturbances are likely. Acts of secret foes will be successfully overcome.

Poorvaphalguni : Sound health will be enjoyed by regular exercises, yoga and stipulated diet. Income inflow will be steady. Family affairs will run normally. Distant journeys, secret foes and life at unknown places will bring trouble. Unexpected expenditure and investment cannot be avoided. There will be domestic happiness. Purchase of a house or vehicle is a possibility. There will be many unproductive short journeys. Change of place or residence cannot be ruled out. Co-burns and neighbours may create troubles.

Uttaraphalguni (I) : Health condition may deteriorate, due to irregular medication and food habits. Concentration on health exercises will be lacking. Help from unknown persons or foreigners are likely. Health condition may improve in isolated camps, hospitals or asylums. Domestic life will be disturbing. A bereavement in the family is likely. Trouble from parents is not ruled out. Loss of property or vehicle is indicated. Attempts to taste success may fail. Disputes may crop up regarding hereditary properties. Beware of accident or injury.

Vedic remedies : Wear Yellow Sapphire 3 Rattis in a Gold ring over Index finger on a Thursday. Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily at home. Visit Saneeswara temple on Sani-trayodasi days and offer prayers and Til oil. Visit Lord Shiva temple on Mondays and offer prayers. Visit the temple of Lord Subrahmanya swamy on Tuesdays and offer prayers.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Not to give unsolicited advise to others.
Wear a silver chain around the neck.

KANYA (Virgo)
Uttaraphalguni (2, 3 & 4) Hasta and Chitra (1 & 2).

AriesJupiter in 1st Virgo till 11th September 2017 and then in 2nd (Libra).
Saturn in 4th (Sagittarius) from 26 October 2017. Rahu in 12th (Leo) till 9 September 2017 and then in 11th(Cancer.). Ketu in 6th(Aquarius) till 9 September 2017 and then in 5th (Capricorn).

Domestic : There will be domestic happiness during the first half of the year. The second half will be beset with disturbances, petty squabbles and unrest at home. Affairs of children and both the parents will be the cause of concern. An old member of your family will leave you. Though the conjugal bond remains intact, domestic unhappiness may indirectly affect the marital happiness. Some persons may change their residence or leave their living place. Friends and well-wishers will set right things, with their valuable advice.

Finance: Your financial position does not look bad. You will be able to check unnecessary expenditure. Your efforts and endeavors will increase your income inflow. Income will come from avocation, business and from hereditary sources. You will be able to save some amount. Business will run profitably with occasional hurdles. Businessmen will receive some old dues. Real estate affairs may run into trouble. Speculation will yield moderate gains. Stock-market investors can expect better results.

Career: Professionally, you will have a moderate year ahead. But third quarter may become troublesome. You will get promotion, which is due. Salary will be hiked along with other benefits. Last quarter may see unexpected or unwanted transfer, heavy work-load, fatigue and apathy of your boss. Pending arrears may be recovered. Court cases, if any, will be terminated favourably. An excursion along with friends and colleges may bring the much-needed relief.

Health: One or two visits to hospitals for treatment may not be ruled out. Recovery from acute and some chronic ailments is on cards. Ear trouble, lung ailment and diseases of private parts and inflammatory complaints are some of the expected ailments you may suffer from. Gluttony should be avoided. Meditation is required to drive away unnecessary tensions.

Women: Housewives will enjoy a mixed year. Cooperation from their better-halves will enable them to maintain domestic affairs without much trouble. Income and expenditure will remain balanced. Working women may see a distant transfer. They will be promoted to next higher rank. Problems relating to uterus may give some trouble.

Birth Star Predictions

Uttara Phalguni (2,3, 4) :

Uncontrolled expenditure may drain the purse. Hospitalization is not ruled out. Recovery from ailments is foreseen. Sudden journeys, repayment of loans and medical treatment may need more money. There will be gains from many sources. There will be many acquaintances. Friends will be helpful. Last quarter indicates that domestic happiness will be frequently disturbed. Hurdles and delay in realizing hopes and wishes will be experienced. Vigilance and care are needed, to avoid accident and injuries.


Expenditure will be regulated. There will be benefit and gain from secret work or activity, from confinement, hospitals and asylums. Mental peace can be achieved by meditation. Sustained effort and activities of friends will bring success and prosperity. Good health will be maintained. Gain and cooperation from co-borns, short travels and help from neighbours can be expected. There will also be gain from Insurance schemes, savings and windfall as well as hereditary properties. Sale of property or a vehicle is also indicated.

Chitra 1, 2

There will be gain from unknown and unexpected persons and at distant places. Secret activity and sudden distant journeys will bring success. Foreigners or unknown persons may help them. Wasteful expenditure will be curtailed. Investment for genuine purposes will be made. Realization of hopes and wishes are on cards. There will be much gain and success. Enemies will be defeated. Court cases will be won. Hospitalization will be followed by early discharge. However, domestic squabbles, division of property among co-borns and disputes relating to hereditary properties are also indicated.

Vedic remedies

Recite Vishnusahasranama daily at home. Chant 'Om Namo Narayanaya' 108 times daily. Recite 'Hanuman Chalisa' daily. Visit Saneeswara Temple on Sani-trayodasi days and offer Til oil. Recite stothras of Lord Kartikeya on Tuesdays and pray Goddess Durga. Worship Lord Ganesha at home.

Lal-kitab Remedies:Make a financial budget and stick to it. Wear a Gold chain around the neck.

Tula (Libra)
Chitra ( 3 & 4), Swati and Visakha ( 1,2 &3)

AriesJupiter in 12th (Virgo) till September 2017 and then in 1st ( Libra)
Saturn in 3rd (Sagittarius) from 26 October 2017. Rahu in 11th (Leo) till 9 September 2017 and then in 10th (Cancer). Ketu in 5th (Aquarius) till 9 September 2017 and then in 4th (Capricorn)

Domestic : Family happiness may be disturbed due to occasional domestic quarrels and unwanted arguments. Conjugal happiness and the emotional bond with your spouse may remain intact, despite pretty skirmishes. Birth of a child will bring joy in some families. Your frequent absence at home, due to journeys and professional work, may prevent marital bliss to some extent. You may also experience a lot of trouble from your co-borns, because of their lifestyle and problems. You will have the blessings of elderly persons at home. You will vanquish your enemies. Disputes will be settled amicably.

Finance: Your financial position looks positive. Regular income is on cards. You will get money by loans, agencies, job or business and friends. You have to spend much for children, property and on journeys. Wisespending is suggested. You are tempted to invest money on Real estate ventures. Businessmen will need more and more money to invest, so as to expand their business empire. Overseas business will also need investment. Profit margin will be satisfactory. Speculators should run their show thinking twice. Stock – market trading must be dealt with cautiously.

Career: Career-front will be promising. Upliftment in career is likely. There will be transfer, which you may not like. Colleagues will lend you a helping hand. Your boss will also have confidence in you. Earned leave may be availed. A pilgrimage is on cards. Some may change their job or avocation. Arrear dues, if any, will be recovered. Salary may be hiked. Secret inimical activities of our foes may hurt you. Avoid filing court cases. Compromise is the way to settle disputes.

Health: Over-eating and over-indulgence in sensual pleasures may upset your liver and digestive track. Occasional problem due to jaundice, fever, diabetes, eyes and joint pains would cause brief illness. Balanced diet and morning walk and a philosophical outlook will enable you maintain normal health. Visits to hospitals for health check-up as well as treatment once or twice are likely. Devotion, spiritual activities will regulate your emotions and subdue the tensions. Cholesterol levels in Blood should be kept under control.

Women: Normal domestic life can be expected. You will enjoy marital bliss, if you get rid of your frigidity and moodiness. Those applied for divorce will re-think and reconciliate to join with their life-partners. Working women can expect a reasonably favourable year. Much-awaited promotion will be attained. Income will increase. You will also spend much. You may expect a pinpricks from your adversaries. You should be prepared for a transfer. There will be support and guidance from the higher-ups. Most of the spinsters may not hear the wedding bells till September 2017.

Birth Star Predictions

Chitra (3, 4):Hopes and desires will be realized and fulfilled. Advice and help from friends and well-wishers will be available. Disputes will be favourably terminated. Jobless youth will be suitably employed in government vacancies or in prestigious firms. A good position and power can be expected. Honour, good name and success are on cards. Family disputes may crop up. Conjugal bliss will be missed. Alienation with spouse is likely. Expenditure outweighs money inflow. There will be delay and hurdles in getting money or wealth. Carelessness will lead to loss of money.


Friends will become enemies. Cheating by them is a possibility. Many difficulties are to be faced to get success in ventures. Desires will be fulfilled. Graduates will have an auspicious year to get good jobs. Working people will get higher positions. Responsible posts may adorn some persons. Power and authority will be exercised. All ventures will bear fruit. Unmarried persons will hear wedding bells. There will be family happiness and conjugal bless. Increased income will lead to savings. Success at distant places is foreseen.

Visakha 1, 2, 3

Attempts will bring success and bear fruit. Friendship will be instantly established. Friends will benefit a lot. Hard time is ahead for Graduates to seek job. Antagonism from those in power and authority will be experienced. Action or penalty from government officials is not ruled out. Dishonour or discredit may depress the mind. Getting higher position may remain as a dream. Cordial relation with spouse and other family members will be maintained. Conjugal harmony will be there. Family members will cooperate and lend a helping hand. Financial position will get improved.

Vedic remedies

Recite Vishnu Sahasranama daily. Worship Lord Vishnu at home daily. Recite Hanuman Chalisa on Saturdays. Visit a Saneeswara temple on Sani-trayodasi days and offer Til oil. Wear Blue Sapphire set in a Silver ring over the Middle-finger on a Saturday. Worship Lord Ganesha daily.

Lal-kitab Remedies:

Occasionally donate food to the needy. Maintain harmonious relations with in-laws.

Vrischika (Scorpio)
Visakha(4), Anuradha and Jyeshta

AriesJupiter in 11th (Virgo) till Sept. 2017 and then in 12th (Libra). Saturn in 2nd (Sagittarius) from 26 Oct. 2017. Rahu in 10th(Leo) till 9 September 2017 and then in 9th(Cancer). Ketu in 4th (Aquarius) till 9 September. 2017 and then in 3rd (Capricorn)

Domestic : Differences with parents and siblings may crop up, which will disturb the tranquility at home. Health of parents may also cause some concern. An elderly person in the family may pass away. Sickness of your spouse may come on your way to enjoy marital bliss. Occasional disputes with spouse are not ruled out. Some persons may also face court cases pertaining to divorce. Changes can be expected, relating to property matters. Fruitful journeys will be undertaken. Pilgrimage to important places is on cards. You will have success over enemies and in legal matters. You may change your place and vehicle.

Finance : Your income will be steady. Growing expenditure for domestic purposes will dampen your hopes to save. Family needs need more money. Inheriting wealth or property is a possibility. You will have income from employment, business activities, personal efforts and government sources. Businessmen can expect increased profits. They will recover pending dues. Partnership business would bring benefit. Loans will be sanctioned by financial institutions. Speculation will bring good results. Stock market investors will see their old shares shining. Shares relating to overseas firms look to be safe.

Career : You will get official favours. You will be helped and benefitted by those on power and authority. Government employment is assured. Work field environment will improve greatly. Promotion and transfer to a place of your choice can be expected. Colleagues will ease your work load to some extent. You will be in the good books of your boss. Pending court cases pertaining to service matters will terminate favourably.

Health: You will try your best to keep yourself fit. In spite of proper diet and physical exercises, sickness may attack, which will require medical treatment. Chronic health hazards may relapse and such problems will be kept under control, after proper treatment. You many narrowly escape an accident with minor injuries. Problems relating to eyes, teeth, legs and thighs may give you some trouble. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels should be kept under control. Insulin levels must be maintained properly. You may also experience physical strain.

Women: You have to carefully guard your health. Physical strain and mental stress will have negative impact on your health. Problems may surface in your marital life, during the last quarter of the year. Domestic harmony will depend on the words you use. Working women will have a favourable year. There is the possibility of getting hereditary property. You will be promoted to the next higher rank. Financial position will be satisfactory. A distant journey or a brief stay at a distant land is foreseen. You will be more spiritually inclined. You will have vehicular comfort. Unmarried girls will hear the wedding bells.

Birth Star Predictions

Visakha 4

Untoward incidents will happen at distant land or in a foreign country. Distant journeys may bring much pain and loss. Religious perversion or aversion is foreseen. Those in service or those seeking employment can expect better results. Favour from officials can be anticipated. There is the chance of getting nominated or elected posts. Success in ventures is on cards. Early recovery from health breakdown will be there. Legal disputes and court cases will be favourably settled or terminated. Trouble from friends and a minor accident may be anticipated.


Trouble from officials or government institutions will cause worry. Bachelors have to struggle hard to get placements. Hurdles and delay in attempts will cause concern. Honour will be at stake. Visits to places of worship and pilgrimage are on cards. Distant journeys and life in a foreign land or distant place will be beneficial. Involvement in spiritual activities will remove tensions and worries. Adversaries will try to inflict damage. Friends will lend a helping hand. Servants may cause loss and unexpected trouble.


Alertness and care will prevent accidents and injuries. Antagonism from friends and loss of money can be anticipated. Disputes relating to hereditary property are not ruled out. There will be government employment or better placement in private organizations. Cheating by friends and troubles in distant land are likely. Distant journeys will result in bad experience. Success over enemies and court cases can be anticipated. All endeavours will be successful. Normal health will be maintained, by strictly following the health-guide. There will be benefits from servants.

Vedic remedies

Perform 'Rudrabhishekam' on a Monday once in every three months. Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily. Chant 'Om Namonarayanaya' 108 times daily. Recite Rahu stothra daily. Worship Lord Vighneswara daily.

Lal-kitab Remedies:

Not to apply oil / cream on the forehead. Wear a White cap, when you go out in Sun.

Dhanus (Sagittarius)
Moola , Poorvashada, Uttarashada (1)

AriesJupiter in 10th (Virgo) till September 2017 and then in 11th (Libra)
Saturn in 1st(Sagittarius) from 26 October 2017. Rahu in 9th ( Leo) till 9 September 2017 and then in 8th (Cancer). Ketu in 3rd (Aquarius)till 9 September 2017 and then in 2nd ( Capricorn)

Domestic : You have to spend some quality time with your family members to enhance domestic happiness. Children, health and education will vex your mind. Your spouse will recover from brief illness. One of your parents may be hospitalized. You should be very careful on journeys and in your movements to avoid an accident or injuries. Distant journeys are on the anvil. Your hidden enemies will trouble you. Conjugal happiness will be marred by arguments and misunderstanding. Avoid impatience and adamant replies, which will complicate the situation. Spiritual advancement and visits to places of worship will give you peace and tranquility.

Finance: Your financial position looks precarious. Moderate income through employment or business may not be sufficient, to meet all expenses. You will be pressurized to repay loans. Wise-spending and investment are suggested to overcome financial problems. A windfall or money from hereditary source will be of great help to you. Businessmen will see normal returns and heavy investment and sometimes unexpected losses. Income tax officials or enforcement directorate may initiate action against your firms. Fresh partnership and new business ventures may not run well. A cautious approach to speculative activities is needed. Stock market trading will not be promising.

Career: In spite of troubles at work-spot, apathy of higher-ups and secret inimical activities of your foes, you will not be disturbed professionally. You must try to get the support and good will of your subordinates for success at work-field. Promotion will be eluded until mid September 2017. Thereafter, a transfer to an unwanted place with promotion is the possibility. Allegations of impropriety may be leveled against you. Much effort and sincerity are needed for success in career.

Health: Fracture of bones from falls or accident is likely. Hospitalization or regular visits to hospitals cannot be ruled out. Travels would lead to fatigue and ill health. Regular physical exercises and recreational activities are needed. Head, brain, private parts, thighs and chest are vulnerable parts, where there is likelihood of disease setting in. Rheumatic fever is also likely. Your health is in your hands. Regular and systematic dieting will help you a lot. Last quarter will see some relief from all health problems.

Women: Disputes and disagreements with life-partner may arise. They should guard their health. A miscarriage or uterus problem is likely. Last quarter may bring cheer in the birth of a child. Extravagance is to be avoided. Working women may see sudden transfer to an unwanted place. Some may change their job. Problems will arise at the occupational front and they should be cautious in their use of words. Distant travels will cause much unrest and physical strain. Unmarried girls have to wait till the last quarter of 2017, to hear the wedding bells.

Birth Star Predictions


Life in a foreign land or distant place will become sorrowful and fruitless. Unknown persons may inflict loss. Matters of death, legacy and windfall will come to forefront. Benefit from the death of an aged person is likely. A windfall is also a possibility. There is scope and interest to learn occult sciences. Visits to hospitals or asylums are foreseen. Confinement or hospitalization is not ruled out. Failure or break-up in love is indicated. Children will be a source of trouble. Professional life will progress normally.


Change in job or avocation is likely. Profitable and fruitful journeys will be undertaken. A pilgrimage is also on the anvil. Despite hiccups in marital life, much satisfaction will be attained in relationship with spouse. Promotion and government favour are on cards. Carelessness may cause an accident or injury. Disputes may arise relating to hereditary property or wealth. Love affairs may lead to marriage. One of the children will prosper. Birth of a child in the family will give much pleasure.

Uttarashada 1

Public displeasure and defamation will be faced by a few, with unfavourable dasa—bhukti period. All public dealings should be carefully dealt with. Married life may be threatened by petty quarrels, separation or divorce. Illicit relations may cause a lot of disturbance and ill health. Professional life will be beset with troubles. Pending promotion may be postponed to the last quarter of 2017. Unexpected transfer is likely. Pending arrear dues will be realized. There will be unearned wealth. Parental legacy or windfall is on cards. Last quarter will ease the professional tensions. There may be trouble from progeny and secret enemies.

Vedic remedies

Worship Lord Vishnu daily. Perform Rudrabhishekam on a Monday, once in every three months. Recite Sani stothra 108 times daily. Visit Saneeswara Temple on Sani-trayodasi days and offer Til oil, after puja. Chant Ketu stothra daily. Recite Durgashtakam also daily and worship Lord Kartikeya.

Lal-kitab Remedies:

Whenever possible, feed the Monkeys. Take a dip in a holy river.

Makara (Capricorn)
Uttarashada(2, 3, 4), Sravana and Dhanishta(1&2)

AriesJupiter in 9th (Virgo) till September 2017 and then in 10th (Libra) Saturn in 12th (Sagittarius) from 26 October 2017. Rahu in 8th (Leo) till 9 September 2017 and then in 7th (Cancer). Ketu in 2nd (Aquarius) till 9 September 2017 and then in 1st (Capricorn)

Domestic : Family affairs will run smoothly. There will be domestic happiness. Minor skirmishes at home may not disturb the prevailing harmony much. There is chance of acquiring a house/vehicle. Aged relatives may pass away. Wind fall or legacy from such deceased person is a possibility. However, conjugal life may be adversely affected either due to occasional illness of spouse or unnecessary misunderstandings. Those applied for divorce will get it and will also hear wedding bells for the next marriage. Children’s education will progress well. One of the children will be suitably employed. There will be auspicious functions at home.

Finance : Your financial position will not remain bad. You will get money through life-partner, public dealings, land, house, vehicle, friends, agriculture, service, hereditary source and from distant trading. You may also go for borrowings. You will be in a position to spend money, using your discretion. Businessmen can expect better results. Pending bills will be realized. They will gain much from partners and partnership business and overseas trading. Expansion of their empire is a possibility. Speculative activities will get favourable returns. Stock market investors will see moderate success.

Career : Career-wise, you will have a normal year. Awaited promotion will be achieved. Transfer to a nearer place is indicated. Some will get a change in job or avocation. Friends and colleagues will lend a helping hand at work-spot. Commitment to work will impress the superiors. Pending court cases relating to service matters will terminate successfully. Work-field environment will be peaceful. You have to work sincerely and remain obedient to your boss.

Health : Occasional visits to hospitals and medication are on cards. Rheumatic pains with fever, swelling of joints and problems related to private parts are likely, which will be kept under control, by prompt treatment. Every care must be taken to avoid accident or injuries. There is chance of narrowly escaping from an accident or fall from a high place. Lethargy should be driven out by regular physical fitness activities. You may also experience physical exertion. Going into depression or emotional outburst may lead to overflow of blood into brain vessels. Spiritual discourses and philosophical outlook will smoothen your emotions.

Women: You will get help from parents and their relatives in times of need. You will manage domestic affairs in such a way that no one will get chance to criticize you. Relation with partner will be changing frequently. Working women can manage professional affairs with the active cooperation of friends and other colleagues. Income will not be a problem. You are prone to menstrual disorder and uterine problems. Cleanliness and care are needed to avoid infections. Spinsters will hear the wedding bells.

Birth Star Predictions

Uttarashada (2,3,4)

Subdued chronic diseases may relapse. Surgery is likely. Every care is necessary to avoid accident and injury. There will be delay and hurdles on the way to success. Disputes would crop up relating to hereditary property. Wedding bells will ring for the eligible ones. Marital happiness can be expected. Public dealings will be successful and fruitful. There will be break journeys. Extra-marital relations are on cards. Troubles from vehicles are not ruled out. Income from land or house will be reduced. Friends would create a lot of problems. Their advice and guidance may boomerang.


Preceptors and preachers will bestow their blessings. Overseas travel is likely. Distant journeys and life in a distant land will be beneficial. Mind will be inclined towards spiritualism. Much trouble can be expected from spouse. Quarrels and arguments may mar marital bliss. Wedding will be postponed. There will be problems from the public. Extra marital relations will bring many problems domestically and socially. At home, support of parents and elders is assured. Disputes will be amicably settled. House, land or vehicle will be acquired. Income from movable and immovable property can be expected. There will be trouble or cheating by friends.

Dhanishta (1, 2)

A windfall or wealth can be expected from hereditary sources. Chronic health problems will be kept under control. Opportunity will come to learn occult sciences. Sustained efforts will bring success in all ventures. Celebration of marriage is on cards. There will be marital happiness. Sickness will persist. Life in a distant or foreign land looks troublesome. Distant journeys will not bring any positive result. Disputes will arise with regard to property.

Vedic Remedies(Capricorn)

Visit a Vishnu temple on Thursdays and Saturdays. Perform 'Rudrabhishekam' once in every three months. Worship Lord Shiva on Mondays. Recite Durgashatakam daily at home. Worship Lord Kartikeya in a temple on Tuesdays. Perform 'Ayush Homa'.

Lal-kitab Remedies:

Control your anger; practise meditation regularly. Keep a square-shaped Silver piece in your purse.

KUMBHA (Aquarius)
Dhanishta (3 & 4), Satabisha, Poorvabhadra (1, 2 & 3)

AriesJupiter in 8th(Virgo) till September 2017 and then in 9th(Libra) Saturn in 11th (Sagittarius) from 26th October 2017. Rahu in 7th (Leo) till 9 September and then in 6th (Cancer). Ketu in 1st (Aquarius) till 9 September 2017 and then in 12th (Capricorn)

Domestic : Domestic environment will cause anxieties and worries. Life and comforts at home will get affected. Health of both the parents will deteriorate. Siblings would face some problems. Property matters would slip into trouble. There will be hurdles in endeavours. Relationship with spouse will be inconsistent. Children’s education would progress well. Courtship and love affairs will land you in trouble. You will spend some time in pleasurable pursuits. There will be many short journeys. Some will change their place of living or residence.

Finance: Your financial position seems normal. Those in service will get satisfactory income. Money is expected from various sources, such as business, agencies, exports and imports, travelling tradesmen, speculation, Opera. photography and video film shooting. Getting hereditary wealth will be problematic. Judicious spending may limit your borrowings. Businessmen would face undue delay and stagnation in getting pending bills. Business travels will be successful and profitable. They will get relief from all legal matters. Speculation will yield moderate gains. Stock market investors will be benefited from their old shares. New shares will also be not disappointing.

Career: Professional life will not be very bad. Occasional problems have to be encountered. Pending promotion will become a reality. There will be transfer to a new place. Either you would change your residence or daily go to the office by travelling a long distance. Colleagues will cooperate with you. Court cases pertaining to service will come to an end. Arrear dues, if any, will be sanctioned. An excursion or a picnic along with staff members is on cards. A little bit commitment to work will impress the superiors.

Health: Attention must be focused on your health. Health will deteriorate to a few. Trouble relating to stomach, diaphragm, legs and reproductive organs are likely. Irregularity in eating, starvation or over-eating will lead to indigestion. Those suffering from chronic health problems have to take extra care. You should be vigilant in your movements and also during travel, to avoid injuries or accident. Stress in the family affairs could also influence your health negatively. Mosquito-borne diseases are also not ruled out.

Women: You have to tread cautiously at home and work-place. You should not pay heed to trivial matters, to avoid disturbance at home. You are susceptible to fever, menstrual disorder, uterus problems and sexuallytransmitted diseases. You are likely to get wealth/property from your parents or elderly relatives. Disagreement between lovers is foreseen and it may end in separation. Working women may not find it difficult, to carry out their professional work. They should be ready for a transfer. Unmarried girls have to wait till the last quarter of the year to hear the wedding bells.

Birth Star Predictions

Dhanishta (3, 4)

Spouse will cooperate in all your affairs. Marital happiness is assured. Wedding is assured to eligible unmarried youth. Benefit will come from public dealings. Service sector will be promising. Favour and help from maternal uncles and aunts can be anticipated. Disputes and court cases will terminate favorably. Success in attempts is guaranteed. Mild sickness is likely. Short journeys will bring physical strain and trouble. Siblings and neighbours will give a lot of trouble. Professionally a tough year is ahead. Official favour may be lost. There will be much delay in getting employment.


Life partner will be a source of trouble. Disputes and disagreements will arise. Divorce or temporary separation is threatened. There will be public enmity. Cordial relation will be maintained with coborns. Journeys, agencies and mediation will bring success. Job in Government or big company is assured. Favour and help from the Government or from those in power are assured. Success will be tasted in legal matters. Court cases will be dropped. Slight ill health, which is amenable to medicines, is likely.

Poorvabhadra (1,2,3)

Conjugal bliss will be experienced. But extramarital relations will create cracks in the marriage-bond. Wedding bells will ring for the eligible ones. There will be profitable journeys. Relation with the public and participation in public services will enliven your spirits. Health should be carefully guarded. Problems from animals, especially pet animals, aunts, servants and uncles can be anticipated. Career-wise, an upliftment is indicated. Getting hereditary property or windfall is a possibility. Money from insurance companies and savings will arrive at the right time. One of the children will shine. Pleasurable pursuits and a love affair are not ruled out.

Vedic Remedies

Recite Vishnu Sahasranama daily at home. Visit any Vishnu temple and offer prayers, on Thursdays and Saturdays. Recite Ketu stothra daily at home. Worship Lord Ganesha daily and visit a Ganapati Temple on Thursdays.

Lal-kitab Remedies:

Not to consume Alcohol in any form. Once a week, feed the cows with Green fodder / spinach.

Meena (Pisces)
Poorvabhadra(4), Uttarabhadra & Revati.

AriesJupiter in 7th (Virgo) till September 2017 and then in 8th (Libra) Saturn in 10th( Sagittarius) from 26 October 2017. Rahu in 6th (Leo) till 9 September 2017 and then in 5th ( Cancer). Ketu in 12th (Aquarius) till 9 September 2017 and then in 11th (Capricorn)

Domestic : Family affairs will run smoothly. Parents will lend you their support. Siblings will also engage themselves well and earn money. Children will get ample employment opportunities. They may leave home. In spite of minor irritants, marital life will go well. Your spouse will get a better placement and lend you financial support. You will purchase a house or land and vehicle. There will be auspicious functions at home. Those who want a child will see their desire fulfilled. Love affairs would lead to marriage. Inimical activities of enemies should be nipped in the bud tactfully.

Finance: Family affairs will run smoothly. Parents will lend you their support. Siblings will also engage themselves well and earn money. Children will get ample employment opportunities. They may leave home. In spite of minor irritants, marital life will go well. Your spouse will get a better placement and lend you financial support. You will purchase a house or land and vehicle. There will be auspicious functions at home. Those who want a child will see their desire fulfilled. Love affairs would lead to marriage. Inimical activities of enemies should be nipped in the bud tactfully.

Career: You must try to get the good will of superiors by commitment to work. Overtures to opposite sex may lead to extra-marital relation, which will create a dangerous situation at the work-front. You have to struggle hard to get preferment and enhancement of salary before September 2017. Court cases may linger on. Journeys on official duty are indicated. A pleasure trip with colleagues is likely.

Health: Drain of energy must be arrested, on emotional side. Rheumatic pains and arthritis must be kept under control, by following the doctor’s advice. Ulceration in the stomach or intestines with severe Gastritis is not ruled out. Alcohol and non- vegetarian food, fried food items with high level of fats will severely affect your health. Headache, neurological problems and head injury are also likely. A little care and health awareness will save you from many problems.

Women: You will get peace and comfort at home. Mother will immensely support you, morally and financially. You will see improvement in the family affairs. Your children will be a source of hope and satisfaction. Marital life would run with hiccups. Loose talk and prolonged argumentation may lead to separation. Your fiscal affairs will be satisfactory. Working women should maintain utmost care and balance at work place. Loggerheads with colleagues must be avoided at all cost. Promotion with perks can be expected. Moving close with the opposite sex will lead to complications. Lovers will unite. Spinsters will be able to find suitable grooms.

Birth Star Predictions

Poorvabhadra 4

Servants and subordinates will be a source of happiness and help. You will get comfort from pet animals. There will be success over enemies and litigation. Children will be a source of trouble. Miscarriage of life-partner may give some worry. There will be unpleasant incidents at pleasure-seeking spots. Speculation will not be profitable. Business will improve with increased returns. There will be distant journeys, which will give happiness and prosperity. Spiritual discourses and spiritualism will give mental peace and tranquility.


Health may deteriorate to a few, if natal chart indications are negative. Regular medication will be needed. Chronic sufferers should take extra care. Skin problems, diabetes, blood pressure, kidney stones, hernia etc are likely. Trouble and loss can be expected from legal matters and enemies. It is hard time to get loans. Danger from quadrupeds is also on cards. Birth of a child will give immense joy. Love would lead to marriage. Pleasurable pursuits will fresh up the mind and body. Prosperity of children is assured. Tongue should be kept under control.


There is likelihood of getting a job in Government or private sector. Success in all ventures is a possibility. Normal health will be maintained by following health-guide, and the advice of doctors. Loans will be availed to start new ventures or projects. Enemies will be subdued and court cases will be terminated in a positive manner. Courtship and love will land these natives in a quagmire. Pleasurable pursuits should be stopped. Too much involvement in watching television and browsing internet will create health and other problems. Fiscal position and family life look to be promising.

Vedic Remedies

Visit a Saneeswara temple on Sani-trayodasi days and offer prayers and Til oil. Recite Sani stothra and Durgashtakam daily at home. Worship at Lord Subrahmanya temple on Tuesdays and offer prayers. Recite Ketu stothra and worship Lord Ganesha at home. Wear Yellow Sapphire in a Silver ring on the Index finger, on a Thursday.

Lal-kitab Remedies:

Not to travel unnecessarily.
Feed any street-dog daily. 38


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