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Elaborate Annual Predictions and Remedies 2018

By Dr. Ch. D. Ravindra Nath
Lal-kitab Remedies contributed by Rajeev K. Khattar


Major Transits in 2018 :

Stationed in Sagittarius at the start of the year 2018, Saturn retrogrades on 17th April and continues to be so, upto 06th Sept.2018. It becomes Direct and continues its sojourn in Sagittarius till the end of the year. Saturn transits in Moola(3, 4) and Purvashada (1, 2) in 2018. Jupiter in Libra, Visakha (1), at the start of the year 2018 becomes retrograde on 08 March 2018 in Visakha(3), becomes Direct on 10 July 2018 and enters Scorpio(Visakha- 4) on 11Oct. 2018.

Rahu(True) remains in Cancer throughout the year, transiting back from Aslesha-2 to Punarvasu-4 and Ketu follows suit in Capricorn transiting back from Sravana-4 to Uttarashada-2.

It is always better to study Gochar (transit) predictions, along with Dasa-bhukti effects of the natal horoscope of Individuals.
MESHA (Aries)
Aswini, Bharani and Krittika (1)
AriesJupiter in 7th(Libra) till 11th Oct. 2018 and then in 8th (Scorpio) for the rest of the year. Saturn in 9th(Sagittarius) throughout the year. Rahu in 4th and Ketu in 10th.

Domestic : There will be peace and tranquility at home and your relations with spouse, children and the elder will be cordial and enjoyable. You will be able to solve all the domestic problems. You will have a good social life and will enjoy good reputation, status and honour in the social circles. You will take a lot of interest in religious activities, yoga, meditation and get the blessings of gurus and saints. It is very good time for singles to consider engagement or marriage, and a very good time to plan a baby too. Saturn’s transit in the 9th ensures good relations with opposite sex, peace of mind, social success and enjoyments. It also denotes bodily or material comfort and happiness. Students can expect good results in their examinations. Those having back-logs may need to double their efforts to clear them in the next semester. At home, your siblings would be more cooperative and affectionate than ever. There is a possibility of meeting a higher Government authority.

Finance : Your investments will be profitable. Income will be good, plentiful and continuous. It is a very good time to buy property. But the growing expenditure will become a cause of worry. Those in business can expect a good jump in profit, inspite of challenging situations. You will try and succeed in expanding your business empire. But partnership business may not run smoothly. Speculation appears to be good. Stock market investors need to be brisk, to enjoy short term gains. You will be able to save some amount for further investment.

Career : This is an excellent period for professional and financial growth. Work-front environment will turn to your favour in July 2018. Your bosses will be favourable and appreciative and you can expect a good promotion and increment.. This is a very good time for people in the teaching, writing, and publishing line. Recovery of arrears due is indicated during the second half of the year. You are likely to be entrusted with additional responsibility, which is going to turn in your favour.

Health : Some chronic health hazards will get subdued or completely cured. There will be overall improvement in your health condition. However, visits to hospitals for health check-ups and treatment cannot be avoided. Those suffering from heart, lungs and intestine problems will have some respite. Those suffered health issues because of Ashtama Sani upto October 2017 would begin to get relief and experience betterment.

Women : Avoid travelling, as travels will be tiresome and will not yield the desired results. Attitude of family members will change positively towards you. Domestic harmony will be maintained by you. Working women are likely to get transfers to their desired place. Income will be promising. You are likely to meet your childhood acquaintances. Problems related to uterus may cause some trouble. Financial gain and purchase of precious jewellery is indicated.

Birth Star Predictions :

Aswini : Uncontrolled expenditure is indicated. Hospitalisation and recovery from ailments are foreseen. There will be gain from unknown and unexpected persons. Enemies will be defeated. But domestic disturbance, claims from co-borns for sharing of their dues and disputes in that regard are indicated. Sale of property or a vehicle is indicated.

Bharani : Friends will benefit a lot. Cordial relations with spouse and other members of the family are foreseen. This is the time for unmarried persons to enter into wedlock. Success at distant places is likely. Ire of those in power may result in payment of penalty/ damages. Dishonour or disrespect will be point of concern for some. Getting higher position will miss in the last minute for some people.

Krittika I : Those in service may get higher positions. Jobtless youth will be absorbed in Govt. jobs or in some prestigious firms. There will be delay in getting money. Carelessness would lead to loss of money. Sane advice from friends and well-wishers will be available on time. Longdr a wn dis put es will be fa vour a bly s et t led or compr omis ed. Ma ny difficulties are to be faced to get s ucces s in r ea l es t a t e. Responsible posts would adorn some people.

Vedic Remedies : Perform Ganapathi Homam on the day of your Birth Star. Recite"Om Gam Ganapathaye Namaha" 108 times in the morning daily. Visit Goddess Durga temple on Tuesdays and distribute Lemon rice to devotees there.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Drive carefully and be careful, while travelling Not to wear Black clothes.

Krittika(2,3&4), Rohini, Mrigasira(1 & 2)
AriesJupiter in 6th(Libra) till 11th Oct. 2018 and then in 7th (Scorpio) for the rest of the year. Saturn in 8th(Sagittarius) throughout the year. Rahu in 3rd and Ketu in 9th.

Domestic : There will be domestic peace, for most part of the year. Hospitalization of your mother and difference of opinion may disturb peace, for at home occasionally. You will get conjugal happiness in spite of sickness of spouse and heated exchange once or twice. Fruitful, but expensive, journeys are on cards. Auspicious functions and celebrations at home will give you joy. Love affairs will start and continue. Bachelors will hear the wedding bells.

Finance : Your finances need a close watch. Be extra careful about money and valuables, as loss due to theft is likely. Stay away from vices and bad company, lest you may get imprisoned due to Ashtama sani. Outflow of money will exceed inflow. Expenses of children, parents and siblings may compel you to go for loans. Income generated from fixed assets and investments will become handy to you, to come out of financial crunch this year. You need to borrow heavily for running the show in status-quo position. But things will show improvement from July onwards, with entry of Jupiter to Scorpio.

Career : You have to be extremely careful at work, as your superiors and co-workers will not be favourable. Theft, fire, loss of property at your work place is likely. Postpone all new ventures, as it is a wrong time to start anything new. It is not the time to look for any advancement, but to hang on to what you have. Saturn’s transit indicates a period of disappointment to you. There may be loss of reputation and position. If you get distracted in your work, there may be loss of reputation. Avoid all illegal activities and be careful of your commitments and written documents, as you may get into trouble with those in power and face legal action or imprisonment. There will be unnecessary arguments and disputes at the work-place, which are very difficult to avoid.

Health : This requires close watch, as you will have constant health problems You will be tired and exhausted with a lazy lack-lustre feeling. Your health requires special attention. Watch your diet. Regular exercise keeps you healthy. Ailments relating to liver, intestines, knees, private parts and eyes are indicated. Surgery may become a must. But recovery with considerable medical expenses is very much indicated.

Women : Domestic harmony is likely to be disturbed. Disputes and disagreements with in-laws and husband are very much indicated. You need to cheer-up and be in the good books of your life-partner and very much watchful of your words, lest they may affect the marital bond. Also, watch your digital payments. Your shopping spree is likely to become a point of disagreement and displeasure to your spouse.

Birth Star Predictions

Krittika 2,3,4 : Diseases which were suppressed long ago by using strong medicines are likely to relapse. Every care is necessary to avoid accident and injury. Marriage indications for eligible bachelors and extra-marital affairs for the married are very much likely. Friends will create a lot of confusion and misunderstanding. They would give impracticable and boring suggestions. Disputes are likely to crop-up with regard to hereditary property. Quarrels and arguments may mar marital bliss.

Rohini : Distant travels may not bring any result. Chronic health problems will surface, which requires long time medication, but will be under control. Sickness will persist. Opportunity will be available to learn occult sciences. Consultation with astrologers is indicated. Success will be achieved with sustained efforts in a systematic way. A windfall gain or unexpected wealth is expected from hereditary quarters. A legal issue, which is expected to be sorted out, will not come to a conclusion. It will drag on further.

Mrigasira 1 and 2 : There will be profitable journeys. Relations with the public and participation in public services will be improved. Betterment is indicated in career. Money from Insurance companies and savings will be received in right time. Children will excel in their studies. Pleasure trip and falling in love are also indicated. Favour and help from Government are those in power are indicated.

Vedic remedies : Reciting Hanuman Chalisa and Dasaratha-krita Shani Stothra are known to be effective remedies for Saturn. Worshipping Lord Balaji on Saturdays and wearing Yellow Sapphire in a Silver ring on Thursday, will appease the afflicted planets.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Not to accept any Talisman from anybody. Take a dip in any holy river on Sankrati days.

Mithuna (Gemini)
Mrigasira(3 & 4), Arudra and Punarvasu ( 1, 2 & 3)
AriesJupiter in the 5th (Libra) till 11th October 2018 and then in the 6th (Scorpio) for the rest of the year. Saturn in the 7th(Sagittarius) throughout the year. Rahu in the 2nd; Ketu in the 8th.

Domestic : Juipiter’s transit in your 5thhouse brings a lot of promising fortunes. It will be the best time for students. Excellent academic performance, admissions in highly sought-after institutes and appreciation by mentor and instructor are high on cards. Professionals may expect positive changes, promotions and rewards. Family life would remain calm and composed. Your social status will be enhanced and you will perform an auspicious event in your family. But Saturn in the 7th and Rahu in the 2nd may cause loss of money due to treachery or deception. Avoid taking any kind of loan. This may not be a good period to fight a Court case or stand in an election.

Finance : Your financial position will improve. You will get money through life-partner, public dealings, land, house, vehicles etc. A property, which you are contemplating to dispose it off, can be sold out at a good price. Expect good time for people in Real Estate. Avoid taking any kind of loan, as the transits of Saturn and Rahu indicate delay and difficulties in repayment. Opt for out-of-court settlements and negotiations.

Career : You are likely to get recognition to your hidden talents and you will be very much imaginative. You will be amply rewarded for your latent skills, hard work and intelligence. This period will also see the enhancement of your learning and wisdom.

Health : Transits of Rahu and Ketu indicate health issues like fever, body pains and diseases to reproductive organs, more particularly ear and hearing related ailments. Chronic patients suffering from hypertension, diabetes and renal disorders, need to adhere to prescribed diet with proper and timely medication, along with physical fitness activities.

Women : It is difficult to avoid domestic disturbances. Despite every precaution, you cannot avoid petty quarrels and unnecessary arguments with in-laws. Period is tough for spinsters to get married. Women who seek divorce can get it easily this year. Working women will face mixed results like career growth on one hand, but domestic disturbance on the other. They need to be highly skillful to manage the two divergent portfolios of career and caretaker of the house.

Birth Star Predictions

Mrigasira 3&4 : Family routine affairs will go on normally. Try to avoid long journeys. Trouble is indicated from secret enemies and life at distant places. Short distance transfers are indicated for those in Govt. service. Troubles from co-borns and neighbours are strongly indicated. Indications of success in long-drawn litigation are foreseen.

Arudra : Favour from Government is on cards. Those aspiring for their first job are likely to be benefitted more, in the first quarter. All public dealings must be carefully dealt with. Unexpected change of place is very much likely between April and June. Eligible bachelors may need some more time to enter into wedlock. Guard yourself against water-borne diseases.

Punarvasu 1,2,3 : Disputes and disagreements with life-partner will dampen your spirits. Getting hereditary property or windfall gain is indicated. Single ones can look forward to pursuits of pleasure and serious involvement in love affair. Those facing legal cases or charges from Government are likely to get reprieve. Birth of a child in the family would give immense joy.

Vedic Remedies : Recite Vishnu Sahasranama daily at home. Chant "Om Namo Narayanaya" 108 times daily. Recite Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Pray Goddess Durga and distribute Lemon rice to devotees, in any Sakthi Temple on Tuesdays. Visit shrines of Lord Saneeswara on Saturday and offer Til Oil. Recite Ketu/Gayatri "Om Ketugrahaya vidmahe mahavaktraya dheemahi thanno ketuprachodayath" 7000 times in a span of one week.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Not to buy new Leather and Iron products.
Once a month, float a handful of Almonds ( with shell cover ) in a flowing river.

Kataka (Cancer)
Punarvasu(4), Pushya and Aslesha.

AriesJupiter in the 4th (Libra) from the start of the year to 11th Oct. 2018 and then in the 5th (Scorpio) for the rest of the year. Saturn in the 6th(Sagittarius) throughout the year. Rahu in the 1st; Ketu in the 7th.

Domestic : You need to concentrate and do a lot of hard work. Make sure to avoid arguments or you will antagonize people and make enemies. It is not a good time for travelling. If it is a must, better start in the early hours for East and North directions, and before Noon for West and South directions. Health of your mother will be a cause of worry, for major part of this year. Your life-partner expects more attention from your side, which will become a source of trouble. Students will shine in their studies with a lot of a hardwork. Those expecting campus recruitment need to put-in extra efforts to make a mark. Some of you can expect good time and may also experience a zestful life. Your interest in food and spiritual activities is also likely to rise during this time. Your ties and bonds with your relatives and friends will also be happy and cordial.

Finance : Transit of Rahu indicates loss of financial resources or wastage of money. Don’t indulge in too much of speculation. Be satisfied with short-term gains. Financially, you need to do a careful budgeting and be ready for a tight-rope walk. Those in money-lending business will see the bright days. Watch out your expenses and save for unforeseen of them. Try to keep yourself away from illicit practices, which may lead to prosecution and loss of reputation in the society.

Career : Your bosses will be over-demanding and seek every opportunity to corner you. Enemies will increase and will give you mental worries and anguish. Watch your behaviour and hold your tongue, as this may cuase bad reputation and loss of status in the society. Unfavourable transit of Nodes may drive for change of job, if you cannot control your words with your low-paid subordinates.

Health : There will be lack of vigour and vitality, and you will suffer from a feeling of weakness and unhappiness. You will be susceptible to severe headaches, nausea, and air-borne ailments like asthma, cynus and dust allergy. You are more likely to become sick a number of times for a short span of time; quick-recovery is indicated, if proper care is taken. As far as possible, avoid exposure to cold winds, dust and places of high altitudes.

Women : For housewives, it is quite easy at home. Your life partner will support you recognizing your hard work. Your family members will support you well, during times of need. Working women can expect transfer, promotion and good increments. You are likely to suffer from asthma, abortion and water-borne diseases, which will be cured with a little medication and rest.

Birth Star Predictions

Punarvasu (4) : Help from unknown persons/foreigners is likely. Disputes may crop-up, regarding ancestoral property. Some of you will face the complaint of parents, behaving in a biased manner. Attempts to achieve success and enjoy the fruits may fail in the last minute. Beware of accident or injury. Actions of secret foes will be successfully overcome. There will be many unproductive short journeys.

Pushya : Your efforts to go abroad will be materialized, after much of your efforts. Marriage of children will also pose much hardship to you. You need to strain all through the year, only to see the last laugh on your face in the yearend. Heath of parents will also become a point of worry to you. A bereavement in the family is likely. Occult studies and Yoga will attract you and you will make progress in these activities.

Aslesha : Sudden journeys, repayment of loans and medical treatment will drain your resources. Enemies will be defeated and success in litigation is very much indicated. But domestic squabbles, disagreements with coborns about division of property or surface of new litigations over once settled issues with them would dampen your spirits. Realization of hopes and wishes is on cards.

Vedic Remedies : Perform Rudrabhishekham in a Shiva Temple. Visit a Shiva temple on Mondays. Recite Rahu Stothra and Rahu Kavacha daily. Recite Rahu Gayatri "Om Naghadhwajaya vidmahe padmahasthaya dheemahi thanno Rahu prachodayaath" 18000 times, within a span of 18 days. Visit a Sani temple on Trayodasi days. Recite Devi Khadgamala Stothra daily and offer sweet naivedya to the Goddess, after prayers.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Be a pure vegetarian.
Feed Wheat flour to the ants.

Simha (Leo)
Makha, Poorvaphalguni and Uttara phalguni(1)

AriesJupiter in 3rd (Libra) till 11th Oct.2018 and then in 4th (Scorpio). Saturn in 5th(Sagittarius); Rahu in 12th; Ketu in 6th.

Domestic : Distant journeys are on cards, which will bring you joy. Children, health and education will bother you most. Your hidden enemies will trouble you. Health of your spouse will improve. Spiritual advancement and visits to places of worship will give you peace and tranquility. Avoid impatience and adamant replies, which will spoil your relations. Exercise great restraint, to avoid disputes with your co-born, which will yield desired results. Students aspiring to go overseas for higher education will succeed in their efforts. You need to host foreign visitors this year, which will enhance your prestige. Unfavorable transit of Rahu in the 12th spells loss of property, change of residence, number of litigations bothering your mind, defamation and humiliation. Handle your friends and acquaintances carefully, to avoid being forsaken by them.

Finance : You need to do careful budgeting and be ready for tight-rope walk. Inheriting wealth or property is indicated. You will have income from employment, business activities and personal efforts. Financial institutions will grant loans liberally and this will be put to use properly. Businessmen can expect increased profits and recover the pending dues successfully. Stock market investors may benefit more from their old shares, especially from pharma, hospitality and service sector shares.

Career : Unfavorable transit of Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu this year requires extra care in handling your job. Avoid risks and new assignments during this period, as you may not get the desired result and the chances of losing your job or reputation is possible. Avoid arguments and watch your behavior and language at your work place. Your enemies will try to dethrone you from your position. But the transit of Ketu in the 6th would bring the desired relief. Some developments in your work-front will dampen in your spirits. You may gain through lending money to others. Those involved in agriculture, finance, software-related activities are likely to prosper. Politicians will experience mixed results.

Health : Your health needs extra care, with regard to severe headache, hypertension, eyes, teeth, legs and ear-related disorders. You will try your best to keep yourself fit. Despite proper diet and physical exercises, sickness is indicated. Chronic health ailments may relapse and will be kept under control, after proper medication. Relief will be felt from the third quarter. Be careful of water-borne diseases during travel. Those with dust allergy should be more cautious. Spiritual discourses and philosophical attitude will enliven your spirits.

Women : Don't give importance to trivial matters. Tread cautiously at home. Disagreement with your lover is indicated, which, if drawn beyond proportions, may lead to break-up. You are likely to get property from your parents or distant relatives. Working women must be ready for a transfer. Unmarried girls can hear the wedding bells ringing, in third or fourth quarter. You are susceptible to fever, menstrual disorders along with renal and urinary troubles, which will be cured with timely medication and small time rest.

Birth Star Predictions

Makha : Distant travel is indicated and you will enjoy life at secluded places. Some of you will be attracted to occult studies and yoga. You will successfully rebut the acts of your rivals. A friend, on whom you have relied more, would show her true colours much to your chagrin. Your contacts will expand widely. You will try for a political post, which will turn out in your favour. Be careful in cash dealings. It will be a good time to make agreements, compromises and settlement of disputes.

Poorvaphalguni : Good health is indicated. Help from neighbours, cooperation from coborns and short travels are most likely. You may have to involve in secret activity in your job-front. Those in public service need to be more vigilant, to avoid disciplinary action from higher-ups. You will get help from unexpected quarters. Don’t involve in underhand dealings, which will land you in trouble. Fulfill your Tax obligations in time, lest you may face issues with tax departments.

Uttaraphalguni (I) : Your efforts to know the new things will be successful. Your confidence levels will increase. You will receive required finances in time. One issue, over which you are pondering for a solution since long, will be settled this year. You will receive favourable orders from legal forums. An important document, for which you are searching, will be found suddenly. Don’t disclose your confidential matters to others, which may create problems.

Vedic remedies : Recite Lalitha Sahasranama strothra and Lalitha Ashtothram on every Tuesday. Visit the shrines of Lord Kartikeya and anoint the deity with milk. Recite Guru Gayatri "Om suraaochaaryaaya vidmahey devapujyaaya dheemahi thanno Guruh prachodayath" 108 times daily, for 16 days to appease the planet Jupiter. Perform Ganapathi Homam to remove hurdles in your efforts.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Be humble and do not boast of your achievements.
Not to give unsolicited advice to others.

KANYA (Virgo)
Uttaraphalguni (2, 3 & 4) Hasta and Chitra (1 & 2).

AriesJupiter in 2nd (Libra) till 11th Oct.2018 and then in 3rd (Scorpio). Saturn in 4th(Sagittarius). Rahu in Cancer in 11th; Ketu in Capricorn in 5th

Domestic : Jupiter's transit in your second house ensures domestic happiness, all round progress and gain of wealth through speech. You need to spend more on the comfort of your relatives. You will receive help from unexpected quarters. You will be happy to see your aspirations getting transformed into actions and yielding positive results this year. Academic and career progress of your children would give you immense pleasure. Your efforts to get your children married will yield fruits this year. Those in industrial circles will have unexpected foreign tours. Transit of Nodes gives mixed results, like new opportunities with fiscal gain on one hand with restless and tedious work on the other. Avoid bad company to keep yourself away from more trouble.

Finance : You will have secured income. You will be surprised to see the sources of your income increase multifold. Income is expected from real estate, speculation, trade, agriculture and also from your spouse. Businessmen will get regular profits. Those who are hesitant to enter into stock market so far can go ahead confidently. Existing stock market players will reap the unexpected gains. Those in Partnership ventures would receive excellent cooperation from their partners. Expansion plans for LLPs will be successful this year.

Career : Disenchantment with regard to work will be your main enemy. Unless you shake it off, you may face the displeasure of your superiors. You need to be innovative in your sphere of activities. Some of you in employment will go to far off places in search of greener pastures. Those in search of employment will get the desired job. Long journeys on duty are indicated to senior executives. Overtures towards opposite sex may land you in trouble. Pleasure trip with your colleagues is indicated this year. This is a very good time for those in medical field. Surgeons, architects, financial consultants and attorneys will have a fruitful year ahead. Share brokers, mediators and middlemen will have mixed results.

Health: Extra care should be taken about your health and also the health of spouse and children. Lethargy, stomach disorders, anguish, mental agony, fear and a general sense of disorientation will prevail during this period. Death of a close relative is possible. Saturn’s transit indicates danger to parents. Regular exercise and timely food are required to keep you hale and hearty. Avoid alcohol as far as possible, to prevent the ill effects of Saturn’s transit. 4th house transit of Saturn is troublesome to alcoholics.

Women : You will receive the support of your mother financially and morally. Improvement in family matters is very much indicated. The achievements of your children will make you proud. Marital life would be quite harmonious, with occasional hiccups. Working women need to exercise utmost care and balance of mind in job-front. Increase in rank or promotion with perks can be expected. Loggerheads with your colleagues of opposite sex may affect your accession in career. Lovers can expect to enter into wedlock. Spinsters will be able to find suitable grooms.

Birth Star Predictions

Uttara Phalguni (2,3, 4) :

Your endeavors to succeed will be supported by your superiors. Spouse will cooperate in your efforts. Eligible unmarried youth must be ready to tie the marital knot. Favour and help from maternal uncles and aunts can be anticipated. Legal disputes will terminate in your favour. Success in attempts is guaranteed. Frequent short journeys will result in seasonal ailments, which will be cured with timely medication. Pleasurable pursuits and love affairs are not ruled out.


Watch your words. You may lose your trusted friends, because of your outspoken attitude. Household electronic goods, vehicles and electrical installations at your place may require frequent repairs. You may need to replace them with new ones. Fever due to mosquito-bites and problems from other insects are indicated. Be careful while driving, lest you will be penalized for not following traffic rules. Relations with public and participation in public services will enliven your spirits. Career-wise, an upliftment is indicated. You will be happy with the prosperity of your children.

Chitra 1, 2

Enemies will be subdued and Court cases will be terminated in your favour. Normal health will be maintained by following the health-guide and the advice of doctors. Fiscal position and family life are going to be promising. You will be prone to eye-related problems due to too much watching TV and internet. Those with Myopia need to increase the power of their lens. Birth of a child will give you immense pleasure. Job in Government or a reputed Corporate House is very much likely. Pleasurable pursuits will result only in physical strain.

Vedic remedies

Visit a Saneeswara shrine every Saturday; offer prayers and anoint Sani with Til Oil. Recite Sani stothra. Recite Rahu Kavacham. Worship Goddess Mahalakshmi for financial prosperity. Recite Sri Dhanada Devi stotra Kavacham daily, three times, for 90 days.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Wear a Gold chain or Yellow thread around the neck.
Feed any three street dogs daily.

Tula (Libra)
Chitra ( 3 & 4), Swati and Visakha ( 1,2 &3)

AriesJupiter in the 1st till 11th Oct. 2018 and then in the 2nd Saturn in the 3rd; Rahu in 10th; Ketu in 4th.

Domestic : Your Sade-sati is over. You will be able to discharge your duties with renewed vigour and enthusiasm. You will experience all types of comforts. Your domestic life will also be very happy. You will enjoy a good social life and will have the upper hand over enemies. But the transit of Jupiter would keep your spirits low. Avoid clashes with the family members and try to keep your cool. Friends and relatives will not be favourable towards you. However, it is a good time for studies, charity and developing religious inclination. The transits of Nodes would help you socially and you are likely to gain fame and respect in the society. Students would excel in their respective field of learning. Many will acquire additional mathematical and computer knowledge. You may have to travel towards Northeastern direction or on a voyage.

Finance : Expenditure will be more than income. Avoid all risky investments. You must hang on to what you have and try to maintain status quo, by doing damage control. Education of your children, parents and spouse will compel you to go for instant credit. Income from hereditary sources is likely to increase this year. Investment in house, Gold or precious items is not ruled out. Business activities will yield mixed results. Stock market investors will gain by selling long-term holding shares. Speculators would gain more in the second half of this year.

Career : You will get the required cooperation from your colleagues and seniors at work. You will also be able to influence others at work. Senior executives among you will implement new and innovative ideas at the work-front, which will bring a number of encomiums. Some of you will get an occasion to meet your top boss or a person of good distinction. You are also likely to get new opportunities in your workfront, which would give you higher responsibilities and more privileges. Relations with your superiors will be cordial this year. For politicians, this year would be good. They will be more popular among the masses. Some of you will get unexpected political mileage and get elevation in party posts.

Health : Your health will give you repeated nagging problems. You are likely to develop sleep disorders. Ailments relating to liver, knees, private parts and ENT are likely to trouble you. Some of you will be bogged down by chronic ailments. Health of your parents would require attention. However, you need not be panic-stricken. You can avoid major ailments through clean food habits; relish nutritious choice food in hygienic places. Consuming leafy vegetables more in your diet will keep you hale and hearty.

Women : Girls need to wait for one more year to find suitable grooms as per their liking. Sickness relating to ovaries, reproductive organs, vertigo, Sinus and breathing-related problems will trouble you more. Working women will get on well with their colleagues in their work place. They need to clear the extra work load also, without extra benefits. Some of you would think of quitting the job, unable to clear the pending loads. You would become answerable for others’ faults. Don’t ratify the actions of your subordinates, which will land you in trouble.

Birth Star Predictions

Chitra (3, 4) : Avoid negative thoughts and run-down attitude. Your behavior and conduct would go astray during this year. Relations with children will be strained. However, you will succeed with your own efforts. You would encounter problems, relating to house, vehicles, etc. Distant journeys are on cards. Even though huge expenditure is indicated for family functions, you may somehow be able to make both ends meet.


Distant journeys/foreign tours for education purpose are indicated. Happiness from the opposite sex is foreseen. You will receive the blessings of seers and Gurus. A windfall gain or legacy will elevate your social status. Involvement in love affair cannot be ruled out. Your public relations and social contacts will increase manifold this year. You are likely to be felicitated for your achievement. Some of you will be in the news and your writings will be published in reputed journals. Don’t share your personal information in Face Book or post negative comments on anybody, which will land you in trouble.

Visakha 1, 2, 3

You will get involved in construction activities mostly this year. Your efforts to have own dwelling, new job and marriage trials will be successful. Business and Service Sector people will come out with expansion plans. Small ill health is indicated in the first quarter. This year will be good time for those aspiring for promotions and transfers to the desired place. The hidden talents of artists among you will come to limelight and you will get the desired recognition from audience. Computer professionals among you will shine exceedingly well, along with Advocates and Technocrats.

Vedic remedies

Recite Vishnu Ashtothra and Aditya Hridayam daily. Worship Lord Hanuman on Saturdays. Visit Lord Kartikeya’s temple on Tuesdays. Those of you desirous of improving financial stature need to recite Sri Lakshmi Ashtakam (Namastestu Mahamaaye Sripeethey sura poojithey ……..)

Lal-kitab Remedies:

Feed the pigeons daily.
Treat your guests respectfully.

Vrischika (Scorpio)
Visakha(4), Anuradha and Jyeshta

AriesJupiter in 12th (Libra) till 11th Oct’18 and then in 1st (Scorpio). Saturn in 2nd (Sagittarius) throughout the year. Rahu (True) remains in Cancer in 9th and Ketu in Capricorn in 3rd round the year.

Domestic : The peak of Sade-sati is over and you will experience some relief; but the last phase may give you some pinpricks. Control your expenses and avoid impulsive buying. Avoid underhand dealings and don’t harm or antagonize others. Avoid bad company to keep yourself away from more trouble. Don’t pin high hopes on your friends and acquaintances. You are likely to be forsaken by your friends in times of need. Don’t stand as surety to others’ loans. You are likely to get involved in some legal issues, which will drag for a long time. However proper relief at timely intervals is assured, with the favorable transit of Ketu. Projects, which are pending for long, will be cleared in this year. Students will succeed well in the academic and competitive examinations with flying colurs. Health of your mother will become a cause of worry to you.

Finance : Secure your landed property and jewellery, as you are likely to lose some during this year. You may be pressurized to repay loans. Your income through employment or business may not be sufficient to meet the expenses. Service-sector units will show better results than manufacturing units. Stock market trading need to be done with keen observation. Pestering from Tax enforcement officials for violation of statutory provisions is very much on cards.

Career : Those in employment will have a difficult time at work till September. Your employers and bosses will not be in your favour. Don’t expect any promotion, increment or appreciation. Your professional life is likely to go on a bumpy ride with several ups and downs. Consciously avoid the bad company of your colleagues, as they might encourage you to do unlawful activities. Allegations of breach of trust and impropriety may be levelled against you. Start-ups and LLPs may not run well. Good time is ahead to those working in hospitality and tourism sectors.

Health : Falling from high places, vehicular accidents, bone fractures etc. would require hospitalization. Rheumatic problems, anaemia, nausea and problems arising due to gluttony are very much indicated. Head, brain and chest are vulnerable parts for disease setting-in. Keep emergency medicines ready, if you happen to go on long trips. You will realize that your health is in your hands. Things start showing improvement from last quarter, to those having incessant and nagging health issues for long.

Women : This is the time for working women for change of job for betterment. They must be prepared for a transfer to an unwanted place. You need to struggle hard to stop the transfer, by moving-up the higher echelons. Distant travels will cause unrest and fatigue. You need to be doubly sure in sharing your information in Face Book. Some of your comments will become controversial and give rise to unnecessary complications. Expectant mothers need extra care to avoid miscarriage. Unmarried girls need to wait till second the half of 2018 for entering into wedlock.

Birth Star Predictions

Visakha 4

Married life will be disturbed occasionally, by petty quarrels. You must be rest assured in public dealings. Those of you suffering unfavorable dasa/bhukthi may suffer public ire/displeasure. People wishing to break-up or taking divorce would succeed in their efforts easily. Efforts to increase new contacts or illicit relations will yield fruits. Amounts due from Government, since long, will be realized in the first quarter itself. You will subdue your enemies by hook or crook. Your progeny will be a source of pleasure and pride to you. Child-birth in your family this year would bring happy moments in your relatives’ circle.


Benefit from the death of an aged person is indicated. You may resort to charitable activities quite frequently this year. Professional life will progress normally. Those undergoing the bhukthi of malefic planet would be placed in confinement. Love affairs will lead to marriage. Carelessness in driving may result in grievous injury. Claim of your co-born for share of property would trouble you much. Married life will be satisfactory, despite some petty disagreements. You can mend the ways of your spouse into yours, through your knack and tact. One of your children will become a cause of worry to you in the first half.


You (eligible ones) will get government employment or a job in good Corporate. Students can aspire for campus placement. Depending on planetary strength in natal charts, students can aspire to get admission in prestigious institutions, as per present gochara. All endeavours will be successful. Normal health will be maintained through timely medication. Over exposure to cold winds may result in breathing-related issues, which will take much time for curing.

Vedic remedies (Scorpio) :

Recite Srilakshmi-nrusimha Karaavalamba stothra of Adi Sankaracharya daily. Perform Surya Namaskar daily in the open air, during Sunrise. Visit shrines of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha and offer jaggery mixed drink to the deity. Help the lepers and the handicapped as much as you can.

Lal-kitab Remedies:

Wear Gold ring in Left hand’s Ring finger.
Tie a Red thread around the wrist of Right hand.

Dhanus (Sagittarius)
Moola, P.Shada, U.Shada(1)

AriesJupiter in 11th (Libra) till 11th Oct. 2018 and then in 12th (Scorpio). Saturn in the 1st (Sagittarius) throughout the year. Rahu (True) remains in Cancer in the 8th and Ketu in Capricorn in the 2nd throughout the year.

Domestic : Your Sade-sati is at its peak. Your relations with your spouse and children other relatives and friends will not be good and there will be frequent misunderstandings. Ketu’s transit indicates disagreements with your spouse’s family. Avoid shady deals and harsh words. If not careful, you may face Court Cases and punishment. Amidst the above pull-downs, you will also experience parental comfort, solace from divine Gurus/ preceptors and timely support from well-wishers. Pilgrimage to a holy place and taking holy dips in sacred rivers are also on cards. Relief will be in the form of academic and financial success of your children and timely help from your co-borns. Some of you may face discomfort, due to forced change of place. Tough time is expected for students attempting competitive examinations and undergoing professional studies.

Finance : Your expenses will be more and there could be a theft in your house.Efforts to raise loans to get over your deficit finance will be very much delayed. Pressure from lenders will make you suffocate. Pending bills from Government will be cleared, only after meeting the demands of bureaucracy. A portion of the property will be mortgaged to meet business-needs. Your partners in business will not be cooperative. Stock market investors need to tread cautiously. However, by the end of the year you will have a sigh of relief .

Career : Your enemies and competitors will deceive you and you may have to face transfer to a far-off place on a punishment posting. Bosses will not be favorable. This is not the time to look for progress and prosperity, but to do a careful damage-control act and hang on to what you have. But the transit of Jupiter in your 11thhouse would control the damage substantially. You will get unexpected help from strange quarters. Stick on to your job/profession—don’t experiment. Politicians will receive tempting offers, but need to think twice, before switching their loyalties. However, this is a good time for academicians, book publishers, writers, research scholars, advocates and tax consultants.

Health : Irritation and anxieties will dampen your spirits. There will be risk from fire, injury from weapons and/or food poisoning. Health of your spouse will also be a point of concern to you. Travels will become tiresome and will not yield the desired results. Fever, body pains and swelling of joints and eye troubles are indicated.

Women : Despite some squabbles in the domestic front, housewives can expect overall happiness. You will drain your entire savings on luxury goods and ornaments. You will receive full cooperation from your spouse. Working women in general will find the year promising. Promotions and transfers to your place of choice can be obtained with little effort. You can cheer-up with the success news of your spouse and his achievements. Those who are in sports field are likely to shine more this year. For those in politics good time to try for nominated posts.

Birth Star Predictions


One of your friends will be a source of trouble. Increased expenditure will drain the purse. Many would develop interest in social service and philosophical aspects. Your relatives will turn indifferent. Success in efforts will come after considerable delay. Frequent journeys cannot be avoided. Success of your children in academic front will make you happy. You will face nerves and spondylitis-related issues, apart from hypertension, due to work-pressure. But with timely medication, yoga and brisk walking, you will maintain normal health.


Your subordinates will be a source of trouble. Their indiscipline may affect your performance. Conjugal displeasure and marital discord are indicated. Troubles from distant place are indicated. Your friends will extend their warmth and cordiality. Financial crunch and problems of children will worry you a lot. Adamant nature and arguments may lead to estrangement of some relations, good friends and collegues. Your urge to make a long pilgrimage will be fulfilled this year. Spiritual practices and devotion will bring peace. Good time is ahead for those in celluloid field.

Uttarashada 1

Acute/chronic health problems, if any may lead to hospitalization. Income accrues, but will not be received in time, resulting in cash crunch. Life in a distant place will be fetching. Reconciliation and re-union with friends and kith and kin are very much on cards. Prospects for travel abroad for meeting your relatives are bright. Those of you in investigating and crime control departments will have to work over-time to clear the pending files. Persons working incognito need to be careful, to remain in disguise.

Vedic remedies

Perform Rudrabhishekam to Lord Shiva on Mondays. Worship Lord Ganesha daily at home. Visit Saneeswara temple at Shinganapur and anoint Saneeswara with Til oil. Donate Til, Black grams, Black-colored cloth liberally. Recite Sani Gayatri thrice a day. Recite Ketu Kavacha weekly once.

Lal-kitab Remedies:

Not to fall in the trap of fake saints/ soothsayers. Be practical and don’t trust anybody blindly.

Makara (Capricorn)
Uttarashada(2, 3, 4), Sravana and Dhanishta(1&2)

AriesJupiter in 10th (Libra) till 11th Oct.2018 and then in 11th (Scorpio). Saturn in 12th (Sagittarius) throughout the year. Rahu (True) remains in Cancer in 7th and Ketu (True) remains in your Moon sign (Capricorn) throughout the year.

Domestic : Jupiter's sojourn in 10th and the first leg of Sade-sati will bother you much in the initial days of the year. But Jupiter’s transit to Scorpio will provide you some relief. You need to maintain cordial relations with your family members, with cool temper. Avoid creating any unpleasant atmosphere at home, to avoid fights with your family members. Indisposition of both the parents will be a cause of worry. Amidst the above, you can have relief from travel in luxurious vehicle, air travel, robust health (self), visits to foreign countries on others’ sponsorship/Govt expenses, winning in elections of Non-Government bodies.

Finance : This is a tough time. Expenses may soar making the saving highly difficult. Your endeavors to increase your sources of income by foraying into other fields, will be met with stiff resistance by your competitors. Unexpected and unplanned expenditure will outweigh your means of finance. 12th house Saturn wishes to see the native as an impecunious mendicant(subject to its strength in the natal chart). Investments made clandestinely in earlier years will be traced by Government sleuths. It is better to disclose them to Government prior to it, under VDS Scheme to avoid punitive damages. Your investments in this year on land and shares will show Bearish trend. Of course, your investments in Bullion will be a sort of relief, with value addition.

Career : Avoid arguments and disputes with your superiors, as they will not be receptive to your views. Your enemies will have the upper-hand and you may lose your position and honour. You may face disciplinary action for insubordination and indiscipline. You will be saved from further damage with the favorable transit of Jupiter in the last quarter. The transit of Nodes also requires you to be more cautious, in respect of raising loans. You may not be in a position to re-pay the loans taken at this time. Employers! some of your trusted employees will leave you and you will have a hard time in finding replacement. Entrepreneurs need to cut short their expansion plans, because of paucity of funds. Musicians, singers and screen-play writers will have a promising time.

Health : Injuries or diseases related to head, neck and eyes are very much indicated, which may require brief hospitalization. Narrow escape from accident will drive you towards occult sciences. Spiritual travel to a hillplace will enliven your spirits and improve your health. Some of you may get in touch with a spiritual healer, for getting relief through meditation.

Women : Your efforts to keep the domestic environment calm will be successful. Brief illness followed by fast recovery is indicated. Women with chronic Gynaecological disorders need to take extra caution. Working women will receive normal results. Promotion, which is already due, will be given. Transfer, if it is for a short distance, will be given immediately. Women waiting to tie the marital bond since long can get ready for the same this year with confidence. Good time is indicated for those in software, telecommunications, transport and service sectors.

Birth Star Predictions

Uttarashada (2,3,4)

Fulfilment of desires and aspirations is likely. You will try to your best keep your health in good condition. Trouble from siblings, neighbours and tedious journeys are likely. Success in attempts and settlement of disputes on cards. Domestic happiness is also foreseen. You will spend a lot of time in spiritual discourses. Income-front and family affairs appear to be positive. People working in Air, fire services, mining and water works need to take extra care at their job-front.


Trouble from enemies and disputes will become a cause of concern. There will be happiness from spouse and other family members. You will get mixed results, regarding health. Finances will be well-managed. Your clients will extend whole-hearted support to your organization, in times of need. It is better to avoid sensual pleasures and speculative activities. Expected job/promotion will be delayed. One of your children will be a cause of worry.

Dhanishta (1, 2)

Regular income and reduced expenses will result in small savings. You will experience improvement in family affairs. Favours from Government are indicated, in moderately. Progress of your children will be a matter of joy for you. You will improve your family relations with pleasure-seeking tours, valuable gifts and also with your care and concern towards them. There will be gain of land/house from litigation. Prospects for unemployed youth for getting a good job is highly probable. Delicious food, wealth and comfort can be expected.

Vedic Remedies(Capricorn)

Chant "Om Namo Narayananaya" 108 times daily. Visit Vishnu temple on Thursdays and Saturdays. Recite Jupiter Gayatri 16 times daily for three months. Worship Rahu and Ketu on Tuesdays and Saturdays, by visiting. Navagraha shrines or by reciting their stothras.

Lal-kitab Remedies:

Every Thursday, pour water onto the roots of a Peepal tree.
Not to indulge in any activity, which is illegal, unethical and immoral.

KUMBHA (Aquarius)
Dhanishta (3 & 4), Satabisha, Poorvabhadra (1, 2 & 3)

AriesJupiter in 9th (Libra) till 11th Oct.2018 and then in 10th ( Scorpio). Saturn in 11th (Sagittarius) throughout the year. Rahu (True) remains in Cancer in the 6th and Ketu in Capricorn in the 12th all through the year.

Domestic : There will be peace and tranquility at home-front and your relations with your spouse, children and the elder ones in the family will be cordial and enjoyable. Minor skirmishes will not disturb the domestic harmony. You will take a lot of interest in religious activities, yoga, meditation etc., and will get the blessings of gurus and saints. It is good time for singles to consider engagement or marriage and a very good time to plan a baby too. Those applied for divorce will re-think.

Finance : It is a very good time to buy property. Those in business can expect a good jump in profit. You will get money through life-partner, public dealings, land, house, vehicle, friends, agriculture, service, and also from distant trading. You may also go for borrowing for expansion of your business units. Partnerships will be successful and you will extend your wings for overseas trading this year. Speculative activities will get beneficial results. You will be able to recover your dues this year.

Career : This is an excellent period career-wise. Your bosses will be favorable and appreciative, and you can expect good promotion and increment. Promising time is ahead for teaching faculty, professional writers and for those in research. Some of you will get international reputation through your research papers. Your efforts to get transfer to a place of your choice will be successful. Time is good for software professionals to fulfill their aspirations like getting H1B Visa, going abroad on project assignments etc.,

Health : There will be a sense of well being in life. Except for some seasonal and contagious diseases, you can be rest assured of being hale and hearty. However, transit of Rahu indicates swelling of joints, rheumatic pains with fever and escape from accidents etc. Drive out lethargy and keep yourself out of depression, by engaging in spiritual pursuits and developing philosophical outlook. Keep your emotions in control to reduce overflow of blood into brain vessels. Visit of hill stations will cheer your spirits. People suffering from chronic diseases will notice good improvement in their health.

Women : Smooth sailing in your domestic and work fronts are foreseen. Housewives will manage domestic affairs in such a way that nobody will have an occasion to criticize. Chances are more for getting benefitted by maternal uncle. Working women will succeed in their work-front from the cooperation of colleagues and higher-ups. Your enemies will be submissive and you would gain over them. Socially you would be in a great shape. Your respect and honour in the society would see an upward move during this year. You are also likely to meet someone interesting from the opposite sex who will make you excited and intellectually impressed. Trouble in kidneys(stones) and menstrual disorders are likely. However, you will avoid hospitalization, by taking preventive care.

Birth Star Predictions

Dhanishta (3, 4)

Public dealings will be successful and fruitful. Wedding bells will ring for the eligible ones. Disputes would crop up, relating to hereditary property. Friends may create a number of problems. Their advice is likely to boomerang. Troubles from vehicles would lead to huge expenses. At home, support from parents and elders is assured. Extra marital relations may create problems in the second half of the year. Sustained effort will bring success in all ventures.


There will be marital happiness. Overseas travel is likely. Distant journeys and life in distant places seem to be beneficial. Celebration of marriage is on cards. Wind-fall gain or wealth from distant sources is very much likely. House, land or vehicle will be acquired this year. Sickness will persist for a short while. Income from immovable properties will increase in this period. Chronic health problems will be kept under control.

Poorvabhadra (1,2,3)

You will realize your hopes and desires, through your own efforts. A good position and power can be expected. Honour, good name and success are on cards. Disputes will be settled in your favour. You will enjoy conjugal bliss. Increased income will result in savings. All your ventures will be completed in time. However, you are likely to lose money because of your carelessness in public places. Also, bilerelated health issues, piles, dental problems and thyroid are the likely to bother you much, this year.

Vedic Remedies

Recite Vishnu Sahasanamam daily at home. Visit Vishnu temple and offer prayers on Thursdays. Worship Lord Ganesh and recite Gakara Ganapati Astotram. Cattle can be donated to the needy.

Lal-kitab Remedies:

Once a month, donate 8 kg Potatoes in any temple
Treat your spouse respectfully & affectionately

Meena (Pisces)
Poorvabhadra(4), Uttarabhadra & Revati.

AriesJupiter in 8th (Libra) till 11th Oct. 2018 and then in the 9th ( Scorpio). Saturn in the 10th (Sagittarius) throughout the year. Rahu (True) remains in Cancer in the 5th and Ketu in Capricorn in the 11th.

Domestic : Watch your behaviour as you will be irritable, rude and rash during this time. Try to maintain your calm, lest the relations with your spouse and in-laws will be strained. Rahu’s transit indicates grief due to children. Health of your spouse and parents will be a cause of your concern. Mentally you may suffer from agony and confusion. Conjugal bliss will be affected, due to occasional ill health or unnecessary misunderstandings with spouse. Those applied for divorce will get it, without any further delay. Some of them can aspire for re-marriage this year itself. There will be hurdles in your each effort and getting over of the same will make you tiresome.

Finance : Hold tight to your finances, as it is likely to be spent on unnecessary purchases. Some of you may experience unusual ups and downs, where you may get unexpected financial gain. Those in service will get barely sufficient income. Businessmen will face undue delay and stagnation in getting their dues. However, judicious spending will save you from further borrowing. Business travel is going to benefit you more and relief is expected from all legal cases. Speculation will yield moderate gain and stock market investors will get small gains from their old holdings. Shares obtained from primary market would fetch better results.

Career : This is a period of disappointments, unnecessary arguments and disputes at the work-place. If you get distracted and cannot concentrate on work, there will be loss of reputation, honor and fame. Avoid all illegal activities and be careful of your commitments, as you may get into trouble with the authorities and may face legal action or imprisonment.Lot of extra efforts need to be put up, for completion of work as per schedule. You may be forced to change your job and the new job also will be troublesome. Your commitment, integrity and hard work will save you from getting fired at the job-front.

Health : Health would need a close watch, as you will get health problems often. You will be tired and exhausted with a lazy lustre feeling. Health will deteriorate to a few of you. Ailments related to stomach, diaphragm, legs and reproductive organs may bother a few. Untimely food may lead you towards gastric trouble. You must be vigilant in your movements and also during travel to avoid theft and injuries. Fevers due to mosquito bites will make you sick. Stress in managing family affairs may impact your health negatively.

Women : Housewives can expect domestic harmony, despite some squabbles in the family affairs. Birth of a baby boy is foreseen. Relations with your spouse will be on medium note. Working women will find this year promising, inspite of some problems. Promotions and transfers to distant places are very likely. You would exhaust your savings, by spending on ornaments. Hospitalization for troubles in bowels, menstrual cycle and acidity are foreseen for a few.

Birth Star Predictions

Poorvabhadra 4

Make sure that you do not cross the limits due to frustration. The execution of work entrusted to you will not be smooth as there will be repeated obstacles. Do not look for any new romance as it will frustrate you even more. Your relations with your relatives especially with your maternal kins will be spoiled. Profession-related travels are on cards, but those may not be much rewarding. Activity, energy and daunting spirit will ultimately bring you success, despite many hardships. Spiritual practices and devotion will bring you peace.


You will have problems in dealing with subordinates. Your friends will extend warmth and cordiality. Financial crunch and problems of children will make you restless. You will fulfill your longpending spiritual obligation this year. Reconciliation and reunion with estranged spouse are very much on cards. Those in show-business will have a better time. Some of you will become popular with your spiritual and charitable activities. You may go abroad to meet your kith and kin there. Enjoying life at the cost of health and illicit relations will result in marital discord.


Success in attempts, victory over enemies and settlement of disputes are indicated. Domestic happiness is also foreseen. You will spend money on your children for their benefit. Intemperate habits and carelessness will result in health issues to you. Avoid revealing your personal details to strangers. You will spend a lot of time, pondering over spirituality. Inspite of occasional loss of money, net result will be gain. Mixed results can be expected in respect of career and professional front.Your relatives will turn indifferent, in times of need. One of your friends will be a source of trouble to you.

Vedic Remedies (Pisces) :

Recite Siva Sahasranama daily. Visit Lord Shiva temple on Mondays and perform Rudrabhishekam. Recite Hanuman Chalisa on Saturdays. Visit Durga temple on Tuesdays and offer prayers. Worship Lord Ganesh a Meditate on your Family deity, whenever possible.

Lal-kitab Remedies:

Apply a little Turmeric powder on your navel.
Daily bow your head in front of Rising Sun.


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