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Numero Guidance 2016
Annual Forecast based on your Personal Year Number
By Malati Khanna

The year 2016 has some awesome trends and surprises for everyone! Follow the Numero Guidance 2016 given here and make 2016 work for you better.

To calculate your Personal Year Number, just add your Date of birth; Month of birth and the current year i.e. 2016

Date of Birth
Current Year
= 21
= 2+1 = 3
Personal Year Number
So Number 3 is your Personal Year Number for 2016.
(If the numbers add up to more than 9, then add the 2 digits together, to obtain a single digit number (as in the above case).

1Opportunities:- The Sun shines on all your endeveours this year. It’s time to assert your will and sharpen your leadership skills, as vast scope for expansion and growth in career matters are foreseen during the first half of the year. Promotion or heading a large project is at hand! Persistence and spontaneous passion will keep the money pouring in. Be prepared to re-define and re-structure your wealth, to invest in future. Innovative ideas and creative pursuits will prove to be very lucrative and rewarding. Benefits will pour in through esoteric activities and work behind the scenes. Financial position will be better, towards the last quarter of the year. Opportunities for official trip and family vacations would crop up, after midyear. Increase in social circle will attract influential help and success. A change of location or shifting to a new home is in the cards!

Love:- Romance and love life will be fun and passionate. A friendship can turn into something more meaningful this year! Wedding bells for the singles is foreseen towards the later half of the year. Those married will now expand their family. Be sure not to indulge in unwanted extra-marital escapades.

Hindrances: - Unexpected changes and restlessness can create hassles at work. Be sure to implement your plans and ideas, with a more practical approach. Monetary pinches and setbacks will be temporary. Avoid getting into murky financial waters, due to blind faith and trust. Concentrating on the long-term gains and sound investment will pay off in spades. Depend on your own resources, as financial problems can surface to pinch the pocket. Guard against the tendency to over-spend this year. Postpone major decisions till the mid-year. Be prepared to get adventurous and come up with innovative ideas.

Family:- Learn to balance your professional and personal life. Existing work responsibilities can cause frictions and tender feelings in the family to surface. Be patient and receptive to wise advice from elders. Family differences would get sorted out towards the year-end. Open communications and care will help to iron out the wrinkles.

Health:- Guard against stomach and heart ailments, due to stress and tension. Following a good health regime with Yoga or meditation will help to keep illness at bay. Take special care of the health of a loved one.

Significant Sun Months:- February, March, April, May, June, July, August , October and November.

Compatible Sun Signs:- People born under the sign of Aries , Aquarius and Leo or on the following dates 1, 4, 9 , 10 , 13, 18, 19, 22 and 28 , will feature more prominently in your life this year.

Fortune Guidance:- Don’t push the river--- it flows by itself! Trust your intuition and impulses but— be discreet and choosy in your choices. Find ways to spice things up!

Numero tip:- Wear or carry a Citrine Crystal in your left pocket for luck interviews and business negotiations.

2Opportunities:- A realistic and an optimistic attitude are the keys to make sure and steady success. Use your artistic and social skills, to enlist the support of others. Your expertise and sincere efforts in work will be well appreciated and recognized. Partnership and negotiations will be clear cut and eventually satisfying. Business expansions are foreseen towards the second quarter of the year. A salary hike, promotion or a reward is around the corner! Money flow will be satisfying initially, but will gradually increase after mid-year. Real estate or big investment is favorable after mid-year. Loans given in the past will now be recovered unexpectedly. Surprising events will help to deal new things with zeal. Business travel and networking will yield good returns from different sources. Improvements in and around home are foreseen. Interest in charity and social circles will increase.

Love:- This year promises new and thrilling encounters in love and romance after mid-year. The singles can look forward to some pleasant getaways. One of the oldest friendships can result in romance and marriage! Those committed will find a renewed sense of fidelity and trust.

Hindrances: - Unexpected and surprising events can knock you off the course. Remain in control to meet the challenges head on. Keep all your plans and ideas under wraps. Be precise, while voicing out your opinions. Be fiscally cautious, after midyear and limit your expenses to minimum. Watch out for secret enemies and rivals who will attempt to undermine your work. Financial burdens will ease off towards the year-end. Understand your concepts well and avoid controlling events or outcomes. Verify all the details, before making any promises. Financial and work pressure will intensify, as the year progresses. Challenges and setbacks will finally be overcome, with proficiency and subtle handling towards the year-end.

Family:- Family differences and outbursts can be sorted out, with a frank and a calm approach. Review your relationships and make the essential changes, to make the personal bonds more harmonious. Inspite of certain disappointments aboard, be prepared to mend fences that have been previously broken. Despite the turbulent weather, peace and harmony in relationships will be restored towards the year-end.

Health:- Pay attention to your health and take charge of your personal habits. Worries and anxieties can bother your spirits. Go in for short trips or vacations for solace. Be careful of allergies and the food you eat. Chronic problems will gradually abate with a healthy regime.

Significant months:- February, March, May, June, July, August, September, October and November.

Compatible Sun Signs: People born under the signs of Libra, Cancer, and Taurus or on the following dates 2, 6, 7, 11, 15, 20, 24, 25, or 29 , will feature very prominently in your life.

Fortune Guidance:- Don’t create issues that don’t exist! Hang in there— your rainbow is on its way! Trust your gut feelings and keep a low profile. If life throws lemons at you — make a lemonade!

Numero Tip:- Place Lucky Bamboo plant near your front door to invite good vibes!

3Opportunities:- The New Year brings overwhelming changes ahead! Discover yourself with the abundant opportunities that are at hand! Hold your bold moves, until after the Summer. Let your brilliant work methods prove to be inspirational for people around you. Solid financial decisions will be made, regardless of pressures and sudden changes. Finish pending projects promptly, before taking up new one. Make sure to keep surging on hard during the initial months, in order to enjoy the rewards later. Progress will be slow but steady. New ventures and business expansions will bring in great benefits later. A transfer, promotion or a new job offer is on the cards after mid-year. Additional knowledge and experience will help to make smarter decisions. A better opportunity from an unexpected source will prove to be lucky after mid-year. Help and support from the higher ups and friends can enhance your fame and success. Travel and higher education will stroke your passion. Foreign collaborations and oversees communications will intensify later in the year. It’s a good year to make improvements to home and upgrade your surroundings. Widening the circle of friends will help to gain access to important circles. A windfall is on the cards!

Hindrances:- A major restructuring of financial plans is at hand. Inspite of challenges and delays, progress in work will be achieved around mid-year. Avoid lending and borrowing of money at all costs. Scale down your targets to realistic levels, to avoid disappointments later. Be careful not to squander an opportunity with an impulsive purchase. Take a close look at all the offers and guard against being pressurized to make quick decisions. Use diplomacy and patience to overcome misunderstandings and conflicts. Finances will be good, but weed out unnecessary expenditure. Be very cautious in all your financial dealings. Watch your back and avoid trusting people easily.

Family:- Equation with loved ones will face turbulent weather. Be prepared, to severe unwanted ties that can mar the family relationships. Avoid taking rash decisions during crucial times. Sincere efforts and open communication will help to overcome the difficult phase. Major changes in the family issues are foreseen after mid-year. Expenses in the family will rise.

Health:- Over-exertion and stress can give rise to health aliments. The ill health of a family member can be a source for concern. Take adequate rest and avoid over-indulgence.

Significant months:- January, March, April, May, June, August, September, October, and November.

Compatible Sun signs:- Folks born under the signs of Pisces and Libra or those whose birth dates add up to 3, 6 or 9, will feature significantly in your life.

Fortune Guidance:- Take some time off from the rigours of life! Be rational, but don’t over-estimate the odds. A small dose of faith will go a long way!

Numero Tip:- Keep a paperweight of Pyrite Crystal to bring Positivity and Productivity at work!

4Opportunities:- A mixed year of major changes and abundant opportunities will leave little time to relax! Assert yourself to start new projects and initiate new tasks in your work place. It will be a great year for those with technical skills. Pending projects will be slow, but will be completed with ease. Career and business ventures would improve dramatically, after mid-year. Long term and sound investments will lead to prosperous outcomes, towards the year-end. New partnerships and delegated work will help to complete crucial projects, before the deadline. Gains will pour-in from unusual avenues. Listening to someone’s idealistic perspective can save you from a legal or a complicated money tangle. Give your finances and expenses extra attention this year. Those in business will branch out to new avenues. Smart acts of generosity will bring future benefits. Financial pressures will ease towards the year-end. Home improvements or an auspicious event is on the cards! Work-related travel to unusual places will help to expand personal and career horizons. Interest in spiritual matters will acquire more depth.

Love:- The singles will find romance from unusual social circles or on a foreign soil. People already engaged will tie the knot, towards the year-end. Those married will face differing opinions and temporary break-ups may happen. Their petty squabbles would get slowly sorted towards the year-end.

Hindrances:- Prepare for unexpected changes sprinkled with stressful moments. Stiff competition in career can lead to conflicts and rivalry. Beware of secret enemies sabotaging or blocking your success. Pick precise goals and analyze issues prudently before making vital financial decisions. Reorganize and revamp your work before proceeding to the next one. Stay clear of shady speculations or financial deals. Added work and responsibilities will test your strength and stamina. Learn to delegate duties as the work piles up. Do not rely too much on validation and approval from others. Business expansions will cause to branch out beyond your current profession. Rely on your gut instincts and keep anger and stubbornness at bay! An unwanted expenditure can topple your budget during mid year. Pay attention to details and be prepared to change some outdated ideas at work at the last minute. Unexpected delays and limits will be successfully overcome towards the year end. Monetary situation will improve after midyear. Use your diplomatic skills to tackle tough jobs and difficult people.

Family:- Personal relations will go through a roller coaster ride. Be prepared for some rude surprises down the road! Some firm but painful decisions will help to weed out shaky relations. Open communications and a calm demeanor will help to bring fast resolutions. Do not let outside factors influence your family relationships. Being more compassionate and caring will help to restore the harmony between career and home.

Health:- Do not let stress become your worst enemy! Take care of yourself by following a detox programme. Avoid scattering your forces by keeping a close watch on your energy levels.

Significant Months:- January, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, and November.

Compatible Sun signs:- Folks born under the sign of Leo, Gemini and Aquarius or those whose birth dates add up to 1, 4, 5 or 7, will feature more prominently in your life this year!

Fortune Guidance:- Gift yourself some peace of mind! Remember that the strongest feelings will need fewest words ! Adjust your sails, according to the wind!

Numero Tip:- Keep a Rock Salt lamp to decrease stress and bring Positivity at Office / Home.

5Opportunities:- A year full of luck, hope and promises! Career matters will be smooth sailing this year. Complete the pending ventures, before going to the greener pastures. Partnerships and business deals will be very rewarding. An optimistic and a persistent approach will enhance the financial status. Initial months of the year will require extra efforts to rake in profits. Think big and consider broader perspectives for abundance and growth. Better financial inflows will help to consolidate your foundations in the work-area around mid-year. Delegating work will help to alleviate position and respect. Authorities and colleagues will be a good source of encouragement. Rewards and recognition come forth in the later part of the year. Financial gains are indicated through joint assets. A change of job or a home is on cards! Socializing and network will prove to highly beneficial. It will be a good year for those in media and creative activities. Opportunities for work will come through overseas travel and short trips.

Love:- Love and romance are empowered towards the year-end. The singles will meet their soul- mate, through their social circles. The married will see re-kindled passion and love around mid-year. Nagging issues will be finally sorted out with mutual care and support. A happy addition to the family is foreseen, towards the year- end.

Hindrances: - Whirlwind events will leave you overwhelmed at times. Time to review your present goals and set new targets along with resources available. Clear up all old loans and debts to solve your monetary problems. Save up for the unforeseen circumstances, as a huge expense can crop up around mi-dyear. Unexpected upheavals and sudden changes will test your grit and patience. Remain flexible and alert, to overcome the challenges in all spheres. Avoid being misled by false information and sweet tongued deals. Curb unnecessary spending and be prepared to handle the rainy days with ease. Get to the bottom of the issues, before they get out of hand.

Family: - Dynamic changes in relationships calls for a balanced approach in all spheres. Extreme emotions and differences of opinion among the family members can mar domestic peace. Be prepared for certain surprising truths and shocking secrets to be revealed. Dispute over property matters will need a diplomatic and a cautious approach. Control your impulsive side and rely on your gut instincts, to solve a pressing issue. A calm and practical outlook will help to diffuse sensitive matters, towards the year-end. Rely on close friends and family, to lift up your spirits.

Health:- Be sensitive to health, as stress and ailments can lower your immune system. Take special care of diet and find time to relax. Yoga, meditation and reflexology will do wonders to your health.

Significant Months:- March, April, May, June, August, September, November and Dcember.

Compatible Sun signs:- Folks born under the signs of Taurus, Gemini, and Libra or those whose birth dates add up to 2, 5,or 6 , will feature more prominently in your life this year!

Fortune Guidance:- Do not jump blindly without a safety net. Resist the urge to slow down and compromise. Temper enthusiasm with a bit of focus. A plan brilliant in theory may not work in practice!

Numero Tip:- Hang a Mirror above your stove in the kitchen, to multiply your wealth-producing capabilities.

6Opportunities:- It is a year for a remarkable make-over and fresh experiences! Opportunities will be abound, along with unlimited choices! Wind up the loose ends and plan elaborately for the new bolder ventures. Public image will shine, as your tact and social skills will be in high demand. All ventures and projects will now be started and implemented with original ideas. Sound returns on investments are foreseen towards the year-end. A new bend in career is indicated, but avoid being over-confident. Accepting extra work will attract more authority and profits later. Financial gains will start pouring in, after mid-year. A new presentation of an old idea will succeed beyond expectations! Concentrate on secure investments and long-term planning, to consolidate your finances. A dream job is in the wings, after the mid-year! Authorities and peers will be a major strength of support. Focus on team work for accomplishing material success. A new hobby can blossom into an opportunity. Joint ventures will yield high returns now. Business ventures will see only nominal gains. Those pursuing competitive and higher studies will attain exceptional levels of success. A sudden inheritance or a windfall is on the cards! Trips and pilgrimages will be re-vitalizing. Take care of your belongings, while on the go.

Love:- Romance for singles will light up through social circles. A casual friendship could turn into love. Wedding bells will ring for the eligible towards the year-end. Those committed will go through a temporary rough patch. The married couples will need to keep their emotions and passions under harness.

Hindrances:- This year, it’s time to stir up the hidden corners of your career and shine light on the overlooked opportunities. Prepare for some unsettling changes and serious sacrifices in every sphere! The midyear can compel you to make some impulsive decisions, that can directly impact your long term plans. Be prepared to make some radical changes in financial and career matters. Read the fine print before entering into cooperative deals. The testing times will reveal the true colours of people and situations. Be wary of false promises and dubious deals. Relief from monetary problems will arrive after mid-year. Set aside your finances, as monetary growth will be nominal during the initial months. Curb your expenses and avoid loans and debts, as they can dwindle your resources. Sharp thinking and an appreciation could launch you in a better direction, towards the last quarter of the year.

Family:- Family and home affairs will be on the forefront this year. Problems with a close family member can cause some tense moments. Trust your heart and remain flexible and detached from drama and conflicts. This year will bring unwanted ties to a halt, while the new ones will blossom. Your softer social touch will come in handy, to resolve sensitive issues.

Significant Months:- March, April, May, June, July, October November and December.

Compatible Sun Signs:- Folks born under the signs of Libra, Cancer and Taurus or those whose birth dates add up to 6, 3, or 2 , will feature more prominently in your life.

Fortune Guidance:- Be ambitious and aim for the stars! Do not get your feathers ruffled over little things! Go slow on minor meltdowns and think twice, before delivering ultimatums.

Numero Tip:- Place Cream\Yellow colored flowers in the West direction, for new contacts and opportunities.

7Opportunities:- A year of unexpected changes and surprises! Time to make some concrete decisions and take charge of your destiny. A lucky break or a lucrative offer will be present by the end of Spring. Use your creative abilities to rise and shine as all precious ideas and dream projects will now be converted into reality. Business expansions will need prompt action and bold decisions. A slow but steady success in foreseen towards the last quarter of the year. Surplus monetary gains will help to clear up old debts and loans, after mid-year. Financial gains pour in towards the year-end. Grab the unexpected opportunities that will ensure monetary benefits available in the initial months of the year. Thinking and implementing out of the box ideas will help you to receive remarkable success and popularity. New skills and higher studies will prove to be very beneficial in the long term. Promotions and rewards are foreseen towards the year-end. Influential help and support from colleagues will be available --- just ask for it! Official trips will bring additional benefits after mid-year. Interest in spiritual and metaphysical activities will keep you occupied this year.

Love:-Romantic mixed messages and dreamy prospects are abound this year. The singles will find their soul-mate, belonging to different background. Those married and committed will have to keep their emotions under check. The year would bring back happy moments and celebrations, towards the year-end.

Hindrances: - It is the year to introspect! Some unsettling events can disturb the equilibrium in all spheres. Progress at work will be hindered, due to stiff competition and secret rivalry. Set realistic targets to avoid financial constraints later. Professional relations can be under strain. Avoid locking horns with your superiors and higher ups. Some legal and work issues may surface around midyear causing some anxious moments. Beware of false friends and get-rich-quick schemes. Going overboard with expenses can cause a hole in the pocket. Inspite of setbacks and delays, success will be achieved towards the year-end.

Family: - High emotions and arduous conflicts can rock the family-boat. Domestic matters can come under a cloud, due to mutual indifferences and increased responsibilities. Family secrets and mysteries will reveal skeletons out of the closet. Meet the confrontation head-on, with open communication and diplomacy, to clear the air finally. Avoid complications by re-evaluating and over imagining the problems. Tensions and anxieties over pressing matters slowly abate towards the year end.

Health:- Minor health problems due to stress will plague you all year round. Do not let the health concerns of others get in the way of your well-being. Slow down and follow a well-balanced diet and exercise regime to keep chronic ailments at bay. Health of an elder will need special care.

Significant Months:- January , March, April, May, June, July, August, September, November and December .

Compatible Sun Signs:- Folks born under the signs of Pisces and Cancer or those whose birth dates add up to 2,4 or 7, will feature more prominently in your life.

Fortune Guidance:- Spare yourself a dip in the whirlpool of confusion! Act before the water goes above your head! Self-confidence and patience will be the key to success. Trust your intuition, before you leap into unfamiliar territory!

Numero Tip:- Place a Bowl of water, for positivity and prosperity , at Home in the East, where the morning Sun rays fall on it. Refill it Every Morning!

8Opportunities:- A Roller-coaster year is ahead, ensuring expansions and progress in all spheres of your life. Grab the excellent opportunities at hand, to secure your financial goals. Previous plans and ventures will now gain momentum. Financial strategies and modifications on savings will be top priority during mid-year. Monetary obligations would get cleared up towards the year end. Creative arts and new skills will help to further your goals. Concentrate on stability and growth at work as business and career expansions will now largely materialize. Extra efforts and perseverance will bring great financial gains towards the year-end. Unprecedented rise, honour and respect are indicated towards the last quarter of the year. Be prepared to head a large group or a project with added responsibilities, after mid-year. New contacts and communications will widen your social circle and brighten the career prospects. Be sure to wind up all old projects, before beginning new ones. Old contacts and friends will prove to be a great support this year. Renovations of home or office will keep you on your toes. Working from home will bring in extra source of income. Travel for work and pleasure are foreseen after midyear. An unexpected windfall or gains from property is around the corner.

Love:-Cupid will provide many romantic opportunities for the singles. The eligible will tie the knot after mid-year. Those married will find love and harmony restored, after a rough patch towards the year-end. Auspicious occasions and family expansions are foreseen towards the year-end.

Hindrances: - Unexpected changes and events can blow issues out of proportion. Feel free to express yourself and do not get bogged down by previous emotional baggage. Unnecessary criticism, rivals and opposition can hinder the career prospects. Remain detached and forge ahead with focus and enthusiasm to overcome the hurdles. Matters gradually get resolved after the first quarter of the year. Think twice before switching jobs this year. Invest conservatively and prioritize your necessities. Guard against tricky situations and risky speculative investments. Past debts and monetary obligations will come back to haunt.

Family: Home issues will need to be revised around mid-year with patience and discretion. Subtle communications will help to create a healthy balance between home and work. Expect some relationships from the past to be rekindled. Listen to wise advice, before passing any judgments, regarding all vital decisions. Personal relationship will either get a new lease of lift or end up for good. Keep yourself tuned to the needs of your loved ones with personal care and understanding. Guard against family feuds, regarding money and property matters. Do not let outside factors influence family bonds. Rifts and differences will be ironed out with tact and meticulous planning towards the year-end.

Health:- Keep an eye on your health, as some of the old diseases and stomach ailments can become chronic. Take some time out, to pamper yourself. Maintain a healthy diet and follow a good health regime.

Significant Months:- Jan,March,June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Dec.

Compatible Sun Signs:- Folks born under the signs of Libra and Capricorn or those whose birth dates add up to 8, 6, or 3, will feature more prominently in your life.

Fortune Guidance:- Little gestures and hints will go a long way! Small sacrifices will make a large impact later. Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck!

Numero Tip:- Tie a few Coins in a Red Cloth and keep in your pocket to attract Money!

9Opportunities:- Luck and fortune would favour you this year! It is a dynamic year to bring down the barriers and accomplish all your hearts desires! Bring out your hidden talents to the fore and start taking initiatives in your work. A pleasant culmination in career brings rewards and recognition after mid-year. Concentrate on making more friends and allies to help you forge ahead. An old venture or a forgotten dream will be revived. Money lent in the past will be recovered in unexpected ways. Those in professions will find their dreams job. A cherished hobby could turn into a lucrative venture. Get out of your comfort zone to grab opportunities for advancement. Better inflow of gains will help to overcome minor financial hiccups, after mid-year. Favors from the influential and colleagues will be available, depending on your sincere efforts. Be bold enough to assert your position, when it comes to professional deals. The second half of the year would bring favorable partnership deals and business expansions. Gains pour in from unexpected sources. Artistic and creative activities will flourish. Property dealings will yield handsome returns after mid-year. Think twice, before accepting any overseas offers. Hectic business travels and trips will prove to financially beneficial.

Love:-The singles will find their social scene and dating circle widening this year. The eligible will tie the knot after mid-year. The married will overcome their turbulent emotions with mutual efforts towards the year-end.

Hindrances: - Unexpected upheavals and serious challenges are around the corner! Chaotic situations can complicate matters in the initial months of the year. Building up from solid foundation from the past will be the key to success. Meet your own obligations and do not be lured into making emotional decisions. Fluctuating finances can halt the ongoing projects before mid-year. Depend on your own resources to ensure smooth inflow of work. Your tenacity pays off in spades, as you keep your expenses under control. Watch your back and stay away from grapevine gossips and office politics. A pressing monetary issue will get resolved, towards the year-end. This year indicates a closure of many pending projects and obligations.

Family:- Excessive focus on work may keep you away from paying attention to loved ones. At home, emotions will be much nearer to the surface. Tricky emotional situations will need a tender and a patient handling. A sudden twist of events could shed light on some old unresolved issues around the mid-year. Some relationships will come to a painful end, while the others will bloom. Be patient and receptive to advice from elders. Problems and rifts will ease towards the year-end. Avoid being over analytical and indifferent, during trying times.

Health:- Stress and strain can hold you back. Focus on calming techniques like yoga and meditation to rejuvenate. Resist the urge to over-indulge and scattering your energies!

Significant Months:- February, March, May, June, August, September, October and December.

Compatible Sun Signs:- Folks born under the signs of Leo , Scorpio and Aries or those whose birth dates add up to 9, 3, or 1 , will feature more prominently in your life.

Fortune Guidance:- Release it and let it go! Keep climbing against the wind and do not let pessimistic thoughts ruin your working days! Avoid treading on other people’s shoes, while climbing the success ladder! Stick to your experience and convictions, and keep flowing with the waters.

Numero Tip:- Place Hematite Crystal Tumbles at the entrance to attract positive energy and deflect unpleasant attitudes or negative energy!

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