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Why do many people suffer?
Dr. Krishnamurthy Kannan in conversation with Hemamalini Raghunathan

Presence of good energy in good quantum only attracts good happenings into the house. All good happenings wait outside the house for any number of years, when the house does not enjoy good energy. Therefore it is always imperative to check the Overall energies of the house, after the house is constructed, and do the remedial corrections and ensure that remedial energies are more than adequate to make the house-energy to more than 90% energy-levels.

Dr.Krishnamurthy KannanDr.Krishnamurthy Kannan who is a Wellness and a Longevity Strategist, has a deep concern for the suffering human beings; after a considerable research, he has come out with a new Science called Geo, Cosmic, Karmic, Chakra and Planetary Empowerment Systems, which claims to offer a holistic solution to all possible human problems arising from all possible angles. He says that he was primarily guided and aided by prescriptions from Vedas, Upanishads, Siddha Preachings ,Buddha Teachings and a host of Indian ancient scriptures available to us. In a conversation with us he analyses the root causes for human sufferings and how to overcome them using his Science. He also conducts workshops on his new Science and many Vastu Pundits, Astrologers, Gemologists, Reiki/Pranic Healers, Alternative Medicine Practitioners and the like, around the world have undergone his Training sessions and are practicing this Science on a Full-time basis.

Dr.Krishnamurthy Kannan (Mobile: +91 9381044542; email:; website: holds a Doctorate Degree in Geopathic Stress studies, awarded by International University for complementary Medicines, Colombo, Sri Lanka. In his prime, he served as a Senior Bank Manager and also served as the General Manager for a leading Non-Banking Finance Company of India.

Why do many people suffer and remain unhappy?

There are 3 essential components in one’s life that determine whether a person leads a comprehensively happy life or not. They are Health, Wealth and Happiness. Unless a person is blessed with all the three virtues together, one cannot be said to enjoy a comprehensively happy life. But the God of justice has different calculations. Not all the people are blessed with all the three at all times and He plays around with different combinations at different times for different people. A Healthy man need not necessarily be wealthy or a wealthy man need not necessarily be Happy or Healthy or a man with Health and Wealth need not necessarily be happy all the times……. and the combination goes on like this for majority of the people in major part of their lives in this Universe. Very rarely, we see a person possessing all the three attributes together. This explains why many people are suffering and unhappy.

Where do the Human Beings actually err?

It is an undeniable fact that our Vedas, Upanishads. Siddha prescriptions and innumerable other scriptures including preaching by Buddha are warning us enough about these kinds of happenings and we should also be very relieved to learn that they have also prescribed solutions to many of our sufferings, which are our own making. We don’t need to blame anyone for our own sufferings, as we are the sole cause for it. Be happy that there are solutions to our problems and one can have access to them and be benefited by practising them with absolute faith and dedication. Here again, I find that many people deny themselves the solutions for their own sufferings, because they are Negative and Skeptical about everything. If the Head of the family happens to be Negative and Skeptical, he closes the door for good Health, Wealth and Happiness permanently, for all the other members of the family very successfully, possibly for life-time. Again, many suffering people wait for a scientific proof of the efficacy of the solutions prescribed by our time-tested scriptures, while a majority of the believers quietly and happily enjoy the fruits of the solutions by their dedication and faithful practice of these prescriptions. People should understand that Vedic prescriptions and the acts of Panchabuthas are beyond science, as their energies and actions fall under Fourth dimension, whereas Science stops with Third dimension. Therefore it is for Science, which is still in the Third dimension to catch up with the Fourth dimension, which represents immeasurable and unseen energies. Therefore… Skeptics and Negative natives! be aware that your wait will be endless and you will continue to suffer, if you wait for a scientific proof for the Vedic prescriptions and the acts of Panchabuthas, as Science will never be able to catch up with the Forth dimension of these priceless legacy, which we have inherited.

What is your Solution to alleviate Human sufferings?

I went into deep research for years and was able to arrive at some of the basic Root Causes for human sufferings and possible solutions, thanks to the prescriptions contained in our Vedas, Upanishads, Siddhas’ sermons, Buddha’s Preaching and a host of information left behind by our learned Acharyas and Scholars. I named that Science as Geo, Cosmic, Karmic, Chakra and Planetary Empowerment Systems. While I have great reverence, appreciation and admiration for the noble services rendered by our Vastu Pundits, Astrologers, Gemologists, Numerologists, Chakra Healers, Reiki, Pranic Healers, Graphologists and many others who contribute their might in their respective specialties in alleviating the human sufferings, I always felt the need for creating a comprehensive solution to all the problems, analyzed from all possible angles. Since I am also a specialist in quantifying the size of each and every problem and the size of solutions provided for the relief, as I am armed with the requisite gadgets to do so, I was shocked and pained at the yarning gap between the magnitude of the problem and the quantum of the remedy provided, which was grossly inadequate. Therefore in many a suffering cases, although the identification of suffering areas were perfect, the remedies provided were grossly inadequate……..and the suffering person continues to suffer. In my approach to offering solutions through my new Science, I have tried my best to address these issues, although I still feel that there are miles to go, before I say I have done it finally!!! After all offering the complete relief is the domain of ALMIGHTY and we can only try to go nearer to it, as HE still keeps hidden secrets to himself, which make people ponder all the time, looking for the ultimate solution to ultimate relief! We keep working as destined by the Almighty!
Let us now briefly analyze the various root causes for human sufferings and how to possibly achieve Health, Wealth and Happiness together in the rest of our life. Our new Science Geo, Cosmic, Karmic, and Chakra Empowerment Systems attempts to address these issues.

Good Health is the vital component in every one’s life and who would not like to enjoy a healthy life throughout life? Unfortunately, many of us are not destined to enjoy the same, mainly due to a negative energy emanating from Earth called Geopathic Stress. When one is exposed to high intensity Geopathic stress continuously in a house, it results in compromise of the immune system of the person and opens the door for many a health imbalances. Health afflictions include insomnia, erratic temperaments, argumentative, aggression and depressions, frequent quarrelling, infertility, abortions, miscarriage, not responding to medications, Heart problems, prolonged illness, cancer etc., Sadly we find that many Vastu pundits are still unaware of Geopathic stress or ill equipped to handle this vital human issue. Vastu correction is not complete, unless Geopathic stress is also addressed.

We have created a wide range of instruments and remedial gadgets to identify and effectively address this issue once and for all. We make the house a HEALTHY one to live in, for hundreds of years. We also teach this science to people, who are willing to learn this. Using our Dowsing prowess, we can identify the Geopathic Stress lines from the drawing of your house/factory layout. Send the drawing of your house / office layout to us and we can suggest remedies, as a Free service.


Energies above the Earth are Cosmic energies and the Vastu / Feng Shui Science primarily deals with facilitating optimum enjoyment of beneficial cosmic energies through your dwelling houses, offices, factories etc., According to our study, Cosmic energies decide the Wealth and

“I went into deep research for many years and was able to arrive at some of the basic Root Causes for human sufferings and possible solutions, thanks to the prescriptions contained in our Vedas, Upanishads, Siddhas’ sermons, Buddha’s Preaching and a host of information left behind by our learned Acharyas and Scholars. I named that Science as Geo, Cosmic, Karmic, Chakra and Planetary Empowerment Systems.” - Dr.Krishnamurthy Kannan.

happenings. But many a times, we find that even after constructing a dwelling house as per Vastu tenents, the house does not enjoy the expected benefits of a Vastu compliant house. The reason is very simple. The Overall energy of the house is determined not only by its Vastu compliance, but by the variety of energies emitted by ingredients that have gone to make the house while constructing the house, such as sand, bricks, cement, wood, steel and many other components used and the human energies that constructed the house. For example, sand extracted from a grave-yard or other negative places, wood extracted from trees from a burial ground etc., may all carry a huge negative energies with them and they all go to make a Negative house, which is otherwise Vastu compliant. Therefore it is always imperative to check the Overall energies of the house, after the house is constructed, and do the remedial corrections and ensure that remedial energies are more than adequate to make the house-energy to 90% plus energy levels. We have created gadgets to ensure this instantly, using time-tested Navratna Pyramids. They are value-added pyramids and not mere pyramids, as the energy emitted by mere pyramids, are many a times not at all adequate to address the magnitude of the issue. Also one should remember that it is the presence of good energy in good quantum only attracts good happenings into the house. All good happenings wait outside the house for any number of years, when the house does not enjoy good energy.


According to our studies, Karma decides the Happiness of a person and not necessarily the wealth that he might have accumulated. Each person is born in this world with an opening Karmic balance, which may be positive or negative. This is nothing but the closing Karmic balance of his previous janma. To this, his current Karmic balance (Karmic balance accumulated by his good and bad acts in this janma from the date of his birth till date) is added and the Net Karmic Balance available is calculated. This may be a plus or a Negative figure. It is this Karmic Balance, vis-a-vis his age decides his happiness levels. We had earlier carried out a Karmic Research in respect of 300+ persons and documented the Karmic Balance, Happiness levels of the person and his age, and created a base line Table of required Karmic Balance vis-a-vis his age, that determines the Happiness levels of a person. We interpolate these Base Line Karmic figures with the Actual Net Karmic Balance available for a person and find out the short-fall or excess in Karmic Balances, which decides the Happiness levels of a person. Needless to say that a short-fall indicates the unhappiness status and if a parson leads a happy life, then that indicates that he is well maintaining his required Karmic Balances for Happiness status. We offer easy remedies to earn quick good Karmic points through remedies prescribed by Buddha and from Vedas. Buddha’s Karmic preaching are very effective and very easy to follow and offer a quick way to come out of Karmic distress. We are very happy to say that many people return to happy state of mind fairly quickly, as they are positive, willing and dedicated to correct themselves Karmically. After all, they know that money alone cannot buy everything!


Chakras are the energy-centres of the body; unless one keeps the Chakra functioning at optimal levels, one cannot shine as a full-fledged person, as the thought-process, speech, action, follow-ups etc., are all linked to various Chakras. Therefore it is of paramount importance to ensure that we keep our Chakras functioning at optimal efficiency levels. But unfortunately, our studies have revealed that more than 80% of the people have their Chakras functional efficiency levels at less than 15% only. This is a very sad statistics from Human wellness point of view. Although there are various methods to keep the Chakra active, not many people are keen to follow them. Keeping this in mind, we created a product called Chakra Balancer Plate or Life Energy Plate. Keep the water-bottle over this Plate for just 10 minutes and the water gets energized by more than100 times. Drink this water in the morning to keep your Chakra efficiency levels at more than 90% throughout the day! View for more details, including clinical studies. The effectiveness of the energized water created out of Life Energy Plate is demonstrated clinically, using the world-renowned GDV Kirlian Technologies Equipment and you may view the beneficial effects that it produces, on the 52 organs / senses of the human body.


Astrology is a great science and we have great astrologers providing yeoman service to the humanity, by their expert astrological guidance. But one cannot deny the fact that while the cause for the sufferings are fairly accurately identified, when it comes to solutions, the success proportion is very low. When we analyzed the reason for the low percentage of the ‘remedies getting fructified into positive solutions‘ using our quantifying gadgets , we again found a yarning gap between the magnitude of the problems and the size of the remedies provided in the form of Gem stones etc., The quantum of Negative energy levels of the problem was far far bigger than the positive energy levels of the solution in the form of Gem stone remedies. This observation is not meant to belittle the use of Gem stones as astrological remedy, but only to highlight the inadequacy in the quantum of relief provided. To overcome this shortfall, we created Gem stone Pyramids packed with huge quantities of respective Gem stone in Raw form, which always ensured that the size of the remedy is always bigger than the size of the problem….. and at a cost much much less than the cut gem stones, as we use Raw Gem stones, which are atleast 10 times more powerful than the cut stones. Needless to say that the successrate of the fructification of the remedy is far higher achieved at a much lesser cost.

What is the happening process?

Generally when we make an appeal to Cosmos for a wish, we join the queue of crores of applicants, who have already applied to cosmos and waiting in the queue. We need to provoke the Cosmos or God of justice to pick our application and hear us first. We sincerely feel that our Science Geo, Cosmic, Karmic, Chakra and Planetary Empowerment Systems, helps you to achieve this. By following this Science, you are perfectly aligning with Earth energies, complying with Cosmic energy requirements, willing to correct your Karmic balances, aligning your body chakras perfectly and appeasing the planets to be merciful to you. There cannot be a better way to satisfy the panchabuthas. Needless to say that you are by far qualified to be heard first, by the Cosmos or God of Justice.

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