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Determination of the Gift of Progeny
by S.Shantha

In the natal chart, analyze mainly the 5th house/bhava from Lagna/Moon, 5th lord, strength of Lagna lord, Jupiter, Bheeja Sphuta (for male), Kshetra Sphuta (for female) and aspects on it. From Dasa/Bhukti and Gochara, the period of child birth can be assessed. In a nutshell, if the Lagna Lord and Jupiter (the karaka for child birth) are strong and 5th house and 5th lord have benefic aspects, birth of children is assured.

IT is quite natural for a male or female to yearn for a child, after getting married, and both their parents also wish to enjoy the company of grand children. In some cases, the couple may postpone the child birth artificially and in some other cases, even though the couple want a child as early as possible after marriage, the nature postpones the child-birth. The reason is the planetary positions in their natal charts, which occur at the time of their birth, according to their previous Karma.

An astrologer can say whether the native would be blessed with a child in the near future or delayed or denied, through so many ways, which are explained in astrological classics. Analyze mainly the 5th house/ bhava from Lagna/Moon of a natal chart, 5th lord, strength of Lagna lord, Jupiter, Bheeja Sphuta (for male), Kshetra Sphuta (for female) and aspects on it. From Dasa/Bhukti and Gochara, the period of child birth can be assessed.

In a nutshell, if the Lagna Lord and Jupiter (the karaka for child birth) are strong and 5th house and 5th lord have benefic aspects, birth of children is assured.

Factors responsible for birth of children

  1. 5th house,5th lord and Jupiter aspected by benefics.
  2. Strong Lagna Lord in the 5th house.
  3. Jupiter being the 5th lord and remaining strong, also aspected by strong Lagna Lord.
  4. Jupiter and 5th lord in Vaisheshikamsa (in ten benefic divisions in the Varga Chakras)
  5. Lagna lord and 5th Lord be in conjunction/Parivartana/ mutual aspect.
  6. Lagna Lord and 5th Lord in kendras and 5th lord remaining strong
  7. Navamsa lord of the 5th lord being in good position and well aspected.
  8. Both lagna lord and 9th lord be in the 7th house, and the 2nd lord in Lagna.
  9. Navamsa lord of the 7th lord aspected by lords of lagna, 9th or 2nd.

Phaladeepika, Chapter 12 - Sl.14 (The 5th house)
Calculation of Bheeja Sphuta (for male) and Kshetra Sphuta (for female) is explained here.
"In the case of a female nativity, add the longitudes of the Moon, Mars and Jupiter. Divide by 360 and take the remainder. Consider this as a sign. If the result comes to an Even sign and Even navamsa, the strength of fecundity in the female for producing issues is assured. If it is mixed (i.e. sign male and navamsa female or vice versa), she will be able to produce children, only after great effort. For males, if the sum total of the longitudes of the Sun, Venus and Jupiter denotes an Odd sign and an Odd Navamsa, it is indicative of the strong physical capacity of the male to produce children; in case, one of the two (Rasi and navamsa) be Even, then the result will be mixed".

This method is unique to Vedic astrology to determine the capability of the couple to procreate children.

If Bheeja (male) is weak and Kshetra (female) is strong, there will be delay in child birth.

Undertaking remedial measures/ medical treatment, etc. will be necessary.

Important things to be observed, while studying the Bheeja Sphuta/Kshetra Sphuta:

Corresponding sign for Sphutas in D-1 should be calculated also for D-9 and D-7 charts. Some classics recommend the analysis of Corresponding Navamsa sign for Bheeja / Kshetra Sphuta. In my experience, it is found that considering the corresponding Saptamsa sign of Bheeja / Kshetra Sphuta also increases the accuracy. The placement of Bheeja Sphuta/Kshetra Sphuta in 6, 8 and 12, or debilitated or combusted or in Papa Kartari Yoga, or afflicted by malefic is not good. It is good, if the lord of Bheeja/Kshetra Sphuta aspects the Bheeja/ Kshetra Sphuta.

are you destined to become a parent?

Case Study-1
Husband Chart : Marriage : July 2008, Birth of son: June 2016

Bheeja Sphuta Calculations:

Longitudes of Sun + Venus + Jupiter = 323.50+296.58+125.23 = 746.11. Divided by 360, the remainder = 26.11 = Aries (Bharani 4th pada)

Asc 219°53’ Scorpio Anuradha
Sun 323°50’ Aqu. P.Bhadra
Moon 57°54’ Taurus Mrigasira
Mars 351°30’ Pisces Revati
Merc 296°59’ Capr. Dhanishta
Jup 125°23’ Leo Makha
Venus 296°58’ Capr. Dhanishta
Sat 348°26’ Pisces Revati
Rahu 357°02’ Pisces Revati
Ketu 177°02’ Virgo Chitra

Saptamsa (D-7) and Navamsa (D-9) corresponding to the Bheeja Sphuta are Libra and Scorpio. Bheeja Sphuta falls in Aries in D1 (Odd Sign)-good: In D-9, in Scorpio (Even Sign)-not good; In D-7, in Libra (Odd sign)-good.In D1 chart, Lagna lord Mars is in the 5th house and 9th lord Moon is exalted. Navamsa lord of the 7th lord Venus is Mercury. Lagna is aspected by the 9th lord Moon; D-9 lagna lord Mercury is in the lagna with benefic; D-7 lagna lord Moon is in exaltation. Bheeja Sphuta falls in Odd signs in D1 and D7. Therefore this is the case of only delay. After doing many remedial measures in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, and undergoing Medical treatment, child birth took place. Son was born in Saturn Maha Dasa, Venus Bhukti, when Gochara Jupiter was crossing the natal Jupiter.

Wife's chart : Kshetra Sphuta calculations

Longitudes of Moon + Mars+ Jupiter = 110.18.35+02.25.23+282.29.23=395.13.21

After dividing by 360, remainder = 35.13.21 =5°13’21 in Taurus, Krittika 3 pada. Saptamsa (D-7) and Navamsa (D-9) corresponding to Kshetra Sphuta are Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Asc 22°34’54” Aries Bharani
Sun 210°28’50” Scorpio Visakha
Moon 110°18’35” Cancer Aslesha
Mars 02°25’23” Aries Aswini
Merc 197°58’51” Libra Swati
Jup 282°29’23” Capricorn Sravana
Venus 257°33’15” Sagit. P.Shada
Sat 70°25’40” Gemini Arudra
Rahu 246°50’17” Sagit. Moola
Ketu 66°50’17” Gemini Arudra

In D-1, Kshetra Sphuta falls in Taurus (Even Sign)-good; In D-9,Aquarius (Odd Sign) - not good; In D-7, in Sagittarius (Odd Sign)-not good.

In D-1, 5th lord has gone to the 8th; Jupiter is debilitated; but in D-9, Kshetra Sphuta lord Saturn is in the 4th house, its own sign. Kshetra Sphuta lord Jupiter of D7 is strong in the lagna.

In this chart also, delayed child-birth is indicated, but childbirth is certain, as Lagna lord is strong, posited in the Lagna. Lagna lord is in Vargottama, with Jupiter in D9; this lady took treatment for nearly 8 years.

Case study-2
Wife's chart

Year of Marriage: 2007 Year of Child birth: 2014 Kshetra Sphuta falls in Libra in D1(Odd sign)-not good; In D-9, Libra (Odd sign)-not good; again in Libra in D-7, (Odd sign)- not good. (Her husband’s chart is good for child birth).

Asc 183°25’ Libra Chitra
Sun 21°31’ Aries Bharani
Moon 73°06’ Gemini Arudra
Mars 209°16’ Libra Visakha
Merc 02°40’ Aries Aswini
Jup 259°16’ Sagit. P.Shada
Venus 10°24’ Aries Aswini
Sat 199°17’ Libra Swati
Rahu 44°14’ Taurus Rohini
Ketu 224°14’ Scorpio Arudra

This girl went to USA after marriage. Her mother (my client) complained that the girl could not conceive and wanted to come back. Her in-laws also complained about the girl for not conceiving. But the girl was advised to be patient. Planets confirmed that, with due remedial measures and medical aid, she could give birth to a child. Even though in all three charts, Kshetra Sphuta and the corresponding Rasis fell in Odd signs, the following factors confirm the child-birth to the native:

Lagna lord aspects Lagna in D1. Jupiter aspects the 9th house and Moon (for female, 9th house is also considered for child-birth) and Lagna Lord. 5th lord Saturn is in Lagna, in mutual Kendra with Lagna Lord. 7th lord Mars is in Parivartana with Lagna lord Venus and conjunct with 5th lord in Lagna. Both Lagna Lord Venus and 9th Lord Mercury are in 7th house, 2nd lord in Lagna. Saptamsa lord of the 5th lord Saturn is in its own house. In 5th lord Saturn’s dasa, 9th lord Mercury’s Bhukti and when Gochara Jupiter from Gemini aspected the natal Jupiter (in Sagittarius), she gave birth to a female child. She took proper treatment in USA and did so many rituals in Punya Kshetras like Kasi and Rameswaram, and also to the Family deity, as advised by the astrologer.

Husband’s chart Bheeja Sputa falls in Cancer in D1

Asc 17°20’ Aries Bharani
Sun 328°53’ Aqu. P.Bhadra
Moon 59°50’ Taurus Mrigasira
Mars 333°20’ Pisces U.Bhadra
Merc 301°28’ Aqu. Dhanishta
Jup 163°33’ Virgo Hasta
Venus 322°30’ Aqu. P.Bhadra
Sat 163°55’ Virgo Hasta
Rahu 105°09’ Cancer Pushya
Ketu 285°09’ Capri. Sravana

(Even sign)-not good; In D9 Leo (Odd sign)-good; in D7, Aquarius (Odd sign)-good.

In D1 chart, Jupiter aspects the lagna lord; 5th lord Sun aspects the 5th house Leo; Bheeja Sphuta lord Moon is in exaltation in D1 chart; in D9, 5th lord (Saturn) is with Jupiter; in D7, the corresponding Bheeja Sphuta lord Saturn is posited with Jupiter. So gift of progeny is promised.


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