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Find Out The Defect In Chakras Through Palm
by Tapasyah Iyer

We can see the Palm as a pictorial representation of the Chakras, which are the Energy Centres, present along the axis of the Spine. This is a simple, yet straight forward way of finding out the affected Chakras. Those who are new to the Chakra fundamentals, kindly refer the following diagrams and the description below :

1) Muladhara Chakra

A person with well-balanced Muladhara Chakra will be well-grounded, stable and a reliable person. His need for money and material comforts would be normal. He would be materially independent. In Palm, Muladhara Chakra can be related to

a) the Fate line (especially the beginning)
b) the Saturn finger (middle finger)
c) the first Bracelet

Relating the Fate Line with Muladhara Chakra :

If the base of the Fate Line is missing/ broken or it has any defects upon it, it hints towards an affected Muladhara Chakra. In Palmistry, the beginning of a Fate Line corresponds to availability of sufficient basic needs of a person, his financial situation, his focus and sincerity during the formative years. If, this part of the Fate Line is found to be defective in some way, then, the person ,may have to face problems in these areas. Survival of the person becomes a challenge, since grounding is not strong.

If the Fate Line is thin, deep and long, we can find a stable person in action.
( Balanced Chakra energy) . There will be a normal need for money and not avariciousness.

However if the Fate Line is too thick, it makes the person fixed, immobile and stubborn. More emphasis will be on money and material things. Sometimes the thin line, gradually becomes too thick and, that is the time-period, when the person will start gaining too much weight. (Excess Chakra energy).

HEALTH : If the Fate Line is overall too deep and more Reddish in colour, than the other lines, we find the person to suffer from constipation. If the Fate Line is broken in one or two places and especially near the Head Line below the Mount of Saturn , we find the person to suffer from issues related teeth, bones and spine.

Relating the Saturn finger with Muladhara Chakra :

When the Saturn finger has a bend (fig3), it implies a person, who is highly critical, both about the self and others, in the process, losing his peace of mind, calmness and stablility. Saturn finger is called as the Balance Wheel in Palmistry. (Deficient Chakra energy)

Relating the first Bracelet with Muladhara Chakra :

Generally there are four bracelets in a palm (refer fig.4) . In some cases, three or some times, only two Bracelets would be clearly visible. Each Bracelet signifies 30 years of longevity and if all four Bracelets are well marked the person is supposed to live, right up to ripe old age.

Among these, if the first Bracelet is broken it signifies the first quarter of the persons life (similar to the meaning conveyed by a defective beginning of a Fate Line will have challenging first quarter of life) . Due of lack of nurturing he may feel unloved or abandoned.

HEALTH : Physically if the first Bracelet is found to be defective - broken or especially if it has an , upward bow like curve, towards the palm, fig. 4 then there will be troubles in child birth conception.

Remedy : Mudra therapy is suggested for people with defective lines ( Defective Chakras) . One example is elaborated here. A person with weak Fate Line (Muladhara Chakra) is suggested to sit in meditation, keeping his hand posture in Vayu Mudra . It is also referred as ‘Anguli Mudra for Fate’ by Prof. Dayanand Verma, who was honoured with the YOGA RATNA award by the world conference on yoga held in 1986. This Anguli Mudra has to be practised for 15 minutes in the morning and evening regularly.

How to do Vayu Mudra ?
The Index finger of the Palm should touch the bottom portion of the thumb (Mount below the thumb). By this hand posture, the air element is reduced , thereby stabilising the ever oscillating mind , which otherwise makes a person less serious and hence directionless. (refer fig.5).

We cannot expect overnight miracles, but, after few years of following this Mudra regularly, you will find, some improvement in your Fate Line, slowly, but surely. Additional benefits of doing this Mudra:- Vata related diseases like joint pain, gout, frozen shoulders, rheumatic pains, vertigo and ear related problems, which are results of defective Saturn are also cured.

2) Swadhisthana Chakra

A person with well-balanced Swadisthana Chakra has a feeling of wellness, abundance, pleasure, and joy. In palm, i relate the Swadisthana Chakra to :

a) the Life Line
b) the Mount of Venus
c) the Mount of Moon

Relating the Life Line and Mount of Venus to Swadisthana Chakra : When the Life Line is full and in the shape of a semi circle ( refer fig.6) , along with a good Mount of Venus , the person is blessed with an accommodating nature. You can find him to be always cheerful and happy. He is blessed with good health in abundance, which will help him in all activities. He is highly creative. (Balanced energy) If it is otherwise, i.e. , if he has a straight Life Line, his nature is not so flexible, and all associated problems associated to fixity of nature starts, due this. You may find him to be complaining about faults of others, instead of looking at his own.

If the Life Line is broken or has an island or has an axe-line very near to it or if it is incomplete – especially in the middle , then the life of the person becomes challenging either in the domestic front or in the health front. If there is a mole or a red spot upon the Mount of Venus along with a defective Life Line, he may have to face health issues related to reproduction organs and/ or urinary problems. Psychologically, there would be a fear of change in him, be it change in life situation or place. It is because, the vital life energy (from Mount of Venus) leaks through the defective Life Line and energy gets dissipated. (Deficient energy).

If the Life Line is too deep and thick with overdeveloped Mount of Venus, it is not a good sign to have. Then everything will go in excess, be it food , drinks or sex. Care should be given , that the person does not get hooked to any addictive habits. (Excessive energy).

Relating the Life Line and Mount of Moon to Swadisthana Chakra :
A defective Life Line along with a defective Mount of Moon , psychologically gives imaginative fears and pushes a person to depression. Sometimes, he may get in to addictive habits, due to this. Physical problems related to reproduction organs and digestive systems are a possibility.

3) Manipura Chakra

A well-balanced Manipura Chakra energy makes a person intelligent, outgoing, cheerful and have self-respect. He enjoys good food.
In palm, i relate Manipura Chakra to the

a) Head Line and the Thumb.
b) Mount of Jupiter and its corresponding finger, the Index finger.

If the Head Line is clear and strong along with a well developed Mount of Jupiter and a good Thumb, then the person is able to assert himself and succeed in life, using his good mental ability and confidence. If this line is weak, then the person is not sure about himself and success always eludes them. It results in loss of money also.

If the Head Line is widely separated from the Life Line, it hints to excess of chakra energy. Such people are too independent, yet super-sensitive to others’ criticism and that is one reason, that such formation makes a person to often enter into arguments and fights, even with a mild triggering factor. Same is the case, when the Head Line is too long. Anything of excess is bad. A very lengthy Head Line makes a person very stubborn and he comes upon with strong personal opinions. Similar is the case, when the finger of Jupiter is excessively long. The healthy amount of ego, becomes excessive and the person becomes over-aggressive.

If the Head Line is chained, broken or with islands,(fig.7) then it hints towards deficient Chakraenergy. Such persons are found to be diffident, timid and indecisive . They find it difficult to assert themselves with confidence. Same is the case with a weak Thumb. They can be easily manipulated.

HEALTH : A weak Jupiter mount gives rise to physical issues such as digestive and liver related troubles. Influence lines coming and obstructing the lines also block the Chakra-energy. It is a well known fact in Palmistry, the worry lines from the Lower Mars area obstructing the Head Line, besides giving mental tensions, gives rise to acidity and stomach ailments. It is due to the obstructed Manipura chakra.

4) Anahata chakra

A well balanced Anahata chakra energy relates to an emotionally well balanced person. He is compassionate and has empathy. He can lovingly forgive and forget.

In Palm, the Heart Line and the Mount of Venus, reflects the status of Anahata Chakra. A well-developed Venus mount together with a wellformed Heart Line with forks at its end, below the Mount of Jupiter, shows capacity for universal love, generous nature and empathy.

A very long Heart Line going to the outer edge of the palm crossing the Mount of Jupiter , shows one to be too caring and self-sacrificing. Sometimes, it becomes restrictive and possessive, making the person suffocate.

If the Heart Line is short and it ends below the Mount of Saturn itself, the person could be too rational, cold, self-centred, materialistic and calculating. A weak Mount of Venus with a defective (breaks ,chains, islands) Heart Line (fig .8) shows that this chakra is functioning poorly. Probability of unhappy relationships is there. The person will find it difficult to forget and forgive.

HEALTH : Physical issues related to heart and BP arises , due to imbalance of this chakra.

5) Visuddhi Chakra:

A person with balanced Visuddhi Chakra has excellent sense of timing, pleasant voice, musically and artistically inspired. He can be a good speaker. In Palmistry, Visuddhi Chakra corresponds to the Line of Mercury, the Little finger and the Mount of Mercury.

A well-marked Line of Mercury (fig 8a) and a lengthy little finger , signifies a good sense of timing, keen business acumen, communication skills and excellent memory. He also knows the knack of persuading people.M

If it is having defects, then the person may have poor concentration and lack of communication skills. They could be very timid and overly shy, unable to express their feelings freely. Obstructing lines in this chakra can indicate that the person is not frank , with his feelings. He may not be speaking the truth.

Over development of the Little finger, especially the lower phalange , gives excessive sexual interest and talkativeness.

HEALTH: Imbalance of Visuddhi Chakra energy gives rise to physical issues related to, thyroid and parathyroid glands, larynx , speech, throat and ears.

6) Ajna Chakra

A balanced Ajna chakra energy gives inspiration, insight, telepathy, access to the Higher Self (Guru) and realization of full capability.

In Palmistry, i relate the Ajna Chakra ,to the Sun Line. Its clear presence (fig.9) , especially with a wonderful trident or fork at the end, will bless the person with wonderful creativity and happiness. William Benham calls the Sun Line as the ‘ Line of capability’ . The presence of this line, makes one, realise his potential. Many associate the Sun Line, only to name and fame, which is not so. It is more an indication of a persons inherent talent and abilities. More importantly, it is a sign of Spiritual awaremenss and a sense of deep personal fulfilment. One who possesses this line , which is also known as ‘Purva Punya rekha’ is a happy soul, in peace with the Self.

Stars in any of the Chakra regions indicate extraordinary abilities, related to the corresponding chakra. A star upon the Ajna Chakra section indicates exceptional powers of insight.

Any defect in the Sun Line, say an island , breaks or cuts by other influence lines gives extreme sensitivity to the feeling of others, due to which the person loses his peace of mind. Whenever the Sun Line, is disturbed above the Heart Line , it gives , mental unrest during the old age. I have confirmed this, in numerous cases.

Absence of this line, implies, that this chakra is weak. The person is still engrossed in the materialistic world and less aware of the higher Spiritual realms.

HEALTH : Imbalance of Ajna Chakra energy gives rise to physical issues related to, seizures, blindness, brain tumor / hemorrhage /stroke, neurological disturbances.

7) Sahasrara Chakra

Balanced Sahasrara Chakra energy makes one , open to the Divine force and he is able to work miracles. He can transcend the laws of nature and has awareness of death. Possibility of psychic gift and ability to sense divine plans.

In Palmistry, Sahasrara Chakra relates to the presence of a complete Line of Saturn , from base to top, along with all the other lines mentioned above , in good condition. Presence of Vriksha shakha Yoga ( lines like the branches of a tree), gives us a hint , of a wise person. It is the three lines going from the wrist, towards the fingers, namely the Fate Line , Sun Line and the Mercury line. In combination with a circular Life Line , they look like a branch of a tree.

The flawless path of the Fate Line from bottom to top with support from other lines , represents, the rising of Kundalini energy from Muladhara (base) to the Sahasrara (crown) and an almost god-like sense of completion. We rarely observe such composition of a good Line of Saturn along with all the other lines and mounts, equally well developed. ( refer fig.1b)

Equally rare and difficult is to see such really REALIZED human being(s) here....

HEALTH : Imbalance of Sahasrara Chakra energy gives rise to issues related to upper skull , right eye, mystical depression, chronic exhaustion that is not linked to a physical disorder, migraines, extreme sensitivities to light, sound, and other environmental factors.

Note :
I feel it would be much easier to find out the imbalanced Chakra through palms, as it is , openly written for you to read on your very own palm, right in front of you ! Interpretation is simple .

Other palmists may have different opinions and ideas about how they relate the Chakras with the palm. I have taken a simple and straight forward , method of dealing with the problem, which we can do, by a mere glance of a palm. Say, a defective Heart Line , implies a defective Anahata Chakra, which, almost always ,means disappointments in relationships. Most often, it would be because , the persons own inability to forgive and forget.

If this point is instantly found out and given treatment through Mudra Therapy or Crystals/ Colours or as other Chakra specialists do, problems can be nipped in the bud and the world would be a much happierr place to live in.

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