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Be it a saint or seer, king or emperor, it has been established that the power and pull of the planets are always the supreme, as this long drawn legal battle for over nine years has proved. After a harrowing taunt (murder happened in Sept. 2004 and Police action started in Nov. 2004) commencing with the closing period of the dasa of Mercury and of the subsequent Ketu dasa, the seer has now got a sigh of relief, as his yogakaraka Venus dasa dawned.

Has the Judgment Day for the Seer
Brought Triumph to the Dharma and Truth?
By Bharadwaaja

“God’s mill grinds slow, but sure.” Greek Proverb{short description of image}

ON 11, November 2004, Deepavali day, when Sri Jayendra Saraswati, the most highprofile of all contemporary Hindu religious leaders, was arrested by the Tamil Nadu Police in a late night operation at Mahbubnagar, Andhra Pradesh, it was a rude shock to many, even though it was not entirely un-anticipated, for some of those who were conversant with the then current affairs and who were in the habit of mulling over the media scoops.

According to the Police, the saint is the prime accused in the case relating to the murder of A. Sankararaman, manager of the Sri Varadharajaswamy temple at Kanchipuram, near Chennai. He was murdered at the temple premises on 3 September 2004.

Even before this scribe could see the Newspapers, on that day, in the morning, a friend from Chennai came on phone, just past midnight and broke the news. What flashed into the mind of this scribe instantly was the note of an astrological appraisal of his, sent to a magazine about the sudden disappearance of the pontiff on the 23rd August 1987. Subsequent to that event, during those days, it was a hot topic of discussion whether a madaathipathi who discarded his danda and deserted the mutt, could be readmitted into the fold of the ascetic order.

In those moments of anxiety, when the whereabouts of the seer were quite unknown, a couple of friends of this scribe, who were a part of the inner-circle of the Mutt and who had strong belief in astrology, chose to take the advice of this scribe to identify an ace astrologer in Kerala to unravel the mystery through a Prasna. That scholarly astrologer, who is now no more, predicted his return, for sure, and even indicated the possible direction he would have taken his flight. For a lurking doubt on the part of the querists whether any aabhichaara kriya perpetuated on the seer by his rivals could have been the reason for such a conduct on the part of the seer, the erudite astrologer, not only denied flatly, any such possibility, but also advised the querists to stop attempting to delve into the proverbial rishimoola for such events. That was perhaps the time some of the simmering splinters in the internal administration of the Mutt started showing.

The assault on a close devotee of Paramacharya in November 2002 made one of his family members, to seek an astrological investigation for the cause of the outrage. However, the Police investigations could not make much headway. This took a new start subsequent to the arrest of the aachaarya, pointing the finger of accusation to him. A prominent English Newspaper in its editorial comments, written soon after the arrest of the pontiff, mentioned that the Police investigation into this case seemed to run into a political wall, after gaining initial clues, at that time of early investigations. It may not be wrong to presume that the reason for the demolition of that wall, subsequently, to pursue the Police action could be that the political patronage that existed earlier, to the pontiff, petered out later.

This scribe has absolutely no aspiration or authority to sit on judgment, as to whether the seer is guilty or not. His intention is only to examine in retrospect whether there were any astrological indications warranting the belligerent situation. In 1987, one prominent astrologer subtly hinted, in a missive, that the severance of his official status of the Mutt could help the pontiff to get involved on vigorous tapas for the revival of his spiritual power, with the help of the advent of the dasa of Mercury for him, then. The reason adduced was the Mercury’s conjunction with Gjnanakaaraka Ketu, in his horoscope. Mercury is also the poorvapunya staanaadhipa reckoned from the Moon and the Bhaagyaadhipa from the lagna. In contrast, Mercury is also the Satrubhaavaadhipa from the Lagna and ashtamaadhipa from the Moon. Perhaps, that is why Mercury took time until the near completion of its period to inflict more or less an abdication from the pontifical duties, with damage to the reputation of the Mutt and its incumbent. True to its tenor, the ending phase of the dasa of Mercury literally brought out a conflict with the seer’s own people and the State. The dasa portended a multitude of dangers, sorrow, threat, abuse and affliction of the eyes or ears. Almost all these adverse trends culminated to a calamitous finale.

(Though there are slight variations in the actual time of birth, the horoscope of the seer, as furnished above is taken as more or less authentic.

The Moolatrikona position of Saturn, with reference to the Moon and the powerful Sasayoga it creates, can make one understand how a Sanyasi could get himself involved in true service to people and earn democratic appeal and approbation, nothing short of a filmy fame and political power. The Yogakaraka Venus in the 8th, with no exceptional strength and the Bhadakadhipathi Mars in the tenth with the triteeya-vrayadhipathi, Jupiter (3rd and 12th lord), are the prompters par excellence to bring about a relinquishment of power. Earlier, it impelled a desire for abdication and later it inflicted a necessity for exclusion. Saturn, as Lagna lord, and as the lord of the Moon sign can induce austerity, but as Devakeralam points out such a combination can make the native selfish, hate the elder brother, apart from making him a hypocrite and live blithely. The scribe is aware of the fact that as an ordinary human, he is unqualified and unauthorised to comment on the personal traits of an adorable aachaarya. His comments are without any malice, but are only the expositions of some of the salient astrological dictums. This aachaarya succeeded the legendary Paramacharya, who was deemed as God walking on the earth. This scribe had that great fortune of having spent many memorable moments, on various occasions over several years, with some of his academic friends and teachers, with that mahaapurusha. He was quite unperturbed, when his junior disappeared, but was sad over the developments.

The general combinations given for possible incarceration are too fluid, though we can find them in the chart of the saint. We can find such combinations in thousands of charts of natives, who go scot-free with no impact of incarceration at all in life! The moot point is that the lord of the sixth, Mercury, in its dasa has done the spoilsport! The million-dollar question lingering so far was whether the aachaarya would be acquitted or convicted. The suspense got dispensed on 27 Nov. 2013 with an enmasse acquittal. Humiliation and bhandana have already been experienced by the seer. What would concern a devotee will be more about the health of the seer, which is at discount, for the ensuing period. Political wisdom, however, prevailed to set him free to do his daily chores of devotion at the Mutt and allow the law to take its own course.

The lord of the seventh, Moon, joining the retrograde Saturn in the second, with the aspect of the triteeyavrayadhipathi Jupiter and kalatra kaaraka Venus getting the baneful aspect of Saturn, cannot exonerate the native or endow him with any immaculacy. Nonetheless, the Mutt that had just sufficient finance to carry on its day-to-day maintenance in those days of Paramacharya, for whom money was an abhorrent, is now stated to be worth over 5000 crores. That magic, only Sri Jayendra Saraswati could bring about! More than any pontifical pretence, is it not because of the strength of the horoscope that the planets have brought to bear?

Now the seer is running his seventh dasa of the avarohi Sukra. Sukra, with a strong Shadbala, is the lord of the fifth and tenth houses, donning the garb of a yogaka araka. Though it is in an enemy’s house, it is in sanghatikiatara (16 star from birth star Dhanishta). No doubt, this dasa can bring forth certain health hazards. However, as a yogakaraka, Venus has helped the native to come as a victor in litigations, despite its perch on the eighth. It is the powerful transit of Jupiter in the fifth with its aspect on the Janma Rasi that has helped him go unscathed. Be it a saint or seer, king or emperor, it has been established that the power and pull of the planets are always the supreme, as this long drawn legal battle for over nine years has proved. After a harrowing taunt (murder happened in Sept. 2004 and Police action started in Nov. 2004) commencing with the closing period of the dasa of Mercury and of the subsequent Ketu dasa, the seer has now got a sigh of relief, as his yogakaraka Venus dasa dawned and the Daivaanukoola came up with the blessings of the benevolent Jupiter. As the current dasa results could be fluctuating causing some hiccups during any forthcoming adverse transits, the seer has to be careful to make use of the discretion as the better part of his valour.

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