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By Vandana Devah Khatar

Planetary positions for February 2017 :
Sun : Upto 12th Feb., remains in Capricorn; thereafter, it will transit Aquarius.
Mars : The whole month, it will transit Pisces.
Mercury : Transits through Sagittarius till 3rd Feb; from 4th to 22nd, it will transit Capricorn . From 23rd to the monthend, it will remain in Aquarius sign. It will remain combust from 17th for the rest of the month.
Jupiter : The whole month, it will move in Virgo sign. It will be in retrograde motion from 7th onwards.
Venus : It will remain in Pisces sign for the complete month.
Saturn : For the whole month, it will transit Sagittarius.

Rahu (True) :
Remains in Leo sign, throughout the month.
Ketu (True) :Remains in Aquarius sign, throughout the month.
Uranus : Remains in Pisces sign, throughout the month.
Neptune : Remains in Aquarius sign, throughout the month.
Pluto : Remains in Sagittarius, throughout the month.

Daily movement of Stock Market in February 2017

Moon’s Astro parameters at 9.15 am Market Trend These Rasi / Lagna should refrain from financial dealings today
Tithi : Shukla Panchami
Nakshatra : U.Bhadrapada;
Navamsa : Virgo
Moon conjoins Venus & Mars. Auspicious day to open new Demat / SB/FD accounts.
The end result of the tug of war will not disappoint the Bulls at the end of the day Buying in the stocks of Petroleum , crude, gas and coal sector companies at lower levels will be witnessed Aries & Leo
Tithi : Shukla Shasti
Nakshatra : Revati;
Navamsa : Capricorn
Moon sextiles Sun, Squares Mercury & opposes Jupiter. Favourable day to invest in Agro stocks.
Initial buying sentiments will get converted into selling sentiments, within 30 minutes of the opening bell. The bulls will try again from 11:30 am onwards to control the market by showing buying interest in the companies of Broking firms, Banking , Paper, FMCG & Aluminum sector companies Aries & Leo
Tithi : Shukla Saptami
Nakshatra : Aswini;
Navamsa : Gemini
Moon opposes Jupiter and sextiles Ketu. Good day to invest for long term in good fundamentals companies.
The Bears will take over the game in the second half. Selling in Footwear, Power , Telecom and Leather sector companies will be noticed Taurus & Virgo
Tithi : Shukla Dasami
Nakshatra : Rohini;
Navamsa : Gemini
Moon trines Sun Good day to invest for long term in good fundamentals companies.
The Bear will try to maintain upperhand, by selling the stocks of Beverages, Education, Exports and Dairy sector companies. Gemini & Libra
Tithi : Shukla Ekadasi
Nakshatra : Mrigasira;
Navamsa : Scorpio
Moon squares Venus, trines Ketu & opposes Saturn. Not to give or take fresh loan or to buy anything on credit.
The Bear will show their might from 11 to 12 hrs & during the last 30 minutes too. Scorpio & Cancer
Thithi :Shukla Dwadasi
Nakshatra :Arudra;
Navamsa :Pisces
Moon squares Mars. Profitable positions can be booked today.
Planetary positions are indicating that stop loss orders of both the sides are likely to be hit. Keep booking the profits Scorpio & Cancer
Thithi :Shukla Trayodasi
Nakshatra :Punarvasu;
Navamsa :Cancer
Moon opposes Mercury. Experts can do swift intraday trading.
In the tug of war between the Bears & the Bulls, the Bears are likely to have upper hand till 10.30am at least. Bulls will show buying interest in Coal, Crude, Steel and automobile sector companies. Leo & Sagittarius
Thithi : Pournami
Nakshatra :Pushya;
Navamsa :Scorpio
Moon opposes Mercury and trines Mars & Venus. Good day to invest in PSU’s bonds and FDs.
First two hours are likely to be ruled by the Bears; thereafter, bargain hunters will make use of buying opportunity in the companies of Automobiles, Insurance, capital goods & exports sector companies. Leo & Sagittarius
Thithi : Krishna Tritiya
Nakshatra :U.Phalguni;
Navamsa :Sagittarius
Sun trines Jupiter, sextiles Saturn & Opposes Rahu.Not an auspicious day to initiate fresh long term investments.
Profit booking in the stocks of media , electronics, Tobacco & Alcohol sector companies, after 11 am, will bring the Indices down Capricorn & Virgo
Thithi : Krishna Chaturthi
Nakshatra :U.Phalguni;
Navamsa :Pisces
Moon opposes Mars & Venus. Good day to pay & receive the loan instalments.
Amidst resistance from the Bears, the Bulls will find their way. Buying in beverages, dairy, Silver, PSUs, and Agro sector companies will be observed Aquarius & Libra
Thithi :Krishna Panchami
Nakshatra : Hasta;
Navamsa :Cancer
Moon opposes Mars. Good day to initiate learning the stock market trading.
The Bulls will fight tooth & nail. Buying interest in defence, power, automobiles, cables and tea-coffee companies will be noticed. Aquarius & Libra
Thithi :Krishna Shasthi
Nakshatra :Chitra;
Navamsa : Scorpio
Moon sextiles Rahu & conjoins Jupiter
The Bears, will dominate till 11.30 am; thereafter, buying at lower levels will be observed for next two hours. Scorpio & Pisces
Thithi :Krishna Shasthi
Nakshatra : Swati;
Navamsa : Aquarius
Mars sextiles Mercury, conjoins Venus & Opposes Jupiter. Investors can buy on dips strategy.
Bulls will show their strength till 11am; thereafter, the Bears will indulge in profit booking in Banking, IT , Media and heavy industry companies Scorpio & Pisces
Thithi :Krishna Navami
Nakshatra : Jyeshta;
Navamsa : Capricorn
Moon sextiles Jupiter. Not to open new Demat / FD/PPF/SB accounts.
The Bulls are likely to give up around 2 pm. Thereafter, the Bears will sell the stocks of Insurance, broking firms , banking and exports sector companies Aries & Sagittarius
Thithi : Krishna Dasami
Nakshatra : Moola;
Navamsa : Taurus
Moon sextiles Jupiter, conjoins Saturn & trines RahuStay away from F&O sector.
Intraday traders should act cautiously, by strictly adhering to stoploss levels. Capricorn & Taurus
Thithi : Krishna Ekadasi
Nakshatra : P.Ashadha;
Navamsa : Leo
Sun sextiles Moon & Opposes Rahu. Profitable positions can be squared off.
The Bears will take over the game after 2 pm . Selling in Media, cosmetics, alcohol , jewellery sector companies will be seen. Capricorn & Taurus
Thithi : Krishna Dwadasi
Nakshatra : U.Ashadha;
Navamsa : Sagittarius
Moon squares Jupiter. Profitable positions can be squared off.
The Bulls wont be able to sustain their might after 11am. Selling in tobacco , PSUs, wheat , power and pharma sector companies will be noticed. Taurus & Taurus
Thithi : Shukla Pratipada
Nakshatra : P.Bhadrpada;
Navamsa : Aries
Mercury sextiles Saturn & opposes Rahu Profitable positions can be squared off today.
Tired Bulls will give up around 2pm. Selling in Gold, exports, banking, heavy industries and paint sector companies will be witnessed. Pisces & Cancer
Thithi : Shukla Dwitiya
Nakshatra : U.Bhadrapada;
Navamsa : Leo
Moon squares Saturn. Not an auspicious day to initiate fresh carry positions in F&O segment.
The Bears will take over after 12pm . Selling in steel, paints, tyres, automobiles and oil sector companies will be seen Leo & Aries


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