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Kartikaadi Samvat 2076
Balance-sheet & Projection (28 Oct 19 - 14 Nov 20)
By Bandhu

As per Jyotish classics, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus in the ascendant (found in Kartikaadi Chart) are enough to bestow all sorts of happiness to people. Potency of Jupiter (5th lord in Kartikaadi chart, posited in lagna) will get enhanced, when placed in the company of natural benefics. All these foretell moderate success to Central Government in its errands.

Kartikaadi Samvat 2076   Kartikaadi Samvat 2076

AscSco.17:27Jyeshta (1)
MoonLibra10.29Swati (2)
MarsVirgo21:23Hasta (4)
MercuryScorpio02:44Visakha (4)
JupiterScorpio28.29Jyeshta (4)
VenusScorpio0.02Visakha (4)
SaturnSagit.21:03P.shada (3)
RahuGemini16.34Arudra (3)
KetuSagit.16.34P.shada (1)

Salient Features of the Kartikaadi Chart (KC)
  • Fiery signs hold Uranus, Saturn, Pluto and Ketu. Earthy sign hosts Mars alone.
  • Airy signs hold Luminaries and Rahu. Watery signs host Jupiter, Mercury and Venus.
  • Luminaries (in 12th house) are in 2/12 to ascendant, in trine to Rahu, sextile to Ketu and oppose Uranus.
    Mars stands square to Saturn and 6/8 to Neptune; Jupiter is 2/12 with Pluto.
    Saturn sextiles Neptune
  • Solar elcipse on 26 Dec.2019 will create huge impact.

Correlating Kartikaadi chart (KC) with Indian Independence Day chart (IDC)

Correlating Kartikaadi Chart   Correlating Kartikaadi Chart
Balance of Dasha in Vimshottari:Saturn 18 years 0 months 25 days

KCRelationship to IDC
Sun &Moon06-AugAsc.
Sun &MoonTrineMars
Sun &MoonSquareMercury
MarsSextilePluto, Sat, Venus
Saturn06-AugPluto, Sat, Venus

Atharva Veda

Atharva Veda (Ch.19)
Auspiciousness is imparted 8-fold by Day, 16-fold by Karan, 32-fold by Yoga and 60-fold by Taraphal.
In KC, the Day is Monday-naturally beneficial; Yoga (Priti)- beneficial
Beneficial Tara - Mitra Tara (Swati of KC is counted 8th from Pushya of IDC)
Karan ‘Nag’-Unfavourable, but it will help to win over enemies.

Main Significators of the chart: Day-lord Moon well posited in Libra, but with star lord Rahu.  Ascendant lord Mars in Hasta ruled by Moon.  Saturn posited in P.Shada, ruled by Venus.
In Navamsa, Saturn is exalted.  In general, D-9 supports the Rasi chart.
In KC chart, the planets in the ascendant own 6 houses, and the ownership of fifth and seventh causes Lakshmi-Vishnu (kendra-kona) relationship, promising innumerable riches.
Jupiter has potential to ward off a lakh of shortcomings, while Venus a thousand, and Mercury, a hundred.  So, in this chart, these 3 together in the ascendant will ward off one lakh one thousand and one hundred evils.
Tajik system indicates hidden inimical relationship between Saturn, Ketu and Mars which is hindersome, calling for repeated efforts to achieve the desired goals in the field of finance and projects, as such significators occupy second and eleventh houses.
Notable is the occupying of Abhijit constellation by luminaries, with Saturn joining on 24  January 2020. It is a very very rare phenomenon, as Makara (Capricorn) is taken to be India’s Ruling sign (also per Ptolemy).
It is also to be borne in mind that the chart doesn’t suffer malignancy of Kal-sarpdosh, due to the Saturn being about 5° off the clutches of Rahu.

Mundane Impact
Righteousness is the guiding principle for the present era. To meet the needs of hour, the Central government may go to any extent.  Financial sector will have to check bungling, siphonal venues,more productivity orientation than jugglery of datas.  Although the dream schemes like Skill-India & Smart-city projects could hardly touch the halfway mark. So will be job, employment and entrepreneurs inductions.

-   Shatpanchasika,chapter iv -1.
Central and Trine houses occupied by benefics, if Central and 8th house do not host malefic, gods will bless immensely.

.. Prasanagnana (sagar 1996 edition, p22)
Jupiter, Mercury and Venus in the ascendant are enough to bestow all sorts of happiness to people.

-Jaiminisutram,( chapter 2/14).
Potency of Jupiter will get enhanced, when placed in the company of benefics. 

All these mean good strength to the Central Government. The Opposition will remain in state of confusion, stuck with policy paralysis.
Those industrial belts, mounting with pilings of sick units and industrial estates and SEZ will be undertaken for revival studies, though it will take some time to give life in such skeletons.
Bulk settlement of pending litigations and long-awaited disposal of Taxations issues will be taken up by the Centre.  Realization of undefined hidden sources and idle or Black Money is assured.
Expect ease to business, with landed properties and matters connected to house and buildings. Oil prices will be on mercy of international tendencies. Government may try to bring oil, under GST.  New oil wells may be explored or commissioned.  Achieving self-sufficiency in Power world will be within a time-frame.
Much changes in working paraphernalia will occur, by introducing latest Softwares, Hardware, datamatics and all that related with e-world. Emphasis, overall, will be to tap the pilferage and wastage.
Stock Market and also Investment prospects look to be alluring, with long-term entangling.  However, the aspirants should be vigilant of aims & objects of those desirous of monetary support, and the offer letters’ finer lines (riskfactors & hidden agenda). Doubts on handlers wisdom of the Mutual Funds, will not fetch the expectations on this score.  International Rating agencies may not be kind, due to our own latches.  Weak charactorial performing and uncertain unethicality in trading will be witnessed.
The Research activities (sick of plagiarism, for their aim being orientation for obtaining degrees only) and the educational atmosphere are also not confident of their products, which are not welcome in international market, as the produce would fail the established standards of performance appraisal. (In field of sports too, the same analogy applies.) Infusion of inner
passion and strong will is awfully missing, and may be the internal politics prevailing in these institutions would take away the glorious sweetness expected from us, on these counts.
Expect concessions to women folks on Trade, intellectual works etc.  However, poor revenue, decreased receipts, financial stagnation, depression in securities and business circle wanting activation on many canvases, will be given due care by the Government.
International image of Bharat will be that of a trustworthy and reliably sensible country, which is a roll model for most of the Afro-Asian countries with similar problems as we faced and got cured successfully. There will be annihilation of fanatical elements, as being witnessed since 2-3 decades. 
As a world - ombudsman, Bharat surpasses this year, to come up as Champion with its philosophical, spiritual, religious wisdom.  The sayings of various Indian languages will be subject of research and interest in the Institutions and societies elsewhere.
On Kashmir, the POK will attract attention to ground level realities and Pakistan will have contradictory confused status, in all the talks. The strong attitude of the Central Government will generate heroic sense amongst the valley, and beyond, to let the subjects to join the main stream, and remain with Bharat, as the safer course for their wellbeing.  Yet the disruptive elements and terror outfits will inflict serious and grave loss of life and injuries.
Climate will be a grave concern, all over the world. Job loss is another alarming scenario, in and around our country.  People will be in a state of helplessness. International issues including Iran and Afro-asian volatility witnessed since the last few years will be soaring but; Bharat, being with technological upper hand, and in group with US, will manage its affairs to address general apathy of citizens vis-à-vis the global callings and challenges of concerns.
We will feel blessed with infrastructural upgrading in sustainable spectrum.  At the same time, the internal conditions will be good. The prospects of results of State elections will add mo re glory to Centre.
Parliament will be busy and active, despite irritating disruption, splitting of Parties, and troubled moments.  There will be awesome discussion on matters connected with military, arms, ammunition, exposing the past era misdeeds etc.  Treasury Benches will hardly leave any occasion to earn mileage on the background of follies committed by the Congress Party.  Lots of legislative changes, offerings lots of benefits to public at large are on Cards.
Some financial wizards, admirable personalities, senior Parliamentarians and politicians will pass away;  on 2-3 occasions, there may be national mourning.

Predictions and Remedies for individuals of 12 Rasis
Lal-Kitab Guidance contributed by Rajnish Tripathi

(Lal-Kitab Guidance: is to be undertaken during daytime, between Sunrise and Sunset, that too, when the Sun shines bright. This could be started from beneficial days during Sankranti, Poornima and Amavasya. Only one parihara should be opted for a day; more than one, if applied,will take away the real fructification.)

ARIES [Aswini, Bharani, Krittika (1)]

New professional teams, amalgamation, joint ventures in Third World plakhes and success in assessment to triable level will pave way for further spells and plans for beyond. Some pain and soaring shadows of past leftover may be settled in 'give and take' manner. Inflow follows new fields of investment. Disturbed Business traveling might not be rewarding to the desired level; but success in repeated efforts will bring yields. Landed properties stand for sound and newer agreement. Stocks call for more prudence. Unexpected and hidden sources may help at odd times. Demands of pending dues will cause concerns for respectful audit.

Lal-Kitab Guidance : Feed the people / living creatures near your place, with their desired stuff, as they will feel satisfied with your feeder stuff. Your problems will start subsiding.


TAURUS [Krittika (2, 3, 4), Rohini, Mrigasira]]

More you involve in team-spirit with regards to your vocation or work, the more you will get uplifting. Investors with cautious approach are expected to join you. New ventures and elevation for those expecting promotion, are all on cards. Landed and vehicular returns are to rise, so are the numbers of subordinates, staff and employees. Stocks may not give desired fruits; so hang for a while, with due suggestions of Share Broker. Expect nice travels, conducted tours for fun and business. Narrow escape from accidents on two three occasions, may cause treatment / surgery in lower parts. Philosophical attitude and carefree/ lazy nature, regarding rituals and religious obligations will prevail. Thoughtful exploiters will snatch away fortune from you. At the same time, a long-time pending, as desired object, will come to you slowly on its own. You will unwillingly dispose the garbage or left-over materials in throw-away price.

Lal-Kitab Guidance : Avoid intoxication support, non-vegetarian and rough foodstuffs.Live life with good thoughts. Control your anger and talking way.


GEMINI [Mrigasira (3, 4), Arudra, Punarvasu]

At times, there will be mixed feelings of dejection and admiration. Flow of money will be as usual. New scripts will allure. Shares with physical holding for longer period will give better dividend. Lease properties will call for investment, and in return, that will reflect good prospects and generate additional returns. Be vigilant from fare-weather companions and doubtful partners. Some hidden gains, which should have been your lot may be swayed to other Cleverer ones. Pilgrimage / travel, is possible to distant, unattended destinations. You will show more dutiful attitude to your business and callings. Investment plans & saving ideas will make you uneasy and unpleased. Expect expenditures on necessities, luxuries and good cause, as well.

Lal-Kitab Guidance : Pray to your Family deity for your welfare and good fortune, as and when you start from your home to work.


CANCER [Punarvasu (4), Pushya, Aslesha]

Smooth movements, Regular inflow success in competitive ventures, gains from properties wise investment plans for vivid types. Support from subordinate/ associate and assistants are on cards. Some partner may leave but it will not affect you much. Philosophical inclination for metaphysical and mystical weary ways will prevail. Hidden and unexpected gains are possible. Faith, religion, spiritual journey etc will have tremendous marking. Expect improvement in working conditions and position, and fulfilment of long-cherished desires. Expenses on unthoughtful and impulsive manner are to be discouraged.

Lal-Kitab Guidance : Worship Lord Saturn on Saturdays in a temple, and feed the needy and poor; donate clothes and slippers.


LEO [Makha, Poorvaphalguni, Uttaraphalguni (1) ]

Retain the pace in activities, generally not much obstacles in the way of progress. State will support the projects in hand. New venues, exploiting additional sources, will call for more infusion of funds. Profitable competitive zeal and enthusiasm will be remarkable. Agriculturists will certainly gain much better than expectations, with new strategies. Cautious approach, towards new scripts is to be maintained. Uncertain litigation and unattained issues, may leave liabilities. Partners will be confined to their moods and modes. Be watchful for payment of necessary subscription and instalments. Make Investment in upgradation of technology at workplace and production units. Distant or foreign travels will be are enjoyable.

Lal-Kitab Guidance : Do not cross over the fire or water pots. Offer water to the rising Sun with Red sandal powder, paste or red clay (geru) for 45 days, starting from a clear sky Sunday.


VIRGO [Uttaraphalguni (2, 3, 4), Hasta, Chitra (1, 2)]

You could achieve long-awaited goods, by consistent and enthusiastic hammering. Monthly returns are assured from normal; automated and regular working, but retaining is not possible. Reinvestment will bring much good in the coming years. Investment on vehicular and landed properties, litigation therewith, increase in rental income are foreseen. Share portfolios should be scrutized well. Partners will have delightment for you. You can expect surprise, inheriting or hidden gains. Pilgrimages clubbed with fun and frolic are calling. Some vital changes in vocational hang-ups are possible. A cautious routine of discipline is necessary.

Lal-Kitab Guidance : Plant a sapling often; offer seeds to a river, stream or canal. Water plants in any garden, for 45 days, starting from a clear-sky Monday.


LIBRA [Chitra (3,4), Swati, Visakha (1, 2, 3)]

Established entrepreneurs will carry on successfully. You will rarely find financial constraints. Expect successful completion of undertaken tasks, by fair and foul means,with possible marginal delays. Disposal of assets including land and vehicles is foreseen. Realizations of profits from scripts, Credit and ensured elevation, increase in number of subordinates, employees and associates, deployment of newer system and technological support in your working, uneasy distant journey are on cards. Partner may be more demanding. Providence will come to your rescue from unexpected sources. Fortune would smile with tricks and tactics. There will be recognition and honour for your social contributions.

Lal-Kitab Guidance : Feed any poor, hungry person for 45 days with good quality stuff of your taste, starting from clear-sky Saturday.


SCORPIO [Visakha (4), Anuradha, Jyeshta]

Planets are at your beck and call. Expect more than expected for upliftment of status, position, earnings and kindness of kith&kin, partners and friends. 2-3 occasions of sudden and large expenses are likely to occur. At times, you may feel dejected, due to failures of your efforts. House and land, also vehicular objects, will attract investment, to get better returns. Older shares are sure to offer higher dividends. Your new investment plans in mind, are up to the mark. Some unprofitable unit or work may be abandoned. Amalgamation, FDI / FII or other stake holders, who could enter in your shoes, may ease your audit & account, plus productivity problems. Extra alluring element could come up, as exposure to Tax net. Distant/ foreign travels, disposal of surplus productions/materials are indicated.

Lal-Kitab Guidance : Offer eatables to Black Cow, Cat, Dog or Crow for 45 days, starting with a clearsky Saturday. The apprehension about Black Magic trap will subside.


SAGITTARIUS [Moola, Poorvashada, Uttarashada (1)]

Doldrum projections are not much of reality, to cause damages to you. You are capable of controlling damages by fair and foul means. Hurdle race is a choice by default, at this stage of life. In chronicle issues, you would enjoy your way to deal with. Disposal of assets will give you solakhe. Hurt of stock exchange, support of financial and commercial institutions/forums & tribunals are on cards. Group of partners may ditch. State a gencies will support and odd situation will ease by grace of God. Social Circle of other States will welcome you.

Lal-Kitab Guidance : Offer grains to a priest. Keep water in a Copper vessel near headside, at sleeping time, and pour it out in the morning at such a place, which remains untouched to feet.


CAPRICORN: [Uttarashada (2, 3, 4), Sravana, Dhanishta (1, 2)]

Spiritual tendencies will pave way to contentment and then the insecurity feeling will also ward off. Financial expenditure would exceed then inflow. You do have capacity to generate new income. Expect increase in landed properties or new vehicles. Stock market will yield good returns. Manageable litigation, unsatisfied partners are indicated. You have capacity to exploit others. Preaching of Kabir will fascinate. Work-place will have added novelties. Friends' circle of affluent class will stand with you, at testing times. Insomnia will call for routine check-up.

Lal-Kitab Guidance : Feed monkeys. Avoid falsehood. Don't keep house in dark. Offer Hazelnuts to temples. Respect women. Offer eatables to labourers.


AQUARIUS [Dhanishta (3, 4), Satabisha, Poorvabhadra (1, 2, 3)]

Much activation and conclusion of long-pending issues are ahead. You would be satisfied with financial output of the works and also expansion. Enthusiasm and exertion would suffer for want of strength. Assets of all kinds are to have Bullish trends. Stocks are heathy. Credit is on increase. Partners will be as usual, half-way home. Spiritualism, philosophy & Religion will be to get peace. Workplace will be introduced to newer technological paraphernelia. You will be blessed with better capacities, but also with the necessary surrounding evils. Disposables will bring reasonable returns.

Lal-Kitab Guidance : Fill oil in a small Clay pot, seal it, then bury this in-side the muddy corner of a flowing river.


PISCES [Poorvabhadra (4), Uttarabhadra, Revati]

Very promising time is ahead. Novel ideas of revenue cultivating will strike. Expect success in efforts and competition, sale of idle properties and / vehicles, fortunate returns, even during off hours, Increase and sound credits, overpowering the opponents, exploiting the unattended venues are on cards. Distant foreign travels, may be, to health resorts. To meet the need of the times, vital changes are expected in your establishment. While desired sectors might come on back-foot, yet, the disposal of leftovers, will bring profits.

Lal-Kitab Guidance : Trust your shoulders; don't accept help from others. Avoid bathing in open ghats etc. Worship in religious places; also clean such places. Seek the blessings of elders in the family and saints by doing service to them. Help the labourers.


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