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Tarot Card Reading 2020

By Divya Khanna

Guidance for Sun Signs

Card ReadingIn 2020, the stars offer a wider canvas to build our dreams into tangible success: Tarotscope 2020 will help you navigate through the highs and lows of life with special tips for each zodiac sign .

ARIES (21 March - 19 April)

Keywords : New perspectives, Change & Vitality

This year, blast out of the rut and blow the hinges off stale routines!

Career : Take your foot off the brake, but keep your hands on the wheel on the professional front! A perfect opportunity will help you to dig through the archives and breathe new life into an old venture. Your career will be back on track as powerhouse in the second half of the year; Impeccable timing and a presentation to match will win you major support. For those in business, it is time to establish new boundaries and give your goals some extra wind. With your trademark magic touch, you will rise above all odds and unexpected competition in the latter part of the year!.

Wealth : Seek alternatives on the financial front! Diversify and do not spend it all in one place! Avoid getting tempted by extreme solutions or choices, that are beyond your means. Someone will be the catalyst to a brand new business venture or bring an opportunity that will increase your earnings substantially towards the second half of the year. The handle on the finance will get slippery, as you may have to navigate unpredictable expenses. Have a financial cushion ready, to ride out of the rocky financial phases!

Home : Mundane matters and responsibilities could throw unexpected curveball demands on the home front. Build trust and lay a solid foundation, by doing everything with impeccable integrity. Family relationships might get stressful. Give breathing space to your loved ones to fend for themselves.

Love : The tide will turn in a positive direction for relationships. Romantic relationships will get a boost from this pivot, but avoid squabbling over little issues. An old relationship will no longer meet your needs. Take those rose-tinted glasses off, and reevaluate your relationship honestly. Singles, will meet someone new under new circumstances, and salubrious sparks could fly.

Health : On the health-front, you will enjoy excellent levels of energy and vigour. If suffering from ill health, you will have rapid recovery, and will be able to set off again on the right foot. Cut down on your indulgences as radical changes will prompt a review of your health.

Angel's Message : "Envision a new reality and believe in unlimited possibilities."

Cosmo Tip : Keep a Purple Fluorite crystal in your left pocket, to keep calm and be open to options.

TAURUS : (20 April – 20 May)

Keywords : Inspired Action, Harmony & Renewal Combine your superpowers for the big win!

Get out of your comfortable groove and be willing to make some changes.

Career : Be ready to restore some order on the professional front! Review and assess ongoing associations to determine what is working and what needs a major overhaul. A discreet support of an influential person will encourage you to spread your wings, and widen your scope of activities. A stalled project will hit the fast track towards the mid -year which will boost your progress with your innovative ideas. Self- employed will be offered a new alliance or a contract mid –year. Try to reach a happy medium, or double-check your numbers!

Wealth : Keep a firm handle on your finances this year! De-clutter the financial arena and get rid of redundant accounts or wasteful expenditures. In the 2nd half of the year, a new project will spell a fortunate increase in your income expanding your financial base. You could be manipulated into accepting a raw financial deal. Express your terms and conditions clearly and confidently

Home : Despite the apparent stability, friction can stir up on domestic front. A general chaos or intense emotional climate might prompt a sudden departure or an exaggerated response. Avoid hitting the panic button! You will have the right opportunities to buy, sell or lease or do a host of things to improve your living space.

Love: Things will shift bringing harmonizing and balancing vibes on the relationships front! Couples might not be on the same page, when it comes to finances. Have a direct conversation to move ahead. Singles will attract a partner sharing same spiritual ideals, and will mesh on other levels amicably.

Health : A fundamental change will bring critical choices and decisions .A trip for pleasure or for health reasons will help you to get back on the right foot again. Avoiding self- indulgence and quick-fix solutions will ensure your continued physical well –being in a smooth way.

Angel's Message : Raise your standards and elevate your expectations.

Cosmo Tip : Wear a Sunstone Crystal bracelet on your Left hand to attract fame and good luck.

GEMINI : (21 May - 21 June)

Keywords : Action, Transformations & Accomplishment

Expect this year to bring improvements and changes of direction, as you step into a new world!.

Career : The broadening of your social horizons or developments on the career front will put you in an excellent position to firm up projects. A big professional opportunity that you were striving since long will put your name on the map with a good pay check. Those looking for a more satisfying job will carefully craft an exit strategy. Avoid burning your bridges! For those in business, a promising collaboration will move forward in the latter part of the year and you may have to deal with all-consuming demands; Balance will be the key!

Wealth : Fresh positive circumstances will help your finances to develop in a steady and a balanced way. An interruption in your cash flow will put your budget in a tight spot. Act responsibly with your finances. Initial months will be an uphill battle, but by mid–year, things will turn around giving the much needed-financial boost. Stay true to your vision, but avoid splurging on luxuries, until your finances are stable.

Home : A blaring interruption could invade your cocoon! Someone in the family will be a constant source of agitation to you. Trying to maintain your equilibrium will be a challenge. Before you react, try to get the full story .A house move that you are planning will take shape, but you might have to combat with unexpected hurdles.

Love : Romantic situations will advance at a faster clip, giving you vertigo! Talks of an engagement or merging your lives in a significant way might spark up. Let the bond develop, and avoid rushing into something under pressure. Singles will pour a little heart and genuine optimism into the search for a partner; make sure not to skimp on quality.

Health : On the health-front, you might experience a lack of energy and be subjected to clumsiness or small accidents. Preventive medicine is the key; work out to stay in shape, watch your diet and avoid overexertion.

Angel's Message : Have faith that your miracle is on its way.

Cosmo Tip : Keep an Amazonite crystal sphere at workplace, to bring in new projects.

CANCER : (22 June 22 - July)

Keywords : Justice, Destiny & Determination

Career : On the career-front, you will find yourself at a proverbial fork. Act swiftly and decisively to turn the situation to your advantage. Someone could test your patience, by throwing a curveball into your professional plans. In the 2nd half of the year, you will find a new approach to work that will turn it into a lucrative and a far-reaching project! For those in business, teaming up with a partner will bring twice the talent into a new project; it’s time to prioritize and rebuild.

Wealth : The cosmic beams will bring an exciting new opportunity to tackle and balance the finances! Disappointments, delays and errors will bog you on the financial front. Shift your perspective and watch yourself attract a whole different set of results. An opportunity to invest your money or join forces for mutual gain will surface in the second half of the year! Make sure to stock some profits away, or invest safely back into company!

Home : On the domestic-front, new actions and decisions will be taken to maintain peace. There will be many unexpected problems to combat, but you will overcome all of them. You will be completely absorbed in projects designed to build and promote your livelihood. Moving to a new home can also spring up later in the year.

Love : On the relationship front, you will be confronted with unexpected problems and will doubt your partner’s honesty! Before you fling any accusations, spend time getting the real scoop! Clear communication with partner will help to get the love boat sailing again. For singles, keep the filters on, when finding potential mates, so that you do not step into a quicksand!

Health : Suppressed emotions and resistance to change will cause anxiety or nervous exhaustion. Make sure that you exercise regularly, eat healthy meals, leaving ample space for restorative downtime!

Angel's Message : Take baby-steps as you grow, and be willing to learn from others.

Cosmo Tip : Keep an Orange Selenite crystal touchstone in the left pocket, to encourage creativity and originality

LEO : (23 July - 22 August)

Keywords : Moderation, Intuition & Transition

You will make strides that will help you close the year with a huge feather in your cap!

Career : Time to make power-moves on the career-front! With your creativity and intelligence, you will be winning new clients or getting an inspiring project off the ground, towards the end of the year. Go out there and grab the brass ring! Abandon outdated practices and clear the deck in order to start on a clean slate. For those in business, a pet project will speed up towards the later part of the year. Delegate tasks to experienced people. Get everything right behind the scenes, then you’ll be ready to soar!

Wealth : Financial sphere will demand extra attention this year! You will be strapped for cash as financial strain will start to show. Resist the convenience of credit cards! A great financial deal will help you earn profits and pay off pending debts towards the mid- year. Be alert about signing deals / contracts too quickly; Read between the lines and decode the signs of disagreement that are not being clearly expressed.

Home : Take special care to be patient, rather than battling with your siblings over trivial issues. A loved one will support you, to encourage positive developments on the home-front that will reinforce family bonds.

Love : This is an auspicious time to work out any tension around any touchy subject with your partner. Watch yourself closely, so that you do not get caught in a riptide of unhealthy emotions. Singles, be clear in your intentions and diligent in your efforts, as a special person could surface during this cycle

Health : The insecurity of not knowing what the future holds will play havoc with your health. You might experience periods of depression, stress and uncertainty. Refuse to become discouraged, and nurture a belief in your body’s ability to heal itself with proper care.

Angel's Message : "Dare to do things differently!"

Cosmo Tip : Wear an Apatite crystal bracelet, to re-awaken enthusiasm for a long term project.

VIRGO : (23 August - 22 September)

Keywords : Spontaneity, Harmony & Manifestation.

Career : On the professional-front, you will be tackling your tasks with competence and confidence. A transforming event will bring a new start showering you an autonomy that you did not have before. Believe in the benefit of change. Projects that you’ve been incubating might finally start to sprout in the second half of the year. Tackle them with efficiency and discipline. For the self-employed, back up your bold ideas with solid facts and figures, then throw in some attractive visuals to attract a lucrative outcome towards mid-year!

Wealth : Virgos will be able to finally breathe a sigh of relief on the financial-front. New sources of income will spring up. Tweak your budget, and balance your financial accounts! Someone’s lofty promises will amount to very little tangible output. Thoroughly check references and reviews, and not gloss over red flags!

Home: Surprising news will initiate a potential change of a situation or a house-move. Approach all changes cautiously. On the domestic-front, few cosmic curveballs will be headed your way! Drama and intensity could derail your efforts, if you’re not careful. Stay away from heated discussions!

Love : Commitment is in the air! Couples will iron out any kinks, and will renew their vows. Strong emotions could erupt, and upset the stable balance of a relationship. Dial up extra patience with your partner! Singles will have an opportunity to move out of isolation and go into the dating arena!

Health : A health issue might have forced you to re-structure your lifestyle, or change your eating and exercise habits. Your balance and vitality will be restored bringing a big energy surge. Strengthen your routine, by exercising every day and planning your meals ahead of time.

Angel's Message : "Be clear, decisive and bold with your requests to the universe!"

Cosmo Tip : Keep a Pyrite crystal sphere at your work-desk, to inspire leadership qualities.

LIBRA : (23 September – 23 October)

Keywords : Balance, Judgment & Tradition.

Career : A profound professional transformation will give you a powerful energy boost to help you reach your loftiest goals. A new career offer will arise towards second half of the year. Turn that laser focus on the position you want, and keep your eye on the prize. With your intellectual flair, you will be able to develop ideas that have been on the back burner towards the mid-year. For the Self –employed, lucrative new opportunities will push you to evolve your skills, or fine tune your business models, towards mid- year!.

Wealth : Hard-won lessons around long-term finances will push you to get serious about paying off debts and making conscious choices for saving and earning. A major clean-up of your financial arena will get you back into a productive zone. An old client or contact might surface with a fresh financial opportunity. Explore! Gains will roll in from the past investments and ease the pressure off your shoulders towards mid-year.

Home : Certain key relationships will encourage positive agreements and fair compromises. New actions and decisions will be required of you, to initiate progress on the domestic front. Give yourself and your loved ones a chance to absorb information and climb the inevitable learning curve.

Love : Old wounds will get triggered, and stir up conflicts that had been building under the rug. Spend qualitytime together to lift the stress from your relationship, and get past the sticking point. Singles need to spice up their style and attitude to attract, a long-term relationship in their life.

Health : Several emotional constraints will make you feel mentally and physically tired, take some time to rest and re-charge your batteries. You will be better equipped to cope and achieve physical well- being later in the year.

Angel's Message : "Spread your wings and soar, show the world your magic!"

Cosmo Tip : Keep a Yellow Fluorite crystal cluster at your-work place, to gain cooperation.

SCORPIO : (24 October - 21 November)

Keywords : Organization, Fairness & Rebirth

Career : You will take concrete actions on a solo project in the second half of the year, that will bring new levels of status and responsibility. At work, you will be overwhelmed and frustrated, as events will inch along, and people will be slow to act. By displaying your sparkling intelligence and competence you will be able to lead your projects to a successful conclusion. Business partnerships will get a boost towards mid –year. Try testing the waters with a short-term project.

Wealth : A financial transformation will help you put finishing touches to your projects. Whittling down debt, or navigating financial fluctuations will start to level off towards the later part of the year. Find ways to manage your funds, and investments more sensibly with a view to long term growth. A financial agreement might be manipulated and based on a lie. Be wary of false promises!

Home : An element of confusion will prevail on the domestic front forcing you to take firm decisions. Your loved ones will become a little too short-tempered and overbearing for you to handle. Hold a firm reins on the situation and avoid succumbing to the temptation of taking arbitrary decisions in relationships.

Love : Changes and innovations will create blocks in your key relationships. Getting down to the root cause will help you make lasting change. You might want to flee a relationship or an uncomfortable situation. For singles, get in touch with what you want in a partner and make a new vision board to enhance the manifesting!

Health : Strong inner resources and favorable circumstances will trigger a genuine revival on a physical and emotional level. Eliminate stress and any other potential damaging factors that will diminish your enthusiasm. Take action to detoxify your body

Angel's Message : Let go, magic happens when you surrender and flow.

Cosmo Tip : Wear an Aquamarine Crystal bracelet on your Left hand, to regain emotional balance.

SAGITTARIUS : (22 November - 21 December)

Keywords : Glory, Wisdom & Strength

Career : With a skillful blend of sensitivity, intuition and efficiency, you will be able to put your name in the ring for a promotion or plum project in the later part of the year. At work, the situation will be threatened by various hold-ups and contradictions. You will be full of big ideas towards mid-year. Those in business will find themselves at a standstill, and will be considering a new line of work or money making venture. Brainstorm for visionary ideas after mid-year, to bring concrete results to your new ventures!

Wealth : A calculated shift will turn you into a money magnet in this year. Cracks in your financial plans will get revealed, due to loss of a client or dip in the revenues. You will emerge on solid, solvent ground towards the mid–year, provided you learn the lessons well. Curb the tendency to gain a quick buck, and focus on amassing wealth in steady ways.

Home : A desire for excitement and spontaneity could be at odds with a need for stability on the domestic-front. A constructive and an intelligent approach will help you to make a brave change to stabilize the domestic situation. Powerful emotions might make you feel off-centered. Just be sure you have enough support around you!.

Love : Archers will be on the fence, regarding their relationship! Get to the heart of your hesitation and work through your trust issues. You will be the centre of attention and will be tempted to cross the line. Singles might meet someone through career pursuits, or industry networking event.

Health : The cosmos will cause a surge in powerful feelings. Avoid suppressing them. Doing so could bring on the desire to eat comfort foods and lead to over-indulgence! Be aware of what you are eating, and correct your irregular dietary and lifestyle habits.

Angel's Message : "Know that you deserve the best and get excited about the new possibilities!"

Cosmo Tip : Wear Garnet crystal bracelet on Left hand, to boost creative skills and have clear thinking.

CAPRICORN : (22 December – 19 January)

Keywords : Adaptation, Control & Faith

Career : Highly favorable circumstances will bring a new sparkle to your professional life. You will be engrossed in bringing a project to a conclusion, but something will be amiss. A real whirlwind of opportunities will spiral you upward, giving you freedom and autonomy in the 2nd half of the year! Self-employed will have plenty of room to maneuver and move forward with the ambitious projects, leading to promising opportunities abroad.

Wealth : Money matters will be in a state of delicate balance, but the prospects will slowly improve. Healthy and a well -organized financial base will put you in a solid position to achieve a strictly legal or a highly successful deal. An unexpected stroke of good fortune will allow you to clear up old debts and resolve long term financial problems in the 2nd half of the year.

Home : Circumstances beyond your control or some news will force you to face up to your responsibilities. Face up to the current family problems constructively and intelligently. Extreme measures will be needed, to bring about a review and restore order— Make timely moves and be open to sensible compromises!

Love : Uncertainty and false impression will complicate the affairs of the heart. Watch out for a flare-up of the “grass is greener” syndrome, which could tempt you to frolic in the wrong field. Make a special effort to see through the mist and gain some clarity. For Singles, True love awaits you, if you just get out of your own way!

Health : Burdens and responsibilities will leave you vulnerable to certain health problems and debilitating physical and mental fatigue. It will be wonderful time to begin taking seriously the health practices that you may have been participating in only half-way.

Angel's Message : "Stand in your power and trust that you are safe!"

Cosmo Tip : Keep a Labradorite crystal sphere on the work-desk, for focus and awaken new ideas.

AQUARIUS : (20 January - 18 February)

Keywords : New Perspective, Insight & Conviction

Career : New light shed on professional arena will help you impose your own structure and introduce improvements. An event that’s outside your sphere of influence will threaten a project close to your heart or even your job. Refrain from getting into an argument with your colleagues. An old contact from your past might make a well-timed return, or you might find a new income stream by picking up an old hobby during mid –year. For the self- employed, dive into a new marketable skill, to revive projects that are floundering.

Wealth : Positive financial situation will open doors for agreements that will expand your financial base. A financial problem that caused a lot of strain and aggravation will be resolved in a positive way.Lucky breaks regarding your finances will open up new horizons for fiscal expansionin the second half of the year. Watch out for the financial losses that will occur as a result of unwise choices. Curb the tendency to overspend!

Home : Fortunate events will bring revitalization and significant developments on the home-front. Someone from the family circle might disrupt your domestic harmony. Take wise action, or you will risk falling prey to jealousy and slander. You will make wide ranging decisions to restore domestic stability. Be secretive and keep your plans under wraps!

Love : Increased competition, tension and paranoia will create turbulence in your love-life. Monitor your emotions before you go on an attack mode. Chances are that you are blowing up a molehill. To make legit complaints, take the high road and initiate calm, loving dialogue, with your partner. For singles, be ready to tune in and get more lucid about what commitment means to you!

Health : You might feel run down and will have trouble sleeping due to many things on your mind. Achieve balance and take long walks in the Nature. You will benefit immensely by following a good health regime.

Angel's Message : "Live in the flow of cycles and you will experience the true magic of life!"

Cosmo Tip : Wear a Lepidolite crystal bracelet on your Left hand, to prioritize your tasks effectively.

PISCES : (19 February - 20March)

Keywords : Structure, Introspection & Willpower.

The tide will turn in a positive direction this year! Regeneration of mind will direct you towards new beginnings!

Career : It will be a slow and steady expansion, on the career-front. Revitalization of your professional situation in the mid – year will let you take cautious, but an effective action to reach your targets. Work matters will be unclear, so gear up by asking direct questions and getting all the details ironed out. An influential person will expand your network and help you raise your net worth. Those in business will get grounded and will successfully finish up a lingering project. Roll up your sleeves and plan to hustle!

Wealth : Organizing your budget and mapping out your finances would help you manage your money better. An unexpected burden will put your budget in some disarray.Take a second look at your finances, and check your Bank and Credit card statements carefully. Make sure that there is no leak that is draining your wallet or fraud that is impacting your credit. With your skills expertise, you will be able to channel your resources more efficiently and create solid long term foundation in the 2nd half of the year.

Home : On the home-front, you might receive news that changes everything on a dime.Try not to react to any such disruptions. Stay calm and get all the facts right! Avoid pushing for result and scrutinize situations before moving to a new location. Others will have the upper hand, so avoid making waves or force confrontation!

Love : Relationships will get a wake-up call! Pull your head out of the sand and have a fresh look around.Discuss a subject you have been hesitant to broach. Listen as much as you share, and you will be able to deepen your connection. Singles might meet someone, while traveling or working outside of your comfort-zone!

Health :You will be tempted to stray from your healthy diet, or skip the exercise that is so vital to your wellbeing. Healthy determination will help to put routines in place to ensure that you are looking and feeling your best.

Angel's Message : "Step into your leadership shoes, to inspire and empower others!"

Cosmo Tip : Wear a Petrified wood Crystal bracelet on your Left hand, to begin in a new direction

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