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Tarot Card Reading 2022

By Divya Khanna

Guidance for Sun Signs

Card ReadingIn 2022, the stars offer a wider canvas to build your dreams into tangible success! Learn how to harness this new energy all year through with Tarotscope 2022.

ARIES (21 March - 19 April)

Keywords : Commitment, Achievement & New possibilities

Trust that there is order in chaos, and that you are being aligned with your soul purpose!.

Career : Go ahead and step into the spotlight! It is time to get strategic. A project will require you to power up your efficiency, and be proactive, set aside your pride and ask for help.A cutting-edge opportunity in the 2nd quarter of 2022 will supercharge your ambitions and land you a leadership role. Group dynamics might get dicey at work. Connect with the team before getting down to business!An entrepreneurial venture might get thwarted,forcing you to go scale back to a more realistic rollout. Streamline your plans, and make sure that they are rock-solid.

Wealth : Push a reset button on your finances! Financial crossroads will call for sound and savvy budgeting. A money-making idea could be hiding in plain sight. Approach it from a new angle! A financial boost in the form of a raise, new and improved streams of income will contribute to your financial security in the 2nd half of the year. Splurge with care and caution!.

Home : Pick your battles wisely! A family member or a household situation could disrupt your plans, with an unexpected curve-ball. The more flexible you can be, the better you will adjust. If you’re considering a house move, check out a couple of places to see which neighborhood might fit the bill. Investigate your options!.

Love : Balance is the key! A key connection might feel off-kilter, forcing you to make mature romantic choices. You might be making too many sacrifices for your partner, or forestalling your own dreams.Setting appropriate boundaries and articulating your needs clearly will heal long-buried resentments! Singles!, widen those search parameters to give unlikely types a shot at your heart.

Health : Prioritize your health! You will feel anxious, tense or easily irritated and subject to muscle aches, neck or physical discomfort.Take time to relax and re-charge your batteries surrounded by trees, sunshine and Blue skies.

Angel's Message : "Seize opportunities courageously"

Cosmo Tip : Carry 2 Yellow Fluorite crystal tumbles in your Left pocket for insight and clarity.

TAURUS : (20 April – 20 May)

Keywords : Productivity, Action & Determination

A year to tap into your inner warrior and follow your true passion!

Career : At work, random moves regarding a project will scatter your energy, and diffuse your power.An out-of-the-box career opportunity, with high profit potential, will land on your desk in the 3rd quarter of 2022. Prioritize and play your cards right!At workplace you might get lured in drama by the gossip mill. Stay out of the controversy. For those in business a valuable networking will bring in prosperous opportunities to boost your status A little tweak to your branding will turn heads and attract valuable clients!

Wealth : Problems arising from unexpected difference of opinion will force you to change your financial course. Get all the details and read the fine print before investing, as hidden costs or conditions might miss your eye at first glance. An unexpected stroke of good fortune in the 2nd half of the year will light up a new financial pathway, to help you clear old debts, and re-float your finances.

Home : Weighty issues around home, family or emotions could crop up, and it will be up to you to set firm boundaries. A stubborn behaviour might get you into a sticky situation with your loved ones.Try to go with the flow as best as you can.

Love: Approach with integrity! In the matters of the heart, you will be vacillating between cutting ties or work through a difficult dynamic relationship. Instead of locking yourself into a stubborn mindset, work through unresolved blocks with deep diving conversations! Singles should review all prospects with a more discerning eye.

Health : A nagging psychological or an emotional issue has been affecting your physical health. Improved mental outlook will put you back on the path to wellness and vitality. Make sure to book doctor appointments promptly, to ensure metabolism, blood pressure and sugar levels are in perfect balance!

Angel's Message : "You have the power to achieve all that you desire, let go of doubt & limitation"

Cosmo Tip : Carry a piece of Ruby crystal, to garner support and help for your endeavors.

GEMINI : (21 May – 21 June)

Keywords : Choice, Changes & Organization

Patience and open-mindedness will help you triumph over many challenges. Make your choices wisely!

Career : Stay ahead of the game!! A project will get scrambled and stalled. Scale back and correct course, before charging ahead with big plans. Towards the mid- year an unexpected discovery or idea will bring great value to your professional arena. Stay sharp and ahead of the curve! Conflicting visions of the long term goals might prompt you to force an agenda with a key collaborator. Use your verbal charm to combine your skills and strategic powers. For the self- employed, opportunities will come from random corners of the globe. Staying open and widening your viewfinder will be a major game-changer.

Wealth : Inspect and invest! Reconcile your budget and check those figures with a fine tooth comb. You may unearth some important intel that will lead you to money you forgot about. Financial floodgates will open up in 2nd half of the year, as you may be offered a financial opportunity that will yield hefty returns or be invited into a joint initiative. Take the leap!

Home : Take it slow! Old family patterns and baggage will surface, making it a productive time to process the past and untangle those knots. Connect the dots and address household conflicts at the root, to ensure healthy level of bonding.

Love : Tweak your give and take ratio! Competitive vibes will pull simmering tensions to the surface, and threaten to capsize your love-boat. Dominating the relationship will alienate your partner. Engaging in meaningful dialogues rather than simply holding court will smooth out the way. Singles might meet someone out of the blue who has real-deal potential. Be upfront about your intentions.

Health : Time to get your health back in order! Nagging health problems will demand research. Come up with a lifestyle plan that suits you. Focus on loading up on nutrition, to maintain the long haul, and avoid quick-fixes or fad foods!

Angel's Message : "Live joyfully in the present"

Cosmo Tip : Keep a Yellow Calcite crystal sphere on your work-desk, to increase your efficiency.

CANCER : (22 June - 22 July)

Keywords : Wisdom, Adaptability & Knowledge

This year your optimism will bring a major shift. Communicate with clarity and set certain boundaries!

Career : A major project that had been taking valuable space at the back of your mind will take flight. An ambitious window with lofty outcome will open up in the 2nd half of the year. Be sure to prioritize on what’s most important. Someone will make attempts to undermine you and cause friction at work. Be careful who you trust with sensitive professional information. For self –employed, a promising opportunity through your contacts will roll in.

Wealth : Tensions will surround your finances, making you nervous about your financial security. You might discover that someone might be putting a drain on your resources. Find it, and nip that in the bud! A brilliant financial opportunity will line your pocket with more cash towards the second half of the year. Be careful not to spend it on a whim!

Home : Tricky conditions will create family power struggles! Be careful not to ruffle feathers with wrong words. Listen to each other without judgment, and focus on a common vision. A relative might prey on your generosity and test your limits. Be more vocal about your boundaries.

Love : On the love-front, you could be tempted to the play life coach with your love interest or partner. Be careful that you don’t fall into the trap of trying to fix your partner. Singles! keep things light and hold off on fervent soul-mate searches.

Health : A little time-out will get you back on track! Get ready to rest and re-charge your batteries. Harbouring on old grievances and dwelling on past disappointments will make you feel run down or sick. Taking a small vacation will bring a sense of peace and wellbeing.

Angel's Message : "Wonderful discoveries await you; open your mind to new ideas!"

Cosmo Tip : Wear an Aquamarine crystal bracelet, to protect you from manipulations.

LEO : (23 July - 22 August)

Keywords : Willpower, Conviction & Vision

A year to realize your big vision! Charge forward with courage and confidence!

Career : The stars will place you in a special boom cycle, that will take your ambitious goals to new heights this year. The discipline you use now will pay dividends later. Speeding through your work to reach the career milestone, will result in critical mistakes. Move at a mindful pace! A glowing sunbeam in your career sector will get you noticed by a powerful influencer. Put your blinkers on and focus on the finishing line. For the self - employed, a business opportunity will give you a much-needed boost.

Wealth : Instead of paying off your debts and loans in one swoop, be smart and shave off your liabilities in smaller portions. Towards the mid- year, you will be guided to a better solution or a new idea to grow your bank balance. Consulting an expert will be a smart step in the right direction!

Home : Take control! A perceptive attitude will help you encourage a vital change on the home front. Someone in your family might be lying or misinterpreting facts. Gather detailed facts, before making an important decision.

Love : Expect a relationship revolution! A push-pull dynamic between you and your partner will come to a head. Find a compromise and work as a team to rekindle your shared values. Wearing rose tinted glasses will tempt you to cross the lines. Beware of toxic entanglements as there will be a point of no return! Singles, might meet someone, who will sweep them off their feet, when they least expect it.

Health : Listen to the wisdom of your body! You will plunge ahead, despite your health problems, and find exactly what you need to recover. Getting rid of outdated eating and lifestyle habits will help you to restore your natural wellbeing.

Angel's Message : "Choose courage and confidence in every situation"

Cosmo Tip : Choose courage and confidence in every situation.

VIRGO : (23 August - 22 September)

Keywords : New Beginnings, Decisions & Success

Expect new and exciting opportunities that challenge you to grow differently. Allow your inner compass to guide you!

Career : Signing off a lucrative deal in the 2nd quarter of the year will catapult you forward. Do not be afraid to self-promote or throw your hat into the ring for a promotion! Someone at work might test your patience by challenging your ideas on the work front Tact and diplomacy will get everyone on the same page! For the self- employed, strategic networking will help you dart ahead of the competition and bring a huge win.

Wealth : Money flow will be streaming in, but get smarter about saving and be prepared for any inevitable expenses that might pop up. A minor drama could erupt around finances, as certain people may avoid paying money that is owed to you. Instead of firing off heated accusations, a gentle reminder will do the trick. A new opportunity or financial news will help you out of a tight spot.

Home: Time to balance your bonds! A change in your daily routine will help you set the wheels in motion and accommodate long term plans. Those looking for a new home, read the fine print, and do not believe every word your real estate agent says.

Love : Smoothen over the rough edges and get to the root of any recurring breakdowns. Lean into sweetness and diplomacy when you discuss! Singles! getting into some good mingling settings will help you attract the right one!

Health : Slip off the grid to rejuvenate! You have been burning multiple candles at both ends, and it is time for a nurturing escape.Make self-care a priority, by eating sensibly and getting enough sleep. Watch out for minor mishaps around your home, as you would be accidental-prone.

Angel's Message : "Stand in your power and look beyond limitations"

Cosmo Tip : Stand in your power and look beyond limitations.

LIBRA : (23 September – 23 October)

Keywords : Learning,Possibilities & Insight

Trust that the Universe is supporting your vision, and helping you manifest your wildest dreams. Step into your personal power!

Career : It’s time to prioritize, and build! ! Multiple projects on the work front will pull you in opposite directions, making you skimp on the quality. Make sure that you have the right team in place, who adds velocity to your dreams. A complicated situation at work might throw a wrench in your best laid plans. Re-wiring a few dynamics will fix the situation. A passion project will resume in the 2nd half of the year, opening bigger opportunities for you. For the self-employed, it’s a great time to polish and refine your professional image, to create a personal niche in the market!

Wealth : Various financial options will make you feel muddled and confused. Get clear on monetary goals, and get the ball rolling in the right direction. Be patient, but firm in financial dealings with people, who owe you money. Finances will improve significantly in the 2nd half of the year, helping you to set long term plans in place.

Home : Someone in your family will have tensions related to finances or a partnership. Lend your support but think twice, before opening your wallet. You might reconnect with an estranged relative or a childhood friend. Try to find your little patch of peace!

Love : The foundations of your love life might get shaken causing you to question your relationship. Digging in your heels and try to force your partner to do something your way will create more chaos. Before you react get the facts right. Singles might meet someone, through mutual friends, or while out of the town.

Health : Breathe in good health! Blocked emotions will cause you to feel tense and out of sorts and will create illness in your body. Breathing exercises will help you be calm and regain your mental balance.

Angel's Message : "Visualize your goal being achieved with love, happiness & joy"

Cosmo Tip : Visualize your goal being achieved with love, happiness & joy.

SCORPIO : (24 October - 21 November)

Keywords : Hope, Growth & Good Fortune

Striking a balance will help you move closer to your destination! Be assertive and ask for what you want!

Career : On the work-front, you will be required to step up onto an important task. A new career direction or an option to expand an existing role will open up in the 2nd quarter of 2022. Broaden your skill-sets, and step outside your comfort zone! A co-worker might try to undermine your efforts on the work-front. Before flinging accusations, make sure that you have got your facts straight. For the self-employed, innovative and creative projects will get propelled in the right direction. Re-brand your products, and give it a polished new edge to your new launch.

Wealth : Practise sensible spending, and you will re-balance your books sooner than you think. An investment that seems too good to be true will drain your pocket. Act with caution! A new project will spell a fortunate increase in your income in in the last quarter of the year helping you expand your financial base.

Home : There will be many things to accomplish on the home front and you will be under a lot of pressure to rise above the events. Graciously but firmly bow out of a few obligations to preserve your peace of mind. Unexpected news might lead to a sudden trip. Be ready to move quickly!

Love : Couples would either commit to make things work or call it quits. Let go of the relationship that is not serving you in a graceful manner before you move forward. Communicate your needs without getting defensive to restore harmony. For singles, the opportunity to build something long-term may be on the cards. Take time to get to know the person, before committing.

Health : Take time to nurture yourself! Suppressed emotions and resistance to change will cause emotional and mental imbalances. Taking ample rest and getting rid of people who zap your energy will do wonders!

Angel's Message : "Persevere & find new ways of solving problems"

Cosmo Tip : Wear a Rainbow Fluorite crystal pendant, to focus on complex projects.

SAGITTARIUS : (22 November - 21 December)

Keywords : Patience, Harmony & Inner Guidance

This year, a shift in your vibration will be helping you attract all kinds of opportunities, that help you level up.

Career : A shiny distraction at work will lure you off-track and into someone else’s orbit! A boss, team leader or a colleague will become a valuable asset in your climb up to the ladder of success. Leveling up your skill-set will help you score professional brownie points. Your novel ideas could attract a promising project towards the mid-year. Clear a few lingering items off your to-do list before embarking on a new project. Self-employed, will bag an offer of collaboration or sign a stellar deal.

Wealth : Investigate what is stunting your money tree’s growth and get rid of it. In the 3rd quarter of 2022, cosmos will light up a new financial pathway providing you with the opportunity to grow your savings. Move ahead with a conservative investment or a financial option.

Home : Relationships with siblings might hit a snag. Broach every topic with care! Someone in the family would be experiencing problems, in moving to a new home or locale. Do not try to force issues, but wait for things to change.

Love : On the relationship-front, you might be forced to refresh your expectations and re-define your boundaries. Reflect on what is not working and eliminate anything that undermines your relationship. For certain couples, relationship will take a serious turn and talks will turn to meeting each other’s families or moving in together! For singles, sparks might fly with a co-worker or someone you meet at an industry event.

Health : Take responsibility for your own health!Unchecked stress will weaken your immune system and cause previous health problems to resurface. Bolster your well-being with vitamins and supplements, and pay special attention to gut health and the digestive system.

Angel's Message : "Stay positive & grounded as something good is coming your way"

Cosmo Tip : Carry a Labradorite crystal, to channel your ideas into reality.

CAPRICORN : (22 December – 19 January)

Keywords : Focus, Balance & Illusions

Seeds you planted a long time ago are moving closer to harvest! You are about to create magic!

Career : An influential person might become a catalyst in turning your big ideas into something tangible, towards the last quarter of 2022. Shatter records, and break through barriers with your sharp focus! Tensions and misunderstandings might spike with coworkers over the progress of a project. Self-employed will be making progress on a cherished creative project. Think outside the box, to make a greater impact!

Wealth : A lucrative and sparkling investment could be a mirage. Be careful where you place your money and trust. In the 2nd half of the year, with some groundbreaking investments, you will be able to refloat your finances. Siphon off a chunk of your income to your savings account or investment portfolio.

Home : On the home-front, you would be obsessively working away on an all-consuming project or processing your deepest emotions. Bring some balance back, by turning your attention to your family. A journey or the arrival of someone within your family-circle will strengthen the foundations of your domestic situation.

Love : Remain calm and composed, when you discuss triggering topics. With combative cosmic beams, hot arguments among the couples over trivial issues will leave them stressed. Let the tension motivate you to get your finances in order. Singles! snap yourself out of tunnel vision; see all the amorous options and adventures that wait for you!.

Health : Pace yourself! A couple of health or medical issues will plague you and the recovery process will not be as quick as you had hoped for. By avoiding self -indulgence and quick fix solutions you will be able to get back on your Wellness wagon.

Angel's Message : "Set your doubts aside and share your talents with the world"

Cosmo Tip : Wear a Sunstone bracelet on Left hand, to attract opportunities for leadership position.

AQUARIUS : (20 January - 18 February)

Keywords : Regeneration,Victory & Freedom

A perfect time to take that first step in the right direction! Trust the rhythm and the flow of the Universe!

Career : Cast a wider net! Craving for a new professional path might make you leave your current professional path for a new and a fulfilling one. Refresh and circulate your resume! Work will get demanding as numerous complex projects on your plate will demand your attention. Align with key players, or tap a mentor, who can advise you on how to save valuable time and energy. Prosperous beams in the 2nd half of the year will bring in new prospects beyond your imagination. Sharpen your skills and move ahead! For those in business, a project might get blocked by a few obstacles or resistant people who would undermine your efforts. Revamp your projects to get back into the game!

Wealth : Time to anchor your finances! Shaky elements in your financial foundation will force you to create positive habits. Put finances in order, or hire a financial expert to turn your starry-eyed plans into reality. A lucrative opportunity in the last quarter of the year will jack up your earning potential and reboot your budget. Write a sizeable cheque to whittle away your debts or old taxes!

Home : Share the load! A bustling hub of activity on the home front will add excitement and stress to your nest in equal measures. Open up dialogues with your inner circle. If you’re always the one in charge, dial down and allow others to take the helm!

Love : Watch out for challenging fireworks! A love relationship will go through intense cycles bringing old fears or trust issues to the surface. Before you react to those raw emotions, look inward at what is really driving up your fears or resistance. Singles! a love interest could emerge from your pack; so be open-minded about people you never thought about “that way.” .

Angel's Message : "Let yourself sparkle & shine"

Cosmo Tip : Carry a Carnelian crystal tumble, for courage and confidence to set big projects in motion.

PISCES : (19 February - 20March)

Keywords : Harmony, Contemplation & Victory

Slow your overactive mind, and de-clutter conflicting thoughts and ideas. Rise above chaos to gain perspective!

Career : Assess your goals and scale back to something more manageable! Simmering conflict or tensions with a colleague or a client might open some potholes on your road to success. Proceed delicately and slowly! One of your creative projects will attract accolades, drawing in powerful allies in the last quarter of the year. Entrepreneurs will get a stellar opportunity to ink a deal or team up with a collaborator for a bigger win.

Wealth : Prioritize your investments, and devote your time to the ones that will build a sense of security. An energetic financial boost in the mid -year will help you to move the needle on the stalled investments.

Home : Heal all grudges! Old fears and anxiety, may create blocks in key relationships. Process the past and untangle those knots! An opportunity to heal feuds with a loved one, will help you to evolve to new levels of maturity. Letting go of the past will transform old rivalries into a renewed bond.

Love : You will have a wonderful chance to step out of any stressful conversations and just enjoy each other’s company and reboot your connection. For singles, sparks promising encounters loom on the horizon. An attraction to someone of a different culture or a background could spark up.

Health :Guard against self- destructive activities, that could ruin your health and undermine your wellbeing. A chronic or a nagging health problem will finally be properly diagnosed and treated. Slip off the radar and replenish your mental and emotional tanks!

Angel's Message : "Stay motivated & be aware of your own divine splendor"

Cosmo Tip : Keep a Citrine cluster at the work-desk, to instill confidence and promote harmony at work!

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