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Tarot Card Reading 2023

By Divya Khanna

Guidance for Sun Signs

Card ReadingWave goodbye to 2022, as the Cheery New Year 2023 energy is waiting for you! Read on the Tarotscope 2023 for a peek, as how each Sun Sign can make the best of the 2023 year’s magical energy! .

ARIES (21 March - 19 April)

Keywords : Beginnings, Strength & Control

It is the year to release anything that does not serve you. Make room for bigger, brighter and more aligned things!

Career : Set your sights on those lofty goals! The stars will place you in a special boom cycle that will help you take your ambitious goals to new heights. Get organized and streamlined, as a stealthy competitor might keep close-tabs on your moves. Keep your guard up, and your cards close to your chest! Brand-new opportunities to re-invent yourself or pivot to a new path will arrive in the 2nd quarter of the year. The self- employed should try to break an ambitious plan into smaller, achievable tasks, and you’ll be surprised at the innovative solutions you discover.

Wealth : A shake-up to your financial routines will encourage you to prioritize your finances and aim for new investments. Someone may dangle a proposal that sounds too good to be true. Be careful, as there might be more than meets the eye! A much-needed cash flow from royalties or unexpected sales on old projects in the 2nd half of year will help you clear old debts and re-float your finances.

Home : Time to build bridges and mend fences! Some tough choices on the home-front will bring challenges to your personal life. Untangle any dicey dynamics, and get down to the root cause, to a make lasting change. If you’ve been considering a move or a change in your living situation, you will be able to catalyze your plans this year.

Love : Desire for control and independence will create a hiccup in your close relationships. Approach the topic with integrity, but make sure that you are not stepping on your partner’s toes. Singles might meet someone from the professional realm, who would inspire & attract you. Make sure that you both share the same vision, before you commit!

Health : Time to renew and regenerate! Stress curveballs will play havoc with your health causing a previous health problem to re-surface. Slip off the radar, and replenish your mental and emotional tanks!

Angel's Message : "Reclaim your power"

Cosmo Tip : Keep a Labradorite Crystal Sphere in your work-place to bring-out the best in you.

TAURUS : (20 April – 20 May)

Keywords : Good Luck, Manifestation & Justice

This year, a shift in your vibration will help you attract all kinds of opportunities that help you level up!

Career : Your best-laid ideas might not hit the Bull’s-eye. The slightest criticism could set you off on the work-front. Take a step back and objectively assess the situation. You could move up to a management or a leadership position, or pivot into a new job that really challenges you to grow. For self- employed, an entrepreneurial venture could come together, or you may decide to finally take a leap of faith around your dreams. Put your best foot forward!

Wealth : Stressful money fluctuations will fuel a sense of panic. Turn for an expert help, to prune out investments that have not clicked! The urge to splurge on extravagant luxuries will be stronger this year. New business and financial opportunities will charge in your life, towards the 3rd quarter, that will yield hefty returns. Make sure there are no strings attached!

Home : Balance is the key! A push-pull dynamic between you and a parent will escalate the household drama. Release the need to control, and work on a compromise. You could be inspired to re-decorate, or hunt for a new address. Invite a loved one with excellent taste to join for a second opinion, before you blow the pay-cheque on a tempting offer.

Love: Iron out the kinks! Confusions or suppressed grievances in the relationship might tempt you to harbour a clandestine attraction.For singles, an attraction to a person could cause you to overlook the Red flags. Conduct your due diligence!

Health : Stress levels will rise, and you could risk a multi-tasking meltdown, if you take on too much. Bolster your well-being with vitamins and supplements, and pay special attention to your gut health and the digestive system.

Angel's Message : "Take the leap of faith and move forward with confidence"

Cosmo Tip : Wear or carry Aquamarine crystal, to diminish delays and obstacles in your life.

GEMINI : (21 May – 21 June)

Keywords : Surrender, Rebirth & Choices

Hit reset, wipe the slate clean and work hard on making your dreams a reality!

Career : Your professional life will go through a re-invention, shifting your ambitions and goals. Conflicts at work will threaten to derail the ongoing project. Steer your squad back, & move the talks in a constructive direction. A professional upgrade in the form of a promotion or a new job will arrive in the 2nd half of the year. Take advantage of this stellar opportunity, than hoping for a better alternative to land in your lap. For entrepreneurs, a business idea or a project might get delayed, due to unexpected challenges. Use the extra time, to perfect your vision!

Wealth : A hole in your financial bucket will empower you to make an impressive financial improvement. Seek an expert advice, to wipe your slate clean, and grow your money tree. An income opportunity will materialize in the 2nd half of the year, that will skyrocket your financial axis to the next level. Keep the terms of financial negotiations clear, before getting started.

Home : Restore harmony! This year will shake up your closest relationships, spotlighting the cracks and the areas that need improvement. Address a problem or a misunderstanding as soon as it arises, rather than sweeping it under the rug. Renovations on the home-front will get slowed down, causing frustrations. Review your visions to make sure that your plans are still in alignment with what you hope to achieve.

Love : It is make or break time! Dissatisfaction or trust issues will spell trouble in your relationship. Repairing shaky ties with the help of an expert, will metabolize the situation! Some couples will step up the commitment, and welcome a new chapter, by walking down the aisle. Singles might meet someone out of the Blue, who has real-deal potential.

Health : An insight into a health issue will make you prioritize your health, and quit a detrimental health habit. Go easy on yourself, or you will risk a burn-out. Re-connect with your body, and rejuvenate by connecting with trees, sunshine and fresh air.

Angel's Message : "Simplify & de-clutter your life from all that old stuff"

Cosmo Tip : Wear or carry Moss Agate crystal, to attract prosperity in your life.

CANCER : (22 June - 22 July)

Keywords : Balance, harmony & Destiny

Striking a balance will help you move closer to your destination. Be assertive and ask for what you want!

Career : Sharpen your focus! An ambitious streak will super-charge you, into making some of your biggest career leaps. Be crystal clear with your goals. Discussions with key critical or authoritative people might lead to a tense dialogue. Listen to the feedback, without taking it as a personal attack! Prosperous beams in the 2nd half of the year will bring in new prospects, beyond your imagination. Sharpen your skills and move ahead. Self-employed will be making progress on a cherished creative project. Think outside the box, to make a greater impact.

Wealth : It’s time to get serious! A financial snag will alert you to a crucial financial detail, that was missed earlier. Examine your bank and credit card statements with fine tooth comb. There might be money, hiding in plain sight. Tighten your purse strings, and avoid splurging on an expensive indulgence, till the financial axis is stable. With a stroke of luck, a lucrative deal will line your pocket with extra cash in the 2nd half of the year.

Home : Take control! A family tug of war will question your loyalties, leaving you vulnerable. Take stock of your connections, and make sure that you’re not locked into any tricky emotional dynamics. Listen to each other, without judgment, and focus on a common vision.

Love : Seek a common ground! Strong feelings, ranging from jealousy to fear of abandonment, will make you feel vulnerable. Make sure that you are not provoking your partner to get their attention or see if they care. If you have a legitimate fear, bring it up calmly! Singles could feel the cosmic click with someone from a different background, making the attraction much more exciting.

Health : Breathe in good health! Blocked emotions will cause you to feel tense and out of sorts, and will create illness in your body. Breathing exercises will help you to be calm, and regain your mental balance.

Angel's Message : "Embrace the energy of peace and compassion to warm your heart"

Cosmo Tip : Keep a Jade sphere in your work-place, to attract new business or clients.

LEO : (23 July - 22 August)

Keywords : Moderation, Success & Hope

Trust that the Universe is supporting your vision, and helping you manifest your wildest dreams. Step into your personal power!

Career : Ready, set, innovate! Blazing through your work tasks and cutting corners will result in errors and sloppy work. Make your plans rock-solid instead overly ambitious. A project or an idea could get delayed, by some inevitable setbacks. Use the extra time to perfect your vision. A professional target will smash all roadblocks and will hit the Bull’s eye in the 2nd half of the year. Play your cards right! For self-employed, powerful networking or a savvy partner will help catapult an artistic project to go global. Tighten up your game and get ready to strike.

Wealth : Pause for a reality check! A tense financial situation will add friction to your finances. Get a clear-eyed perspective on your fiscal fitness. New ideas for making money and investments will arrive in the 2nd half of the year. Make sure to review the fine print and get it checked by expert advisors, before signing on the dotted line as key information may be hidden.

Home : Friction bygone! Ripples of contention will disrupt your domestic relationships, especially with your mother or a female relative. Clear the air with an honest conversation. If you are considering a move, take your time, before signing leases, mortgages or any other binding paperwork.

Love : Relationship review time! Issues of trust and old fears will surface, forcing you to take a hard look at your relationship. Work through Maturely an unresolved block around jealousy or control. A brief hiatus will do you good to find a middle ground. Singles might meet someone out of their normal orbit. Keep an open mind, or you are likely to miss it!

Health : Take stock of your beliefs! The nagging health problems that you experience stem from emotional or mental blocks. Once you change your mental outlook, your health will improve significantly.

Angel's Message : "Pay attention to the smallest details"

Cosmo Tip : Carry a piece of Ruby crystal, to garner support and help for your endeavors.

VIRGO : (23 August - 22 September)

Keywords : Courage, Abundance & Karma

Seeds you planted a long time ago are moving closer to harvest! You are about to create magic!

Career : With a huge work pile and more than a few deadlines approaching, you will find it hard to focus. Disruptive co-workers and difficult clients will cause breakdowns at work. Make an extra effort to listen, rather than bulldozing over their objections. Your novel ideas could attract a promising project towards the mid-year. Clear a few lingering items off your to-do list, before embarking on a new project. Self-employed will adopt an ultra-competitive streak to re-float a business idea.

Wealth : You might pitch in to make a big investment, or build your financial portfolio. A stream of revenue or an investment will bring in some real dividends in the last quarter of the year. Make sure that you save surplus for the rainy day.

Home: Home and family matters will jump to the top of the pile, prompting you to make important household changes. Revamp your routines, and set plans in motion. A resentful relative might mis-interpret facts, and drag you in the line of fire. Handle the situation with poise.

Love : Emotions ablaze! You might be forced to address something that’s been bugging you. Digging up the past and playing the blame-game will only re-open old wounds. Singles might feel torn, and vacillate in the search for a partner.

Health : Slip off the grid to rejuvenate ! There could be a temptation to aim high, and perhaps take on more than you can reasonably manage. Remember that stress in your mind will manifest as tensions in your body. Take time to nurture yourself.

Angel's Message : "Know your worth, and be your best self"

Cosmo Tip : Wear or carry a Red Jasper crystal, to see your projects to fruition.

LIBRA : (23 September – 23 October)

Keywords : Completion, Action & Authority

A perfect time to take that first step in the right direction! Trust the rhythm and the flow of the Universe!

Career : Take a wide-angle view! With an overambitious drive, you might inflate a project to a much grander and flashier scale. Be cautious about promising more than you can deliver. Simmering tensions with a colleague or client, will create dicey dynamics at work. Proceed with caution! An opportunity for a new job or a leadership role will unfold in the 2nd half of the year. Reach out to a mentor, and map out a trajectory. For self -employed, hidden details might emerge that could change the course of your projects. Focus on gathering more information, and investigate key players, before you rush to implement.

Wealth : Time to anchor your finances! Uncomfortable situations like debt and taxes will become a sore spot on the money-front. Capitalizing your savings will ease the pain of immediate financial requirements. New lucrative opportunities during the mid -year will help you emerge on solid and solvent ground. Learn the lessons, and keep a contingency plan handy.

Home : Watch out for challenging fireworks! Your plans on the domestic-front might get thwarted or riddled with annoying curveballs. Let the dust settle, before making any huge leaps. Relationship with siblings might ruffle some feathers. Pick your battles selectively, as arguments will only fan the flames.

Love : Shift your lens! On the relationship-front, you might be forced to refresh your expectations and redefine your boundaries. Reflect on what is not working, and eliminate anything that undermines your relationship. Singles, getting into some good mingling settings, will help you attract the right one.

Health : Time to prioritize your health! Health worries will start to melt away, by making a few sensible alterations to your life. The stars will help navigate a nagging health issue to be properly diagnosed and treated. Make sure to schedule timely medical check –ups.

Angel's Message : "Be Open to new possibilities, and you will find other options will beginning to appear"

Cosmo Tip : Carry a Dalmatian Jasper crystal, to attract trustworthy and reliable people.

SCORPIO : (24 October - 21 November)

Keywords : Wisdom, Power & Inner Guidance

This is a beautiful time to manifest; so radiate the energy you’re trying to attract. The sky is truly the limit!

Career : Ambition Time! You might find yourself accepting spontaneous job opportunities or embark on a very unique career path. Harness your skillset in a new and exciting ways. An innovative way will help you to monetize your brilliant concepts and turn it into something tangible. Double down on your efforts, and fixate with a laser-like focus to manifest your goals. For entrepreneurs, a stalled collaboration will pick up speed, when powerful allies will open new doors. Roll up your sleeves and plan to hustle.

Wealth : Look before you leap! Finances and overall security will be top priority this year. Being at a financial crossroad might tempt you to rush a decision. Take time to decipher all facts and figures, before moving forward. New revenue streams and investment opportunities will flow in the 2nd half of the year, which will encourage you to pay off longstanding debts. Curb any ferocious spending on your wish-list, till your coffers refill.

Home : Heal all grudges! Family commitments will test you causing stress. ruffling feathers with family members or causing some household snafus. A clever coping strategy will save your sanity. You will reconnect with a long-lost relative or friend, who fell off your radar. Organize some soulful re-unions!

Love : Set some love goals and some boundaries! Unexpressed resentments might provoke vexing quarrels with your partner. Slow down and listen to your partner, before you jump to conclusions. An ex-partner might make a re-appearance, giving you the chance to find closure and move forward. Singles need to snap out of their tunnel vision, to see all the amorous options and adventures that wait for them.

Health : Take responsibility for your own health! A health condition might need medical attention. Get a second opinion, before agreeing to any kind of surgical intervention. Watch out for minor mishaps, as you might become clumsy and accidental prone!

Angel's Message : "Trust in the divine detours"

Cosmo Tip : Carry 2 Yellow Fluorite crystal tumbles in your Left pocket, for insight and clarity.

SAGITTARIUS : (22 November - 21 December)

Keywords : Determination, Intuition & Faith

Let go of stale outdated perspectives, and see the world as your oyster. Strive to think outside the box!

Career : Stay focused on top ambitions! After a brief hiatus, your career will gain momentum, compelling you to over achieve. Do not let perfectionist tendencies distract you. Someone might steamroll your ideas, amplifying tensions at the work-place. Reach out to a trusted third party for support. Plum opportunities will super-charge your ambitions in the 2nd half of the year. Keep your eyes open, and ears perked up, to grab the opportunity. For self -employed, collaborations will jolt your high-flying aspiration or project with great energy. Step up and create the perfect synergy.

Wealth : Money will be on your mind! A shake up in your financial sector will pressurize you to uncover ideas for raising cash quickly. Avoid rushing into a decision, and turn for an expert guidance. A financial opportunity or long held-up money will help you manifest stability in the 2nd half of the year. Keep your radar up.

Home : Time to set better boundaries! A loved one will lean heavily and exclusively on you, making you get sucked into a saviour mode. Break the co-dependent dynamics, by encouraging this person to be more self-sufficient and take the helm.

Love : A make it or break it moment! Hidden truths or secrets might get revealed, making your love-life go off the rails. Hit pause, and seek out evidence, before leaping to any conclusions. Solid unions will ratchet up to the next level, by either meeting each other’s families or getting engaged. Singles! You might meet someone, while travelling or through work-related events and will click instantly.

Health : Turn the lens back on yourself! Ignoring a health matter or missing on your checkups will make you extra sensitive to stress and germs. Stay on top of your vitals, and get a professional opinion, rather than self-diagnosing.

Angel's Message : "Dream it and be it.. Dare to dream big"

Cosmo Tip : Keep a Yellow Calcite crystal sphere on your work-desk, to increase your efficiency.

CAPRICORN : (22 December – 19 January)

Keywords : New perspective, Life Cycle & Patience

You will be on the brink of a major transformation; so stay tuned for what the universe brings you next!

Career : Prioritize career stability! A sudden shift in the professional sphere will reveal cracks in a flawless project. Scan and review, as you might have overlooked an important information. Competitive vibes might mushroom into a debate or fight. Tame your ego, and take the high road, before it disrupts your projects. A powerful opportunity in the 2nd half of the year will refine your professional aura. Stay alert to the opportunities offered to you! For self – employed, a dream venture might get stalled, due to difference of opinions. Iron out any kinks, before you plan to move ahead.

Wealth : Reset money goals! Shake-ups in your financial status will prompt you to view your money in a new way. Sit tight, and avoid making any major investment changes. Someone might purposely obscure details, regarding a major money-move. Get all your questions answered, before you sign on any dotted lines. Money from unexpected sources in the 2nd half of the year will line your pockets with Gold. Stick to logical plans, to grow your money-tree.

Home : Restore balance and make peace! Repressed memories and pent-up emotions will bring up some uncomfortable conversations. Move past a family feud, and turn your attention to bonds that really matter.

Love : Time to get on the same page! Conflicting visions will heighten tension, and lead to a power struggle. Be open to your partner’s perspective, without sacrificing your own. Lean into sweetness and diplomacy, when you discuss. Singles need to focus on choosing a relationship that is true, rather than superficial dalliances.

Health : Level up your self - care regime! Nagging health problems will demand research. Come up with a lifestyle plan that suits you. Focus on loading up on nutrition, that you can maintain over the long haul, and avoid quick fixes or fad foods.

Angel's Message : "You deserve the best and that is what universe wants for you"

Cosmo Tip : Wear a Rainbow Fluorite crystal pendant, to focus on complex projects.

AQUARIUS : (20 January - 18 February)

Keywords : Accomplishment , Stability & Creativity

A year to outgrow the old and set the stage for the new! Prepare to get to know the new you!

Career : Set your goals, and cast your net! Initiatives that were put on back-burner will pick up speed this year. Reach out to mentors and supporters, to get in sync again. New career opportunities during the mid -year will fire your ambitions and encourage you to think big. Plan and strategize! For self-employed, a creative breakthrough will kick start your ambitious plans, and bring you closer to winning the game. Build and nurture key connections that will help you get ahead!

Wealth : Streamline, simplify and prioritize! Financial entanglements will make you feel disorganized and strapped for cash. Call for a budget review, to trim a few extraneous costs. A valuable contact might re-surface with an opportunity, to help you get your old dues back. A financial boost in the form of a raise, new and improved streams of income will contribute to your financial security in the 2nd half of the year. Splurge with care and caution.

Home : It’s time to nest and rest! Power dynamics might turn volatile creating resentments among the family members. Address household conflicts at the root, and figure out a healthy way of bonding. If the energy in your house feels off, try to de-clutter and beautify your space to feel at home again.

Love : Tap into the power of two! Anger and resentment might flare up throwing you off kilter. Be watchful that you do not come on too strong on your partner, or lapse into a self-centered behavior. Tweak the give and take ratio to form a strong bond. Singles might have strong feelings for someone, when they recently met. Remember to focus on facts, and not to fall for illusions. .

Health : It’s time to rejuvenate your energy! Spiked stress levels will disrupt your sleep patterns, or make you indulge in over-eating. Make self-care a priority, by eating sensibly and getting enough sleep.

Angel's Message : "Take steps to make your dream a reality"

Cosmo Tip : Wear a Sunstone bracelet on Left hand, to attract opportunities for leadership position.

PISCES : (19 February - 20March)

Keywords : Confidence, Reflection & Inspiration

Expect new and exciting opportunities that challenge you to grow differently. Allow your inner compass to guide you!

Career : Be ready for a stellar start! A powerful professional surge will bring clarity and motivation, to blast ahead your amorous ambitions. Streamline to increase efficiency! A personal project might get stymied by misunderstandings and mixed signals at work. Practise extra patience and diplomacy! Your career-path will get super-charged, positioning you for a new level of respect and success in the 3rd quarter. Reach out to power players and visionaries for support. Self-employed will be well-positioned, to make a power-move around their passion-project. Tinker and test a few iterations, before the big launch.

Wealth : Set new financial goals! A financial wake-up call will encourage you to scale back on excessive spending. Get a clear-eyed perspective on your fiscal fitness! A financial scale back strategy will help you to cut down on debts and plug money-draining investments. Fresh financial starts in the 2nd half of the year will bring new revenue source or income stream.

Home : Easy does it ! The spotlight will shine back onto your loved ones and your living space. You would find privacy and solace in spending quality-time with your closest people. A great opportunity to bring in some changes to your living-space will be an answer to your prayers. Be sure to consider family’s viewpoints on any changes, before you start wielding the hammer!

Love : Get ready for a mature new chapter! A key love partnership will come under the microscope, bringing you at a turning point. Making mature romantic choices and putting in hard work will bring in lasting love. Singles might suddenly meet “the One” or move into that next big step sooner than you probably planned.

Health :Be proactive about prevention! An accretion of small irritations will affect your immune system, resulting in sore throat or fatigue. Make sure to book Doctor appointments promptly to ensure metabolism, blood pressure and sugar levels are in perfect balance.

Angel's Message : "It’s time to repair, renew and replenish yourself"

Cosmo Tip : Carry a Carnelian crystal tumble, for courage and confidence, to set big projects in motion.

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