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Tarot Card Reading 2024

By Divya Khanna

Guidance for Sun Signs (Date of Birth)

Card ReadingIn 2024, the stars offer a wider canvas, to build your dreams into tangible success! Tarotscope 2024 will help you navigate through the highs and lows of life, with special tips for each Zodiac sign .

ARIES (21 March - 19 April)

Keywords : Beginnings, Strength & Control

A year to tap into your inner warrior and follow your true passion.

Career : A profound professional transformation will give you a powerful energy-boost, to help you reach your loftiest goals. Stay focused, and avoid getting tripped up by the small stuff. A prestigious leadership position or a coveted gig from an unexpected source will push you into prominence and power, in the 2nd half of the year. Tune out the distractions and seize this rare opportunity. For self-employed, you will make a compelling pitch for a business endeavour outside your usual scope. Get things in order, and you will welcome a windfall.

Wealth : Stay sharp. Cracks in your financial plans will get revealed, due to loss of a client or dip in the revenues. Whip that budget into shape and keep your expenses low. Diversifying investments and moving money around to different types of risk-levels could net you profits. An impactful opportunity to rev up your revenue will open in the 2nd half of the year. Pay due diligence, before diving in to any financial deal that will be hard to reverse.

Home : Take stock of your bonds. It will be a productive time to process the past, and untangle those knots. A gracious window for making amends with your loved one will open this year. Reach out and let them know how much they mean to you. The nesting instincts will motivate you to add an aesthetic touch to your living space. A breakthrough idea will bring the renovation plan on board.

Love : Tweak your give and take ratio. Making too many sacrifices for your partner or forestalling your own dreams will create resentments. Setting appropriate boundaries and articulating your needs will help create a stronger connection. Singles will meet someone out of the blue who has real-deal potential. Proceed with caution, before making anything official.

Health : Reset your wellbeing. Turbulent emotions could brew to a boiling point, and disrupt your health. A brisk walk or deep breathing techniques will help you maintain your health, while also amping up your efficiency. Taking a small vacation will restore your wellbeing.

Angel's Message : "Trust that whatever is coming will be in perfect form and time for you."

Cosmo Tip : Wear or Carry Green Garnet crystal, for victory in all spheres.

TAURUS : (20 April – 20 May)

Keywords : Good Luck, Manifestation & Justice

Brace yourself for big changes, surprising plot twists and bold moves. Hold a big vision and enjoy the journey this year.

Career : Make your power-moves, Taurus! A new career adventure awaits you that will bring growth, expansion, and experience. Be bold and go for the Gold! Key and power players will displease or unearth hidden insecurities with their provocative remarks. Quench their scorching remarks with a cool response. Creative intelligence, will help in winning new clients or getting an inspiring project off the ground towards the 2nd quarter. For the self- employed, a budding deal could take an unexpected turn, or things could go sour. Stay calm for a win -win negotiation.

Wealth : Keep tabs on your money. Tensions will surround your finances, making you nervous about your financial security. Be sure to know where your finances are dwindling and plug in the loop holes as, ducking your problems will not fix anything. Lucky breaks regarding your finances will open new horizons for fiscal expansions in the 2nd half of the year. Be alert to people and opportunities, that help you increase your finances.

Home : Emotions will be ablaze. Resentments that have simmered below the surface could explode in a hostile confrontation. Be careful not to come on too strong, as forcing your agenda will only backfire. Condition around property matters will be obscured and foggy. Investigate all the options, before making any property deals.

Love: Seek a common ground. A love relationship will go through intense cycles, bringing old fears or trust issues to the surface. Minding the details and being thoughtful will bring more integrity to your relationship. Second thoughts about making a partnership official will plague you. Step back, and evaluate whether it is a legitimate Red flag or your own fear. For singles, a new relationship chapter will begin. Stay open to people, who are in sync with you!

Health : Hop back on the wellness wagon. Chronic health issues will compel you to adopt a balanced and a disciplined regime. Toning down the stress levels with meditation or some other cathartic release will help untangle the worrisome knots.

Angel's Message : "Focus on what you really want. Be bold with your, requests to the universe"

Cosmo Tip : Keep a Dalmatian Jasper crystal with you, to turn your dream ideas into actuality.

GEMINI : (21 May – 21 June)

Keywords : Surrender, Rebirth & Choices

There will be a few twists, turns and speed bumps, to navigate along the way. Buckle up.

Career : Be ready to shine. An innovative approach will bring a fresh start to an artistic endeavor or pick up an old project that went into mothballs. Create a streamlined framework for a fruitful result. Leverage what you have learned, and elevate your stance. Recognition from an unexpected source will bring a status upgrade towards mid-year. Before you leap into the spotlight, make sure your game is tight. For entrepreneurs a major opportunity to join forces will sweep in. Double your prosperity, by teaming up with dynamic and experienced collaborators.

Wealth : Shift your moneymaking strategy. Inefficient financial systems and expenses will squirrel away your funds. Investigate wasteful expenditure, and follow up on pending payments to plug the hole. A budgeting trick or a side-hustle that you never considered will help build your wealth in unimaginable ways in the 2nd half of the year. Set aside a little each day, to create your discretionary fund.

Home : Domestic affairs could get tricky. Take special care to be patient, rather than battling with your siblings over trivial issues. A home renovation project might be bigger and costlier than expected; so tackle it in phases, if you can rather than all at once.

Love : Be receptive. Relationship will get out of sync, due to disagreements over money. Couples will spar over finances, especially if a stressful expense shows up. Instead of turning on each other, take a deep breath and get on the same fiscal page. It will be a stellar year for singles, to meet their special person. Be focused and single-minded in your pursuits.

Health : Press the re-boot button. On the health-front, you might experience lack of energy, and be subjected to clumsiness or small accidents. Monitor your stress levels to keep your health under check. Preventive medicine is the key; work out to stay in shape, watch your diet and avoid overexertion.

Angel's Message : "Have patience and do not give up right before your vision manifests."

Cosmo Tip : Keep a Yellow Fluorite crystal cluster at your work-place, to gain cooperation.

CANCER : (22 June - 22 July)

Keywords : Balance, harmony & Destiny

This year fills you with courage and charisma, so work those powers of persuasion to your advantage.

Career : Bring on the blue-sky visions. A fabulous opportunity will help you to bring a long-held ambition to a finishing line. Fire up your will-power to get it done, and move on to your next brilliant project. A professional peak will fire your ambitions and catapult you to a whole new level of success towards the 3rd quarter of the year. Self-employed, working on a collaborative project, will need more hands on the deck to launch it. Select someone, whose skills and work ethics, complements yours.

Wealth : Time to anchor your finances. Money will pour out, as fast it comes, creating a financial disarray. Re-work your budget, and look for clever ways to save your pennies. A hefty bonus or unexpected cash will bring a promising shift in your financial skies towards the mid-year. A trusted advisor will dish out a game changer financial advice. Make a calculative move, but do not gamble.

Home : Bring back the peace. Muddled family dynamics will create home disruption making you feel off kilter. Re-connect to your power, by staying out of the fray. An insecure and jealous relative will dish up a serving of hard cold truth. Flip the situation by flushing out toxic people from your life.

Love : Set lofty goals. Relationship-wise, a celestial gift will put reconciliation on your agenda. Sidestepping out of your comfort zone, will lead to a thrilling breakthrough. For singles, someone you thought of as just a friend could turn into more. Explore the connection but do not rush in.

Health : Dial up the necessary self-discipline. Chronic health issues will disrupt your sleep-patterns, or cause you to lapse into emotional eating. Intervention of a health specialist will get to the root cause. Watch out for minor mishaps around your home, as you would be accidental-prone.

Angel's Message : "Be courageous, stand in your power and trust that you are safe"

Cosmo Tip : Keep a Sunstone crystal sphere with you to step into your power, and let your confidence shine.

LEO : (23 July - 22 August)

Keywords : Moderation, Success & Hope

A year to make your intentions loud and clear for the world to hear. Bask in the spotlight and create the life you deserve.

Career : Turn your passion into profits. Unexpected detours will make you backtrack or write off certain plans. Step back, refresh your tactic and move forward with confidence. Keep a close eye on your team-mates, as one of them might not have honorable intentions or could be fudging facts. A spotlight moment will bring a surprising supporter to champion your work, and open new doors for you towards the 2nd half of the year. Step into that beam and let your personality shine. For self-employed, with your trademark magic-touch, you will rise to a new level of prominence. Take your lofty ideas, and plug them into concrete goals.

Wealth : Bring on the deals. Dwindling finances will make you lose sight of your budget and forget what is truly valuable to you. Pull the plug on the money-drain, and make more discerning choices. Someone will emerge from the woodwork and light up a new financial pathway providing you with the opportunity to grow your savings in the 3rd quarter. Take a calculated risk but with safety net in place.

Home : Guard your space. Conversation with a relative about a sensitive topic or conflicting opinions might get tricky. Aim to express yourself respectfully and with tact. You will be inspired to re-feather your nest, with a major home-improvement project or just some decorating changes. Infuse your space with accessories that reflects your current vibe.

Love : Do not jump the gun, Leo. Intense emotions will stir the love-pot, and stir up doubts regarding the romantic connection. Avoid getting on the wrong end of the stick and misreading your partners’ words. Navigate your concerns objectively, and try not to over-think things. Singles! brace yourself for a surprise love-connection, as you could find love in the most organic way.

Health : Reclaim your glow. Pesky chronic health symptoms will keep you from feeling your best. Consider this as a cosmic cue to fine-tune your health habits and making self-care a priority. Taking ample rest and getting rid of people, who zap your energy will do wonders.

Angel's Message : "Dare to shine your light more brightly than ever. Dust off your magic wand"

Cosmo Tip : Wear Ruby Crystal, to make confident decisions and attract prosperity.

VIRGO : (23 August - 22 September)

Keywords : Courage, Abundance & Karma

Out with the old, in with the new and unexplored. Step up and conquer the world.

Career : Ready, set, ascend. A project will require you to power up your efficiency and be proactive. Impulsive debates with your colleagues and supervisors will bring a group project to a grinding halt. Put those blunt remarks on ice and calmly defend your viewpoint. A cutting-edge opportunity in 2nd half will land you a leadership role. Do not overlook important details in your quest for the brass ring. Self -employed, need to keep their business plans or product under wraps for the time being. Stay strong and sharp for the right opportune time to unveil the promising concept.

Wealth : Get smart with your cash. Cash flow and stocks could get erratic. Check your statements and receipts as glaring errors and important details might just slip through the cracks, if you are not careful. Someone will try to manipulate your investment choices; Be careful what you agree to. Various transactions and negotiations towards the 3rd quarter will give you the freedom to put some ambitious plans into action. Be proactive, but stay in control.

Home: Easy does it. The home-zone will light up, as you will be motivated to tackle some household projects that keep falling to the bottom of the to-do list. Pace yourself and do not try to do too much, too fast. Communication with a loved one could go sideways and get dramatized, despite your attempts at clarity and transparency. De-escalate the situation, to get past this blip.

Love : Relationship re-boot. Things in a key relationship will blow up due to tangled emotions and clandestine attractions. Do not blur that boundary. Deepen your bond, by talking through sticking points and dissolve the strain. Long-standing couples will have a perfect opening to talk about their shared goals for the future. Singles, it will be easy to get blinded by new love, but if you want something that will go the distance, pace yourself.

Health : Prioritize your health. You will feel anxious, tense or easily irritated and subject to muscle aches, neck, or physical discomfort. Take time to relax and recharge your batteries surrounded by trees, sunshine, and blue skies.

Angel's Message : "Make a wish and believe it is already done"

Cosmo Tip : Wear an Iron Pyrite crystal, to make wise decisions in all spheres.

LIBRA : (23 September – 23 October)

Keywords : Completion, Action & Authority

Believe everything is falling into place for your greater good…that is a cosmic guarantee.

Career : Take the reins. Cosmic beams will light up your career-zone, revealing new path for those contemplating a job shake-up. Arm yourself with the facts, before making any changes. Someone could test your patience by throwing a curveball into your professional plans. Resist the bait and focus on your lofty goals. A celestial bonanza will bring an opportunity for a professional upgrade with a higher pay towards the mid-year. Prune your plans and prioritize your options. For those in business, a valuable networking will bring in prosperous opportunities and put some extra goodies in your basket.

Wealth : Turn your ideas into currency. Conversations on division of shared assets, money or investments will crop up. Guard your slice of pie without any guilt. Think of savings before over spending. Clearing some minor debts will make room for great financial expansions later. An energetic financial boost in the 3rd quarter will help you to move the needle on the stalled investments. Hire a financial expert to turn your starry-eyed plans into reality.

Home : :Start afresh. Someone in your family will have tensions related to finances or a partnership. Lend your support, but think twice before opening your wallet. Some tough choices on the home-front will bring challenges to your personal life. Untangle any dicey dynamics, and get down to the root cause, to make a lasting change.

Love : Re-wire your relationship. A major turning point will bring a chance to re-kindle or re-define your relationship dynamics. Make sure that you are not being confrontational or pushy, to get your partner on board with your vision. An old flame might tempt you to rekindle the relationship. Think long and hard, before retracing your steps. For singles, a chance meeting with someone, who does not fit the usual mould is on the horizon. Authentic conversations will help discover common ground.

Health : Tune to a healthy lifestyle. Guard against self- destructive activities that could ruin your health and undermine your wellbeing. A chronic or a nagging health problem will finally be properly diagnosed and treated. Slip off the radar and replenish your mental and emotional tanks.

Angel's Message : "Live in the flow of cycles and you will experience the true magic of life"

Cosmo Tip : Wear a Malachite bracelet, to attract money making ventures.

SCORPIO : (24 October - 21 November)

Keywords : Wisdom, Power & Inner Guidance

Stay curious, dig deep, and brace yourself for a powerful journey.

Career : Think outside the box. A project or plan could heat up fast, and you will end up juggling multiple projects and an accelerated schedule. Be extra discerning about what you take on. A leadership role or prestigious job of your dreams will land towards the 3rd quarter. Play your cards right. Difference of opinions will bring a group project to a grinding halt. Instead of competing, combine your strengths and superpowers into a balanced blend. Self-employed will embark on re-inventing a business idea. Rein it in, and set a practical benchmark to stay ahead of the curve.

Wealth : Inspect and invest. Money stress will force you to tighten your belt a few notches and take a conservative stance, to create smarter habits to become cash positive. Do background research, before switching funds or swapping stocks. In the 3rd quarter, Cosmos will light up a new financial pathway, providing you with the opportunity to grow your savings. Trust your instincts, and avoid high stake investments, as it is not the year for gambling or daring moves.

Home : Extend that Olive branch. Unfulfilled obligations will create problems on the home front; nip any problems in the bud, before they become bigger. Cosmic healing beams will encourage you to bridge a gap with someone close. Do not let the stubborn pride cloud your judgement, or stop you from resolving a tiff.

Love : :Renew your vows. Cosmic shift in your relationship will bring chances for renewed understanding and acceptance. An unexpected conversation will reveal more than either of you had anticipated. Dig deeper and listen actively. You will find yourself obsessing over a relationship, or a co-worker’s recent advancement; take a step back for a more objective view. Singles will attract a light-hearted new connection. Trust your heart, and head to lead you to the right step.

Health : Take a break. A nagging psychological or emotional issue will make it difficult to work, or follow through with plans, but you will try to press through it. Getting a grip on mind-body-spirit balance, will put you back on the path to wellness and vitality.

Angel's Message : "Soar into your wondrous life and never look back"

Cosmo Tip : Keep a Yellow Calcite crystal sphere on your work-desk, to increase your efficiency.

SAGITTARIUS : (22 November - 21 December)

Keywords : Determination, Intuition & Faith

Expect new and exciting opportunities that challenge you to grow differently. Allow your inner compass to guide you.

Career : Cooperate, collaborate, and delegate. Multiple projects on the work-front will pull you in opposite directions making you skimp on the quality. Make sure that you have the right team in place, who adds velocity to your dreams. A complicated situation at work will throw a wrench in your best-laid plans. Rewiring a few dynamics will fix the situation. A passion project will resume in the 2nd half of the year opening bigger opportunities for you. Self-employed will make progress on a cherished creative project. Think outside the box, to make a greater impact.

Wealth : Make more discerning choices. Tensions will surround your finances, making you nervous about your financial security. Practising sensible spending will re-balance your books sooner than you think. Financial friction could turn into a blow-out battle, especially if you lose perspective. A gentle reminder will do the trick. In the 3rd quarter Cosmos will light up a new financial pathway, providing you with the opportunity to grow your savings. Do not remain stubbornly wedded to one source of income.

Home : Build a sense of security. Positive agreements and fair compromises will help you encourage a vital change on the home-front. If you intend to revamp your home, be careful not to get overly ambitious, as it will create more chaos. Conditions around property matters will be obscured and foggy. Do careful research, and investigate all the options, before making any property deals.

Love : Connect and commit . In the matters of the heart, you will be vacillating between cutting ties or work through a difficult dynamic relationship. Reflect on what is not working, and eliminate anything that undermines your relationship. For singles, sparks might fly with a co-worker or someone you meet at an industry event.

Health : Energy reboot. Anxiety and obsessive thinking will make you lose track of where you are going and what you are doing. To avoid senseless accidents, slow down and smell the proverbial Roses. Instead of getting caught up in stress overload, channel your dynamic energy into making a health breakthrough.

Angel's Message : "Be courageous, stand in your power and trust that you are safe"

Cosmo Tip : Carry a Carnelian crystal for courage and confidence, to set big projects in motion.

CAPRICORN : (22 December – 19 January)

Keywords : New perspective, Life Cycle & Patience

Seeds you planted a long time ago are moving closer to harvest. You are about to create magic.

Career : Stay ahead of the game! A sudden shift in the professional sphere will reveal cracks in a flawless project. Scan and review, as you might have overlooked an important information. Leveling up your skill-set will help you score professional brownie points. Towards the mid-year, an unexpected discovery or idea will bring great value to your professional arena. Stay sharp, ahead of the curve. Self-employed will be well-positioned to make a power-move around their passion-project. Tinker and test a few iterations, before the big launch.

Wealth : Organize your money. Look at your financial system, with an unflinching eye to get radically organized. Prioritize your investments and devote your time to the ones that will build a sense of security. An opportunity to pivot in a new direction and pursue a fresh revenue stream will arrive in the 3rd quarter of the year. Take a sharp-eyed look at the finer points, as key information might be hidden.

Home : Mark your boundary. A family situation will demand your attention, intensifying the feelings of exhaustion. Avoid getting sucked into family dramas or playing Saviour for a loved one, at the expense of your own goals. Cosmic beams will bring about a fresh start in your home and family, and herald a move. A renovation or a decor overhaul is on the cards.

Love : Shift your lens. A great time to have open and honest communication and being crystal-clear about any needs that are not being met. You will have a wonderful chance to step out of any stressful conversations, and reboot your connection. For Singles, promising encounters loom on the horizon, as someone special sails in your life.

Health : Conserve your energy. Pay attention to health matters, and make sure to effectively deal with whatever ailment or malaise that pops up on a mind-body-soul level. If you have been ignoring a lingering ache or pain, make sure that you consult a doctor- An early detection and prevention are always best.

Angel's Message : "Deepen your faith in miracles and expect blessings beyond your wildest dreams"

Cosmo Tip : Carry a Labradorite crystal, to channel your ideas into reality.

AQUARIUS : (20 January - 18 February)

Keywords : Accomplishment , Stability & Creativity

A powerful year when nothing can distract, disturb, or stop you if you are determined. Soar higher & shine brighter.

Career : Explore and learn. On the professional-front, you will be tackling your tasks with competence and confidence. Watch out, as those around you could slam on the brakes. A perfect opportunity will help you to dig through the archives and breathe new life into an old venture. With concrete actions on a solo project in the second half of the year will bring new levels of status and responsibility for you. Get ready for a spike in your popularity and influence. For entrepreneurs, a big dream might need to simmer on the back-burner for a little longer. Tweaking your business and marketing plans will help you cover your bases.

Wealth : Time to revamp your finances. Wasteful expenditure will bring your finances in a state of flux. Getting organized around your bills and budget will reveal overlooked profitable opportunities. An opportunity to pivot in a new direction and pursue a fresh revenue stream will arrive in the 2nd half of the year. Look closely at deals that promise big returns. Remain alert, and do not compromise your integrity.

Home : Stay calm. Despite the apparent stability, friction can stir up on domestic front. A general chaos or intense emotional climate might prompt a sudden departure or an exaggerated response. Avoid hitting the panic-button. A clear-sighted approach will help you to keep your footing firm and remain in control.

Love : Increased competition, tensions and paranoia will create turbulence in your love life. Monitor your emotions, before you go on an attack mode. To make legit complaints, take the high road and initiate calm, loving dialogue, with your partner. Singles will meet their soul-mate, under new circumstances, and salubrious sparks could fly. Stay open to love but stick to your boundaries and standards.

Health : Relax and rejuvenate. Burning candles at both ends will make you feel wired and tired most of the times. Regulate your nervous system by powering down devices and taking twice as much rest as you think you need. Make sure to book doctor’s appointments promptly, to ensure metabolism, blood pressure and sugar levels are in perfect balance.

Angel's Message : "Take inspired action towards your dreams. Move forward with confidence"

Cosmo Tip : Keep a Purple Fluorite crystal in your Left pocket, for calmness and clarity.

PISCES : (19 February - 20March)

Keywords : Confidence, Reflection & Inspiration

Venture outside your comfort-zone. The rewards are worth it.

Career : Delegate and systematize. A major project that had been taking valuable space at the back of your mind will take flight. Speeding through your work to reach the career milestone, will result in critical mistakes. Move at a mindful pace. An ambitious window with lofty outcome will open in the 2nd half of the year. Be sure to prioritize on what is most important. For the selfemployed, an opportunity to commune with a cutting-edge group could catapult one of your visionary ideas into the stratosphere. Team up for the win.

Wealth : Hop on the budgeting bandwagon.. Carve out time to chalk out an in-depth financial strategy with solid structure. An unexpected expense will force you to dip into your savings or scramble for cover. Make sure that you have a contingency plan in place. Lucky breaks regarding your finances will open new horizons for fiscal expansion in the 2nd half of the year. Thoroughly check the references and reviews, and not gloss over Red flags, before signing on the dotted line.

Home : Fortunate events will bring re-vitalization and significant developments on the home-front. Someone from the family circle might disrupt your domestic harmony. Take wise action, or you will risk falling prey to jealousy and slander. You will make wide ranging decisions, to restore domestic stability. Be secretive, and keep your plans under wraps.

Love : A push and pull dynamics between you and your partner will come to a head. Find a compromise and work as a team to rekindle your shared values. Wearing rose tinted glasses will tempt you to cross the lines. Beware of toxic entanglements, as there will be a point of no return. For singles, opposites really do attract, so keep an open mind—and heart. Someone very surprising might just swoop in and steal it.

Health : Slip off the grid to rejuvenate. Unchecked stress will weaken your immune system, and cause previous health problems to resurface. Changes you make to your diet and wellness routines will have a far-reaching impact. Look into ways to enhance your glow from the inside out.

Angel's Message : "Take baby steps as you grow. Be willing to learn from others"

Cosmo Tip : Carry/ wear an Orange Calcite, to take the right action at the right time.

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