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Tarot Card Reading 2021

By Divya Khanna

Guidance for Sun Signs

Card ReadingIt’s time to clear away the confusion and see things more clearly with your 2021 Year Tarot Reading! This detailed Tarot Forecast will make your path crystal-clear, so that you can make important life-changing decisions!

ARIES (21 March - 19 April)

Keywords : Change, Liberation & Accomplishment

Set positive intentions to blow the lid off the current ceiling of your life. There’s always room to grow…so take a chance.

Career : Move with razor-sharp intention.! Fast-moving goals or career plans will slow down or flounder. Use this temporary slowdown to tweak and refine your professional plans. Someone might try to intimidate you and your work with off-putting remarks or actions. Make sure that your ambitious plans have solid ground, and do not let the naysayers try to steer you off from your chosen path. Exciting opportunities will pop up in the 2nd half of the year that will put your name on the top of the marquis! The self-employed will embark on re-inventing a business idea. Rein it in, and measure the idea against practical benchmark to stay ahead of the curve.

Wealth : Credit obligations will bring a financial impasse. Take a stock with the help of an expert to get the cash flowing again! An opportunity to pivot in a new direction, and pursue a fresh revenue stream will arrive in the second half of the year. Look closely at deals that promise big returns.

Home : It will be a rollercoaster ride on the domestic front this year! You will have a hard time discerning where your own inner world ends and those of your loved ones begin. Take an introspective break to get clarity! Events concerning property or new home will take a surprising twist.

Love : Break it all down and begin anew on the relationship front. Stored-up, unprocessed frustration and anger will make old wounds crack open without much warning. Singles might meet someone with serious potential. Stay alert and remain open to the possibilities!.

Health : Suppressed emotions and resistance to change will cause emotional and mental imbalances. Open up, speak your mind and defend whatever you believe in! By allowing yourself to flow with the cycles of nature, you will improve your health & wellbeing.

Angel's Message : "Time to release repressed anger, as it is blocking your health and happiness!."

Cosmo Tip : Wear or carry a Citrine crystal, to make right financial decisions.

TAURUS : (20 April – 20 May)

Keywords : Ambition, Discipline & Productivity

Fasten your seat belt, as your life is about to get a whole new look! When you see things from a different perspective, everything expands!

Career : Lay the groundwork and clear the deck for new ventures! Filter out the distractions and choose top-priority projects, and then get cracking on them. A golden opportunity will arrive in the 2nd half of the year, re-directing your career trajectory in a powerful, profitable way! For self -employed, an opportunity to join forces for mutual gains will arrive towards the 2nd half of the year! Instead of going for the big, splashy launch, dial down and test your ventures on a smaller scale! Watch your back, as someone might take advantage of your drifting attention, to do some behind-the-scenes manipulating!

Wealth : There could be a deception that comes to light during this time. Someone might siphon off small amounts from your Bank Account, without you having noticed. A windfall or a powerful joint venture opportunity will bring surge of activity on the financial front, towards the mid-year.

Home : Watch out for curve-balls on the home-front! Stand your ground, but be careful not to be selfish or combative! If you intend to revamp your home, be careful not to get overly ambitious, as it will create more chaos.

Love: Past relationship or an old drama might come back into your orbit, stirring up conflict and unresolved feelings. Putting up a rigid wall will cause drama and pain. Step back, and engage from a more level-headed place! For singles, a budding romance could hit a stumbling block.

Health : By harbouring old grievances, and dwelling on the past disappointments you will make yourself ill. To improve physically, cut yourself loose from emotional sorrow.

Angel's Message : "Have patience, and do not give up right before your vision manifests!."

Cosmo Tip : Wear Ruby Crystal, to make confident decisions and attract prosperity!.

GEMINI : (21 May – 21 June)

Keywords : Structure, Hope & Renewal

Shift your perspective on the world, and watch yourself attract a whole different set of results!.

Career : Strike while the iron is hot! A big project that has been blazing along could scale back or sputter. Make sure that you have a solid back-up plan in place! A power-tripping colleague might push you to the brink of acting out in anger. A glowing review from someone influential or your boss will give a powerful new surge to your career, towards the mid-year. For selfemployed, add an innovative twist to your business ideas. Level up your technology and look for ways to get your message out to a wider audience!

Wealth : Time to get grounded, and make some money moves. An unexpected expense will force you to dip into your savings or scramble for cover. Make sure that you have an emergency fund in place! During Mid-year, a swell of financial opportunity with a dash of stress will present itself. Avoid rebellious or arrogant collaborators and do not rush in with a know-it-all-attitude either.

Home : Emotions will be ablaze on the domestic-front! Resentments that have simmered below the surface could explode in a hostile confrontation. Condition around property matters will be obscured and foggy.

Love : A key relationship will be put to test, giving you clarity, whether it can stand the test of time! You will take bold steps either to nail the door shut on a toxic relationship that has run its course, or work through any foundational issues with the help of a coach or therapist. Singles! be discerning in love, as you might get carried away pretty far, if you are not careful!

Health : All the alterations in your life will cause you to feel uncomfortable or slightly off balance. Get more rest than you usually do, and pay extra attention to your diet. You might experience trouble with your teeth, gums or digestive tract. Try natural remedies to correct the problems.

Angel's Message : "Take a stand for what you believe in, and get more involved in making a difference"!.

Cosmo Tip : Keep a Sunstone crystal sphere to step into your power, and let your confidence shine!

CANCER : (22 June - 22 July)

Keywords : Courage, Reflection & Transformation

Out with the old, in with the new and unexplored! Step up and conquer the world!

Career : Tackle the loose ends and get organized! Unexpected detours on the work-front will make you backtrack over certain plans. You might have to filter your words to avoid conflicts at workplace. In the 2nd half of the year, a career boost will pivot you to a new path. For those in business, carve out time to tackle all the lingering projects and set up systems that keep your business humming along.

Wealth : Slow your financial roll. You might have to deal with a large expense, property deal or a Tax situation. Avoid spending with wild abandon, as this year will not be the right time to take risks with your money. Being creative in the face of an unexpected event will yield a new income stream that will improve your financial landscape in the 2nd half of the year!

Home : Family and emotional matters seize the spotlight. Creating a happy and comfortable domestic life will be a priority for you. You might need to clear the air with a loved one, but your soft-hearted energy will make you feel guilty for airing your feelings.

Love : A relationship that had been stalled or hit a stumbling block will move forward, gaining more momentum once again. Courageously tackle any foundational repairs that are needed to strengthen your relationship or love life. Singles will start an earnest search for a steady partner!

Health : Get ready for a serious energy reboot! Anxiety and obsessive thinking will make you lose track of where you are going and what you are doing. To avoid senseless accidents, slow down and smell the proverbial roses!Channel your dynamic energy into making a health breakthrough, instead of getting caught up in stressoverload.

Angel's Message : "Live in the flow of cycles and you will experience the true magic of life!"

Cosmo Tip : Wear a Malachite bracelet, to attract money-making ventures!

LEO : (23 July - 22 August)

Keywords : Organization, Wisdom & Integrity

Plot your next moves, and put the pieces on the Chess Board in their rightful places. Clear intention will keep you focused!

Career : Hash out your grand plans and plot out the actions, milestones and checkpoints that you w i l l n e e d t o t a k e a l o n g t h e w a y ! I n t h e 3rd quarter of the year, you will have glittering invitation to step into the spotlight, that will catapult you to the top of the career-ladder! Self–employed, will be put in the path of high profile clients, who will be eager to open doors for you. Dazzle them with your out-of-the-box ideas!

Wealth : Get serious about your money! There will be leaky boundaries, when it comes to your cash flow as money will slip through your fingers unnecessarily! If you’ve been sweating a big bill or brainstorming a way to get some fiscal backing, a miraculous turn of events could bring you exactly the dough you need towards the 2nd half of the year!

Home : An unexpected development on the home-front will threaten to clip your wings. Disagreements and conflicts will make you feel completely misunderstood. Do not let the conflict derail you; take a cooling-off period.

Love : Take things at a slow and nurturing pace! An unexpected pregnancy or need to relocate could also throw a curveball into your relationship trajectory. Singles! be confident and stick to your boundaries and standards; but stay open to love, coming in unexpected ways.

Health : A nagging emotional issue will be morphed into a physical symptom or even an illness—It’s time to deal with the baggage, and get to the root of any well-being issues. Thinking outside your current parameters will give you a positive new glow!

Angel's Message : "Be courageous; stand in your power, and trust that you are safe."

Cosmo Tip : Carry Carnelian crystal to attract perfect opportunities and meeting deadlines.

VIRGO : (23 August - 22 September)

Keywords : Focus, Control & Patience

Explore new vistas and wriggle out of confining situations. Your potent enthusiasm will be your secret on-boarding weapon now!

Career : Professional horizons will widen this year! A powerful woman will open doors, making a helpful connection that will catapult you forward on your path. Your ambitious plans will get an extra boost in the 2nd quarter. For those in business, collaborations might get marred by rebellious behavior, or someone acting unreliable. Be careful about rushing into any joint ventures.

Wealth : Hammer out a simple, sensible plan for managing your budget, schedule and productivity. Check your statements and receipts. Towards the mid- year, you will make headway on an important investment and figure out a brilliant plan to consolidate your debt.

Home: A brewing matter around home and family could reach an apex! Conflicts and miscommunications might flare up with a loved one. Cosmic beams will bring about a fresh start in your home and family and herald a move in the second half of the year. A renovation or a decor overhaul is on the cards!

Love : Couples might spar over finances, especially if a stressful expense shows up. Singles will need to release something that you have outgrown so that new love could swiftly enter your life.

Health : All the alterations in your life will cause you to feel uncomfortable or slightly off balance. Get more rest & pay extra attention to your diet. Find natural ways to shake off your feelings of frailty or inertia.

Angel's Message : "Don’t look back, only focus ahead, to your new destination!"

Cosmo Tip : Carry or wear a Blue Kyanite crystal, to sharpen your communication skills.

LIBRA : (23 September – 23 October)

Keywords : Inner Guidance, Balance & Temptation

Keep your eyes on the prize, and stay focused on the fundamentals.

Career : Be ready to turn a fresh page on career-front this year! New ventures will be stalled, giving you much needed time, to put the finishing touches on lingering projects! Beware of being too myopic in your focus, as your competitive instincts could burn a bridge or two now.Collaborations will take flight, and will bring a breakthrough. A new job assignment in the second half of the year will give your career a much-needed boost.

Wealth : Diversifying investments and moving money around to different types of risk levels could net you profits! Towards the end of 2nd quarter, new cosmic beams in your work and money house will bring a new job offer, a big client or a chance to turn over a fresh financial leaf— Tak e the leap!

Home : Brace yourself for friction on the home-front! You will find yourself dealing with a plethora of tricky emotions on the home-front. Deal with issues directly, particularly with family and long-time friends. A calm conversation could help you identify where you need clearer boundaries to keep your relationship from lapsing into an old, outmoded dynamic.

Love : In relationships, jealousy and resentment may flare up! Singles! keep the bar high, and approach every new prospect with those standards in mind, you will be surprised who shows up and measures up!

Health : Time to slow down and find some inner peace! Your night terror might bubble up from the unconscious, but they can be fought off by your conscious mind. Avoid seeking relief in addictive substances, as that will only compound the problems.

Angel's Message : "Stay true to your path, and continue to soar higher and shine brighter"!

Cosmo Tip : Wear or carry a Labradorite crystal for focus, and to avoid any errors!

SCORPIO : (24 October - 21 November)

Keywords : Destiny, Passion & Faith

The cosmic sling shot will catapult you forward, at lightning speed, with no turning back. Rise and shine…it’s your time!

Career : Choose your target and strike! The tides will turn on the career-front, get ready for some shifts! A prestigious leadership position or a coveted gig will land in your lap in the 2nd half of the year! Tensions might flare, when an authoritarian person interferes with your plans, or just tries to burst your bubble. Before you react too strongly, get your facts straight! For those in business, a big dream might need to simmer on the back-burner for a little longer.

Wealth : An unplanned or new expense could force you to get creative about increasing your income. Financial opportunities will open into your orb with real staying power in the 2nd half of the year.

Home : Changes on the home-front abound…and for the better! Tension with a family member or a friend could spike. Clear the air and let the people know how you really feel. Your home or living quarters will not appeal to you, and you will make the decision to embark on a home renovation or even to relocate!.

Love : Your romantic landscape turns a tad more serious. An imbalanced aspect of a current relationship will rear its head, demanding that you deal properly. You might end up obsessing or fixating on an issue that might need breathing room, not more scrutiny. For Singles, a friend could disrupt your budding romance, if you’re not careful. React graciously to unsolicited advice, but set firm boundaries!

Health : Recharge and reset! Pay attention to health matters, and make sure to effectively deal with whatever ailment or malaise that pops up on a mind-body-soul level. If you’ve been ignoring a lingering ache or pain, make sure that you consult a doctor. An early detection and prevention are always best.

Angel's Message : "Let your old life crumble and fade, to make space to create space for powerful new."

Cosmo Tip : Keep a piece of Rainbow Hematite crystal, to stay focused and rise above any crisis.

SAGITTARIUS : (22 November - 21 December)

Keywords : New beginnings, Revelation & Growth

You will be back on your throne once again, ready to reign! Feel empowered, as the time to act is now!

Career : You will take a bold step and get a passion project off the ground and make headway on the career-front. Streamline your ambitious plans, and make sure your strategy is as bulletproof as it can be! Difference of opinions will bring a group project to a grinding halt. An opportunity to join forces will open up unexpected doors in a different direction in the 2nd half of the year. Self- employed, will roll the dice on a new venture or a business plan towards mid –year.

Wealth : Arguments can erupt over shared finances or collection of dues. You will discover errors on your Bank and Credit card statements. A powerful window for fresh financial endeavors will kick off mid-year. Make sure that you have got your long-term financial strategy in place!

Home : Family issues, particularly with a female family member might cause ripples in other relationships. Time to call a spade a spade and avoid being someone else’s emotional washboard. You might be or dealing with a home-related issue and arguing with contractors regarding renovations. If moving to a new place, make sure to have the prospective place fully inspected!

Love : Enter the love bubble! You will have a breakthrough in your relationship, possibly confessing a secret or opening up in an authentic way. Committed couples will decide to take things to the next level, like a wedding plan. Singles might cross paths with a prospectective person, who’s worthy and grounded, perhaps at a workevent.

Health : Your own urge to break free from restrictions could tempt you to break rules and slip back into a past pattern or even an addiction. Make sure that you surround yourself with positive people and reinforcements, so you can succeed!

Angel's Message : "Surrender, step aside and trust the magic of the universe!"

Cosmo Tip : Wear or carry an Aquamarine crystal, to diminish obstacles and delays!

CAPRICORN : (22 December – 19 January)

Keywords : Clarity, Determination & Tradition

Buckle up for an intense ride! There will a few twists, turns and speed bumps, to navigate along the way!

Career : Structure and ambition will help you get a solid leg up with your career plans this year! A fresh start will begin around group-endeavors and cutting-edge collaborations. You will manifest a leadership role or nail that prestigious job of your dreams, towards the 3rd quarter. Self-employed will have an opportunity to expand the business borders, perhaps with a foreign client or a chance to work abroad.

Wealth : Unexpected events will throw your financial forecasts and calculations into disarray! Finances will be a sore spot, as expenses start to balloon in the 1st half of the year. In the 2nd half of the year, the conclusion of a business deal will bring unexpected bonus, and pivot you to a new financial path!

Home : Any issue you’ve minimized or swept under the rug comes back, demanding that you deal with it effectively. Your efforts to take a different path than that your family had envisioned could rattle a few cages. Instead of acting out to get attention, just stand your ground without creating an emotional hailstorm.

Love : If things have gotten stale or stagnant, a little friction might wake you both up to a need for change. Your critical side could flare up, bringing out a micro-managing streak. Be Careful not to turn your flaw-finding lens on yourself on your partner. Singles might meet someone online or through mutual friends.

Health : Hit the refresh button! A brief blow to your health will prompt you to be more cautious and adopt a healthier, calmer lifestyle. Physical or emotional problems surfacing will have its roots in the past. By releasing the past, you will also release the physical blockages that have caused you problems.

Angel's Message : "Count your blessings, and more blessings will flow to you and fill you with delight!"

Cosmo Tip : Carry or wear an Orange Calcite, to take the right action at the right time!

AQUARIUS : (20 January - 18 February)

Keywords : Choices, Foundation & Dynamic

Venture outside your comfort zone. The rewards are worth it!

Career : A promising plan needs to be carefully vetted, as even the best-laid out projects might go awry, remain flexible. Keep a close eye on your teammates, as one of them might not have honorable intentions or could be fudging the facts! You will receive a stellar opportunity or an invite, to do a big presentation in the 2nd half of the year. For those in business,your creative ideas will lead to a major windfall that will make you shine out from the crowd.

Wealth : Stop before you shop! Get crystal clear about what you can afford and by all means, lock up the Credit Cards. In the last quarter of the year, you will attract a cashboosting collaboration.

Home : Harmony on the domestic-front will help you to plan pleasant social interactions with your loved ones. You will be able to introduce positive direction to the family environment, helping it to expand & mature! A move, or a new addition to the family is on the cards. Do your best to minimize chaos.

Love : Love will get a dose of clarity, when the Rose-colored glasses in love will come off. Your partner’s autonomous moves could lead to a heated argument. Spell out expectations clearly, to avoid jealousy and unnecessary drama. Singles will need to focus into getting their own life in order to attract new love. Clearing out the energetic, emotional and physical clutter will work wonders for your love life.

Health : Ready, set, reboot! You will be ready to turn a new page on the health front. Chronic health problems or temporary conditions will challenge your confident new path. Changes you make to your diet and wellness routines will have a far-reaching impact. Look into ways to enhance your glow from the inside out.

Angel's Message : "Be open to receiving goodness. Believe you are worthy of abundance!"

Cosmo Tip : Carry or wear Fluorite crystal, to gain cooperation at workplace!.

PISCES : (19 February - 20March)

Keywords : Harmony, Contemplation & Victory

Slow your overactive mind, and de-clutter conflicting thoughts and ideas. Rise above chaos to gain perspective!

Career : Unexpected costs will force you to hustle or get creative with your businessbudget. A hallmark moment will arrive, when you will make some concrete moves and champion your passion projects in an important pitch-meeting towards the mid –year. For self-employed, branching out and connecting with cutting-edge collaborators will help you take your ideas to new heights.

Wealth : stagnant situation or a sudden change of fortune in the 2nd half of the year will lead you to think bigger, beyond the pay-cheque, and more towards other avenues of generating income.

Home : Home and family will be in spotlight! Headstrong emotions will stir up all kinds of feelings and moods, including a few strong tugs on your heartstrings. Avoid getting sucked into family dramas or playing savior for a loved one at the expense of your own goals.

Love : Obsession, jealousy and control issues will flare up, driven by your own shaky self-confidence or a greater desire for security. Singles might find love with someone from a different cultural background, or whose world view is divergent from yours.

Health :Embrace the power of prioritizing and following a solid routine! You will be inspired to dive into a hardcore workout regime. Be careful not to overdo, it as you could end up with an injury.

Angel's Message : "Raise your standards, and elevate your expectations"

Cosmo Tip : Keep an Amazonite crystal sphere on your work-desk, to nurture projects close to your heart.

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