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Articles on Astrology


Professional Compatibility between Employer and Employee

Share Market 2024

Celestial Dramas 2024

Jupiter’s transit to Taurus (01 May 2024 - 15 May 2025)

EST Interview : Astrologer Rajeev K Khattar

Worship of Family Deity helps you in your hardships

Rahu transits to Pisces; Ketu to Virgo

EST Celebrity Watch 2024

Saturn's transit over Aquarius

Re-connecting with your past-birth relationships

"Shobakrith" Solar New Year (14 April 2023 – 13 April 2024)

Marriage : Denied ? Delayed ? When ? How ? Happy ?

2024: Year of Yang Wood Dragon "Jia Chen"

Muhurtas in 2024

Making or Breaking of Love

Financial Gain in Share Market for Individuals

Timing of marriage : Annual Thithi Pravesha Chart

Curious about your Travel Abroad ?

Timing the Stock Market for May 2024

Precise predictions in EST hit the Bull's Eye

Economic Trends 2024

Fructification of Raja Yogas

Retrograde Jupiter Plays Havoc In The Marital Lives Of Female Natives

Dawn of New Year 2024

Numero-Guidance 2024

Mashinottam, A unique Divinatory Path

Your past-birth karmas and Nadi Astrology

Lunar New Year 2024-25

For sure & snapshot predictions, use the innovative technique of Chandra Naadi
On popular demand, the Editor has decided to bring to you some of our previously published articles. These articles are sorted under various headings and more will be continuously added to the list every month.
Character Analysis Through Numerology
Calculation through Intensity of Numbers

Arm Yourself With Your Own Amulet
The amulet works psychologically on the subconscious as a constant reminder of what you wish to achieve and strengthens the power of positive thinking.

Master Key To Achieve God
Prabhu Mastram, shares the divine mantra given to him by the Supreme PowerYour Fortune

The Astrological Combinations For Businessmen
In the present series of research articles, it is proposed to study the astrological combinations, which produce industrialists and businessmen of different categories.

NADI ASTROLOGY - Mystery Unravelled
"Natives, whose leaves are with us, are destined to come to us at the appropriate age specified on the leaves from any part of the world." says - Mr. Durai Subburathinam a Nadi Astrologer. (The very word Nadi in Tamil means (destined) to come on own accord.)

Timing Accurate Events with Vimshottri Dasa
The most widely used tool that one cannot do without. A gift from Parasara .

Select the right Gem and please the planets
Planets of malefic nature... Avoid those Gems

Remedies through Homa.
Effective vedic methods Remedies

Delayed Marriages
Some Indications and Remedies

Enjoy good vibrations indoors VAASTU SHILPA SHASTRA
We cant change Grihini Bala because we cant change Mother or Sister or Daughter. Only the strength of Gruha Bala can be altered by making use of Universal Directional Strength i.e. VAASTU. click for more

The Importance of Shraadh
Hindu mythology is rich in its legacies and traditions. Of the many rites, rituals, festivals and ceremonies, Shraadhs appear to be quite different......

Human Body And Gemmology
Our shastras indicate that gems affect the human body, giving either good or bad effects.

Plots With Projections And Roads
A square or rectangular plot is best preferred.........

Choose the sex of your child
No more gender gambles. Ancient secrets revealed Secrets.

Office Effects - Vaastu says -
The cognition of rhythm is resonance between the thought process of employees and objectives of the company. Vaastu assists in achieving rhythm.

Healing with Rudraksh
Take a right direction with this benefic bead Rudraksh from Vaastu

Interpret Your Dreams
Dreams are the language of your subconscioius. Learn to interpret and understand them....

Analyse Your Signature
A person's Signature is as unique as his finger prints. It offers psychological insignts into the past, present and future.

Golden Remedies of the Lal-Kitab The magic of the red book
The ancient book Lal-quitab was originally from Persia, Iran now. Remedies suggested by this red book are easy and effective.

Medical Palmistry
With the help of marks on the Mounts on the palm of a person, one can predict the disease he is prone to suffer.

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