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Choose the sex of your child ancient secrets revealed
Atul D. Maheswari

According to modern science of Embryology, the female physiology has no role in determining the sex of the child. The male is kept solely responsible for the birth of a male or female baby. At this point, Vedic science differs.

A male progeny has always been preferred in all the civilizations for various social and spiritual reasons. According to Hindu scriptures, a man's life without being blessed with a son, has been deemed incomplete.

The sex of the child in the womb is determined by the fertilization process of the X- Y-chromosome of the male. The female ovum contains only X-chromosome while the male sperm contains X as well as Y - chromosome. If the fertilization of ovum is caused by the Y-chromosome of the sperm, a male child is born otherwise it leads to the birth of a female progeny.

According to modern science of Embryology, female physiology has no role in determining the sex of child and male himself is solely responsible for the birth of a male or female baby.

At this point vedic science can be used to determine the outcome .

In Female anatomy the ovum has a choice for selecting sperm of one type of chromosome and rejecting the other type. This implies that females also have a distinct role in determination of sex of the child.

Ayurvedic studies based on astrological principles, know for sure that ovum from left ovary would attract sperm with X-chromosomes and give rise to conception of female child, similarly the ovum from right ovary would show affinity for sperm containing Y-chromosomes and result in the fertilization of a male child.

The modern embryology says that the ovum can be discharged from any side of the ovary (left or right) during first 10-12 days of the menstruation period for the purpose of fertilization. But vedic science says that the discharge of ovum from any side of the ovary is determined by the positions of stars and planets in the female horoscopes during such period.

There are two methods by which we can control the fertilization. I have done research of these methods and have been successful upto 80%.
Method 1 :
The Science of breath :
According to Ayurveda, 4th to 16th day after menstruation is the time for conception. Even number of nights are favourable for conceiving a male child. Odd nights numbers are favourable for conceiving a female child.

So first of all, choose even or odd nights according to your need. (male or female child).

Breathing through the left nostril is called Moon Svar and that through the right Nostril is called Sun Svar. When we breath through both the nostrils, it is called Sushmana svar which happens normally early in the morning or late in the evening.

To beget male progeny, the female should lie down on her right side. Then she will breath through the left nostril. The male should lie down on his left side. Then he will breath through the right nostril. Males Sun Svar will produce Y-chromosome which is responsible for male progeny. For begetting female progeny, do the opposite.

Note : If you want to start your right side breath (right nostril), sleep at least 15-20 Mts. on the left side, in such a way that your left hand carries your body weight and pressure. After 15-20 minutes, the right side nostril will automatically start breathing.
Method 2 :
By Shukla Pratipada calculations

The ancients implemented a lunar formula to determine the gender of the child.

First of all we have to find the last new Moon date before the woman's date of birth. For this, refer the Ephemeris.

Calculate the month of conception from that New Moon date. If it is odd, then it is a male progeny.
If it is even, then it is a female.
Case Study 1

Female born on 30/5/1968. Last New Moon date before her birthday was on 28/5/1968. A child was born to her on 9/4/1995.

Day Month Year

09 04 1995
Less 10 09

29 06 1994

(Gestation period 280 days)

i.e. she had conceived on 29th June 1994. Now we have to subtract the new Moon date from this date.

Day Month Year

29 6 1994
less 28 5 1968
1 1 26

i.e. She was 26 years, one month, one day old when she conceived converting it into months, 26 x 13 = 338.

Adding 1 month, we get 339. (odd)
The child born was male.

Case Study 2

Female born on 7/2/1969
New Moon date before her birthday 19/1/1969

Date Month Year

DOB: 24 12 1989
Gestation Period (less):
10 09

14 3 1989

She had conceived on 14th March 1989
Now to find the months, we subtract this date from New Moon Date.

Date Month Year

14 03 1989
Less 19 01 1969

25 1 20

Now we convert it into Months

20 x 13 = 260
+ 1


This is an odd figure and the child was male.

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