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"According to the Divine Order on 1st March 1994, I took to Ekantvas (Solitude) in one room and started living a casual life. On 20th April, by the grace of God I took Samadhi and left the physical body and journeyed to the spiritual world, where I had a discussion with the lmighty. The Supreme Power gave me the divine Mantra Om Prabhu Shanti, the chanting of it with havan, in a very simplified way in troubled times would help people feel peaceful. I was sent back into the physical body by the Almightys order to spread this divine mantra. Within a span of four years in Solitude who ever was given this divine mantra, Om Prabhu Shantiand those who chanted it with Havan have attained peace from physical, financial, family and other problems disturbing them. The essence of the wisdom that I attained during my solitude is presented in a question and answer form. With good feelings and with the Grace of God, may the wishes of all the people be fulfilled."


O Lord ! In modern times, (Kalyug) people feel distressed and lack Peace and therefore remain unhappy ? What could the reason be for such a state?

My child, Human beings presume happiness and unhappiness as per their individual concepts. In fact happiness and unhappiness are both my creations. When people get their desires granted, they feel happy and when their expectations are unfulfilled, they get depressed and unhappy and thus subsequently lose their peace of mind.

Every human is gifted with intelligence. When I want him to be happy, I give him the intellect (i.e.), the power to think right and when according to his Karmas, I want to give him unhappiness, I withdraw his intellect, so that he makes wrong decisions and is left feeling unhappy. I have gifted every human being with imagination. The individual can imagine his wishes being fulfilled and imagine peace, thus giving him hope in times of despair. I am the ocean of mercy, love and peace. If the individual walks one step towards Me, I walk nine steps towards him. But in Kalyug, people forget Me. Every individual is aware of the fact, that he is not immortal. His death was written the moment he took birth. Despite of being aware of the spiritual law, he remains ignorant about it. If a person observes himself every night before he sleeps, his levels of consciousness will rise. He may cheat others, but will not be able to cheat his conscience.


O Lord! If a person is distressed because of his deeds, how can he achieve you, the simplest way ?

My child, in Kalyug, devotion and prayer is the most simplest and easiest way. If any individual with a selfish or unselfish motive prays to Me, My help reaches him. I have endowed people with patience, satisfaction and forbearance. Those whose interests are directed towards Me rather than materialistic things, their wishes I fulfil quickly. Never fear the most troubled times. Trust Me completely. When people are in trouble, they try trading and negotiating with Me, by saying " O Lord, please grant me this wish and I will do such an such thing to please You". People are ignorant about the fact that I am Almighty, the Supreme Power.I can see the inner self of human beings, because they are a part of Me.

O Lord, what is the shortest route to obtain You, in Kalyug?

My child, if people sincerely remember me for 5-10 minutes in 24 hours, that is enough. People should try to do their Karmas or actions with an unselfish motive. Even if they act with a selfish motive, that is also all right with Me. But they must be aware that by cheating somebody, they are unknowingly cheating Me. It is futile then, to pray for 2-5 hours, if the actions are not pure. Hypocrisy and inflating ones ego is a normal practise in Kalyug. One should realize ones mistakes and character defects and truthfully admit it.

O Lord, people even blame You, that you ignore them?

Whatever I do, Whatever I give, I give according to ones Karma (destiny). People get everything from me. When they have nothing in their hands, they still want total control. That is because the ego says , I can fix it. This Ego gives birth to many vices like jealousy, extreme passions of anger, possessiveness and jealousy. But if their faith in me is perfect... if they surrender to Me completely I will take their pain away. After all I was the one, who gave them the pain, so I can withdraw it. People must trust me and be patient. For example, mangoes ripe at a particular moment in time. If you pluck the mango before it is ripe, wont it be sour. To get the right ripe fruit, one needs to be patient.

O lord, I am satisfied with your explanation, but please tell me the shortest route for human beings to achieve You?

My beloved child, in these grave times there are a lot of people who talk about achieving me, but deep within they have acute unfulfilled desires. With these desires they cannot achieve Me. Only when the desires get dropped, then only they can achieve Me. The most easiest way, is for one to gratify ones desires and continue to pray to Me. If for some reason, one is unable to gratify their vices in a natural way, then a simple way according to the spiritual world law is to chant, "Om Prabhu Shanti" and perform havan with this chanting to get freedom from these vices. By performing this havan, one can free ones self from the fruits of its action, as fire will burn the Karma. And by admitting truthfully ones mistakes, the person will be pardoned of ones deeds and free oneself from all attachments.

O lord! The method of havan and chanting "Om Prabhu Shanti" is simple, but how do you explain it according to different religious cults?

My child, the havan is related with the presence of fire, and the presence of fire is associated with all religions. Religion is made by people. In the spiritual world, there is no religion. All are One. In Hinduism, I exist in innumerable forms. According to christianity, I am Jesus Christ. In islam, I am Allah, and they worship me in Mohammed Paigambar. Among Parsis, I am Zoroastrian. In Jain religion, I am Mahavir. Among Buddhists, I am Buddha. In reality, I have no form, no shape, no body. I am in light form. From all my light, all souls are created. I am Universal. My relation to light is intense. Hence amongst Hindus, they perform havan and light the fire and perceive Me in that. Amongst Catholics, I am perceived in the light of the Candle. Among the Islams, I am perceived in the fire of the dhoop they perform. Amongst the Parsis, I am perceived in the light which they pray. Among Jainism, Buddhism, or any other religions that will originate as time goes on, I am present in the form of light. By gazing at the lit fire of the havan and the oblation of ghee, will help people free themselves of the Karma, whatever be their actions. "Om Prabhu Shanti" is given to you for Peace. In Kalyug it is very essential for people to attain Peace, before attaining Me. One cannot purchase Peace, one has to get My grace to experience it. There are four main problems, why peace does not happen.

1. Physical
2. Financial
3. Family
4. Social Status
To acquire the ultimate Peace, I have given you the easy chanting of the divine mantra, "Om Prabhu Shanti". Religious Sentiment: Muslims can chant "Allah Muje Shanti De" Christians can chant, "O God Grant Me Peace". Jains can chant "Navkar Mantra" and then add Om Prabhu Shanti.
The souls who have left their body and settled in the spiritual world chant this divine mantra, and gradually move to higher planes.

O Lord! Other than havan and chanting Om Prabhu Shanti, is there any alternative way to achieve You?

My child, during the ancient times (Satyug) people tried to burn their Karma by deep penance, devout austerity and meditation. But in Kalyug, people have no patience or time. So either they can try to fulfil their desires or burn it in a havan. Another alternate method, is to love all individuals alike. Everything in this universe is a part of me, and by loving everybody, you are actually loving Me.

Method For Havan

Please keep a copper havan patra (utensil) in a stainless steel plate and place one or two tablets of camphor and Samidha or plain sticks diagonally, so as to make a cross (X). Light the camphor, so that the sticks also catch fire. Then take a small spoon of ghee and pour a drop of it on the sticks, every time chanting the divine mantra, Om Prabhu Shanti . (Please do not utter the word Swaha after this mantra.) Continue doing this Havan for 5-10 minutes and if you experience joy, extend the havan time as per your convenience, as there is no time limitation. After performing the havan, keep the patra in the kitchen or open space so that the smoke does not spread. If one wishes to extend the havan for a long time, keep adding sticks to the havan fire as and when required.

Rules for Havan

According to the rules of the spiritual world, the havan can be performed at any time of day and night, before or after bath, in any convenient position sitting on the ground, or aasan, or chair, or even on a bed. Ladies can perform the havan even during their monthly cycle. There is no restriction of any kind for this havan. People who are used to smoking cigarettes or bidi,drinking, eating of pan, chewing of tobacco, can do this havan even while using them. Their habits oraddictions will disappear with their spiritual progress through chanting of this divine mantra while performing havan.

Other Benefits

By constantly looking at the havan fire, and by chanting this divine mantra, all disturbing and wavering thoughts will be destroyed in the fire which will result in concentration and equanimity.


Before the start of the havan, pray to the lord for solving your problems and write them in apiece of paper, seal it, and place it near the havan patra. Surrender to the Lord. Within a week or at the most within a month or two, the results will start showing. This is a firm assurance from thespiritual world.


Havan Patra does not require daily cleaning. It can be cleaned in a fortnight or a month.Havan Bhasma (ashes) should be collected in a container or a packet and can be applied for cure of any kind of physical discomfort or pain. A little of the Bhasma should be applied on the forehead and eaten as Prasad for cure of any internal problems. The remaining Bhasma should be immersed in the sea, river, pond, lake, well or even at the trunk of a tree.
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