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Your past-birth karmas and Nadi Astrology
By Sri Siva
Karma is the metaphysical law of causality. It is comparable to the physical law of Newton: every action causes an equal and opposite reaction. You do something in this lifetime and it comes back to you in the next lifetime.

Ones natal chart is clearly the representation of ones karma. For two decades I have been researching nadi astrology. The nadi astrological leaves are written by Siddhas and I have consulted almost all of them. The Siddhas use their intuitive ability to look into the past and future of the individuals. My case-study involves 500 people. My finding is that the future prediction is not 100% correct in all cases. It varies from person to person and the average accuracy ranges from 30 to 55 %. Why are not the Siddhas unable to predict 100%? I have put this question to the Siddhas themselves. The answers came and are interesting. They said that the clients who came with a sincere frame of mind got better results than the clients who were cynical. This is true in daily life. You become as you think.

If nadi leaves are not going to give the exact prediction is it any good to still consult them? The answer is  yes. The nadi is a great source of education. It links your past life with the present life and teaches you methods to change your life. For instance, if one had raped many women in his past life, he continues this habit in this lifetime also. Similarly if one had been a saint in previous life times, he comes back as a saint again. Once you identify what you had done in the past, then you can correct it in this lifetime. Again, from my own research I have found that people are unable to change their life-habits, even though I tell them in no uncertain terms what they need to do. For educational purposes I want to give a list of past karmas that produce situations in this lifetime, see table.
Past Life Present Life
Forced his wife against her will to sleep with a rich man The wife became the concubine of a rich man and later on came back to this man and again left him. The subject is without relationship.
The native married a number of women and killed them one by
one in order to get married to younger women.
Now jobless and dependant on women for his survival.
The native impregnated a virgin, abandoned her and went abroad. The virgin committed suicide.
Now he is childless and the women he marries die prematurely.
The girl deliberately messed up the marriages of young girls.
She has innumerable relationship problems.
The native ignored the parents and mistreated them. He undergoes problems in his old age.
The native blinded the eye of a Calf. Her eye surgery failed due to the mistake of the surgeon and she lost her vision.
He stole temple properties. His house remains under constant attacks of burglars.
The native never paid wages to her servants. Now jobless and is being exploited by others.
The native refused to marry the woman after engagement. The woman came back in this life and killed him.
The native was a jeweller. Someone came to sell his jewels. The jeweller offered a low price and when the seller said that he didn't want to sell them, the jeweller claimed that those jewels were his. The poor seller suffered a heart attack and died.
The native suffers heart problems and his family life is not harmonious, problems arising on account of children or wife.
Remedies in Nadi Astrology

Nadi astrology offers remedies for all kinds of bad karma. This involves visits to certain temples, performing rituals like donation to saints, virgins, married women and others. The remedies are based on the karma that each one has done in their past lives. Another important remedy is worshipping the yantra of the planet properly energized. It is better to worship the yantra of the devata of the planet rather than the planet itself. Also, it is important to pay a visit to Suryanarkoil regardless of what your karma is. The unique nature of Suryanarkoil is that the planets here are devoid of their weapons. Mantras used in the temple also do not refer to their malefic qualities. According to tradition, Lord Siva commissioned planets to be benign at Suryanarkoil. (A detailed list of Navagraha (nine planets) temples mentioned in the Nadi and when and how to get there can be obtained from my Ashram in India.

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