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Saturn's transit over Aquarius
By Dr. E.S. Neelakantan
Lal Kitab Remedies by Rajeev K. Khattar
THE most-dreaded transit in the world is that of Saturn, while the most eagerly awaited transit is again, that of Saturn. How is it so contradictory? Those under the grip of Saturn await its transit to the next sign, while those enjoying a favorable Saturn fear its transit! In this write-up, I will discuss the movements of Saturn, its impact on mundane affairs, influence on the twelve Zodiacal Signs and how it impacts people, who are born in any one of the twelve signs, representing the Zodiac. Saturn symbolizes the Karma (deeds) to be performed to uphold Dharma (righteousness), and hence it is known as "The Karma Karaka". It is the signifier of hard work, perfection, spirituality, discipline, reverse engineering, slowing down of events, obstacles, delays and matters foreign to a native. Saturn is the most dreaded planet, as it is considered the most malevolent, amongst all natural malefic planets of Vedic Astrology. Here, the effects of Saturn's transit are studied from different angles.

  Astronomical data

From the day it enters Aquarius till the day it enters Pisces, the movement of Saturn is as follows:- (Courtesy: www.drikpanchang)
On 15th December 2022, Saturn enters Dhanishta 2nd Pada; it moves on to Dhanishta 3rd Pada on 17th January 2023; on 15th February 2023 it moves on to Dhanishta 4th Pada. It enters into next Nakshathra, Satabisha 1st Pada on 15thMarch 2023. Saturn moves to Satabisha 2nd Pada on 16th April 2023. The next retrograde period of Saturn starts on 17th June 2023 in Satabisha 2nd Pada, continuously retrogrades into Satabisha 1st Pada on 22nd August 2023 and then it retrogrades into Dhanishta 4th Pada on 15th October 2023. Saturn turns progressive on 4th November in Dhanishta (4th Pada). After that, on 24th November 2023 it enters Satabisha 1st Pada and it moves onto Satabisha 2nd Pada on 11th January 2024. It continues its direct motion by entering Satabisha 3rd and 4th Pada on 10th February 2024 and 9th March 2024 respectively. Saturn moves on to the next Star, Purvabhadrapada 1st Pada on 6th April 2024. On 12th May 2024 it moves on to Purvabhadrapada 2nd Pada. Saturn becomes retrograde in Purvabhadrapada 2nd Pada on 30th June 2024. Then it retrogrades onto Purvabhadrapada 1st Pada on 18th August 2024. Retrograde Saturn enters Satabisha 4th Pada on 3rd October 2024. Saturn turns Progressive in Satabisha 4th Pada on 15th November 2024. Saturn enters Purvabhadrapada 1st Pada on 27th December 2024 and continues its direct motion by entering Purvabhadrapada 2nd Pada on 2nd February 2025. It moves onto Purvabhadrapada 3rd Pada on 2nd March 2025. On 29th March 2025, it enters Purvabhadrapada 4th Pada, thereby making its transit to the next house, Pisces.

  Table 1- Transit.
Entry into sign Date Time
Aquarius 17th Jan'2023 20:02
Pisces 29th Mar'2025 23:01

The next aspect we need to take note of are the Retrograde movements of Saturn. Saturn is retrograde for a period of 141 days, before commencing Direct motion. Retrogression for Saturn is from 17th June 2023 to 4thNovember 2023. The next phase of retrogression for Saturn is from 30th June 2024 to 15th November 2024, before entering Pisces on 29th March' 2025.

Table-2: Retrogression of transit Saturn
From   To  
Date Time Date Time
5th Jun'2022 03:16 23rd Oct'2022 09:37
17th Jun'2023 22:56 04th Nov'2023 12:31
30th Jun'2024 00:35 15th Nov'2023 19:51

Combustion is another phenomenon, which tends to affect the performance of a planet. It is important to know the dates of Combustion. Combustion timings can be seen in Table 3(Courtesy : Drikpanchang)

Table-3: Combustion of transit Saturn
From To
Date Time Date Time
24th Jan'2022 18:49 22nd Feb'2022 05:37
05th Feb'2023 18:53 07th Mar'2023 05:31

Moorthi Nirnaya method

The Moorthy Nirnaya method is well explained by Prof N E Muthuswamy in his magnum opus "Dictionary of Astrology".In this book ,the treatment is alike for both benefics as well as malefics. At the time of Saturn's entry into Aquarius, Moon will be in Anuradha Star (Pada 1). So Saturn is Swarna Moorthi for Capricorn, Gemini and Scorpio (1, 6 and 11 counted from Janma Rasi to Scorpio). It is Rajata Moorthi for Libra, Cancer and Pisces (2, 5 and 9 from JanmaRasi). It is Tamra Moorthi for Virgo, Taurus and Aquarius (3, 7 and 10 from JanmaRasi). It is Loha Moorthi for Leo, Aries and Sagittarius (4, 8 and 12 from JanmaRasi)

Table-4: Moorthi Nirnaya
Moorthi Effects Rahis
Swarms Maarthi Excellent Capricorn, Gemini and Scorpio
Rajato Moorthi Good Libra, Cancer and Pisces
Tamra Moorthi Average Virgo, Tarus and Aquarius
Loha Moorthi Bad Leo, Aries and Sagittarius

Saturn Transit reckoned from Birth Star (Janma Nakshathra):
The Star in which Saturn transits, reckoned from Janma Nakshatra, has vital importance in judging the nature of results. This is called Anga Shani. This can be judged from Table 5.

Table-5: Anga Shani
Star Part of the body Result
1 Face Fear, Loss
2 to 5 Left Shoulder Success
6 to 11 Leg Illness, Worries
12 to 16 Heart Gain of Money
17 to 20 Right Shoulder Fear
21 to 23 Head Gain of Status
24,25 Eyes Comfort
26,27 Anus Fear of Death

Saturn transit from Ashtakavarga angle
When Saturn in his Ashtakavarga transits a house which has zero to eight bindus, the results are as follows:

Table-6: Transit Effects from Astakavarga Angle
8One become the head of a village or town
7One gets fool slaves, came and other animals
6One gains respect from the leaders o thieves
5One gels bountiful agricultural produce
4Moderate happiness
3Los of wealth
2Imprisonment, sickness, anxiety, poverty stricken
0Loss of everything, death

Please note that interpretation of transit results without considering Ashtakavarga angle would lead to erroneous results. In an article of this nature, it is impossible to take into consideration all the individual charts. Hence the Astrologer should take all the predictions as generic in nature and not announce this to an individual without taking his/her Ashtakavarga chart into consideration. Transit rules are generic in nature. Ashtakavarga system enables correlation of transit results with reference to an individual's chart. Without Ashtakavarga system, transit rules will only lead to vague conjectures. Only with the help of Ashtakavarga, an erudite Astrologer can interpret transit results with the support of the natal chart.

Mundane Forecasts:
The transit of Saturn into Aquarius is highly beneficial.
  • For India, the march towards becoming a super power will continue. There will be considerable increase in Job Growth rate and youth will be benefitted much.
  • Only strong leaders will survive this transit and inefficient leaders will fade into oblivion.
  • The GDP of the economy will grow at an impressive rate. The law will be applied in a stern way and illegal activities will be curbed. During this transit, there will be no appreciable decline in Sensex and there will be steady growth. Due to discovery of crude oil and other measures, there will be decline in India's import of petroleum. Similarly gold reserves will be unearthed and there will be less of Gold imports.
  • The focus will be on administered prices and the common man will not be made to suffer due to fluctuation of prices in the market.
  • There will be discovery of Shiva Lingas from below the Earth and they will be installed and new temples constructed.
  • Accidents will register a steep decline. However, natural calamities such as Floods, Cyclones and Forest fires will occur, across the globe. There will be growth in production of Chemicals and fertilizers.
  • Tourism business will register a boom and the growth will mainly occur in religious tours. For everyone, blessings of the Guru will be there.
  • NATO countries will do well, and US will maintain status quo in terms of growth. There will be impressive growth for Russia, while China will face setbacks in its growth and expansion plans. US Dollars will lose its sheen and eventually it will settle down to a figure of Rs. 55 compared to one US Dollar.
  • Despite a good start, Shabaz Sherif may not be able to make the necessary inroads into the minds of the public, and consequently Imran Khan would stage a comeback. Both Sri Lanka and Pakistan would maintain harmonious relationship with India.
  • The Government of India would try to bring about a Legislation making "One Nation One Poll" a reality. Despite emerging victorious for the last two Lok Sabha Elections, the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections would still be conducted in the backdrop of a strong pro - incumbency wave.
  • Petrol prices would eventually stabilize and be sold to the consumer at about Rs. 90/- per litre. The alternatives to Petrol and Diesel would pose a serious problem. Electric vehicles, though scientifically feasible, would see lots of teething problems. Consequently, the decision to eliminate Carbon emissions arising out of fossil fuels, though theoretically a good idea, would practically be besieged with lots of problems in implementation.
  • There will be decline in practice of Allopathy and growth in Siddha, Unani and Homoeopathy.
  • Students would prefer to join BAMS instead of MBBS. The two main areas where concentration is required in the medical sector would be Cardiology and Diabetes. Pharmaceutical companies should try and manufacture drugs to alleviate the hardship of diabetics and heart patients and try to introduce new drugs to treat such cases.
  • The three sectors which would register a boon in the period when Saturn is in Aquarius would be Energy, FMCG and the pharmaceutical sector.


Predictions & Remedies for 12-Rasi Individuals

Aries ARIES :

Aswini, Bharani and Krittika (1)

Saturn moves from the 10th to 11th house, which is the Airy sign, Aquarius. The movement of the 11th lord to its own house is most welcome, and will ensure speedy completion of pending matters. All your wishes will come true. On the flip side, we need to appreciate that Saturn is a 'Loha Murthi' and also a badhaka planet for Aries. These twin negative factors can be overcome, through remedial measures.

Personal and Domestic : Your domestic life will be too good. Friends and relatives will go out of the way to shover their affection. For those who are bachelors or spinsters, the good news is that wedding bells are about to ring. An overseas trip is on the cards.

Career & Business : Existing issues will abate. Not only your bosses will be pleased with your work, but also a long-awaited promotion and salary-hike would materialize. You will maintain cordial relations with your superiors. Foreign assignments would come your way. Hitherto the anxiety associated with work would subside, and your role would be peaceful.

Students : For those who have been toiling hard, this period will ensure that they reap the benefits. Those preparing for going abroad will do well in GMAT, GRE, TOEFL and other similar exams.

Women : A wonderful atmosphere will prevail at home. At office, there will be lots of friendship and happiness through colleagues. Your husband will be very affectionate. Children will give you lots of support and affection.

Finance : There will be a spurt in income. This is an auspicious time to buy vehicles and to invest in Real Estate. You will also invest in Stocks and Crypto Currency. However, avoid lending of money or else you may find it difficult to recover the sum lent.

Birth Star Predictions

Aswini :
Health will be very good. Your friends will be supportive. This is the time to achieve your goals. Unnecessary confusions will decrease. Weddings are on the cards for some.

Bharani :
You will gain money through pay-hike or through incentives. You may go on a overseas holiday trip. Love affairs will end in marriage. Change of location / promotion is indicated for some.

Krittika :
After a long delay, most of your dreams will come true. Your fiance / fiancee may propose and you will be happily married with the consent of parents. You might shell off old properties, and buy new ones.

Vedic Remedies :
Worship Shani Bhagwan on Saturdays and light Gingelly oil lamps. Chant Hanuman chalisa daily. Visit Lord Balaji on Saturdays. Help the poor and the needy, by donating money as well as food.

Lal-kitab Remedies:

Apply a little Sandalwood oil on a square piece of Silver, and keep it in your Cash- box.
Treat your guests respectfully.

Taurus TAURAS :

(Krittika-2,3 & 4,Rohini and Mrigasira 1& 2):

Saturn moves from the 9th house to the 10th house, which is its own house.

The efforts you have put-in over the last few years will start yielding benefits. You will gain name and fame and your reputation will go up. Problems relating to health will get resolved. Chronic diseases will get cured. Mother's health requires attention. It is also good to have an eye check-up, as Saturn as "Tamramoorthi" can give some minor health issues.

Personal and Domestic : While your relationship with spouse will be good on the whole, there will be occasional bouts of friction. You will focus more on official matters, rather than look at domestic matters. Your speech is to be monitored, not to disturb domestic harmony.

Career and Business : You will be very successful in completing your jobs on the work-front. This will entail a lot of hard work. There will be cooperation from your staff and subordinates. You should avoid exerting yourself, beyond your capacity. Business expansion will happen. Long term foreign assignments may come your way.

Students : Students will come out with flying colors. You will get admission to foreign universities. Overall, this is a good time to succeed in competitive exams. Those doing C.A course will succeed.

Women : Those in romance will go through a few anxious moments of discord. However, by sticking to one's convictions, those in love would get married. There will be extravagant expenses on jewellery and clothes. On the home-front, children would be a source of joy.

Finance : Thanks to your hard work and dedication, the financial rewards would flow in automatically. You will be benefitted by incentive bonuses and cash rewards. Gains through speculation are also foreseen. Don't lend or take long-term loans now.

Birth Star Predictions

Krittika :
There will be some friction in your work-spot, due to ego problems. It is better not to participate in these ego clashes and remain focused on the job. Your acquaintances will help you financially to run the show.

Rohini :
Travel to exotic foreign destinations is foreseen. For students, a travel overseas for studies is foreseen. Students will get their admissions to their preferred universities. Financial stability will be adequate.

Mrigasira: :
This is a favorable period in your life. There will be stability on the job-front. For those looking for a job change, there will be ready-made openings, which will help them to relocate. You will face things confidently, and achieve the target.

Vedic Remedies :
Worship Lord Saturn on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Perform Haridra Ganapati Havan at home. Feeding of ants and crows will yield excellent results. Offer Gingelly oil to temples for lighting lamps.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Help & respect family priest.
Be careful, while travelling.



(Mrigasirsa 3 & 4, Arudra and Punarvasu 1,2& 3)

This is the beginning of a period, which marks the transition from darkness to light. Ashtama Shani gets over and with it all problems come to an end. Now Saturn will transit the 9th. There will be a great reduction to all your concerns, troubles, health issues and tensions. All round improvement is foreseen. In terms of fortune and prosperity, this is the beginning of good times to come. Saturn as 'Swarna Moorthi' would enhance positive results.

Personal and Domestic : This is a transition from Eighth house Saturn to Ninth house Saturn. This transit will bring about considerable reduction to your problems, health issues and things of nuisance value in your daily life. Your concerns, troubles and anxieties will abate. There will be marked improvement in all areas of your life. Your fortunes will be on the upswing. Saturn's entry in the most powerful Trikona will strengthen your spiritual pursuits.

Career and Business: 9th lord in the 9th house would bring about good chances of an overseas posting. Long pending incentives would materialize. There would be unexpected gains and windfalls as Saturn as lord of 9 aspects the 11th house. Communication skills would improve and good news keep pouring in thanks to aspect of Saturn on the 3rd house. Loans would get wiped out and enemies would disappear. Lottery winnings and gains through speculation appear likely through Saturn, as lord of 8 occupying the 9th. "Make hay while the Sun shines" should be your motto.

Students : Students would find it difficult to focus on studies. Lots of distractions would be there. Tendency is to postpone preparation for examinations to the last minute. Father's health would become a source of concern. You will get addicted to Music and Movies at the cost of studies.

Women : Children would become more demanding on your time and energy. Both office work and work at home would become tedious. However, you will enjoy the support of your husband. A holiday trip would materialize. You will start making plans for long term investments.

Finance : There will be gains through stock market and crypto currency. You will get additional income. Children would become self - sustaining, thanks to scholarships.

Birth Star Predictions

Mrigasira (3, 4) :
You will go on a pilgrimage. A long tour is also on the cards. Litigation would come to an end. You will maintain cordiality with your colleagues and superior officials.

Arudra :
You will overcome all obstacles. Business will flourish. There will be stability in one's occupation. There will be accretion to wealth.

Punarvasu(1, 2, 3) :
Health will be excellent. You need not go to a doctor at all. Speculation would yield modest profits. Your new endeavours will be successful.

Vedic Remedies :
Read Hanuman Chalisa daily. Chant Swayamvara Parvati stothram. Worship Lord Kartikeya. Visit His temple on Tuesdays, and offer a garland of Red.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Don't trust anyone blindly.
Every Saturday, pour water onto the roots of Peepal tree.



(Punarvasu 4, Pushya,Aslesha)

Saturn moving from the 7th to the 8th would be a matter of concern.

But there is no need to worry. Jupiter in the 9th would mitigate the hardship, while Saturn in its own house is not a problem-maker or problem-giver. Therefore, like the third umpire giving "Not Out" to a batsman given "Out" by the umpire, the maleficence of Saturn is mitigated, and you are bound to get good results. Saturn as 'Rajata Moorthi' is also a good feature.

Career and Business: You should be cautious in your work. As Saturn aspects your 10th, you need to put in extra efforts to get ordinary results. You should put in your best efforts to thwart your rivals and competitors. You will face obstacles and setbacks. Things may not work according to your plan; so mental stress and tensions will increase.

Students : You need to put in extra efforts to score marks. Those planning to go abroad need to attend coaching classes. You will lack the mental stamina to face the challenges. Romance will meet with setbacks.

Women : You may not get the due attention of your husband. Children prove to be of wavering mind. There will be increase in domestic expenditure. You will get good help from your maid servants. Regarding offspring, there may be delays or disappointments.

Finance : Unexpected windfalls are likely. You will get gifts from friends and relatives. Your financial goals will be reached. There is a need to avoid speculation. You need to exercise vigilance in financial matters. Partnership business will fail to take off.

Birth Star Predictions

Punarvasu(4) :
There will be some obstacles in 2023. Keep working hard, and you will reach the goal. Your friends will support you in times of need. Take expert opinion, before embarking on any project.

Pushya :
There will be harmony at home and at office. Your reputation will go up by leaps and bounds. Practice Yoga and meditation to keep fit. Have confidence in your talent and skills.

Aslesha :
A foreign posting appears likely. You will go in search of Greener pastures. Mother's health requires attention. Problems with spouse will get resolved.

Vedic Remedies :
Visit Shani Shingnapur to overcome the effects of Saturn. Chant Dasaratha Shani stothra daily. Chanting Rudram will do a world of good. Donate food to beggars and poor people. Offer Gingelly oil or ghee to temples, whenever possible.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Be a pure vegetarian.
Clean and dry your nose, before starting any important work.




(Makha, Purvaphalguni,Uttaraphalguni 1):

Saturn in the 7th usually gives troubles in marriage, romance, partnership or any sphere of activity, which requires the cooperation of someone with whom you need to interact with. This coupled with the fact that Saturn is Loha Moorthi is a double whammy, which you will be able to circumvent, given the fact that Saturn is transiting its own house.

Personal and Domestic : A few problems on the marital front is foreseen. Health of partner requires attention. A few financial disputes would come up. Overall, it is better to remain focused on one's job. Sustained efforts would lead to success in ventures. Mother's health might require constant monitoring.

Career and Business : Possibility of an overseas posting appears bright. There will be stress on the work-front. Movement of Jupiter into Aries in 2023 would be a blessing. Overall, a period in which caution is required. Promotion might get postponed. Colleagues could give you pinpricks. Businessmen will find the going a bit tough. Controversy among partners, Labour unrest are likely.

Students : There will be lots of diversions. There will be lots of homework to be done. Lots of time will be spent on Tuition classes. After initial hiccups, romance will blossom into marriage.

Women : A tough phase ahead for working women. You will find it difficult to manage the work-life and home-front. Husband will be very supportive.

Finance : A conservative approach to finance is required. It is better to lead a simple life and avoid extravagance. Funds may be required for daughter's marriage. Money will come from several sources.

Birth Star Predictions

Makha :
You will be rewarded for your hard work. Outstanding debts will get cleared. A foreign trip is likely. Career prospects for the unemployed will be good. Overlook the trivial issues, to avoid arguments.

Poorvaphalguni :
Long-outstanding debts will get cleared. All round success is foreseen. You may travel abroad for higher studies. You will tie the wedding knot. Be careful in dealing with your co-workers. Some will sell off old properties.

Uttaraphalguni :
Some will get favours from the Government. Export orders will fetch you bumper profits. Your spouse's relations will bestow all their love and affection upon you. You will invest in house property. You will spend money on charities. Health ailments will gradually reduce.

Vedic Remedies :
Visit the temple of Lord Shiva on Mondays. Visit Vasishteshwarar temple at Thittai. A visit to Shani temple at Tirunallar will do you a world of good. Do Ganapathy Havan on Sankatahara Chaturthi days.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Not to fall in the temptation of illicit relationships
Keep Honey in a square-shaped Silver container in the bedroom



(Uttaraphalguni 2, 3 & 4, Hastha and Chitra 1 & 2):

Saturn transits to sixth house. You are on the verge of a golden phase in your life. Whatever you touch turns into Gold. All your dreams will come true. So make use of this golden phase and achieve all your dreams and desires. As 'Tamra Moorthi' results will be maintained, only if you work very hard.

Personal and domestic : You will certainly make a mark in life. You would enjoy good health, and you will be in the best of moods. Your plans will fructify rather soon. Windfalls appear likely. Friends will go out of the way to help you. You will have the blessings of Guru and God. Travels will be fruitful

Career and Business:
With new business skills, you will expand your horizon of work. You will have a meteoric rise in your career. You will get offers from top companies. Your views will get acceptance from top Management. You will also get steep pay-hike. You will get the tacit support of your subordinates.

Students: Those appearing for B.L, B. Tech, C.A, M.B.A and other competitive exams will come out with flying colours. You will get admission to foreign Universities. You will pass exams and come out with Gold medals.

Domestic bliss is assured. Your husband will bestow all his love upon you. There will be a little bit of friction with children. You will come out of chronic health issues. A long-awaited holiday trip will materialize.

Finance : Business yields huge profits. Professionals will see addition to clientele and your gross fees will go up considerably. Windfalls appear likely. Increments will be given to those in service.

Birth Star Predictions

Uttaraphalguni :
You will meet with resounding success in all ventures. Pending issues would get resolved soon. You can pursue higher education now. Roadblocks and bottlenecks will get cleared. A long overdue promotion will materialize.

Hasta :
A long overdue promotion will materialize. Long-pending suits will be decided in your favour. Politicians will find favour from higher ups in the party. Cricketers will get name and fame. Your multi-faceted talents will get appreciation and recognition.

Chitra(1,2) :
You will be inclined to work hard. All your efforts will be crowned with success. Some will go on a pilgrimage and succeed in spiritual sadhana. Dame Luck will be on your side. This is the time for fun and frolic.

Vedic Remedies :
Worship Shani Bhagwan at Tirukollikadu. Visit Anjaneya Swami temple at Namakkal. Chant Kanakadara stothram daily. Offer grass to cows. Offer Gingelly oil to a Shiva temple on Saturdays.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Not to use new Leather and Iron products.
Apply Turmeric paste as Tilak on the forehead.



(Chitra 3 & 4, Swati and Vishaka 1,2& 3):

The suffering induced by Ardhashtama Shani gets over. But is the 5th house Saturn good in transit? Answer is in the negative. 5th house rules over intelligence prompting a person to take wrong decisions. Saturn in 5 is detrimental to romance, speculation and matters relating to progeny and children. As 'Rajata Moorthi', positive results can be enhanced a little.

Personal and domestic : There will be some amount of tension and anxiety. Yoga, diet, prayer and meditation can calm the mind. You can also take the help of Reiki healers. Things will get sorted out at the eleventh hour. Quarrels could vitiate domestic harmony. Senior Citizens in your family should opt for a master check-up. Wedding of your son/daughter would bring cheer to the family.

Career and Business : There will be support from subordinates, but your superiors will not care for you. Your professional rivals will get wiped out. You may not be on good terms with your bosses. However, this is just a passing phase and there is no need to worry. Work-pressure will build up. Software professionals will fare better.

Students : You will come out with flying colours in your examinations. Some of you will emerge as school-toppers. You will do equally well in extra-curricular activities. You will get admission to higher institutions on Sports quota.

Women : You will feel unnecessarily tensed over routine matters. You will go through high levels of anxiety. Your patience will be tested to the hilt. Time to check your B.P and ensure that you get proper rest. Your family members will extend their whole-hearted support to you.

Finance : This is the best period to overcome your debts. In the ensuing year, you will become completely debt-free. Your net worth will go up. Your savings will go up. Speculation will yield bumper profits.

Birth Star Predictions

Chitra(3, 4) :
Your romantic life will become exciting. Romance will translate into marriage. You will get a salary-hike. Take expert opinion, before venturing into major activities.

Swati :
You will enjoy the love and affection of your mother. Relatives would get estranged. Your ties with your brother will be bitter. An overseas trip is on the cards. Professional growth would demand extreme hard work.

Visakha(1, 2, 3) :
You will occasionally lose your temple; avoid it. Your hard work would yield fabulous results. This is the time to reap the fruits of your past efforts. Unexpected gains are foreseen. A windfall appears likely.

Vedic Remedies :
Saturn in the 5th will activate your past karma, leading to difficulties. In case, your past karma is good, there is nothing to worry. Chanting of Rudram with Chamakam and then performing a Havan will yield good results. Visit to Shani Shingnapur will do a world of good. Whenever possible, donate Gingelly oil to Shiva temples. Light ghee lamps to Devi Durga.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Verify the facts yourself, before taking important decisions.
Not to indulge in legal hassles



(Visakha 4, Anuradha and Jyeshta):

Saturn in Ardhashtama(4) could take some toll on your health and well-being. Nevertheless, the same is neutralized by a well-placed Jupiter in the 5th and Rahu in the 6th. The presence of Saturn in his own house is also a blessing. Further Saturn is 'Swarna Moorthi' and that is in another way, a redeeming feature of the transit.

Personal and domestic :
There could be some uneasy moments on the domestic front. Aspect of Saturn on the 6th could trigger some minor health issues. There will be some kind of restlessness in your mental make-up. Chronic health problems could abate. Be careful while driving. Your house would need renovation.

Career and Business:
Work will be tedious. There may not much of support or encouragement from bosses. It is better to remain focused on your work. For freshers, job prospects will be less, and getting selected becomes a challenge. Companies will face the heat of statutory regulations and you will be forced to take care of the compliance requirements. There will be delay in implementation of projects.

Students : Hard work is required to complete your course. Some might lose out on competitive exams like NEET, by a few marks. Prepare comprehensively, rather than focus on a few past examination papers. Through fear of failure, you will be forced to travel the extra mile.

Women: Home-makers will find life a bit of a struggle. Support of the family will be lacking. Diet, Yoga and prayers will help you a lot. Jogging or walking in the morning will keep you healthy. Follow the motto - "Early to bed and early to rise-makes a man/woman healthy, wealthy and wise".

Finance : There will be some roadblocks to money-inflow. It is better to avoid speculation. Budgeting will help you plan your financial requirements. Do not invest more in your business. Financial goals need to be kept realistic in order to be achievable.

Birth Star Predictions

Visakha(4) :
Career growth might slow down. It is better to stick to existing business and routine activities, and avoid trying something new. Children will be in a buoyant mood. You will buy some new vehicles.

Anuradha :
Even routine matters will get delayed. You will get irked by frequent repairs works at home. Financial growth will remain stable. Neighbours will be helpful. Long distance travel might be forced upon you.

Jyeshta :
You will be in a wavering mood. You will be blamed for matters due to no fault of yours. However, parents will remain a constant source of support at all times. Your Savings might dwindle. Do not share confidential matters with others.

Vedic Remedies :
Chant Hanuman Chalisa daily. Visit the Yantra Saneeshwara temple at Erikuppam (Near Arcot, Tamil Nadu). Do Girivalam at Thiruvannamalai. Chant 'Om Namah Shivaya' 108 times daily. Meditate on Lord Shiva during Pradosha period.

Lal-kitab Remedies :

Not to consume White milk and White Rice, after sunset
Feed sweet biscuits to the Crows.



(Moola, Poorvashada and Uttarashada 1) :

The end of Sade-sathi means a fruitful phase in your life. In Gochara, the transit of natural malefics in 3, 6 or 11 lend vitality and motivation to attain cherished goals. In more ways than one, the transit of Saturn over Aquarius is a welcome sign, in 3rd as SwarnaMoorthi.

Personal and Domestic : There will be much happiness at home. Most of the existing problems would get resolved, and you can heave a sigh of relief. A family re-union appears possible. This is the time to spend happy moments with family and friends. All domestic commitments will be met satisfactorily. Long-pending trips would materialize.

Career and Business : You will get new ideas. Promotion and pay-hike are on cards. Enemies will turn into friends. This is an exciting phase in your career. The ladder of growth is being kept just in front of you, and you should be ready to climb, in order to reach the top. Your Superiors will recognize your skills, and give additional responsibilities.

Students: This is an ideal time to prepare for competitive exams and you are sure of getting admission to prestigious universities abroad. You will get Visa, without much hassle. You will also get aid and scholarship to study abroad. Research-workers will get their long-awaited PhD degree.

Women: Children's health will be good. You will participate in social activities. You will be able to manage your household chores much better. You will get even sufficient time for an afternoon nap. Those applying for VRS will be successful, thanks to Company's policy. Those who are into Insurance business will be successful.

Finance : Income will exceed your expenditure, by good margin. Past debts will be cleared once and for all. Your portfolio will start giving healthy returns. This is the time to start investing in SIP, in order to create wealth for the future. This is an ideal time to prepare a Will, and settle your properties on children and legal heirs.

Birth Star Predictions

Moola :
An overseas role may be assigned to you. Your career as well as personal life will be good. Children will be independent. You will succeed in your new schemes, you will show interest in learning new skills.

Poorvashada :
Delayed events will start re-surging in your life. Travels, both for leisure as well as for official purposes, will be fruitful. You will be hale and healthy. Domestic bliss of a high order is assured. Auspicious occasions will take place.
Childless couples will be blessed with progeny.

Uttarashada(1) :
Expect to travel quite frequently. You will invest in a villa-like residential property. Cars and other luxuries will become part of your life. Your life will see speedy progress. Times of budgeted expenditure are over.

Vedic Remedies :
Visit to Lord Balaji temple at Tirupati will do a world of good for you. Chant Vishnu Sahasranamam daily. Also chant Dasaratha Shani stothram, to ward off the negative effects of Saturn and to augment its positive effects. Visit a nearby temple as often as possible, and sit there in meditation.

Lal-kitab Remedies :

Donate eye drops in a charitable dispensaries/ hospitals
Be pure vegetarian



(Uttarashada 2, 3 & 4, Sravana and Dhanishta 1,2):

You are now on the last lap of Sade-sathi technically called as "Pada Shani". This means you have only a one-third residue of the Sade Sathi to be undergone by you. The good news is that this will pass on without much of an issue, thanks to Saturn becoming Swarna Moorthi for your Rasi.

Personal and domestic : There will be all comforts at home. However, you may face digestive problems and so you need to be careful with your food and diet, and also need to be vigilant with respect to health of children. Gossip and arguments are to be strictly avoided. Your speech could lead you into troubles. Don't stand surety for others, or give loans.

Career and Business : Change of job/profession is likely for a few. There will be slow and steady improvement in career. A small hike in salary is foreseen. Avoid arguments with bosses. A few issues with business-partners are likely. Office-atmosphere might be unfriendly occasionally.

Students : The present phase appears to be challenging. Once you complete the final exams, you will realize that your efforts are fully rewarded. There may be some issues with your teachers. You will tend to be more independent, and avoid taking help from parents.

Women : You will have lots of work to do at home. You need to avoid any sort of confrontation with your husband, in order to maintain peace at home. Some may be eye problems. Children will be co-operative. Neighbours will pose problems.

Finance : This is a time of austerity measures, and so curtail expenditure. Try to improve savings, and to build a corpus for the future. Avoid speculation as there could be ups and downs in the markets. You will invest in schemes, which would take care of children's education.

Birth Star Predictions

Uttarashada (2, 3, 4) :
Due to work pressure, your attention to family matters will dwindle. Your spouse will be highly cooperative. You will go on a pilgrimage tour. You will be more health conscious. Colleagues might not be very co-operative.

Sravana :
This is a challenging phase on the official front. There will not be much support from subordinates and colleagues. You will burn midnight oil to complete the work. However, your bosses will appreciate your work. Health will be just about ordinary.

Dhanishta(1,2) :
You will be flooded with funds. You will go on a long-awaited foreign trip. You will buy a luxury car. There will be an unexpected change of job or promotion. You will pay off your debts gradually.

Vedic Remedies :
Light ghee lamps to your Family deity daily. Chant Shani Chalisa on Saturdays. Visit Shani temple at Tirukollikadu in Tamil Nadu. Offer food to the poor and clothes to the downtrodden. Feed cows and ants.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Not to apply oil on the forehead.
Daily go to any temple barefoot and seek forgiveness for the sins & wrong-doings committed by you in this birth or any of previous births - knowingly or unknowingly.



(Dhanishta 3 & 4, Satabisha and Poorvabhadrapada 1,2& 3):

Saturn enters your Janma Rasi and you are about to enter a challenging phase in your life. However, Jupiter in the 2nd and Rahu in the 3rd will support you to the hilt. Saturn and Jupiter, both in own houses will certainly reduce.

the impact of Sade-sathi. Saturn is Tamra Moorthi, capable of giving average results.

Personal and domestic : You will meet with mixed fortunes. Certain days will be good, and certain other days will not be good. But this is not something to worry about. If you can choose to remain contented, this period will do you a world of good. You need to take extra care of your health.

Career and Business : Superiors and colleagues might not co-operate well with you. You should be careful in decision-making. There will be unwanted transfers and postings within your organization. You can say "No" to your posting, if you are willing to reject the promotion offer. Cost-cutting will be the order of the day. You will be told to get rid of excess staff.

Students : You will burn the midnight oil to excel in studies. Some of you will join crash courses. Your friends will remain loyal to you.

Women : To some extent there will be friction at home. Those who are recently married will conceive. A child birth in the family is on the cards. Your parents will remain a source of support for you. It will be difficult to balance home and work fronts. Mood swings are likely.

Finance : Stay cautious, while negotiating financial matters. Expenses will be on the higher side. Relatives will cause expenditure. This is the time to plan and create wealth for future needs. You need to sell off your shares, and book profits. You will invest in an immovable property.

Birth Star Predictions

Dhanishta (3, 4) :
There will be issues, related to health and family. You will try to maintain a low profile, in order to avoid friction at home. In-laws will become a source of nuisance. Your involvement in spiritual pursuits will increase.

Satabhisha :
A lot of challenges are likely in your career. Your health needs attention. You will not be in the best of moods. Recreation will do you a world of good. You can join some new course, in order to update your knowledge.

Poorvabhadra :
You will be inclined to lead a happy-go lucky life. Please do your check-ups regularly. You will be inclined to celebrate your birthdays in a pompous way. Yoga, diet and work outs at gym would benefit you. Unnecessary confusions will decrease.

Vedic Remedies :
Chant Purusha Suktam and Sri Suktam daily. Visit Lord Viswanath temple at Kashi. Worship Saibaba at Shirdi, and also go to Shani Shingnapur. Donate to temples and poor students. Offer Tulsi to Lord Hanuman on Saturdays.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Daily pour sweet milk onto the roots of a Banayan tree.
Feed the Monkeys with Bananas.



(Poorvabhadrapadha 4, Uttarabhadrapada and Revati):

Challenges bring the best out of you. In a way Sade-sathi(12th ) is a challenge, from which you will come out successful. Saturn as 'Rajata Moorti' will strengthen your fortitude to come out successful in future. You will be choosy about what works you intend to do.

Personal and domestic : Introspect more and act without haste. "Speech is silver but silence is golden".this should be your motto till the end of Sade-sathi. You will not give the complete picture to your spouse, but highlight only the rosy features. An overseas vacation with family is on the cards. A wedding in the family is about to take place. Take extra care of your health. Regular exercises are necessary.

Career and business : Some might have to stay away from family, for official purposes. You will lack the patience to deal with your clients. Your subordinates may not have the capacity to fulfil the expectations of your clients. Your business will register steady growth. You will get one large client all of a sudden, whose corpus can even double your existing business.

Students : You will get selected to foreign universities. Those staying in hostels and mansions will find lots of hassles and problems with amenities. You are advised to read model papers and do mock tests. Preparation for exams should start well in advance.

Women : You will invest lots of time in costumes and in procuring cosmetics. Social life will be fulfilling. You will get to meet your school and college friends through a re-union. Family life will be peaceful. Children might not be very co-operative.

Finance : Despite Sade-sathi, finance will be good. You will do cost-cutting. You will honour all your existing commitments, but skip those expenses, which border on extravaganza. Spiritual and charitable expenses will be there for you to meet. Don't lend or take long-term loans now.

Birth Star Predictions

Poorvabhadra(4) :
Some might switch jobs in haste. Act with mental composure. Your confidence and perseverance will help you to overcome past issues. There will be some Karmic problems. Through grit and God's grace, you will come out successful.

Uttarabhadra :
You will feel the problem of loneliness. Your friends will keep you happy. You need to keep yourself fully occupied with some work or the other. There will be work on the home-front, which will take some amount of your time and energy.

Revati :
Your belief in God will help overcome Sade-sathi. You will enjoy the company of your friends and well-wishers. You will be forced to take on additional responsibilities. Your family members will be very supportive. Take care of mother's health.

Vedic Remedies :
Offer Gingelly oil to temples of Lord Shiva. Donate articles made of iron to poor and the needy. Go on a pilgrimage to Guruvayur and offer prayers to Lord Krishna. Chant Mahamrtyunjaya mantra, as often as possible. Worship Lord Hanuman with dedication.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Apply Mustard oil on the soles, before going to bed.
Feed a Black Cow daily, with Green grass/ Spinach.

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