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Hindu New Year 2019-20
mundane predictions for India
By Sachin Malhotra

The 2nd house of finance, economy and government exchequer, is getting the aspects of as many as 4 planets. Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars give their aspects to the 2nd house in the Hindu New Year horoscope. So there will be upheavals in the Stock markets and economic reforms will also pick-up in fast pace.

THE conjunction of Saturn-Jupiter is known to bring major social, political and economic changes in the world. The conjunction of these two major planets in the Fiery sign is studied more deeply, as it creates catastrophic changes in the world order through a chain of events, which become historic. In year 2019, the Saturn-Jupiter will be conjoined in Sagittarius and later in 2020 (after March), they will be again in conjunction in the Capricorn sign. As per Jaimini System the Sagittarius is the strongest among the 12 signs and the Capricorn is the weakest. The conjunction of Saturn-Jupiter in these two Rasi's has always brought major social and political changes in the world.

In 1960, when Jupiter and Saturn were in Sagittarius together, the society of USA experienced a major 'sexual revolution', known as 'Roaring Sixties'. The society of USA then started to become more open towards sex and extra-marital relations, which destroyed the institution of marriage badly. During 1960's, women started protesting for equal rights and demanded their independence from men through a serious of campaigns in the USA. The 'Bra Burning Protests' were widely organized by women, in the entire USA, as a symbolic gesture to show independence from men. The 1960's was the era in the Western society, when women came out of their shells of being confined to the role of housewives and mothers. Apart from this, the civil right movement in USA, Vietnam war and anti-war protests, political assassinations and 'emerging generation gap' was also considered as the major happenings of the 1960s by the historians.

In 1962, the Saturn-Jupiter were conjoined in Capricorn which brought 'Cuba Missile Crisis' which nearly put the USA and then USSR (now Russia) into a war-like situation. The 'Indo-China' war was also a major event, which bring a major setback for India, and its Prime Minister Jawahar lal Nehru's international reputation was badly damaged. The year 1962 was also historic in Space technology as Neil Armstrong of USA then became the first man to walk on the Moon.

Saturn and Jupiter are going to be in conjunction again in 2019 in Sagittarius which is going to be very important for India, which will be undergoing general elections then. The Hindu New Year horoscope and Foundation chart of India suggest that a weak coalition government may then bring major fall in the Stock markets around May-June months. The year will also be noticeable for historic judgments of the Supreme Court in the matters related with 'marriage and sex', and there will be major reforms in the Indian judiciary.

The transit of Saturn from 'war sign Sagittarius' will also aggravate the ongoing 'Rafael deal' case in the Supreme Court. Interestingly, last time, when Saturn was in Sagittarius in 1989-90, the 'Bofors Scandal' had then created major political upsets, giving loss of power to Rajiv Gandhi in the General elections of 1989. V.P. Singh, who then became the Prime Minister (December 1989- November 1990) decided to implement the 'Mandal Commission' report to give reservations to the OBC (Other Backward Cast) in Government jobs. This move of V.P. Singh ignited a cast confrontation from which the Indian society and politics have still not recovered completely. Apart from this, during the transit of Saturn from Sagittarius in 1989-90 the 'Ram Janmabhoomi Andolan' by the BJP and RSS also tear-apart the social-secular fabric of Indian society. Now Saturn is in Sagittarius again with another Defense scandal (now Rafael) dangerously looming as a danger over the head of current Prime Minister and 'Ram temple' issue is also likely to be aggravated in the year 2019-20 during the conjunction of Saturn-Jupiter. The report of CAG on 'Rafael deal' and 'Demonetization' in the last quarter of 2019, when Saturn-Jupiter will be in Sagittarius, may bring a storm in Indian politics.

Chaitra Shukla Pratipada

In the Hindu New Year 2019 (Pisces New Moon 2019 horoscope), the Cancer sign is rising, which is the 3rd house of the Foundation chart of Indian Independence. The luminaries (Sun and Moon) are in the 9th house of religion and judiciary. 9th lord Jupiter is in conjunction with Saturn and Ketu. Mars from the 11th house is giving aspect to the 9th lord Jupiter, showing aggravation of these matters. So the events related with religion and judiciary will be in prominence during the time-period of operation of this chart from April 2019 to April 2020.

Apart from this, the 2nd house of finance, economy and government exchequer, is getting the aspects of as many as 4 planets. Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars give their aspects to the 2nd house in the Hindu New Year horoscope. So there will be upheavals in the Stock markets and economic reforms will also pick-up fast pace.

Correlating Hindu New Year 2019 horoscope with Foundation Horoscope of India

Balance of Dasa in Vimshottari: Saturn 18 Years 0 months 25 days
In the Foundation horoscope of India, the Vimshottari dasa of Moon-Jupiter is running from October 2018 to December 2019. Jupiter as the lord of 11th and 8th house is in the sixth house of Court cases and strife. The 11th lord placed in the 6th house also shows 'come-back' or 'a fight-back'. Jupiter is giving aspect to the 10th house from lagna and Moon, which shows that the present government will come back to the power again, after the General elections of 2019. But since the sub period lord Jupiter is in enemy sign Libra and in enemy Navamsa Taurus, the Government at the Center will become very weak, and will struggle to control the demanding Coalition partners.

Weak Coalition at the Center
The 10th lord Saturn in the Foundation horoscope of India is transiting from the 8th house Sagittarius, which is another astrological indication that the central government will become very feeble and will face lots of controversies in 2019. During the last General elections in 2014, the transiting Saturn was exalted in Libra sign, like it was in 1984, when Rajiv Gandhi had won General election with a record 414 seats in the Parliament. In 2014, BJP had won 282 seats on its own, giving them comfortable majority; with their alliance partners they had 340 seats in the 543 member's Parliament.

Scientific Inventions and Space Technology: The placement of two benefics Mercury and Venus in the 8th house of Hindu New Year horoscope is a great indication for some major scientific inventions and progress in the Space technology for India. In the Foundation horoscope of India the sub period of 8th lord Jupiter is running till December 2019. So from April 2019 to December 2019, we can expect some major achievements by India's leading scientific organizations like DRDO and ISRO, which will give the country international fame. In the Hindu New Year horoscope, the 8th lord Saturn in the 6th house along with Ketu and Jupiter shows new inventions in the fields of medicines. However, the ambitious health insurance plan 'Ayushman Bharat Yogana', will come under huge controversies.

Border Clashes with Pakistan and China: In the Hindu New Year horoscope, Saturn is the King of the year, as the 'Chaitra Shukla Pratipada' is falling on the Saturday, which is a day-after the conjunction of Sun and Moon in Pisces (Meena) at the same degrees on the 5th of April. Saturn becoming the King of year is not very good for the security of country's borders. The Prime Minister in the planetary cabinet is Sun, as the 'entry of Sun in Aries' is happening on Sunday (14th of April). So the minister of the year is a sworn-enemy of the King of the year, which indicate problems for the higher leadership of the country. The 3rd lord Mercury in the 8th house shows these troubles. Sun, Moon and Saturn aspect the 3rd house of border clashes in the Hindu New Year horoscope. After the Partial Lunar Eclipse of 2019, there will be lots of border tensions between India and Pakistan, in which China will openly support the latter.

Partial Lunar Eclipse

Partial Lunar eclipse of 17 July 2019 will be visible in Indian sub-continent and China. The 3rd lord Moon in this Taurus lagna chart is badly placed in the 8th house of 'mass deaths'. Moon is afflicted by Ketu and retrograde Saturn. The aspect of Jupiter on the 3rd house is a saving grace here, which will prevent war, despite all the tensions between India and Pakistan then. Although the tensions will escalate to such levels that peace-talks between the two countries will be broken around September 2019, when period of Moon-Jupiter- Mars will be running in the Foundation horoscope of India.

Death of Important Leaders: In the Hindu New Year horoscope, the 8th lord Saturn falls in the 6th house with Ketu and get the 8th aspect of Mars, which is a yoga for national mourning. In Foundation chart of India, the sub period of 8th lord Jupiter will run till early December. So the period from 17th July to early December will bring the news of the death of some important leaders, specially within the 3 months of this Lunar eclipse falling on the 17th of July.

A possible Earthquake in North-India and Pakistan: The Lunar eclipse of 17th July falling in the Uttarashada Nakshatra also indicates a major earthquake in Nepal and North India, which is signified by this Nakshatra, as per Koorma-Chakra. The eclipse will be bad for Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, which are specifically signified by the Sagittarius sign. An earthquake around the 30 days of this Lunar eclipse can create problems for both India and Pakistan then.

Celebrity Marriage Break-ups: In the Hindu New Year horoscope, the 7th lord Saturn falls in the 6th house of disputes, along with 6th and 9th lord Jupiter. Ketu is also in conjunction with 7th and 8th lord Saturn in the Hindu New Year horoscope and the aspect of Mars is afflicting it badly. There will be major news of some celebrity marriage break-ups in 2019, which will surprise the entire nation.

Court decisions on Marriage and Sex related laws: The Indian judiciary has revolutionized our society in 2018, with landmark judgments of Supreme Court in September on decriminalizing 'adultery' and 'gay sex'. The Apex court had struck down section 377, declaring 'gay sex no longer a crime'. It also did the same with section 497, dealing with 'adultery in marriage'. Now in the last quarter of 2019 and in early 2020, when transiting Saturn-Jupiter will be in conjunction in Sagittarius, they will be giving aspect to the natal 7th lord Mars of the Foundation horoscope of India. This may bring some sensational judgments of the Supreme court, in cases related with 'Nikaha Halala' , 'LGBT Marriges' , 'Immoral Trafficking Act 1956', 'Marital Rape under section 375' etc. all related with marriage and sex. This will have a long lasting impact on the Indian society. Apart from it, the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn after March 2020, will bring an important judgment in favor of Ram Temple in Ayodhya, as the Capricorn is the 9th house of the Foundation chart of India.

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