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Vedic Lunar New Year 2022-23
mundane predictions for India
By Sachin Malhotra

(1 April 2022 - 21 March 2023)
Lunar New Year 2022-23 chart indicates that economic growth will continue; Oil and Gas reserve explorations will meet with success. Judiciary will give landmark decisions. Some epidemics and terror attacks are also foreseen. But the presence of Jupiter and Venus in the 9th house assures that the Divine Grace will protect the mankind from big danger.


Indian economy has gained immunity against COVID 19, and is on the path of recovery, after a devastating second wave of Coronavirus during April-June 2021. Last year in EST March 2021, the recovery of Indian economy after July 2021, with growth in manufacturing sector, was forecasted by me in 'Lunar Year 2021' at page number 15 and 16. As per the Newspaper reports, Indians started showing growth, which resulted in higher GST collection {Refer link:}, but employment generation had remained low, which is an area of concern. The Hindu New Year horoscope for 2022-23 also shows continuous growth in economy, but there shall be some major concerns due to political disturbances, death of important leaders, public protests and unemployment-related issues.

Hindu New Year 2022-23

Sun 1720'PiscesRevati
Moon 1719'PiscesRevati
Mars 2521'CapricornDhanishta
Merc 1534'PiscesU.Bhadra
Jup 2711' AquariusP.Bhadra
Venus 0111' AquariusDhanishta
Sat 2753' CapricornDhanishta
Rahu 2855' AriesKrittika
Ketu 2855' LibraVisakha

1 April 2022, 11:52 hours at Delhi
In the Gemini lagna horoscope of Hindu New Year, the luminaries (Sun and Moon) are at the 10th house, getting the aspect of Saturn from the 8th house. This is a sign of major political disturbances in the central government, due to the death of some senior leaders and/or a big scandal. Sun and Moon are in the 'Nakshatra' of Mercury, which is in its sign of debilitation, and is in conjunction with them at 10th house. This Mercury is afflicted in Navamsa chart, as there, it goes into the 8th house of the death of important people, and is under the bad aspects of two hard malefic planets Saturn and Mars respectively.

Results of Saturn as the King of Year: Sun and Moon are getting into a degree conjunction in Pisces on Friday at 11 hours and 52 minutes the time when Amavasaya ends and Pratipada (Pisces New Moon) starts. As per the Vedic system of calendar, the 'Chaitra Shukla Pratipata' will be considered from the next day after the Sunrise. So on Saturday (on the 2nd of April), the Lunar New Year will be celebrated and the King of the year will be day-lord Saturn. As per Brihat Samhita's 'Graha Varsha Phala Adhyay' Chapter Number 19, when Saturn becomes the King of the year then "the terror from thieves, dacoits and violet criminals would increase. Because of terror, there is political instability, loss of lives and properties. People suffer from diseases, famine and shed tears, due to the loss of their near and dear ones".

So even though the virulence of COVID-19 will reduce drastically in 2022, there shall be danger of loss of lives, due to some epidemics like Encephalitis, Dengue, Malaria, Cholera disease in many States of India and some parts of the world. The malefic planets Mars and Saturn in the 8th house of the Hindu New Year horoscope shows death of people in large numbers due to some kind of serious diseases or epidemics, which could be untraceable or difficult to stop. Since Jupiter and Venus are in the 9th house, the Divine Grace will not let these epidemics spread throughout the country at large.

Minister of the Year is Jupiter: Sun will enter Aries on Thursday on the 14th of April 2022; so the Minister of the Year shall be Jupiter. As per 'Varsha Prabodha'; if the Jupiter becomes the Minister of the Year, then "there shall be good rains and harvest of different types of grains and sufficient rainfall; kings will work for the welfare of people". So Jupiter becoming the Minister of the year is promising to neutralize some of the bad effects, which Saturn is promising as the King of the year.

Foundation horoscope of India


Now we will discuss some main points of the Hindu New Year horoscope, along with the Foundation horoscope of India.

Political instability and death of important leaders: The period from April to July will give political disturbances and death of some top most leader of the Central Government. In the Foundation horoscope of India, Moon-Mercury-Rahu period in Vimsottari would be running during that time. Rahu's Pratyantar in the major dasha of Moon and Bhukti of Mercury will create lots of confusion at the levels of central government, regarding policies and leadership. The presence of Mars and Saturn in the 8th house is dangerous for top leadership throughout the period of the operation of this chart i.e. from 1 April 2022 to 21 March 2023. The farmers agitation will also trouble the Government.

Unground Wealth will be found: Mars as the 11th lord in the 8th house of underground wealth is conjunct with 8th lord Saturn, which will bring a major success in some new Oil and Gas Reserve exploration. There shall also be some new discoveries of mineral wealth like Coal, Copper, Gold mines etc. which will bring prosperity in this sector.

Judiciary will give landmark decisions: The 5th lord Venus in the 9th house, along with 7th and 10th lord Jupiter, is an excellent combination for judicial reforms. The Chief Justice of India will take some new measures to fill the vacant post in higher and lower judiciary, which will give relief to the common man, who are suffering due to delay in justice. There shall be some landmark judgements which will be welcomed by the general public. In Navamsa of the Hindu New Year chart, the luminaries (Sun and Moon) are in the 9th house in mutual aspect with Jupiter, which is 9th lord there.

Loss of lives due to some epidemics and major terror attacks: : Since Saturn is the King of the year and it is badly placed in the 8th house, along with 6th lord Mars, a major terror attack will shock the entire Nation. This may happen during April to July period, most likely in the year 2022. This will bring major tensions between India and Pakistan along the borders. The affliction to the 8th house by Saturn and Mars is being repeated in Navamsa chart also. This is an indication of loss of lives by some epidemic which will continue in some States of the country for many months.

Economic growth will continue: The strong 9th house and the placement of 2nd lord Moon in the 10th house are good indications of economic growth and foreign trade. The malefic Mars and Saturn in the 8th house will bring a major boom in the Oil and Mineral explorations by some surprisingly big discoveries, which will bring joy in the country, along with a hope for a bright future.

New laws related with education, matrimony and child custody foreseen: 5th lord Venus is in the 9th house in the Gemini lagna Hindu New Year chart, along with the 7th lord Jupiter. In Navamsa, the 5th lord is Sun, which is in the 9th house. This yoga is good for students aiming to get Visas for study in abroad. Record numbers of students will get admission in foreign universities during 2022- 23. Some major foreign universities will announce their campus getting opened in India. The Central Government will make new laws in the matters of higher education, matrimonial cases, child custody etc.

Last two Months of 2022 will bring some national tragedy : In the Foundation horoscope of India, Mercury-Ketu period in Vimsottari will start from 10th of December 2022 and will run till 11th of July 2023. This period of Ketu in the 7th house shows communal disturbances, creating unrest in the society at very high levels. After the Total Lunar eclipse of the 8th of November 2022, the transiting Mars will be fallen in Taurus sign from the Gemini, in Retrograde motion. This fallen Mars will bring violence and communal unrest in the months of November-December 2022, and in early part of year 2023, particularly in the Northern States of India.

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