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Lunar New Year 2024-25
(08 April 2024 - 30 March 2025)
By Sachin Malhotra

After the successful soft-landing by India's Moon mission Chandrayaan-3 on Lunar South Pole, the double joy came, when the country won unprecedented 107 medals (28 golds, 38 silvers and 41 bronze) in the Asian games in China. India also successfully hosted G-20 Summit, which was also praised by the world-media as our country's smart diplomatic success. India showcased her vision and leadership for global economy and security in G-20 Summit, particularly as a leader of the developing countries of the world. Now in the year 2024, the Olympic Games in Paris (from 26th of July to 11th of August) and ISRO's test flight for an un-crewed mission of Gayanyaan (orbital spacecraft) will be the two most exciting events to watch out for.

Astrologically, the Hindu New Year horoscope or Chaitra Shukla Pratipada of 2024 gives very positive indications for a great success in the area of sports, media, economy, science and technology for the country. In mundane astrology, the 3rd house is the house signifying sports, border clashes, neighboring countries, armed forces, journalist, public transport infrastructure, etc.

Hindu New Year 2024

Sun2512' PiscesRevati
Moon2512' cPiscesRevati
Mars1851' AquariusSatabisha
Merc0036' RcAriesAswini
Venus1015' PiscesU.Bhadra
Sat2015' AquariusP.Bhadra
Ketu2125'Virgo Hasta

Hindu New Year will begin at the time of a Total Solar eclipse on the 8th of April 2024 on Monday.
This Solar eclipse will be visible at the North and the South American continent, but not in India. The Hindu New Year begins on Monday night on 4th of April 2024 at 23:50:57 hours (IST), when Chaitra Amavasya (New Moon day) ends, and the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada starts. Although, the horoscope cast for the Hindu New Year is for Monday, but the Pratipada (first Lunar day) Tithi at the time of Sunrise is on Tuesday morning; so the lord of the Hindu New Year will be Mars.

Results for Mars being King of New Year
As per the Chapter number 19 'Graha Varsha Phala Adhyay' of Brihat Samhita of Varahmihira, if Mars becomes the King of Hindu New Year, then, there will be lots of fire accidents in town and forests, dusty winds, fear from robbers and thief, loss of wealth and animals etc. As per modern observations, Mars becoming the King of Hindu New Year can bring a war or war-like situation in the country. This year, India will face a war-like situation with China and/or Pakistan, as some border clashes will take place; but since the 7th house of Hindu New Year horoscope is not afflicted by malefic planets, no major war is foreseen.

At the time of Sun's entry into Aries (13 April 2024, 21:04:47 at Delhi), the day is Saturday and its lord Saturn becomes the Minister of the New Year. As per Varsha Prabodha, if Saturn becomes the Minister of New Year, then there will be no happiness for the general public, and rainfall will not be sufficient.

The conjunction of Mars-Saturn in Aquarius on the day of Total Solar eclipse and Hindu New Year will again bring war-like condition and inflation across the globe, but the magnitude of it will be less as compared to the year 2022. However, the rising prices of essential food items and fuel (petrol and diesel) will be a challenge to control for the Government in the year 2024 in India.

Inflation foreseen
In the Hindu New Year horoscope, the conjunction of Mars and Saturn indicate inflation, which could be due to the prices of oil, as on the day of the eclipse, these two planets will be at the 7th house of the Foundation chart of USA, which may face a war-like situation, leading to the higher oil prices across the globe. This will also have its impact on India, where consumer may have to pay high prices for oil and cooking gas, during the second half of the year 2024. As per the book "Vyapaar Ratna", a Financial Astrology text in Hindi, by legendary astrologer Pandit Hardeo Sharma Shastri Trivedi, the conjunction of Mars and Saturn in malefic Rasi's gives inflation i.e. price rise. We have seen this rule working during March-April 2022, when Mars and Saturn first conjoined in Capricorn on 26th of February 2022, and remained together throughout March month , and then the 'Atichari Saturn' (fast moving Saturn) followed Mars in Aquarius sign and had another conjunction on 29th of April, which continued for a few days. This was the period when Russia-Ukraine war had brought food crisis, higher inflation and eroding wages problems, across many countries of the world.

Now this time, the conjunction of Mars-Saturn in Aquarius on the day of Total Solar eclipse and Hindu New Year will again bring war-like condition and inflation across the globe, but the magnitude of it will be less as compared to the year 2022. However, the rising prices of essential food items and fuel (petrol and diesel) will be a challenge to control for the Government in the year 2024 in India.

Major Weapon deal and Scientific Achievement
Also, this Mars-Saturn conjunction in the 3rd house also shows a very big deal to procure weapons for the army, which will make the headlines in the year 2024. ISRO's Gayanyaan Project will also be a success, as the 5th house having two good benefic planets and the influence of three planets Mars, Saturn and Jupiter on the 9th house of scientific achievements is good astrological indication for it.

Major Achievements in Sports
In the Hindu New Year horoscope, Sagittarius lagna is rising and the 3rd house has Mars and Saturn in it. Saturn as the 3rd lord in conjunction with 5th lord Mars is very good for achievements in sports. The third house is the house of sports activity, and 5th house is entertainment. The conjunction of their respective lords in the Hindu New Year horoscope is a good indication for Indian sports persons' performances at the upcoming Paris Olympics; during 26th of July to 11th of August this year. We can get a re-confirmation of it astrologically from the Solar Ingress horoscope of Cancer given here.

Solar Ingress of Cancer

Asc1349'Virgo Hasta
Sun0000' CancerPunarvasu
Moon2533' LibraVisaka
Mars0235' TaurusKrittika
Merc2606' CancerAslesha
Venus1124' CancerPushya
Sat2500' R AquariusP.Bhadra
Ketu1544'Virgo Hasta

The Solar Ingress of Cancer will hold its sway during the stay of Sun in Cancer sign (Karka Rasi) from 16th of July to 16th of August, for a period of 30 days. In the Karka Samkranti or Solar Ingress of Cancer, the Virgo lagna is rising, which is the 5th house of the Foundation horoscope of India. The lord of 3rd house in this chart is Mars, which is giving aspect to its own house. Jupiter and Saturn are also giving aspects to the 3rd house of sports. Also, the 5th house of entertainment is getting aspects of Sun, Venus, Mercury and also Jupiter. So, this time-period will be very significant for Sports persons, film stars, authors, Stock Market traders etc. of India.

In the last Olympic Games in Tokyo, India has won 7 medals (1 Gold, 2 Silver and 4 Bronze). Neeraj Chopra's Gold in Javelin-throw was the highlight for India in Tokyo Olympic. Neeraj Chopra is only the second after Abhinav Bindra, to win an individual Olympic Gold medal for our country. This year, at Paris, Neeraj Chopra is likely to create history, after winning the second Gold medal in Javelin-throw in consecutive Olympic events, as stars are very promising for India at the time of this event in Paris. Apart from it, the aspect of both Mars and Saturn on the 3rd house of Sports in the Solar Ingress of Cancer horoscope, in both Rasi and Navamsa is an indication of a record-breaking performance by Indian athletes at Paris Olympics, as they can surpass the tally of 7 medals in the previous edition of this game.

Foundation Horoscope of India

Sun2759' CancerAslesha
Moon0359' CancerPushya
Mars0727' GeminiArudra
Merc1340' CancerPushya
Jup2552'Libra Visaka
Venus2233' cCancerAslesha
Sat2028' c CancerAslesha

In the Foundation horoscope of India, the Vimsottari Dasa of Moon and Antardasa of Venus is running from July 2023 to March 2025. Moon and Venus are both feminine planets; so during the General elections 2024, all the major political parties of India will promise new schemes to woo the women voters of the country. Moon is the lord of 3rd house; the Antardasa lord Venus as the lagna and 6th lord is placed in the 3rd house also indicate some border clashes with neighbouring countries. The border tensions between India and China at Ladakh will not resolve. Pakistan may also create troubles at LOC (line of actual control), as in the Hindu New Year horoscope (in page 1), we have natural malefic planets Mars and Saturn in the 3rd house, giving such indication. Pakistan will break the ceasefire at LOC and during the Summer of 2024, when the period Venus-Moon-Jupiter in Vimsottari will be running, there will be a danger of a terrorist attack in North India and also a major public transport accident foreseen. The loss of public properties and human life will give grief to the Nation during the months from April to June in 2024.

Good Year for Farmers and Fisherman
In the Hindu New Year horoscope (Page 1) Venus the significant of fish-production is at the 4th house of farming, along with luminaries (Sun and Moon). This yoga shows a great year ahead for fish-production and also fruits & vegetable production.
The effect of Rahu-Ketu axis at the 4th house in Rasi and Navamsa of Hindu New Year horoscope also shows the introduction of new technology and policy for the farmers. There will be major changes in the Commission for Agricultural Cost and Prices (CACP) in the year 2024, after General elections, which will be in the favour of farmers.

Good Year for Cinema, Media and Stock Market
The favourable conjunction of lagna and 4th lord Jupiter in the 5th house, along with 7th and 10th lord Mercury, is a yoga which indicate a favorable year for the entertainment industry of the country. A famous film artist, musician or creative person can win a very big international prize, during April 2024 to April 2025. However, the aspect of Saturn on Mercury in Rasi chart and the conjunction of Saturn-Mercury in the Navamsa lagna of Hindu New Year (Page 1) is a yoga for some major disputes for journalist, authors and sculptures artists. Stock market traders will get benefit during 2024 and also some media houses. But since 5th lord Mars is in the Nakshtra of Rahu and is conjoined with Saturn, there will be an exposure of a big scam in media, journalism and stock market during April 2024 to April 2025, which will shock the entire nation.

Horoscope of Indian Republic

Sun1230' CapricornSravana
Moon1234' AriesAswini
Mars1613' Virgo Hasta
Merc2531' R Sagitt.P.Shada
Jup1912' cCapricornSravana
Venus2044' RCapricornSravana
Sat2537' R LeoP.Phalguni
Ketu1633'Virgo Hasta

In the Pisces lagna horoscope of Indian Republic, the indication of a major constitutional development is present during the year 2024. Jupiter Maha Dasa and Mars Antardasa would be running in the horoscope of Indian Republic, during February 2024 to January 2025. Jupiter as the lagna lord is in the 11th house of legislature and decree of Supreme Court. Mars as the 9th lord (Supreme Court) is in the 7th house along with Ketu. This yoga shows some new laws by the Parliament, after one or two very important judgement by the Supreme Court of India. The Indian Parliament is likely to make new laws for electoral bonds, same sex marriages, Polygamy in Muslims, Uniform Civil Code , Caste-based Census and about Reservation Policy. Since Mars as the Antardasa lord is in close degree conjunction with Ketu, there will be public protest for the demand of higher reservations in jobs and education institutes, by many social sects of the country, throughout the year 2024, which will force the Supreme Court to take 'suo moto action' to form a larger bench for its hearing. The caste-based Census will be conducted by many States, across the country, and it will create more division in the society.
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