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Nodes change signs. Rahu in Gemini, Ketu in Sagittarius
Lal Kitab Remedies contributed by Rajeev K.Khattar

By S. Swaminathan

(23 March 2019-20 Sept.2020)

RAHU’S enters Gemini (Punarvasu 3rd quarter) on 23rd March 2019; simultaneously, Ketu also enters Sagittarius (U.Shada 1st quarter) on the same day and time. Rahu and Ketu are not planets. They are called Chaya Grahas. Chaya means shadows. They are huge enough to hide even the luminaries like Sun and Moon. This is the reason why details of Rahu and Ketu are not much explained, as other 7 planets, either in Astronomy or Astrology.

They are not celestial bodies, as they have no shape or substance within them. In Astrology also, no Zodiac sign is allotted for them, as all other planets have their own signs. But in our Vedic mythology, the origin of Rahu and Ketu is well narrated. When the Milky Ocean was churned by Devas on one side and Asuras on the other, many divine and precious products came out of that.

Sura, goddess and creator of alcohol, Apsaras, divine nymphs like Rambha, Menaka.. Kaustubha, the most valuable jewel in the world Uchhaishravas, the divine 7-headed horse Kal-pavriksha, the wish-granting tree Kamadhenu, the first cow and mother of all other cows

Airavata, the elephant of Indra
Lakshmi, the Goddess of fortune and wealth
Parijat, the divine tree
Halahala, the deadly poison
Chandra, the Moon
Dhanvantari, the physician
Amrita, the nectar of immortality.

The asuras were aiming at the nectar to attain immortality and the status of eternal bliss. Lord Mahavishnu, with the intention of enticing the Asuras, and saving the Devas, first gave the nectar to Devas. He took the form of Mohini and started distributing the nectar. Knowing this, one among the asuras, Suvarbhanu disguised himself as a Deva and started consuming the nectar given to him. Soorya (Sun) and Chandra (Moon) noticed that and identified the asura among the Devas. Angered by the act of Suvarbhanu, Lord Mahavishnu struck his head with the divine ladle. Though his body and head got separated into two parts, he was able to survive, as he had swallowed the nectar, already. He pleaded Lord Mahavishnu for a new life. Lord Vishnu gave him the body of Snake (Serpent). Thus, the Man's head with snake's body came to be called as Rahu and the snake's head with the man's body as Ketu. With the vengeance in mind, he started swallowing the luminaries Sun and Moon, causing eclipse to them.

Rahu & Ketu always rotates in anti-clock wise motion. They are moving at a distance of 180 degree of Arc. Rahu and Ketu when placed in 3,6 and 11 in one's chart, with the aspect of Jupiter, give favourable results. If placed other than the above said houses without any good aspect, the native might suffer depending on the house they occupy.

Both Rahu and Ketu cause skin problems, indigestion and food poisoning. As per Vimsottari dasa system, Rahu has been allotted 18 years and Ketu 7 years.Rahu is called Aiswarya Karaka and Ketu, the Gnana karaka. Both of them indicate foreign travel, staying away from mother land.

Rahu's transit in various stars in Gemini
Punarvasu(3, 2, 1): 23rd March 2019 to 28 September 2019
Arudra: 29th September 2019 to 22nd May 2020
Mrigasira(4,3): 23 May 2019 to 20th September 2020

Ketu's transits in various stars in Sagittarius
U. Shada 1stpada: 23rd March to 25th May 2019
Poorvashada: 26th May 2019 to 28th January 2020
Moola: 29th January 2020 to 20th September 2020

Rahu's entry into Gemini, the Airy house, would cause disaster through storm. A trend will develop, which would not be conducive for children. Communication network might be severely affected and protests in the department of telecommunication might cripple the networks often, during its sojourn at Gemini.
Ketu's entry into Sagittarius and its conjunction with Saturn would unearth some scandal in the dealing of arms and ammunitions. Fire accidents also would cause severe damages world-wide, as the sign is a Fiery one. Department of tourism would see a flipflop trend, as the 9th zodiac house is occupied by Saturn and Ketu.
Presiding deity for Rahu is Goddess Durga and for Ketu Lord Ganesha.
Transit Predictions and Remedies for 12 Rasis

Mesha (ARIES) :
Aswini, Bharani and Krittika 1 :

Rahu in the 3rd, Ketu in the 9th
Rahu, the Iswarya karaka in the 3rd, a providential house, would stimulate the inflow of money. Those in the field of writing would flourish well.

General : As Rahu would be going to traverse in Gemini, house of Mercury and zodiac 3rd house would enhance the field of consultancy and agency. They shine well in the field of communication. Tendency of lying would become the order of the day with the justifications. Being the 3rd house (the sahodharasthana), Rahu's entry would create misunderstandings between the co born. A few might have to separate from nuclear family system. As the 4th house would become freed from Rahu's grip, the dispute over the properties might come to an end and swing of the favourable wind would probably bring some pleasant and happy moments in your life. The stagnation over owning of new house might be fructified after a few initial hiccups as Jupiter holds the 8th house. Jupiter's 8th house disposition might escalate the purchase value of the property or an elderly persons objection might stand as the stumbling block to take hold of the property. Rahu in the 3rd house would always support one to become familiar if his or her favourable dhasabhukthi coincides positively. When Mars, Sun and Mercury conjoined with Rahu in the month of June and July, might give mild shoulder and chest pain. Those with cardiac discomfort should take proper medication to avoid some unwanted complications. Fortunately the same amalgamation of planets would not fail to give enough courage and energy to tackle the situation.

Ketu's conjunction with Saturn in the 9th house (bhagyasthana) would not seem good for father. Either it might affect the health of one's father or a separation from the father also possible. Tiresome travelling and expensive pilgrimage tour also might pinch your pocket. As the house of fortune is occupied by two malefics, misfortune might prevent or delay some happy occasions. Beware; spending for illegitimate affairs might end in loss of money and reputation.

Students : The dullness prevailed so far in the education might be cleared. Transition of Rahu from the 4th house (vidhyasthana) could be expected to give a fresh fillip in the higher studies thereby one could shine well in the results. Avoid dispute with father to have a cordial atmosphere at home.

Women : Arrival of new vehicle might reduce your tiredness and tension. End of troubling health issues would make your sleep a comfortable one especially the lessening joint pains. A promotion and an unperturbed office atmosphere would be possible from Ketu's exit from 10th house.

Vedic Remedy : Chanting Sri Mahaganapathi Ashtothra (108 names) or Sahasranamam (1008 names) on every Sankatahara Chathurthi day (4th day from Full Moon day). Performing Sri Ganesh homam (havan) on one's birth star every month would also help one to trigger the weak fortune due to Ketu's occupation of 9th house.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Every Friday, chant Mahalakshmi mantra.
Donate Bananas in a Ganapathy temple



VRISHABHA (Taurus) :
Krittika (2,3,4), Rohini,
Mrigasira (1,2).

Rahu in the 2nd, Ketu in the 8th Rahu,

General : Rahu, in the 2nd house, house of wealth, family and Speech would not be a good sign of financial prosperity. Instead it would become an enormously expensive trend. Mismanagement of financial matter would create turbulence in the family as a result of which chances for domestic calmness get damaged. Measure your words. Venomous and sharp words would bring enemies only. It would be very difficult to fulfill the commitments. When Sun joins with Rahu here sometime in the month June and July, there might be a compulsion of an eye test, which might go to the extent of surgery based on the severity of the dhasabukthi. Frequently throat and dental discomfort also would become the cause of facial discomfort. Family feud at times threaten to sell the ancestral property or you might be compelled to dispose one of your properties to settle down the dues. But the Jupiter in the 7th place could divert the expenditure for a celebration at home. The seldom swelling financial position due to blessings of Jupiter would be deflated by the Rahu's position. Mars would conjoin with Rahu from May 6th of 2019, subsequently other planets like Sun, Mercury would also join in the gang and create a planetary war in the second house. This would become a testing time for the Taureans. Those with sinus and suffocation trouble should take proper medication to avoid complicated respiratory discomforts. Mouth sores, inflammation in the mouth and teeth problem also would become a cause of agony for a few days. The only protector would be Jupiter's aspect (from the 7th house)which could help overcome the storms of adversity.

Ketu's entry further constricts the sprouting confidence as you are already languishing with the Saturn's strong grip at the 8th house. Many health hazards would threaten and might go to a serious level also, if one gives short shrift to those health issues at its primitive stage. Pursuit of the philosophical life, visiting holy places and meeting saintly people would become an advantage of Ketu being in the 8th house that too in Sagittarius (the sign of Jupiter) .

Students : Those with good intention of hard working, should not lose their confidence as Jupiter would support all your endeavors. Desires of higher studies and foreign studies would be fulfilled after arduous and expensive efforts. But the barrier might be the association of wrong friends group. Avoid such connections for averting failures and poor performances.

Women : Unethical life style might lead to breakage of existing family life. Your speech would trigger some unwanted dispute and arguments. Some might lose their jobs also. As this is the ripe time for pregnancy due to Jupiter's blessing, women are advised to take utmost care when riding the vehicles and travelling to avoid miscarriage like unfortunate happenings.

Vedic Remedy : Chanting Dhurgasapthasloki, Dhurgasooktham and performing Rahu shanthi with the help of vedicpandits would help improve the financial position. Visiting Thiruvannamalai and praying to lord Sri Arunachaleswarar, (a manifestation of fire (Agni) one of the five elements) as both Saturn and Ketu conjoined in the 8th house Sagittarius a firy sign, would mitigate many of the agonies.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Feed milk to any stray dog, when you undertake important travel
Every Monday, bow your head in front of Shivalinga

MITHUNA (Gemini) :
Mrigasira (3,4), Arudra,
Punarvasu (1,2,3).

Rahu in the 1st house, Ketu in the 7th

General : With Rahu in the 1st house, poor listening to others' words on significant decisions and a hurried mood in implementing the ideas would end in disappointments and money loss. With Rahu in Janma Rasi, that too in an Airy house, a thought of Atheism would rule the roost, which might induce you wrongly to ridicule the believers. Hurting others would become an order of the day. Following ethical way of approach would slowly be sidelined by you.

Separation between husband and wife could occur, due to professional compulsion or otherwise. But this is the time, when more problems might be poured in to the family life, which might even go the extent of divorce for a few. Conjunction of Ketu with Saturn in the 7th house would have more significance, than the sojourn of Rahu in the 1st house. The 7th house speaks about the family atmosphere and spouse. Restless, quarrelsome and non-conducive atmosphere at home is indicated through Ketu's conjunction with Saturn in the 7th house. Covert relationship would come to light and might blast at any time to spoil the domestic happiness. When the cluster of planets like Mars, Sun and Mercury conjoins with Rahu in the month of May 2019 in Gemini, literally it might cause severe headache over financial matters and the cracks between the siblings would also increase. Unreasonable fears about the children's health, studies and their instability in the profession might thicken your worries further.

Students : Lack of memory and multi-directional diversion of thought would become the stumbling block in many ways to achieve results. Lethargy and a state of desolation would make you postpone the idea of higher studies and opting for job.

Women : CRahu in the house of Mercury in the 1st house might tend you to suspect others. The very act of suspicion would, not only disturb your peace, but also the entire family's calmness. Jupiter in the 6th could bless you with pregnancy, but extra care need to be given considering the Ketu and Saturn conjunct in the 7th house. Health issues related uterus and back should be attended at once, to avert any medical emergency and a huge loss of money at last.

Vedic Remedy : Fasting on Krishna Paksha Chathurthi day (fourth day from New Moon day) and donating a Cow to temple or Ghosala would pave the way for a congenial atmosphere at home. Regular meditation and praying to Goddess Durga would give a stable and unwavering mind. The decisions born out of such acts would surely show a clear path to travel.
Donate Sacred Ash and lamp to Ganesha temple.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Do not insult or ridicule any poor person.
Every Wednesday, donate Spinach to any old lady.

Kataka (CANCER) :
Punarvasu (4), Pushya, Aslesha.

Rahu in the 12th house , Ketu in the 6th

General : Rahu, in the 12th house. House of sleep and expenditure ( sayana and viryasthana). As Rahu moves from 1st house to 12th house a sign of escalation in expenditures. More blockade would test your patience often. Change of residence or office would happen. Hectic and strenuous work load might lead severe joint pain. Diabetic patients must be very careful about their foot. Small wounds in the foot should be taken care to avoid protracted battle to get it healed. Though Jupiter in the 5th and Saturn in the 6th might prepare one to move abroad, If dhasabhukthi permits, the real deluge of opportunities could be expected only after Rahu's transit to 12th house. Rahu's transit might be one of the supporting factors. either for higher studies for a professional betterment. Sins of the past might threaten in the court cases if dhasabukthi would not support well. Still, Jupiter and Saturn might act as pillar of strength at this juncture. List out the expenditure and spend prudentially as tsunami of overheads might erode your bank account. Children should be taken care while playing to avert their eyes getting wounded.

Cataract surgery might be prescribed for a few. Unless there is proper planning in travel, chances for getting squeezed in tiresome Ketu's transit from the 7th house would be in many ways ease out the unfriendly situation at home. Moreover it would pave the way for acquiring some land properties as the earthy sign Capricorn freed from the clutches of Ketu. The persistence of anguish and tussle between the husband and wife would be minimized due to the delightful forthcoming days after Rahu and Ketu transit. Jupiter's 5th house stay might be supportive in many ways to maintain the equilibrium financially and to get rid of the Rahu's 12th house discomfiture.

Students : The habit of wandering and spending time for extravaganza might completely divert from the studiousness. For a few, displacement of dwelling or institution also would make them feel exhausted. A clear enquiry of the subject and institutions one is searching for the abroad studies, would enable to avoid some disappointments in the future.

Women : The occasion ofwedding and pregnancy would make the atmosphere a cheerfulas the 7th house is free from Rahu and Ketu affliction. Working women might have to face a somewhat rough weather in executing the assignments. Take utmost care when you are walking on slippery surface as joints and muscles would be targeted as Rahu grips the 12th house.

Vedic Remedy : Circumambulating the Lord dhurga temple with slow footsteps, would minimize the sufferings and burden of depts. Visiting Kalahasthi temple and praying to the lord would bless with early marriage and remove the obstacles on the path of occasions. Chanting Vishnu sahasranamam on Wednesdays could help you eliminate the stumbling blocks on the ways of business promotions.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Drink milk, mixed with Turmeric powder often.
Not to keep Camel-shaped toys at home.



LEO (Simha) :
Makha, Purvaphalguni, Uttaraphalguni (1).

Rahu in the 11th house , Ketu in the 5th

General : Irrespective of their nature, commonly all the planets used to bestow highly benefic results, when they occupy the 11th house. Especially Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu give extremely benefic results, as their stay are long in a sign. Rahu, the Aiswarya-karaka, in the 11th(labhasthana) would help for a financial deluge. Business people might reach a new high in the prospects of new agreements. Export and import trade might flourish well. The long pending and abruptly stopped wedding plans would get a favorable re-start. With the advent of Rahu in the 11th house, the professional instability would come to an end and positive approach of searching for good offers would surely fetch fruitful results. When more planets join (from May to July 2019) in the 11th house, chances of amassing wealth and properties would be at hand. Conjunction of Saturn and Ketu in the 5th house would at times kindle an urge of indulging in the act of sacrilege, which would in turn lead to disrepute and dishonour, in the public places. A few would be rewarded well for their untiring works, if dasa-bhukti period supports well. Higher official would appreciate your skill and would come forward to give additional responsibilities with an attractive remuneration. Rahu in the 11th house would materialize the aspirations of everyone in their fields. As Saturn and Ketu conjunction happens in the very sacred 5th house, pious thinking would cease to exist. Undesirable association might tend to involve you in some illegal and unscrupulous activities. Children might bring disrepute and unnecessary expenditures, if not properly monitored.

Students : Rahu in the 11th house might excellently open the doors of many prosperous avenues to enrich your educational qualification. It might be abroad education also, for a few. Avoid bad friendship. Spending exuberantly for entertainments might lead to academic irregularities.

Women : Riding the vehicle with utmost care and carefully walking on watery surface would avert the miscarriage. Attending children patiently and being heedful to their necessities would be a very useful medicine to nib unwanted matters in the bud. Postponement of happy events might be possible due to Saturn and Ketu conjunction in the 5th house (house of celebration)

Vedic Remedy : Frequent performance of Ganapathy havan with the help of vedic pandits at home can remove hurdles on the path of auspicious occasions. Chanting Hanuman Chalisa and worshipping Lord Karthikeya would enhance the power of Jupiter, which is less powerful in the 4th house.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Avoid travelling unnecessarily.
Eat Fennel, after dinner.


KANYA (Virgo) :
U.Phalguni (2,3,4), Hasta, Chitra (1,2)

Rahu in the 10th house , Ketu in the 4th.

General : Transfer or change of office would be imminent. Employees would face utmost pressure in their office, for which Jupiter in the 3rd also supports to terrorize the Virgo natives. Gossiping habit would boomerang and hurt you severely. Whatever one utters about the management might be fabricated and that might end in severe warning or suspension, based on the dasa-bhukti period. Those working in the media and educational institutions would face some troubles, due to Rahu's presence in Gemini. Especially the institutions, which are handling children, should be very careful and provide utmost attention to their safety, as Gemini sign would become under the clutches of Rahu, Ketu and Saturn. Flight operators and wind-energy developers would face a drastic sliding trend. The only positive aspect of Rahu being in the 10th house might be that it encourages those who have become jobless so far. The day of the joblessness would end, once Rahu moves to the 10th house from Cancer to Gemini. Extension of business to foreign countries might be possible, for a few. Government servants might be tempted to get involved in bribery issues. When Mars becomes conjunct with Rahu in the month of May 2019 in 10th house, 4th house (sukha-sthana) is also malefically occupied by Ketu and Saturn. This period might be considered as a gateway for a few blood-related diseases. Land-related problems would aggravate and it might pull a few to Court also. Selling the property would become a very tough task, as many obstacles would be lining up to frustrate you and to stop you from reaping the benefit out of the property-sale. Vehicles repair works would swipe your Bank Account drastically.

Students : This is a period very unfavourable for studies, if one fails to work hard. Saturn and Ketu combination in the 4th house (vidhya sthana) would pose grave danger to academic developments. The intention of wandering and unpleasant domestic atmosphere would further enhance the lethargy over studies.

Women : Disturbed and unfriendly domestic atmosphere would develop a sense of fear in the minds of the newly-wedded. Totally unfamiliar responsibilities thrust upon them would become exasperating. Mother's deteriorating health would be a cause of concern. Spending time and money for her might become inevitable. Travelling long distance for work would cause severe joint pains.

Vedic Remedies : Chanting Vishnu Sahasranam everyday can save you from health hazards. Worshipping Lord Ganesha on Krishnapaksha Chaturthi days can remove all the obstacle on the path of developments. Praying to Goddess Durga and chanting Sri Lakshmi Narsimha stothra can mitigate the burden in the professional area.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Every Thursday, worship your Family deity.
Apply a little Mustard oil on your feet.


TULA (Libra) :
Chitra (3,4), Swati, Visakha (1, 2, 3)

Rahu in the 9th house, Ketu in the 3rd

General : The obstacles so far stopping the professional growth would be removed by the way of Rahu's shift from the 10th house. Chances of more responsibilities at the work-front would make you very much engaged all the time. Separation from the parents might be possible, due to professional compulsion of going out of station or abroad for higher studies. Illegitimate relationships might pinch your purse. Chances of going abroad might get delayed. Those who are searching for abroad studies or assignment should well collect all the details about the institution and other expenses. Unwise decision might end in wasteful expenditure, as foreign trips and do not seem to be much more feasible currently. 9th house being an Airy house occupied by Rahu, a few would be very much affected by numbness; poor blood circulation might be the cause of such discomfort. Ligament tear is also possible for frequent vehicleusers. Quarrel might erupt with your father from petty things to property legal issues. Fortune might fail to favour in many endeavors and failures would frustrate you at last. Anyhow blessings of Jupiter and Saturn would support you in the nick of time. The concern over the health of mother would be slowly mitigated, as Ketu would be vacating the 4th house. Two malefics in the 3rd house of courage might give enormous strength to bear with any obstacles. Rift with siblings could not be avoided, as the 3rd house would be afflicted with 2 malefics. The search over finding a new house might end hear and a housewarming function would fill your heart with full of joy. Communications at times would be misconstrued or misinterpreted as the 3rd house would become highly tainted due to Saturn and Ketu combination.

Students : Rahu being the occupant of 9th house (house of higher education), would disrupt temporarily the efforts and aspiration in attaining an outstanding position in higher studies. With the help of Jupiter, the following attempts might prove fruitful.

Women : Health condition would become slowly improved as the 4th house is free from Ketu's grip and the 6th (rohasthana) and 8th house would get the benefic aspect of Jupiter. Get ready to hear the wedding bells ringing. Moving to a new premises with a new vehicle would make you cheerful.

Vedic Remedies : Reciting Ramayana (Parayanam) with the help of a Vedic Pandit could help remove the obstruction on the path of a few auspicious occasions. As 9th house is afflicted it causes pitrudosha. Donating a cow to Goshala and worshipping cow regularly by feeding them well would help overcome this dosha. Visiting Rameshwaram and perform Til havan also would help you to get rid of pitru-dosha.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Not to use eye make-up (kaajal).
Maintain harmonious relations with your brothers & sisters.


SCORPIO (Vrischika) :
Visakha (4),Anuradha and Jyeshta.

Rahu in the 8th house , Ketu in the 2nd

General : 8th house is considered as the house of sufferings, depression, fear related to death, obstacles. When planets like Rahu occupies the 8th house, the above said factors rule the roost and the misfortune would terribly collapse all efforts to give utmost frustration. Understanding the nature of such negative effects, one could reduce the velocity of the debacle to some extent. As 8th house shows the abdominal part of the body, more care should be taken when discomfort felt on that part to avoid any emergency. Gemini being the Airy sign blocked by Rahu, frequent suffocation would disturb you. Avoid tense moments. Think twice and act. Eating a lot of fruits and consuming liquids more could safely guard you from piles and urinal discomforts. Businessmen would be saved, if they procure or manufacture, only based on the quantum of orders, as speculation might fall dangerously low. As a result, there are chances for being sandwiched between commitments and financial crunch. Investment on Share markets is not advisable, as stock prices of your choice might take a nose-dive. Lending money would fail to yield its result. Those in the loan disbursal department of the Bank should take utmost care and study, before clearing the loans. The days when more planets occupy the 8th house and Ketu and Saturn being in the 2nd house (dhanasthana) would be a sign of punishment from government side, especially for financial crimes. Take care of your eyes and throat, as minor infections would tend to create problems in the long-run. Measure your words..use otherwise that might create ripples and develop enmities.

Students : Rahu's 8th position might induce you to be with bad company. Spending more for entertainments would gradually make you a spendthrift and lessen your academic interests. Family-feud and agitated family atmosphere also would pose a great danger to academic developments.

Women : Osteoporosis-type of discomfort would often disturb and keep you away from office for a while. Frequent vehicular usage also might be one among the reasons. Uterus and abdominal sickness also might threaten at times. Though Rahu and Ketu position might harm the conjugal relationship, Jupiter would support by its seventh aspect and do the needful patch-up work.

Vedic Remedies :
Worshipping the Goddess with serpent would mitigate the sufferings and safeguard from the evil effects of Rahu. Routine meditation might also help you overcome the disturbances caused due to diversion of thoughts. Chanting Sri Ganapathi manthras and performing havan with the help of Pandits would clear the impediments and confer money in-flow also.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Not to fall in the trap of illicit relationships.
Keep roof-top of your house neat, clean and dry

Moola, Purvashada, Uttarashada (1)

Rahu in the 7th house, Ketu in the 1st

General : 7th house denotes partners in life, business-partners and the family atmosphere. 7th house Rahu might propel new love affairs. Whether it is successful or not, time only would decide, as this would be time of infatuation. Unconducive businessplace and deep-rooted difference of opinion might cause separation in partnership. Continuous pain or discomfort in the stomach region is to be attended at once, as it might lead to surgery for a few. Joint pain especially ligament-tear type of discomfort also could paralayse physically. The jubilant atmosphere in the family might seem to get withered away frequently. The spouse of the Sagittarians might face a very hectic period, when more planets join together with Rahu in the Gemini. Understanding between the couple is the need of the hour, for a smooth sailing. Tensions may rise.

Children's temperament might be irritable; as a result of which an unfriendly relationship between parents and children might prevail. Saturn and Ketu in the Janma rasi would give much mental agony on all your efforts, unless they are properly planned and executed. Ketu conjunct with Saturn the (2nd lord, dhanasthanadhipathi), would crumble the financial position further. With 3rd lord Saturn being conjunct with Ketu, the dispute between siblings might further widen. The image of those in public life might also be tarnished, as they might be tempted to speak filthy languages in public places.

Students : Infatuation would make the matters worse. As no planets seem favorable in bringing luck closer to you, diligence only could be the mother of good luck. Studies abroad might become very expensive. A detailed enquiry of abroad studies might help you avoid frustrations.

Women : Working women and aged women should guard themselves against health hazards. There are chances of fainting due to hypertension and vertigo problems. Rahu in the 7th might show an illusionary image of the person, whom you select for marriage. Understanding level with your life partner would become very low and that might lead to divorce also, if not approached with care, the real issues.

Vedic Remedies : Chanting Durga Saptha-sati with the help of pandits and donating saree with Turmeric and Saffron powder to married women on Fridays would strengthen the bondage between husband and wife. Taking care of Cows would be the best remedy for Saturn and Ketu conjunction and that would mitigate many of your health hazards.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Daily chant Ganapathi stothra, after taking bath.
Not to keep any poster/picture, depicting war-scenes at home.


CAPRICORN (Makara) :
Uttarashada 2, 3, 4. Sravana, Dhanishta 1, 2.

Rahu in the 6th house , Ketu in the 12st

General : The first and foremost relief of this Rahu's transit going away from the 7th house (the kalathrasthana) would become an advent of cordial marital life. Moreover, the augmentation of financial position also would be the other benefit of this transit. While some areas of life would become flourishing due to Rahu's 6th position, the same 6th place would be the genesis of physical illness, as 6th house is considered as the house of sickness and debts(rinarohasthana). Situations would compel one to borrow money frequently, either for business promotion or for buying properties. Indigestion, or skin troubles would keep on reeling out a lengthy medical bill. As the 11th house is 6th to 6th, this transitory Rahu might cause slight damage to the old friendship; a rift also, between elder brother or sister, might be possible. A death of close friend might shake you drastically. One should be very careful in their eating habits. Rahu in the 6th, that too in an Airy house, might cause food poisoning or hospitalization for a few days. Some strangers or an influential person might come to your aid. But be cautious of any financial support extended to you, as you have been already reeling under seven and a half years of Saturn's adverse effect. Saturn and Ketu in the 12th would give utmost pressure to get sandwiched between financial commitments. It would be very difficult to repay the loans. Such malefic combination in the 12th house is a very big hurdle for many endeavours. One would have to strive very hard to see the completion. Character assassination could be also a part of such efforts. One should be very careful and it will be a tight-rope walking in the days to come. Fortunately, Jupiter in the 11th would come to your help at tough times.

Students : Though Saturn and Ketu combination is terrorizing with stumbling blocks on the way of future plannings, Jupiter in the 11th with its aspect on the 5th house would be ready to remove those blocks and make your dream come true.

Women : Misunderstanding between husband and wife would come to an end and cordial relationships would prevail. The proximity between the bigwigs of the society might back fire. A minor scratch for your dignity is also possible due to Saturn and Ketu combination in the 12th. Pilgrimage or other professional touring programme might cause restlessness and it might affect the health also for a few.

Vedic Remedies : Chant Vishnu Sahasranam on Wednesdays. Light Til oil lamps at at the shrine of Lord Saneeswara on Saturdays. Praying to Lord Ganesha holding with bow and arrow in His hand on every Krishna Paksha chathurthi day (fourth day from the Full Moon day) by way of havan or japa with the help of pandits could remove the hurdles and give success. Chant Hanuman Chalisa on Saturdays.
Lal-kitab Remedies :Every first Thursday of the month, offer Saffron in a temple.
Do not start house-repairing works on a Saturday.



AQUARIUS (Kumbha) :
Dhanishta (3,4), Satabisha, Poorvabhadrapada (1, 2, 3)

Rahu in the 5th house , Ketu in the 11th.

General : 5th house speaks about mental status, aspirations, celebrations and the children. Rahu creates confused mentally. When Rahu transits the 5th house, dubious thinking would rule the roost in all the actions and decisions. A clear decision would seem impossible. Completion of any work would become an herculean task. So, concentrate on the work you have undertaken and see to it that it would be completed punctually, to avoid further complications. Illusion sometimes might hide the real picture of the happenings, which might tilt the actions indecisively. As Rahu would be afflicting the 5th house of children, the difference of opinion between them would be in enlarged proportion. Some might even get separated from their children, due to various reasons. The worries and expenditure for children would be a disturbing factor at this juncture. Health-wise, Rahu being in an Airy house, might trouble the chronic patients with respiratory problems. Rough weather would prevail in the celebration arrangements. It will be very difficult to recover the money lent. Interest in making money might make the natives indulge in illegal and violatory methods. Government servants should be careful and should not involve in such methods to favour others, as the time is targeting to tarnish your name and fame. Very fortunate result of this transit would be Ketu's 11th house stay. Two malefics Saturn and Ketu conjoined in the 11th house would be ready to bestow success in all the endeavours, rather than posing hurdles in the way of success. Strangers would be in your new friend's circle. Foreign dealings might be well utilized and the tours could be used monetarily well. As 11th house would be afflicted, relationship with elder siblings and old friends might witness rough patch.

Students : Total diversion, absent-mindedness and lethargy might end in frustration at the time of results. Regular meditation and sense of determination alone could help overcome this problem.

Women : 5th house would be afflicted and deprived of Jupiter's benefit aspect. Pregnant women should be very careful and should guard themselves from miscarriage and take precautionary measures at this time. It is better to avoid driving vehicles. Be very patient with mischievous children. Punitive actions might create unpleasant atmosphere at home.

Vedic Remedies : Performing Durga Sooktha Veda mantra japa and havan with pandits could reduce the affliction a lot. Worshipping Goddess with serpent and praying to Lord Dakshinamoorthi on Thursdays could bestow pregnant women and newly married women with a safe child-birth.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Add a little Sandal wood powder in bathing water.
Take good care of your guests.

PISCES (Meena) :
Poorvabhadrapada 4, Uttarabhadrapada, Revati.

General : 4th house denotes mother, education, vehicle, land and comforts. Rahu's stay in Gemini would be targeting these portfolios. Though Jupiter is not aspecting the 4th house, its 9th house placement would give a timely helping hand. 4th house, being the matru-sthana, Rahu's presence would compel the native spend money and time for the mother. Mother's health needs to be taken care of. For a few, rifts may widen in the relationship with mother. Foreign trip, newly-wed status and official tours also might be the reasons for separation from mother. Target to the exchequer would be imminent through vehicles and lands. Either spending too much for the old vehicle or investment on new vehicle would seem to be very much possible. The imbroglio over the selling of old lands would be frustrating and would keep on prolonging unknowingly. For a few, landdisputes might pull them to Court also. Unless the legal and other valid documents would be properly verified, chances for litigation might occur in the nearfuture. Construction-work for individual purposes should be started on auspicious time, to avoid delay or stoppage of work in the middle.

Rahu in the house of comfort, in a Airy sign, might make the asthmatic trouble a severe one. Heart patients should be very careful, due to eclipse falling in the 4th house. In the month of May and June, more planets, especially Mars, would be conjoined in the 4th house. This time would be unsafe for vehicleusers. Saturn and Ketu conjunction in the 10th house would give, utmost pressure, in profession. The situation might be pushing one more, who would not be running favourable dasa-bhukthi. Some might get exasperated by the disrespect and the poor treatment they would be facing from the Management. The result would be quitting the job or unwanted transfers. Grudge among the co-workers also would try to harm at any time. But Jupiter in the 9th house and its benevolent aspects would definitely control these adverse effects.

Students : Very dull period for students as the 4th house of education would be in the grip of Rahu, Ketu and Saturn. Frequent illness and family atmosphere would do utmost damage in the results. Laborious work and a sense of responsibility only could withstand at this juncture. Fortune would be ready to uplift through Jupiter's 9th house position (Bhagyasthana). Pisces students would show special interest on studying old scriptures.

Women : Health issues would often terrorize you. Some may need to keep away from the officeatmosphere. It might be even on maternity leave also. Ride vehicles wisely and carefully. Medical expenses will be on the rise.

Vedic Remedies : Walking a long distance to have darshan Goddess of Durga could save you from health issues. Perform abishek to Lord Ganesha with honey. Donate food to the poor. Regularly chanting Sri Rudra and Chamaka Veda mantra, Ganapathi Upanishad, Durga Sooktham with the help of Vedic pandits could help you overcome professional hurdles.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Feed a mix of five grains, to various birds.
Use Silver tumbler, for drinking water.



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