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Rahu Transits to Pisces; Ketu to Virgo

True Transit (29 November 2023 to 29 May 2025)

By S. Swaminathan

Lal-kitab Remedies contributed by Rajiv K Khattar

Rahu enters Pisces (Revati) on 29th November 2023; simultaneously Ketu also enters into Virgo (Chitra 2) on the same day, at the same time.

Rahu and Ketu are the two shadow planets (Chaya grahas). They don't have physical body and don't own any signs, like other planets.

Swarbhanu was a demon, son of the Viprasiddhi and Simhika. In the process of getting the Amrita (one which bestows immortality), both Devas and Asuras churned the Milky ocean with the mount Mandhara as the Churner and Vasuki as the rope. At the time of getting Amrita from the ocean, it was denied to Asuras, as it would harm the world. So, the demon Swarbhanu in the disguise of a Deva mingled with the Devas and got the Amrita. Having come to know this, both luminaries the Sun and the Moon made a complaint to Lord Mahavishnu about this and objected Swarnabanu to consume the Amrita as he was also an Asura. Then Lord Mahavishnu posed as Goddess Mohini and mesmerised the Asuras with her beauty and cut the body of Swarbhanu atlast. As the demon Swarbhanu had already swallowed a drop of Amrita, he was alive, even after getting chopped into two parts by the Mahavishnu's Sudharshana chakra.

The chopped body of Swarnabhanu prayed to Lord Vishnu, and He granted serpent body to him. So the head of Swarbhanu with serpent body was called Rahu and the head of serpent with the body of Swarbhanu was called Ketu. Enraged by the act of luminaries, Rahu and Ketu started considering Sun and Moon as their enemies, and started causing eclipse from that time onwards on New Moon (solar eclipse) day and Full Moon day (lunar eclipse). Thus the Hindu mythology interprets the story of Rahu and Ketu.

Rahu : Colour and smell of smoke, one who circles the mount Meru in anti-clockwise, direction said to have seated in a chair adorned like lion, born in Paiteenasa Gothram and he is the king of Barbara Desam. Rahu is ornamented with Garnet

Swati, Arudra and Satabisha are the stars, owned by Rahu.
In Vimsottari dasa system, Rahu has 18 years, as its dasa period.

"Rahur Barbara Dheshapo Niruruthow Krishnaanga Shoorpaasano Yamyashabhi Mukhascha Chandra Raviruth Paiteenasi: Krowryavaan Shat Thristha: Shubhakruth Karaalavadhana: Preethascha Dhoorvaahuthow Dhurga Poojanatha: Prasanna Hrudhaya: Kuryaath Sadhaa Mangalam"

Ketu : Red-eyed, cutnecked, multi-coloured, multifarious- coloured flowers, and circles the mount Meru in anti-clockwise direction like Rahu. Two handed, King of Antharvedhi Desam, said to be born in Jaimini Gothram and in Abhijith star, ornamented with Cat's eye crown, and wearing Cat's eye garlands. Traverse in the chariot of pigeon, with multi-coloured flag; Ketu gives sanyasa yoga. He blesses the native for their holy expeditions.
Aswini, Makha and Moola are the stars owned by Ketu.
In Vimsottari dasa system, Ketu has 7 years, as its dasa period.
"Kethur Jaimini Gothraja: Kusha Samith Vayavya Konae Sthitha: Chithraanga Dhwaja Laanjchano Hi Bhagavan Yaamyaanana: Shobhana: Santhushto Gananaatha Poojana Vashath Gangaadhi Theerthappradha: Shat Thristha: Shubhakrucha Chithritha Thanu: Kuryaath Sadhaa Mangalam"

[Ref: Sagar's Ephemeris: 2001 to 2025( Lahiri Ayanamsa),;] True Node Vs Mean Node - First of all, there are mainly 2 ways of calculating the transits of Rahu and Ketu. They are known as True Nodes and Mean Nodes. As per True Nodes calculations, Rahu and Ketu will change signs on 29th Nov, 2023, but as per Mean Nodes they will change signs on Oct 30, 2023.

Rahu's transit in various stars of Pisces (Mean)
Revati (4,3,2,1) : 30th October 2023 to 8th July 2024
Uttarabhadrapada (4,3,2,1) : 8thJuly 2024 to 16thMarch 2025
Poorvabhadrapada(4) : 16th March 2025 to 18th May 2025

Ketu's Mean transit in various stars of Virgo (Mean)
Chitra (2,1) : 30th October 2023 to 4th March 2024
Hasta (4,3,2,1) : 4th March to 11th November 2024
Uttaraphalguni (4,3,2) : 19th November 2024 to 18th May 2025
Transit Predictions and Remedies for 12 Rasis

Mesha (ARIES) :
Aswini, Bharani and Krittika(I)
Rahu in 12th house; Ketu in 6th house; Jupiter in 1st and 2nd;
Saturn in 11th house.

General : Mesha, the 1st house of Natural Zodiac, is a Fiery and Movable (chara) sign. This house is owned by Mars. Sun exalts, and Saturn debilitates in this sign.

Hindrances in all your endeavours would try to bulldoze your zeal and passion, and cause an undue delay. Untiring efforts would probably lead to a completion with the help of Saturn in the 11th. This Rahu's 12th position would help the itchy feet to be ready with bag and baggage. Those who are running 9th or 12th lord's Dasa or Bukthi could expect a foreign travel, either for official purposes or Higher studies. Planning would be very much needed at this juncture, before every execution, as the 12th house of movements is clamped and eclipsed by Rahu, and the Janma rasi, the 1st house, occupied by Jupiter. One should be very cautious in the matter of investments. Buying or constructing a new house should be done with utmost care. Either one has to pay through the nose or feel the pinch. One can weigh the pros and cons hereafter in his/her proposals, as Rahu moves from 1st house.

Ketu's 6th position : falls in the sign Virgo, which happens to be the Zodiac 6th house also. Natural malefic's stay in 6th house would always become beneficial one. Shifting from the 7th house the kalathrasthana would be much more desirable. The illusion and uncertainty over the marriage-related issues would come to an end, and those waiting for the auspicious occasion would break into a smile.

Students : Flying abroad would become handy for those, who excitedly anticipate. But the lack of attentiveness could cause unexpected results. Still Saturn and Ketu would come to their rescue, if one could work like a dog. Attitude of aimless travelling would reflect in the academic results, and stand as a cause for the arrears. Tighten your belt and complete. So be attentive and reap the results, with the blessings of Rahu.

Health : Discomfort in the knee part would force a few to undergo knee replacement or treatment equivalent to that. Itching in the left eye should be taken care at once, as it may lead to Cataract surgery also. Diabetic patients might lose their sleep, due to foot numbness. Wounds in the foot part should be taken seriously, as the 12th house is afflicted by Rahu.

Birth Star Predictions
Aswini : Thinking big during this period could put you in trouble. Those in service need to be in you in trouble. Those in service need to be in co-operative mood with colleagues. If your consider pooling your resources with others, this period will be suitable. Some may shift their residences.

Bharani : You will tide over any financial crisis. Litigation will be to your advantage. Unemployed ones can look forward to appointment letter. Business will expand and foreign travel is on cards. Some may get sudden transfers.

Krittika(1) : Marriage negotiations may drag on. Artists and students will shine. Unexpected travel is likely. Ancestral property matters will get settled. Some may purchase a new house or a property. Professionals will feel contented, after having solved a problem.

Vedic Remedies : Padhayathra (by walking) to Durga temples and worship of the Snake- goddess can minimise the foot and leg-related discomfort. Donating sacred ashes to temples and donating foods for old people would remove the doshas of Ketu's 6th position.

Lal-kitab Remedies :Not to disclose your plans to irrelevant people.
Wear a pure Gold ring band in Left hand's Ring finger.



VRISHABHA (Taurus) :
Krittika (2,3,4), Rohini,
Mrigasira (1,2).
Rahu in 11th ; Ketu in 5th house.
Jupiter in the 12th and 1st ; Saturn in the 10th house.

General : Vrishabha, the 2nd house of Natural Zodiac is an Earthy and a Fixed (Sthira) sign. This house is owned by Venus. Moon exalts, and Venus rules in this sign.

Irrespective of their nature, all planets would tend to bless the native in their sojourn at the 11th house. With this observation, the Vrishabha (Taureans) sign people would become the best beneficiaries among all signs. Those in the working segment might expect lucrative increase in the income, and those in the business would be getting more profitable orders. Professionals of Marine-side would get a tremendous jump in the career development. As the 11th house denotes friends and elder siblings, difference of opinion would emerge, and it might seriously fracture the cordiality. Though 11th Rahu would be ready to bless you with monetary gains, 12th house Jupiter might open the door for expenses. Cautious habit of squirreling away the income could save the day.

Ketu's 5th position : Splashing out on luxuries and celebrations might create an unexpected financial crunch, nevertheless the lucrative position of Rahu. As the 5th house is occupied and eclipsed by Ketu, pregnant women might sail close to the wind, and they should take utmost care to avoid any miscarriage. Those waiting to join the family-way might have to tolerate some delay.

Students : Occasionally, frustration and abstracted mind might rule the roost, and pull down the enthusiasm. They should make use of the fortune as the time would be breeze with the blessings of 11th house Rahu, to achieve good results. Lethargy might be another weapon, which Ketu would hurl on the Vrishabha native students, to obstruct the target.

Health : 5th house denotes the chest parts. Those who have persistent mucus cough and cold, especially the elderly, smells the danger and should immediately consult the physician and take precautionary medication. Pregnant woman must be very careful, while driving and being a pillion-rider. Saturn's aspect on the 4th sign, the house of comfort (Sukasthana) would also fan the flames.

Birth Star Predictions
Krittika (2,3,4): Period of hardwork is ahead. The ongoing romance may culminate into wedding. Those in service will get promotion and increment. Siblings will be very helpful. Children will bring joy to the family.

Rohini : You can expect more benefits than expected. You will conquer adversities, and regain the lost-power. Avoid controversies at the domestic-front. Some minor health issues might keep posing problems communication from distant lands will bring cheerful news.

Mrigasira (1, 2) : Businessmen dealing with food articles will get handsome profits. Long-pending problems will get solved, and enough money will be available for family expenses. Some may buy luxury items. Arrival of guests will increase your work load. Politicians will shine.

Vedic Remedies : Remedies for Ketu would be indispensible than for Rahu. Chanting hymns on Lord Ganapathy and performing Ganapathy Havan on Krishna Paksha Chathurthi day (the 19th Lunar day) would remove the hindrances on the road to success. Praying Lord Ganesha and ornamenting the god with Bermuda (Durva) grass would give good health.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Help and respect your elders.
Don't wear Blue clothes.

MITHUNA (Gemini) :
Mrigasira (3,4), Arudra,
Punarvasu (1,2,3).
Rahu in 10th and Ketu in 4th house
Jupiter in the 11th and 12th; and Saturn in the 9th house.

General : Mithuna, the 3rd house of Natural Zodiac, is an Airy and a dual (Dhwaya) sign.
This house is owned by Mercury. 1, 4, 7 and 10th houses called quadrant (Kendra) houses. Among the four houses, 10th house would be somewhat comfortable for Gemini people, as a result of which, they would reap the rewards to some extent. 10th house is considered as the house of profession (karma-sthana). Though it could give some intense pressure professionally, it would not negate the career development. A transfer and a change of working place would not be ruled out. Unhygienic and dirty working atmosphere might irk a few. Temptation from strangers to do some unlawful works might force you to be in trouble. Rahu in the 10th would make the Tantric and Astrologers to feather their nest abundantly. Those who wait for the job might get employments like medical representative or marketing personnel, as Rahu in the 10th would always make one to wander for business promotion.

Ketu's position : 4th house is considered as house of comforts (Sukasthana), mother (Mathru-sthnana), academic qualifications/properties, Vahana (related to vehicles)

Malefic like Ketu sitting in the 4th house would not be construed as a good sign. One might have to take care of his mother or to spend time and money for her. A few might be inundated at Court works, to retain their inherited property.

Students : They would have a peculiar trend as far as their education is concerned. Either they might have to shift their educational institution or they might keep away from school/colleges for a few days or months. Attending one's mother or a minor accident might be one of the reasons for their non-attendance. Naturally, one cannot expect a very energetic and studious attitude towards studies, when Ketu in the 4th house of education (the Vidhya-sthana)

Health : As we have already said, 4th house is the house for comforts, it directly means the physical comforts. Being a malefic, Ketu would not allow one to be relaxed at all times. Every now and then, the Geminian might face the hardship of health hazards. Age would decide the seriousness of the health risks.
Regular treatments and controlling Sugar and pressure would help a person to save them from heart palpitations, as 4th house denotes chest region of the body. Avoid aerated drinks.

Birth Star Predictions
Mrigasira (3,4) : Distractions and inattentiveness in the work might lead to grave errors. Difference of opinion with higher officials and subordinates would be the threshold of further complications as far as the office atmosphere is concerned. Auspicious occasions might urge a few to postpone their office-transfer.

Arudra : Nevertheless a transfer would seem inevitable; it might give some a boost in one’s career. Probably an abroad chance would help one to have a golden touch, as 10th house is Rahu in a Watery sign, followed by 11th house (Labhasthana) Jupiter. If Dasa-Bhukthi would stand favourable, one might be smiling ear to ear to recover an ancestral property, as Saturn is posited strongly in the 9th.

Punarvasu (1, 2, 3) : Kindled by spiritual interests, these natives would be very much in the mood of continuing pilgrimage, especially the sea-shore places. A few might have to take a break from the office, due to minor accidents or ill health. Discussing the company affairs with strangers at common places could backfire on you. Be alert and safeguard your seat.

Vedic Remedies : : Praying to Goddess Durga or Nag-devata would minimise the sufferings in the profession. Chanting Mahishasura Mardhini sloka, and reciting Devi Mahathmiyam with the help of a pundit, would drive away the competitors and enemies. Praying to Lord Ganesha could defend your health and create a peaceful domestic environment.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Get water-storage tank thoroughly cleaned.
Wear a Silver bracelet around the wrist of Right hand.

Kataka (CANCER) :
Punarvasu (4), Pushya, Aslesha.
Rahu in 9th and Ketu in 3rd house.
Jupiter in the 10th and 11th; Saturn in the 8th house.

General : Kataka, the 4th house in the Natural Zodiac is a Watery and Movable (Chara) sign. Jupiter exalts and Mars debilitates in this sign. This sign is owned by Moon.
9th house is called the house of fortune (Bhagya-sthana) and considered as one of the very sacred and beneficial house. If one gets good aspects to this house, he/she would be blessed with good fortunes of life. When planets like Rahu treads into this sacredness, the positive aspects and the sanctity of this sign might be blemished to some extent. One's pious nature and righteous behaviour would be drastically tilted. Accelerated by a sense of loneliness and an urge to have a companion, one might abruptly jump the track to an illicit relationship. This immorality could cause severe damage to your social status, not only because of 9th house Rahu, but also the presence of Saturn in the 8th house. At the last moment, you might drag your feet in the attempt of going abroad. Separation from one's father could be on the cards. Job-transfer or family feud might be the bone of contention. Professionally, you should not take hasty decisions. Major transits would not be supportive to retain the existing job. Tolerate the humiliations that could give some benefit in the long run. 9th house Rahu would always target below the knee regions and bones. Moreover, Saturn also would go hand in hand with this factor, and trouble you, if not attended properly.

Ketu's position : 3rd house is considered as the house of courage and it speaks about siblings also. The behaviour of the neighbours and relatives would become a bolt from the blue. Friendly relatives might abruptly change their attitude, and fight like cat and dog. Though the 8th house Saturn might prove to be an uphill task, this Ketu only could become a big game-changer, and defend at times.

Students : Stepping into Higher studies would become a tiresome task, as many factors could stumble on the path. Going abroad for studies would be postponed or cancelled, depending on one's Dasa-Bhukthi. Jupiter's aspect on the 4th house of education, and Ketu in the 3rd would be ready to make your dreams alive. But dreams will become true, only when you work very hard. 9th house is considered as one of the sacred signs in zodiac. Students in the adolescence might fall in to a habit of developing blasphemous thoughts. Be cautious.

Health : Knee joint pain could bother you more. As Rahu occupies the 9th house, a few travels might become a nightmare, as Saturn also would be ready to fan the flame. As the 9th house happens to be the 8th from the 2nd house, probability for age-related eye diseases could not be ruled out. Pain in the neck and shoulder region should be taken care. Regular vehicle usage and the bad standing or sitting posture might cause some mild trouble in the cervical spine at this time.

Birth Star Predictions
Punarvasu (4) : Sleep disorders might be caused by prickly sensation in the leg and feet, and nightmarish dreams for a few. Minor accidents might mar the joyful moments of the vacation. Allergies might force a few to stay at the hospital.

Pushya : What has hitherto been considered as minor tussle in the ancestral property case might turn more serious hereafter. So, keep your head down and avert money loss. A minimal lucrative remuneration could also be expected, amidst a rough ride. Plan carefully the travel abroad, and work out the cost and expenses as much as possible, to avoid a financial distress.

Aslesha : Humbleness and flexibility would stop further widening of rift between you and your father. Chances for business without big investments might slightly flourish, if you work hard unrelentingly. Those in the field of publication would find a ray of hope, and could lay a road for a better fortune.

Vedic Remedies : : Visiting any Kali temple in the Northeast direction from your dwelling would enhance your luck. Performing Durga pooja continuously would sweep away the obstructions on the way of legal tangle. Feeding lepers and snake-catchers would help you get blessed with sound sleep without bad dreams

Lal-kitab Remedies : Once a month, donate a broom in any temple.
Wear a Gold chain or a Yellow thread around the neck.



LEO (Simha) :
Makha, Purvaphalguni, Uttaraphalguni (1).
Rahu in 8th and Ketu in 2nd house.
Jupiter in the 9th and 10th; Saturn in the 7th house.

General : Simha, the 5th house of the Natural Zodiac, is a Fiery and Fixed (Sthira) sign. This sign is owned by the Atmakaraka and Pithrukaraka Sun.
8th sign the house packed with full difficulties. Beneficial planet like Jupiter might not be much harmful in the 8th house. Malefic like Rahu placed in the 8th house would definitely intensify its evil effects. This is not to intimidate the readers, but to caution them to handle situation with utmost care. Gravitated by greediness, one might fall into the trap of adversities. Unfortunately, both 8th and 12th work together as far as the Simha people are concerned. This Pisces, where Rahu stays, happens to be the 12th of the Zodiac and 8th from the Moon sign. Sudden hospitalisation due to accidents or for chronic diseases might bring an eerie situation. Vehicle-users should avoid rash-driving, and the chronic patients should check their physical problems as and when the body talks. Enemies could work behind the scene to pluck your status in the office, if you blabber about the company's activities in the public places. Venturing into new business is not an advisable effort. Investments could end at loss. Clubbing your business with partners would lead to grave mistakes, and might pull you down financially. If you pull your socks up, and monitor the business activities regularly, you will be safe. As 8th house directly denotes the ill health, one must be very careful at this juncture. Even the small delay in attending your health, might end up in severity.

Ketu's position : 2nd house speaks about one's financial status and family structure. Whenever Rahu and Ketu transit happens, if one stays in adverse house, at least the other one would come to help. Unfortunately in this transit both of them would become harmful for the Leo natives. It would be really a testing time financially. Do not lend money, as it might backfire. Investing in stock market could be another perilous act, as it would definitely burn your fingers. Frequent quarrels could collapse the peaceful atmosphere of the family. Avoid using filthy words.

Students : : Engaging and showing more interest in entertainments would be reflected in the result. Not surprisingly the Jupiter in the 9th could possibly help you achieve the results, as it aspects its own 5th house Sagittarius (Dhanush). It does not mean that you should completely shoulder your responsibility to this factor. Fortunes apart, success depends on your backbone, not your wish-bone. Unnecessary toxic friendship might change your character and eat away your studiousness. Spendthrift attitude could be another enemy to your academic developments.

Health : Pisces is the Watery house, where Rahu would stay. Infection due to water contamination might take some of you to hospital for a while. A few would be affected by the lack of water in the body. Dehydration, Urinary infection and constipation would be the few other discomforts of this Rahu's position. 2nd house being occupied by Ketu could cause mouth-ulcer and dental problems. 8th sign is an accident-prone sign. So drive vehicle with care. Facials might cause allergic reactions, as 2nd house denotes face and Ketu would stay there.

Birth Star Predictions
Makha : Grudges developed so far would bring the bifurcation so closer. Some business people might even go to Court. Protect yourselves from liver and kidney-related troubles. Jupiter might help a few to fly abroad for higher studies/work. Be careful and take off.

Poorvaphalguni : These natives would be more affected, among the 3 stars falling in this sign Simha. Husband and wife should avoid arguments and the flexibility could be the only weapon to keep the relationship stronger. Pregnant women should be careful in travelling and riding vehicle. Chances for getting affected by food allergies could be highly possible.

Uttaraphalguni(1) : You would go to Court, in order to retrieve the ancestral property. A few could be affected by vertigo, and regular consultation with ophthalmologist could save your eyesight. Aged people should attend throat infections at once, as it might lead to some serious problems in the lungs, if not checked. Newly married couple should seek the elder' advise to eschew major crack in the family.

Vedic Remedies : Meditation is the only medicine to take you out of many complications. Recite ‘Sapthasloki durga stothra’ with the help of a pundit and offer the goddess Honey, mixed Pomegranate fruits, at the end of the recital. Chanting Ganapathy stothra daily could be the best key for the money inflow

Lal-kitab Remedies : Once a month, donate 200gm solid dried Turmeric sticks in a temple.
Occasionally gift some money to a sweeper ( sewer cleaner).


KANYA (Virgo) :
U.Phalguni (2,3,4), Hasta, Chitra (1,2)
Rahu in the 7th and Ketu in 1st house.
Jupiter in the 8th and 9th & Saturn in the 6th house.

General : Kanya, the 6th house in of the Natural Zodiac, is an Earthy and Movable (Chara) sign. Virgo is owned by the Buddhi-Karaka and Vidhya-karaka Mercury. Mercury exalts here. So, a planet exalting in its own sign is another pride for the house and the planet.

7th denotes marital status and the happenings in the marriage life. Rahu in the 7th house would not augur smooth and peaceful atmosphere in the family life. Moreover, the 7th lord Jupiter which is in the 8th house would also be ready to worsen the situation. Better understanding and frequent discussion only can help the couple to sail against the wind. If the Dasa and Bhukthi would not favour, then this placement could even misguide wife/husband to be in illicit relationship also. With the advent of Rahu in the 7th house, the cordial relationship between the partners in business would see a streak of crack. Frequent quarrel between the husband and wife might go to Court, and separation would depend on the strength of Dasa and Bhukthi. If matched incompatibly, this time might prove to be an unfortunate one and end in separation. Those with a weak horoscope, as far as the marriage prospects are concerned, should not think of treading into this agreement currently. This time is also not conducive enough to venture into marriage, as the first and 7th house would be in the grip of Rahu and Ketu. Rahu in the 7th would always make you sit on the fence. 7th house also a house of travelling, that too with the family. But being occupied by Rahu, it would tend to show a break in journey only. If at all there would be an ounce of goodness, it could be through Saturn's 6th position only. He would bless you amidst a rough tide.

Ketu's position : : 1st house depict the perspective. And the planet which sits in the 1st house would determine the attitude and the action. Ketu would give confusion and a few would become very much involved in spiritual activities. Decision-making might be at cross roads. 8th house Jupiter might conspicuously activate the 1st house Ketu, to make you tremble in financial commitments. A dilly dally would be very much possible across all areas.

Students : Forgetfulness and distraction from the subjects could take you far away from the success. Both physical and mental fatigue might pull you out from the race. Rahu in the 7th would give a break in the studies, or it might give a shift from one place to other. Those who intend to go abroad for higher studies should check well the place and duration of their education programme. In all possibility, a disruption and discontinuity might happen and that would escalate the expenses finally.

Health : 7th house indicates the abdominal part of the body. This might cause gastro-intestinal troubles. If not attended at the budding stage, a surgery could not be avoided. Persons with chronic diseases should be very careful, and elderly people should always go out with the assistance of someone at this time, as sudden dizziness could affect you on the way. Irritating itches would disturb the sound sleep. A few could be affected by psoriasis, kind of skin disorders. One should be cautious in the medicines, as some of them could end up in urinary infections also.

Birth Star Predictions
Uttaraphalguni (2,3,4) : Unfortunately a separation might happen between the husband and wife. There are chances for a bitterness in the relationship of those, who celebrated engagement recently, and waiting for wedlock. Appreciating each other and shedding one's ego would easily erase the hatred, and pave the way for cordial relationship.

Hasta : Spending for others, without feathering your own nest, would be equivalent to digging a pit for yourself. This might create a big ripple in the family also, as the both 7th and 8th from your sign are not favourable. Those in transferable profession might expect a change of place. Though Rahu and Jupiter give some trouble often, Saturn in the 6th would make some of you remain busy in arranging loan for building/buying new house. But getting into your stride would be a prudent attempt.

Chitra (1,2) : For Chitra natives, disputes and quarrelling would become an order of the day. As this star gets another leg in Libra, impact might not be so severe. With the help of Saturn, which would give the fortune as a gift on a platter, you can overcome the turmoil to some extent. Students should meditate well for better memory-power. Business and life partners should discuss their shortcomings now and then, to avoid a massive damage. Safeguard yourselves from the health hazards.

Vedic Remedies : Praying to Goddess Durga could be a right solution to quench the evil effects of Rahu. Performing Suhagam (Sumangali) pooja, inviting married women to one's house and giving them gifts would help you lead the life, devoid of conflict. Donating Mangalsuthra to the needy girls could prevent the couple from going to Court for the separation. Meditating and chanting in front of lord Ganesha would help you strengthen your memory power.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Not to indulge in speculative activities of any kind.
Keep a Red cotton handkerchief with you.


TULA (Libra) :
Chitra (3,4), Swati, Visakha (1, 2, 3)
Rahu in 6th and Ketu in 12th house.
Jupiter in the 7th and 8th; Saturn in the 5th house.

General : Thula is the 7th house in the Natural Zodiac, where Sun debilitates, Saturn exalts and Venus rules. Libra is an Airy house, and the quality of this sign is Sthira (fixed).
Undoubtedly, Thula natives would be going to reap the benefits of this Rahu transit. Along with Rahu's support, Jupiter's 7th position could also be reverberated in every fortunate happening of this period. 6th house is the house of Rina Roga (debts and disease). But planets like Rahu, which happens to occupy 3, 6 and 11 would predominantly make the native flourish. Especially the troubles caused by the malefic would be felt, when they occupy other houses, except the above said 3,6 and 11th houses. Malefic in the 6th house would always be beneficial and harmless all the time. No need to tell about Rahu like malefic, as its sojourn in a house is 18 months, a long duration. Nevertheless an advantageous period ahead in all respects, a few disadvantages also could not be ruled out. As 6th house rules the stomach, Rahu might tend to cause indigestion problems. Prodded by the instinct of eating varieties at different places might send a few to the extent of food poisoning. As far as the efforts are concerned, your pain in hard work would never fail to fetch you the proper results. This could be one of the best times, where efforts and success would go hand in hand. Though Rahu and Jupiter would be ready to shower a fortunate trend, Saturn in the 5th might cause some financial crisis. Caution must be there on all financial commitments to forestall some unwanted eventualities. There would not be any need for the business people to borrow, as money-flow would become nominally good and sufficient to run the show. Politicians could find their enemies surrender, and be ready to eat humble pie, as your planetary positions pull you to a glorious position.

Ketu's position : 12th speaks about loss, sayana (place of sleeping), divine worship, impediments, expenditure, revelation of secrets, hospital and so on.

Ketu in 12th would kindle an interest of visiting many holy places, or someone might invite your for a holy trip. On the one hand Rahu would keep enthusing you to go sustainably in your endeavours, on the other hand Ketu in 12th would try to pull back at the maximum, and punch your determination.

Students : As long as Rahu is in the 6th, you can feel the wind of fortune and make this period academically a successful one. It doesn't mean that you don't have to work hard. The quality of attempts you instigate would be returned with a good quantity of outcome. Ample chances are waiting for those, who pursue study abroad. Study-related to Software development would flourish well. Ketu in the house of Mercury would be an obstacle for studies related to Information Technology, Commerce and Accounts. Studies related to public relations, human resources and medicine might be very much fruitful and result-oriented, as the 3rd lord Jupiter in the 7th house aspecting its own house Sagittarius, Leo and your Moon sign Thula.

Health : Though there might not be major health hazards, a few bodily discomforts might disturb you now and then. As we have already hinted, 6th house as Roga (diease) sthana, it would trouble you with some health issues. Rahu as a malefic being in the 6th could probably trigger stomach and skin disorders. 6th being a Watery house it might be water contamination also. One part which might become constantly painful is legs area. 12th house rules the leg, feet and right eye. Chronic patients should be very much careful about their legs and foot. Aged people might have to undergo cataract, as they would feel the itching and burning sensation in the Right eye.

Birth Star Predictions
Chitra (3, 4) : Confusions would rule the roost as far as the children's future is concerned. Spending for career and wellness would stand first in the priority list. Difference of opinion with friends and relative could become one of the adversities of Rahu. A few initiatives related to your family celebrations could become fruitful, and the domestic atmosphere would be full of joys and springs.

Swati : More celebrations in the offing. Those who are waiting for wedding bell could hear the ringing sound, around this time. The moment Rahu transits from Aries to Pisces, both Rahu and Jupiter would combinedly start showering their blessings on Thula natives. Appraisal in the office at this time would definitely boost your image, and would be resulted in well-bloomed promotion, with a lucrative remuneration. If Dasa-Bhukthi supports you well, no other time might be much more fortunate enough than this, to see a child-birth.

Visakha (1, 2, and 3) : Nevertheless many events happening around during this time would keep you in an upbeat mood; a sin of your past might come to limelight and intimidate. The severity depends where and when it might get exposed. If you are a socially well-known person, the impact could be felt at hammering on your social status. A few could face the heat at home through the disclosure of your past deeds. Ketu in the 12th would stand as a cause of the abrupt tremor. Fortunately with the help of Rahu and Jupiter, one could escape with minor scratches from all such defamations.

Vedic Remedies : Praying to Lord Ganesha, would slowly remove the hurdles on the path of your endeavours and make them successful. Feeding the animals, before your breakfast or whenever you start eating, could save you from all your stomach-related discomforts. Donating Horsegram to the temples and to the poor would minimize the irritations and numbness, frequently felt at the leg part of the body.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Every Wednesday, go to Lord Ganapathy temple.
Before going to bed, wash your feet thoroughly.


SCORPIO (Vrischika) :
Visakha (4),Anuradha and Jyeshta.
Rahu in 5th and Ketu in 11th house,
Jupiter in the 6th and 7th house
Saturn in the 4th house.

General : Vrischika is the 8th house of Natural Zodiac. Moon debilitates and Mars rules in this Watery and fixed sign.
5th house denotes celebrations, children, finance, and reflection of good deeds done in the last birth (Poorvapunyasthana), name and fame. Rahu in the 5th might be a reason for your disrepute. One should be very careful in all his/her conducts, as long as Rahu traverses your 5th house. Planning for the children welfare would be another target of this position. Spending for the children might be one among the features. Fifth house is an agent of material pleasures. As Rahu is considered to poison the very sacred place, naturally one's 5th house is also maligned due to Rahu's stay. Difference of opinion with children might erupt and disrupt the family's cordiality. A few households might see a calamity of partition in ancestral properties. Anyhow, a separation from the children might be imminent. A few might go abroad for higher education and for a few, their profession might compel them to leave their parents. Rahu in the 5th might give a jolt to your so-far-followed honest and legitimate approach in all aspects. Priority would be given mentally to money-making and self-development only, where the loyalty would get smashed sadly. 5th house denotes paternal ancestors and also said to be factor for improving / worsening ones financial status. Rahu in the 5th would be instrumental in creating disputes over the ancestral properties that might compel a few to frequently visit the Court, as a result of which the financial condition also might be severely damaged. Profession related to marine might face slackening, as Saturn is also aspecting the 10th house. Those who are in the business of mineral water, juice-making and edible items and in the chemical field should be watchful. Increased amount of toxic ingredients in your utility products knowingly or unknowingly might become harmful to the consumers and fatal to your lucrative business also. Pregnant women should be very careful, as your 5th house of progeny is eclipsed by Rahu.

Ketu's position : 11th house would definitely improve your financial stature and gives an assurance for the lucrative trend. Ketu's sojourn at Virgo owned by Mercury, the karaka for business, would slowly move the profit-graph upwards. Replete with multifarious advantages, Ketu would be ready to shower its blessings through success in all your endeavours; especially the intimidating professional tremors might come to an end; talks about your promotion would be in the air. Many efforts facing obstacles so far, due to Ketu's 12th house position hitherto, would be expedited positively, by its present transit and would throw open the gate of its actual target.

Students : 5th house shows the mental stability of a person. Rahu, the Chaya graha (shadow planet) in that house would crack the stability and lead to dual thinking in all decisions. The habit of leaving something incomplete would become your new tendency. This habit might reflect in all your interests, and thereby errands would be left incomplete, without reaching the actual goal you are aiming at. So be determined to complete, whatever committed. Rising interest towards studying and performing leather instruments (percussion instruments) could be in the offing. Family problems, inclination towards entertainments, romance, sports and so on might totally divert your interest from the academic studies. Amidst all these mental chaos, Ketu in 11th house (labhasthana) could help a few to bring home the bacon.

Health : 5th house has control over the chest, heart, upper abdomen, gall bladder, intestines and womb of our body. Saturn in the 4th and Rahu in the 5th would be a clear sign of your heart- related discomforts. If you take precautionary measures and regular medical consultation, major debacle could be averted. 4th, the house of comfort is occupied by Saturn, 6th, the house of sickness by Jupiter and the 5th, by Rahu. All major planetary positions repeatedly signify the health hazards. If this is pregnancy time or you feel the symptoms of pregnancy, you should be doubly careful, as the 5th house Rahu might tend to create problems in pregnancy and it would not allow you to have normal delivery also. Rahu is the synonym for surgery. The state of being in seclusion is not advisable for seriously sick people, as very unhealthy trend would prevail.

Birth Star Predictions
Visakha (4) : Worries about the children and the friction with children would reach its peak and the peaceful domestic atmosphere would be jerked. In a few housesholds, the expenses for the children's celebration or for their studies might become exorbitant, and as a result of which the financial position would go all time low. On the other hand, Ketu would be ready to give a helping hand, and pull you out of the pit of sorrow.

Anuradha : Whereever you tap, you will get the flow of money in the form of loan. This is the time, when you might borrow more money. But prudent way of spending only would help you to come out of severe debt trap. Pay your taxes on time, as you might be in a position to be answerable, and pay penalty for the delay. Attend water-related works, either drainage or drinking water at your house, immediately. If delayed, major maintenance work would be ready to swallow down more money. The reason is 5th house, a watery sign, eclipsed by Rahu.

Jyeshta : Ketu in 11th would help you meeting strangers and getting support from them. Those in the mood of celebration should be very cautious in selecting the auspicious dates. A thorough inquiry of boy/girl would avert the last minute confusions and thereby pave the way for smooth sailing to celebrate, as per the schedule. Financial assistance and support from the elder brother could not be ruled out. Pray to god for safely crossing the pregnancy period and to have a hassle free child birth.

Vedic Remedies : Chanting Durga mantra regularly could formalize your thinking, and prevent you from defaming in the society. As Rahu being in the Watery sign, worshipping Nag devata, located near seashore or river banks could definitively safeguard your progeny. Donating Red Turmeric powder, Yellow or Red colour saree and fruits to married women (Suhagan) on a Friday would bring about the long-awaited and obstructed celebration to happen at your family.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Always keep a square-shaped Silver piece with you.
Not to indulge in gambling.

Moola, Purvashada, Uttarashada (1)
Rahu in 4th and Ketu in 10th house
Jupiter in the 5th and 6th house.
Saturn in the 3rd house.

General : Dhanus is the 9th house of Natural Zodiac, ruled by Jupiter. It is a Fiery and Common sign.
4th house corresponds to mother, movable and immovable properties (house and vehicles), one's comfortable dwelling and travelling. Nothing positive can be construed by the 18 months stay of Rahu at Pisces, your 4th house. Those in the transferrable job should be ready for shift. Some might have to vacate their house in haste, and settle at a very congested place. Dwelling might be a thickly populated one also. Relationship with one's mother might become strained. A few would have to spend time and money for his / her mother's health issues; if the 4th house has been severely affected and the dasa-bukthi also against the native. Dispute related to ancestral properties would become very serious. As a result of which enmity with the relatives might reach its maximum level. With strong divine power, one could escape from the violent activities of the kith and kin. As far as the profession is concerned, various work pressure might compel you to be inattentive to the assignments you would be designated to. An unwanted transfer and change of place would discourage and mar the peaceful domestic atmosphere. New couples should become very adjustable and develop a sense of patience. Rahu in the 4th would never allow you to be calm and lead a peaceful family life. Financial scarcity might be another factor to fan up the already burning fire of family turbulence. Very conscious and attentive driving could avert accidents. The severity of accidents depends on the Dasa-Bhukthi. Rahu and Ketu's stay would pique your curiosity to visit historical places, ancient temples, see old movies, and preserve old coins & books. Special interest on reading the epics would also be possible. A few would be very much interested in listening to their family story through their elders at home.

Ketu's position : 10th house is called Karma-sthana. It signifies livelihood, work, business and the honour one gets from the society or from the government. It also tells about the inclination of a person towards his occupation. The planets posited and the planets aspecting the 10th house at last collectively determine the occupation and the work related attitude of a person. Generally kendras (quadrant) the 1, 4, 7 and 10 houses are said to be activated, once these houses are occupied by malefic. Ketu being a malefic could also be counted in that sense, but being transitory effect and with its malefic nature, one could not expect very best results in its stay at 10th house. Interference through the lower cadres might become a day-to-day affair. A change of working place also might be in the offing. Wandering here and there for the procurement of office / business needs might make you to have a lot of irons in the fire. A few might indulge in philanthropic and social activities, especially in cleaning the temples and sanitation works at the slum areas.

Students : if the 4th house is free and blessed with the aspect of Jupiter, no hindrance can stop him/her from achieving their results. Unfortunately, when the Vidhyasthana (house of education) is occupied and eclipsed by Rahu, one should not leave no stone unturned, and put untiring efforts to achieve the results. 5th house takes the responsibility of lifting one to reach his target nevertheless the 4th house got afflicted by Rahu. One should not forget presence of Jupiter in the 5th house to have his determination to go unfettered. Engineering students would flourish well against all odds. Though Ketu in the 10th house give some hardship, it might not discourage those in the field of Siddha, Ayurveda and Homeo medicines.

Health : : 4th house is as powerful as the 8th house in affecting one's health. With the blessings of Jupiter, one could avert some serious health issues for some time. 4th house directly points the vehicles. So, one must take utmost care, whenever he / she drive. Even pillion-riding also would become sometimes perilous. The next target of Rahu might be the Hypertensive patients. Unless controlled or follow the doctor's advice, no one could stop your cardiac problems to occur. A surgery also might be possible, once the Jupiter moves from 5th to 6th. Being a Watery sign, it might become unsafe, when one walks on the slippery places. Especially the aged people belong to these signs should be very careful when using the Rest-room and protect yourself from bone injuries.

Birth Star Predictions
Moola : If we divide the Rahu and Ketu stay of 18 months, the first part would make you realize the debilitating professional stature. The rise of antagonists within the place of work might plant acute pressure to stop one's professional development. The other periods would be reflected in your livelihood. In the business arena, you might strive to compete with your opponents. At last, with the blessings of Jupiter and Saturn, you could hit the mark with a low profit margin.

Purvashada : Jobless and oscillating trend in the trade might echo well in the husband and wife relationship also. A tiny spark from the misunderstanding and rigidity between the couple could lead to major crack. A few women might have to take maternity leave. Promotion in the office could not be ruled out, but with a meagre remunerative hike it might happen. Deterioration of your mother's health causes concern. Spending time and money to take care of her might become inevitable. Knee-related discomforts should be attended, before surgery could bother you.

Uttarashada (1) : Legal tangle over the dismissal or suspension of one's occupation might become tiresome and might keep on extending endlessly. Wedding proposals would come to a final shape and make the atmosphere somehow a jubilant one. Ketu in 10th might instigate you to involve in the social activities. Interestingly, inclination towards studying Vedas (scriptures), Sastras and Slokhas (hymns) might be on the rise. Jupiter in the Mantra-sthana also would become a tower of strength, to keep you on the right track.

Vedic Remedies : Chant Kalabairava mantras and Durga Sapthasati on Ashtami thithi ( 8th day from the Full Moon day). Worshipping Sattainathar at Sirkazhi and Goddess Dhurga at Patteeswaram (both located in Tamilnadu) would be the answer for many of your health-related questions and slowly remove the obstructing stumbling blocks in all your endeavours also.
Chanting Ganesha Pancharathna daily could strengthen your position at the working place.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Don't renovate toilets & kitchen.
Make sure to keep the ceiling of the house clean & dirt free.


CAPRICORN (Makara) :
Uttarashada 2, 3, 4. Sravana, Dhanishta 1, 2.
Rahu in 3rd and Ketu in 9th house.
Jupiter in the 4th and 5th house
Saturn in the 2nd house.

General : Makara is the 10th house of Natural Zodiac, ruled by Saturn. Among the 4 elements, this sign is said to be an Earthy and a Movable sign (Chara Rasi), by its nature.

Any malefic occupying the third house invariably bestows courage and energy to face the problems and withstand. Rahu being a malefic, with its 18 months stay at Pisces, which happen to be the 3rd house for the Makara natives, would undoubtedly support them to rise like phoenix. The inimical nature of relatives might be dialled down, and the sprouting cordiality could help in many ways to settle the disputed issues. The legal clashes over family properties might come to an end, if one could be ready to relinquish some of his/her conditions. As 3rd house signifies the ear and shoulders in the parts of the body, discomforts in the ear should be attended at once, to avoid further complications. Spondilitis problem would frequently become cause of concern, which might result in controlling your vehicle-usage also. Unfriendly and hostile relationships with your neighbours might disturb your stay at home. This might force you to shift your residence. Those in the field of Art and Craft would flourish, as the 3rd house denotes the artistic works. The acquaintance with the public through your profession would help you become recognizable among the common men, as Rahu, in one way, is the karaka for familiarity in the house of public relations i.e. the 3rd house. People with excitingly busy work on roads due to their professional compulsion might curtail their roaming, as Rahu struck the 3rd house. The reason might be a promotion from the marketing status or the age-related inability.

Ketu's position : : 9th house is considered to be a very fortunate house. It's a snap for anyone to taste the success, if this 9th house or its lord aspected by benefics.
On the other hand, force on this house through malefic might turn the result reversal. Ketu's stay in this 9th house would have one such effect. But the positive aspect of Ketu's transit from the 10th house could not be swept aside. The imbroglio that one has been experiencing in one's job so far, would come to a halt, and the professional developments would be ready to embrace from now on. Somehow one could be involved in charitable acts or the profession, with which he is connected indirectly, would push him to get involved in philanthropic activities

Students : : The moment the house of education (the 4th house) freed from the clutches of Rahu and once it moves to 3rd house, the sluggishness and the lethargy sustained so far might be slowly swayed. Students and studies related to Social Science, Political Science, Arts and Crafts would be on cloud nine. 9th house, the house of higher education, being occupied by Ketu, might be a stumbling block for the completion of higher studies. Still, those in the field of Philosophy and Vedic studies, could earn their spurs. Dreams over the abroad studies might take a back- seat, due to some financial problems and family situations. Software professionals also could possibly see some new heights in their efforts, with the blessings of Rahu.

Health : Shoulder pain or arthritis in the neck region might frequently disturb you. Regular vehicle usage should be controlled to stop further intensity of this discomfort. Avoid using sharp materials like Safety Pin or unhygienic clothes, to clean your ears. If you feel the itches in the ear parts, consult a doctor to get rid of those fungal or some other infections. Self-medication for these sensitive parts might cause hearing impairment also. Ketu being in the 9th, which happens to be the 6th of Natural Zodiac, might create indigestion and stomach-upset. Avoid oily foods to have good appetite. Ketu's sojourn at the 9th the house might cause problems to the knee, calf and the parts up to toe in one's body. Aged people of this sign should take care, when going out or using smooth surfaces.

Birth Star Predictions
Uttarashada(2,3,4) : The quarrel between the relatives over the land or ancestral property might come to a halt. Varicose vein treatment might be essential at this time, to clear away the pain at the leg region, and to have comfortable sleep. Father's health issues are to be attended as and when required. Spending money and time for father's health issues might be the need of the hour. Promotion and a hike in the remuneration are in the offing.

Sravana : Your untiring efforts of the past years would start yielding benefits slowly. If dasa-bhukthi periods are running favourably, this is the time to get more accolades. Get ready to visit the pilgrim places. 9th house Ketu would create more opportunities to visit holy places. Borrowing money and getting a loan might not be a rocket-science. Doctor's advice might force you to buy a car, to avoid neck and shoulder stiffness.

Dhanishta(1,2) : Eruption of difference of opinion between siblings might slow down the acquisition of ancestral properties. Measure your words and keep soft pedalling in all the settlement conversations, as the 3rd house (the house of siblings) afflicted with Rahu and Saturn in the 2nd house also might be ready to flare up the enmity. Opportunities to have a dip in many holy waters, worshipping at holy places with your family would make you spiritually strong and emotionally ecstatic. Maintain a cordial relationship with your father, to avoid unnecessary domestic discomfiture.

Vedic Remedies : Praying to Lord Kartikeya would strengthen your relationship with siblings and close relatives. Worshipping the Snake-goddess, located near water-bodies, would help in many ways, to reach your achievements and conquer your enemies. Ketu in the 9th house would create Pithru Dhosha. Offering Pithru pooja at holy places and donating to Brahmins would certainly remove the hindrances and pave the way for conducting the suspended family celebrations happily, with the blessings of the forefathers. Feeding cows might bring the auspicious occasions closer.

Lal-kitab Remedies :Every Saturday, feed Black Chana to the poor.
Cover windows, located in the West direction, with curtains.



AQUARIUS (Kumbha) :
Dhanishta (3,4), Satabisha, Poorvabhadrapada (1, 2, 3)
Rahu in 2nd and Ketu in 8th house.
Jupiter in the 3rd house.
Saturn in the 1st house.

General : Kumbha is the 11th house of Natural Zodiac, ruled by Saturn. This house is Airy and a Fixed sign (sthira rasi).
Two signs in this transit would be going to have Rahu and Ketu in 2nd and 8th position.
2nd house signifies the financial status (Dhana-sthana), family position (Kutumbha-sthana), and related effects, one's speech (Vaksthana) etc.
Rahu, which would be in the 2nd house, might not augur a sound financial status and peaceful domestic atmosphere. This is to caution the readers of Kumbha rasi and not to threaten them. Major transits would be against your prosperity and wellness. Rahu and Ketu transit would be one such. Unless one could plan and execute well, ecliptic 2nd house might create any kind of ripple that one could not be imagined. A few could be possibly escaped, due to their basic Dasa-bhukthi. Investment for starting business or speculating at this time would not be safe, and avoid any such financial commitments. Abrupt decision on change of profession might go wrong. A thorough analysis of the work you would be aiming at would be needed. Otherwise one could either loss his/her present job or he/she could fail to get what would be assumed in the new job. The final result is the Rahu in the 2nd might make one financially dry. So, being tolerant enough might be more prudent than to be doughty. Ear, nose, throat-related itches to be attended now and then, to avoid further complications. Women at the verge of menopause should frequently consult their physician to become safely cross that period. Ketu in 8th might be the cause of stomach, abdominal and uterus related distress. Let wellness be your prerogative than anything else. A tremor could be felt at a few families, due to extra-marital affairs also.

Ketu's position : 8th house always stands for enormous sufferings, unless it is aspected by the most auspicious planet Jupiter. Unfortunately Kumbha rasi people cross a few months without the blessings of Jupiter. Ketu in the 8th being an Earthy house, land and ancestral property related issues might worsen your domestic calmness. A few could possibly spend more time and money for legal proceedings, to acquire the disputed properties. Those who would have budding desires to own a house should be very careful and thoroughly enquire the builder's reputation and other legal tussle within that. Unlike men, chances of health hazards for women might seem to be more, due to this Rahu and Ketu axis.

Students : This trend of Rahu and Ketu could not be very encouraging trend for the students. As major planets would be vigorously resist your energy to win, undoubtedly the hard work only would become an unmatchable option to reach the goal and taste the success. If one gives up the inattentive and lethargic attitude, at least he/she could go close to the next level of their studies. Unwanted association might pull you down, unless you are careful about your academic developments. To be precise, this period is such that the fortune would totally become unhelpful and the hard work and mere understanding of the trend only could help you swim against the current.

Health : Again and again, the insistence more on the adverse position of major planets to be remembered. Kumbha rasi natives should be doubly careful on their health issues. One side Rahu would be ready to dry your financial position and other side Ketu in the 8th house would be targeting your health point. Yoga, meditation and walking could very well minimize your physical pain. Avoid cold items as it would be ready to cause throat infections and some might even be prescribed for tonsillitis also. Especially children of this sign should be taken care, as they might be easily succumbed to these types of infections. Women should periodically consult their Gynaecologists for their menstrual disorders.

Birth Star Predictions
Dhanishta (3,4) : Try to be tight-lipped in public places and office premises, as some of your remarks might boomerang against you, and its consequences also might hit you back severely, due to Rahu's 2nd position. Friction and altercation on all affairs might become the order of the day. Ride vehicle with all cautiousness, as all roads lead to hospital and medical expenses.

Satabisha : Husband and wife should maintain transparency in their day-to-day activities, to strengthen the cordiality. Fidelity and faithfulness are the most valuable virtue that one should strictly follow to have a calm and peaceful domestic atmosphere. One more positive aspect of Ketu being in the 8th, would be their inclination towards yogic activities and association with yogis. Think twice, before investing in Real estate.

Poorvabhadrapada (1,2,3) : Financially and psychologically, this period might not be very enthusiastic. So, be prudent in venturing into any idea of buying land or house. Some illusion and misconception might persuade to take wrong decision in selecting life-partner, as a result of which you might land in trouble half way. Thorough enquiry and detailed discussion only would help you untangle a few riddles. Better wait for good winds, to bring you gratifying moments.

Vedic Remedies : Offering Eye flower made of Silver to Goddess Durga would whip out your eye-related troubles. Vocalists would be blessed with scintillating voice, if they offer Honey for anointing the snake Goddess or Kala Bhairavar. Anga-pradhakshinam (rolling prostration) in a Ganesha or Hanuman temple could take care of your stomach and abdominal related problems and also safeguard you from food-borne illness too. Regular chanting of Mahishasura Mardhani sloka would instil a sense of courage to face any pain physically or mentally without fear.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Feed milk to stray dogs.
Donate sand in an under construction temple.

PISCES (Meena) :
Poorvabhadrapada 4, Uttarabhadrapada, Revati.
Rahu in 1st and Ketu in 7th house.
Jupiter in the 2nd and 3rd house; Saturn in the 12th house.

General : Meena is the 12th house of Natural Zodiac, ruled by Jupiter. This sign considered to be having dual qualities and Watery in nature.

People could see their sufferings subdued, as Rahu and Ketu vacate from the most disturbing placements. The financial crunch so far perplexing would come to an end, as the 2nd house (the house of finance) gets cleared from the affliction. Moreover, Jupiter also would be ready to support them financially, by occupying the Dhana-sthana (2nd house). The unpleasant and troublesome atmosphere in the family would be slowly waning, and you can feel a sense of relief hereafter. But one cannot stop the prevalence of confusion and uncertainty in each and every decision. Being in the Janma rasi (1st house), Rahu would always show multifarious directions and solutions for anything you do. 1st house rules head, forehead. Those who have the previous history of migraine should take precautionary measures, before it could take an alarming and adverse shape. For women, hair-fall would become daunting, and a few would be distressed by white hair problems also. As far as the studies are concerned, it would be the duty of the parents to properly guide their children to which direction they should sail their boat. Because many students of this sign would become confused, as to what field they pursue. Going abroad either for studies or to continue education would be handy, as the 8th house would be freed from affliction of Ketu and that happened to be the cause of those blocks so far. But those chasing for abroad studies should be very careful about the agency and other sources, as Pisces is in the clutches of Saturn (Sade sati). Business people should be cautious of their partner's activities. A frequent monitoring of the office accounts would save the Treasury and would prevent any major financial debacle. Prevention is better than cure.

Ketu's position : The movement of Ketu from 8th itself would be a greater relief, as it was creating hell a lot of complications in all the areas. We could not boast of its 7th house stay, but to some extent, you might feel the solace. Though 7th house means many things, specifically it speaks about the partner in one's life and business. Ripples could not be avoided in the marital life and in the business; nevertheless, Jupiter in the 2nd house would keep doing some patch work to retain the relationship. A few couple would come to a conclusion that a nuclear family only could help them save money and energy. To top it all, some newly-wedded couple might feel disgusted in the united family system, as they would feel that would very much disturb their privacy. As a result of which a crack in the unity of the family could not be ruled out. Tolerance and a sense of sacrifice only could help for a harmony.

Students : Nothing could help like a concerted thinking of concerned persons around you. This period would look so confusing and chaotic on all your education related issues. Going abroad for studies might be good, but this period would not be so conducive to venturing into a foreign travel. Those interested in Mathematics and System Analysis would shine better than others. Because Rahu would always make one to think laboriously, since he occupies the first house, no need to tell his attempts to help squeeze you mentally. Ketu in the house of Mercury would help you show special interest in the field of investigation. And it might even become the reason for your change of institution also. Infatuation might wrongly guide you and keep you away from the track of success...beware.

Health : Usually the first house governs head, forehead to some extent eyes also. 7th house targets the stomach, abdomen, genital organs, and inner parts like liver and intestine. Frequent headache, due to hard work and thrashing of multifarious worries, should be attended. Regular meditation and Dhyanam would bring the mind to tranquillity from an oscillating level. Children should be advised and allowed to sleep well, to avoid unexplainable mental distress. Regular hotel foods and oily foods could end up with severe gastric troubles. Swelling of stomach also should be checked and controlled. Distraction caused by Rahu might lead to roadside accidents also. So, avoid using mobile phones and give up unnecessary fears while on road.

Birth Star Predictions
Poorvabhadrapada (4) :Mutual understanding between the newly wedded would be a good medicine for unnecessary split in the family. Business partners should either discuss the shortcomings of the activities or should take initiatives to separate gently to avoid further legal complications. Possibilities of disputes could erupt between siblings and the bone of contention might be the ancestral property or a sense of privacy.

Uttarabhadrapada : A few would reap the Retirement benefits and Insurance amount. Celebrations and medical bills might be ready to swallow your bank balance. Prudent way of spending and considering future could only help you save for a rainy day. Hasty decisions on your health related issues might end in complications and might raise your medical bill alarmingly. Be thoughtful and consult a few more physicians additionally to ascertain the real picture of your health condition.

Revati : Prevalence of a strong trust between the partners could avert many clashes and keep the family united. Rahu in the first house would always make one to be uncertain in whatever they see, and Ketu in the 7th would turn the needle of doubts towards one's partner. If you give up your ego and attend your problems with all humbleness, you could harvest very peaceful and happy domestic atmosphere. Increase of inflow through Jupiter's 2nd position would be assured and they should be properly handled.

Vedic Remedies : Chanting Ardhanareeswarar (a form of the Hindu deity Shiva combined with His consort Parvati.) sloka, would definitely bless and support the partners' unity. Visiting Thiruchengodu, a town situated in Tamilnadu and worshipping Lord Ardhanareeswarar there could answer many of your depressions. Feeding elephants and praying to Lord Ganesha could minimize your digestion and liver-related discomforts. Chanting Devi Mahathmiyam with the help of a Pundit on a Full Moon day could remove all of your mental anguishes. Donate Kumkum (red turmeric powder) and saris to elderly married woman and get their blessings on Fridays.

make one to be uncertain in whatever they see, and Ketu in the 7th would turn the needle of doubts towards one's partner. If you give up your ego and attend your problems with all humbleness, you could harvest very peaceful and happy domestic atmosphere. Increase of inflow through Jupiter's 2nd position would be assured and they should be properly handled.

Vedic Remedies : Chanting Ardhanareeswarar (a form of the Hindu deity Shiva combined with His consort Parvati.) sloka, would definitely bless and support the partners' unity. Visiting Thiruchengodu, a town situated in Tamilnadu and worshipping Lord Ardhanareeswarar there could answer many of your depressions. Feeding elephants and praying to Lord Ganesha could minimize your digestion and liver-related discomforts. Chanting Devi Mahathmiyam with the help of a Pundit on a Full Moon day could remove all of your mental anguishes. Donate Kumkum (red turmeric powder) and saris to elderly married woman and get their blessings on Fridays.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Add a little sandalwood powder in the bathing water.
Be humble & modest.


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