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Learn the art of Card Reading (Aug' 92)
Cards, astrological attachments (Jun' 94)
Runes doorway to your Psyche (Jun' 93)
I- Ching! (The ancient Chinese Oracle) (Feb' 93)
How to Develop Esp (article 1 of 2) (Mar - Apr 91)
How to Develop Esp (article 2 of 2) (Mar - Apr 91)
Discover your sexual nature through your Sun Sign! (Apr' 92)
There is more Moon to you than your Sun-Sign! (May' 92)
Your birth-day reveals your personality! (June' 92)
The unpleasant aspects from your Sun-Sign! (July' 92)
How the stars affect your sex life? (Apr' 93)
The fourth house & happiness! (Aug' 93)
The fifth house & children! (Sept' 93)
Luck factor and the ninth house! (Oct' 93)
The Eighth house and Longevity! (Nov' 93)
Gemini! The Twins!! (June' 92)
Romance and your stars! (Sept' 93)
Predict your tomorrow, today (Dec' 93)
Baby boys: gorgeous girls or both! (June' 93)
Stars that make you a millionaire! (Aug' 93)
Is Meshayour Janma Lagna? (Jan' 93)
Is Vrishaba your Janma Lagna? (Mar' 93)
Is Mithuna your Janma Lagna? (May' 93)
Is Kataka your Janma Lagna? (June' 93)
Is Simha your Janma Lagna? (July' 93)
Is Kanya your Janma Lagna? (Aug' 93)
Is Tula your Janma Lagna? (Sept' 93)
Is Vrischika your Janma Lagna? (Oct' 93)
Is Dhanus your Janma Lagna? (Nov' 93)
Is Makara your Janma Lagna? (Dec' 93)
Is Kumbha your Janma Lagna? (Jan' 94)
Is Meena your Janma Lagna? (Feb' 94)
Learn Astrology the easy way (May' 92 - Jan' 94)
Astrology and Academics (Apr' 93)
Astrological combinations for businessmen! (article1 of 2) (Feb - Mar' 92)
Astrological combinations for businessmen! (article 2 of 2) (Feb - Mar' 92)
What makes you a sure millionaire? (Apr' 92)
Will I go into hotel business (May' 93)
Which business suits you? (Feb' 94)
Business and your birth star! (Oct' 93)
Yogi, Ava and Dugda Rashi! (Jul' 91)
Saturn and delayed marriage (Jul' 91)
Nadi astrology! (June' 91)
Some secrets of astrological interpretations! (Apr' 91)
Do your stars indicate foreign travel? (Feb' 92)
Your sneeze, your stars and you! (Mar' 92)
Discover your past life with your present horoscope! (June' 92)
Mars - Mercury and an early marriage (Aug' 92)
Why am I not married yet? (Sept' 92)
Best marriage tips ever! (Oct' 92)
Determining Family dosha's (Nov' 92)
Astrology, food and nutrition (Jan' 93)
Heavens and Hair trimming (Apr' 93)
Your tithi (Lunar phase) and you (Sept' 92)
Astrology and your attractive soul-mate (your partner's features) (Jul' 93)
All about Eclipses (Nov' 93)
How to read a woman's chart? (Dec' 93)
Your past life, your present spiritual journey (Apr' 94)
Hyper-sexuality and loose morality in Man (Oct' 94)
Saturn's seven-and-a-half year's itch (Apr' 94)
When to enter your new home? (Jul'92)
Select your travel time for success! (Aug' 92)
All you need to know about horary astrology! (Sept' 93)
Doors and destiny (Sept' 92)
Vastu-Vigyan, the science of house building (Part-I) (Sept-Oct' 93)
Vastu-Vigyan, the science of house building (Part-II) (Sept-Oct' 93)
Vastu-Shastra secrets (May' 95)
Why Rock-Hudson succumbed to aids (Sept' 92)
Pluto the planet of the sub-conscious (Dec' 92)
1000 faces of Scorpio (Mar' 93)
Two innovative forecasting techniques (Dec' 94)
What to do when the transits say it is a bad day (Nov' 94)
Planets in retrogression (May' 95)
Saturn and Moon (Jun' 95)
Chiron - the wounded healer (a new planet discovered) (Jun' 95)
Major conjunctions - Past and Future (Jul' 95)
Nostradamus, the man who saw tomorrow (Feb' 91)
Saint Malachy, foretold the ruin of his church (Apr' 91)
Golden Remedies of the Lal Kitab (The Magical Red Book) (Feb' 95)
Instant Remedies for sickness (Apr' 95)
Unbeleivable Remedies from Lal Kitab (May' 95)
Planetary Appetizers! (which food appease the planets?) (May' 95)
"Kalthamari", the magical herb to cure ailments!! (Aug' 93)
Select your lucky gem through palmistry! (Oct' 93)
Use Gems and let things come your way (2 articles) (Jan-Feb' 93)
Let the Sun God Smile On You! (Sept' 92)
Let the Moon God Bloom On You! (Oct' 92)
The mighty mangal! (Nov' 92)
Mercury... the winged messenger (Dec' 92)
Sani, the most feared (Apr' 93)
Brihaspati - The Deva Guru! (Jan' 93)
Shukra - The Asura Guru! (Mar' 93)
Rahu and Ketu the shadow planets! (May' 93)
Palmistry for beginners! (13 articles) (Feb' 91 - Mar' 92)
Reach for the stars in your palm! (Mar' 92)
The rule of the thumb! (Mar' 92)
Nail - biting news! (Jun' 92)
Become a medical doctor through palmistry! (article 1 of 2) (July - August' 92
Become a medical doctor through palmistry! (article 2 of 2) (July - August' 92
Sexuality and sensuality from hands! (Sept' 92)
Do your lines indicate foreign travel? (Mar' 94)
Revelations from your hand (answering important questions) (May' 93)
Passion in your palm (article 1 of 4) (June - Sept' 93)
Passion in your palm (article 2 of 4) (June - Sept' 93)
Passion in your palm (article 3 of 4) (June - Sept' 93)
Passion in your palm (article 4 of 4) (June - Sept' 93)
Will I go into business? (Jun' 93)
Luck at speculation! (July' 93)
Signs/ lines in the palm for wealth (Aug' 93)
Boy or girl through palmistry (Mar' 93)
Detect criminals through the science of palmistry (Aug' 93)
The power of success (Feb' 91)
The powerful number "8" (Jun' 91)
The great numbers 1,5,9 (July' 91)
Horse-sense in racing (Jul' 93)
What does it mean to have a "7" vibration number (Aug' 92)
Numbers, you and your future (article 1 of 2 ) (Sept - Oct' 92)
Numbers, you and your future (article 2 of 2 ) (Sept - Oct' 92)
Secrets of numbers (article 1 of 5) (Apr-Aug' 93)
Secrets of numbers (article 2 of 5) (Apr-Aug' 93)
Secrets of numbers (article 3 of 5) (Apr-Aug' 93)
Secrets of numbers (article 4 of 5) (Apr-Aug' 93)
Secrets of numbers (article 5 of 5) (Apr-Aug' 93)
My day, my way (Mar' 93)
Ghee + Shivaganga = butter (Apr' 91)
Bagvan Sri Dhanvantari (Jun' 91)
Saturn's sacred shrine (Apr' 92)
The amazing Goddess who grants you all you wish! (Sep' 93)
Unique Goddess Ayur Devi (Feb' 93)
Encounter with an angel (Nov' 91)
Time traveller's from Tibet (May' 92)
Body talk (your body sends you signals and what they mean) (March' 94)
Stare at the letter's, decipher the words (May' 94)
Decode your dreams (Feb' 94)
Hands and feet vital points (Reflexology) (Mar' 93)
Touch and Heal (Meridian Acupuncture) (Jan' 93)
Biorhythms! (Will it be an emotional, physical or intellectual day) (May' 93)
Omens...ominous or orgastic? (Oct' 92)
Colour your life! The importance of colour therapy (May' 93)
Ritualsand magic (Jan' 93)
Stare into your future (the art of shadow - gazing) (Jan' 93)
Watch your breathe and breathe into the future (Jan' 93)
Divine grace is superior to destiny (Mar' 97)
The Mysterious Box (July' 91)
Why worship the Goddess (Oct' 91)
The forgotten friend (Jan' 92)
Three short tales (Mar' 92)

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