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Success in Medical Profession
By Dr. S.Shantha


As per Varahamihira, Sun is the significator of Doctors; Sun in Scorpio or Sagittarius can help one become a Doctor. Venus is also important for medicine, as Venus is known for the knowledge of" Sanjeevani Vidya", the knowledge to revive even a dead person. In the case of Surgeon, presence of powerful Mars (surgery, blood) is a must.

EDUCATION liberates a soul from darkness of ignorance to the glory of true knowledge and bliss. But today the evolution of human race is due to constant endeavour of each parent to see their children move ahead and achieve, and get prestigious and lucrative job, even at the cost of their own discomforts.

Education may be divided into two parts. One from class room reading or learning under the guidance of Guru (Teacher). i.e. Arjuna learned everything from Guru Dhronacharya. The second one is self-learning by practice. i.e. Ekalaivan learned the arts by himself, by taking Dhronacharya in his mind as Guru. Nowadays we can come across many Astrologers learning Astrology by practice, without class room studies or guidance from a Guru (Teacher).

Planets responsible for Education should be strong and operative at the right age. We have to analyse the strength of almost all the houses. If any of the karaka planets and the house are related to 6,8,12, then definitely there will be obstruction for studies and the native could not shine in academics (this is only a general rule, but exceptions are there for certain field of studies). Nowadays, the stream/ branches of education are so many and varied; to get admission therein is so competitive and difficult for the young students and their parents. Hence there is a definite need to have astrological and psychological counseling for specific educational fields. There are a number of astrological yogas, combinations, arishtas to indicate the course of study. Yet the astrologer has to utilize his knowledge and intuition to the maximum to be able to provide the correct and timely counsel.

Signified Houses and Planets for education
Generally to ascertain the educational achievement of a native, we have to analyse 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 9th houses and their lords. 1st house indicate the physical strength and mental aptitude and inclination. 2nd house for primary education and learning from home, memory of the child and power of expression (speech); 3rd house to be seen for efforts and hard work, as the competition is very tough; 4th house for atmosphere conducive for learning; 5th for Poorva Punya and level of learning (intelligence, shrewdness), scholarship in literature; 9th for higher studies, metaphysical studies, law, philosophy, science and literature. Vidya Karaka Mercury (for memory), planet for Wisdom Jupiter and planet for fine arts and learning Venus should be strong in a chart, to give good education to the native. Moon (for concentration) also should be strong. Saturn signifies Research because a lot of hard work is needed.

  Combination of 5th, 9th and 8th lords give rise to Maha Vigyan Yoga.
 The educational achievement may be affected in general, if  
a) If 2, 4 or 5th house or lords are debilitated or hemmed between malefics
b) If malefic like Saturn or Rahu or both placed in the 2nd house
c) If Mercury or Jupiter or the Sun is debilitated
d) If Mercury is aspected by malefic.

But other matters such as lordship, planetary position in Varga charts, Dasa bhukti period, etc. also should be taken care of.

Choosing right career is very important for good progress in one's life; Career Astrology is an important one. Find out the profession, which his D1, D9, D10 and D24 charts support; then it will be easy to get success in academics of that profession.

Medical Profession
The profession of Physician (Medicine) is considered to be a noble profession. "Vedo Narayano Hari" (Doctor is God).
According to Puranas, God was born as Dhanvantari during the churning of the Milky Ocean, holding a pot full of nector to cure humanity. Charak and Sushruta were other names in the field of medicines treating and rejuvenating the body.
Emphasis on social service to humanity has changed these days to that of financial gains. The change in thinking would also mean change in planetary influences. Therefore basic combinations in classics relating to drugs might be the same. But the mental inclination as given in classical books may shift from role of Jupiter as benign factor to aggressive role of malefics like Mars, Saturn and Rahu.
Medical Science has various systems of treatment like Allopathy, Siddha, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani, Naturopathy, Acupunture and Veterinary science. It has also various branches like Dermatology, Urology, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Neurology, Oncoology, Orthopedic, Radiology, Ophthalmology, physiotherapy, Dentistry, Management of public health, etc.

As per Varahamihira, Sun is the significator of Doctors and the Sun in Scorpio or Sagittarius can make one Doctor. Venus is also important for medicine, as Venus is known for the knowledge of" Sanjeevani Vidya", the knowledge to revive even a dead person. In the case of Surgeon, presence of powerful Mars (surgery, blood) is a must.

Role of Moon for Doctors
1. Moon getting afflicted sometimes heavily in the chart of Doctors, except those of Orthopedics or Radiologists.
2. 10th house/lord from Moon getting afflicted
3.  Affliction to 8th house/lord from Moon
4. Moon under Nakshatra of malefic planets or afflicted by a malefic.
5. Moon’s association with 7th house/lord
6. Moon sign-lord being afflicted
7. Moon’s Nakshatra lord in 6th or 8 th house and afflicted
8. Strong Karaka sign Cancer.

Other combinations for Doctors
1. Lord of 6 related to 10, from Moon or Nakshatra or Navamsa
2. Lord of 6 and 9 related in most of the charts of Doctors
3. Saturn and Mars in conjunction/aspect or in Kendras from each other in D1, D9 or D10.
4. Moon, Lagna or 10th lord in Aswini or Satabisha Nakshatra.  From Vedic times, Satabisha Nakshatra is associated with Elixir of life – Amrita.  Its deity Varuna has the power to sustain life with knowledge and herbs.  In mythology, Ashwini Kumaras (Physician) who restored Chyavana’s youth.
5. Mars in Leo
6. Association of Jupiter with Saturn, the Karaka for profession, is good for status and prosperity.  Saturn in the house of Mars signifying factories, handling of tools etc for surgeons. Role of Saturn is important for Medical Profession.
7. As per Nadi principles, Sun, Mars, Saturn and Rahu in the 10th are good for Medical Profession.
8. Moon, Venus in the 10th aspected by  benefics.
9. Saturn and Mars in the 10th or in mutual kendras in D1, D9, D10. and D24.
10. As per Parasara, Sun and Rahu in Karakamsa lagna of benefics’ Shadvargas, indicate a doctor treating poisonous afflictions. (BPHS Ch.32.Sl.19-22).
11. If the Moon is in Karakamsa and in aspect to Mercury, he will be a doctor capable of curing all diseases. (BPHS Ch.32. Sl.77-84)
12. Venus and Saturn in the 10th from Moon; Mars and Mercury in 10th from Moon.
13. Prominent signs are Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer and Aquarius.
14. 10th  house/lord  with Sun and Mercury from Karakamsa Lagna.
15. 10th lord with Sun and Mercury.
16. 10th lord from  Sun, Moon and Lagna in the Navamsa of Mars.   
17. According to Varahamihira, 10th lord in the  Navamsa of Sun.(Ch.10 Stanza 2).
18. Combinations of Sun-Rahu, Mars-Rahu, Moon-Rahu.

Significations of Houses Involved
Lagna-body; 6th house - disease; 8th - longevity, chronic diseases, accidents, etc., 10th - profession; 12- hospitals; 4th-environment, and pattern of education; 5th -high intelligence and shrewdness; 9th house - fortune and success.
Jataka Deshmarga assigns 9th house for medicine (Ch.1 Sl.30), while Uttara Kalamritha gives 10th house for medicine (Ch.5. Sl.18).

1. Sun is the most important planet for Medical Profession, as giver and sustainer of life.  It is also lord of 5th house of Natural Zodiac and essential for success and achievement.  Therefore it should be strong for Medical Profession. 10th house/lord should have connection in D1, D9, D24 as well as D10.
2. Mars, lord of lagna, the first sign in Natural Zodiac should be powerful.  As lagna lord, it is the protector and as lord of 8th house it represents longevity.
3. Saturn as Karaka for longevity and significator of death.
4. Jupiter is giver and sustainer of life.  It also represent fortune (9th house of natural zodiac).
5. Mercury – Karaka for education.
6. Moon – Karaka for mind
7. Rahu has connection with drugs.

In Western Astrology, the Sun sign give some clue to Medical Profession.
i) Aries - Psychiatrists, dentists.
ii) Cancer represents Nursing profession.
iii) Virgo – Lab, worker in health
iv) Sagittarius – Veterinarian.
v) Aquarius – Radiographer
vi) Pisces- Medical Profession as a whole.
To analyse the source of income, we have to see 6,8 and 12 representing sickness and disability, and the connection of Jupiter, Sun and  Saturn to these houses.

Astro Combination for Medical Profession in  Jaimini Astrology
1. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio or Aquarius becomes Karakamsa.
2. Saturn, Sun, Mercury or Jupiter becomes Atmakaraka.
3. 10th house from Karakamsa associated with Sun and Mercury.
4. Sun-Mercury or Mercury and Rahu or Moon and Mercury associated with Karakamsa.
5. Rahu-Ketu in Karakamsa or associated with Karakamsa.
6. 10th lord in   Scorpio or Mercury’s house with Rahu in D9 chart.
7. If Scorpio, Gemini or Virgo happens to be the 10th house and aspected by Venus or Mercury in D9 chart.
8. If Karakamsa and Moon have the aspect of
Mercury, the person becomes a Physician.
9. If Rahu in Karakamsa lagna, the person lives by skilful use of instruments used in war etc.  In present days, he is a Surgeon, skilled in the use of knives etc..
10. If Venus aspects Karakamsa and Moon, the person deals with herbs and chemicals.
11. If Karakamsa and Moon receive the aspect of Mercury.

Nadi Astrology
1. 4th lord in the 10th   and the Sun in Sagittarius in Moola star.
2. 10th lord in Moola star and aspecting the 10th house.
First we have to study the 5th house (knowledge), 10th house (profession, rewards, and recognition), 6th house (disease) and 12th (hospital).   Scorpio is the important sign in D1, & D10 charts as well as other Divisional charts.  Amatya Karaka planet is also important for profession.
The 9th, 2nd and 11th houses are supporting houses, to analyse the Medical profession.  If Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Venus or Mars are related with these houses and signs, it will make planetary combinations for Medical profession.
Some of the classics and scholars of astrology opine that retrograde planet/planets should also be considered, operating from the previous house from its actual location.
Aswini Nakshatra is ruled by Ketu and its deity is Ashwini Kumaras. As per Hindu Mythology, Ashwini Kumaras are known as the Physician of the gods. So when 10th lord is in Aswini star or Sun/Moon is in this star, then the native may enter into Medical Profession.
Sometimes some students may pursue medical education. But after joining the course, they may find it difficult to continue and leave without completing the course. Some other people may complete the course successfully, but may not continue as Medical practitioner and work in some other field.  While selecting the course, one may have to analyse D24, to know whether the field of study chosen is correct.  From D24, we can predict the educational success, achievement and the devotional life of the individual.
If 4th house in D24 is strong, the native will enjoy the study with enthusiasm.
If Jupiter, Mercury and the Moon are in Vargottama or Bhavotham in D1 and D24, then their Dasa period will be good.   
If Jupiter is strong in D24 (in Kendra, Trine, exaltation or in own house) with Saturn, then the learning pattern will be perfect.
Rahu should not get associated with Lagna/lord, Jupiter, Moon, 4th house and Saturn. The native may change the stream of education suddenly or discontinue.

Significations of Planets associated with Medical profession.
1. Xray, Ultrasound etc. – Rahu
2. Anesthesia – Saturn and Rahu
3. Surgery – Mars
4. Paediatrics – Mercury and Moon
5. ENT – Mercury and Mars
6. Neurology – Jupiter and Mercury
7. Psychiatry – Moon, Mercury, Rahu , Saturn and Ketu
8. Sex Specialist – Venus, Saturn, Scorpio Sign and Ketu
9. Heart – Sun and Mars (for surgery)
10. Preventive and Social Medicine – Saturn, Rahu, Ketu
11. Gynaecology – Moon and Mars
12. Gastro-Enterology – Jupiter and Saturn
13. Nephrology – Venus and Jupiter
14. Oncology – Rahu, Mars and Jupiter
15. Gerontology – Saturn
16. Glands – Jupiter and Mercury
17. Pharmacy – Rahu and Sun
18. Orthopaedics – Saturn, Mars

Case study-1:  Dr.Devi  Prasad Shetty

Case study 1 - Dr.Devi Prasad Shetty     Case study 1 - Dr.Devi Prasad Shetty    

Case study 1 - Dr.Devi Prasad Shetty    

Case study 1 - Dr.Devi Prasad Shetty    

This horoscope belongs to a Heart Surgeon. In D1, Sun and Mercury are in the 10th.
Mercury is in Aswini star.
Sun in Bharani, in enemy’s star, in conjunction with 12th lord.  
Moon is afflicted (8th house) and in Satabisha star
Cancer sign signifies medical profession, compassion(care) and 4th house for the Natural  Zodiac.   Ketu (sharp knife) in lagna in D1has conferred the capability of handling sharp instruments.  
4th lord in exaltation in D1 : he  enjoys his profession.  
Saturn (continuous hard work) in 3rd house  in Vargottam:  make the person strong.
Jupiter, 6th lord, is in conjunction with 5th and 10th lord Mars, in D1.
10th house is in the Navamsa of Mars(Aries) in D9
Jupiter in Aquarius: association with Saturn in D9.
Sun is in Scorpio in D9 chart.
Ketu (liberation) is in the 12th house along with Sun in D9.
Mars is powerful in D9 and D24.  
Mercury is in own house aspected by Saturn in D9.
Important planets Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and Moon are strong in D10.
Moon is afflicted by Ketu in D10 and placed in the 12th house.
4th lord in D24 is strong, which shows that  he has chosen the right profession.  
D24 lagna lord Sun is in exaltation in D1.  
Saturn-Mercury parivarthana in D24 made 6th and 11th houses strong.  
Jupiter(knowledge) in 5th, in own house in D24.
Sun is Amatya karaka and lagna lord of D10, posited in Sagittarius and aspected by Venus and           Mercury in D10 chart.  
Mercury in 10th from Karakamsa, in Virgo D9.  
Venus aspects Saturn in D1 and Karakamsa in D9
He has received many awards. His hospitals also provide substantial free care, especially for poor children. He performs free surgery for the poor. In many parts of rural Northern India, the poor refer to Dr. Shetty as “Bypasswale Baba”, i.e. the Saint who grants Bypasses and no one who dreams of a Bypass and comes to his hospital leaves without a Bypass.  In 2009, the Wall Street Journal newspaper described him as “the Henry Ford of heart surgery”

Case study-2:  Dr. Farooq Abdulla

Case study 2 - Dr. Farooq Abdulla     Case study 2 - Dr. Farooq Abdulla    

Case study 2 - Dr. Farooq Abdulla    

Case study 2 - Dr. Farooq Abdulla    

This horoscope belongs to a Doctor(MBBS), who turned into a politician.
Cancer Lagna in D1 and D24 : Doctor.  
10th lord Mars is in 6th in D1 with Jupiter and in D24 with Saturn.
Mercury is strong in D1 and D9.
Sun is in Scorpio in D9 and D24.
Venus aspects Saturn in D1.
Saturn aspects Mars and Jupiter.
10th lord Moon from the Sun is in the house of Mars(Aries).
Jupiter in Lagna in D10 and 10th lord Venus in 12th house with Mars aspected by 6th lord Saturn from his own house Capricorn.
6th lord Jupiter in its Moolathrikona house aspected by 8th lord Saturn in D1. (association between 6 and 8).
Sun and Mars are not strong in any of the charts (D1, D9, D10 or D24).  He is not a Surgeon.
Amatyakaraka Jupiter in Leo in D10 made him a Doctor.
Rahu in Lagna in D9 and D24.  
Rahu in Saturn’s star.
In D9, Rahu is with Sun and  Jupiter.  Hence Rahu is responsible for his quitting his  profession as Doctor and becoming a politician.

Case study-3:  Dr. Farooq Abdulla

Case study 3 - A Female Medical Student     Case study 3 - A Female Medical Student    

Case study 3 - A Female Medical Student    

Case study 3 - A Female Medical Student    

Saturn and Sun in mutual aspect: both the planets’ debilitation cancelled.  
8th lord Mercury is in the 10th house
Saturn aspects Mars in D1 and D9
Lagna lord Venus,Mars and  Moon are strong in D9
8th lord Venus  and 6th lord  Jupiter are in Parivarthana in D9 chart.
5th lord Mercury is in the star of 12th lord Saturn. (D1)
In D24, Lagna lord Sun,12th lord Moon with 10th lord Mars, which is in its own house.
Mars aspect Saturn in D24.
Amatyakaraka Mars is in Leo in D10.
Saturn aspects Sun and Rahu from Libra, its exaltation house in D10.
This girl got only below 95% in High school level CBSC Board examination.  But she secured good marks in NEET examination, the qualifying examination for Medical seat.  Last year, there was total confusion in Tamil Nadu, regarding the admission in Medical colleges, whether to give admission according to the ranking in NEET or the Board examination.  Finally the Court intervened and gave instructions to follow NEET ranking. During this interim period, she joined a Para-Medical course in a Medical college in Mysore and then after quitting that course  she joined Kilpauk Medical College in Chennai, Tamilnadu.    
Rahu in Saturn’s star and posited in Moon’s house in D1 and D10.   Hence, Rahu is associated with Saturn and Moon (D9).  Rahu in the 2nd house aspects the lagna lord Venus and 10th house/lord Moon in D9 and hence Rahu is the reason for quitting and joining courses in medical line during Venus-Mercury-Ketu period.

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