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Economic Trends 2023
By Abishek Kedia


Here is my attempt to predict economic trends for Calendar Year 2023, through Jyotish perspective. Today all major economies are depended on each other. Most countries depend on China for medicine APIs and manufacturing, because of cheap labour. Although, since COVID, there is a partial shift, where India became the biggest beneficiary. India is hub for IT outsourcing, and is now attracting global giants for manufacturing, to boost its semi-skilled employment. Japan's relentless quality-production keeps it as favourite, and USA is known for its Defence manufacturing and Oil supply.

As per IMF report data of Aug 2022, top 5 economies of world (as per ranking)
Countries GDP (TRILLION.USD) Avg. GDP Growth Rate for last 6 years Moon's Nakshatra
USA 23 1.75% Dhanishta
CHINA 14 6.25%Shravan
JAPAN 5.3 0.01% Mrigasira
GERMANY 3.851.01% Revathi
INDIA 3.5 5.30%Pushya
Apart from these above countries, Russia, France and Middle-east countries can't be ignored, where Oil production and supply are mainly controlled.

Important points for this Astrological perspective

Because of difference in starting date of Solar Year, Western Calendar and Financial Year of different countries, impact of financial nature doesn't show immediately; decision of each country also depends much on its geographical location, political party tenure mainly. Thus, Transits, Yogas are given more importance than Dasa cycle; dasa shows probable results which can occur, and the transit shows execution-time of that (any) yoga formed under Dasa Cycle.

Any major treaties signed between countries or trade agreement impacts the long-term international trade of the country. So, major favourable and unfavourable transit can show, if such agreement can be signed in that particular year.

In one year perspective, major impacts in economy happens, because of sudden rise in Investments from Global investors, Pandemic/Natural Disaster, Major bill passed.

Earlier, physical Gold was major parameter for economy, but now weightage of interest rates, foreign Reserves and Stock Market Capitalization are more. Therefor different planets' significations and Index calculation methods have to be taken correctly.

Transit of Karaka planets for natural resources, capital goods are taken in proportion to the GDP. Example: In India, Gold is estimated to be around 1 trillion USD in physical form, which is equivalent to Market Capitalization of Apple and Amazon. So, if Jupiter is transiting in Rasis like Capricorn, which makes Gold prices higher, it will not mainly impact India's Stock market. Because India's Stock market and world markets are correlated with US and European markets, where Gold markets don't impact much.

United States of America (USA) Foundation Horoscope of USA
Changes in Horoscope of USA, from 2022 to 2023 Calendar year: Vimshottari dasa of Rahu and Antardasa, Jupiter, from June 2021 till Nov 2023 will remain the same, of course, sub period will change. Saturn will move from 6th house to 7th house from Lagna, and the Second phase of Sade-Sati will begin, where Saturn will be transiting over Moon's Rasi. Jupiter will move from 8th house to 9th house from lagna; from Moon, it will be 2nd to 3rd house. Rahu and Ketu will remain in same Rasi till November 2023. Other transits are those of fast-moving planets.

Looking at various countries' horoscopes and sectors, in 2023, it is foreseen that major economies will have changes in their domestic policies. USA will have to make more Capital expenditure, and listen to its allies. China may face revolt from citizen. India will also see more revival and aggressive approach, propagating its religious ideology. Countries, in general will not see sudden shift in technology or revival in economy.

Foundation horoscope of USA
Foundation Horoscope of USA Foundation Horoscope of USA
Source: From the data of K.N.Rao

Asc 2949' Leo U.Phalguni
Mars0027' GeminiMrigasira
Mercury0335' RcCancerPushya
Jupiter1508' cGeminiArudra
Venus1202' GeminiArudra
Saturn2404' VirgoChitra
Balance of Dasa in Vimshottari: Mars 2 years 3 months 11 days

Rahu is in the 12th house in the natal horoscope, and Jupiter in the 11th from Lagna. Whereas from natal Moon, Rahu is in the 6th and Jupiter in the 5th house. Therefore in 2023, this will not create much economic issues, because of benefic positions. But natal Rahu being in 12th and 6th from Lagna and natal Moon respectively will start increasing interest-rate for its citizens. Rahu Dasa started in 2018, and the economic growth is fuelled by monetary easing, by central banks. Being in the 12th and 6th house of Borrowing and Losses (from lagna and Moon respectively), Rahu can create issues in long term.

In 2023, there can be some civil riots or damage to citizens at mass scale. This is because 4th house will be doubly impacted by Saturn and Rahu this year. Rahu in natal horoscope have deep impact on Scorpio sign (in Navamsa and Drekkana), and Saturn from the 2nd house aspects Scorpio sign. In transit, it will again give 10th aspect from Aquarius sign. Transit conjunction or combination of Mars and Ketu will increase such probability. These points are taken from last few major events in USA from 1920s based on my observations on 7+ events, where more than 100+ deaths happened in each case.

Corporates will make big move in USA, and will be more co-operative with Government. Govt's financial policy can assure relief to its citizen in Interest-rates, and financial aid will increase. Stock Markets will consolidate most of the time, and Banking, FMCG sectors will do well. Auto sector can see major challenges in international markets. USA and China can have major disagreements with respect to trade relations.

Foundation horoscope of China
Foundation horoscope of India Foundation horoscope of India
Balance of Dasa in Vimshottari: Moon 9 years 11 months 23 days

Source: Shri K.N.Rao

Foundation Horoscope of USA Changes in Horoscope of China, moving from 2022 to 2023 Calendar Year: China will enter Mercury- Venus's period, whereas Saturn, Rahu and Jupiter will influence its 4th house. This shows internal revolt or aggression will rise among Government and its people. Changes in Labour Laws, possible change in govt decision or leadership may occur.

China's economy, which are mainly controlled by its Government only, will get more boost, due to Venus, which is the lord of 5th and 10th house and Yogakarak, is well placed in Taurus Navamsa as well. China will benefit more from its foreign investment.

China's allies and neighbouring countries like India, Pakistan will not create much trouble. With India, a major agreement can happen, because of Jupiter's influence on the 4th house.

Stock market and Metal sector will see decline, as transit Rahu will pass over the natal 4th house, which is aspected by transit Saturn. China mainly depends on contract manufacturing, and cheap labour is key to it. Saturn transiting 2nd house from Lagna would cause change in Labour Laws or disagreement of Corporates and employees.

As per my experience of Mercury and Saturn positions here, China will be verbally more aggressive. More expenditure on Defence sector is likely, because Mars, the Karaka of Defence, Ruler of 4th House and 11th house comes under Mercury and Jupiter's influence in 2023.

Foundation horoscope of India
Foundation horoscope of India Foundation horoscope of India
Balance of Dasha in Vimshottari: Saturn 18 years 0 months and 26 days

Asc 0746' Taurus Krittika
Sun 2759' Cancer Aslesha
Moon 0359' Cancer Pushya
Mars 0727' Gemini Arudra
Mercury 1340' Cancer Pushya
Jupiter 2552' Libra Visakha
Venus 2233' Cancer Aslesha
Saturn 1959' Cancer Aslesha
Rahu 0544' Taurus Krittika
Ketu 0544' Scorpio Anuradha

Foundation Horoscope of India Changes in Horoscope of India, moving from 2022 to 2023 Calendar Year: India is running under Vimsottari period of Moon - Ketu; from July 2023, Moon - Venus period will start. Saturn is transiting the 10th house from Lagna and 8th house from Moon. Transit Jupiter and Rahu will make association in the 11th and 9th house from Lagna and Moon respectively.

Though Saturn is Yogakarak for India, and transiting the 10th house from lagna, but 8th house from Moon, will make the effect neutral. Corporates will see strict compliance from Income tax authorities. Corporate governance will be an issue, and some big scam can be revealed.

Metal, Manufacturing and Contract manufacturing sectors will see good results. People will buy more vehicles and Gadgets. For Indians, Vehicle and Gadgets still come under privilege/luxury goods.

Spiritual and Old traditional knowledge will get more attraction in 2023, because Saturn and Jupiter will influence the 4th house. People will be more philosophical, and disturbance or religious conflict will be less, compared to 2022. Saturn and Jupiter influence can also bring big Religious Organizations under financial accountability.

A year before Lok Shabha election will make the Government push for expenditure, but the effect of Saturn shows fund or liquidity will cause constraint and divestment of public sector companies is seen here.

Stock market will see consolidation, Gold buying will be more, Entertainment, Textile industry will see good progress. Education will also see more investments/reforms from Govt and Private players. Banking sector will also see revival.

Sun is the 4th lord sitting in the 3rd house. In 2023, transit Saturn will be again 8th from natal Sun, aspecting Sun's Rasi (Leo). Transit Jupiter and Rahu will be aspecting natal Sun and Leo on and off. It clearly indicates that Opposition parties will oppose some big Corporates and Government. policies. Ruling party leaders may come under scanner, specially related to financial sector.

Foundation horoscope of Germany (Reunification)
Foundation horoscope of Germany Foundation horoscope of Germany
Balance of Dasa in Vimshottari: Mercury 7 years 6 months 18 days


Foundation Horoscope of Germany Changes in Horoscope of Germany, moving from 2022 to 2023 Calendar Year: Germany will be in Rahu - Moon period in 2023. Jupiter will move in 5th house from Lagna, and 2nd house from natal Moon. Though these seem to be good transit houses in horoscope, but transit will be in Aries sign, where Mars and Rahu are placed. Saturn will move to 3rd house from Lagna, but Sade-Sati phase will also begin. Here impact can be more, because Moon is in Aquarius Navamsa and natal Saturn have direct aspect to this sign in natal horoscope.

Germany is dependent on China in trade relations. After Covid, it is trying to reduce dependency, but still agreements are not signed with other countries, which are significant to make difference in any sector, where trade with China is concerned. In 2023, Jupiter, being Lagna Lord, transit over 12th lord and 5 th lord Mars can ensure long-term agreement with another country. Also deals in Defence and automobile sector, specially related to Aviation and Defence sector, can be finalized.

Stock Market and Metals, other than Steel, is not much important for global investors. Domestic economy last year picked up, due to international demand, and prices of steel also went high. Transit Saturn moving to 3rd bhava will stabilize prices for Steel manufacturers. Growth of Germany will not be affected, either in positive or negative way, until dependence on China is cut-off. 2023 brings a hope for change in policies.

Taxes in Germany are also, more compared to other European or developed Nations. In 2023, Jupiter's transit in 5th house may bring good Taxation policies or aggressive steps in Taxation for its citizens.

Foundaiton horoscope of Japan
Foundation horoscope of Japan Foundation horoscope of Japan
Balance of Dasa in Vimshottari: Mars 0 years 7 months 13 days

Asc 0720' Sagittarius Moola
Sun 1500' Aries Bharani
Moon 0529' Gemini Mrigasira
Mars 1820' Libra Swati
Mercury 1901' Pisces Revati
Jupiter 0644' Aries Aswini
Venus 2940' Pisces Revati
Saturn 1627' Virgo Hasta
Rahu 0427' Aquarius Dhanishta
Ketu 0427' Leo Makha

Foundation Horoscope of Japan Changes in Horoscope of Japan, moving from 2022 to 2023 Calendar Year: Japan will be entering Ketu Dasa in Jan. 2023, from 17 years long Mercury dasa. In 17 years of Mercury Dasa economy didn't surge or grew as expected. Stock Markets gave no return in this period. Debilitated Mercury and aspect of Saturn had been one major reason for this. Transit Jupiter will move to 5th house on its natal position and over natal Sun. Saturn will transit over 3 rd house and natal Rahu. From Moon also, transit of planets shows favourable results.

In 2023, from Lagna and Moon Rasi, we can see that 3rd, 9th, 11th and 5th houses will be most active, based on transit of Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu. Also, Ketu dasa, which in 3/9 position of Lagna and Moon will start. 2023 can mark a new beginning for Japan's economy. Growth in GDP is expected to cross last 3 years' average, and self-consumption, which is more than 50% of Japan's GDP, will also grow.

Saturn being 8th lord also, in transit and antardasa, making connection to Dasa lord and 4th lord Mercury, manifested an unfortunate event of PM's death in 2022. In 2023, it's transit over Rahu shows more disagreements in territory disputes or trade disputes.

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