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Numero-Guidance 2024!
By Malti Khanna
The Based on Personal Year Number.

The year 2024 promises you a year full of good vibes, happiness, and fulfillment of dreams. A lot of significant changes this year will add different directions, shades and deep mystical insights to your life.

To calculate your Personal Year Number, just add your --
1)Date of birth 2) Month of birth and 3) The current year i.e. 2024

1+8 + 1+1 +2+0+2+4=19 =1+9= 10 =1+0=1
Date of BirthMonthCurrent Year TotalPersonal Year

Hence Number 1 is your Personal Year Number for 2024.

(If the numbers add up to more than 9, then add the 2 digits together to obtain a single digit number (as in the above case).

1NUMBER 1: Take a leap of faith this year! Expect to make excellent strides in your career this year. Professionals will shine in their career along with financial benefits and perks. Unleash your creative skills and harness strategic approach in business to achieve financial success. Property and luxury investments can be procured towards the mid- year. Consistent efforts, hard work and dedication will bring the desired results in your work. Taking loans will add to overburdening debts and unnecessary expenses. Rising career prospects will bring a lot of peer pressures and stress at work. New business and ventures will be favorably launched, before mid-year. Pay attention to details, before signing on the dotted line. Put off major decisions for the year-end. Overseas, ventures and collaborators will yield profitable results. Income pouring in from multiple sources will help to clear the pending debts and loans. Students will fare well in their competitive examination. Take care of the over-burdening expenses this year. Singles will find someone special, and decide to tie knot. Couples will take extra efforts to make their relationship work. Health matters will be kept under control with extra care and concern. Marriage and happy occasions are foreseen towards the year-end.

WHAT TO DO: Focus on grounding your intentions. Remember to pull the plug, and make more disarming choices when faced with negative situations.

WHAT TO AVOID: Handle matters with precision as anything your say or do can affect your appraisals. Choose your friends wisely and be careful while building social relationships.

Lucky Colours: Red, Yellow
Lucky Numbers: 1, 8, 17
Lucky Days: Tuesday

2NUMBER 2: Think out-of-the-box, and expect rich financial progress in your career. New projects and ventures will fetch you recognition and accolades. Networking and foreign tie-ups will yield positive results this year. New job opportunities and rise in status will bring in added responsibilities in your work. Your art of persuasion and influencing others will help to achieve favorable results among higher-ups. Traders will achieve unprecedented success in their work this year. Embarking on new business ventures and creative projects will fetch considerable gains. Speculative deals and involving in share markets can prove to be risky. Seek professional help, before committing to important financial deals. Acquiring a new property or a dream house is on the cards. Students will do well in their studies, due to their hard work and dedication. Couples will successfully resolve their personal issues in a subtle and peaceful manner. Singles will find their soul-mate. Take extra care of stress-related issues with proper diet, yoga, and meditation.

WHAT TO DO: Trust your instincts and do not give up. Lift your gaze high, and your hopes higher. Be prepared to pivot, and change the course, when necessary.

WHAT TO AVOID: Avoid revealing your plans to all, as everyone are not your well-wishers. Remember to stand up for your rights, and avoid emotional decisions. Do not waver in your decisions.

Lucky Colours: Blue, Green, Shimmering silver
Lucky Numbers: 2,4,7,21
Lucky Days: Tuesdays, Thursdays

3NUMBER 3: Time to flip the script to manifest your dreams. This year is full of surprising twists and turns. Joining forces and collaborating will help you to beat your deadlines. New business ventures will be launched, during the initial months of the year. Business will be profitable around the mid-year. Expansions of existing ventures and launching new projects will be beneficial. Save tough decisions and important discussions for the latter part of the year. Finances will be readily available to pay the pending loans and debts. Proper budgeting will help to cut down soaring expenses. Supportive friends and family will be your anchor this year. It is a good time to learn new skills and make new connections. Students will fare well in their studies. Business trips and overseas will be financially beneficial. Stay clear of volatile speculative deals and share market investments. Singles will decide to get hitched. The year end indicates getting introduced to new relationships and impactful social circles. Explore new ways of mending relationships will help to achieve success. Health matters will remain under control with proper diet and regular exercise. Special celebrations are foreseen towards the year-end. An unexpected windfall is on the cards.

WHAT TO DO: Resist the temptation to be overly critical or confrontational in stressful situations. Blend your quick-wit and intelligent humour to navigate through difficult situations.

WHAT TO AVOID: Quit burning that midnight oil, and schedule quality-time with your loved ones. Avoid potentially triggering situations with key people at work. Avoid high expectations and unrealistic views and ideas.

Lucky Colours: Red, Orange, Yellow
Lucky Numbers: 5,6
Lucky Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

4NUMBER 4: Time to make bold choices and expand your horizons. Expect great progress and growth in every sphere of life. Income and profits with strong foundations will increase the opening of new avenues of advancement. Harmony with colleagues and seniors at workplace will help to achieve targets easily. Dedication and sincere efforts will ensure salary-hikes and promotions later in the year. A financial windfall or an inheritance is on the cards. Curb the temptation to splurge or investing in quick-rich schemes. Gains will pour in from multiple sources easing financial burdens. Collaborations and negotiations will provide added resources and financial benefits. Hectic social activities will brighten up your life. Family relations will remain cordial. Real estate deals will be favourable, after the first quarter of the year. Legal matters will take a favorable turn. Personal contacts will go under deep and radical changes. Business related travel and overseas contacts will open new doors of financial expansions. Students will have to rely on their hard work to obtain desired results. Signs of relocating or settling in a different place is foreseen after mid-year. Inclination towards spirituality and metaphysical services will increase. This year will be perfect time for commitments. Adopt a healthy routine and a disciplined attitude, to overcome chronic health problems.

WHAT TO DO: Strive to create a balance in your daily routine. Find another way to pitch in to deal with delicate matters. Before you respond, consider the big picture.

WHAT TO AVOID: Tensions and disappointments can cloud your judgement. Be gentle in your speech. Be wary of limitations and frustrating events that can hinder the progress.

Lucky Colours: All shades of Yellow, Blue, Purple
Lucky Numbers: 2, 6, 9
Lucky Days: Tuesday

5NUMBER 5: Stay flexible, as unexpected twists can lead to great success. It is the year to seize the lucrative opportunities, and maximize your wealth potential. Calculated investments and sound financial decisions will help to yield profitable gains. Be sure to express your creative talents, and grab the spotlights in the social network. Old pending ventures will now move forward. Focus on diplomatic and restrained communications, to avoid misunderstandings later. Exploring your artistic pursuits and innovative solutions will help you to climb the career ladder with success. New job offers and career growth will be substantial after mid-year. This year is opportune for launching new ventures, ideas, and projects. Business will prosper gradually. Seek professional advice, and depend only on your financial contingencies this year. Overseas travel and collaborations will improve business prospects considerably. Legal wrangles will go in your favour. Hard work and dedication will be appreciated by the seniors. Expect promotions and salary-hikes later in the year. Singles will form meaningful relationship and decide to tie the knot. Birth of a child and other auspicious events will be more significant after mid-year. Prioritize self- care to recharge your energy and maintain well- being.

WHAT TO DO: Keep your secrets and plans to yourself, and avoid trusting people blindly. Dive deeper into the lingering matters, before jumping to conclusions

WHAT TO AVOID: Do not let your ego and emotions overshadow your interactions with others. Avoid over-thinking or being overly critical during this period.

Lucky Colours: Green, Blue Aqua
Lucky Numbers: 5,6
Lucky Days: Friday, Wednesday

6NUMBER 6: A wind of renewal and positive changes are abound this year. Exploring different and innovative options will help to expand the horizons further. Major advancements in career and financial matters are evident this year. Use all your skill abilities to impress key people at work, and get that prize. New partnerships formed this year will prove to be beneficial. Focus on unleashing your creative abilities to succeed in every sphere of work. New sources of income will open adding to financial growth. An unexpected windfall will ease the cash crunch. Home and land-related matters will fare well. Business and entrepreneurs will flourish well this year. Long pending financial issues get sorted towards the year end. Refrain from taking loans or debts, as they will be difficult to repay. Focus on long term goals with a prudent and steady approach. Wedding bells for single is on the cards. Social life will take on new Colours. Overseas work-related travel will be profitable.

WHAT TO DO: Time to show off your true Colours. Tweak the parts that are not working. Be mindful of pushing yourself too hard, and remember to rest.

WHAT TO AVOID: Do not let others negative behavior destroy your inner peace. Unexpected challenges and delays in plans can test your patience. Put off all controversial matters on hold.

Lucky Colours: Yellow, Light Green
Lucky Numbers: 1, 2, 9, 6
Lucky Days: Monday

7NUMBER 7: This is an excellent time for being tech-savvy and setting personal goals. Pursuing educational endeavours and good professional reputation will ensure rise in position and salary-hike. Shrewd financial decisions will help to achieve profitable targets on time. Your interpersonal skills and art of persuasion will help to build lasting contacts. Expect increased focus on responsibilities and ambitions with serious persistence. Money-flow will be constant and continuous from various sources. Profitable time is in store for businessmen and entrepreneurs. Calculated speculative deals will yield handsome results. Couples will try to rekindle the magic back with their significant other. Students will score good marks due to the dint of their own sincere efforts. Legal disputes can prove to be costly. Maintain a good health regime to keep chronic issues at bay. Health of an elder will require close observation and care. Short holidays or trips will be rejuvenating.
Happy additions to the family will be the cause for celebrations. Your resilience ensures victory in the end.

WHAT TO DO: Self-care and introspection will provide solutions to deep-rooted issues. Stay flexible, as unexpected twists can lead to sudden success.

WHAT TO AVOID: Refrain from taking impulsive decisions, and focus on creating balanced and harmonious power dynamics in all your relationships. Avoid sacrificing your needs for the sake of others.

Lucky Colours: Orange, Green, Aqua
Lucky Numbers: 5,9
Lucky Days: Thursday, Sunday

8NUMBER 8: Time to aim big and shoot for the stars. Many opportunities will knock to take the lead and explore new horizons. It is a favorable time to tackle all projects and ventures with steady efforts and long-term planning. Chances to accumulate wealth through multiple sources is very evident this year. After midyear time is favorable for business expansions and partnership ventures. Innovative ideas and creative skills will bring new power and profits to your career matters. Collaborating with big organizations will provide the necessary resources and beneficial contacts. Be wary of getting caught up in power struggles or conflicts with authority figures. Salary-hikes and promotions due to good performance are on the cards. Expect slow but steady progress in all spheres of life. Continuous money-flow will help to liquidate pending loans and debts. Take calculated risks to achieve progress and growth in career. Couples will attempt to clear all misunderstandings and keep their relationships moving. Singles will follow a different approach to romance and commitment. Students appearing for competitive exams will achieve significant success. Children will require extra attention in their academics and other activities. Job-changes and relocation are foreseen after mid-year. Family life will be delightful with celebrations. Holidays and short breaks will be rejuvenating. Health of a senior family member will require extra attention.

WHAT TO DO: Make time to shut out distractions, and address your problems with more compassion. Take the opportunity to refresh and hit the re-set button, to bounce back.

WHAT TO AVOID: Be wary as sudden fluctuations and slowdowns will test your patience. Avoid excessive rigidity or emotional detachment towards people and issues.

Lucky Colours: Indigo, Powder Blue, Yellow Green
Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 2, 6
Lucky Days: Monday, Friday

9NUMBER 9: This is the year to fulfill your cherished dreams, as good fortune awaits you. New beginnings and endings of old attitude and life patterns will be very significant this year. Your shining leadership qualities will help to enjoy the much-earned power and profits. Influential people will have a major impact on your success in career matters. Take calculated risks, as significant improvements are foreseen in your gains. It is a profitable time to launch new ventures or a business idea before mid-year. Despite high expenditures, this year will provide many opportunities to save and boost your overall wealth. Important tie-ups and negotiations will boost the profits further. Long-pending ventures will now yield profits. Gains from multiple sources of income will pour in. Religious and foreign trips will be very significant this year. Students will excel in their examinations. Opportunities to pursue higher education and metaphysical pursuits will be very beneficial. Married couples will make efforts for a harmonious life. Marriage for singles is on the cards. Take control of your wellbeing, by adopting healthy habits and exercise.

WHAT TO DO: Fire up your passion to create healthy boundaries and replenish your energy levels. Be sure to follow that stroke of genius to the finish line.

WHAT TO AVOID: Do not be afraid to voice out your concerns, and offer a different solution. Watch out for competitive or jealous flare-ups. Avoid manipulating situations or people to achieve your goals.

Lucky Colours: Brown, Yellow lavender
Lucky Numbers: 3, 6, 9
Lucky Days: Sunday, Thursday.
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