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Healing the Planets with Rudraksh

Rudraksh can nullify the effects of malefic planets to a great extent. Shastras say Rudraksh of any mukhi can never do any harm to the wearer unlike Navratnas which have to be carefully chosen.

The term Rudraksh literally stands for the eyes of Lord Shiva, Rudra meaning Shiva and Aksha meaning from the eyes. Ancient vedic scriptures like Shiva Purana, PadmaPurana (Chap 57) Srimad Bagwata (Chap III to VII ) Rudraksh Jabbalaoapanishad, Mantra Maharnava, etc.

mentioned about the greatness and wonderful properties of Rudraksh beads. As per vedic scriptures Lord Shiva the Supreme Soul, Infinite Intelligence and most powerful deity was performing penance for one thousand years for the salvation of human beings when after thousand years he opened his eyes and tears of compassion dropped and this drop became the seeds from which Rudraksh tress grew. Lord Shiva then said to his consort Parvati, O! Parameswari No other necklace, garland or bead will be so auspicious and powerful as Rudraksh.

As per the vedic scriptures Rudraksh can nullify the effects of malefic planets to a great extent. Shastras say Rudraksh of any mukhis can never do any harm to the wearer unlike Navratnas which have to be carefully chosen.

Rudraksh come in different mukhis or the clefts or furrows on the surface. Shastras speak of 1 to 38 mukhis but normally 1 to 14 mukhis are used for astrological benefits.
Effects of different mukhis
1 and 12 mukhi
Both these mukhis are represented by Sun or Surya the center of the Solar system around which all the planets revolve. These mukhis effectively control the malefic effects of Sun and cure diseases of the right eye, head, ear, bowel and bones. Psychologically the confidence, charisma, leadership qualities and prosperity of the person increases as the Sun is pleased with the wearer.


2 Mukhi
The ruling planet is Moon. They effectively control the malefic effects of Moon and diseases of the left eye, kidney, intestines etc. Emotionally, there is harmony in relationships.


3 Mukhi
The ruling planet is Mars which astrologically represent Agni or fire. Malefic effects are disease of blood, blood pressure, weakness, disturbed menstrual cycle, kidney etc.. Depression, negative and guilty feelings, inferiority complexes can be lessened by wearing this mukhi.


4 Mukhi
The ruling planet is Mercury, representing Goddess Saraswati and Brahma. Malefic effects of Mercury include intellectual dullness, lack of grasping and understanding power, difficulty in effective communication and also neurotic conditions of the mind. This mukhi nullifies the malefic effects of Mercury and pleases Goddess Saraswati. It also governs logical and structural thinking.


5 Mukhi
The ruling planet is Jupiter. This mukhi is used to sublimate the malefic effects of Jupiter such as lack of peace, poverty , lack of harmony etc.


6 Mukhi
Its ruling planet is Venus. Venus governs genital organs throat, valour, sexual pleasure, love, music etc.


7 Mukhi
This mukhi governs Saturn, the all powerful Shani Bhagwan. When worn it sublimates the malefic effects of Shani and its disease like, impotency, cold, obstructions, hopelessness, delay, chronic disease, scarcity, worry etc.


8 Mukhi
Ruling planet is Rahu hence helpful in sublimating its malefic effects. Its malefic effects are similar to that of Shani or Saturn


9 Mukhi
The ruling planet is Ketu which is similar in its effects to planets like Rahu and Shani. This mukhi controls malefic effects of Ketu. The malefic effects cause mental fatigue, lack of energy to materialize thoughts, failures etc.


10 Mukhi
This mukhi has no ruling planets but represent Lord Mahvishnu the Great protector and Saviour of Mankind .The wearer gets a sense of security.


11 Mukhi
Represents Lord Hanuman and has no particular ruling planet. It induces courage and confidence in the wearer to leads an adventurous life. Also helpful in meditation


12 Mukhi
Ruling planet is Sun. Effects as mentioned initially


13 Mukhi
Effects similar to that of 6 Mukhi. Represents Lord Indra ,the king of Devtas. Wearer is able to enjoy all the earthly pleasures and comforts at his disposal.


14 Mukhi
Ruling planet is Saturn effects as described for 7 mukhi. Additionally this mukhi is also helpful in opening the third eye chakra which governs clairvoyance, sharpened skills, heightened state of awareness etc.

Rudraksh of different mukhis pleases the corresponding planets. It may be sufficient to go in for only those mukhis whose ruling planets cause malefic effects.

Before wearing the Rudraksh it is better to cleanse and purify it with milk, ghee, oil etc. and do pran prathista (give life to the Rudraksh) when the mantras corresponding to the mukhis are chanted, the Rudraksh gets activated.

Rudraksh can be worn by both sexes above the age of five. One should not wear it during sexual activity, taking alcoholic drinks, non vegetarian food, visiting toilets for long calls, going for death ceremony etc.

As per Modern psychology mind is in many ways governed by the brain. Its neurons, neurotransmitters, endocrine glands etc. For example low levels of Serotinin, one such neurotransmitter cause depression, worry, lack of energy, low self esteem and higher levels of it causes happiness, energy, drive, high levels of confidence and self esteem etc.

Another neurotransmitter is Dopamine. Increased amount of Dopamine cause over activity of neurons resulting in mental agitation, restlessness, tension, fear lack of control etc. conversely decreased levels of Dopamine, result in peace, tranquility, stability etc.

Psycho Pharmacological drugs like Tranquilizers and Anti Depressants etc. control the activity of Neurotransmitters to effectively soothe mental disturbances. Any Doctor or Psychiatrist at your place will confirm this. Planets revolving the solar system exert powerful gravitational pull and also emit electromagnetic vibrations. A Professors of Banaras Hindu University
Dr.Suhas Roy in 1993 effectively proved that Rudraksh beads have certain Electromagnetic and Inductive properties and when worn over the heart they send out corresponding signals differing for different mukhis to the brain, activating or controlling certain brain chemicals and neurotransmitters thereby inducing states of mind as described in ancient scriptures. For example the mental agitations and Dopamine levels of those who wore 5 mukhi Rudraksh was found to be less and the serotinin levels of those who wore 1 mukhi and 12 mukhi Rudraksh bead was found to be high.

The activity of neurons in the right part of the brain was found to be high in the wearer of 14 mukhi Rudraksh bead (right part of the brain control abstract and lateral thinking as against logical and structure thinking of left part of brain). This perhaps is the reason behind the change in personality and attitudes of the wearer of different types of Rudraksh beads. When the persons gets a positive confident frame of mind the impact goes deep into his subconscious mind sending out powerful vibrations there by changing the way nature and others react to him/her. He also takes some decisions and is frequently finding himself in right place at the right time. This is perhaps called luck. What has been said in ancient Vedic scriptures are increasingly being proved almost with 100% precision scientifically.

Rudraksh is botanically known as Eleaocarpus Ganitrus Roxb .It is found predominantly in Indonesia (80% of the tress are found there) and parts of Northern India and Nepal. Almost 99% of Rudraksh is panch mukhi or five faceted. Even in panch mukhi there are hundreds of types based on size, density, place of origin etc. Other mukhis from 1 to 14 are freely available; beyond 14 -21 mukhi it is not so common and 21 to 38 mukhi is rarer. Rudraksh is increasingly becoming popular as an Alternative Healing bead for curing variety of Personality Disorders. Yogis used it for meditation and we can use it for increased material activity and wealth creation with positive and tranquil kind of mind set up.

Some of the prominent personalities who wear Rudraksh are Shiv Sena Supremo Bal Thackrey, Tamil SuperStar RajiniKant ,Shivaji Ganesan, Hindi film Stars Jackei Shroff, Akshay Kumar, Shammi Kapur and even Holly wood Big wigs Richard Gere and Stevan Seagal (the latest converts to Buddhsim) wear Rudraksh beads..

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