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Rina and its Removal

By Vijai Vir

Curses from previous births are more dangerous and harmful, than the Karmic deeds. Curses produce only negative effects; that force can sometimes spoil the great Yogas and other good results, which would have been expected from the present birth's horoscope.

Rina is nothing but the direct curse fallen on any native in previous births as well as present birth also; but these are different from our Karmic deeds which we may have accumulated from so many births.

The curse falls on, by our misdeeds done intentionally. A person may curse, because he might have been troubled unnecessarily to the extent that he could no more tolerate that and give curses from his inner heart, may be with words or just by the feeling, without uttering the words. Such powerful is the strength of curse. Once the curse comes out from the feeling of a person, it will definitely start affecting the native without fail, at any point of time, in his life. Suppose a native has strong horoscope with no such negativity in present life, naturally he might not see the effects of present curse as long as the power of previous births' good karmas are working on him; but remember that the present days' curse will definitely weaken the power or strength of horoscope, in due course of time. It also depends on the intensity of the curse fallen on him. As soon as the strength of the horoscopes depletes, by virtue of change in Dasa, Bhukti and Antara and also the change in the attitude of the native, the effect of curse will start acting.

Rinas may be accumulated by the native by doing wrong doings and some time they are carried forward by virtue of having born in that same family, which is already cursed. In this, the native may not have done any mistakes. Hence the cause for the curse is the native himself, directly or indirectly. When the curse is accumulated, it will surely give results and this accumulation of curse, if not cleared, is called as RINA or due to be paid off.

How to know that curse / Rina is accumulated from previous birth as well as present birth?

By studying the present horoscope, previous births' curse can be identified studying the Year-charts of a native, as per Lal Kitab, present life's Rina can be identified.

Does curse or Rina accumulation work really? They work surely, by the above said principle of nature. In this universe every thing happens as per Newton's third law: "for every action, there is equal and opposite reaction".

So there is no other go for anybody to escape from this Law of Nature, it happens by itself naturally. That is why it is said that the curses are more dangerous and harmful, than the karmic deeds, Curses produce only negative effects. That force can sometimes spoil the great Yogas and other good results, which would have been expected from the present birth horoscope.

In Lal Kitab, a lot of importance is given to first find out the presence of Rina or Curses in a horoscope. Then the astrologer suggests the ways to remove them in simpler methods; the remedies are to be performed for quite some time in order to countercheck the Rinas effects. Sometime very good results are experienced, while doing such Rina removal remedies. The native need not do the other remedies, which are mentioned for the afflicted planets. These remedies are simple, cost-effective and also not timeconsuming procedures.

Rinas are identified in a horoscope by the planets indicating them as Karakatwas of relatives to the native In the horoscope, each and every house has been represented by one or the other planets. They have a stronghold on those particular house. In Lal kitab, the owner / lord of the house has a strong control over that particular house, even though it is not placed there.

For example, 5th house is for planet Sun; when it is placed in that house, it has its full potential view. If Sun be placed in 4th or 10th house, Sun will bear the fruit of 4th or 10th house and also at the same time, it will have stronghold on its own house. If there is any friendly planet conjunct with it, it will try to boost that planet and do good only. At the same time, if any malefic planet is conjunct with it, it will have adverse effect and the planet itself will suffer to add on the negative results.

lal kitab

Lal Kitab has grouped the Rinas or Curses, based on their characterstics.

The effects of Rina will be seen in the horoscopes of all the family members, if not all, maximum number of persons will be affected. If a person is affected by some planet indicating particular Rina, the same planet in other family memebrs' horoscopes will be seen as affected. As per Lal Kitab, the planet, which is affected by its placement or Karakatwa, denotes the Rina or curse given by that karakatwa-relative in the family ancestry.

Swa Rina doshas; (self-made mistake)

This occurs because the native has forgotten all the family traditions, discarded and disrespected the values of ancestral family cultures, morals, traditions and has become an atheist. This gives rise to strong Swa Rina doshas.

Astro-indication: Venus or any malefic planet in the 5th house and Sun is also highly disturbed.

Indication in the House: There may be a deep pit below the basement of house. While constructing, this could have been noticed, or there may be too much opening space, to let in direct Sun light.

Results: The native in his young age would have reached the top position, accumulated fortune, respected in the society, and all of a sudden the position collapses, money gets spent for no reasons or lost, respect is at stake. This situation may arise, when his offspring reaches the age of 11 months or 11 years. The cows, available in the house if would die for no reasons. The body of the native will be affected and the mouth will be watery, with saliva always.

Remedies: Do once in the life-time the Surya yagna. All the family members should participate in this yagna and the expenditure should be divided equally amongst them all.

Eat a little Jaggery and drink a little water, before starting any work.

Matru Rina Doshas (curse from mother):

The mother is separated from the child immediately after birth or giving troubles to mother, or neglecting mother, grandmothers, disrespecting mother in any form.

Astro indication: Ketu in 4th causing trouble to Moon.

Indication in the House: The house is nearby a holy or pure water body, which is connected with the drainage water from the house.

Results: Under any forcible conditions and situations, the accumulated money will be spent; fortune gets lost. Horse will die; there will be break in the education. If somebody tries to help the native, the helper will become a victim, and there will be gradual decrease in the capacity of grasping or understanding of the situations.

Remedies: Collect equal size pieces of Silver from all the family members and throw them in the water at a time. Daily, take the blessings of elders at home, without fail.

Stree (female) Rina doshas (Curse from female folks)

A woman was killed, tortured, insulted, and humiliated, at the time of delivery, in lieu of some interests by other persons.

Astro indication: 2nd or 7th house occupied by Sun or Moon. Rahu disturbing Venus.

Indication in the House: The native is disturbed in the areas of finance, landed properties, and agricultural fields. Nowadays, Diabetes health problems.

Results: When Venus is disturbed, there will be lack of interest or sudden problems in the functions, marriages, engagements, sudden deaths in the family in auspious moments etc., The native's thumb sometimes may be affected by any means to not to work, or diseased. Nails may change the color.

Remedy: The native has to collect equal amount of many from family members and feed 100 cows in a single day with Green fodder. If Sun is also the cause for the affliction of Venus, the native has to feed cows, which are not of White color. The native has to wear always clean traditional clothes.

Sambhandi Rina Pitru doshas (curse from relatives)

Might have given poison to friend or relative, or ignited fire to the grown crops, or might have killed a the pregnant buffalo, or thrown fire (torched) in somebody's house.

Astro indication: The deposition of Mercury in the 1st house or eighth house. Because of this, the owner / lord Mars is highly disturbed.

House indication: The native will be spending a lot with friends and relatives, incurring heavy loans. Not able to enjoy during festivals or an any happy occasions.

Results: When Mars is disturbed, there is always quarrels with others. Getting angry for no reason with everybody. Less blood or hemoglobin in the body; joints in the body will not work properly, Lack of progeny. If issue is there, the child will die. If a live also, it will be handicapped.

Remedy: Collect equal amount of money from all the family members and give the amount for the treatment of any patient.
Apply White surma kajal to eyes.

Rina of sisters and daughters

Might have committed the crime of rape, or insulted or tortured anybody's sisters or daughters.

Astro indication: Deposition of Moon in third or sixth house, cause affliction to Mercury.

House indication: The habit of giving troubles to others kids and children.

Results: At the time of birth or marriage of sisters and/or daughters, sudden mishap will take place. The native will be totally shattered; even a billionaire will become pauper. The native will have even bodily effects; all his teeth will be gone; the understanding capacity will also be decreased.

Remedy: Collect Yellow cowries from family members and burn them outside your house. On the same day, throw the ash in flowing water. Keep your teeth always clean; use Alum salt to clean the teeth.

Pierce your nose.

Rina of Pitru

Might have insulted or changed or neglected the family elders, priests, guests etc.,

Astro indication: In house 2nd, 5th, 9th, or 12th, planets Mercury, Venus, or Rahu might have been seated, so that the planet Jupiter is highly disturbed.

House indication: There might be some old temple which is destroyed or any Peepal tree which is cut, nearby the house of the native, during construction.

Results: As the native grows, the bad time seems to start. Whereever he goes, he experiences the negative results only and loses his money. Falling of hair, exactly on the top of head. He has urge to garlands (malas), unnecessary break in the education, unnecessary false blames on the native, facing punishment, even if the native is given clean chit.

Remedy: Collect equal amount from all the family members and donate that in any temple; take care of a Peepal tree, apply yellow/kesar tilak daily; keep your nose always clean, before doing any work.

Rina of cruelty (Nirdayi Rina)

Killing somebody or cheating somebody of their lands or properties, or might have cheated by not paying the money related to properties.

Astro indication: Presence of Sun, Moon or Mars in 10th and/or 11th, hence the Saturn is highly disturbed

House indication: Disturbed Saturn is highly energetic in giving bad results. In the family, problems will arise and keep continuing; fire mishaps will happen; family members will be victims of accidents; the hair in eyebrows and lids will fall.

Remedy: Collect equal amount from all the family members and feed 700 labourers. Collect fishes from 100 lakes or water ponds, and the family members should feed them. Feed crows for 43 days continuously. Brush your teeth with Keekar tree bark; donate metals items.

Rina of Aajaath

The native might have eliminated the family members, with whom you were very close with.

Astro indication: Presence of Sun, Moon or Mars in the twelfth house, disturbing Rahu, which is very problematic.

House indication: A burial ground on South of your house. The drainage water is flowing below the main door, through some canals or drainage pipes.

Results: The nature of problematic Rahu is that it gives sudden effects good or bad, within a fraction of second; some mishap or tragedy will happen. When the justice is expected, suddenly the result will be the exactly opposite. Other indications include the Black dogs in the house will die for no reasons. The nails of hands and feet come out or get cut suddenly. Thinking power will be diverted to unnecessary thoughts. There will be increase in the number of enemies.

Remedy: Collect one Coconut from each family member and throw them in the flowing water at a time. Wear light colored caps on the head. Maintain good relationships with in-laws, family members; stay in a joint family.

Daivee (Godly) Rina

Because of bad cultures and habit, the native might have killed or destroyed the prospects of others' sons or dogs.

Astro indication: Placement of Moon or Mars in sixth bhava.

House indication: secretly eliminated others' sons or children; killing of dogs by self or through others; possessing illicit thinking on relatives and vanquished them etc.,

Results: If Ketu is disturbed, there will be problems in getting progeny; there may be no issues in the family, or the child dies. Handicapped children may be born.

Remedy: Collect equal amount of money from all the family members and feed one hundred cows in a single day.

Take the blessings of a widow nearby your house and help her by giving the needy items.
Domesticate a Black dog.
Pierce your ear and wear Gold in it.

Note: The Rina remedies should be done by the collection of money from all the family members without fail. If somebody is not interested or they do not believe, at least the native has to tell them and he himself has to put double the amount and carry out the remedy individually with his family members, if possible with the native's mother.

Horoscope analysis is done, as per Lalkitab dictums, which varies from Traditional Parasari system.

Case-study 1

This native came for consultation for her problems of pregnancy and wrong understanding between husband/in laws, which were very severe for her to control.

Observe the fourth bhava, bhava owner (lord) Moon is placed along with Saturn and the fourth bhava is occupied by Rahu, a malefic.
The sixth bhava is occupied by Mars.

Dictum: When fourth bhava is occupied by malefic and the owner itself is disturbed by other malefic anywhere in the houses, Matru Rina dosha is created and it gives unhappiness with elders at home and outside as well. Secondly, the presence of Mars in sixth bhava indicates the Daivee Rina, which is also cause for delays at important stages of life, like marriage, children, with unsettled feeling in life.

Rina Parihaaras: It was first suggested to clear off the debt of Daivee Rina, by going to a particular temple, where they made vow (wish), (the temple may be of Lord Hanuman/ Narsimha, nearby a waterbody, with also the presence of a female deity nearby). Luckily, they remembered the temple.

Secondly to collect the Silver pieces and some quantity of Rice from all the family member and throw the same in flowing water a few times.

Also I suggested some Lal kitab remedies and asked them to do, only after Rina parihaaras have done.

After some time of doing the Rina parihaaras, the woman called me to inform that she got conceived and there is no chances of abortion, as per her doctor. She could complete the nine months period, to deliver a Female baby. In due course of time the behavior of her husband changed drastically and he started taking care of his wife and in-laws.

Though she got fantastic results, I asked her to complete the other Lal Kitab remedies also, which were suggested earlier.

Case-study 2
This is a case of Bank's top official, who got trapped by seniors for the mistakes actually not done by him, (horoscopically also we have to check for the genuineness of the problem, told by the natives).

If you study the as per horoscope you will find that the main Rinas are from tenth Bhava and eleventh bhava and also from the 12th bhava.

If in tenth and eleventh Bhava, any enemy planet is posited, the planet Saturn will be highly disturbed. Also in 12, if Rahu is posited, the planet Jupiter will
be disturbed and they start giving malefic results, even if they are posited in good or friendly houses. Here, Sun and Jupiter are placed in bhavas of Saturn (10, 11) as per Lal Kitab. Rahu is placed in one of the five Bhavas, meant for Jupiter, as per Lal kitab. Sun is deadly to Saturn, they won't tolerate each other and also Jupiter disturbs Saturn and itself is disturbed by Rahu from twelfth bhava by Pitru Rina.

Hence they form Nirdayi Rina, i.e. a cruel thing would have happened to the family members by him or by his parents, which would not have been pardonable at that time. This causes the false allegations, false rumours, trap-like situations, especially in the society (may or may not be in the domestic front).

So the native has been advised to brush his teeth with Keekar tree bark, feed the fishes and crows regularly, without break for forty five days. He had to collect equal amount of Gold pieces, turmeric roots, Kesar, Channa daal etc and throw them in flowing water at a time and to continue further with other planetary remedies.

The native did so for forty five days. He later met me to give the news that the allegation made on him had been withdrawn in their local Courts. Hence, start any important parihara, only after putting an end to Rina or Curses, which has been carried from previous births.

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