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Human Body And Gemmology
By Pradeep Saxena

Our shastras indicate that gems affect the human body, giving either good or bad effects. Every gem has the power to absorb the radiation emitted by a particular planet. Therefore, in order to receive its benefits, the gem pertaining to the particular planet should be worn. The native should avoid the use of gems related to malefic planets in the horoscope. This holds true even during the Mahadasa and Antardasa of the malefic planet. According to the above principles, the selection and timing of the gem is decided.

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Aries Ascendant:-

Benefics - Sun, Moon and Jupiter

Ruby - Child's education, income.

White Pearl - Happiness in family, vehicle, landed property.

Pukhraj - Foreign travel, Good fortune, religious activities.

If the benefic gems are used together they will definitely give upliftment.


Taurus Ascendant:-

Benefics - Mercury and Venus

Neutral - Sun

Yoga Karaka - Saturn

Emerald - Accumulation of wealth, family happiness.

Sapphire - Income, fortune, Govt. jobs.

Ruby - Landed property, vehicle, brothers if Sun is in benefic house or conjunct with a benefic planet in the horoscope.

Diamond - beauty, artistic talent, luxury.


Gemini Ascendant :-

Neutral - Sun, Moon

Param Yog Karak - Mercury

Emerald - Confidence, attractive personality, family happiness.

White Pearl - Treasure, melodious voice, family happiness.

Pukhraj - Success in business, marital bliss if Jupiter is placed in benefic house or conjunct with a benefic planet or is in own Varga.


Cancer Ascendant :-

Benefic - Moon, Jupiter

Param Yog Karak - Mars.

White Pearl - Good health, good position in society.

Red Coral - Progress in profession, power, luxuries.

Pukhraj - Victory over enemies, foreign travels, fortune, good health.

To get benefic effects of Moon and Jupiter, use Pearl and Pukhraj together.


Leo Ascendant :-

Benefit - Sun

Neutral - Venus

Param Yog Karak - Mars

Ruby - Mental peace, health, self-confidence.

Red Coral - Family happiness, foreign travels,landed property, religious pursuits.

Diamond - Professional success, Govt. job if Venus is in benefic Varga.


Virgo Ascendant :-

Benefic - Venus

Neutral - Moon

Param Yog Karak - Mercury

Emerald - Professional success, Govt. honours, health.

Diamond - Melodious voice, family happiness, religious journeys, foreign travels, wealth.

Emerald and Diamond used together are very beneficial.


Libra Ascendant :-

Benefic - Moon, Venus

Para Yog Karak - Saturn

Blue Sapphire - Prosperity, education, children.

White Pearl - Professional success, Govt. jobs, luxuries.

Diamond - Self-confidence, attractive personality, good health if Venus is placed in benefic house, aspected by a benefic planet or is in own Varga.


Scorpio Ascendant :-

Benefic - Moon, Jupiter

Param Yog Karak - Sun

Pukhraj - Accumulation of wealth, family happiness, education, good voice.

Ruby - Pilgrimage, Govt. favours, profession.

Red Coral - Good health, victory over enemies, happiness, intelligence.


Sagittarius Ascendant :-

Benefic- Sun

Neutral - Mercury

Param Yog Karak - Jupiter

Pukhraj - Commercial progress, family happiness, property, vehicle, finance.

Ruby - Fortune, foreign travels, pilgrimage.

Emerald - Increasing professional success, marital bliss, daily income if Mercury is placed in own house, exalted or in own Varga.


Capricorn Ascendant :-

Benefic - Saturn

Neutral - Mercury

Param Yog Karak - Venus

Blue Sapphire - Jewels, happiness, health.

Diamond - Professional success, intellectual strength, children, Govt. favours.

Blue Sapphire and Diamond should be used together for financial gain, luxurious life and children.


Aquarius Ascendant :-

Benefic - Mars

Neutral - Moon

Para Yog Karak - Venus

Diamonds - Marriage, financial gains, fortune mental peace, vehicle, foreign travel.

Red Coral - Professional success, brothers and sisters, happiness, Govt. favours, if Mars is placed in benefic house, aspected by benefic planet or placed in benefic Varga.


Pisces Ascendant:-

Benefic - Moon

Neutral - Mars

Param Yog Karak - Jupiter

Pukhraj - Enhances beauty, personality, Govt. jobs, profession.

White Pearl - Happiness from children, education.

Red Coral - Treasure, foreign travels, jewels, melodious voice if Mars is placed in benefic house, aspected by benefic planet and placed in benefic Varga.


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