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Dawn of New Year 2020
Dr.Ch.D.Ravindra Nath

India's economy is set to grow at 7% in 2019, picking up to 7.2% in 2020, as per the estimates of International Monetary Fund (IMF) in their World Economic Update of 23 July, 2019.Earlier the IMF estimated a GDP growth at 7.8% to India in the year 2019. The revision in GDP estimates is necessitated, because of recessionary tendencies and the ramifications of US-Sino trade war, which was started in the second quarter of the year 2019. As per initial trends, the GDP is showing decline due to poor performance in manufacturing, exports, oil exploration, real estate and service sectors.

Addressing a press conference on 26 Aug. 2019, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharam said that the global growth may probably be very weak, but the Indian economy is still doing better than the other countries, including the United States and China. She asserted that India is still the fastest economy in the world, despite weak global cues.

However, the claims made by Honble Finance Minister appears to be very tall in the wake of recessionary tendencies prevailing in India, right from the second quarter of 2019. This topic requires an in-depth study.

A Recession is when the economy declines significantly for at least six months. There's a drop in the following five economic indicators: real gross domestic product , income, employment, manufacturing , and retail sales . Recession can become a depression, if it continues for an year or more. But there is a positive side of recession i.e. it is a cure for inflation.

Previous Recessions:
During the years 2008 and 2009, there were four consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth i.e., last two quarters of 2008 and first two quarters of 2009. In 2008, the GDP declined by 2.1% in 3rd quarter of 2008, and 8.4% in 4th quarter. In 2009 these figures are 4.4% and 0.6% respectively. The glaring effect of this in 2008 and 2009 is that about 2 lakh people lost their jobs and unemployment rose to a high of 15%. Our economy could recover, only in November 2009, when about 12,000 jobs were added. ( global recession).

The planetary positions of 2008 and 2009 indicated conjunction of Saturn with Ketu most of the time. Saturn, which is ahead of Ketu by more than 10 degrees as on 1st Jan 2008, turned retrograde and had conjunction with Ketu all through the year. We are well aware that Saturn in retrogression is causative of financial losses, jittery, downfall in prices and unemployment; Ketu indicates melancholy, depression and solitude; the joining of the two had caused Recession in economy.

New Year 2020
New Year 2020     New Year 2020

In the horoscope cast for New Year 2020, Saturn is quite ahead of Ketu in the beginning. But it will become retrograde from 12th May 2020 to 20th Sept. 2020. Hence, the effects of Recession will have their effect in a moderate way upto Sept.2020. The ill effects of Recession will get modified with the presence of the following benefic yogas in the New Year 2020 horoscope.

Brahma Yoga: Lord of 1st and 10th Mercury is placed in angle (4th): This gives the people of India, good longevity, purposeful education with required knowledge.

Parvata Yoga: Ascendant lord is placed in angle or trine to it. Placement of ascendant lord Mercury in 4th confers this, causing power and fame to rulers of the country.

Paasa Yoga: All planets are placed in five houses. This Yoga ensures good family life, good earning capacity, amicability with others. But the negative side of this Paasa Yoga results in possibility of many people getting imprisonment in this year.

Virgo lagna is rising at 09:55 degrees at the Dawn of New Year 2020. Good Yogas indicate good earning capacity, good family life, success in endeavours to the Indian public, along with name and fame to our rulers. But the benefits of the above gets reduced by Sashta Chandra (Moon in 6th) dosha, and Chaturgraha kootami (pool of 4 planets in 4th house) joined with Ketu. The planet causative for democracy, Saturn, in Vargottama indicates people's mandate will prevail and any attempts to destabilize the democratically-elected bodies will boomerang.

As no planet is in debilitation, and no planet is in retrogression in the chart of New Year 2020, no major setbacks to people of India, or no major untoward incidents will occur in this year. The effects of Recession will have their effect in a moderate way upto Sept.2020.

Paarijata Yoga: This yoga applies, when the signdispositor of lagna lord is placed in own or exalted place. In this case, lagna lord is placed in Sagittarius and its lord (Jupiter) is placed in it. This yoga makes the public and rulers very much traditional, with good conveyance facilities, ability to give retart and repartee, famous with many felicitations and rewards.

Raja Yoga (from Dwadasa Yogas): Lords of 6th and 7th Saturn and Jupiter joined together in angle gives Raja Yoga of good order. Out of experience I have noted that Saturn, when joined with Jupiter, becomes more benefic than Jupiter in whatever house it is placed.

Yoga supporting Democracy: Saturn, the causative planet for democratic norms and protection of the rights of downtrodden people, in vargottama with placement in Sagittarius in both lagna and Navamsa indicates this benefic results.

First House: The causatives of this house are Comforts, happiness in old age, intelligence, native place, fame, dreams, strength, effort, politics, longevity, peace, pride, gambling for others, honour, healthy, perseverance, strenuous efforts, body colour. Also Health of people of the country, people in general, welfare of the country, unity among the public, progress of the states and success of the country and its leaders are indicated here. The lagna lord Mercury placed in 4th ensures success in increasing the boundaries of the country, people of the country behaving well, enjoying good affinity with brothers and comfort from mother. In the month of July 2020, when Mercury transits through Gemini, while Jupiter transits through Sagittarius, there is every possibility of India taking into possession major part of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK). The fact that no planet is in retrogression and no planet is in debilitation indicates minimal untoward happenings and mishaps this year. But since lagna is not getting the aspect of any auspicious planet, its strength has got reduced considerably, resulting in dissatisfaction, hopes and aspirations not getting fulfilled, and people in general suffering with contagious and contiguous diseases, and delay in getting rescue operations from natural calamities. Also, 7th house lord Jupiter placed in 4th is equally powerful, when compared with the ascendant lord placed in 4th, the Opposition will give tough fight in Assembly elections scheduled in the year 2020. The ruling parties will have a tough fight from opposition and will witness many reversals.

Second House: From this house, the causatives of Speech, money believing in god, maintenance, eatables, truth and lie, actors, diamonds and gems, cultured behaviour, soft speech, philosophy, friendship, capacity to attract others, stable mind, pet animals, avarice in money matters can be known. Moreover, financial position of the country, business, banking, receipts and payments, taxes, expenditure on establishment, recoveries, state resources etc are also indicated here. 2nd house not being occupied by any planet, 2nd house lord Venus placed in 5th and 2nd house not being aspected by any planet would give mixed results in respect of wealth and family-comfort to people. Though income would increase substantially, people will generally become spendthrifts and remain dissatisfied largely.

Third House: Its significations are Victory, success through hard work, Dareness, younger brothers and sisters, war, ears, feet, fickleness, troubling dreams, public relations, energy saving devices, body strength, ornaments, birth in royal families, servant maids, Good vehicle, short journeys, sincere attempts in every thing. This house also signifies Transport, motors and railways, Posts and telegraph, stock markets, writers, poets, educational institutions, information, newspapers, monthly magazines and anti social elements. 3rd lord Mars gives normal living and little amount of landed property because it was his own house. Government would emphasize on energy-saving devices. Posts and Telegraphs, communications and stock market will receive positive results. Indian writers will get international recognition. Railways would get a boosting with introduction of many superfast and luxurious trains. 3rd house occupied by malefic Mars indicates more ENT problems to the public. Dehakashta yoga is indicated, as lagna lord mercury is joined with malefics.

Fourth House: Primary education, mother, friends, relatives, caste, fine clothing, ponds and water bodies, perfumes, water facility, trustworthiness, land, gardens, digging of wells, maternal relatives, calm thinking, careful handling of money. Agriculture, crops, clouds, minerals, housing, land reforms, roads and highways are governed by fourth house.
Effect of Chaturgraha yoga(Placement of 4 planets) in 4th house: Plainly speaking, Saturn is a friend of Ketu. On the other hand, it does not have any affinity with anyone, as it is a renunciator (Tyagi) and driving force for self-enlightenment. So, for Saturn, Ketu simply exists with neither affinity nor enemity towards it. Thereby both Saturn and Ketu will benefit those, who are on the way of renunciation and selfrealization. Ketu or Rahu doesn't feel much enemity with anyone, except for Sun & Moon; that is why they cause eclipses. For others, the Nodes are a lot milder, because only Sun and Moon made them beheaded. The four planets joined together with Jupiter have got purified, minimising the loss. It is a general rule that Saturn joining with Jupiter turns benefic. Sun placed in the 4th house causes sickness to the public and threat of losing of ancesteral property. Mercury gives gains from lands. Jupiter causes good primary education, vehicle conveyance, gains from land and makes people trustworthy in general. Saturn causes obstructions in normal education, breakages, loss of agricultural crops. For many, agriculture may not be a viable proposition. Teaching of Yoga and running of Yoga classes will become a profitable vocation to many. Fourth house occupant Ketu causes loss of ancesteral earnings to people, due to negligence and vices.

Fifth House: Father's sanctity, good nature, education, pregnancy, discrimination, invitations, clothes, satisfying wants, foresight, property through women, greatness, secrets, obedience, journalism, safety, friendship, authorship, achieving success through worship, noble thoughts, means of earning, knowledge in music, scholarly appearance and behaviour, inherited ministership are indicated here. Also signify musicians, dancers, cine industry, prices and bullion market, births and deaths of children are also signified in this house. 5th house Venus gives fame and popularity, good female progeny. The planetary position this year is favourable for the birth of more number of girl children, reducing the gender inequality to some extent. Those who are aspiring to go for higher studies, research and post doctoral courses will flourish well. Musicians/music directors, artists, scholars will get good recognition this year. New ways of meditation like transcendental meditation, Rajayoga (Sahaj marg), Kriya yoga (Yogada mission), Pyramid yoga (based on concentrating on breathing) will become more popular this year.

Sixth House: Hindrance, ill health, war, wealth on account of conflict, evil deeds, small pox, enemy's joy, heat, blows, mental torture, defame and unpopularity, eye disease, begging, untimely intake of food, pale face, animosity with relatives, poison, imprisonment, impeachment, trouble, jail, conflict with brothers. This house also signifies health centres, epidemics, diseases, surgery, navy, labour problems and resolution, State service units and foreign aid, ability of the police to provide protection in time to public. 6th house occupant Moon makes getting loans very difficult. Banks and financial institutions will make lending process tough. Moon also indicates a number of accidents. People largely suffer from poisonous bites.

Labour unrest, strike of railway, postal and insurance employees is on cards. Lords of lagna and 6th house joined with Rahu or Ketu and placed in angle indicates Bandhana yoga. Many people will get imprisoned this year, if the individual charts also indicate the same.

Seventh House: Marriage, adultery, be loved, victory, loss of wife, indiscipline, music, delicious food, break in journey, stupidity, private parts, business, charity, conquering enemies, hoarded money, argument, secret affairs, theft etc., Relations and agreements with other countries, war, agitation, disputes, hostile atmosphere, Strength of Opposition, troubles to ruling party in power can be known from this house. 7th lord placed in the 4th gives rightful behaviour with many marital problems. People seeking divorce will increase multifold this year. People suffer from dental issues for most of the time in this year. Because of Saturn's influence, indiscipline will be order of the day for Indians this year. Instances of Government employees breaking the Red-tapism and openly criticising their bosses will be the repeating scene many times in many places.

Eighth House: Longevity, Comfort, insult, Life insurance, acquisition of property from deceased, sorrows, death cause, struggle for food, diabetes, danger, brother's enemies, means of fortune to wife, enemies, sorrow, laziness, punishment, fear, loss of money, Sin, death sentence, severe difficulty, war, prone to do bad deeds and unstable mind. Accidents, murders,suicides, defence, agitation against the Government and loans from other countries. 8th lord in 3rd gives many caesarean births in the country. Agitations against the Government will surface a number of times. People will generally be lazy, and many innocents would lose their lives in ghastly accidents this year.

Nineth House: Charity, Duty, pilgrimage, Service, penance, respect to teachers, application of medicine, Customs, Worship, Honours through education, journey, wealth, Morality, valorous deeds, Journey, holy bath, contentment, good company, vedic sacrifices, handling money, coronation room, father's property, all round wealth. Legal advice, Court, litigations, trustees, religious advisors, endowments department, scientists, aviation, changes in the Cabinet etc are the causatives of this house. 9th lord in 5th causes good behaviour, obedient nature and liked by everybody to the Indian citizens. New ways of handiling money apart from paytm, credit and debit cards will come into surface. Charitable Trusts will flourish and heads of the Trusts and Trustees will receive due respect. But Courts have to be a mere spectator and cannot question the unilateral actions of the Government for obvious reasons. People will not get required solace from Courts.

Tenth House: Government, Business, Transportation, Greatness, Teacher, Machinery, Continuous auspicious deeds, Medicines, Thighs, Glory, adopted Son, King, Path, Honour, Comfortable life, influence in Government, Judges, Gazetted Status, Supremacy, Giving tough orders fall in the causatives of this house. King (President), Govt officials and their welfare, felicitations, Army, Navy and Air forces, taxes and banks are influenced by this house. 10th house Rahu gives trouble-free life, lot of pilgrimages to the Indian public. 10th lord Mercury placed in another angle gives mixed results. The image of Government will be tarnished on many occasions this year. 10th house occupant Rahu being aspected by Sun, joined with Ketu, foretells tough year for Government employees.

Eleventh House: All types of profits/incomes, Greedy nature, Elder brother, mild worship, Gold, competency in earning, Property acquired from Grand Father, knees, ornaments, Government money, Arts, female property, Profit from gold, Intelligence, Ministership, Profit through Father-inlaw, lucky, success, expertise in cooking, Longevity, ear, paintings are indicated through this house. Parliament (Lower House), Assemblies,gains from friendship, foreign investment and aid are the significations of this house. 11th lord in 6th causes trouble to senior employees. Government is likely to go for Compulsory Retirement of Senior employees on some pretext or other this year. Employees can do precious little in this regard, and Govt will have the final say. Particularly those in Tax collection Departments, Railways, Posts & Telegraph and telecommunications are more prone to this brunt from Government.

Twelfth House: Disturbance in sleep, Mental distress, Fear of enemies, imprisonment, Relief, Clearing Debts, Father's money, Sacrifice, loss of Authority, Jail, Mental debility, Wicked nature, Paternal uncle, thinking of comforts, getting angry, lack of self comfort, extragavance, Foreign travel. Ashrams, service centres, religious institutions, orphanages, old age homes, foreign invasions, spies, black marketeers, vehicle thieves, antisocial elements and those who sue the Government fall in the causatives of this house. 12th lord Sun in 4th results in loss of money to the public in general, through dubious financial institutions/chits. Ashrams and Babas will have good time. Food items, provisions and life-saving drugs will be sold in Black Market. Cases of mental disturbance due to stress, depression and suicidal tendencies will increase in large number.

No effect of Sade-sati on Modi and Donald Trump! Both are having Neechabhanga Yoga to Moon.
In my experience, I have gone through the charts of Swiss Tennis player Roger Federer, Formula-1 Racing driver Michael Schumacher and Andhra Pradesh Ex-Chief Minister N.T.Rama Rao, who have flourished well in their periods of Sade-Sati (7 and years transit of Saturn in 12, 1, 2 houses from natal Moon). To this list, we need to add Narendra Modi and Donald Trump also.

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi     Narendra Modi
(Source: Astro sage)

Narendra Modi Born in Anuradha Star with Neechabhanga Raja Yoga to Moon, Modi is enjoying the pinnacle of Raja yoga now. Moon as lord of the 9th, placed in the ascendant elevated Modi to the post of Prime Minister from the post of Chief Minister of a State during Moon dasa, Rahu bhukti in 2014. Rahu in a trinal relationship with the Dasa lord showered maximum benefits on Modi. It is interesting to note that there is no effect of Sadesati on Modi. This is because of the strength of Dasa lord Moon (Neechabhanga Rajayoga). While Saturn was transiting in Libra, (12th house from Moon sign), Modi became the Prime Minister. Now, in 2019, while Saturn is transiting in Sagittarius(2nd house), Modi got resounding victory.

His Sade-Sati will end by 25 January 2020, when Saturn enters Capricorn. In Aug 2020, while running Moon Dasa Venus bhukti Jupiter antara, Modi will become a globally formidable leader, and his fame will scale new heights.

Donald Trump: Born on 14th June 1946 at Jamaica, New York at 10:45
Donald Trump     Donald Trump
(Source: Astro sage)

Donald Trump Leo lagna, Donald Trump got elected as President of United States in Jupiter Dasa Jupiter bhukti. In his chart, Neecha-bhanga yogas took place for Moon. This is because Moon is with an exalted Graha. The dispositor of Moon is in a Kendra. Born on an eclipse day with Shutsoonya Yoga (all planets placed in 6 houses) causing sudden escalation to the coveted position, Trump was suddenly elevated to the highest position in the year 2016. While Saturn was transiting in his Moon sign Scorpio i.e., janma Sani. Trump has confirmed in 2018 itself that he is again contesting for re-election scheduled in November 2020 with Mike Pence as his Vice Presidential running mate.

Indo-US disputes in WTO
India's exports to US in 2017-18 stood at 47.9 US $ Billion, while imports were at US$ 26.7 billion. The Trade balance is in favour of India. But, in May 2019, the US has rolled back export incentives from India, under its GSP programme; in retaliation India has imposed higher customs duties on 28 American products including Almond, pulses, walnut, chickpeas etc., With the result, in July 2019, US dragged India to World Trade Organisation (WTO) in Geneva. (Source:Ex-Impt times July 24).
But, not only the above trade-dispute will be amicably resolved, there is going to be a Most Favoured Nation Treatment to India by US, in view of the following factors:

(i) favourable relation between the birth stars of Modi and Trump. Modi's birth star Anuradha and Trump's birth star Jyeshta are Adhikamitra Tara(Highly favourable) and Sampat Tara(Causing wealth) to each other.
(ii) Vargottama Saturn in the chart of Dawn of 2020 for India. The indicates well-off position to both the democratic countries.
(iii) Neechabhanga Rajayogas to Moon in both the charts of Modi and Trump.

Retrogression of planets: Jupiter will be in retrogression from 15th May to13th September. Saturn will be in retrogression from 12th May to 29th September. Hence, upto 29th June, both planets will be in retrogression in Capricorn. For Jupiter, this is a debilitated place, but because of joining with Saturn, which is neutral to it this gets cancelled . Hence, this results in:
  • Mega-projects getting speedy implementation.
  • Bullish trend in Share-price movements.
  • Drop in prices of Gold, Petroleum products and Minerals.
  • Improvement in Rupee value, when compared with US $.

Indian Independence Chart:
Indian Independence Chart     Indian Independence Chart

India will be in Moon Dasa Saturn bhukti from 10 Dec. 2019 to 10 July 2021. Moon as lord of 3rd placed in it has got positional strength. Saturn as lord of 9th and 10th (angle and Trine) is a yogakaraka to Taurus lagna. Joined with Moon, Saturn has turned benefic. With the above, India's explorations in oceans, mining, artificial intelligence, robotics, minerals, textiles and space crafts will get outstanding success. But the antaras of Mercury and Ketu in Moon Dasa Saturn bhuktis from April to July in the year 2020 will have some discouraging trends. In this period, it is likely that Government will get criticism for implementation of merger of Banks, and also discrepancies in foreign policy etc., It is also possible that Pakistan will become aggressive to irritate India.

Forecast for 2020
  • Politicians will gain new friends for India with their tours, while neighbours like Pakistan, China will continue to deteriorate. War-like situation will continue on its borders, especially Northwest border. There is strong possibility of a war with Pakistan and also raise in cross-border terrorism. China will continue to create problems. There is every possibility of India taking into possession some part of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir this year.
  • Women will get more laws in their favour. Female foeticides will decrease considerably as daughters will be accepted by many families in villages.
  • India will become a safest destination to launch satellites. Space research will flourish.
  • New diseases will effect people, but medical sciences will be able to find cure for many.
  • Ancient sciences like Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda, Vedas will gain more popularity across the world.
  • Efforts to destabilize democratically elected bodies will boomerang.

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