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Dawn of New Year 2022
By Dr.Ch. D.Ravindra Nath

Virgo sign rises at 1026' in Hasta asterism, at the dawn of New Year 2022. The horoscope cast for India possesses equal amount of yogas and avayogas, indicating mixed results. The ramifications of Covid-19 will almost get wiped out totally by 12 April 2022, with the entry of Rahu into Aries (Mean Transit). Tough time for Government job aspirants. More and more public sector units would go into the pipeline of privatization. Opposition parties cannot make their presence felt at National level. It will be revival time for Real estate projects. There will be more number of female births, and more number of females getting elected to State Assemblies.

The New Year Horoscope for 2022 is showing mixed results. Good yogas like Paasa yoga, Vikrama Maalika Yoga, Khadga Yoga, Gajakesari Yoga and Parvata Yoga are indicating promising results, where as Dehakashta yoga, Chandra-mangala yoga and Sanghataka Marana yoga are foretelling troubled days ahead. Paasa Yoga resulting due to all planets placed in 5 houses indicates good earning capacity, but may also result in reckless behavior of the Indian public by and large, by ridiculing the Customs and tradition, atheistic tendencies getting support from public etc.,.

New Year 2022 New Year 2022

Vikrama Maalika Yoga arises, when major planets are placed along side third house consecutively. This ensures brave and efficient leadership in Centre and States. But this yoga affects the health of the top leaders of the country. Hence, It requires great caution about the health of senior leaders in power.

Khadga Yoga is formed when ascendant lord is in angle or trine and lords of 2nd and 9th also in angle. This yoga creates interest and knowledge of Vedas, and also predicts independent life to people. Hence, youth should not aspire too much for Government jobs and need to plan for independent careers. Tough time for Government Job aspirants.

The familiar Gajakesari Yoga when Jupiter placed in angle to Moon, ensures rich and comfortable life to Indians and favour from Government officials in a larger perspective.

Parvata Yoga resulted due to dispositor of ascendant lord placed in angle grants power and fame to the citizens of India.

Dehakasthta Yoga formed due to ascendant lord joining with malefic (Mercury joined with Saturn) indicate trouble to toiling masses, farmers and low level manual labour.

Sanghataka Marana Yoga formed due to 8th lord being malefic and enemy to ascendant lord and aspecting malefic (Rahu). Hence, large scale deaths due to natural calamities, epidemics, fire accidents are very much indicated this year.

Privatization of Public Sectors Despite protests from Opposition, Union Government proceeds in a big way towards Privatisation this year. Last year (2021) the Central Govt mooted for privatization of Vizag Steel plant. This year (2022), many more Public Sector Units like Air India, Bharat Petroleum, Air Ports, Power Sector units like NTPC, NHPC, Railways and General/Life Insurance will be on the way towards privatization. This will create uproar and protests from general public, against this large scale privatization. But Government would successfully control the agitations, and proceed ahead. All this because the planet showing Government control i.e., Sun is joined with enemy Venus in the star belonging to Venus, and Saturn is strong in New Year horoscope for India.

First House: Progress of the country as well as the States , welfare of the country, administration, unity among the pubic, health of the people, physical comforts, power supply, conduct and character, way of thinking, hobbies and success of leaders etc are indicated in this house. Ascendant is not getting any beneficial aspects. Asendant lord is placed in the 5th house. Ascendant falls in Hasta asterism belonging to Moon, which was placed in 3rd Vikarama sthana (Sign of victory). Considering all these, It can be concluded that mixed results are indicated with regard to above causatives of this house. Demand for separate States like Bodoland/ Barak in Assam, Bhojpur/Mithila in Bihar, Kutch/Sourashtra in Gujarat, Vidarbha in Maharashtra, Tulu/Kodagu in Karanataka are likely to flareup once again in middle of the year. Respective States as well as Central Government will have a tough time, in curtailing these agitations. Ascendant, not occupied by any planet, indicates lower level of self confidence among the public and the possibility of tricksters and conmen tricking the gullible public and swindling money from them. Because of weak lagna in Dawn of 2022 horoscope, many of our intelligentia will be on an exodus to US and other western countries, in search of opportunities.

Second House: All financial aspects, cash, goods, earning, income, inherited property, business dealings, sales and purchase, value of goods, quality, gifts, accounts of income and expenditure, expected money and to be paid money, Religion and belief in God, Philosophy, obedience, stable mind and soft speech and efforts to acquire money are indicated in this house. 2nd lord Venus placed in 4th along with Sun indicates good time for Real Estate and possibility of high rising palatial buildings in large numbers this year. Good time for Banking Sector. Banks will show improved performance. Shares of Banks in general will be on Bullish trend, and they will be able to collect their debts in a big way this year. Stocks of Iron, textiles, heavy machinery, Cement and bullion will be on the rise. Evaders of Bank loans and conmen need to cool their heels this year. Revival time for many large scale private Real estate projects.

Third House: This house deals with Stock Markets, Transport, Railways, Posts and Telegraphs. Wars, soldiers, Division of property, profit, self study and correspondence courses, messages, letters, printing and publications industries, speeches, transmissions, meditation, short trips, agencies, healthy body, servant maids, Ornaments, advertisements etc are indicated from this house. 3rd lord placed in 3rd house along with Moon and Ketu indicates favourable results in respect of Transport, Railways and Stock trading areas. Considerable progress is indicated in respect of new and efficient of transport like electrical bikes and cars receiving patronage from public. Government patronage for electric vehicles will help creating the demand in the market. This will reduce the consumption of diesel and petrol to some extent.

Fourth House: Basic Education, place of residence, voyage, immovable property, caste, courteous behavior with others, trustworthiness, calm thinking, father's fame, handling money, sculpture, digging of wells, good diet, deceitful nature, Agriculture, crops, minerals, roads and highways, scientific projects, educational institutions etc., are signified by the 4th house. 4th lord Jupiter placed in the 6th house, and the 4th house occupied by Sun and Venus, indicate that people need to travel to distant places this year generally, and those enjoying power will prefer foreign visits in good number. Since Caste also is indicated by 4th house, there is every possibility of agitations/protests etc in the country seeking reservations for particular caste/community, and the Government will have a tough time in dealing with it. This is indicated from June to October in 2022.

Fifth House: Children, their needs, education, students, love and affection, attachments, creativity, discretion, wisdom, skills, teaching, father's sanctity, Musicians, Cine artists, executive ability, giving shape to a thought, patronage, nutrition, speculation, sports and bullion market are governed by this house. 5th lord placed in 5th is not good for male progeny. Hence, there is every possibility of more female births. Education, by and large, will be a costly affair, and will not be in the reach of common man. Admission into professional courses will become still more tough this year, and many controversies in respect of reservations to OBCs will crop-up. At the same time, merit and creativity will not receive due patronage in this country, resulting in large scale exodus of our bright students to abroad inserarch of opportunities.

Sixth House: Internal and external enemies, debt burden, health centres, surgery, labour disputes, ill health, wealth on account of conflict, Enemy's joy, poison, pain, Diabetes, impeachment, defame, imprisonment, confinement, exercise, physical beauty, cleanliness, physique, medical treatment, handicrafts, vocational training, medicine, rearing of animals, birds and pets, dairy, servants, workers and industries etc., are major causatives of this house. Placement of 6th lord in the 5th, and Jupiter's placement in 6th would give good indications, with regard to this house. Good patronage from State Governments will be received to handicrafts, birds sanctuaries will receive number of visitors, affordable ways of medical treatment like Homoeo, Unani etc., will get the patronage of the public, new and effective medicines will come into lime light to control sugar levels to the public.

Seventh house: Strength of Opposition parties, Relations and agreements with other countries, wars, institution of marriage, adultery, loss of life partner, partnership, joint ventures, meetings, competitors, rivalry, separation, private parts, delicious food, indiscipline etc are known inter alia by watching the 7th house in a chart. 7th lord Jupiter in the 6th indicates unfavourable results in respect of all the above issues. Opposition cannot make its presence felt in Central level. The efforts of Opposition parties to become united and fight against Ruling party will be futile. Likewise, relations with neighbouring countries will not be smooth, and it is most likely that one of our trusted neighboring country will switch its stand against us. The countries with which India made agreements earlier are likely to either ignore the conditions or cancel the same in toto.

Eighth house: Accidents, murders, suicides, agitation against the Government, other's money, public funds, hidden money, hidden enemies, unearned or unaccounted wealth, inherintance, loans, life insurance, pension, gratuity, compensation, gifts, damaged and second hand machinery, intervention in other's matters, sexually transmitted diseases, sales and purchases, kidney trouble, longevity, laziness, death sentence etc are indicated here. 8th lord placed in the 3rd joining with Moon and Ketu, gives very normal results in respect of the causatives of 8th house. People need to fight a lot to get compensation, demand for second-hand goods will come down, agitations against the Governments will be suppressed with iron hand, tough time for pensioiners-many State Governments may not pay the Pension in time. People would find it difficult to hoard the unaccounted wealth. IT Department will unearth much of this type of money in many cases through raids, search and seizure.

Nineth House: Trustees, religious institutions, religious harmony, Aviation, Sophisticated forms of communication, Higher education, professioinal courses, scientific research, publications, Universities, Courts, temples, pilgrimage, honours through education. All round wealth, Vedic sacrifices, charity, spiritual and religious issues, scientific seminars, long distance travels, exports and imports, changes in Cabinet are known from this house. 9th lord placed in the 4th, along with Sun, and 9th house occupied by Rahu indicate discouraging results in respect of the above causatives of 9th house. Many religious institutions will be criticized for corruption, nepotism and partisan treatment etc., Higher and professional education will become unavailable to pubic in geneal. Merit will not get recognition, resulting in unrest in students, leading to protests in Universities. Courts and temples will not get due respect and recognition due to many controversies.

Tenth House: President, Prime Minister, Governors, Chief Ministers of States, Commander-in-Chiefs, Government officials, Receipts and Financial institutiios, Status, Respect and honours, influential people, public meetings, horse riding, Government transportation, Supremacy, Intelligence etc are indicated here. 10th lord placed in 5th indicates good results. Good governance is delivered by State and Central Governments. Ruling parties in respective States are likely to return to power once again, in the ensuing elections in 2022.

Eleventh House: Lok Sabha, State Assemblies, gains from friendly countries, Friends, Unions, clubs, companies/corporations, political parties, Coopertive Societies, federations, wind fall gains, property acquired from grand father/fatherinlaw, Elder brother, Paternal uncle are causatives of this house. 11th lord Moon placed in 3rd indicate promising results in respect of these. Elections will be held as per schedule this year without much untoward incidents, and it is most likely that ruling parties at the time of elections are likely to get re-elected.

Twelfth House: Ashrams, Jails and their officials, Secret enemies, Orphanages, Black Marketeers, smugglers, vehicle theifs, anti-social elements, discreet activities, loneliness, confinements, pressures, hurdles, illusion, dreams, mental tension, too much work load, criminal investigation, hotels, mines, archeology, foreign travel, clearing of debts and sacrifice and those who sue Government are the causatives of this house. 12th lord placed in the 4th, along with enemy, indicates loss of money to the Government as well as public this year. Futile and un-remunerative expenditure is very much on card. Governments at Centre and States compete in giving unproductive freebies/subsidies/boons to public. This will drain the exchequer. Many States are likely to reach financial crunch, because of these subsidies. Central overnment also vies with States in this regard.

Recovery of Economy: Financial Express on 18th August 2021 mentioned that - "Various steps taken by the RBI and the government have helped in containing the economic disruptions of the pandemic during the last two years. Economic indicators show that the Indian economy is also rapidly normalising towards pre-pandemic activity levels. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) expects the world economy to grow at 6 per cent in 2021. In FY2022, the Indian economy is projected to grow at a little below 10 per cent." However this will be more than world-growth rate of about 6%.

Planetary positions related to 2nd, 4th and 10th houses indicate Businesses will devise ways of working that adapt to pandemic-related conditions and uncertainties. With the result, favourable business atmosphere will be created by business houses themselves, to mitigate the damage caused by the pandemic in last two years.

Major Elections in India in the year 2022
Election to the post of President is due in July 2022. The term of current President Ram Nath Kovind ends on July 25, 2022. Five States Goa, Manipur, Punjab, U.P and Uttarakhand will go to polls in March 2022. Two States Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Assembly elections are likely in Dec.2022.

A non-Hindi speaking person from South India is likely to become the President of India this time, based on examination of Dasamsa chart of India. Also as per birth lagnas of respective States that are going to polls this year, it appears that the ruling party at the time of elections is likely to return to power in Punjab, U.P, Uttarakhand, Goa and Gujarat and the rest of States will witness reversal of power.

Eclipses in this year: Solar Eclipse occurs on 25 Oct. 2022 Tuesday through South Node (Ketu), on Diwali day. This will be visible better in Akola Town of Maharashtra in Central India. This eclipse should not be viewed by the natives of Swathi birth star. This Solar eclipse indicates major fire accidents preceding or following the 15 days to Diwali, due to effect of the day-lord Mars.

Lunar Eclipse occurs 8 Nov.2022 on Tuesday. This should not viewed by Bharani asterism natives. This may result in Thunder storms, electrical short circuits or major electrical supply outage (power supply failure) in one or two major cities.

Modi's Mars Dasa and India
Modis Mars Dasa and India From 28 Nov.2021, Modi will be entering Mars dasa, which will be operational for 7 years i.e, upto 27 Nov.2028. Mars dasa swabhukthi will be upto 26 April 2022 followed by Rahu bhukthi upto 14 May 2023, Jupiter bhukthi upto 19 April 2024 and Saturn bhukthi upto 29 May 2025. Mars is dispositor of Moon(Debilitated), and since joined with Moon, caused Neechabhanga Raja Yoga in Narendra Modi's chart. For Scorpio ascendant, Mars is lagnesh and lord of 6th house. Lord of 6th house placed in lagna indicates victory over enemies. However because of Joining with debilitated Moon, Mars has lost its power. Not only this, in Navamsa, Mars is debilitated being placed in Cancer sign; Mars indicates foreign and distant lands. Considering all these it is very much likely that Modi will involve in a tussle with a neighbouring country, inviting protests/disapproval from other Nations and will have a tough time in coming out of that controversy. War-like position, grave allegations from neighbouring countries, altercations, complaints against India in international forums etc are likely to result in the first quarter of the year 2022.

New Year 2022 New Year 2022

Planetary transits in the year 2022 (As per Lahiri Ayanamsa)
Mercury retrogrades thrice in this year: 15th January to 4th February in Capricorn, from 11th May to 3rd June in Taurus, 11th September to 2nd October in Virgo.
Mars retrogrades from 31st October till the end of the year in Gemini.
Venus will retrograde at the start of the year 2022 till 29th January in Sagittarius.
Jupiter transits in Aquarius till 13th April and then enters Pisces; it will be retrograde from 29th July to 23rd Nov in Pisces.
Saturn posited in Capricorn at the start of the year enters Aquarius on 30th April and will be retrograde from 5th June to 23rd October.
From the above it is clear that in the year 2022, from August to October, two major planets Jupiter and Saturn will be in retrogression. During this period, trouble to labour force in the country, increase in prices of vegetable oils, petrol and diesel causing uproar of the public, likelihood of major air-crash, heavy rains, floods and inundation in North Eastern and Western regions of India. The retrogression of Mars and Jupiter during Nov. 2022 may result in a major earthquake in India.

Prices of Petrol, Diesel and Vegetable Oils: At the time of writing this write-up, prices of these items are very much on higher side. Petrol is ruling at Rs.107.68 per litre and Diesel at Rs.96.64 in our Commercial Capital Mumbai. This is because of Retrogression of Jupiter in Aquarius and retrogression of Saturn in Capricorn. This position is likely to continue upto October 15th of 2021. In the year 2022 also, Jupiter and Saturn will be in retrogression from August to October, during which time prices of Diesel and Petrol will soar high and become uncontrollable. With regard to vegetable oils, India so far has not achieved self-sufficiency in production of Oil seeds and vegetable oils. Hence, it is not able to meet the demand, and is depending on imports. This is resulting in large scale fluctuation of vegetable oil prices, due to yawning gap between demand and supply. Vegetable oil is ruling at Rs.150/- per Kg. This position is likely to repeat in the year 2022 also with slight variation, based on demand, during festive seasons.
New Year 2022 New Year 2022

Indian Independence chart:
India was running Saturn dasa at the time of its independence. Now, India is in Moon's dasa Mercury bhukthi from 19 May 2021 to 18 Oct.2022, and from then on, Moon Dasa Ketu bhukth till the end of the year 2022. Weak Moon (due to New Moon day) placed in 3rd from ascendant indicated enemity with coborns(neighbouring country Pakistan). Since it was Moon's own house, enemy was equally strong. Moon Dasa Mercury bhukthi upto 18 Oct. 2022 will result in agitations/unrest of general public against the Government for one reason or the other. The farmers agitation led by Bharatiya Kisan Union leader Mr.Rakesh Tikaiat will continue upto April/May 2022, and will have no impact. The BJP Govt at Centre will somehow curtail the agitations. The agitation will slow down and stop abruptly. The following Moon Dasa Ketu bhukthi in November and December 2022 will witness war-like situation with neighbouring countries, empowerment of women in all activities in India, birth of more female children and more number of female elected representatives in State Assembly elections.

Now let us have a look at the birth charts of three Chief Ministers of South, as to how the New year is going to be for them.

K.Chandrasekhara Rao (Telangana):
New Year 2022 New Year 2022

K.Chandrasekhara Rao Telangana Born in a fiery sign, KCR displayed an exemplary fighting spirit for more than a decade. The 10th and 11th lord Saturn is exalted and aspecting the ascendant. Vargottama Rahu's placement in the 10th house in Capricorn, a sign ruled by Saturn gives strength to the chart as a whole. Sun and Mercury in the 11th is good, but not Venus, according to the general rule that Labha-sthana placement is good for all the planets, except Venus. This is the reason for his losing his first election in Venus Dasa Ketu bhukthi in January 1983. Budha-Aditya yoga in labha-sthana led KCR to retain the Capital city cash-rich Hyderabad at the time of separation of State of Andhra and formation of Telangana State. He was re-elected as CM of Telangana in May 2019, while he was running Rahu Dasa Venus bhukthi Rahu pratyantar.

In 2022, KCR will be in Rahu Dasa Moon bhukthi from 02 Jan. 2022 to 03 July 2023. As mentioned earlier, Vargottama Rahu has benefitted KCR very much; but as is the case with Rahu, which will benefit for only part of the dasa, this year, KCR will lose his popularity much. Since Moon and Rahu are aspecting each other, and Moon is placed in 4th (Own house), the reforms in respect of Land Records maintenance and updating will become controversial. Both Congress and BJP parties will gain ground substantially, posing threat to KCR.

M.K.Stalin (Tamilnadu)
New Year 2022 New Year 2022

M.K.Stalin Tamilnadu The Planet causative for democracy and masses, Saturn, is exalted in 12th house. Retrogration made the Saturn still more strong. 9th lord Moon placed in 10th indicates political and financial legacy from father. Two auspicious and benefic planets Jupiter and Venus placed in 6th indicate victory over enemies. Also the joining of Venus and Jupiter speaks much about diplomatic skills, to include all religion, castes etc.

In 2022, Stalin will be in Saturn Dasa Mars bhukthi. Stalin will implement many populist schemes, and also start developing infrastructure projects in Power, Iron and Steel and irrigation areas. All round development of the State is indicated in his ruling, as the 3rd and 4th lord Saturn confers all the benefits to Stalin in this year.

Jaganmohan Reddy (Andhra Pradesh)
New Year 2022 New Year 2022

Jaganmohan Reddy Andhra Pradesh Astro sage mentions the date of birth as 21st Dec.1972, without mentioning birth time. Birth Star Arudra is confirmed by many. Astrologers of AP are mentioning two birth-times. One is night 02.30AM and the other is 02.23 PM. Lagna will be Virgo for the 1st birth time and Aries for the 2nd birth time. Dwelling deep on it, and also based on his massive victory in 2019 General elections in AP, and his other life-events, Aries lagna is found to be more appropriate.

In his chart, the ascendant lord Mars conjoined with 6th lord Mercury in the 8th indicates Bandhan Yoga (Imprisonment). His chart contains Kedar Yoga, Vipareetha Raja Yoga, strong 9th house (powerful father), Guru-chandala yoga (change of religion), 3rd house Moon (one sister), 5th lord Sun being aspected by female planet resulted in female progeny(two daughters) to him. In the year 2022, Jagan will be transiting Mercury Dasa Jupiter bhukthi, and Mars, Rahu, Saturn and Mercury pratyantars. Dasa lord Mercury joined with bitter enemy Mars in the 6th is indicating troubled time ahead to Jagan from 02 Dec.21 to 24 May 2022 (Mars and Rahu pratyantars), in which time Court cases, financial crunch of the State and severe public unrest will make him restless. It is most likely that he would need to bow down before Law.

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