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Dawn of New Year 2021
By B.Seethapathi

Analysis Based on Degree System of Astrology
Generally all the 9 planets are spread over the chart in different signs in different degree positions.
If we consider the degrees in ascending order from 00.00 to 30.00 degrees, then even if any 2 or more planets are in various signs of the chart, but nearer as per their degrees, they are considered as closest degree planets with each other.
The planet in lowest degree and the planet in highest degree as per their Karakatwas determine the events likely to take place.
The lowest degree planet or the highest degree planet creates the nature, situation and short comings, as per their Karakatwas.
Transit planets, while transiting nearer to the natal planets, yield significant results, as per their Karakatwas.
This is the concept of "Degree System of Astrology". This degree system primarily explains important astrological factors of the chart.

Let us analyse the New Year Chart, as per Degree System of Astrology and Vedic Astrology as well. The New Year 2021 begins with Virgo Lagna at 10.33 degrees in Hasta, ruled by Moon. Rasi falls in Cancer, while Moon transits at 5.36 degrees in Pushya, ruled by Saturn. Therefore Moon and Saturn are trend, setters for India this year.

New Year 2020 New Year 2020

Mars in Aries 03.16 Degrees in Aswini (Planet in Lowest Degree)(LD)
Rahu in Taurus 25.44 Degrees in Mrigasira (Planet in Highest Degree) (HD)

NOTE: Rahu and Ketu are in same degrees; but Rahu's dispositor Venus is in higher degrees than Ketu's dispositor Mars. Therefore Rahu is HD planet.

Now check which planets are in closer degrees within 03.00 degrees from each other, even if they are in different signs of the chart.

The following are closely connected planets by their degrees:
Moon (05.36) with Mars (03.16). Moon (05.36) with Saturn (07.27).
Moon (05.36) with Jupiter (08.35). Mercury (23.10) with Venus (25.55).
Jupiter (08.35) with Saturn (07.27). Venus (25.55) with Rahu / Ketu (25.44).
Lagna (10.33) with Saturn (07.27). Lagna (10.33) with Jupiter (08.35).
Sun is isolated planet as per its degrees.

Degree-wise connected planets combine, support or oppose their "Karakatwas with each other" like conjunct planets. Their nature, friendship and enmity plays a key role to impact the events or results.
Isolated planet act independently with its Karakatwas.

Sun is isolated by its degree position
Government will have determination to achieve results. Even though this may be sincere and honest by its own policies, but others' views or opposition political parties views will be given only minimum importance. Sun in 16.21 degrees is not closer to any planets in any sign of the chart. This indicates Government will play its role efficiently, unmindful of what others' comments about its decisions.

Moon's important Karakatwas: Overseas Countries, Foreign Travels, Exports / Imports, Hospitals, Hotel Industry, Agriculture, Daily using Vegetables, Rice and Rain.

Mars's important Karakatwas: Arms, Weapons, Defence / Military Products, National Security Services, Lands, Constructions, Real Estate, Machines, Engineering, Manufacturing and Fire.
Moon and Mars are placed in Movable signs and particularly in their own signs. Mars is in 8th house, while Moon is in 11th house. Moon is aspected by Mars.

Results of Moon and Mars in nearest degrees Imports and exports will increase, particularly exports will increase to highest ever mark. Air travel will increase. From all parts of the world, more tourists will visit India. Similarly more people from many countries will get medical treatments in India, since it is cheaper, while comparing with developed countries. Grains production and exports as well will increase significantly. More rainfall can be expected. For a short period during June / July 2021, floods will disturb the life of people, particularly in North India. There will be no poverty problem, for lower class people, in the country.

Arms and weapons production will rapidly increase in India. Highly sophisticated missiles and fighter planes will be imported, as per India's regiment / squadron requirements. Simultaneously weapons like battle tanks, guns and defence uniforms will be exported more from India. Terrorism will be restricted considerably. Growth of Real estate industry will be slow, with minimum gradual progress (remember Mars is LD planet). Machines manufacturing will fulfil the requirements of India. To a minimum or limited extent, machines exports also will be possible. Around April / May 2021, fire accident will be likely in Eastern part of India.

Saturn's important Karakatwas: Iron & Steel Industry, Metals, Anything underneath the Ground, Archaeological Department, Old Technologies, Neglected Industries, Labour and Factory Workers.

Results of Moon and Saturn in nearest degrees: New industries will develop. ,More employment opportunities will be possible in mines, mineral and manufacturing industries. Educated people will enter into agriculture, with new focus, to increase fruitful results. Unemployment situation will reduce in the country. Daily wages of labours will increase. Factory workers will get satisfied growth, by continuous and regular work orders. Any old industries neglected or abandoned will be considered to get diversification. However, this is subject to face some obstacles and confusions; but finally unexpected positive results will be possible. Indians getting jobs in foreign countries will increase tremendously.

Jupiter's important Karakatwas: Financial Organizations / Banking Sector, Currency, Judicial Profession, Educational Institutions, Child Welfare and Progress of the Nation.

Results of Moon and Jupiter in nearest degrees
Ups and downs are indicated, in economic development. However last quarter of the year (October to December 2021) will see gradual progress. Recent changes in the educational system will bring positive results. However, some opposition political parties will object some points in NEP. Educational Institutions will take new direction with positive hopes for their future prosperity. Research-oriented new studies will attract young men even from abroad countries. A new educational trend will be possible for children. Travel industries and Hospitals will bring significant amount of foreign exchange to the Nation. Setback or recession of 2020 by Covid-19 will disappear, by all round (slow and) steady growth of industries in the country. Therefore comfortable money-flow will be possible with all sections of people.

Mercury's important Karakatwas: Stock / Share Market, Educational Institutions, New Courses in Educational System, Communication Industries, Media, Law, Vacant Lands, Plants, Textile Industries and All types of Businesses.

Venus's important Karakatwas: Beauty Products, Luxurious Home Comfort Products, Women's Clothing, Rich Culture, All types of Arts and Entertainment Industries.

Results of Mercury and Venus in nearest degrees
These 2 planets are in mutual exchange of their stars with each other. Beauty products, perfumes and women-related products exports will increase. Also they will bring considerable amount of foreign exchange to the Nation. New entry and fast-developing of companies will be possible in share market. Even though, every year, few new courses are trending, this year, many new educational courses will be introduced, than ever before in Colleges and Universities. Judicial profession will improve with better standards. "New Verdicts" about education policies of Central Government will be possible in Supreme Court and that will be in support of Government. Music, Media & Law related Studies and Fashion Technology will attract young students. Both these planets are 'Airy" sign-lords. So new style of modern music trends will be possible. Young music directors will be the trend setters in Cine Industry. Similarly young business magnets will emerge and astonish the entire country by their innovative ideas. More production and harvest of cotton will be highly helpful for the growth of textile industry. Love marriage percentage will increase rapidly. This year in "Miss Universe" / "Miss World" beauty competition, an Indian girl will win one of top 3 positions.

Results of Jupiter and Saturn in nearest degrees: Jupiter and Saturn are 9th & 10th house lords of Zodiac, and being placed together in 10th house of Zodiac creates "Dharma Karmathipathi Yoga". These 2 planets are in planetary fight with each other on New Year Day. However, they are in "Pushkaramsa" pada in the chart, showing good results will be possible by these planets. This combination of planets in an Earthy sign Capricorn and aspected by Moon from a Watery sign Cancer, indicate agriculture will provide more employments. Instead of hunting for jobs, young Graduates will enter into entrepreneurship, to start their own companies. Farmers will get expected amount of loans from Banks for agricultural purposes. New hope will develop among farmers about the income through agriculture. Defence, arms and ammunition production will increase and the same will be exported to other developing countries. Since these 2 planets are posited in Sun's star Uttarashada, and placed in 10th house of Zodiac, more employment opportunities will be available in Government Organizations than the recent previous years.

Results of Mercury and Rahu / Ketu in nearest degrees: Mercury indicates plans and executions. Degrees of Mercury 23.10 being closer to degrees of Rahu 25.44 show that there will be stiff oppositions for the plans and decisions of the Government. Reason: Mercury and Rahu are in 6/8 houses from each other: Mercury and Ketu are in 12/2 from each other.

Results of Venus and Rahu / Ketu in nearest degrees: Women / girls will easily fall prey to sexual crimes. Break in relationship or separation from marriage-bonding through legal process will increase. There is a possibility of clashes (accidents or may be war-like situation) between ships in the sea-waters, around Eastern or Western part of India. Around May 2021, burglary in jewellery shop in North East part of India is indicated, by this planetary conjunction. Worst-ever robbery cases will also be a menace this year. Due to luxurious desires, generally people will not be able to save money.

Lagna (10.33) with Saturn (07.27):Industries will get growth. This will pave the way for employees' progress. Skilled professionals will incline towards starting their own business. So by increasing entrepreneurship, more job opportunities will be available. So, to considerable extent, unemployment problem will reduce.

Lagna (10.33) with Jupiter (08.35): Financial situation will improve, as per the plans and expectations. Educational standard will increase than in the past. Judiciary will be close to the perfect balancing position. Advocates will increase their quality, and will try to stick with honesty & trustworthy. Spirituality will spread, by increased faith in Almighty.

Results of Mars in Lowest Degree: Real estate industry will struggle to get growth. Since Mars is in own sign, some hope will rise for growth, but expected progress and gain will not be possible in this field, during this year. Around March / April 2021, there is a possibility of bomb blast or terrorist attack through a fast-moving vehicle, since Mars is in the 8th house from Lagna of 2021 New Year Chart. However, except this only one incident, terrorism will be eradicated to considerable level.

Results of Rahu in Highest Degree: This highest degree of Rahu in Taurus, 2nd house of Zodiac, indicates wealth. As per ancient text Uttara Kalamritam, Rahu gets exaltation in this sign. India's tough efforts to increase the economic situation will result lot of struggles to achieve desired results. However, this strong / powerful transit, receiving the aspect of Jupiter, will bring a consoling financial position around September 2021. As per India's Independence Day Chart, Rahu is placed in Taurus, where it transits in the year 2021. Whenever Rahu crosses over its natal position in a Rasi, this planet indicates change of trends! Even though having 2nd largest population in the world, earlier, India depended upon China for some spare parts and products from China for manufacturing industry. From this year (may be from the last quarter of 2020), the man-power and technology of this Nation will be interlinked to make the same products in India. From the year 2021, India will be different from its previous history, a Nation respected for, its Democracy, Traditional Culture and also for its Man Power and Mighty Power!

Now Let us analyse the 2021 New Year Chart, as Per Vedic Astrology.
Notable Yogas present in the 2021 New Year Chart are:
Budha Adhithya Yoga; Neecha Bhanga Yoga of Jupiter; Chandra Athi Yoga.
Doshas existing in the 2021 New Year Chart are:

Budha Adhithya Yoga: This Yoga is created by the conjoined placement of Mercury and Sun, occurring in the 4th house of the New Year Chart. This is the 9th house in the Natural Zodiac, ruled by Jupiter. Intelligence of students will increase. Research-oriented Education will get a boost. Educational system will be appreciated by scholars. Globally many countries will appreciate and praise India's Educational policy and practical oriented system. As the multiple-natured planet Mercury is the Significator for Languages, all over India, students will benefit by learning 3 languages. This combination of the planets are not only hemmed between the subha grahas namely Venus and Jupiter, but also hemmed between the asuba grahas Ketu and Saturn. So educational policies of Central Government will be appreciated by scholars, and simultaneously criticized by few political parties. Mercury and Sun being posited in the star of 2nd and 9th house lord Venus shows that positive results will be more than the negative effects.

Neecha Bhanga Yoga of Jupiter: Debilitation of Jupiter gets cancellation, by the conjoined placement of Saturn. Jupiter is 4th and 7th house-lord. Internal and external affairs of our country will be energized by the mass population (Man Power energy) and industrial development. Dhana karaka Jupiter is placed in 5th house, and gaining strength by Saturn shows the financial plans of Government with right justification will bring positive results. Real estate industry will also get improvements during this year, since conjunction of money and profession indicating planets are in a Movable Earthy sign. However, by the debilitation and planetary fight afflictions, this growth may be slow and minimum.

Chandra Athi Yoga: In New Year chart, from Rasi, Mercury is in 6th and Jupiter is in 7th house. These positions create "Chandra Athi Yoga". Lagna Virgo and 10th house Gemini are dual signs ruled by Mercury. Trade, Commerce, Business and Economy are the significations of these signs; Self-Status and Profession are main indications of 1st and 10th houses respectively. Above said matters will improve much better than the recent periods of India. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces. Sports, Defence, Arms, Ammunitions, Vehicles, Financial Sector and Spirituality are indicated by Sagittarius. Imports, Exports, Shipping, All types of overseas connections are indicated by Pisces. Moon and Jupiter's mutual aspects will boost all these fields to the level best during this year. Placements of Mercury and Jupiter from Moon forming this yoga confers increased status among other Nations, world-wide recognition and dominance over opponents.

Punarphoo Dosha: This is a dosha created by the connection of Moon and Saturn in any manner.

In New Year chart, these two planets are mutually aspecting each other creates this dosha. This creates delays not denials. This dosha brings last minute changes and unusual obstacles for desired results. But rarely sometimes gives favourable results quickly. Moon indicates Imports, Exports, Overseas countries and foreign travels. Saturn indicates Minerals, Industries, Profession, Business Tie-ups with Other Countries, and Abroad Business Partners. This dosha will be likely to create delays in targeted exports and planned imports. Lack of raw materials productions of export products will get delay. Due to climatic conditions or taking more sailing time goods from other countries shipping will reach India late. Starting up of new industries will be possible, but with some delays, due to policy-related matters. Agreements, rules and regulations, terms and conditions with business tie-ups with other countries will get change at the final stage. This will be based on changing situations. But India will be gaining more than the other countries. Granites and valuable minerals exports will increase. Foreign Air Travels will increase considerably.

Rahu in the 9th House: This is a dosha for relationship / tie up with some other countries. However this 9th house is linked also with Taurus Lagna of India's Independence Chart. India will keep an edge over other rival countries. But the trouble or damage created by others will be minimum or not given importance by majority of the countries.

Overall 2021 will be a promising year for India, with gradual progress and Global reputation!

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