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Dawn of New Year 2024
By Dr.S.Shantha

Venus, a natural benefic, which is 9th and 2nd lord in 3rd house with Mercury is good for new trade agreements with neighbouring countries and for the trade settlement in rupee (Venus is the lagna lord for Indian Independance chart). Medias and Newspapers/magazines will bring the corrupt to limelight, due to Saturn's 10th aspect on 3rd house. Government will give top priority to Agriculture. Our country's debts might be reduced drastically.

Almost all the people around the world celebrate the dawn of the New Year and it is unsurprisingly synonymous with making new resolutions and of course, this may have some reverberation. We eagerly look forward to dawn of the New Year, hoping that our desires will be fulfilled, and also we will experience better governance and a healthy atmosphere. For some of us, looking back on the previous year can do wonders to our understandings that how far we have come. Every year, there exist our varied expectations of what could be stored in this year for us. For this, we could get an answer through astrology i.e., by PAC (Placement, aspect, and conjunction) of planets and their movements, etc. Mostly we expect what would happen in our country, regarding employment opportunities, development, etc. Let us see the chart and know what would happen in certain areas such as weather conditions and other development of the Nation. It is only probabilistic and not deterministic.

New Year 2024
New Year 2024 New Year 2024

New Year 2024 New Year 2024

Virgo lagna is rising at the dawn of the New Year. Virgo is 6th house in Natural Zodiac chart, and 5th house in Indian Independence chart, ruled by Mercury. Lagna lord and 10th lord Mercury is in 3rd house in Retrograde motion at 28o 41' in its own star. Though having travelled 28 degrees and in own star considered powerful, it is in debilitation in D9 chart. Since Mercury (communication) conjunct with 2 nd lord Venus (speech) in 3rd house, our Government will be able to increase business with neighbouring countries, by prompting plus points and maintain the relationship with dignity with untiring approach, by overcoming mischievous propaganda of some opponents and criminals. Sixth lord in sixth in the degree of lagna (9o) may affect the 6th house Karakatwa (significations).

Malefics in three kendras creates Sarpa yoga
which means many people will be unhappy and cruel. Both the Nodes are strong in Vargottam, and may create more communal riots and secession.

Seven planets in five signs: Many political Spokes persons, who are characterless and talkative, may be imprisoned.

9th and 10th lords in conjunction in 3rd house is good for high achievement through communication/trade/ army.

8 th lord and 12th lord conjunction create Vipareetha Raja Yoga, conferring success after pressure.

First House: General affairs in the State, public health, nation, people's behaviour during emergency, national disaster, their ability to rise to the occasion, general character of people, state of home affairs, all national domestic considerations, and national objectives. Ketu, a natural malefic in 1st house in Vargottam may cause diseases, and many people would involve in sinful activity, and be stressed mentally. Bickering amongst members in the cabinet. There may be resignations and reshuffle among ministers. Rahu aspecting lagna from 7th house: tragic events and scandals may take place.

Second House: Financial condition of the nation, revenues of the State, sources of revenue, national exchequer, national budget, national wealth and purchasing power of the nation and currency, economy of the country, national securities, investment in stocks and bonds, national debt. General gain or loss, financial transactions, bank notes, resources of the nation including armaments, national trade or commerce, export, and imports, purchasing power of the people and their prosperity and gross national product. It also indicates taxation, taxing power, interest rates, fluctuation in the exchange-rate, speculation in the market. 2nd lord Venus in 3rd house with lagna lord is good for the above matters. Government agencies (IT or CBI / ED) may arrest many business-people, politicians and even common man using internet/social media, for holding Black Money or money-laundering (2nd house aspected by Saturn, trine aspect) and for cyber-crime. There may be Gold rush in textile business.
Our musicians and other artists travel worldwide and spread our culture and talents.

Third House: The 3rd house is the house of the ability to communicate, and confidence-level. This is the house of legal stuff, Satellite communications, news and public statement, advertisements, travels, books, periodicals, newspapers, literature, neighbouring countries, border clashes, contact with neighbours. According to Prasna Marg, it is for Armed forces and Army chief, mental attitude of people, public opinion, written agreements, loss of land, accidents, press, signing papers and trade within country. Venus, a natural benefic, which is 9th and 2 nd lord in 3rd house with Mercury is good for new trade agreements with neighbouring countries and for the trade settlement in rupee (Venus is the lagna lord for Indian Independance chart). People may change their mind-set and want corruption-free Government. Medias and Newspapers/magazines will bring the corrupt to limelight due to Saturn's 10th aspect on 3rd house. Our Army will take action to recover the lands lost to China and Pakistan. Growth in road/train travel will be more. Cinema industry will produce films with social concern.

Fourth House: Land, Agriculture, Real estate, slum areas, hotels, whether conditions, landslides, forests, forest fire, volcanic eruptions. Earthquakes floods, mining disasters, educational institutions. According to Western astrology, common people, homeland, patriotism, opposition parties, democratic movements/democratic government, municipal politics. Two fiery planets in 4th house (3rd and 8th lord Mars, and 12th lord Sun) will affect the above matters, as they lost Digbala. But 4th lord Jupiter's aspect will control the adversity to certain extant. People will be energetic and enthusiastic, act fast, and actively take part in State administration. Fire accidents, mining disasters and volcanic eruptions will happen. Drought will prevail in most Northwest and North parts of India/world. Government will impose guidelines in educational institutions. Government will give top priority to Agriculture. Building dam across the rivers will become a big issue between neighbouring States. Roads and infrastructure in India will become excellent. Real estate and hotel industries will flourish. Food products' quality and ingredients will become under the scanner of Government agencies. During October to December, there may be unusual weather conditions, disrupting the life of common people.

Fifth House: Children, birth rate, educational facilities and fine arts, all forms of pleasure, cine artists, community parks, artistic profile of the nation, sports, public speculation, scandals, high society, Parliament, Rajya Sabha, educational institutions, diplomats from foreign countries, danger to ruler, as it is 8th from 10th. Muslim countries, which play key role in destruction of rulers, may be active. Old people may suffer. Steel and Iron industries may face problems. Skin diseases and lungs problems will be high, due to high air pollutions. Cine artists' salary will be regularised. Birth rate will become low. Government will not spare any corner, to reduce the nation's debts. Disturbance in Parliament procedures by the Opposition members will delay passing new bills. Tough period for the rulers will be during June to November 2024.

Sixth House: Armed forces, territorial attacks, war, labour classes, state loans, medical and allied services, diseases in general, national food supplies, library, record-rooms, and computers. Fifth and sixth lord Saturn in sixth, which is Moolathrikona sign for Saturn, in the star of Rahu and in lagna point will give many troubles to rulers and the public. Network facilities, even in remote villages, will help digitalisation in the country. Many insurance schemes might be announced by the Government for the welfare of economically-weaker section of people. Politicians would incite lower classes, against ruling government. Government will further strengthen our army with modern armaments. More people would join in Agnipath force. Saturn will be in Retrogression from June to November. This period will give mixed results in oil prizes, rocket launching, mine industry, trade unions and employment opportunities.

Seventh House: Foreign secret agents, thieves, pickpockets, enemies, dacoits, international affairs and disputes, death of secret enemies, alliances, foreign trade, marriage divorces, success, or defeat of army. Rahu in the seventh, in 1st and 10th house lord's star. Mars aspects Rahu from 4th house, which might create riots under the influence of non-Hindu public, with intervention from other countries (Rahu in vargottam). Alliance parties will cheat the ruling party. Opposition leaders will succeed to some extent this year, of course by false propaganda against the ruling parties. Many intercast marriages may get divorced this year.

Eighth House: End of Government, destruction of State, trouble to the people through famines, epidemics, mortality, legacies, scientific organisations, capital gains, taxes, death duties, pensions, discoveries, hidden things. 4th and 7th lord Jupiter in 8th house, which is ruled by Mars and aspected by Mars (trine aspect) is not good. Many youngsters will get addicted to alcohol. Miscreants will try to damage the serenity of temples and other worshipping places. Occupations ruled by Mars that require courage, energy and risk-taking (e.g., police, military, etc.), or that involve the use of fire, explosives, weapons, or instruments that penetrate the body (e.g., surgery, acupuncture, etc.) will increase. Natural calamities will be more during October-November, when both Saturn and Jupiter in Retrogression. Fraudulent religious leaders will be punished. Illegal money transactions in the name of charities/trust/worshipping places will increase. Tax-evasion cannot be ruled out by certain businesspeople (both national and foreign).

Nineth House: Judiciary, litigations, Supreme court judges, world organisations, ministry of foreign affairs, treaties with foreign countries, pilgrimage and tourism, religious books, religious worshipping places, conveyances (air, motor, Railways shipping), institution of higher education, charities, long distance travels, navy, public relations, commercial powers, travel agents etc. Indian shipping industries is growing rapidly, and this year it may achieve a milestone after June 2024. India has transformed from a buyer's Navy to a builder's Navy at present, and it will be developed further this year. Institutions for higher education in India would become the dream for many foreign students. New treaties on trade and security may be signed during October to December. Spiritual tourism of our country will attract many foreigners.

Tenth House: Rulers, Prime Minister, party in power, Head of State, national celebrities, Parliament according to Hindu astrology, Nation's reputation, politicians, death to ruler. In war charts (charts made at time of war), transit of Jupiter and Saturn are important. Saturn gives defeat and Jupiter victory. The elections also considered as war between parties. 10th lord in 3rd house (6th to 10th), erring people and enemies/intruders (from neighbouring countries) will be punished with iron hands. Our country's debts might be reduced drastically. Many meritorious Indians will be honoured and selected for power in India and foreign countries. Education and sports will be given more and more importance. Artists will be honoured.

Eleventh House: Alliance with foreign countries, National mint, treasures, group activities, windfall gains, gain from other nations, Co-operative societies, etc. Gains through exports will be high, since the imports might be less. 11th lord is in 12th house in Ketu's star; there may be fluctuation in income through exports, and foreign investments. People will spend sizable amount in spiritual activities and pilgrimage. Mars aspect 11th house and 11th lord (by trine aspect) will affect cruise services. Most of the Muslim countries in the globe will become friendly to our countries (Rahu vargottam in 11th house, in Mercury's star. Mercury-friendship)

Twelfth House: Espionage, military hospitals, assassination, bootlegger, secrete treaties, imprisonment, property in foreign countries, loss, extravagance, success in abroad, termination of appointment, etc. 12th lord Sun in fourth house with Mars and Jupiter aspects 12th lord and 12th house. Government will unearth the espionage network. Stringent action will be taken against bootleggers. Illegal properties accumulated in foreign countries by Indians will be seized. Government will implement several conditions to control expenditure by Government authorities and ministers.

Retrogression of planets in 2024
Mercury will be in retrogression till 2 Jan in Scorpio, which 7th house in Indian Independence chart, 2 April to 25 April in Aries- 12th house, 5 August to 28 August in Leo and Cancer which are 3rd and 4th house, 26 November to 15 December in Scorpio which is 7th house. During these periods there may be confusions in administration and implementing Government orders. Relationship with neighbouring countries and alliance with parties in politics will get strained. Extraordinary delays in implementing trade agreements with other countries may cause loss to the country.

Jupiter will be in retrogression from 9 October till the end of the year 2024. It will be in 1st house of India Independence chart. People will be greedy and selfish. Government authorities and ministers must be careful and act in patience, while making any procedural change in administration.

Saturn will be in retrogression from 29 June 2024 in Aquarius till 15 November 2024. This period will cause tension to the rulers. Job opportunities and unemployment will be mismatching. Certain impulsive decision by the businesspeople and Heads of departments will create chaos among employees.

Transit Jupiter transits from Aries to Taurus on 1 May 2024. Taurus is lagna for Indian Independence chart. Its aspect on 5, 7 and 9th house will help the Nation to move ahead in modernising the administration, judicial front, trade and investments, collaboration, and diplomatic move with foreign countries, introducing Uniform Civil Code, internationalisation of rupee, etc. Our educational institutions for higher studies will occupy the front row in world's best educational institutions. Science and technology will attain a milestone in all developmental projects. Stock exchange trading will be optimistic. Danger to the ruler will be averted.

Notable past events, whenever Venus transited Gemini
Venus transits to Gemini 8 June till 7 July 2024: There may be riots, flood havoc, heavy wind, and war like situation in Northeast, East, and Southeast part of India.

1. When Venus entered Gemini on 3 May 2023, an ethnic clash erupted on 3 May 2023 in India's Northeastern state of Manipur(Northeast) between the Meitei people, a majority that lives in the Imphal Valley, and the tribal community from the surrounding hills, including the Kuki and Zo people, which turned into violence.

2. Tropical Cyclone 'Mocha', a powerful storm with maximum sustained winds of up to 250 km/h, made landfall in Myanmar (East side to India) near Sittwe City on 14 May 2023.

3. When it was in Punarvasu star just leaving Gemini, entering Cancer, there was a major unprecedented train accident in Orissa (East) part of India.

4. On 16-17 June 2013, when Venus was camping in Gemini, the state of Uttarakhand (Northeast part of India) had received an unusual amount of rainfall. This led to the melting of the Chorabari glacier and the eruption of the Mandakini River, resulting in death toll of 6054 people, mostly pilgrims.

5. In May 1991, when transit Venus was in Gemini, our late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated.

Many more events like this also happened, whenever Venus enter Gemini in previous years also.

Eclipses: If in any particular year, there is Lunar and Solar eclipse within a fortnight, there are chances of war, if other indicators are also there.

Solar Eclipse: 8 April 2024 - Total Solar Eclipse. 2 October 2024 - Annular Solar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse: 24-25 March 2024 - Penumbral Lunar Eclipse;
17-18 September 2024 - Partial Lunar Eclipse;
17 October 2024- Almost Lunar Eclipse.

Indian Independence Chart
New Year 2024 New Year 2024

India will be running Moon dasa and Venus bhukthi i.e., 3rd lord dasa with 1st and 6th lord bhukthi. This is 6th dasa in order, which is Saadhaka dasa. Transit Jupiter will enter 1st sign on 1 May 2024, which will enhance the results of 1st, 5th, 7th houses. Transit Saturn is in 10th; Jupiter in 12th, and Rahu-Ketu in 6/11 axis at the dawn of New Year. Stock market, international sports, children's welfare, higher education, and tourism will see growth. Transit Saturn will aspect 12th, 4th and 7th house from 10th house, which may strain foreign relations, disruption in Parliament house and danger to rulers. Ashtama Sani for India's Moon sign and 8th to natal Saturn will cause accidents, Court punishments, arresting corrupt politicians, rulers, and businesspeople by the investigating agencies and Court of Law. Organised crime and scandals might be unearthed. Government will take action to recover GST due/evaded by companies. Petroleum products and oil prices will be stagnant.

The GDP value of India represents 1.51 percent of the world economy. India's gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to grow at 6.2 per cent in financial year 2024, as drivers of domestic demand remain intact amid fears of an impending slowdown,.Morgan Stanley said in a research report. According to a report by the United Nations, India's economy is expected to expand 6.7 percent in 2024.

During this year, cross-border trade transactions in rupees will increase, which would help for internationalizing rupee (Transit Jupiter in 12th house of India chart aspect natal Jupiter at the time of dawn of the New Year).

Elections: Parliament election and State elections for 7 States will be conducted during this year. In our Prime Minister's chart, Mars -Jupiter period is till 16 April 2024. Mars is lagna lord in lagna, which is also 6th lord, aspecting 10th house is favorable for him to defeat enemy in the election.

In November 2024, Presidential election for USA also will be conducted. Transit Jupiter will be in retrogression and will aspect 4th, 6th, 8th houses of USA National chart, at the time of election and hence the election will be conducted seamlessly. Transit Saturn in retrogression till 15 November and aspecting 11,3 and 6th houses will punish the erring persons. Chances are bright for Democratic party to win the election in 2024.

Tough time ahead for Russia, since Saturn, the 11th lord for Natural Zodiac chart (Badhakadipathi) in Aquarius (ruling sign of Russia) and in Rahu's star at the time of dawn of 2024. But some parts of Russia may not face any strife.
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