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Dawn of New Year 2023
By Dr.Ch. D.Ravindra Nath

On the eve of celebrating Ajadi ka Amrit Mahatosav(75th Independence day celebratioins) in August 2022, India felt proud to know that it became the 5th biggest economy in the world in respect of GDP (Gross Domestic product). India has successfully overtook Britain, and earned the 5th place in the world. India is next, only to United States, China, Japan, and Germany. This happened due to 13.5% growth in our GDP during the 1st quarter of this year, as against RBI's growth estimates at 16.1%. If this growth rate continues, it is most likely that India will overtake Germany by 2027, and Japan by 2029. In such case, India will be next only to United States in the world, in respect of world's biggest economies, by the year 2029. Top 10 countries in respect of GDP in Billion dollars in the year 2022 are:

Rank Country GDP (Billion Dollars) Total Share in the world
1United States2669524.1

However India ranked 132 out of 192 countries in the United Nations Human Development Index (UNHDI) for 2021-22 released on 8th September 2022. Last year our country ranked 131. The Human Development Index (HDI) measures each country's social and economic development, by focusing on the following four factors: mean years of schooling, expected years of schooling, life-expectancy at birth, and Gross National Income (GNI) per capita. As per UNHDI, average life-expectancy in India fell from 69.2 years to 67.1 years in 2021-22, due to Covid and other issues, which resulted in a slip-back in rankings.

In the Dawn of New Year 2023 horoscope, Ascendant and 10th lord Mercury, 3rd and 8th lord Mars, 2nd and 9th lord Venus receiving Vargottama are indicating strength to respective houses. Also, all planets being placed in 7 houses indicate Palanquin yoga, causing good education, literary pursuits and skill in fine arts to the citizens of India. The aspect of Jupiter on the ascendant fortifies it. But placement of Moon and Rahu in the 8th is indicating unfavourable results, in respect of 11th house. No planet is in exaltation or debilitation.

New Year 2022 New Year 2022

New Year 2022 New Year 2022

Major Yogas in the horoscope
Nanda Yoga: This yoga is formed, when three houses are occupied by two planets each and other three planets occupy different houses. This yoga indicates good longevity, name and fame & respect from Government officials to Indian citizens in general.

Virgo sign rises at 10:07 degrees at the dawn of New Year 2023. No planet is in exaltation or debilitation. Mars and Mercury are in Retrogression. Three planets Mercury, Mars and Venus have received vargottama. Natural benefic Jupiter, as 7th lord placed in 7th, indicates better prospects to Opposition parties in this year. Farmers would prefer Organic farming. Solar Power would become more popular. More prosperity to Indian Citizens is foreseen.

Parvata Yoga: This yoga is caused, when the dispositor of ascendant lord is placed in angle/trine/own house. In New Year chart, ascendant lord Mercury is placed in Sagittarius. Its lord Jupiter is placed in own house in angle. Hence, this yoga got strengthened, indicating power and fame to Indian citizens as a whole.

Uttamagruha Yoga & Parijata Yoga: When 4th lord from the ascendant is placed in angle or trine, this yoga occurs. Jupiter (4th lord from ascendant) placed in angle (7th house) caused this yoga. Indians, in general, would enjoy good housing facility this year, by virtue of Central/State Govt. subsidized Housing Schemes. This combination also indicates felicitations and abundant riches to Indian citizens this year.

Hamsa Yoga: This is one of the Pancha(five) mahapurusha yogas. This occurs, because Jupiter is placed in own house, which is an angle from the ascendant. This yoga gives good physique, noble deeds, amicable spouse and philosophical thinking to Indian citizens in general.

First House: Health, physical comforts, energy, conduct, way of thinking, interests, hobbies, progress and welfare of the country and States, administration, unity among the public, etc are indicated in this house. This house is receiving the beneficial aspects of Jupiter, and the ascendant lord is in vargottama. Hence, the causatives of this house are indicating good results. India will go one more step ahead, in respect of good governance, and many Indians will receive honours and encomiums for their mental acumen, creativity, innovations, athletic spirit etc., Separatist tendencies in various States will be curbed with iron hand. The fact that no planet is in debilitation or in retrogression indicates that minimal untoward happenings and mishaps this year. Vargottama Mercury would make people boastful, unmindful of gross realities. Also, the ascendant, not being occupied by any planet, indicates lower level of self confidence among the public in general. Efforts of opposition leaders to unite might be possible.

Second House: All financial aspects are covered under this house. Cash, goods, earning, income, inherited property, business dealings, sales and purchase, value of goods, quality, gifts, expenditure, accounts of income and expenditure, expected money and to be paid money will be indicated from this house. Other significations are religion and belief in God, Philosophy, Obedience, stable mind, Soft speech, Efforts to aquire money, Avarice in money matters etc. Second house lord Venus placed in 5th and joined with friendly planet Saturn gives good indications, with regard to all financial matters. But placement of Ketu in the 2nd house causes reckless spending by Indians in general, without caring for future. This year, Indians in general spend lavishly on family and social functions, least caring for personal savings. This year, Banks and financial institutions will reduce their PLR (Primary Lending rate) for domestic loans, LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) for foreign currency loans to boost-up economic activity. With the result, Interest rates on Fixed Deposits will come down much to the dissatisfaction of Middle class and pensioners, who prefer to save their hard earned money in Bank Deposits. CBI and IT raids will give shocking revelations about Black money. New Apps will increase like mushrooms, to steal money from public, clandestinely.

Third House: Wars, Soldiers, Division of Property, Profit, Self-study, People at nearby places, messages, letters, writing, printing and publications, speeches, transmissions, mediation, short trips, agencies, healthy body, Servant maids, Ornaments, advertisements, Transport, Railways, Posts and Telegraph Stock markets etc., can be known from this house. 3rd lord Mars placed in the 9th indicates that the country will be benefitted mostly by the decisions of women in power. Women will play major role in shouldering family responsibilities on par with men. Women earning more than their male-counterpart in family will become a natural phenomenon. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman is very much likely to dole out many populist schemes in this year's budget itself, probably keeping in mind 2024 General elections. 3rd lord Mars strengthened by Vargottama, ensures success in competitions, good and environment-friendly transport system(Electric Vehicles). Central Government is likely to give capital subsidy and reduction in power charges to Electric Vehicle users, to promote their sales in the interest of reducing air-pollution.

Fourth House: Education, Government, Place of residence, Voyage, immovable propery, caste, Trustworthiness, Calm thinking, father's fame, Handling money, sculptures, digging of wells, Good diet, deceitful nature, daily needs, agricultural land, native place, food materials, household goods, functions in the house, courteous behavior with others are indicated from this house. Mercury and Sun are placed in the 4th house, which is not their own house. It indicates many NRIs staying abroad will come to India and meet their kith and kin, on the eve of celebrations and family functions. This year is marked by a good number of celebrations and festive moods. At the same time, the educational pursuit of Indian children will become slow, because of the aspect of Mars on 4th house. Children taking extreme steps because of failure in academic and professional examinations will be more this year, which cannot be avoided. Prices of essential commodities, fertilizers and pharmaceuticals would reach new highs.

Fifth House: Children, their needs, education, students, love and affection, attachments, friendships creativity, discretion, wisdom skills, teaching, fine arts, father's sanctity, means of earning, knowledge in music, sports, speculation, races, giving shape to a thought, executive ability, authority and administration, patronage, nutrition, patronage, inherited ministership and gynecology are signified by this house. 5th house is occupied by Saturn and Venus. More number of female births would happen this year. Placement of 5th lord in own sign is not good for male progeny this year. Tough time for political heirs. The 2nd generation of politicians will have tough time in political arena. Many of them are likely to be rejected by voters in this year's elections. Medicine and public health will become costly affairs.

Sixth House: Ill Health, wealth on account of conflict, Enemy's joy, Poison, pain, Diabetics, Impeachment, Defame, Eye diseases, Imprisonment, comforts, food, work, exercise, physical beauty, cleanliness, physique, medical treatment, handicrafts, vocational training and education, medicines, rearing animals, birds and pets, dairy, servants, workers and industries can be known from this house. 6th lord placed in 5th and 6th house, not getting any beneficial aspects, indicate increase in number of property disputes in families, medical treatment becomes a costly affair. Not a good time for handicraft and small-scale industries. MSMEs (Medium and Small Scale Enterprises) will have a tough time. Lack of Government support, Unfavourable and rigid Tax Laws and environment issues would lead to closure of many small industries.

Seventh House: Institution of marriage, strength of Opposition parties, adultery, loss of life-partner, partnership, Charity, indiscipline, joint ventures, love and affection, political and business relationships, meetings, competitors, rivalry, separation, divorce, arrangements, agreements, indiscipline, private parts, delicious food are indicated by this house. Auspicious Jupiter placed in the 7th house which is its own house makes the causatives of this house prosper well this year. Joint ventures will succeed. This year is right for many love-affairs, resulting into wedlocks. People in general will behave responsibly in a disciplined manner. Efforts of Opposition leaders will succeed to some extent this year. Relations with neighboring countries will be smooth this year. Charitable institutions will have good days this year. Many divorce cases will be settled amicably, and family life will be good to Indian citizens this year.

Eighth House: Others' money, public funds, hidden money or unearned or unaccounted wealth, inheritance, loans, life insurance, pension, gratuity, compensation, gifts, damaged and second hand machinery, intervention in other's matters, sexually transmitted diseases, sales and purchases, kidney trouble, longevity, laziness, handicapped, death sentence, unstable mind and piles disease are indicated as significations of this house. Placement of Moon and Rahu in the 8th house is not indicating good results. Instances of using public funds for personal and private gains will be reported from Banks, Post offices and other financial institutions, through fraudulent means. Viral diseases, particularly new and unknown, will get spread in the month of September 2023, when Jupiter retrogrades. Life Insurance Corporation of India, which is enjoying almost a monopoly, become weak. The LIC share also will be overlooked by investors in Stock markets. People would outrightly reject pre-owned cars, machinery, houses etc.and go for brand new items. This indicates trouble to Second-hand market like Olx. Usage of Ganja, Bhang like narcotics among youth will become a common affair.

Nineth House: Higher education, professional courses, scientific research, teaching, publications, Universities, Courts, legislatures, temples, pilgrimage, honours through education, all-round wealth, Vedic sacrifices, charity, politics, spiritual and religious issues, scientific seminars, long distance travels, exports and imports can be known from this house. 9th lord placed in 5th, and 9th house occupied by Mars, indicate mostly positive results. Efforts of students to get higher education in Indian and foreign universities will succeed. Pushkar celebrations to river Ganga will be performed from April onwards this year, and people will take holy dip en masse in a disciplined manner. Despite lakhs and lakhs of people participating in holy dip, no untowards incident would happen because of strong 9th house. Also, people earning money through their academic skills rather than on business acumen will be more this year. New and innovative ideas will be presented in Scientific seminars in India this year. More people would undertake long distance travels from every nook and corner of India, to risky places like Amarnath, braving many risks.

Tenth House: Status, respect and honours, Authority and Power, relations with the Government, influential people, political affairs, public meetings, business, Government houses, horse riding, Government transportation, medicines, influence in Government, Supremacy, Intelligence etc., are this house's Karakatwas. 10th lord placed in the 4th along with Sun, and aspecting it, indicates people will be loyal, disciplined, honest and truthful in their behavior with a lot of self-respect and of good moral character. Corruption in Government offices will be moderate, and in high places it will be almost nil. Government would earn good name with transparency in administration. Many meritorious Indians will be honoured with highest international awards in India and abroad this year. Power-driven cars, two wheelers would slowly replace petrol/diesel-driven vehicles, and this will be more in Public transportation systems.

Eleventh house: Friends, Unions, clubs, companies, corporations, political parties, Panchayat samithis, Cooperative societies, groups and group activities, federations, wind fall gains, legislative business, Property acquired from Grandfather, Profits through Father-in-law, Elder brother, Paternal uncle are causatives of this house. 11th lord Moon placed in the 8th indicates Ashtama Chandra dosha. Joining of Rahu with Moon has further weakened the causatives of 11th house. Panchayat Samithis, which are the gross-root level administrative offices of villages, will be grossly neglected or overlooked. This would happen in almost all States. They will be deprived of funds to undertake development activities. Indians in general will be deprived of their affection from father-in-laws, and elder brothers. People should not expect any kind of windfall gains. They need to earn everything on their own, and should not indulge in speculation. In Sports, India will fare badly in team-based games like Cricket, Football etc., but would fare well in solo games like Shuttle, Badminton and Boxing.

Twelfth house: Discreet activities, loneliness, confinements, pressures, hurdles, illusion, dreams, mental tension, delays in work, too much work load without any rest, absent-mindedness, illness, spiritual and occult interests, criminal investigation, meditation, helping nature, foreign travel, hostels and jails, rest houses, hotels, mines, archaeology, underground houses, drugs, magic, hypnotism, transcendental meditation, bed comforts Foreign travel, clearing of debts and sacrifice are significations of this house. 12th lord placed in the 4th causes financial loss. Business activities undertaken in far off and remote places are not going to be beneficial. Things may not be good for Ashrams, charitable institutions, pharma companies, mining and geological departments. They need to face many allegations of mis-management and corrupt practices.

Eclipses in 2023:
The Earth and the Moon move in their defined paths in the heavens, creating different fields of forces in the process. These relative fields and the equilibrium between their forces are disturbed, when the paths of the Earth and the Moon intersect. Rahu and Ketu are two points representing the crossroads in the fields of force of the Earth and the Moon, and are two points of disturbance. At the time of an eclipse, the radiation and electromagnetic vibrations coming from the Moon or the Sun are cut off, and normal conditions that obtain for the Earth get disturbed.

Solar Eclipses: On 20 April 2023. This is not visible in India. One more eclipse occurs on 14th October 2023. This is also not visible in India. Lunar Eclipses: On 06 June 2023, not visible in India. Once again, on 28 Oct. 2023 Saturday from 00.04 hours to 00.43 hours. This eclipse is visible in India and should not be viewed by Aswini star-born natives.

Pushkar celebrations to River Ganga: From 22 April 2023 to 5th May 2023, Pushkar celebrations to river ganga will start, with the entry of Jupiter into Aries. Indian citizens venerate river Ganga very much, and take holy dip in this river to cleanse themselves from sins committed by them, either knowingly or unknowingly.

US Dollar and Indian Rupee:The Rupee-dollar exchange rate depends on the demand and supply of Rupee factors. If more dollars come to India, Indian rupee will appreciate; if India pays more dollars, then exchange-rate would depreciate. In June 2014, when Modi was sworn in as Prime Minister, the US $ equalled to Rs.59.67p. As on 06th Sept.2022, the buying rate of US $ is at Rs. 79.94. This position is likely to continue till 16th April 2023 till Jupiter enters Aries. To conclude, the U.S $ and Rupee exchange-rate is likely to touch Rs.95/- at the time of start of New Year, but is likely to stabilize at Rs.85 by the middle of the year and conclude at Rs.80 by the close of this year.

Sensex: At the start of the year 2022, the BSE stood at 58,582 and Nifty was at 17,440. As on 6th September 2022, the BSE is ruling at 59,028 and NIFTY is at 17,624. By and large, many investors have lost their wealth in the year 2022, excepting a few, who exercised restraint at the required time at opportune level in trading. Now let us discuss how the year 2023 is going to be for Stock market investors. This year, from 28 March 2023 to 27 April 2023, Jupiter combusts. This period is not good for trading in Banking, real estate, bullion, insurance and other trades, controlled by Jupiter. Likewise, Saturn combusts from 31 Jan. 2023 to 05 March 2023, which is not good for trading in Oil, Leather, Iron, low grade cereals etc; controlled by Saturn. Likewise, whenever Moon transits in Scorpio in debilitation, trading in Textiles, Export houses, Milk and related products need to be done highly cautiously. Particularly in March 2023, Stock market investors need to be doubly sure in trading as two major planets will be in combustion, and there will be no auspicious aspect on them at that time. Stock market crash is very much indicated in March 2023.

Indian Independence Chart
New Year 2022 New Year 2022

India was running Saturn Dasa at the time of independence. At the dawn of 2023, as per Independence chart India, India will be in Moon Dasa Ketu bhukthi upto 11 July 2023, and later on upto the year-end will be in Moon Dasa Venus bhukthi. For Taurus lagna, placement of Moon in 3rd in own house, is always beneficial. This is the reason why India has achieved much in Moon Dasa, starting from 10 Sept. 2015. India received global appreciation from the year 2015 onwards, in GDP growth, scientific and technologiclal innovations, many Indian stalwarts and sports persons getting international recognition etc., But the placement of Antardasa lord Ketu in the 7th is not indicating good results. Hence, the first half of the year 2023 will result in obstruction to mega projects, loss of wealth, quarrels, fear from enemies, large scale violation of customs and traditions by all religious communities, insult to teachers and Gurus etc.,

The next sub-period of Venus is likely to witness women's power growing, and many Indian women reaching high places and make India proud of their efforts.

Retrogression of planets Jupiter will be in retrogression from 5th Sept.2023 till the end of the year in Aries. The retrograde motion of this planet often encourages widening the intellectual horizon and deepening the knowledge about spirituality,esoterism etc., In this period, the Arians will make the biggest changes in their lives. They will also upgrade in their spheres of lives, especially in the professional domain.

Saturn is powerful in Aquarius, its Moolatrikona, where it will be in retrogression from 18th June to 4th November 2023. In this period, Saturn approves the difficult and laborious projects that require a constant effort for a longer period of time, loves taking additional responsibilities, appreciates tenacity, caution and moderation. Hence, this period is very much auspicious for starting mega projects, which require long gestation period.

Venus retrogrades form 24 July 2023 to 05 Sept. 2023 in Leo sign. This is likely to result in irresponsible behaviour of women by and large in India. False allegations of women against their husbands, false cases of dowry and domestic harassment will be registered in large numbers, and it will be tough time for married men in India.

Flare-up of petrol, diesel and vegetable prices: Ever since the Petroleum marketing companies started the daily revision, prices of petrol and diesel have started going up from June 2018. When petrol prices are revised or changed every fortnight, there is a big variation in prices, which puts great additional pressure on the consumer while crude oil continues to remain cheaper, it is the Taxes levied by the State and Central governments, which are actually responsible for the ever-rising petrol rates. Surprisingly, there is no protest from any political party. In nutshell, the higher taxes ensured that the common man never got the benefit of the lower Crude oil prices. Introduction of Rs.8 as Road Cess per litre and non-inclusion of petrol and diesel under the purview of GST (resulting States levying different rates of taxes) are some of the causes for skyrocketing prices of petrol and diesel. Despite promises from the government regarding rolling back of the taxes, we are yet to see some positive efforts on this front.

In the year 2023, Combusted Saturn in Aquarius will not allow the prices of fuel to come down. Hence there is every probability of Petrol and diesel prices crossing Rs.125 per litre. Likewise, the prices of vegetable oils touched Rs.180 to Rs.225 per Kg in the year 2022. Effort taken by Central Govt to bring down the Veg oil prices, by reducing import duty on imported vegetable oils in the year 2022 had a very lukewarm response. Prices of Vegetable oils depend on demand-supply factors. India is not self-sufficient in production of vegetable oils or oil seeds to cater to the needs of indigenous demand.

General Predictions for 2023
  • Prices of essential commodities, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals will be beyond the reach of public.
  • Medicine and public health will become costly affairs.
  • Usage of Ganja, Bhang like narcotics among youth will become a common affair.
  • New Apps will increase like mushrooms to steal money from public clandestinely.
  • CBI and IT raids will give shocking revelations about black money.
  • People would suffer mostly with Psoriasis and Obesity.
  • Severe power shortage in most of the States. State Capitals would reel under power outages many times.
  • Prices of essential commodities will increase uncontrollably, making the living of common man very difficult.
  • False and fake cases of dowry, harassment and domestic violence will be levelled against innocent men, during the period of retrogression of Venus.

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