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By Vandana Dev Khattar

Planetary positions for August 2019 :-

Sun : Upto 17th August, remains in Cancer; thereafter it will transit in Leo.
Mars : Upto 8th August, remains in Cancer; thereafter it will transit in Leo. It will remain in Combust state throughout the month end.
Mercury : On 1st & 2nd, it will travel in Gemini; from 3rd to 26th, it will move through Cancer . From 27th till the month-end , it will transit in Leo sign . It will move in retrograde motion on 1st and remain combust from 21st till the month-end.
Jupiter : Throughout the month, it will transit through Scorpio sign. From 1st to 11th, it will remain in retrograde direction.
Venus : It will transit through Cancer till 16th; thereafter, it will remain in Leo sign till the month-end .It will remain in Combust state throughout the month.
Saturn : Remains in Sagittarius sign throughout the month in retrograde motion.
Rahu (True) : Remains in Gemini sign throughout the month.
Ketu (True) : Remains in Sagittarius sign throughout the month.
Uranus : Remains in Aries sign throughout the month. From 12th till the month-end, it will move in retrograde direction.
Neptune : Remains in Aquarius sign in retrograde motion throughout the month.
Pluto : Remains in Sagittarius sign throughout the month in retrograde motion.

Daily movement of Stock Market in August 2019

Moon’s Astro parameters at 9.15 am Market Trend These Rasi / Lagna should refrain from financial dealings today
Tithi : Shukla Pratipada;
Nakshatra : Pushya;
Navamsa : Scorpio
Moon conjoins Sun & Venus. Auspicious day to open new demat account.
Gradual up move in the Indices, due to buying in the stocks of Coal, Gas, Metals & Petroleum sector companies will be observedtill 11:30 hrs; thereafter gradual down from 13:45 hrs; onwards will be seen. Sagittarius & Leo
Tithi : Shukla Dwitiya
Nakshatra : Ashlesha;
Navamsa : Pisces
Moon conjoins Mars.Gainful positions can be closed today.
The Bulls will succumb to the pressure created by the bears around 13:30 hrs; due to selling in the stocks of Broking firms, Logistics, Cables & Banking sector companies. Leo & Sagittarius
Tithi : Shukla Panchami
Nakshatra : Hasta;
Navamsa : Taurus
Moon sextiles Sun & Venus. Auspicious day to initiate financial transactions.
The Bulls will indulge in buying the stocks of Aqua culture, Dairy, Agro & Education sector companies. Investors will find opportunity to invest at lower rates in Blue Chip companies between 10 to 12 hrs. Aquarius & Libra
Tithi : Shukla Shasthi
Nakshatra : Chitra;
Navamsa : Virgo
Moon squares Mercury & Rahu and sextiles Mars. Neither lend money nor a lender be !
Controlled upmove will be noticed till 1pm; thereafter till 3pm, the Bulls will spread their wings. Buying interest in the stocks of FMCG, Chemicals, Power & Fertilizer sector companies will be witnessed. Libra & Aquarius
Tithi : Shukla Saptami
Nakshatra : Swati;
Navamsa : Capricorn
Moon squares Venus. Auspicious day to open short term fresh FD account before 11am.
Uptrend in the indices will be noticed from 10:30 to 12:30 hrs; due to buying interest generated in the stocks of IT , Electronics, Capital goods & Industries sector companies. Scorpio & Pisces
Tithi : Shukla Ashtami
Nakshatra : Visakha;
Navamsa : Taurus
Moon squares Sun & Mars and trines Mercury & Rahu.Auspicious day to build short term trading position in Blue Chip companies before 10:30 hrs.
The indices are likely to move northwards between 11 to 14:30 hrs; as Bulls indulge in buying the stocks of Exports, Turmeric, Banking & Gold sector companies. Scorpio & Pisces
Tithi : Shukla Navami
Nakshatra : Anuradha;
Navamsa : Virgo
Sun conjoins Venus. Better to observe the market movements, rather than making fresh investments.
Pessimism will persist till 13:15 hrs; thereafter buying will be noticed in the stocks of Steel, Metals, Automobiles & Leather sector companies. Aries & Sagittarius
Tithi : Shukla Trayodasi
Nakshatra : U.Ashadha;
Navamsa : Sagittarius
Moon opposes Mercury & Rahu. Not a good day to create new position, F&O segment
The Bulls will show their might till 14:30 hrs; thereafter selling in the stocks of PSU, Insurance, Wheat & Defence sector companies will pull the indices downwards. Taurus & Capricorn
Tithi : Shukla Chaturdasi
Nakshatra : Sravana;
Navamsa : Aries
Moon opposite Mercury. Good day to square off gainful positions.
Downtrend will get checked around 11:30 hrs; thereafter the bulls will indulge in buying the stocks of Rice, Exports, Petroleum & Shipping sector companies till 3pm. Aquarius & Gemini
Tithi : Krishna Pratipada
Nakshatra : Satabisha;
Navamsa : Scorpio
Moon is opposite Sun, Mars & Venus. Auspicious day to trade intraday in real estate , housing & jewellery sector companies with strict stoploss.
The Bulls, between 10:45 to 12 hrs; will show buying interest in the stocks of Electrical, Power, IT and Electronics sector companies and will attempt to take the indices upwards in otherwise range bound market. Pisces & Cancer
Tithi : Krishna Chaturthi
Nakshatra : U.Bhadrapada;
Navamsa : Libra
Mercury trines Moon.
In the last one hour, Bulls will shed inhibition and show buying interest in the stocks of Steel, Affordable housing, Metals & Petroleum sector companies Aries & Leo
Tithi : Krishna Panchami
Nakshatra : Revati;
Navamsa : Aquarius
Moon trines Jupiter and squares Saturn & KetuAuspicious day to open fresh SB/FD accounts.
The Bulls will show buying activity till 12:30 hrs; in the stocks of Bearings, Logistics, Tyres & Textiles sector companies thereafter the bears will spoil the enthusiasm. Aries & Leo
Tithi : Krishna Shasti
Nakshatra : Aswini;
Navamsa : Taurus
Sun trines Moon. Auspicious day to trade in Automobile and Travel sector companies.
On the sideways trend day, positive undercurrent will be noticed in the stocks of Pharma, Footwear, Travels & Leather sector companies. Virgo & Taurus
Tithi : Krishna Saptami
Nakshatra : Bharani;
Navamsa : Virgo
Moon trines Saturn & Ketu. Not advisable to initiate any fresh activity related to commerce & finance.
The Bulls will keep the morale high till 10:30 by showing buying interest in the stocks of FMCG, Perfumery, Watches & Jewellery sector companies. Virgo & Taurus
Tithi : Krishna Ashtami
Nakshatra : Krittika;
Navamsa : Cappricorn
Mars conjoins Sun & Venus.
The Bears will pull the indices southwards around 14:30 hrs; by selling the stocks of Tobacco, Coffee , Exports & Insurance sector companies. Gemini & Libra
Tithi : Krishna Ekadasi
Nakshatra : Ardra;
Navamsa : Sagittarius
Mars conjoins Sun & sextiles Moon.
First one hour of the trading session will see upsurge in the indices, as buying interest will be seen in the stocks of Telecom, Aviation, Cable & Electrical sector companies. Cancer & Scorpio
Tithi : Krishna Dwadasi
Nakshatra : Punarvasu;
Navamsa : Taurus
Moon opposite Saturn & Ketu. Good day to pay your dues.
In the tug of war, the Bulls will control the game between 10-13:30 hrs; by showing buying interest in the stocks of hipping, Domestic appliances, Machine tools & Packaging sector companies. Cancer & Scorpio
Tithi : Krishna Tryodasi
Nakshatra : Pushya;
Navamsa : Virgo
Mars conjoins SunAuspicious day to initiate fresh financial transactions.
Pessimism will prevail in the market between 9:45 to 13:45 hrs; due to selling in the stocks of Coal, Footwear , Iron & Capital goods sector companies thereafter the bulls will take the indices Northwards. Sagittarius & Leo
Tithi : Krishna Chaturdasi
Nakshatra : Ashlesha;
Navamsa : Capricorn
Sun conjoins Mercury. Good day to observe trade journal & learn from past mistakes.
The bears will take the matter in their hands from 12 noon onwards. Selling in the stocks of Broking firms, Logistics, Finance & Paper sector companies will be noticed. Sagittarius & Leo
Tithi : Amavasya
Nakshatra : Makha;
Navamsa : Gemini
Moon conjoins Mercury. Not an auspicious day to start any financial transaction.
Consolidation is likely to be seen in the charts. Virgo & Capricorn


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