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Precise Predictions in EST Hit the Bull's Eye
Lok Sabha Polls 2019

 Kudos to the three renowned Astrologers, who conducted three Prasnas at three different corners of India. (Page 6-12, EST May 2019).

Mr.O.D.Mande, (Columnist: Newsteller)
Mr.Kaavassery S.Naarayanan (Columnist: Prasna Astrology)
Mr.Indranil Ray (Columnist: Study of Market)

(i) Mr.O.D.Mande (Prasna 1)
Prediction: "Taking into account the combined strengths of houses 1st and 10th vis-a-vis 7th and 4th, the Ruling Party seems better placed than the Opposition" (Page 7, EST May 2019)

(ii) Mr.Kaavassery S.Naarayanan (Prasna 2)
Prediction: "Both Pratyantara and Sookshma lords are indicating Positive Outcome for NDA Coalition to rule again..." (Page 11, EST May 2019)

(iii) Mr.Indranil Ray (Prasna 3)
Prediction: "In Prasna chart, Rahu is in the 10th... so no question of Hung Parliament"
"Jupiter's aspect to Mercury, supports that NDA shall form the Government again".

 Prophecies of Nostradamus (Page 16, EST May 2019)
Mr.Ashok Ghai (Study group of Nostradamus, Kanpur) interpreted well the apt verses of Nostradamus, to predict the return of Modi Government 'A Debenoir Person' (smart, well-dressed, good strategist) would come to power in 2019'.

 Erudite Astrologer Mr. R.K. Verma pinpointedly predicted 'NDA is likely to retain power' (Page 18-19, EST May 2019) Also, he added, 'Smriti Irani may emerge a giant killer for BJP in Amethi .... Rahul Gandhi might not be able to save his Amethi constituency...'
'BJP will again secure a clear majority in 17th Lok Sabha, led by PM Narendra Modi'
In EST May 2018, Page 76-77, Mr. R.K. Verma, way before in May 2018 itself, predicted 'the combination of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah (Jodi No.1 of Indian politics).... is going to play even a greater role ... in shaping the destiny of this country...'

 Mundane Astrologer Mr. Sachin Malhotra predicted BJP's coming back to power, with Nitin Gadkari rising in his status and position (Page 14-15, EST May 2019)

  Dr. E.S. Neelakantan in 'Vikhari, Solar New Year' (Page 12-16, EST April 2019) has predicted thus: 'The anti-incumbency factor will not be sufficiently strong, to displace the Party in power at the Centre. The road to formation of big alliance of Opposition parties will also be besieged by obstacles and bottlenecks'.
Congratulations to all the above seven astrologers!
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