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Fructification of Raja Yogas
By Sachin Malhotra

AS per the classical text Maansagri, Moon (Chandra) is Beeja (seed), birth chart is tree and Navamsa along with other divisional charts are the fruits of that tree.

In Sage Parashara's Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, the 'Chandra Yoga Adhyayaa'is given, just before the 'Raja Yoga Adhyayaa' (Chapter 40), with some important clues about the method to interpret the Raja Yogas and other important yogas in a horoscope. In the last Sloka (stanza) of Chandra Yoga Adhyayaa (sloka number 13 in the Chapter 38) of Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, it is clearly mentioned that "Inauspicious yogas in Chandra Kundali destroy all the effects of other good yogas. So, first one should analysis the yoga's from Chandra Kundali only"

This most important Sloka in the Chandra Yoga Adhyayaa is many a time overlooked, which result into misinterpretation of the horoscope in general.

Almost every practising astrologer must have experienced this: people knowing basics of astrology often complain that 'we have so many good Raja Yoga's and Dhana Yoga's in our charts but why they are not fructifying'?

Three major reasons, why Raja Yogas and/or Dhana Yogas do not fructify in some horoscopes.
1. Inauspicious yogas in Chandra Kundali like malefic planets (Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu) in Kendra (square) from Moon, Kemadruma Yoga present in the chart or Moon in 'Paap Kartari Yoga' and weak in Paksha-Bala, force all the good yogas to lose their effects.
2. In some horoscopes Raja Yogas are present in Birth chart, but the planets involved in Raja Yogas get weak in Navamsa and Dasamsa charts, or there is no important Raja Yoga in Navamsa and Dasamsa chart, then the person get only moderate success.
3. In some horoscopes, Raja Yogas or Dhana Yogas are present in Birth chart, Navamsa and Dasamsa, but the person does not get the Dasa of planets involved in those yoga's. In such cases, moderate success in predicted.

NOW let us analyze the examples of some of the top Corporate leaders to make you understand how the good alignment of Raja Yogas and Dhana Yogas in three important Divisional charts (Rashi Chart, Navamsa and Dasamsa) along with timely dasa had helped them to reach pinnacle of their industry. In some case studies, birth details have not been given, to maintain confidentiality

Case study 1. Managing Director of an International Fashion Brand
This is the horoscope of a Corporate professional, who was awarded as the 'Retail Icon of India' last year, for his excellent work in high-end fashion apparel industry, since last 20 years. He is a Graduate from the National Institute of Fashion Technology in Delhi, and has led many multinational companies dealing in fashion garments, since two decades. In the Cancer lagna chart of this native, one can spot Yoga Karaka Mars giving aspect to the lagna and its lord Moon, which is an excellent Raja Yoga. Mars giving aspect to the 2nd lord Sun, which is exalted in the 10th house, is a big Dhana Yoga.

Navamsa: Here, lagna lord Sun is in mutual aspect with Yoga Karaka Mars and also 2nd and 11th lord Mercury. So Raja Yoga in the Birth chart has got strength here in Navamsa, too. Also notice a Gaja Kesari Yoga in both Birth chart and Navamsa, which makes his Moon very strong.

Dasamsa: 10th house of the Birth chart Aries is rising in the ascendant, receiving the aspect of 5th lord Sun and 9th lord Jupiter. So again, a big Raja Yoga has repeated in Dasamsa chart, which is a very important Divisional chart for career. In Dasamsa chart, lagna lord Mars is in the 8th house, with 4th lord Moon in 'Neecha-Bhanga' Yoga, and they are in mutual aspect with 2nd lord Venus in a grand Dhana Yoga. During the maha dasa of Mars from November 2008 to November 2015, he was at the peak of his career in the Corporate world of fashion garments, when he was leading a top MNC in Asia Pacific. I have explained how Mars is making good Raja Yoga in all the three charts and during its dasa he was destined to enjoy best time of his career. In Rahu dasa also, he got success, as Rahu in Birth chart is associated with yogakaraka Mars. Also notice the depositor of Rahu in all the three important charts (given above) are in good yogas.

Asc 0418'CancerPushya
Sun 1938'AriesBharani
Moon 1027'LeoMakha
Mars 0642'CapricornU.Shada
Mercury 2942'PiscesRevati
Jupiter 1027'RScorpioAnuradha
Venus 1914'PiscesRevati
Saturn 0045'TaurusKrittika
Rahu 2626'CapricornDhanishta
Ketu 2626'CancerAslesha

Case study 2: CEO in a top Fashion Brand

Asc 2648' Libra Visaka
Sun 2350' Aries Bharani
Moon 0705' Scorpio Anuradha
Mars 1647' Gemini Arudra
Mercury 2630'c Aries Bharani
Jupiter 1854' Aquarius Satabihisha
Venus 0930' Pisces U.Bhadra
Saturn 0815' Gemini Arudra
Rahu 2607' Scorpio Jyeshta
Ketu 2607' Taurus Mrigasira

This Libra lagna horoscope is another astrological example on the point how major Raja Yogas' repetition in Birth chart, Navamsa and Dasamsa is an absolute must, for reaching great height in life. In Libra (Tula) lagna horoscope, lagna lord Venus is exalted in the 6th house, and is under the aspect of 4th and 5th lord Saturn, which is Yogakaraka for this lagna. A beautiful exchange between 7th lord Mars and 9th lord Mercury is another Raja Yoga in this chart. Then 2nd and 7th lord Mars in conjunction with 4th and 5th lord Saturn is a Raja Yoga as well as Dhana Yoga. Moon, though in Kemadruma, is in excellent Gaja Kesari Yoga. In Navamsa also, Moon is in good Gaja Kesari yoga and there are good benefic planets in Kendra.

In Navamsa, Venus as the 5th lord is conjoined with 2nd lord Moon in a good Dhana Yoga. The aspect of 9th lord Saturn on the Moon and Venus, is a good Raja Yoga as well as Dhana Yoga. We need to remember that Kendra lords (1,4,7 and 10) in association with trine lords (1,5 and 9) make good Raja Yoga. The 2nd and 11th lords in connection with trine lords (1,5 and 9) make good Dhana Yoga, as per Parashari rules.

In Dasamsa chart, the 9th house from Janma lagna, which is Gemini, is rising with its lord Mercury giving aspect to it. Venus as the 5th lord in mutual aspect with 9th lord Saturn and 7th lord Jupiter is again in good Raja Yoga. So we have seen Venus is in Raja Yoga's in all the three Divisional charts. It was no surprise, when he became CEO of a big Fashion Garment MNC of Europe working in India in 2013, during his Venus-Venus period in Vimshottari. He was at the age of 39 then, which was a big achievement for him, to become a CEO of multinational company working in India. He later became CEO of a big Indian Fashion Brand in 2019, after changing job in Venus-Rahu period in Vimshottari.

Case study 3: Owner of India's top Water Purifier Brand

Asc 0706' Aquarius Satabihisha
Sun 0738' Virgo U.phalguni
Moon 0823' Leo Makha
Mars 2032' SagittariusP.Shadha
Mercury 0045' Libra Chitra
Jupiter 0224' Cancer Punarvasu
Venus 2214' Libra Visakha
Saturn 1404' Libra Swati
Rahu 1816' Sagittarius P.Shadha
Ketu 1816' Gemini Arudra

This Aquarius (Khumbha) lagna chart is of an IIT graduate engineer, who, after working in Petroleum industry for years started a RO (Reverse Osmosis) Water Purifier company in late 1990s, which revolutionized this segment in India. His Water Purifier Brand has become a household name, since last one decade. He now exports his product to many countries. In his Aquarius lagna chart, lagna lord Saturn is exalted in the 9th house with 5th lord Mercury and 9th lord Venus in a grand Raja Yoga and Dhana Yoga. From the Moon, there is no major Raja Yoga, but there are some Dhana Yoga's, which is one of the reason that he got success very late, after completing the age of 48. He started his water purifier manufacturing company in late 1990s, when he was 45 years of age. After some struggle, he got success in Rahu-Jupiter period (from 2003 to 2005). Rahu is in the 11th house of gains and it is with 10th lord Mars. Rahu's depositor Jupiter is exalted and giving aspect to the 10th house of career

In Navamsa, Rahu is in the 10th house of career, and receiving the aspect of 9th lord Sun. In Dasamsa Rahu is in the 3rd house along with lagna lord Mars there. Noticeable point here is that in his Birth chart, Saturn, Mercury and Venus create the major Raja Yogas, but he didn't enjoy the dasas of these planets, during his corporate career. He had Venus maha dasa from 1957 to 1977, when he was a student and had just started his career, after Post-graduation in engineering

It is the maha dasa of Rahu that gave him tremendous rise, after the year 2002, when he had completed the age of 48. Unlike the first two case-studies that we had discussed above, this native reached the pinnacle of his industry very late, as he got favorable dasa at later stage of his life, though he had good Raja Yoga's in Birth chart, Navamsa and Dasamsa charts. See in Navamsa, Dhanu lagna is rising with 5th lord Mars in the 11th house with 7th and 10th lord Mercury in good Raja Yoga. Aspect of 11th lord Venus on them is a great Dhana Yoga. In Dasamsa, the 10th house is getting the aspects of lagna lord Mars and 5th lord Sun. The 10th lord Saturn is in the 11th house in own sign. It was the favorable dasa of Rahu, which gave him rise, as it is the only planet which is involved in excellent yoga in all the three Varga charts discussed above.

Case study 4: MD of Global Financial Service Company

Asc 1033' Taurus Rohini
Sun 0605' Virgo Hasta
Moon 0811' Leo Makha
Mars 1712' Cancer Aslesha
Mercury 0559'c Virgo U.Phalguni
Jupiter 0214'RTaurus Krittika
Venus 0306' Leo Makha
Saturn 0544'R Aquarius Dhanishta
Rahu 0308' Gemini Mrigasira
Ketu 0308' Sagittarius Moola

This Taurus (Vrishabha) lagna chart is of a former MD (Managing Director) of a renowned global financial service company, having its Head office in London (UK). This gentleman and his younger brother, both, are famous financial consultants now. As per Sage Parasara, Sun-Mercury conjunction is the best Raja Yoga for Taurus lagna natives. Sun, as the 4th lord, is with Mercury in the 5th house. The aspect of 11th lord Jupiter on this combination makes a grand Dhana Yoga. He is a millionaire at present, and lives a lavish life in London. The lagna lord Venus is in the 4th house in mutual aspect with 10th and 9th lord Saturn, forming another grand Raja Yoga. Then notice here the strength of Moon which is getting 'Dig Bala' at the 4th house, with benefic Venus and Jupiter in Kendra from it. We have a debilitated Mars in the 3rd house, which is excellent. As per Raja Yoga Adhyayaa of Parasara Hora Shastra, a debilitated planet in the 3rd, 6th and 8th house gives Raja Yoga, if lagna happen to be strong. Here the lagna is very strong, as its lord is involved in good Raja Yoga.

In Navamasa, we have two benefic planets Jupiter and Venus in Kendra. The lagna lord Mars in mutual aspect with 4th lord Moon is forming a good Raja Yoga. 5th lord Sun in mutual aspect with 10th lord Saturn is another Raja Yoga. In Dasamsa again, Aries, the 12th house of his Rasi chart, is rising. Here, there are more number of Raja Yoga's. The 5th lord Sun with 4th lord Moon is a good Raja Yoga. Then we have a good Gaja Kesari Yoga here, and there is a good 'Neecha Bhanga' for Venus in Dasamsa.

His rise started in Sun maha dasa (1987 to 1993), when he started working in financial institution. Later, maha dasa of Moon (1993 to 2003) and Mars (2003 to 2010) gave him great success. We have discussed above how these planets are involved in good Raja Yogas in three Divisional charts. Rahu dasa, since June 2010, is also giving decent success, as Rahu's depositor is Mercury, which is in good Raja Yoga with Sun. Now let us take up a different case, in which a person, despite having good Raja Yogas in his Birth chart, got only moderate success, as he didn't get proper dasa of planets, involve in these auspicious yogas.

Casestudy 5. CEO in Fashion house

Asc 0717' SagittariusMoola
Sun 0801' SagittariusMoola
Moon 1703' Leo P.Phalguni
Mars 2618'R Taurus Mrigasira
Mercury 2155'c SagittariusP.Shada
Jupiter 2132' PiscesRevati
Venus 2620' Libra Visakha
Saturn 0805'RCancer Pushya
Rahu 2728'Libra Visakha
Ketu 2728'Aries Krittika

This native of Sagittarius (Dhanur) lagna has very good Raja Yoga of 9th lord Sun and 10th lord Mercury in the ascendant. As per Sage Parasara, 9th lord and 10th lord make a very good Raja Yoga for Dhanur lagna natives. Here the aspect of 5th lord Mars on this combination gives it additional strength. Then we have a strong lagna lord Jupiter in 4th house in its own Rasi, making a good "Hansa Mahapurush Yoga" But the native got only moderate success in Corporate world, why ? He also tried his hand in politics in year 2014, but didn't get any success. He is currently CEO of a medium scale Indian fashion garment company. Noticeable point here is that in his chart, he does not have major Raja Yogas in Navamsa and Dasamsa charts. It is only in his Rasi chart that there are good number of Raja Yogas.

Then notice that Moon is not involved in any big Raja Yoga in Birth chart and Navamsa. There is no benefic in Kendra from Moon in Rasi chart and Navamsa. He didn't get the maha dasa of Mercury, which is in excellent Raja Yoga in his Birth chart and is strong in Navamsa chart also. It is the maha dasa of Mars (2006 to 2013), which made him CEO of a fashion house. Mars is strong from both lagna and Moon. In Rahu-Rahu period in Vimshottari, he tried his hand in politics, but didn't get election ticket. Rahu is in the 11th house of gains, with 11th lord Venus, but it is not involved in any Raja Yoga. In Navamsa and Dasamsa, Rahu is not involved in any good Raja Yoga. So this native has to satisfy with moderate success in the past as CEO in a medium-scale company.

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