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Job Abroad?
By K. Jaya Sekhar

Astrology can no longer afford to be a process of subjective summarizing, comfort zone counseling, or selective application of rules to see the known facts of life in the charts of famous people. The need is a scientific approach which is precise and mathematical. First we need to state the axioms and hypothetical rules; apply the same to several charts and establish the percentage of success using statistical methodology of sampling selection and a reverse check control group. That way only Jyotish can be seen as a statistical science.

In recent times, the majority of parents, having teenage children, have come to consult me on the future of their children. The main question is 1. Will my son/daughter go abroad for studies/employment? 2. If so, will he/ she settle there permanently or it would be only a temporary stay?

An astrologer can say whether the native would be blessed with a child in the near future or delayed or denied, through so many ways, which are explained in astrological classics. Analyze mainly the 5th house/ bhava from Lagna/Moon of a natal chart, 5th lord, strength of Lagna lord, Jupiter, Bheeja Sphuta (for male), Kshetra Sphuta (for female) and aspects on it. From Dasa/Bhukti and Gochara, the period of child birth can be assessed.

In system JAYA:
1. Rasi is considered the Tree, the Nakshatras the roots and the Navamsa the fruits. It may be a Mango tree, but if the roots are sick, it may not yield fruits. A healthy tree, even if it has good roots, may be sterile. The Navamsa is indicative of such a situation existing. Study of these three charts is mandatory, before finalizing a synthesized prediction.

2. Any Graha or Bhava is not totally malefic or totally beneficial. They could be malefic for some of the Kaarakatwas and beneficial for some others and neutral to some.

3. It is well known that no single rule of astrology should lead to a conclusion. An accurate prediction is a result of the art of synthesizing of several scientific astrological rules that are found applicable in a chart. The more the numbers of rules applied in a chart, the more confident the astrologer would be to give a positive prediction.

Rules related to Foreign Opportunity

1a. Rahu, Mercury and Jupiter are the Grahas, related to foreign opportunity.
1b. The Lagna, seventh, ninth and twelfth Bhavas are related to foreign.
1c. If the Kaaraka Grahas are inter-related or related to the relevant Bhavas, there is indication of such an opportunity.
1d. If the planets in the relevant Bhavas inter-relate with the 1st , 7th , 9th , 12th Bhavas, there is such an opportunity.
1e .If there are no planets in the relevant Bhavas, the lords of the Bhavas have to be taken into consideration.
1f. If there is any kind of inter-relationship between the four Bhavas mentioned, there is such an opportunity.

2a. If the fourth Bhava is afflicted, there is possibility of settling abroad
2b. If there is relationship between the ninth and/or twelfth Bhava/signs with the fourth Bhava/sign, there is the possibility of settling abroad.

Stellar forum

Case Study-1
Dasa at Birth: Saturn 9 years 11 months 3 days

Planet Sign Longitude Star Star-lord
Ascendant Sagittarius 0730' Moola(3) Ketu
Sun Leo 2453' P.Phalguni(4) Venus
Moon Cancer 0942' Pushya(2) Saturn
Mars Leo 0709' Makha(3) Ketu
Mercury Leo 1436' P.Phalguni(1) Venus
Jupiter (R) Capricorn 1414' Sravana(2) Moon
Venus Cancer 2318' Aslesha(2) Mercury
Saturn Libra 2934' Vishaka(3) Jupiter
Rahu Aries 1804' Bharani (2) Venus
Ketu Libra 1804' Swati(4) Rahu

 Rahu is in the fourth in Navamsa.(Rule 2a)
 Mercury is in the ninth in Rasi and is in the 3rd having aspect on the ninth in Navamsa (Rule 1c)
 Jupiter, debilitated in the Rasi is in twelfth house in Navamsa (Rule 1c) Bhavas
 Seventh Bhava: Mercury lord of seventh in the ninth Bhava with Sun, lord of the ninth and Mars, the lord of the
       twelfth Bhava. (Total Inter relationship of 7th , 9th ,12th Bhavas) (Rule 1e)
 Ninth Bhava: Sun, lord of ninth associated with lords of seventh and twelfth (1d)
 Twelfth Bhava: Lord Mars is in the ninth, in Nak of Ketu, has aspect on the twelfth. (Rule1e)
 Fourth Bhava: Lord Jupiter, debilitated in the Rasi is in the twelfth in the Navamsa.(rule 2b). (Rule1e)
 Fourth Bhava also receives the aspect of twelfth lord and natural malefic Mars. The fourth Bhava is highly afflicted. (Rule 2a)
 Fourth sign receives the aspect of Mars from the Ninth sign (Rule 2b)

Conclusion:The person has every chance of going abroad. The travel would be related to professional opportunity and companion/associate may be helpful for this.(Mercury lord of 7,10) The affliction of fourth house indicates permanent settlement abroad.

Facts: Though the parents did not have the means for sending the person abroad, he provided for himself. He secured foreign employment contacts. His college-mate girl friend, who secured a job abroad, provided free residence. Now he is married, has bought a flat and well settled in USA. The travel took place in the period Mercury - Saturn- Rahu, in Dec 2011.Note the exalted Saturn is in Rahu-Ketu axis in the Nakshatra of Jupiter in Rasi and in the First in Navamsa.

Case study-2
Dasa at Birth: Mars 5 years 11 months 23 days

Planet Sign Longitude Star Star-lord
Ascendant Taurus 2423' Mrigasira(1) Mars
Sun Aquarius 0739' Satabisha(1) Rahu
Moon Taurus 2516' Mrigasira(1) Mars
Mars Capricorn 2419' Dhanishta(1) Mars
Mercury(R) Aquarius 0741' Satabisha(1) Rahu
Jupiter Libra 2046' Visakha(1) Jupiter
Venus Aquarius 1553' Satabisha(3) Rahu
Saturn Aquarius 0853' Satabisha(1) Rahu
Rahu Scorpio 0439' Anuradha(1) Saturn
Ketu Taurus 0439' Krittika(3) Sun

 Mercury in the Nakshatra of Rahu and associated with Saturn, the lord of Ninth and Venus, the lord of the Twelfth in the Rasi chart . In t he Navamsa chart ,Mercury is
       associated with lord of First and Saturn, the lord of Seventh. (Rule 1c)
 Jupiter is in the star of Jupiter, has an aspect on the twelfth. In the Navamsa, Jupiter has an aspect on the Twelfth. It receives the aspect of Mars, lord of the Ninth.
 Rahu in the Rasi chart, has an aspect on the First; it is in the Nakshatra of Saturn, lord of the Ninth. It receives the aspect of Saturn, lord of the Ninth.
       In the Navamsa, it is in the First, with Moon, lord of the Twelfth and Mars, lord of the Ninth. (Rule1c)

 Seventh Bhava: Rahu is posited in the seventh. Seventh Bhava Lord Mars in the Ninth is exalted and has an aspect on the First Bhava. In the Navamsa, seventh
       house receives the aspect of Rahu. The seventh lord is associated with the Lord of the First and has an aspect on the Seventh. (Rule1d)
 Ninth Bhava: In the Rasi chart, Mars, lord of the Twelfth, is exalted in the ninth. Ninth lord Saturn is associated with Venus lord of the First. In the Navamsa, Mars, lord of the
       ninth, is in the First and associated with Moon lord of the Twelfth (Rule 1e)
 Twelfth Bhava: The link between the twelfth and ninth and the aspect of relevant planet Jupiter have already been taken into consideration in the Grahas and hence not
       repeated. Repetition is avoided similarly of the Twelfth in the Navamsa. Repetitions artificially increase the number of positive points, leading to error in judgment
 Fourth Bhava: In the Rasi, Sun the 4th lord is in an inimical sign and associated with inimical Saturn and Venus. Natural Malefic Mars has an aspect on the fourth. The fourth is
       afflicted in the Rasi. In the Navamsa, the fourth lord Mars, a natural Malefic, has an aspect
       on the fourth. It is associated with inimical Rahu. The fourth house receives the aspect of the eighth lord Jupiter. The fourth house in the Navamsa is also afflicted.(Rule 2a)

Ninth lord has an aspect on the fourth, both in Rasi and Navamsa. Seventh lord, a natural malefic, has an aspect on the fourth in the Rasi (Rule 2b)

Conclusion: The prediction is that the native will certainly go abroad, having a strong desire to do so. Education and profession abroad are indicated. Eventually, the person will settle down abroad. Jupiter Dasa has started and so travel may take place any time now. The bukthi of Saturn in Jupiter dasa starts in April 2020, when the most significant travel may take place. The bhukti of Mercury starts in October 2022, when the professional opportunity abroad will materialize.

Once these predictions are fulfilled in the not very distant future, the facts will be given through the columns of this Esteemed Magazine. I may be wrong; I may be right; but I have no doubts.

Jyotish colleagues can try their own research/experiments with these rules also. The ongoing research projects, with the assistance of my students in UK, France and Germany are: Early detection of Breast Cancer, Autism through System JAYA.

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