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Office Effects - Vaastu says
By - Rakesh Chawla

In todays hi-tech world everyone is striving for success and the price one pays is devoting more time to office chores than to the family. Therefore, it becomes imperative to create the right ambience at your place of work. Ambience is not simple aesthetics, its rhythm. The cognition of rhythm is resonance between the thought process of employees and objectives of the company. Vaastu assists in achieving rhythm.

Location of the chief executive, departmental heads should be in southwest quadrant. The shape of their cabin to be a square or a rectangle. Do not create complications by accommodating responsible people in an odd shaped cabin or corner. They should have an energy cycle inside their cabins and their passage should be clear and straight.

The rising sun enlightens the world and such should be the quality of an organisational head. In order to get inspiration from this natural phenomena, the chief should work facing the east alternatively the north. North is strongly recommended for those in financial services.

The entrance door to an office should preferably be in the east or north. East ensures an inflow of new ideas and north signifies the flow of wealth. Nevertheless if its from south or west, draw a swastika on the layout plan, wherever theres an opening in this symbol your premises can have one too. The ideal ration of length-breadth is 1:2. There need not be any creaking sound of door while opening or closing. The door should be fixed absolutely vertical to the floor, it should never slant under any circumstances which is to say it should not close by itself other than using a door closer.

The floor level of an office can be lower towards east and north and slightly elevated towards southwest. The organisational head sits a little above the rest of the employees which becomes similar to a king sitting on his throne on elevated platform.

North being the direction of the lord of wealth, its auspicious to place your accounts department towards north and have the cash box against the south wall of the room opening northwards.

The accountability towards profitability is the responsibility of all departmental heads. Vaastu says marketing controls the movement of goods, their efforts should be supplemented by the element of movement, that is air, have the marketing in northwest quadrant. Accounts as mentioned above in the north, administration towards east, R&D or creativity in the Southeast, policy makers long south or west.
Keep in mind
  • Never keep a trash can next to the entrance door nor should it be in visual range
  • Do not have any obstruction in front of the main door.
  • If its a large office, ensure not to have three doors in a straight line.
  • The shadow of any tree or adjacent building should not fall on the main door.
  • Whenever possible play functional music or light instrumental music to stimulate the work environment.
  • In general your place of work should be well lit, well ventilated, should have a pleasant incense or room freshener
  • The northeast corner is for noble thinking, its called Ishanaya. Placing an impression of Lord Ganesha in this corner is recommended.
  • The center of the office as well as your residence is similar to your navel. Do not place any heavy object on it.
If the office is part of a residence or in a factory the ideal location is along south or west of the premises incorporating all other parameters mentioned above. In these two cases the influencing factor is the extent to which Vaastu is followed in the rest of the premises. If you are following 65-70 percent of the guidelines, functional rhythm should be felt .
Article Appeared in The Hindustan Times
New Delhi
Issue Of Nov 22 1997

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