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Enjoy good vibrations indoors VAASTU SHILPA SHASTRA
By Sahassrraru Saagara

We cant change Grihini Bala because we cant change Mother or Sister or Daughter. Only the strength of Gruha Bala can be altered by making use of Universal Directional Strength i.e. VAASTU.

Since time immemorial, human beings (even pet animals, etc.) were influenced by three strength (Balsa) i.e., Graha Bala, (Planetary Strength) Gruhabala (Strength of House i.e., Vaastu) Grihini Bala (Strength of Females; mother, sister, wife or daughter)

Everything is predestined in the Graha Balas and Grihini. We cant change or alter our fate i.e., planetary influence on us at the time of Birth. We cant change Grihini Bala because we cant change Mother or Sister or Daughter (of course, we can change the wife, an exception, but in this case also we have to assume as per our fate only). Only the strength of Gruha Bala can be altered by making use of Universal Directional Strength i.e. VAASTU.

Some easy-to-do remedies are given here as per my knowledge and experience to get peace and prosperity in life. As per our ancient texts, eight directions are governed by eight planets i.e., the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Rahu (North Node), Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Saturn.

By lessening the weight at North East and by increasing the weight at South West, we can balance the building, site, area, state, country etc. We should make use of this important aspect by making entrance gate, main door, underground sump and Pooja Room at North East in this direction to get cosmic rays of the divine planet Jupiter.

Our ancient sages suggested bed rooms, store rooms in the South West to get sound sleep, and good married life.

South East is ruled by Venus i.e., female, hence our ancient sages suggested kitchen in the South East and more particularly at the corner of Eastern South East bring down the tension among the family members. West is governed by Saturn, the planet of grievance and lazy. So in this direction, rest room, and bed room are good.

North is governed by Mercury, the planet for intellectual and commercial, purposes. So business shop or office is good in this direction.

South is governed by Mars, the planet of bravery. Hence this direction should be used as store room and bed room.

People may ask how one can change or alter an already constructed house as it will be difficult and financially costly also. The answer is very simple i.e., Poster Therapy i.e, by fixing good posters like rising Sun in the eastern direction of the wall, fiery-figured posters at south east direction of the house, elephant or hills posters at south-west wall, lakes and snowfall posters at North-west wall.

If houses have no light and air from the East or North or North-east, they can paste 8 petals made of Golden yellow i.e., Paper or metal or paint. The eight petals should point towards the 8 directions. Mirrorology

If the door is at the Northwest direction, this will create high fluctuations of the mind. Troubles can be overcome by fixing a mirror at Northeast direction of the wall. The image will fall at Northeast entry which will give stability as well as financial prosperity.

If Southwest is in low Level, then paste posters of the house or hill at South west walls.

If the door or main gate is at the South-east direction there is a possibility of financial loss including problems to females. Fix a mirror at the NE wall. Then the image of SE will turn to NE. Hence the family members will get good name, fame and prosperity.

If the door or main Gate is at South-west direction there will be it sudden rise and fall, accidents, loss through cheating, thefts etc. Keep a mirror at the NE corner.

If the OVEN place (fire) is at the Northwest direction there will be Nervous weakness and loss in business also. Fix a mirror at the corner of SE. The image will show the oven-fire at SE which will give high relief of nervous weakness.

Note: Exhibiting the Mahabharatha posters at house indicates separation or litigation or quarrels between parents, brothers, sisters and relative. Hence, it should be removed.

Even though the main door is at the North direction the Mahabharatha and Rama-Sita-Lakshman posters indicates 14 years of struggle as it happened with Sri Rama, Lakshmana and Sita. So this scene also should not be exhibited at houses.

Keeping a picture of young Krishna with flute and butter will bring prosperity. All God photos and calendars should be at the Northwest wall to get Jupiter and the Suns rays from Northeast.

Posters of wild animals like Lion, Tiger, Cats, Dogs, Eagle indicates trouble, sudden rise and fall. Elder persons or our ancestors photos should be kept either at Southwest of the wall or at Northwest wall to get name, fame and prosperity.

Love and Marital Affairs

Through Vastu Shilpa Shastra:

  • If the girls home is at North, NE, East and SE, then the love affair will blossom well.
  • If the girls house is at South, SW, West and NW, then the ties will be fluctuating.
  • If the boys home is at NW, West, SW and South, then the ties will be very strong.
  • If the boys house is at North, NE, East and SE, then the ties will be fluctuating.

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