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"Shobakrith" Solar New Year
(14 April 2023 - 13 April 2024)
By Dr. E. S. Neelakantan

For a variety of reasons, be it political, social, economic, medical or scientific, Mundane astrology holds enormous promise. With its scientific outlook, Astrology can guide both the scholar and the user alike, for fixing the apt time for successful completion of works undertaken. It can prepare the farmer for a drought or a cyclone.

This makes Mundane Astrology, a powerful tool to decipher Annual trends. With these opening remarks, let us analyze the Astrological prospects for the Shobakrith Solar Year, which operates from   April 2023 to April 2024.

The weekday, on which Ugadi falls becomes the King of the Year and this happens to be on a Wednesday (22 March 2023) and its day-lord Mercury is anointed the King. This will be a very good year for schools and colleges. In the Union budget, there will be several incentives for Engineering and Medical colleges. There will be heavy rain, and in the second half of the year, there will be a good harvest. Due to Venus becoming the Minister, there will be abundance. Milk production will show an increase. Cattle-breeding Centres will crop up. Heavy rainfall is indicated by Venus becoming Minister for the year.

Difference between Summer crops and Winter crops. The Kharif crop (or Summer crop) is grown at the beginning of July, coinciding with the beginning of Southwest monsoon. The major Kharif crops are Paddy, Millets, Cotton, Soya bean, Sugarcane, Turmeric, Groundnut and Red Chillies. The Rabi (or Winter crop) is grown in Winter, and harvested in March. The Rabi crops in India are Wheat, Barley, Mustard, Sesame and Peas.

Lord of Summer crops (Sasyadhipathi) is Moon. There will be all round happiness. Heavy rainfall is on the cards. Due to Dhanyadhipathi (Lord of Winter crops) being Saturn, there will be rise in prices of Wheat, Barley and other Winter crops. There will be short supply of Wheat, in some parts of the world.
Jupiter becoming the Lord of Clouds (Megadhipathi) promises sumptuous rain in all parts of India.

Neerasadhipathi (Lord of metals) is Sun. This is an exciting, but challenging phase for USA. Overall, people will experience happiness.  Rasadhipathi (Lord of Juicy Products) is Mars. There will be worries and tensions in the minds of people. POK will witness a war-like situation. Border skirmishes will happen. Senadhipathi (Commander-in-Chief) of the Planetary Cabinet is Jupiter. There will be emphasis on Law and Order. Justice will prevail.

Nine Lords of Shobakrith Solar Year
* A Hindu weekday operates from Sunrise to Sunrise time the next day. When transits occur before Sunrise. the Hindu weekday operating at that time is reckoned for calculating the Nava-nayakar.

In general, Shobakrith year would give grains in abundance. Thanks to copious rainfall, people would live in great happiness. Women would play a key role in the establishment. The first half of the Solar year blesses the public with happiness and prosperity. There will be tremendous growth in infrastructure. There will be spectacular growth in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Diseases will show a waning trend. India will become a Super Power, and its voice will reverberate across the globe.

This will be a year of high tides, tsunamis, floods, cyclones, tornadoes and hurricanes. The central parts of USA and California will be affected by hurricanes. Interruption of Power supply would happen. Unpredicted floods are foreseen in the Northern parts of India.

In general, Shobakrith year gives grains in abundance and thanks to copious rainfall, people live in great happiness. There will be floods and unpredicted rains in Northern parts of India and the West. Women would play a key role in the establishment. More number of women will occupy the top posts in the country, such as President or Prime Minister. The Judiciary, Police and the Armed Forces also see induction of a number of women. Women also will be serious contenders for the Nobel prizes, especially in Physics and Chemistry.

There will be spurt in the prices of Gold and Silver, due to Sun becoming the Lord of Metals (Neerasadhipathi). Precious gems such as Ruby and Pearl also would turn expensive. There will be record sales on days like Akshaya Tritiya (22nd April 2023), despite the high prices disproving the age-old economic theory that prices and demand have an inverse relationship (which is known as The Law of Demand), thereby creating a Giffen paradox.

On the day of commencement of Shobakrith year, Leo rises on the Ascendant. Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu will reel under floods, Chennai will be inundated. The first half of the Solar year blesses the public with happiness and prosperity. The Eastern States such as Bengal and Assam will face challenges in Agriculture, due to fluctuation in weather and other reasons. There will be political unrest in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.

As per Indian independence chart, the current astrological period is conducive for introduction of 5G mobile services all over India. There will be tremendous growth in infrastructure, leading to mobile phones, internet, fiber optic cable connections, so on and so forth even in many remote places. Also Calls would become cheaper and storage space will be available at a lesser cost. Low cost airlines will come up in a big way, facilitating travel to varied destinations. Train services will become more efficient and also technologically superior. Food items and parcels will get delivered at the doorstep facilitated by mobile apps. As the Solar year rolls by, robots will start doing the jobs, done by courier boys and delivery messengers. There will be spectacular growth in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

There are four eclipses during the year 2023. Indonesia's rising sign according to its Independence chart is Capricorn. Applying the theory of inclusive methodology propounded by Dr. Ravi Rao, in his magnum opus A NATION'S PROPHECY, we need to super-impose the transit chart keeping the Natal chart Ascendant Sign as it is. This means the four planet conjunction of Sun, Moon, Rahu, Mercury will occur in the 4th, with Sun as 8th lord. A major natural calamity, either an earthquake or some other natural disaster will hit Indonesia at the time or approximately around the period of Solar eclipse. This will be a critical period for Russia and the ruling government. The ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia will be at its lowest ebb, and chances of a full-fledged war in the Middle East is a distinct possibility. Religious tensions would crop up in India, not only due to the eclipse, but also due to the Guru Chandala yoga.

Ukraine will be at the receiving end, and there will be a Power crisis and various internal problems due to Russia's belligerent attitude. The Pakistani economy will register a serious decline.

Northern parts of India will face a torrid Summer. Delhi will not only reel under a heat wave, but the atmosphere conditions will force its occupants to leave the city for a short while. The government may resort to declaring holidays to help save the lives of Citizens from Sunstroke. Europe will face a blazing Summer.

With the outset of rainy months, Europe and Australia will witness floods. Three cities in Tamilnadu including Chennai will get flooded in November.
In Indonesia and Japan, volcanic eruptions are likely, during the last week of October. The Lunar eclipse in the first week of May could trigger religious tensions, especially relating to the Ram temple in Ayodhya. This is also a critical period for the government in Pakistan. There would be skirmishes on the borders relatable to tensions prevailing on account of POK. A major earthquake is likely to hit Afghanistan. Afghanistan is also likely to face problems in relation to women's rights.

The Lunar eclipse in Libra in the first week of May 2023 will trigger health and other issues for film actors, musicians and those in the art field. Damage to cinema theatres and auditoriums is also likely. There will be a Solar eclipse on 14th October 2023, which is visible over Africa, North America, South America and the Poles. Interestingly enough, at the time of this eclipse, both Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde, while Ketu forms a conjunction with Mars in Libra. The eclipse happens in Virgo sign. This is adverse for writers, singers, scholars and farmers.

Border-skirmishes happen on the Sino-Tibetan border. Egypt is susceptible to earthquakes and other civil disturbances. The civil strife in Myanmar will intensify. The unrest in Kashmir would get aggravated. Japan will reel under the threat of volcanoes and floods. There will be floods in Australia and USA. Overall, this is a very important celestial phenomenon, which has malefic potential, to trigger natural and manmade calamities.

The Solar New year commences on 14th April 2023 at 15:12 hours at New Delhi with Leo, as Risign sign.

The first house denotes the public, the ruler, Parliament, Home affairs and the overall well being of the country. Lagna comes under the aspect of 6th lord Saturn, meaning that there will be conflicts and quarrels, throughout the Shobakrith year; more so, as the lagna lord Sun is adversely affected by Rahu and the semi-sextile aspect of Saturn.

The national exchanges, import - export, banking and financial institutions and commerce are indicated by the 2nd house. The 2nd lord is well placed in the 9th, but again it gets afflicted by Mars and Rahu. The saving grace is that Mercury is involved in a healthy exchange of signs with the Yoga karaka Mars.

This effectively means that there will be an economic upsurge in India's horizon, but there will be scams in banks and detection of Black money and frauds. There will be an increase in Cyber crimes, involving net-banking and Credit Cards.

Transport, Railways, Airlines, Mobile phones and Newspapers are all governed by the 3rd house. Luxury trains will be introduced. The introduction of bullet trains in strategic routes will get government approval. New luxury aircraft will hit the Indian skies. Luxury cars will flood the market. Modernization of Railway coaches will get top priority in the Union budget. Barring a few stray instances, Airlines and Railways will be safe for travel.

The fourth house rules over agriculture, religious institutions, educational institutions and mines. Gold mines will get discovered during the year. Mars in 11th promises a very good year for Agriculture. Religious institutions fomenting communal differences would get into trouble and have their registration cancelled. There could be civil strife in holy spots like Ayodhya and Mathura. Educational institutions running at a profit will lose their status as charitable Trusts.

The fifth house rules over birth rates, places of entertainment, primary education, auditoriums so on and so forth. As Mars aspects the 5th, there will be more of male births during the year. The Union budget will make free education for poor, a reality.

The presence of 5th lord Jupiter in its own house promises a Bull run in the Stock market. The Indexes will hit an all time high, resulting in euphoria in the stock market. Mutual funds see tremendous inflows. With Moon in the 6th, there will be more of psycho-somatic diseases. There will be government expenditure in excess, to safeguard the health of citizens. Covid 19 will be on its way out, but the threat will emanate from Omicron. The aspect of Mars on the 6th would give rise to Cardiac issues. As the 12th lord occupies the 6th, there will be stability in prices and control over inflation.

The presence of 7th lord in the 7th shows a congenial atmosphere for exports and considerable inflows of foreign funds into the Indian market. There will be tight regulation in receipt of foreign contributions to charitable Trusts. People indulging in money-laundering will get prosecuted. Money in tax-havens will be detected and seized. Family ties will become congenial, and peace and harmony will prevail at home. Divorce rates will come down. Ostentatious marriages will be the order of the day. For couples living apart due to differences, this is an excellent year to patch up, and get back to normalcy in family ties.

The eighth house is a dustana house. It deals with deaths, accidents, natural calamities and contagious diseases. Fortunately for India, the 8th lord Jupiter is in its own house. So there will be less of accidents and even diseases will show a waning trend. Hospitals will not be able to do good business this year, as patients will be less.

People's mood will be upbeat, and so suicides and crime rates will come down. For newly wedded couples, in-laws will be in a mood to shower their love and affection to the bride or groom, as the case may be.

Science and technology, Courts, Air force and the judiciary are all governed by the 9th house. Some of the judgements will not go down well with the social activists. There will be some kind of friction between the Judiciary and the Executive. Some of the Judges may resign, thereby causing tense moments to the Government. Old Air Force planes need to be withdrawn and they become susceptible to accidents, even though the overall prospects for the year appear safe for air travel by passengers or military planes.

The tenth house rules the King, President, Prime Minister, the power to rule and also discipline. This year will see a glorious year in power for the Government in power at the Centre. India will become a Super Power, and its voice will reverberate across the globe. When threatened by sanctions, India will adopt a defiant, but principled stance. Days, when the Western powers could browbeat India into submission, are over. Venus in Taurus rasi in the 10th in Rasi chart and in Pisces Navamsa with Jupiter, is perhaps the best possible combination, anyone could have dreamt of; Modi's popularity will grow up by leaps and bounds. The anti-incumbency factor will be insignificant in the contest of 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

The State elections in Mizoram shows a mood of anti-incumbency. Anti-incumbency factor will prevail in Chhattisgarh. So in both these States, it may prove to be difficult for the ruling party to hold on to power. Nagaland shows a mood of pro-incumbency. It will be a close contest in Karnataka as well as Meghalaya. The parties in Tamilnadu will try and form strategic alliances in the run-up to the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. There will be steady gains for the BJP. Modi's leadership would get approbation at the International level.

If we super-impose the Transit chart on India's Republic chart (in accordance with the inclusive methodology theory of Dr Ravi Rao as discussed earlier), we find Jupiter as the lord of Lagna and 10th occupying the lagna, making the Government at the Centre very strong.The 4th house (10th to the 7th, denoting Opposition parties)is pretty weak, and therefore there will be no coordination amongst the non-BJP parties, making it difficult to form a cohesive alliance. This adds to the strength of the Government at the Centre. The 4th house in this chart has Mars, making India susceptible to earthquakes. Health of Opposition leaders is a cause for concern.

The 11th house denotes Trade, law, taxes, so on and so forth. The overall Income tax rates will get reduced. There will be amendments to the mode of levying Capital Gain Tax, in order to make it rational. Stringent punishments under GST act will be made moderate. The budgets will be satisfying to the authorities and the Tax-payers.

The 12th house rules over expenditure, hospital, prisons, etc. This year, inflation will be under control. Stock markets will see steady gains, with more of value buying and less of speculation. Lots of overseas funds will find their way into the Indian Stock market.
The movements of Mercury, especially its retrograde motion, is a vital parameter, influencing the Markets. The retrograde motion of Mercury is as follows;

Retrograde Mercury21 April 202315 May 2023
24 Aug. 202316 Sept. 2023
13 Dec.202302 Jan. 2024
02 April 2024 25 April 2024

Whenever Mercury turns Retrograde, there will be price-rise, but it can also create a fall in commodities. When it turns Direct, markets remain unstable. For period of 129 days, Mars is combust from 14 Sept.2023 to 21 Jan. 2024. When Mars becomes Combust, there is a fall in prices; while Mars coming out of Combustion gives rise to a price-rise.

An excellent year is in store for the USA.

Jupiter as Lagna lord in Lagna helps the USA to enter into a process of consolidation. The 2nd house which is the house of finance is afflicted by Sun as lord of 6 and Rahu. The ever-increasing debt and spiraling inflation will be a cuase of worry. Mars in the 4th exposes the country to natural calamities such as Tornadoes, Earthquakes and Cyclones. The safety parameters for VIPs need to be strengthened, as Ketu in the 8th can create sudden events, and being a secretive planet is also capable of instigating nefarious plots. Technologically, US is poised to grow by leaps and bounds, especially in the fields of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, thanks to Venus in the 3rd. New mobile phone with the latest technology will get launched and gain worldwide attention.

A difficult year is ahead for Rishi Sunak and the United Kingdom. The aspect of Mars on the 8th shows climatic disturbances and seismic activity. There will be recession and the Euro will depreciate against the Dollar. It will be very difficult for Rishi Sunak to do the balancing act of running the government successfully, and keeping the public happy. However, he will be able to keep up the clean image, due to Jupiter in Pisces (10th lord in 10th).


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