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Welcome 'Plava'
Solar New Year (14 April 2021 - 14 April 2022)
By Dr. CH.D.Ravindranath

Mars is the King of this year. This ensures Stable Governments at Centre and States. But this also indicates tyranny and dictator tendencies among the rulers, resulting in large scale public unrest, anti-government demonstrations, non-cooperation of employees to Government. Kala Sarpa dosha occurs twice in this year in December and January.

Two cyclones will severely affect the Western and Southern parts of India in May/June and Oct/Nov. Very less gains are expected from "Plava" . The Rulers and the ruled must be vigilant and watchful round the year to minimize the loss due to natural calamities.

T HE Solar New Year "Plava" (Mesha Sankranti) begins on 14 April 2021 at 02:33 AM and runs for 365 days upto 14th April, 2022. Malefic and cruel planet Mars has become the King for this year. Mars holding the cudgels of power in New Year 'Plava' indicates that public will oppose the policies of the Government and many untoward incidents, agitations, hunger strikes etc., will take place. Government need to use many coercive steps to get its policies accepted by the public. But it would not curtail the unrest. Particularly Labour, farmers and middle class will make much noise against the Government. Fire accidents, thefts, threat from snakes and serpents and new viral diseases will be more in this year. Malefic planets Mars and Saturn hold only less portfolios than the benefics Venus and Mercury with more portfolios; this will balance the evil effects of Mars to major extent.

Mercury is the Minister for this year. This indicates good augury in respect of good governance and sane advices to higher-ups from bureaucrats.

Saturn is the Commander-in-chief, indicating less usage of Police and Military forces in this year.

Venus is Sasyadhipathi, resulting in rise of prices of sandalwood, gold, pearls, silk and synthetic articles.

Mercury holding the portfolio of grains leads to scanty rain fall this year. The meager rainfall also will be more in mountain and hilly areas. Also, there will be two big cyclones in May/June 2021 and October/November 2021 causing much damage to Southern or Western States.

Venus becoming Neerasadhipathi results in good crops of cereals, jowar and alternate food grains to Rice and Wheat.
  • The Year Plava is
  • 34th in the 60 year cycle of years which starts from Prabhava.
  • 5122nd of Kaliyuga in 28th Mahayuga of Vyvasvata Manvantara which is 7th in Svethavaraha kalpa.
  • 1943th of Salivahana Saka
  • 2078th of Vikramarka Saka.
  • 2093rd of Adisankaracharya Saka
  • 1003rd of Sriramanujacharya Saka
  • 906th of Madhvacharya Saka
  • 196,58,85,121th from the start of the Universe.

Pushkara Celebrations to Sindhu river : This year Jupiter enters into Aquarius on 20 Nov.2021 at 10:52 PM. Hence, Pushkara celebrations to river Sindhu will start from then on, till 02 Dec.2021. In India, river Sindhu flows in the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

9 Lords (Nava Nayakas) of this year :
Portfolio Planet Date of Solar Ingress Solar Ingress Into Day
PortfolioPlanetDate of Solar ingressSolar Ingress intoWeek day
King*Mars13th -14th April 2021Chaitra sukla PadyamiTuesday
MinisterMercury14th April 2021AriesWednesday
Commander-in-chiefSaturn17th July 2021GeminiSaturday
Incharge of CropsVenus13th Aug.2021Arudra StarFriday
Incharge of grainsMars17th Aug 2021CancerTuesday
ArghyadhipathiVenus17th Aug 2021LeoFriday
Incharge of cloudsMercury15th Dec 2021LibraMercury
RasadhipatiMercury15th Dec 2021SagittariusWednesday
NeerasadhipathiVenus14th Jan 2022.CapricornFriday

(Sagar's planetary ephemeris based on Chitrapaksha Ayanamsa)

*Mars is considered as King, because-the day-time only (Vedic day continues from Sunrise to next day Sunrise) is considered for deciding the lordship of the year, as per Vedic jyotish scriptures.

Brihat Samhitha has explained in detail the effects of each planet having particular portfolio, some important among them are-
1. Agni taskara rogamya nrupa vigrahata brusham /
Hatasasya bahru vyavo bhaume varshadhipesati //

If Mars becomes the King, there will be enmity with the king. There will be fear from fire, thieves and diseases. The land may be barren without crops. The number of snakes will increase much to the agony of the people.

2. Vayunapeeditha meghasarve papa rata narah /
Somaputrasya mantritwam jayate madhyame phalam //

If Mercury becomes the Minister, the winds would chase the clouds depriving the people to have rains. People will be sinful. The results will be medium in all respects.

3. Adharmini nrupa sena heena papakrutho nara /
Parasparam kshobha kruta senadeeshai shanischarai //

If Saturn becomes the chief of army, the kings tread on wrong path. They may not possess required defence machinery to protect them. People will indulge in sinful acts, quarrelling with others always

4. Jaladhanyani sarvani sthala dhanyani yanicha /
Pandu bhumistu phalikta shukre sasyadhipesati //

If Venus becomes the Lord of the Crops, wet and dry lands would yield high and abundant crops. White-coloured soil will be brought under cultivation.

Upanayakas for this year

Purohith(Advisor) "Day-lord of Vrushabha Sankramana" Venus Good indications for religious institutions and upward castes
Examiner Day-lord of Kanya Sankramana Jupiter Teaching community will flourish
Accountant Day-lord of Kumbha Sankramana Sun Tough time for Accountants.
Ruler of villages Day-lord of Vrischika Sankaramana Mars People will be disciplined
Daivagna Day-lord of Meena Sankramana Moon Astrological predictions may not be accurate.
Head of State Day-Lord of Simha Sankramana Mars Tyranny and autocratic rule will prevail.
Lord of elephants Day-Lord of Mesha Sankramana Mars Danger to elephants
Lord of animals Day-lord of Simha Sankramana Mars Animals increase in number
Lord of clothes lord of Kumbha Sankramana Sun People will spend more on clothing and attire
Lord of Gems Day-lord of Dhanus Sankramana Mars Government imposes control over possession of jewellery to individuals.
Lord of Horses Day-lord of Chitra shuklaPadyami Mercury Good time for horses.

Vastu Kartari & Agni Kartari: This time is prohibited for construction activities as per Vedic Astrology. Transit of Sun in Bharani-3 to Rohini-2 Asterism is called as Vastu Kartari. This year On 4th May 2021, Sun enterts 3rd pada of Bharani Asterism. He enters Rohini-2 on 28 May at 8:08PM. This Vastu Kartari period prohibits ground-breaking ceremonies for any construction activities. But house warming ceremonies can be carried out.

Agni Kartari period is reckoned as per the transit of Sun in Krittika & Rohini asterisms. From May 11, 2021 at 12.34 Pm to 25th May at 08.46AM Sun transits in Krittia and Rohini asterisms. In this period, digging of wells, construction of houses with grass and palmyrah leaves is prohibited.

Inauspicious time for Marriages etc: Auspicious benefic planets Jupiter and Saturn, when conjunct with Sun during their transit will become powerless, and lose their benefic nature. Hence this period is not good for auspicious functions. This year from 01 April 2021 to 30 April 2021 and again from 02 Jan.2022 to 13 Jan.2022, Venus conjuncts with Sun. This will be called as "Sukra Moudhyami". Likewise, Jupiter conjuncts with Sun from 23 Feb.2022 to 26 March 2022 which will be "Guru Moudhyami". However, this principle is not followed in Karnataka and many other Northern States.
In the Solar New year Plava, the sky will be covered with big clouds in the size of mountains, but will result in meager rain fall. Level of comfort and happiness to people will not be sumptuous.

Rasi-wise predictions in Quantam

Birth Rasi Income Expenditure Royal favour Dishonour
Arise 8 14 4 3
Taurus 2 8 7 3
Gemini 5 5 3 6
Cancer 14 2 6 6
Leo 2 14 2 2
Virgo 5 5 5 2
Libra 2 8 1 5
Scorpio 8 14 4 5
Sagittarius 11 5 7 5
Capricorn 14 14 3 1
Aquarius 14 14 6 1
Pisces 11 5 2 4
Total 96 108 -12 -

Kandaya Phalas

Aswini Bharani Krittika Rohini Mingasira Aruda Punavasu Pushyamai Aslesha Makha Pubba Uttara Hastha Chitra
3 6 2 5 1 4 0 3 6 2 5 1 4 0
2 0 1 2 0 1 2 0 1 2 0 1 2 0
4 2 0 3 1 4 2 0 3 1 4 2 0 3

Swati Visakha Anuradha Jyesta Moola Purvashada Uttarashada Sravana Dhanishta Satabhisa P.Bhadra U.Bhadra Revathi
3 6 2 5 1 4 0 3 6 2 5 1 4
1 2 0 1 2 0 1 2 0 1 2 0 1
1 4 2 0 3 1 4 2 0 3 1 4 2

How to understand the above Table?
Odd number indicates money gains, even number indicates medium gains, and zero gives nil results. Zero in 1st column indicates diseases, middle zero tensions, and in last column indicates threat from Government or higher-ups.

Planet Sun transits into Aries (its exalted house); the Solar New year starts. Sun has received Vargottama this year, having placed in Aries in Navamsa also. This confers all positive results attributable to 4th house (since Sun was placed in 4th house from lagna) -- like Own house, vehicle, comfort, education, Aeronautical research, Secret Services, Intelligent and Detective Agencies, study of Vedas, books, clothes, land, cows, reservoirs/dams and other water bodies, maternal relatives etc., All positive things in this regard are expected to happen to Indian people this year. Many Indians will derive benefit from Prime Minister's Awas Yojana and have their own dwelling.

Ascendant at the time of Sun's entry into Aries is Capricorn and its lord Saturn is placed in it. Saturn's placement in lagna (which is its own house) generally indicates lazyness, unable to keep up promises, trouble in employment, lack of comfort to the people at large. Health of the people and welfare of the country, progress of the States etc., will be good.

As 2nd lord placed in lagna Saturn confers richness, affluence, ability in doing things by hook or crook to public. Also Jupiter placed in the 2nd house indicates good results in respect of financial position of the country, business, banking receipts and payments, recoveries and state resources..

3rd house-placed Mercury indicates success through intelligent means, by applying knowledge and knackness. 3rd and 12th lord Jupiter placed in the 2nd makes the people averse to taking physical strains, resulting in happy go lucky nature, but they will be very much devotional and god-fearing in nature. Transport, Posts & Telegraphs, Stock markets will start recovering from the Covid-19 blow

4th house-placed Sun, Venus and Moon indicate danger of losing ancestral property, construction of number of palatial buildings in the country, power and good amount of vehicular conveyance to the public. 4th lord Mars placed in 6th bestows good time to immigrants, who want to go abroad. Good time for farmers.

Rahu in 5th indicates victory in warfare, and possibility of more male births this year. Good time for Musicians, Cine industry and Bullion market. 6th house Mars indicates a lot of enemies in and around the country. Since this house is an enemy's sign to Mars, threat of foreign invasion cannot be ruled out. Required foreign aid may not be received in time of need.

7th lord Moon placed in 4th causes domestic disharmony, hostile relations, Opposition parties gaining much ground, family feuds increasing in number and increased violence on Women.

8th lord Sun placed in 4th makes the public 'pennywise and pound foolish'. People will save money like honey-bees, but spend the same lavishly on celebrations and functions like unproductive activities.

9th lord Mercury in 3rd makes people capable of becoming affluent through hard work. Endowments department in various States will be criticized very much.

10th lord and 5th Venus stationed in 4th makes people wise, capable of giving good advices, truthful with spiritual thinking.

11th house occupied by Ketu makes the public well educated, talkative, rich and with comfortable living. But 11th lord Mars placed in 6th makes the year some what difficult for employees as they have to work in distant places on job deprived of family life.

12th lord Jupiter in 2nd is not a good placement. It gives dissatisfied life to people.

Two spells of Kala Sarpa Dosha this year: At the start of this year, luckily Mars has come out of Kala Sarpa Dosha, as it was placed in Gemini. Otherwise, all planets including lagna and Mars would have been under the vicious spell of Nodes. It was averted. But Kala Sarpa Dosha occurs from 6th Dec.2021 to 18th Dec.2021 for the first time this year. Second round of this Dosha repeats from 28 Jan.2022 to 11 Feb.2022. Readers may remember that in the year 2018, this Kala Sarpa Dosha occurred many times resulting in number of natural calamities. This was mentioned by me in my writeup published in EST August 2018 about the evil effects of Kalasarpa Dosha.
During August -Sept.2018, when Kala Sarpa Dosha occurred in high skies,

 severe floods affected four states of India - Kerala, Gujarat, Assam and Nagaland while at the same time severe drought was reported in three States of India A.P, Bihar and Rajasthan.
 On 5 Aug. a 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck the Indonesian island of Lombok and neighboring Bali. The earthquake was preceded with a 6.4 magnitude quake in late July, and the areas also were hit with a number of aftershocks.
 North Korea suffered heavily with heavy rains that turned out into severe flooding killing atleast 76 people and inundating 17000 hectares of paddy fields.(Source:Times of India Dec.24, 2018)
 199 people died in Nigeria in large scale flooding in August/Septber 2018. (Source: Times of India Dec.24, 2018)
 Indonesia was rocked by a series of earthquakes on August 5th, 2018 with a magnitude of 6.9 in which more than 500 people were killed and about 1500 injured.(Source:Times of india Dec.24, 2018)

Hence, in line with planetary position I apprehend that India will witness earthquakes, cyclones, severe gales and thunder storms in some places and at the same time, face heavy drought situation, in other parts in this year.

Other predictions for India:
  • Drastic change in food habits of people. Rice consumption will be less and other cereals will join in place of rice. (Moon joining with Venus on New year chart)
  • People volunteering for Blood Donation will rise. (King of the year: Mars)
  • Prices of petrol and diesel will continue to rise. (Saturn's Retrogression in Capricorn for more than 3 months)
  • Dubious religious Heads will increase in number this year, one such will be caught in July/August 2021. (Direct aspect of Mars and Venus on Jupiter)
  • Declaration about Amaravati as Capital of Andhra Pradesh will be made in February/March 2022. The proposal of three capitals of AP will be sent to cold storage. (Favourable position as per Gochara of Amaravati Bhoomi Pooja muhuratJune 6, 2015 at 8h 49m in Mangalagiri).
  • As per Gochara, very tough year to Jagan Mohan Reddy (Born on 21st Dec.1971 at 14h 35m in Jammalamadugu). Court Cases will suffocate him.
  • BJP will make good gains in elections this year.
  • Change of Governments in Kerala, Tamilnadu and Pondichery.
  • TMC will retain its hold in West Bengal in 2021 elections.
  • Time is not favorable to Kejriwal, (Born on Aug.16, 1968 at 00.30 AM at 28N58, 75E39) Mayawati (Born on Jan.15, 1956 at 19h 50m at 22N53, 76E56), and KCR (Born on Feb.17, 1954 at 10h 30m at 18N26, 79E09).
  • Modi's popularity graph would begin to drop from the start of this year, despite big success in Covid-19 Vaccination. Born on Sept.17, 1950 at 11:00 hrs at 23N47, 72E38 at present Modi is running Moon Dasa Venus bhukthi Mercury antara upto 23.04.2021. Later he will be in Moon-Venus-Ketu up to 29.05.2021. Health issues may crop-up to him in this period, requiring hospitalization.
  • The issue of Jamili elections will once again brought into limelight in February/March 2022, raising so much of hullabaloo.

Global Trends

USA: Ascendant Sagittarius rises in Purvashada Star at the start of Solar New Year. Financial position would become a tight rope-walk to US this year. Expenses on military front will be doubled. Tax rates will be hiked to match revenue with expenses. Country's supremacy on the globe will be challenged. Some of the decisions taken by Joe Biden will be struck down in Court of Law. Racist riots and terrorist attack are likely in Aug/ Sept.2021. Immigration policies of US will be tightened. The relations of US with OPEC (Oil and Pertroleum exporting countries) will be strained in mid August 2021.

Japan: Aquarius lagna in Dhanishta star rises at the start of this Solar New Year in Tokyo. Economy of this country will have a tough time this year. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga will take stringent measures to keep the Japanese economy on track and to rise GDP growth to more than 2.7%. This will enable Mr.Suga's LDP party to win the next elections to be held in the last week of October 2021.

China: Capricorn lagna rises in Shravana star in Beijing at the stroke of Solar New Year. US will impose more economic sanctions, and ban software and electronic imports. This will result in slow down of Chinese economy. China will search for new importers of their products in other parts of the globe. Major fire accident in China is indicated in May/June 2021.

Srilanka: Capricorn lagna with Dhanishta star is rising in Colombo. This peninsular country will achieve good success in sports field this year. It will also host an international conclave successfully. No scope for Ethnic riots and disturbances in Srilanka this year. Change of Head of State or Head of Government is likely to take place.

Quarterly predictions for India:

April to June 2021 : Conjunction of three planets and four planets cause major fire accidents, road accidents. Change of Party in power is indicated in Kerala, Tamilnadu and Pondicherry. In Assam Ruling Party will retain its hold. In West Bengal BJP fares well but cannot get absolute majority.

July to Sept.2021 : Major planets are in opposition and Sastastaka(6th to 8th) in this period. Cosmopolitan cities in India will receive excessive rainfall and people will suffer. Rivers Krishna and Godavari will overflow. Bihar, Gujarat, Uttaranchal and UP States will suffer heavily due to excessive rain fall.

Oct to Dec.2021 : Retrograde Jupiter joining with Saturn may cause fire accidents or earth quakes in Nepal, Bhutan and China. In India North and North-eastern states will suffer with antisocial/terrorist activities. Curfew need to be clamed number of times.

July to Sept.2021 : Kalasarpa yoga will have its effect severely in this period. UP and Rajasthan states may face religious riots in this period. AP state will witness very strange and queer developments. It is most likely that the much debated issue of Three Capitals in Andhra Pradesh will be stopped and Amaravati will continue as its capital.

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