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Solar New Year 'Sharvari'
(13 April 2020 - 13 April 2021)
By Dr.E.S.Neelakantan

MUNDANE Astrology is a very valuable tool to judge the social, political, economic and scientifictrends, the world over, from an astrological perspective. It enables us to take correct decisionsin a scientific manner. Here, we will take a look at the Astrological prospects for the SharvariSolar year, which operates from April 2020 to April 2021.

"Nine Lords" for the Sharvari Solar year Table 1. The nine lords have a major impact on the outcomeof events during the course of the Solar year.
Portfolio Planet Date of Solar Ingress Solar Ingress Into Day
King Mercury 25 March 2020 Chaitra Pratipada Wednesday
Minister Moon 13 April 2020 Aries Monday
Arkadipathi (Lord of Rainfall) Sun 15 June 2020 Gemini Sunday*
Megadipathi (Lord of Clouds) Sun 21 June 2020 Arudra Star Sunday
Sasyadipathi (Lord of Summer Crops) Jupiter 16 July 2020 Cancer Thursday
Senadipathi (Commander of the Army) Sun 16 August 2020 Leo Sunday
Rasadipathi (Lord of Juicy Products) Saturn 17 October 2020 Libra Saturday
Dhanyadipathi (Lord of Winter Crops) Mars 15 December 2020 Sagittarius Tuesday
Neerasadipathi (Lord of Metals) Jupiter 14 January 2021 Capricorn Thursday

*Solar Ingress into Gemini happens in the early morning of 15 June 2020. Though the Gregorian weekday isMonday, the corresponding Vedic weekday is Sunday and hence it is considered.

The King of the Sharvari year happens to be Mercury, as Chaitra Pratipada falls on 25th March 2020,which happens to be a Wednesday, ruled by Mercury. It is always desirable to have a natural benefic as theKing of the year, to ensure uninterrupted beneficial effects throughout the year. Mercury bestows copiousrains and hence both the Northeast monsoon as well as Southwest monsoon will yield heavy rainfall. Furthera series of depressions will happen and a cyclonic storm would hit the coastline of Andhra Pradesh. Orissaand Tamilnadu will also bear the brunt of cyclonic activity.

Charitable trusts will be supportive of noble causes in India and a spate of welfare measures would be takento benefit the common man. Indian students would excel in global competitive meets, and bringlaurels to the country. In general, there would be decline in competitive mindset, and people would showmore compassion to the less privileged, and more activities would be directed towards social welfare.There would be surplus production of Green gram, which is an important item in the "pulses" category,possessing significant health benefits, from an Ayurvedic standpoint.

In the New year chart (India) Lagna lord is well placed in its own house Taurus, in both Rasias well as Navamsa, aspected by Jupiter. This is an excellent year for growth in terms of economicactivity, industrial production as well as agricultural activity. The government would focusmainly on the welfare of the common man. The beleaguered Real estate sector would comeout of recession, and will be back on track, thanks mainly to the exaltation of Mars, which alsoforms a favourable yoga with Lagna lord, Venus in Navamsa. Sharvari year would be a yearof mixed fortunes for sports in India. A landmark year is in store for diplomatic relationshipswith foreign countries. Throughout the Sharvari year (2020-21), the Indian flag would fly highin almost all global summits, involving Heads of Countries.

On the flip side, Sun as both Megadipathi (Lord of Clouds) as well as Arkadipathi (Lord of rainfall) would suggest that moderate rainfall would occur inregions, which fall on the leeward side of the WesternGhats. Regions which ordinarily are neither recipientsof Southwest monsoon nor Cyclonic activity wouldreceive moderate rainfall. Cities like Coimbatore andTirunelveli would come under this category.

As Lord of Summer crops, Jupiter would have abeneficial impact on Agricultural production. Mars,as lord of Winter crops favors bumper harvest ofred gram and such similar pulses.

Libra rises on the day of Sun's transit into Aries(0),with a dazzling array of planets. The Lagna lord iswell placed in its own house Taurus, in both Rasi aswell as Navamsa, aspected by Jupiter. This is anexcellent year for growth in terms of economicactivity, industrial production as well as agriculturalactivity. The government would focus mainly on the welfare of the common man. Steps taken so far inpropelling the country to greater heights would startyielding results. There would be clear visibility onthe dream of realizing the $5 trillion economy. Thecountry, which has seen several setbacks in the lastfew years due to implementation of key reforms suchas GDP and demonetization, would now see severalpeople-friendly reforms which will be welcomed byall sections of the society. The activity of wealth-creation in the hands of people derives fillip onaccount of the lord of 2, Mars getting exalted inCapricorn, while forming a Neechabhanga RajaYoga in conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn. Whilethe above yoga is peculiar to Natal charts, thebeneficial impact would be felt even in mundanetrends, though this yoga falls outside the gamut ofMundane Astrology and finds application only innatal charts.

The temple construction movement in Ayodhya would meet with lots of roadblocks. These would be varied view points and it would be difficult to reach a consensus, with each group claiming supremacy over its own viewpoint.

Skirmishes on the border and belligerence on thePOK front raise their ugly face due to the Moon-Ketuconjunction in the third. A dismal year is instore for the telecommunication majors. Automobile industry would continue to sufferdue to lack of demand and other issues. Thelord of the 3rd, Jupiter getting debilitated would showthat the automobile industry would also face laborunrest and other problems which have a majornegative impact on its future outlook.

Safety of airlines poses a major concern in the Sharvari year. All major airlines need to be vigilantespecially in domestic sector. Another area wherevigilance is needed is protection of airlines fromhijacking and other terrorist-driven threats. All theseissues are triggered by the adverse Moon-KetuConjunction in 3rd.

The beleaguered Real estate sector would come outof recession, and will be back on track, thanksmainly to the exaltation of Mars, which also forms afavourable yoga with Lagna lord, Venus in Navamsa.World class airports and World class Malls willbloom in the Indian landscape, for which the seedswould get sown in the Sharvari year.

Diseases of the chest, lung infections and diabeteswould be the major health issues in the ensuing Solaryear. People will be prone to depression and otherpsychiatric conditions. Yoga, Meditation and healthyDiet would improve the mental health, if followeddiligently during the course of this year. During theSummer months, an outbreak of typhoid appearslikely. Diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinsonsassume gargantuan levels. Neurological problemsbecome troublesome for the common man. Intakeof tonics would help overcome nervous-relatedcomplaints. Migraine and similar other complaintswould also be widespread. Appeasement of BudhaBhagwan (Mercury) through appropriate measureswould help. A breakthrough in management andcure of diabetes is on the cards, this Solar year. Itcould even be in the form of an oral pill which wouldreduce glucose levels in the body.

The housing sector which has been a laggard in thelast few years would register a quantum leap. Foreignconstruction companies would register theirpresence in India either directly or through the fundingroute .Structures comparable to Dubai Mall or BurjKhalifa would make their advent in India. The bullettrain would make its advent in routes other than theMumbai-Ahmadabad route, which is already inprogress.Bullet trains would also be madepossible through indigenous technology.

The government would generate copious fundsthrough sale of PSU undertakings, due to thepresence of Venus in its own house in the 2nd fromthe Sun.

Sharvariyear would be a year of mixed fortunes forsports in India. Men's Hockey team dazzles ininternational competitions. Virat Kohli and his menwould continue to generate laurels for Indian cricket.Boxing team does well in international meets. Indianplayers make their mark in Chess grand mastertourneys. Women make their mark in Badminton,Table Tennis and Billiards. A few disappointmentsare also in store for Sports in India, in general.

A landmark year is in store for diplomaticrelationships with foreign countries. Throughout theSharvari year (2020-21), the Indian flag would flyhigh in almost all global summits involving Heads ofCountries. At last, India would be recognized as aSuper power, which is capable of influencing thefuture of global civilization.

There will be friction in Indo-China ties. On theother hand, there would be bonhomie in Indo-US ties. Immigration policy of US towards Indiawould see a relaxation in norms. Manufacturingfacilities of US conglomerates would see a gradualshift from China to India.

Mortality rates will register a decline. There wouldbe fewer accidents, terrorist attacks and naturalcalamities in the Sharvari year. In other words,starting from April 2020, there would be greaterpe ace and pro sperit y. By and larg e, t headministration of the country would be smooth. Forthe tripartite coalition in Maharashtra, the secondhalf of 2020, could prove to be challenging from thetime of the transit of Sun into Gemini, till it leavesVirgo. POK would prove to be a bone of contentionfor both India as well as Pakistan. TheSecessionistmovement in Balochistan would gain momentum,challenging the unity and integrity of the country.

The era of automobiles running on hybrid engineswould make a sensational entry. Movement ofpassengers through two wheelers initiatedthrough mobile apps would be the biggestbusiness opportunity in 2020.

A series of blockbusters would hit the cinema screensin 2020. Indian actors get global recognition. Themovie industry in India is poised for sensationalgrowth. The stock market is headed for aphenomenal rise. Midcap and small cap shares which have remained subdued so far are poisedfor a sharp rise. In the run-up to the Union Budget2020, there will be heavy investments into Indianstocks by Foreign Institutional Investors and thiscoupled with Institutional buying would createfrenzied buying in the stocks. This, in turn, wouldtrigger a bullish run, which would last for most partof the solar year. Stocks of banking companieswould remain subdued, while PSU stocks steal thelimelight. Cement, Infrastructure and FMCG stockswould do well. Personal income tax rates would getreduced in the Union budget 2020. Incentives wouldbe given to women entrepreneurs. Military personneland ex-servicemen would get benefits throughbudgetary reforms.

Companies into Anti-Virus softwares wouldprofit considerably in the Sharvari year.Several man-days would be lost due to "VirusAttacks" and bugs. Consequently there would behuge demand for anti-virus softwares and similarapplications. Computer users need to be very carefuland protect themselves from malicious applicants.Fugitives and economic offenders would meetwith their waterloo in the Sharvari solar year.The law of Karma would catch up with criminals,who have evaded long period of time. Sharvari yearwould prove to be a year of Karmic retribution,where the good will be rewarded for their pastactions and bad punished for their past sins.

The climate would predominantly be on thecolder side. North America and Europe wouldsuffer from an abnormally cold winter with themercury touching an all-time low level.

Senior citizens would benefit from doles and othersocial security measures. Air travel and hospitalexpenses become cheaper for them. Some kind ofa pension scheme would be introduced to benefitsenior cit izens and make t hem financiallyindependent.

The Lunar eclipse of 5 June 2020 could trigger tidalwaves in the regions adjoining Thailand andIndonesia. It could trigger hostilities in the IndianSubcontinent, especially in the context of POK issue.London and Tokyo would also be affected by this eclipse.

The Solar eclipse of 21 June 2020 is visible in Congo,Ethiopia, Pakistan, India and China. It occurs inGemini. It could trigger tensions across the Indo-Pak border. Air safety must be ensured from 15thJune till 30th June in countries like Congo andEthiopia besides other countries in Africa. Terroristplots and Hijacking plots need to be prevented.

The Lunar eclipse of 5 July occurs in Sagittariusclose to Guru Poornima. This eclipse is visible inLondon, Paris, Algiers, Rio de Janeiro, Lagos,Mexico city, Santiago, New York, Caracas, Lisbon,Madrid, Los Angeles, Montreal, Washington D.Cand in other cities in North and West Europe. TheLunar eclipse of July 5 is adverse for the IndianSubcontinent and can trigger friction between Indiaand Pakistan. Overall this is a critical time for Indiaand security needs to be beefed up to avoid all kindsof threats.

The Lunar eclipse of November 30 occurs in Taurusand is visible in Melbourne, Hong Kong, Seoul,Sydney and Beijing. It could trigger widespreadprotests in Hong Kong as part of its issues with China.In Auckland, Taipei, Seoul andGuatemala, seismicactivity is possible. Landslides and Man-madecalamities also appear possible in places where thiseclipse is visible.

The eclipse which could affect the political climatein India would be the Solar eclipse on 14th December2020. This can create issues in the form of securitythreats and dangers emanating from anti-socialelements.

In all, there will be two solar eclipses and four lunareclipses in 2020. As recommended by scripturaltexts, doing Vedic remedies can greatly mitigate theharm that could be inflicted by eclipses of Sun and Moon.

Mood of anti-incumbency would prevail in Bihar. Apolitical re-alignment appears likely in the wake ofAssembly elections in Bihar. This is a challengingperiod for Nitish Kumar and the JD(U)government. Greater political stability appears onthe cards. Over the years, ISRO has brought laurels to thecountry with its successful launch of satellites and its achievements in the area of Space technology. In the year 2020-21, the program of ISRO couldsuffer a few setbacks. As the saying goes, "Failuresare the stepping stones to success". The lessonslearnt in Sharvari year would benefit them in theirfuture endeavors.

A difficult year is in store for Pakistan. The processof secession would erupt in Sind, Balochistan andother provinces. Financially, Pakistan will be at itslowest ebb. The clergy as well as the armed forcescould revolt against Imran Khan's leadership. POKmay slip out of Pakistan's hands. The solar year forPakistan would be marked by civil unrest and internalstrife. Imran khan will be on a sticky wicket.

For USA, this would be a significant year, being theyear of elections. Donald Trump would be on a comeback trail, having an edge over his Democrat rivals.Mood of belligerence would prevail in US over theiropponents in Middle East. The US may have toexercise its dominance over world affairs. Howeverthis might prove to be a pyrrhic victory in the sense,that the US would be loser in terms of resources,while pursuing this goal. A few disappointmentsare in store for the US in, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. European countries would pose a stiffchallenge and the US medal tally would getreduced. US would do well to win the NobelPrize in Physics. American actresses would getglobal recognition through Oscars and other globalawards.

American troupes would do well in music and theywould become proud recipients of Grammy awardsfor individual performances. Hurricanes andTyphoons would hit the central parts of US. Thecountry needs to beef up its security in a big way.Investors need to be wary of fluctuations in shareprices in Wall Street. A sinister plot is also indicatedby Rahu in Gemini in the rising sign of the solar chartfor USA. Therefore the country needs to be vigilantin terms of external threats. Summing up, this wouldbe a highly challenging year for Trump and for theUS in general. There would be a completebreakdown of ties between Beijing andWashington, and more curbs would beprescribed for Chinese imports into USA. Manyof the manufacturing facilities of USA would beshifted to other countries.In this process, India wouldbe a major beneficiary.

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