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Solar New Year "Krodhi"
(13 April 2024 - 14 April 2025)
Dr.CH.D.Ravindra Nath

Lagna lord Mars placed in 4th indicates general well-being to all people. Good cooperation and coordination between the Rulers and the Ruled will happen. Third and Fourth lord Saturn placed in own house indicates the scope of many NRIs returning to their home-land for better prospects. Good time for aged parents. Joining of Venus with Rahu gives scope for more number of inter-caste, inter-religious, anti-traditional and overseas marriages this year. 10th lord Sun in exaltation indicates increase of employment opportunities and opening of new vistas in employment-creation.

Panchanga Sravanam
Solar New Year 'Krodhi'

The Solar New Year ,"Krodhi" begins on 13 April 2024 at 09.15 hrs and runs for 366 days upto 03.21AM on 14 April 2025, followed by the year "Viswavasu" (As per Chitra Paksha Ayanamsa - Sagar's Ephemeris). This year starts on Chaitra Suddha Shashti Tithi on Saturday in Mrigasira birth star in Sobhana yoga and Kaulava Karana in Scorpio (Vrischika) lagna.
The summum bonum of Krodhi Solar New Year as per Vedic scriptures is:
Avisantatayaha Krodhi vatsare sasya vruddhayaha//
Dampatyorvyryamunonum nrupancha parasparam//

Crops will grow sumptuously, and there will be personal enemity and distrust among the Rulers and also between the couples in general this year.
In the Solar New Year Krodhi, as per Vedic dicta, a gigantic cloud named "Varuna" will emerge from Northwest side to the mighty mountain Meru, resulting in heavy floods, inundation and loss of life. (Meru Peak is a mountain located in the Garhwal Himalayas, in the state of Uttarakhand in India).

When planet Sun transits into Aries (its exalted house), the Solar New year starts. Sun has received Vargottama this year, having placed in Aries in Navamsa also. This can confer many positive results.

Lagna lord Mars placed in 4th indicates general well being to all people. Good cooperation and coordination between the Rulers and the Ruled will happen. But since Mars is joining with Saturn, developmental activity in infrastructure and big projects will go in a slow pace. Tense situation in Borders will prevail. Military domination prevails, and public unrest paves the way for toppling of popular governments by military junta. This is very much likely in South Asia & African countries.

Second lord Jupiter placed in 6th indicates heavy expenditure from private and public sources, resulting in deficit finance from Government and also from public in general. Government and Citizens would generally suffer from debt-trap. Danger from enemies is also on cards. New kind of ailments due to strange viruses will cause high level of health hazards.

Third and Fourth lord Saturn placed in own house indicates the scope of many NRIs returning to their home-land for better prospects. Good time for aged parents. They can expect more love and care from their children. Automobile industries will have bright future. Many people will have their own dwelling this year, either through Govt schemes or from their own source. Low-cost housing comes into limelight.

5th lord Jupiter placed in 6th indicates reduction in population-growth rate. Number of Caesarian births will increase. Rahu placed in 5th gives scope for surrogate births. Exalted Venus in 5th causes more number of female births.

6th lord Mars placed in 4th creates threat of war, mutual suspicion and distrust among the countries. All countries try to increase their military strengths. New kind of diseases will make people suffer. IMF and World Bank will have tough time in handling the lending policy.

7th lord Venus in exaltation indicates good time for bachelors. Joining of Venus with Rahu gives scope for more number of inter-caste, inter-religious, anti-traditional and overseas marriages this year. 7th lord Moon placed in 8th gives scope for more number of accidents to travellers. Likelihood of celebrities involving in road accidents will increase,

8th lord Mercury in debilitation increases death-rate and tells adversely on the longevity of public. Rahu-Mercury conjunction indicates more number of untimely deaths.

9th lord Moon in 8th tells adversely about anti-religious and anti-traditional attitude of the public. Tourism and hospitality sectors will have tough times in this year.

10th lord Sun in exaltation indicates increase of employment opportunities and opening of new vistas in employment creation. Good time for the unemployed, as Construction of new factories, Software, Service sector, Real estate boom will increase job potential.

11th lord Mercury in debilitation gives adverse results in Banking, Securities and Stock market fronts. One or more Public Sector Banks would go bankrupt. Bearish tendency in Stock market will tilt the fortunes of many investors.

12th lord in exaltation leads to excessive spending both by public and private sectors. People need to spend more on family healthcare. Excessive spending for showing false prestige and usage of Narcotics in much quantities is on cards.

No eclipse is visible in India. This year, no Solar or Lunar eclipse occurs, which is visible in India.

The Year Krodhi is:
  • 38th in the 60 year cycle of years, which starts from Prabhava.
  • 5122nd of Kaliyuga in 28th Mahayuga of Vyvasvata Manvantara which is 7th in Svethavaraha kalpa.
  • 1946th of Salivahana Saka
  • 2078th of Vikramarka Saka.
  • 2093rd of Adisankaracharya Saka
  • 1006rd of Sriramanujacharya Saka
  • 906th of Madhvacharya Saka.
  • 196,58,85,121th from the start of the Universe.
Samvatsara Phala basing on birthstar
Birth StarResult
AswiniPushyaSwathiAbhijitIncrease of longevity
BharaniAsleeshaVisakhaSravanaMonetary gains
KrittikaMakhaAnuradhaDhanishtaMental worries
RohiniP.PhalguniJyeshtaSatabishaRoyal favour
MrigasiraU.PhalguniMoolaPurvabhadraThreat of war/enmity
ArudraHastaPurvashadaUttarabhadraPossession of precious goods
Punarvasu Chitra Uttarashada RevatiThreat of ailment

Pushkara Celebrations to Reva (Narmada) river: This year, Jupiter enters into Taurus on 01 May 2024 at 1:00 PM. Hence, Pushkara celebrations to river Narmada will start from then on till 12 May 2024. This river flows through Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat between Vindhya and Satpura hill ranges, before falling into the Gulf of Cambay in the Arabian Sea about 10 km North of Bharuch, Gujarat. It is the 5th longest river and overall the longest west-flowing river in India. It is also the largest flowing river in the state of Madhya Pradesh.It is also known as the "Life Line of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat" due to its huge contribution to the two States in many ways. The Narmada River rises from the Amarkantak Plateau in Anuppur district of Madhya Pradesh. It forms the traditional boundary between North India and South India. There are many stories about the origin of the Narmada River. According to the Reva Khand, the Narmada was created from Shiva's perspiration, while he was performing penance on Mount Riksha. Due to this, the Narmada River is known as Shiva's daughter. In another legend, two tear drops fell from the eyes of Brahma, the creator of the universe, which resulted in the birth of the sacred river Narmada and Sun, the chief of the Solar system.

Narmada is also considered sacred, because of the pebbles known as Bana-linga, that are found on the river bed. The pebbles are made up of White quartz and are linga-shaped. They are believed to be the personified form of Shiva and there is a popular saying, "Narmada Ke Kanker utte Sankar", which means that 'Shiva is in the pebbles of Narmada'. Important towns on the banks of the river Narmada are Jabalpur, Narmadapuram, Omkareshwar, Dewas, Mandla and Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh, and Rajpipla and Bharuch in Gujarat. Ancients call Narmada river as "Rewa".It has been an important trade route connecting Kaushal, Prayag, Banaras, Pataliputra, etc. to western and southern India.

Fixation of Nine Lords Every Year (Pratyapda Nava Nayakadi Nirnayam)
This will be done as per the following sloka:
Chaitradi Mesha hari karkataka chapa yugma |
Raudrarkha tauli makareshucha caasareha ||
Dhanyargha megha rasa neerasapa kramena |||

1. Vatsaradi VaaaradhipathiKing (the lord of the day will be the lord of the year. Chaitra Krishnapaksha Padyami Tithi)Tuesday--Mars
2. Mesha Samkramana VaradhipathiMinister--Saturday--Saturn
3. Simha Samkramana Varadhipathi Army Chief--Friday--Venus
4. Karkataka Samkramana VaradhipathiLord of the Crops--Tuesday--Mars
5. 5. Dhanus Samkramana VaradhipathiLord of the grains--Sunday--Sun
6. Mithuna Samkramana VaradhipathiLord of the arghya--Friday--Venus
7. Arudra Pravesha Varadhipathi Lord of the clouds--Friday--Venus
8. Tula Samkramana Varadhipathi Rasadhipathi--Thursday--Jupiter
9. Makara Samkramana Varadhipathi Neerasadhipathi--Tuesday--Mars

Brihat Samhitha explained in detail the effects of each planet having particular portfolio; some of the important ones among them are
Agni taskara rogamya nrupa vigrahata brusham |
Hatasasya bahru vyavo bhaume varshadhipesati ||

Mars is the king: there will be enmity with the king. There will be fear from fire, thieves and diseases. The land may be barren without crops. The number of snakes will increase much to the agony of the people.

Saturn is the Minister: Belated and untimely rainfall happens. People entertain sinful thoughts. They suffer with some kind of illness or ailment through out the year. Positive results will be very low and very much delayed, all through the year.

Venus is the Chief of Army: Rains will be above normal. Prices of essential commodities will soar high. Men and women involve in gratification of their cornal pleasures.

Mars is the Lord of crops: Good harvest and high yield of Red grams, Bengal grams, black grams and all kind of cereals, because of abundant rainfall.

Sun is the lord of the Crops: Moderate rains will shower. Crops will yield less produce. Red soils will give more yield.

Venus is the Lord of Arghyas (Valuable and pious things): Rise of prices of major essential commodities like rice, wheat, jowar etc., White-colored crops will yield good yield

Venus is the Lord of Clouds: Flourishing of dairy farms in this year, as the cattle ensures abundant supply of milk all through the year.

Jupiter is the Lord of Rasa: Good crops from fruit-bearing flora of Mango, Guava, Apple, Pineapple, Manikara Zapota(Sapota) etc.,

Mars is the Neerasaadhipathi: Excess usage of Deer musk (Kasturi) Copper, Red Sandalwood, Coral/ Ruby, Saffron flower like fancy items, by public in general.

Upanayakas for this year
Purohith(Advisor)Day-lord of Vrushabha SankramanaMarsGood indications for people at the helm of affairs. They can keep the opposition at bay.
Examiner Day-lord of Kanya SankramanaMoonWomen in decision making positions will flourish. Their decisions will get ratified soon.
Accountant Day-lord of Kumbha SankramanaVenus Demand for Accounting and Finance professional will be high. Persons in this profession will flourish..
Ruler of villages Day-lord of Vrischika SamkaramanaSunPeople will be disciplined. Agitations and protests will be under control.
Daivagna Day-lord of Meena SankramamaVenusAstrological predictions may not be accurate.
Head of State Day-lord of Simha SankramanaVenusRains will be above normal. Prices of essential commodities will soar high. People will become very sensuous.
Lord of elephants Day-Lord of Mesha SankramanaMarsDanger to elephants.
Lord of animals Day-lord of Simha SankramanaVenusAnimals increase in number.
Lord of clothes Day-lord of Kumbha SankramanaVenusPeople spend more on clothing,attire and fancy goods.
Lord of Gems Day-lord of Dhanus SankramanSunGovernment imposes control on possession of jewellery to individuals.
Lord of Horses Day-lord of Chitra Shukla PadyamiSaturnTough time for horses.

Vastu Kartari & Agni Kartari: This time is prohibited for construction activities as per Vedic Astrology. Transit of Sun in Bharani-3 to Rohini-2 Asterism is called as Vastu Kartari. This year on 4th May 2024, Sun enterts 3rd pada of Bharani Asterism. It enters Rohini-2 on May 28 at 8.08PM. This Vastu Kartari period prohibits Ground-breaking ceremonies for any construction activities. But House-warming ceremonies can be carried out.

Agni Kartari period is reckoned as per the transit of Sun in Krittika & Rohini asterisms. From 11 May 2024 (12.34 PM) to 4th June (08.46AM), Sun transits in Krittika and Rohini asterisms. In this period, digging of wells, construction of houses with grass and palmyrah leaves are prohibited.

Inauspicious time for marriages etc: Auspicious benefic planets Jupiter and Saturn, when conjunct with Sun during their transit, will become powerless and loose their benefic nature. Hence this period is not good for auspicious functions. This year from 05 May 2024 to 01 June 2024 Jupiter is conjunct with Sun, resulting in Guru Moudhyami.
Likewise, Venus conjuncts with Sun from 28 April 2024 to 10 July 2024, and again from 19 March 2025 to 26 March 2025. This will be called as "Sukra Moudhyami. However, this principle is not followed in Karnataka and many other Northern States.

Rasi-wise predictions in Quantum
Birth RasiIncomeExpenditureRoyal favourDishonour

Kamdaya Phalas


How to interpret Kamdaya Phala
Odd Number indicates money gains, Even Number indicates medium gains, and Zero gives nil results. Zero in 1st column indicates diseases, middle Zero tensions, and in the last column indicates threat from Government or higher-ups.

In view of general elections in India and USA in the year 2024, let us examine the Solar New Year Krodhi's overall effect on Celebrities. General Elections in India are due, during April/May 2024 and US Presidential Elections are scheduled on 5, Nov 2024.

NameDesignationBirth StarBirth RasiRoyal favourDishonourKandaya Phalas
Narendra Modi Prime Minister of IndiaAnuradhaScorpio8142 2 3
Rahul GandhiLeader of Congress Party JyesthaScorpio14145 0 1
Amit ShahHome Minister of IndiaBharaniAries435 2 3
Joe BidenPresident of United States of America AswiniAries432 1 0
Donald Trump President of Republican party in USAJyesthaScorpio14145 0 1
Revanth Reddy Chief Minister of Telangana ChittaLibra151 2 4
K.Chand rasekahara RaoLeader of opposition in TelanganaAsleshaCancer662 0 4
Jagan mohan ReddyChief Minister of Andhra PradeshArudraGemini361 0 0
Chandra babu NaiduOpposition Leader of Andhra Pradesh PurvashadaSagittarius753 2 2
Mamata BanarjeeChief Minister of West BengalKrittikaTaurus730 0 1

Other predictions for India:
  • Out of 9 Nava Nayakas, 4 are benefics and 5 are malefics. In Upanayakas, benefics are more than malefics. Hence, this year Krodhi bestows all kinds of virtues to the people.
  • This year, from 1st May onwards, Jupiter's transit in Taurus gives financial stability to the country.
  • Major fire accidents are likely in the first quarter of the Krodhi year.
  • Vegetables and food items will become costly. Particularly, prices of Onion, potato and Tomatos will soar high.
  • Performance of Educational institutions will be better than last year.
  • Conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Aquarius leads to spreading of smallpox, chickenpox and other new viruses.
  • Crime rate will be less than last year.
  • Government exchequer will overflow with revenues from Direct and Indirect taxes, particularly GST collections will fill the coffers.
  • Transit of Saturn in Satabhisha will result in troubles to Cabinet Ministers, Advisors to Govts. Also natural calamities are likely to occur in Bengal, Kashmir and Orissa States. Likewise, transit of Saturn in Purvabhadra is likely to create instability in Tamilnadu State.
  • Birth-rate will decrease, and death-rate will increase, resulting in more number of young and middle aged persons in large numbers in the population.
  • New kind of ailments due to unknown virus will make the people suffer for long time.

Quarterly predictions for India

April to June 2024: Conjunction of three planets and four planets cause major fire accidents, road accidents. Change of Party in power is indicated in Andhra Pradesh. BJP will fare badly in J&K Assembly polls scheduled in May 2024.

July to Sept.2024: Cosmopolitan cities in India will receive excessive rainfall and people will suffer. Bihar, Gujarat, Uttaranchal and UP States will suffer heavily, due to excessive rain fall.

Oct. to Dec.2024: Retrograde Mars in Pushya-3 in Cancer rasi would cause fire accidents/ earth quakes in Nepal, Bhutan and China. In India, North and North-eastern States will suffer with antisocial/ terrorist activities. Curfew needs to be clamped a number of times.

Jan to March 2025: Shashtastaka placement of Jupiter with Mercury in January 2025 is indicating health issues to top businessmen in India.Boom period for Stock market. Sensex will rise to new heights.

Global Trends

Foundation horoscope of USAAscendant Scorpio rises in Anuradha-2, at the start of the Solar New Year. The U.S. is a country of 50 States with GDP growth rate of 5.9% with present GDP of 23.32 lakh crores US Dollars. The American economy is fueled by high productivity, a well-developed transportation infrastructure, and extensive natural resources. Americans have the highest average household and employee incomes. In the Krodhi New, Year US Government is likely to concentrate in Transparency & Accountability in public dealings, Arms Control and Non-proliferation, Climate Crisis, Combating Drugs and Crime, Countering Terrorism. Cyber Issues, Economic Prosperity and Trade Policy. Planetary position is very much favourable to US government in this regard.

Foundation Horoscope of China Sagittarius lagna rises in Purvashada-3, in Beijing, at the stroke of Solar New Year. China has strict Capital controls, which makes it challenging for people to transfer wealth outside the country. Such controls are meant to enable the Central Bank to stabilize the value of the Currency, without having to resort to massive Currency market intervention. Still, Capital controls haven't stopped people from moving large amounts of money, out of China. Wealthy Chinese have moved hundreds of billions of Dollars out of China. They have purchased foreign apartments, Equities, and Insurance properties. They have become the principal buyers of expensive apartments in Tokyo. London and New York are also popular destinations.
This is probably because US Interest Rates have risen sharply, boosting the attractiveness of dollar-denominated bonds and other instruments. Secondly, the principal form of wealth in China is residential property, and property prices have declined. Moreover, there is uncertainty about the future direction of property prices, considering the troubled nature of the market. Thus, foreign property has become more popular. Also, Chinese are worried about the troubled relationship that China has with the West and its impact on China's future prosperity. Outflow of Capital and Investments from China to other countries are very much indicated in this year.

Foundation Horoscope of Japan Sagittarius lagna in Moola-2 rises at the start of this solar new year in Tokyo. The economy of Japan is highly developed and advanced. It is the fourth-largest in the world by nominal GDP and also the fourth-largest by purchasing power parity. Japan is also the world's second-largest automobile manufacturing country. The Japanese economy faces considerable challenges posed by an aging and declining population, which peaked at 128 million in 2010 and has fallen to 125.5 million as of 2022. Projections show the population will continue to fall, potentially to below 100 million by the middle of the 21st century. It is very much likely that Japanese Government takes steps to increase its population by announcing populist schemes to eligible couples.

Foundation Horoscope of Srilanka Scorpio lagna with Anuradha-4 is rising in Colombo. This is a peninsular country. In April 2022, the Sri Lankan government announced that it was defaulting, making it the first sovereign default in Sri Lankan history, since its independence in 1948 and the first State in the Asia-Pacific region to enter sovereign default in the 21st Century. This country ran short of fuel for essential services such as buses, trains and medical vehicles, because it did not have enough reserves of foreign currency to import any more. The fuel shortage caused Petrol and Diesel prices to rise dramatically. In June last year, the government banned the sale of Petrol and Diesel for non-essential vehicles for two weeks. Sales of fuel remain severely restricted. Schools had to close, and people were asked to work from home to help conserve supplies. Sri Lanka owes about $7bn (5.7bn) to China and around $1bn to India. Last month, both these countries agreed to restructure their loans, giving Sri Lanka more time to repay them. Apart from this, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has agreed to lend Sri Lanka $3bn. That is on top of a $600m loan that the World Bank made last year. Sri Lanka's government says that it will raise funds to repay its debts by restructuring state-owned enterprises and privatising the national airline. Second lord Jupiter placed in the 6th indicates heavy expenditure from private and public sources resulting in deficit finance from Government and also from public in general. Government and Citizens generally suffer from debt trap.There is no indication for Sri Lanka getting relief from this Debt trap.


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