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By Vandana Dev Khatar

Significant Transits of Planets in 2019, making notable impact on Share Market

Jupiter : Jupiter will be transiting through Scorpio sign till 29th March; thereafter, it will enter Sagittarius sign (in Atichara) and remain there till 22nd April. It will transit in retrograde motion from 10th April and will assume Direct motion on 11th August. It will enter Sagittarius sign on 4th November. It will set in the West on 15th December.

Saturn : Saturn will transit through Sagittarius sign throughout the year. It will transit in retrograde motion from 30th April and will assume Direct motion on 18th September. It will rise in the East on 19th January and will set in the West on 27th December.

Rahu / Ketu : Rahu and Ketu (Mean) will transit in Cancer and Capricorn upto 7th March and then move into Gemini and Sagittarius respectively, and will remain there till the year-end.

Uranus : Uranus will transit in Aries sign throughout the year. It will attain Direct motion on 6th January and will assume retrograde motion on 12th August.

Neptune : Neptune will transit in Aquarius throughout the whole year. Neptune will move in retrograde motion from 21st June to 27th November.

Pluto :  Pluto will transit in Sagittarius throughout the whole year. Pluto will move in retrograde motion from 24th April to 3rd October.

Mars :  Mars will move in Direct motion throughout the year. It will set in the West on 11th July and rise in the East on 23rd October.

Venus : Venus will move in Direct motion throughout the year. It will set in the East on 19th July and rise in the West on 29th September.

Mercury Set and Rise dates
Set Rise
08th January 16th February
08th March 21st March
10th May 01st June
13th July 29th July
22th August 20th September
06th November 17th November
18th December

Mercury Retrograde & Direct motion dates
Retrograde Direct
05th March 28th March
07th July 01st August
31st October 20th November
These are significant dates in stocks of banking, finance, FMCG, publications and commodity trading.

Jupiter's transit in various constellations
Since the beginning of the year to 29th March Jyeshta
29th March to 22nd April Moola
22nd April to 4th Nov Jyeshta
4th Nov. till year end Moola

Saturn's transit in various constellations
Since the beginning of the year till 26th Dec P.Sshadha
26th Dec. till year-end U.Shadha

Dates of close conjunction of two planets
Date Planets Sign
02nd Jan Sun & Saturn Sagittarius
13th Jan Mercury & Saturn Sagittarius
22nd Jan Venus & Jupiter Scorpio
30th Jan Sun & Mercury Capricorn
18th Feb Venus & Saturn Sagittarius
15th March Sun & Mercury Pisces
21st May Sun & Mercury Taurus
14th June Mars & Rahu Gemini
16th June Mercury & Rahu Gemini
18th June Mars & Mercury Gemini
10th July Sun& Rahu Gemini
21st July Sun & Mercury Cancer
25st July Mercury & Venus Cancer
14th August Sun & Venus Cancer
24th August Mars & Venus Leo
02nd September Sun & Mars Leo
03rd September Mars & Mercury Leo
13th September Mercury & Venus Virgo
11th November Sun & Mercury Libra
24th November Jupiter & Venus Sagittarius
11th December Venus & Saturn Sagittarius
27th December Sun & Jupiter Sagittarius

Three planets conjunction dates
Sun, Mercury & Saturn1st Jan to 14th Jan Sagittarius
Sun, Mercury & Ketu20th Jan to 7th FebCapricorn
Jupiter, Saturn & Ketu29th Mar to 21st AprSagittarius
Mars, Mercury & Rahu1st Jun to 19th JunGemini
Sun, Venus & Rahu29th Jun to 16th JulGemini
Sun, Mercury & Mars16th Jul to 29th JulCancer
Sun, Mars & Venus23rd Jul to 7th AugCancer
Sun, Mercury & Venus3rd Aug to 15th AugCancer
Sun, Mars & Venus16th Aug to 8th SepLeo
Sun, Mercury & Venus17th Sep to 28th SepVirgo
Sun, Mars & Venus25th Sep to 3rd OctVirgo
Sun, Mars & Mercury25th Sep to 29th SepVirgo
Sun, Mercury & Venus17th Oct to 22nd OctLibra

Four planets conjunction
Sun, Mars, Mercury & Rahu 15th Jun to 19th Jun Gemini
Sun, Mars, Mercury & Venus 23rd Jul to 29th Jul Cancer
Sun, Mars, Mercury & Venus 3rd Aug to 7th Aug Cancer
Sun, Mars, Mercury & Venus 26th Aug to 8th Sep Leo
Sun, Mars, Mercury & Venus 25th Sep to 29th SepVirgo
Jupiter, Saturn, Ketu & Venus 21st Nov to 15th Dec Sagittarius
Sun, Jupiter, Saturn & Ketu 16th Dec to 13th Jan Sagittarius



The chief planet of business and trade, Mercury, will enter Moola nakshtra (Sagittarius sign) on 1st January and conjoin Sun & Saturn. Venus is also conjoining Jupiter in Scorpio sign on 1st January. This is an important phenomenon, as Sagittarius is a Fiery sign and Scorpio is a Watery sign.

Volatility will be witnessed in the market. Mercury will create Bullishness in the stocks of IT, Banking, Logistics (Gati, Blue Dart), Textiles (Raymonds, Bombay Dyeing) and Broking (JMFL, Edelweiss, MOSL, IIFL) sector companies. Traders are advised to book the profit in gainful positions. Increase in the demand of the Bullion & Mustard will be noticed on 3rd. 5th Jan is Amavasya falling on Saturday. Commodity market will see positive interest in Steel, Mustard, Crude and Leather. Till 16th, the stocks of IT, Pharma and Finance sector companies may see Downtrend. Sun will move to Capricorn sign on 14th and thereby conjoin Ketu. This will add fuel in the commodity items and the stocks related to Sugar, jaggery, Wheat, Cotton, Textiles and Alcohol (UBL, McDowell, Radico) sector companies.


First week is likely to witness Downtrend in the Indices.Mercury will enter Aquarius sign on 7th. Saturn's aspect on Mercury will set Bullish tone after volatility. Sun will move to Aquarius on 13th and will add fuel to the Bullishness in the Indices. Mercury will rise in the West on 16th and Sun will enter Satabisha nakshatra on 19th. Oil, Textiles, Sugar, Gold & Silver will witness upsurge in prices. Short selling the stocks of Nifty 50, Petroleum, Crude & Petrol sector companies on 21st will not be a good strategy, as the rates are likely to fall only for a short while, to rise sooner than expected. The lord of banking and trading, Mercury, will move to Pisces sign on 25th. It will receive fifth aspect of Jupiter in Scorpio. Excess supply will pull down the prices of Banking, Insurance (HDFC, SBI, ICICI) and FMCG (ITC, HindUni, Marico) sector companies. Last three days of the month will witness demand in the stocks of IT, Media and Pharma sector companies.


Cement, Automobiles and Realty sector companies will remain under pressure till 6th.Mercury will attain retrograde motion from 5th onwards. Also Venus will enter Sravan nakshatra on the same day. Market trend is likely to reverse due to this phenomenon. With the conjunction of Ketu with Saturn in Sagittarius sign, the Bullion market will show lower levels, to soar higher soon thereafter. Retrograde Mercury will set in the West on 8th. This will add fuel in the fire. Sun will enter Pisces sign on 14th and thereby will get aspect from Jupiter. This astrophenomenon will generate oversupply in the Bullion & commodities market and cause the prices to fall down. Retrograde Mercury will enter Aquarius and will get aspected by Saturn. The indices will move upwards, after showing some volatility. Venus will conjoin Mercury on 21st in Aquarius. This conjunction will receive third aspect from Saturn. It seems Bullishness in the market will continue. The stocks of IT (Infosys, TCS), Automobiles (Ashok Leyland, Maruti), Petro (IPCL, HPCL) and Cement sector companies will contribute in the uptrend. Crude will show Bullish attitude after 24th .


On 10th April, Jupiter will turn retrograde, while transiting through Sagittarius sign and conjoin with Saturn & Ketu. This combination of three planets will receive eighth aspect from Mars in Taurus. The market is likely to face volatile trend with bearish undercurrent. Prudent & experienced traders should keep booking profit in the gainful positions. Sun will enter Aswini nakshatra, Aries sign on 14th. Jupiter's aspect on Sun will create abundance in the stocks of FMCG (ITC, HindUni, Emami), Bullion and PSU (SBI, MOIL ONGC, NTPC) companies. Over-supply will result in fall in the rates of these sectors. Venus will enter exalted sign Pisces and will conjoin Mercury in its debilitated sign. This astral phenomenon will create volatility in FMCG, Rice, Gold and Silver sector stocks. Nifty futures will be dominated by the Bears. Retrograde Jupiter will enter Scorpio on 22nd and thereby aspect Mars from seventh aspect. Mars will aspect it's own sign Scorpio & Jupiter placed in it. Volatile political scenario will create ripples in the stock market. First three weeks of April seems to be Bearish. Trend reversal, especially in the stocks of Steel (JSW Steel, Tata Steel), Automobiles (Tata Motors, TVS Motors, Maruti) and Petroleum (HPCL, BPCL, MGL, IGL) sector, is likely to be observed after 22nd.


Mars will conjoin Rahu in Gemini sign on 7th. Saturn is opposite to Mars in Sagittarius sign. Market is likely to witness high level of volatility with Bullish tone. Intraday and short term traders should stay alert. Tight stoploss orders should be put in the system, to avoid losses. The stocks of Power, Electrical, Explosives, Defence, Gold, Textiles and Sugar sector companies will be in demand. Venus will enter Aries sign on 10th and thereby conjoin Sun & Mercury already transiting through Aries sign. FMCG and Capital goods sector companies will become darling of the traders. Bullion will also see upsurge in demand. Sun will form seventh aspect with Jupiter on 15th. Sudden upsurge in the Indices will be noticed. The Bulls will dominate the market from 18th due to Mercury's transit and conjunction with Sun in Taurus sign. Mercury will move to Rohini nakshatra on 23rd. After witnessing short span of sudden bullishness, the bears will gradually take the matter in their hands. Smart traders will start offloading their gainful positions.


Mercury will rise in the West and enter its own sign Gemini on 1st and conjoin Mars & Rahu. These two planets will transit opposite to conjunction of Saturn & Rahu. This astral phenomenon will add fuel to the fire. The Bulls are likely to make money. Mars will enter Punarvasu nakshatra on 7th. Rahu is already transiting through Punarvasu nakshatra. Spike in the rates of Textiles (Raymonds, Dollar Ind, Page Ind), Silver, Steel (JSW, Tata Steel, SAIL), Affordable housing (Ganesh Housing, Ashiana) and Automobiles stocks will be witnessed. Sun will enter Gemini on 15th and conjoin Mars, Mercury and Rahu. Rumours will create volatility in the market. Agriculture sector-related companies are likely to see losses. The Bulls should stay careful. Last trading day of the month, 28th, will give relief to the Bulls. IT, Electronics, Infra and Banking sector companies will contribute in upmove.


Venus will enter Arudra nakshtra. Saturn will aspect Venus from Sagittarius. Grains market will observe sudden bearishness. Mercury in Cancer will turn retrograde on 7th. Stocks of Banking, Insurance, Finance, Home Loans (LIC HF, GIC HF, L&T FH), Logistics (Gati, Blue Dart) and Brokerage firm will witness upsurge in the demand. FIIs are likely to start taking interest in the Indian markets. The stocks of Steel, Cement, Heavy Industries (Reliance Industries, L&T) and Realty sector will contribute in upmove. Sun will enter Cancer sign on 16th and conjoin with Mercury & Mars. This combination of three planets will get ninth aspect from Jupiter. Smart traders will start booking profits in the gainful positions, as the market is likely to feel sudden bearish sentiments till 19th. The market will show volatile moods from 22nd to 26th; thereafter the prudent and seasoned investors will make use of buying opportunities at low levels. The last week of the month is likely to witness positive sentiments.


Nifty and other stocks' futures contracts are likely to go through volatility, as Sun enters Ashlesha nakshtra on 3rd. Mercury will enter again in Cancer sign on 3rd and conjoin Sun, Mars & Venus. Mars will move to Leo on 8th and will aspect Jupiter in Scorpio. The stocks of Copper (Hindustan Copper), MCX Copper, Sugar (Balrampur Chini, EID Parry) and Bullions will rise. Jupiter will resume Direct motion in Scorpio on 11th. F&O segment may see sluggishness, whereas cash equity will rise, after showing brief Downtrend. Sun will enter Leo on 17th and conjoin Mars & Venus. Market will remain stable and this will help the Bulls. It is always better to keep booking the profit in gainful positions. Short-term Bullishness is indicated on 26th, when Mercury enters Makha nakshatra & Leo sign. It will conjoin Sun, Mars & Venus. Good upmove will keep the Bulls happy. The stocks of woollen garments (Monte Carlo, Lux Ind) will be seen in demand.


Mercury will enter Uttara Phalguni nakshatra on 9th. Venus is already transiting through the same nakshatra. Stocks of Rice (KRBL, Daawat), FMCG (ITC, HindUni), Woollen clothes (Monte Carlo, Lux Ind) and Nightwears (Lovable, Page, Ashapura) will see rise in demand, whereas the stocks of IT, Media, Pharma & Finance sector companies may see downtrend. Sun will enter Virgo sign on 17th and will conjoin Mercury & Venus. Saturn will aspect this combination of three planets. Stock market, especially the stocks of Marico, Radico, Delta Corp and Emami will witness Bullishness, but the grains will see downtrend. Saturn in Sagittarius will attain Direct motion on 18th. The stock market indices will witness Bearish influence. Volatility with Bullish undercurrent in commodities and stock market will be seen on 25th when Mars enters Virgo to conjoin Sun, Venus & Mercury. This combination will receive aspect from Saturn. Rumours will help the Bulls on 29th, when Mercury occupies Libra sign.


On 3rd, Venus will enter its own sign Libra and conjoin Mercury. The Bulls will get many reasons to cheer. Profit booking should be done before 8th as the market is likely to go downwards from 8th to 11th due to selling pressure in Steel, Cement (ACC, Ultratech), Automobiles (Maruti, TVS) and Heavy Engineering (L&T, Reliance) sector companies. Thereafter, volatility and nervousness will be observed till 16th. Market will remain stabilised, till Venus enters Visakha nakshatra on 20th. This a Bearish phenomenon for futures & options segment. Mercury will conjoin Jupiter in Scorpio on 23rd. This will make the Bears and the short sellers cheerful. Trend change is possible on 23rd, due to rise of Mars in the East. Mercury will move in retrograde motion from 31st.Last day of the month will witness rise in the banking stocks.


On 4th, Jupiter will enter Moola nakshatra and conjoin Ketu & Saturn in Fiery sign Sagittarius. This combination will get aspect from Mars. Bullish trend will bring smile on the lips of long term investors and bullish traders. This is the time to ride the wave. Edible oils & Soya (Emami, Adani, Ruchi Soya), FMCG (ITC, HindUni ), Sugar (EID Perry, Balrampur), Gold, Copper and Silver sector companies will see upside in the demand. Mercury will move in retrograde motion from 15th. This is a Bearish phenomenon. Sun will enter Scorpio sign on 16th and will conjoin Venus. Woollen and garments sector companies (Page, Lux, Monte Carlo) will witness surge in demand. Slowdown in abovementioned sectors will be noticed from 20th. On 21st, four planets will conjoin in Sagittarius sign, due to entry of Venus in Sagittarius. F&O segment traders are advised to make use of short term bullishness and to keep booking profits. November seems to be a Bearish month, lacking buying enthusiasm.


On 1st, Venus will enter Poorva Ashadha and join Saturn & Ketu in the same nakshatra. Sun will enter Jyeshta on 3rd. Entry of Mercury on 7th in Anuradha nakshatra is indicating that the market will experience Bearish sentiments till 13th, though signs of improvement will be visible from 10th onwards. On 15th, two important astral phenomenon will take place. Jupiter will set in the West and Venus will enter Capricorn sign. Mars will aspect Venus. This will attract the investors and the Bulls in the market. Indices will see upsurge in the value. On 16th, Sun will enter Sagittarius and conjoin with Jupiter, Ketu & Saturn. This will trigger significant political, financial & global events. Traders are cautioned to act swiftly. Stocks of Pharma, IT, Automobiles and Finance sector are likely to see improvement till 20th. Crude is likely to see upsurge in the rates. The stocks of oil & gas companies (BPCL, HPCL, IPCL, IGL, MGL) are likely to undergo financial losses, due to increase in cost price. Mars, on 25th, will enter it's own sign Scorpio and Mercury will enter Sagittarius & conjoin with Sun, Jupiter, Ketu and Saturn. Although this will set bullish tone in the markets, yet the investors & the traders will not show buying enthusiasm in the last month of the year.


These inferences are purely based on planetary conditions. Neither the editor/publisher, nor the author is responsible for any loss. These astrological inferences are neither an invitation nor a suggestion / recommendation to trade in the Stock Market. Consult the Registered Financial Advisor, before investing. The author may have invested in a few of the above mentioned stocks.



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