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By Vandana Devah Khatar

Significant Transits of Planets in 2022, making notable impact on Share Market

Jupiter : Since the beginning of the year, Jupiter will be transiting through Aquarius sign. It will move to Pisces sign on 13th April. On 28th July, it will resume Retrograde motion, and on 23rd November, it will resume Direct motion. It will set in the West on 24th February, and will rise in the East on 26th March.

Saturn : Since the beginning of the year, Saturn will be transiting through Capricorn sign and will enter Aquarius on 29th April. It will assume Retrograde motion on 4th June, and will re-enter Capricorn sign on 12th July. It will resume Direct motion on 23rd October. It will set in West direction on 19th January, and will rise in East direction on 21st February.

Rahu / Ketu : Rahu and Ketu (Mean) will enter Aries & Libra respectively on 12th April.

Uranus : Uranus will transit in Aries sign throughout the year. It will resume Direct motion on 18th January, and will start moving in Retrograde direction from 24th August.

Neptune : Since the beginning of the year, Saturn will be transiting through Aquarius sign, and will enter Pisces on 18th April. It will assume Retrograde motion on 28th June, and will re-enter Aquarius sign on 11th September. It will resume Direct motion on 4th December.

Pluto :  Throughout the year, it will transit through Capricorn. It will assume Retrograde motion on 29th April & will resume Direct motion on 8th October.

Mars :  It will move in Direct motion till 30th October, and will assume Retrograde motion thereafter, till the end of the year. It will not set throughout the year.

Venus : Venus will resume Direct motion on 29th January. It will set in the West on 5th January and will rise in the East on 12th January. It will set in the East on 1st October, and will rise in the West on 25th November.

Venus Set and Rise dates
Set Rise
5th Jan 12th Jan
1st Oct 25th Nov

Saturn Set and Rise dates
Set Rise
19th Jan 21st Feb

Mercury Set and Rise dates
Set Rise
17th Jan 29th Jan
19th March 15th April
13th May 30th May
5th July 29th July
17th Sep 29th Sep
20th Oct 2nd Dec

Mercury Retrograde & Direct motion Dates
Retrograde Direct
14th Jan 4th Feb
10th May 3rd June
10th Sep 2nd Oct
29th Dec

These are significant dates in stocks of Banking, finance, FMCG, logistics and commodity trading.

Jupiter Set and Rise Dates
Set Rise
24th Feb 26th March

Jupiter's transit in various constellations
2nd January to 2nd March Satabisha
2nd March to 28th April Poorva Bhadrapada
28th April till the year end Uttra Bhadrapada

Saturn's transit in various constellations
Since the beginning of the year till 18th Feb Sravana
18th Feb till the year end Dhanishtha

Mean Rahu's transit in various constellations
Since the beginning of the year till 14th June Kritika
From 14th June till year end Bharani

Mean Ketu's transit in various constellations
Since the beginning of the year till 8th Feb Anuradha
From 8th Feb to 18th October Visakha
From 18th October till year end Swati

Dates of close conjunction of two planets
Date Planets Sign
9th Jan Sun & Venus Sagittarius
23rd Jan Sun & Mercury Capricorn
4th Feb Sun & Saturn Capricorn
17th Feb Mars & Venus Sagittarius
2nd March Mercury & Saturn Capricorn
5th March Sun & Jupiter Aquarius
6th March Mars & Venus Capricorn
21st March Mercury & Jupiter Aquarius
28th March Venus & Saturn Capricorn
3rd April Sun & Mercury Pisces
5th April Mars & Saturn Capricorn
24th April Mercury & Rahu Aries
1st May Jupiter & Venus Pisces
13th May Sun & Rahu Aries
22nd May Sun & Mercury Taurus
29th May Mars & Jupiter Pisces
15th June Venus & Rahu Aries
17th July Sun & Mercury Cancer
1st August Mars & Rahu Aries
23rd Sep Sun & Mercury Virgo
23rd Oct Sun & Venus Libra
9th Nov Sun & Mercury Libra
22nd Nov Venus & Mercury Scorpio
29th Dec Venus & Mercury Capricorn

Gold, Paints, Cosmetics, FMCG, White goods, high-end fashion garments, in luxury segment vehicles, jewellery, Textiles & Realty sector companies will show better performance, as compared to the previous year.


Jupiter will enter Satabisha nakshatra on 2nd. Mars is aspecting Jupiter in Aquarius. Wheat, Areca nut (Supari), Turmeric, Copper (Hindustan Copper) and Gold (Titan) sector companies will see sudden upsurge in demand. Sugar stocks (EID Parry, Balrampur), Mustard, Peanut(Ground nut) will see rise in demand on 4th . Sun will enter U.Ashadha nakshtra, ruled by itself,on 11th.This will add Bullishness in the stocks of FMCG sector (HUL, ITC, Britannia), Rice (Daawat, KRBL) and Sugar sector companies. Stocks of Textiles sector companies (Trident, Page, Dollar) & Wool will see surge in demand on 12th, as retrograde Venus rises in the East. The smart traders are advised to book profits on 14th , when Sun enters Capricorn sign and conjoins Mercury & Saturn. Mercury assuming Retrograde motion on this day is likely to cause Bullishness in Bullion (Gold, Silver), Crude oil (Reliance, IOC), gas (IGL, MGL, Adani gas), FMCG and Banking (SBIN,ICICI,HDFC) sector companies. The Bullish trend in textile sector will get checked on 17th as retrograde Mercury sets in the west. The Bulls, especially the traders of Nifty bank, are advised to stay cautious on 22nd as the trend may take sudden reverse direction.


FMCG stocks are likely to see upsurge in demand as favourable astral phenomenons are taking place in the Zodiac. Amavasya falling on Tuesday is a Bullish indication. Mars entering in P.Ashadha on 3rd will add fuel to the fire in Bullishness. Bullion,Dairy (Brittania,Nestle), Rice,Beverages (VBL) & Alcohol (McDowel, UBL, Radico) sector companies will witness increase in demand. The Bears will show their might on 12th, as Sun conjoins Jupiter in Aquarius sign. Initial volatility will result into profit booking, which will pull down the indices. This trend is likely to continue till 17th. The morning of 19th will bring cheers to the Bulls, as Sun enters Satabisha nakshatra and Mercury enters Sravana nakshtra. The graph of Nifty, Bullion and the FMCG sector stocks will rise. With the rise of Saturn in the East on 21st, the enthusiasm of the Bears will ascend. The demand for peanuts, textiles, cotton, crude & Nifty sector companies will descend. During the last week of the month, political developments will amplify the demand. Traders are advised to book profit on every rise.


Mercury, the planet of commerce & trade, will enter Dhanishtha nakshatra on 1st .. This is a Bullish indication for paper, rice, textiles and banking sector companies. Gold & Silver at MCX will show Bullish trend. Textiles and cotton sector is likely to take a dip on 2nd, as Jupiter enters P.Bhadra nakshatra. Sun and Jupiter are conjoined in Aquarius. Grains of all types are likely to witness surge in demand. Silver and rice may move downwards, after showing signs of volatility on 4th. FMCG sector companies can see sudden rise in demand on 11th. Sun will enter Pisces sign on 14th, and will have inimical aspect of Saturn. Shortage of grains, Mustard, Sugar, Cotton, Gold and edible oils will create artificial demand. Short selling is not advisable on 24th, as Mercury will enter Pisces sign to conjoin Sun. A further increase in demand will be noticed in edible oils (Marico), Sugar, Grains and Copper. Metals, MCX, steel, banking, insurance & finance sector companies, which will cheer the Bulls.


Mercury will enter Revati nakshatra on 1st. Sun is already present there. Increase in demand in Jaggery, Sugar, Crude and Gold will be noticed in MCX & NCDEX and the stocks of Copper, Defence, Sugar and chemicals (Divi's lab, Aarti Industries) sector will also soar higher. This Bullish trend is likely to continue till 5th. Volatility may create disturbance on 7th, as Mars enters Aquarius sign and conjoins Sun & Mercury. Profit booking on every rise will be seen. FMCG stocks and grains of all kinds will see rise in demand on 12th .Nifty stocks will shine, as Sun enters Aries sign on 14th and conjoins Mercury & Rahu. There will be positive sentiments in equity market. Banking stocks (HDFC, ICICI, SBI) and Asset management companies (HDFC AMC ) stocks will remain in demand.Mars will enter Satabisha nakshtra on 16th, and Venus is already placed there. This is a Bullish trigger for Crude oil sector companies (Reliance, GujGas,Adani Gas). Traders who had accumulated these stocks earlier at lower rates can book profit.Conjunction of Mercury & Rahu in Krittika nakshatra will create volatility on 22nd .


The Bulls will smile on 3rd, as Mars enters P.Bhadra nakshatra. Mars and Saturn are conjoined in Aquarius sign. This is a Bullish indicator for Areca nut (supari), ground nut and the stocks of edible oils, power (Tata power), IT (TCS, Infosys) & electronics sector companies. Banking, logistics, broking firms, Insurance (HDFC Life, ICICI prudential) and finance sector will shine on 10th as Mercury in Taurus assumes Retrograde motion. Mercury is getting aspect from Mars, which will add fuel to the fire. Indices will show volatility on 14th, when Sun enters Taurus sign to conjoin Mercury. The Bears shouldn't cheer too soon, as the graph will turn in favour of the Bulls. The stocks of plywood, affordable housing, Steel, Gas, Crude will ascend on 17th. The stocks of Jewellery, white goods, paints & speciality chemicals sector companies will boom on 23rd, as Venus enters Aries and conjoins Rahu. They both will get aspect from Saturn. IT and Software sector companies will also shine. Sun will enter Rohini nakshatra on 25th. This astral phenomenon will reduce the demand in Silver and Stock Indices.


Mercury, the planet of Commerce, will assume Direct motion on 3rd. Jupiter will enter third pada of U.Bhadra on same day. Oil, Silver, Cotton, Textiles, Garments, Peanuts and Sugar stocks will lose the grip in the market. FMCG & gold related stocks will get a boost in demand. Banking, finance and insurance sector companies will stand out. Buying the stocks of metals, MCX, Steel, Gas, Coal, Crude at lower rates by smart traders on 4th will result in profits on 7th. Day traders should remain cautious till 13th, as sudden volatility can turn their profits into losses. Traders are advised to keep booking profits near resistance levels to protect their gains. The Bulls will enter the arena on 14th, and will take buying interest in the stocks of IT, software, pharma, chemicals & realty sector companies. Venus will enter Rohini nakshatra on 26th, Mercury is already present in Rohini nakshatra. This conjunction in Rohini nakshatra will create sluggishness in the demand of Areca nut (supari), woolens, Gold and Silver. Nifty stocks may witness volatility on 27th and 28th, traders should trade cautiously by placing strict stoploss in the system.


With the advent of Mercury in Gemini sign on 2nd, the Bulls will start dominating the game. Conjunction of Sun and Mercury in Gemini will create positive sentiments in the stocks of Banking, Broking, Logistics, Cable and Insurance sector companies. Mercury will enter Arudra nakshatra, and will set in the East on 5th. Copper and Gold metals will shine more. On 13th, Venus will conjoin Sun & Mercury in Gemini. The indices will see uptrend, after experiencing a minor dip. Capital goods stocks (Havells, Crompton, Videocon) will go Northwards. Sun will enter Cancer sign on 16th, and thereby form samsaptak yoga with Saturn. Apart from Saturn, Sun will get aspect from Mars and Jupiter. This astral phenomenon will create volatility in the Stock market. It is always a wise decision to book profits (near resistance levels) on every rise & to re-invest again on every fall (near support levels). Mercury will enter Pushya nakshatra and Venus will enter Arudra nakshatra on 18th. This is a Bearish phenomenon. On 29th Mercury will rise in the West to cheer the Bears again.


With the advent of Venus in Cancer sign on 7th, Sun will conjoin it and both these planets will come opposite to Saturn. This combination is Bullish for IT & Software sector stocks. This sector will contribute in Indices' Northward movement. The market will witness volatility on 9th, as Venus enters Pushya nakshatra. Leather and Sugar sectors are likely to move downwards, whereas the indices and Nifty stocks will progress upwards. This uptrend will continue on 10th also, as Mars enters Taurus sign. Metals and crude will also participate in the rally. On 17th, Sun will enter Makha nakshatra in Leo sign. Mars will be aspecting Sun. Stock market will fall a bit, before rising higher. Edible oil sector companies will also boom. Crude oil related sectors, Gas, Petroleum, Coal, mining and Coal sector companies will shine on 30th, as Sun enters P.Phalguni, and Mercury enters Hasta. Silver will show signs of instability in demand. Nifty and Sensex will zoom higher on 31st, as Venus enters Leo sign, and conjoins Sun. It will be aspected by Mars. At MCX, Gold and Copper will show uptrend.


Due to astral phenomenon happened in the previous month, the first week of the month will witness Bullishness. Booking profit on every rise will keep the traders happy. The positive sentiments will take a sudden U turn on 10th, as Mercury in Virgo assumes Retrograde motion. The planet of business, Mercury is already opposite the mighty planet Jupiter. Indices are likely to soar high, before taking a sudden plunge. Long side nifty & bank nifty traders should place tight stop loss in the system, to protect their gains and to reduce their losses. At NCDEX, Areca nut & Peanuts will show momentum, whereas at MCX Steel, Gold and Silver will show their might. In stock market, the stocks of Housing, Gas, Energy and Automobile sector companies will remain in demand. 17th of this month will witness many important astral developments taking place in the Zodiac. Bullish trend in Areca nut, Peanut, Gold, Copper, Silver, PSU sector companies, Tobacco and Pharmaceutical sector companies will rise-but their sudden fall can't be ruled out, so trade very cautiously. The Bulls will get relief on 29th.


Bullion market will see positive trend, after a little pessimism. The indecisive trend in stock market will continue, till 14th . Smart traders can buy Blue Chip stocks on every dip, to sell later at a profit. Mars will enter Gemini on 16th. From Gemini, it will aspect the trio of Sun, Mercury and Venus, posited in Virgo. Also it will form shadashtak aspect yoga (6/8) with Saturn in Capricorn. At MCX, Copper & Gold will demonstrate their might whereas in the stock market, the shares of Finance, Insurance, Paints, Specialty chemicals & Fashion Garments (high end) sector companies will dominate. The stocks of Crude, IT & Banking sector companies will shine on 17th . Amavasya is falling on 25th, Tuesday. Mercury will enter Libra sign on 26th, and conjoin Sun, Venus & Ketu. This will help business & trading activities to grow more.


Mercury will enter Visakha nakshatra on 7th . Sun & Venus are already present there. This is a positive indication for Gold, Silver and Copper metals. Stocks of Textiles, Software and FMCG sectors will remain in demand. With the advent of Venus in Scorpio sign on 11th, the stocks of IT, Software and Electronics will plunge for a while, but will recover sooner than expected. Sun will enter Scorpio on 16th, and conjoin Mercury & Venus. This trio will have 180 degree aspect from Mars. Jupiter will also aspect them from Pisces. Over-supply can lead to lowering of demand. Bulls should remain cautious, as sluggish demand can continue till 22nd. Demand in Nifty stocks will be noticed from 23rd onwards, when Jupiter assumes Direct motion. Stocks of FMCG (Marico, HUL, Brittania, Nestle), IT (Infy, TCS,Wipro) and Automobile (Maruti, M&M) sector companies will shine & contribute in growth of the indices.


On 2nd, Banking sector companies will experience downfall, followed by minor upward movement. The Bulls will smile on 3 rd, as Mercury will enter Sagittarius, and will receive aspect from fiery planet Mars. This Bullishness will be seen on 4th and 5th also. Mercury will enter P.Ashadha on 12th to add fuel to the fire in the stock market, though Gold and Silver will lose their sheen. Sun will enter Sagittaius on 16th, and thereby conjoin with Venus & Mercury. The trio will get aspect from energetic planet Mars. This astral development will be welcomed by the Bulls.
Traders on the short side should remain extra cautious on 27th, as Mercury will enter Capricorn sign, and conjoin the ruler of Capricorn sign, Saturn. This is a positive development for the Bulls. Bullions and the stocks of IT, Pharma, Capital goods and Cement sector companies will contribute in indices' rise. The sentiments till the year-end may fluctuate, but undercurrent will remain positive.


These inferences are purely based on planetary conditions. Neither the editor/publisher, nor the author is responsible for any loss. These astrological inferences are neither an invitation nor a suggestion / recommendation to trade in the Stock Market. Consult the Registered Financial Advisor, before investing. The author may have invested in mentioned stocks.



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