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Professional Compatibility between Employer and Employee
Planetary connections between two Horoscopes!
By B.Seethapathi

IN a family, if the parents have 2 or more children, either the father or the mother is more attached with any one child. Even though, all are their own children, father or mother are individually kind enough with one particular child.

In a class room, even though there are more than 30 students, only a few are getting closer and become friends with each other

A male married with a female feels unhappiness and end up in divorce; but the same male, after marrying another female, enjoys happiness in relationship life.

How come these kind of experiences happening in human life?
The reason is, when we check and analyze 2 horoscopes, the 9 planets play a vital role to create or deny mutual understanding with each other. If the planets of 2 horoscopes are connected in a positive way, then the result is favorable. This is the reason for a mother liking one of her children more than the other children. A student is friendly with only a few of the classmates. Second wife is more compatible with her husband, than the first wife.

In contrast, if the planets of 2 horoscopes are linked in a negative way, then the result will be unfavorable. This is the reason for difference of opinion with his / her own child, not friendly with many classmates and not compatible with the first life-partner.

An individual good horoscope, if connected with a right choice of another horoscope, favours successful and positive results in life; also escapes from troubles and negative results. To determine the type of results, the combination of planets plays a vital role.

These principles, if applied between horoscopes of any 2 persons, then that will crystal-clearly show the possibility of a favorable or unfavorable result.

Now let me compare the "Astro Logics" between an employer and an employee, to understand about obedience and reliability of the employee; at the same time, to evaluate the faith of the employer over the employee.

Case-study 1:



The above Employer is the proprietor of an Aquarium construction company. In his birth chart, Lagna is Taurus, and its lord Venus and 2nd house lord Mercury are placed together in Sagittarius. The Employee horoscope represents is that of the General Manager of employer's organization. In Employee's chart, Lagna is Gemini and its lord is Mercury. Both the charts' lagna lords are placed together in employer's chart.

RESULT: The Employer started a new company and made the employee as his partner.

Sun indicates the "Boss" or higher authority. Saturn indicates "Employee". In Employer's chart, Sun and Saturn are placed together in the 9th house. This combination of planets shows that Boss and Employee are partners in an organization "fortunately".

In Employer's chart, Dana Karaka Jupiter is placed in the sign Aquarius, 10th house, which indicates profession. In Employee's chart, in the same Rasi Aquarius, Karaka for Profession Saturn is placed.

RESULT: In a horoscope, money planet Jupiter is placed in a particular Rasi, in another person's chart, if profession planet Saturn is placed in the same Rasi, then that will be favorable for mutual understanding in professional life. The same planetary positions are 10th house (Karma / Job) of employer and 9th house of employee (Dharma / Bhagya). So these combination of houses create "Dharma Karmathipathi Yoga" between the 2 charts. This is good for partnerships in another organization.

In Employer's chart, Saturn is placed in Capricorn, 9th house. In Employee's chart, exalted (10th house lord) Jupiter is placed in Cancer, 2nd house. If the 2 charts' planets are superimposed, one on another, then Jupiter and Saturn are mutually aspecting each other. This is favorable for obedience of Employee, mutual faith, professional progress and to earn money. Here Employer's fortune is increased by Employee's efforts in his job (10th house lord Jupiter).

Employer's Sun (indicates boss and administration) in Capricorn and Employee's 10th house lord Jupiter (indicates job and administration) in Cancer are in mutual aspects with each other. These are friendly planets with each other, and are favorable for mutual understanding to maintain better management policies in the company.

In Employer's chart, 7th lord (partnership) Mars is placed in Cancer, 3rd house (help). In Employee's chart, 7th house lord (partnership) Jupiter is placed in Cancer, 2nd house (income). By this combination, both the 7th house lords in same Rasi is favorable for partnership. Here, one more point to be noted is that Mars is in debilitation; in the same Rasi, Jupiter is exalted and helpful to nullify the weakness of Mars.

Employee's lagna and employer's Moon (Rasi) are one and the same sign Gemini. Earlier, Employer offered General Manager post in his previous organization. Employee's obedience, work-performance are satisfying the employer's mindset or expectation. Therefore the Employer decided to make partnership with the talented Employee.

A couple of years ago, when the Boss to came to consult me to select a business partner's chart among 4 charts, I have recommended this above Employee's chart for partnership, based on the above astrological rules. Now the newly formed organization is progressing well, by this favorable planetary combination.

Case-study 2:


Working / Business Partner

Here the Employer and Employee (working / business partner) are already friends from childhood. Employer was a successful Real-estate Promoter and Builder. Due to dull business in Real estate industry, he decided to start another business, and engaged his childhood friend as a working / business partner. Now let us see how their partnership works.

Employer's Lagna is Aries. 7th house is Libra and its lord is Venus. Working Partner's Lagna is Virgo. His 2nd house (income) is Libra and its lord Venus is placed in the same Rasi. Therefore, the Employer's business brings income to Working Partner.

If the 2 charts' planets are superimposed one on another, then the Employer's Jupiter and the Partner's Venus are mutually aspecting each other. These 2 are natural benefic planets, and also money-planets; their mutual aspects are favorable to earn money. Another point of view is that Jupiter is Employer's 9th house-lord (fortune), and the Partner's 9th house-lord is Venus. These planetary mutual aspects are lucky, for both of them to continue as partners.

Employer's lagna lord Mars and 7th house lord Venus are placed together in Taurus, 2nd house. This shows the Employer's decision for a business partnership. This placement in Taurus is the 9th house of the Partner. So he is fortunate to have this partnership.

Employer's 12th house (investments) is Pisces, and its lord Jupiter is placed in Lagna in his horoscope. The same planet is the 7th house (business partnership) lord, as per Partner's chart. So Employer's investments brought business partnership to Working Partner.

Partner's Moon (Rasi) is placed in Sagittarius. Its lord Jupiter is placed in the Lagna of Employer. By this position, the Employer's Jupiter aspects the Partner's Moon. This is good for mutual understanding.

Employer's Moon (Rasi) is placed in Scorpio. Its lord Mars is placed in the same Rasi Scorpio, in Partner's chart. By this position, Employer's debilitated Moon gains support and strength (Neecha Bhanga), by Partner's Mars.

Partner's Mars is at 05.25 degrees in Scorpio. Employer's Mars is at 29.14 degrees in Taurus. These 2 planets are in mutual aspects with each other. So both of them listen, and agree with other's point of view. However Employer's Mars in higher degrees shows that he is the authority and final decision-maker.

Employer's Sun (Boss) is placed in Cancer in 03.51 degrees. This is 11th house of Partner's chart. So, the partner gains (earns) through his boss. Partner's Saturn (Employee) is placed in Capricorn in 23.05 degrees. This is 10th house (work) of Employer's chart. This planetary mutual aspect shows instructions of boss becoming the 'work-done' by Partner. Sun's lower degree and Saturn's higher degree show that the Employer's minimum instructions are enough to get the maximum work done by the Working Partner.

Employer's 10th house-lord Saturn placed in Aquarius, the 11th house (benefit). Partner's 3rd house (support or assistance) lord Mars is placed in Scorpio. By this position, the Employer's Saturn (10th aspect) aspects Partner's Mars. Partner's Mars (4th aspect) aspects employer's Saturn. So Working Partner's hard-working support and assistance is useful to monetary benefit to the Employer.

Partner's lagna lord Mercury is in exaltation in Lagna itself. Mercury indicates business. This is 6th house (hard work) of Employer. Therefore, hard work of Partner is good for business growth. Employer's lagna lord Mars is placed along with 2nd house lord Venus in 2nd house Taurus. Taurus is an Earthy sign, and Mars indicates landed properties. Employer's primary profession is Real estate and building construction. 2nd house indicates food. Venus indicates tasty foods and sweets. Mars indicates spicy foods and non-vegetarian foods. Employer's current business is multi-cuisine restaurant.

Case-study 3: Employer is a Charted Accountant and the Employee is a Commerce Graduate doing all office works.



Employer's Lagna is Taurus. Retrograde Jupiter is placed in this sign. Employee's Lagna is Capricorn. Debilitated Jupiter is placed in this sign. Both Jupiter are in mutual aspect with each other. Whenever necessary, to work perfectly, Employer with strong Jupiter teaches the subject-knowledge to the Employee who has weak Jupiter.

Employee's Saturn from Pisces aspects Employer's Saturn in Sagittarius, 9th house of Zodiac. 9th house indicates higher knowledge and Teacher. Saturn indicates work. Employee wants to learn work, and the Employer teaches work-knowledge to the Employee.

Employee's Saturn is in mutual aspect with Employer's exalted Mercury, which indicates high knowledge. Employee is aiming to learn more work-knowledge from Employer.

Employee's Saturn is in mutual aspect with employer's Sun, which represents Boss. This clearly shows the Employer offering job to Employee.

Employee's Mercury is in 01.05 degree (low degree indicates minimum knowledge) in Scorpio. Employer's Mercury is in 28.30 degree (exalted planet in high degrees indicates highest knowledge) in Virgo, the 11th house (house of gain) from Employee's Mercury in Scorpio. Employee, a young guy, gains more knowledge from Employer, and he is always willing to learn from Employer.

Employee's Saturn is in Pisces, 12th house of Zodiac. 12th house indicates travel. So whenever required, Employee travels to Employer's client offices, and do the job. Employee's Saturn in Pisces is in 11th house from Employer's lagna. So Employee's work is beneficial to Employer. Employer's 10th house lord Saturn is in Sagittarius. Employee's 10th house lord Venus is in Sagittarius. So both are connected by their jobs. Employee's 10th house lord Venus is in 12th house from lagna. So job involves traveling to client offices.

Employee's Moon is in 12th house. Moon is the travel planet and 12th house denotes delay, late. So mostly he comes late to work. Employee's Moon is exactly in the same degree as that of Saturn in Employer's chart. Saturn puts pressure on Moon. Due to late coming, the Employee is scolded by Employer.

Employer's birth star is Purva Phalguni, ruled by Venus. Employee's birth star is Mula, governed by Ketu. Both star-lords are together placed in 4th house (residence) of Employer. Both are working together in office, located in Employer's residence.

Employer's lagna falls in Krittika, ruled by Sun. Employee's lagna falls in Dhanishta, ruled by Mars. In Employer's chart, both star-lords Sun and Mars are in mutual aspects with each other. Imagine that Sun is King, while Mars is Commander, a subordinate to King.

Employer's 10th house, Aquarius, is occupied by Rahu. This indicates Head of an Auditor's Office. In the same Rasi, Employee's Ketu is placed. This shows Employee is following, as per the instructions of Employer. While comparing any 2 horscopes, one's Rahu or Ketu are placed in other's Rasis where Rahu or Ketu being placed, then that indicates a strong bondage with each other. This bondage gives dependency, mutual understanding with each other, and liking by character or activity. This is known as "Vakra Graha Vasya".

Both lagna lords Venus and Saturn are friendly with each other. Employer's 10th house lord is Saturn which is the Lagna lord of Employee. Employee's 10th house lord is Venus, which is the lagna lord of Employer. By the above explanations, Employee is willing to work with this Employer, to get more knowledge in his profession. He is very sincere, hard working and dedicated in his job (except late-coming).

Therefore, if any Employer wants a faithful and Dependable employee, these above explained "Astro Logics" will be highly helpful and useful to fix a right employee. This is also good to get the work done with mutual understanding, continued productivity, time-saving and above all "reliability".
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