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Your Year in Your Numbers
2018 Annual Forecast, Based on your Personal Year Number
By Malati Khanna

The year 2018 breezes with great energy and marks the beginning of a new direction! Take action on your goals and desires this year - there's no better way to do it! Let your 2018 personalized Numerology Forecast guide you and inspire you throughout the year!!

To calculate your Personal Year Number, just add your

1) Date of birth 2) Month of birth and 3) The current year i.e. 2018

Date of Birth
Current Year
= 19
= 1+9 =10= 1
Personal Year
So Number 1 is your Personal Year Number for 2018.
(If the numbers add up to more than 9, then add the 2 digits together to obtain a single digit number (as in the above case).

1Opportunities :- A time of amazing growth , revigoration, liberty and great opportunities! This year lays emphasis on business collaborations and teamwork on various levels. Partnerships would remain vibrant and energized throughout the year. Unexpected or unconventional influences beneficial for career matters is foreseen towards the year-end. Business contacts will help to rake in profitable deals. More new doors of opportunities swing open, bringing in unlooked financial gains around mid- year. Success and financial stability will be achieved towards the yearend. Job seekers will have good success towards the mid- year. Success in business ventures and new projects will be slow but steady. Profitable gains are foreseen in the latter part of the year. Chances to explore further studies and distant travelling are favored around mid-year. Sincere efforts and welldone work will attract perks, recognition and rewards. Long-standing debts will be successfully paid towards the year-end. A windfall or an unexpected legacy is on the cards !

Love :- The singles will find many light hearted moments to pep up their life.Those already committed will get married this year. An entry of a new friend or a quickly strengthening of old friendship can be very significant this year. The married couples will find their love life sparkling with fireworks. Compromises and a frank communication will help in re-igniting up their romantic moments.

Social life :- This year marks a friendly vibrations period for social get-togethers. Acquiring a new home or renovating your surroundings are foreseen during midyear.

Hindrances :- Expect sudden twists and turns at all levels this year. Donít hang on to old ways of handling your assets and investments! Remain flexible and adaptable to last minute changes. Review and redefine your paperwork to get our pet projects completed in time. Avoid locking horns with your peers and authorities. Be prepared for extra hard work and more responsibilities during the first half of the year. This period calls for pruning stagnant finances, liquidation and encasing your investments. Stay clear of impulsive splurges on unwanted financial indulgences. Be prepared for unforeseen expenditures and stay away from risky speculative deals.

Family :- Radical changes in personal life will bring the mundane issues to the fore. Be vigilant, while sorting out joint resources or property issues. Do not get embroiled in unnecessary disputes and confrontations. Elders and children will need your solace and guidance, during the trying times. Family issues would get ironed out towards the year end.

Health :- Old ailments will come back to haunt. An organized diet and good nature exercise will help to win back spirits. Take time out to relax and unwind.

Compatible signs :- People born under the signs of Aquarius , Leo and Aries or on the following dates 1, 4, 9 , 10 , 13, 18, 19, 22 and 28 , will feature more prominently in your life this year.

Significant Months :- March , April, May, June, July, August, September, November & December.

Fortune Guidance :- Learn to watch out for clues! Expect the unexpected. Set your sights on your target !. Be prepared to bend a little more to accommodate others. Work hard in silence; let your success make the noise!

Cosmo Tip:- Clear the clutter in your office/home, to usher in new opportunities and positive vibrations in the space.

2Opportunities:- A highly optimistic year, followed by luck and good fortune! Undeterred confidence and positive attitude will help to get through the few bumps along the way. The first quarter of the year will be fast-paced, with a lot of surprising profitable offers. Career matters would take a new turn around mid-year. New associations will be pivotal in enabling you to move closer towards your cherished goals. Calculated risks will pay off giving you a considerable edge. Sudden gains from unexpected sources would pour in. Long-pending projects will now be successfully completed. Concentrate on long term gains to consolidate your finances. Money constraints will ease gradually after mid-year. Hard work and a dedicated approach will help you win rewards and accolades in your work. New job and fresh career moves are on the horizon after mid-year. Property and legal matters will be favorably resolved towards the year-end. An unexpected legacy or a windfall is on the cards !

Social life :- New contacts and networking will expand your social and business circle. Leisure activities and higher studies will prove to be refreshing. Casual trips and adventurous trips to foreign lands are likely. Be alert while travelling with your belongings. Beautifying your surroundings and celebrating happy occasions are on the cards.

Love :- The singles will find numerous opportunities to mingle this year. An unexpectedromantic encounter can turn out to be something more meaningful. Married couples will undergo a roller-coaster ride. Make sure to listen and reciprocate the feelings of your partner. The year-end will bring back the spark among couples.

Hindrances : - Time to correct errors and shore up your weaknesses! Expect sudden road blocks and diversions in your work this year. Try to be less egooriented while dealing with people and higher authorities at work. Finances will take a beating around the initial months. Concentrate on old moneymaking opportunities to attract smooth inflow. An unwanted personal expenditure before midyear can upset the budget. Take prompt steps to pay up all debts and loans in time before they pile up. Be prepared to shoulder extra responsibilities in the months ahead. Rely on wise advice in times of crisis.

Family :- Major upheavals in the family can rock the emotional boat ! Be prepared for some surprising facts and shocking disclosures. Try to settle the family and property issues, before they go abound. Duties and responsibilities can cause some frustrating moments. Old nagging matters will surface, needing closures once for all. Try to sort out the misunderstandings without treading on otherís toes. A smart balance between work and home will help achieve peace and harmony. The year-end would bring solutions to many matters up in the air.

Health :- Health can suffer due to overwork and exhaustion. Take time out for rest and relaxation, to de-stress. Alternative therapies and a healthy regime will help to maintain good vigour. Health of an elder at home can be a cause for concern.

Significant months :- January, February, March, April, June, August, October, November, December.

Compatible Sun Signs : People born under the signs of Cancer,Libra and Taurus or on the following dates 2, 6, 7, 11, 15, 20, 24, 25, or 29 , will feature very prominently in your life.

Fortune Guidance :- Let go off past hurts and grudges! Good fortune strikes, when least expected! Move forward fearlessly. Trust your own hunches and visions. Champions make adjustments, not excuses.

Cosmo Tip :- Wear a Turquoise Crystal bracelet/ pendant/ring, to enhance communication skills and luck.

3Opportunities:- A year of bright opportunities and expansions in all areas of your life! Be willing to dial back your enthusiasm and zeal to embark upon new avenues! New beginnings would ignite and also closures in many spheres will take place. Show off your creative skills and innovative ideas to handle professional commitments with ease and dignity. Monetary gains from unexpected sources are foreseen. Pending past ventures will be completed after some final touches. Cordial relations with seniors and colleagues will help to build strong professional ties. Confidence and credibility of your work will enable you to meet the right people at the right time. Business expansions and career progress will be achieved towards the year-end. Teamwork and partnerships will prove to be beneficial around mid-year. Promotions and rewards are indicated after mid-year. Job changes and relocations are favoured in the last quarter of the year.

Social life :- Enhanced charm and lively social interactions will come in very handy. Foreign connections, travel and communications will open new vistas of expansions. Interest in spiritual and metaphysical studies will increase. Renovations in your surroundings will lend a new spark in your life.

Love :- Light hearted romantic escapades are on the cards for the singles ! Magical new beginnings and wedding bells for the eligible are foreseen. Celebrations or birth of a baby will bring cheer and happiness to the family.

Hindrances:- Dramatic changes and unexpected challenges are around the corner! Unavoidable expenses can upset the budget after mid year. Find your true peace in times of financial deficit. Make sure to clear all outstanding bills and loans in time. Delays and lack of resources can temporarily stall progress. Stay clear of risky ventures and legal hassles at all costs. Tie up all loose ends before attempting anything new. Old issues that crop up suddenly, should be dealt with a firm and practical approach for a final closure. Be careful of dishonest colleagues and secret rivals. Remain secretive about your work, to forge ahead successfully. In spite of obstructions , a slow and a steady progress is foreseen after mid year. Stick to the tried and tested methods to achieve the financial goals. Monetary problems would ease out towards the year-end.

Family:- Dramatic issues in the family can have some awkward moments. Read between the lines to decode a distorted message. Clean out the closet and get rid of outdated ideas and pre-conceptions. Be wary of dominating family members and troubleshooters. Trust your gut instincts while deciding sensitive issues and important information, to make amendments where necessary. Matters will get resolved satisfactorily towards the year-end.

Health :- Over-indulgence and negligence can take a toll over your health. Try to take a short break to rejuvenate and regain vitality. Make sure to follow a healthy diet and exercise, that will fuel your energy levels.

Significant months :- January, March, April, May, July, August, November, December.

Compatible signs:- Folks born under the signs of Libra and Pisces or those whose birth dates adding up to 3, 6 or 9, will feature significantly in your life.

Fortune Guidance :- Remember to shine your light! Every well intended action brings you closer to the ultimate goal. Knock on the right doors and hit on the mark! Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

Cosmo Tip :- Light a Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp to reduce health problems and increase concentration and vitality.

4Opportunities :- A year of major curves and amazing event ! It is a time toa rollicking start and lay the foundations for a new future! Career prospects brighten up assuring monetary gains later. Keep pursuing your goals to achieve success later. New ventures and partnerships will be beneficial in the long run. Extra money will pour in from multiple sources. A hobby can turn into a profitable venture. Significant success and progress with long lasting results are foreseen towards the year-end. Negotiating with the influential people will help you bag the leadership role. Turn your skills into a new source of income. Acclaim or recognition in your career will feature towards the year-end. Satisfactory financial spells will help to make sound investments. New opportunities would open up, as the current issues would come to a final conclusion.

Social Life :- Personal power shines through socializing and rubbing shoulders with the like-minded people. Travel, overseas connections and higher education will bring beneficial results.

Love :- This year, love beckons the youngsters from unexpected quarters. Re-kindling of an old flame can return for closure or a renewal. Take time to decide ! The eligible will find their potential partners this year. The married can overcome their rough patch ..with a little care and affection. The year-end brings a new spark to light up their passionate relationships.

Hindrances :- Be prepared for a time of unexpected bends and road blocks! This year will provide ample hints to followand to gain maximum success. Be prepared to give up all old habits and uprooting situations to make way for the new! Delays and minor drawbacks will be overcome successfully with tact and patience. Unexpected expenses can cause a dent in your budget. Fluctuating finances will achieve stability towards the year-end. Depend on long term investments for building solid foundations for future. Read the fine print carefully and listen to wise and trusted advice. Be prepared to shoulder extra duties and obligations in every sphere. Be wary of con men and colleagues with hidden agendas. Long stalled issues, prospects and ventures would start moving ahead, after mid-year.

Family :- Domestic conflicts and rising tensions will need a patient and tactful approach. Do not get embroiled into family dramas and emotional blackmail. Spend time and effort in building trust into your relationships. Property and home matters would get sorted, after mid-year. Let go off past grudges and try to iron out the differences to maintain peace. Many shallow relationships will end, while the true ones will remain. Good times in the family are foreseen towards the year-end.

Health :- Set aside time for leisure and recreational activities. Maintain your energy levels with good health regime and balanced diet. Stay away from over-indulgence of all sorts. Health of an elder will require extra care and caution.

Significant Months :- February,March, May, June, July, August, October, November, December.

Compatible Sun signs :- Folks born under the sign of Gemini, Leo and Aquarius or those whose birth dates add up to 1, 4, 5 or 7, will feature more prominently in your life this year!

Fortune Guidance :- Get the coffee brewing and get out your vision board !. Donít rest on your laurels, strive for results. Work in silence. Let success make noise !

Cosmo Tip :- Wear a Green Aventurine Crystal pendant/bracelet for luck and prosperity.

5Opportunities :- A sizzling year to start afresh and explore new avenues in life! Good news on the financial front can open a new world of new possibilities. Big improvements are foreseen in every sphere of your life. Growth and expansions in business ventures and new enterprises are foreseen around mid-year. Progress will be slow, but steady. Hard work and persistence will fetch due recognition and perks towards the yearend. Partnerships and projects will prove to be beneficial in the long run. Profits and benefits will start pouring in after mid-year. Investments in multiple sources will bring in added benefits. Job changes and new offers are favorable in the later part of the year. Unexpected profits for work done in the past are on the cards. The year-end indicates a favorable conclusion in legal and property matters.

Love :- The young will find romance among their friends circle. A chance encounter can lead to something more enchanting and long lasting. Passion and love among the married would get re-ignited with some honest and open communication. Auspicious functions and happy occasions are foreseen by the year-end.

Social life :- Social interactions will lead to new friendships and beneficial networking. Spiritual and intellectual pursuits will be refreshing and stimulating.

Hindrances : - Occasional delays and obstructions can bring about moments of frustrations. Be prepared for resistance to your plans and ideas in work, from unexpected sources. Remain low key in the initial months and refine your presentation. Team work and cooperation will help to gain support and climb the corporate ladder faster. Be prepared for sudden big expenses in the months ahead. Curb your nature to over-indulge and splurge unnecessarily. Be wary of impulsive investments and risky deals. Work on your communication skills, to get your work done. Finish all old pending work before beginning new ones.

Family : - Home and family matters get greatly emphasized this year. Personal life calls for a subtle balance between work and home. Hectic schedules can create a rift within the family circle. Try to calm the waters at home, without getting under an emotional cloud. Be prepared to take some hard decisions in personal matters and relationships.

Health :- Excessive stress and strain can take a toll on your health. De-tox your mind and body, by following a good health regime. Take time out to relax. Health of a family member will need attention. Spend time and effort on nurturing a loved one.

Compatible signs :- Folks born under the sign of Gemini, Taurus and Libra or those whose birth dates add up to 2, 5,or 6 , will feature more prominently in your life this year!

Fortune Guidance :- Do not fret over trivial matters! There is a blessing in the storm - sit tight. The best is yet to come! Choose your battles wisely! Make more moves and less announcements !

Cosmo Tip :- Place a Lucky Bamboo Plant in the North area of your office/home to attract positive energy and business growth.

6Opportunities :- New opportunities for work would open up, leading to expansions in every sphere! Take the initiative and action, to ensure the plans are picture perfect, before launching it ! Delegate duties, but depend on your own hard work and resources to complete the projects in time. Expect tangible results and monetary gains towards the year-end. Help and support will arrive to boost a special project. It is a good year to repay all debts and loans before starting afresh. Joint ventures and partnerships will thrive well. Sudden wealth will pour in or an inheritance will lead a new slant to the career growth. Long distance travel and business negotiations will be profitable in the long run. Long pending issues will start moving ahead, after mid-year.

Love :- Romance and excitement will be smooth sailing for the youngsters. The married will find a new level of understanding and love in the later part of the year. Expect good news and other announcements of delight towards the year-end. The eligible will decide to tie the knot.

Social Life :- Socializing and meeting old friends and past colleagues will bring back nostalgic memories. Interest in higher studies, meditation and spiritual activities will increase. Acquiring a new home or renovating your surroundings are on the cards.

Hindrances :- Expect to deal with the major changes and unexpected challenges! Tone down your assertive attitude to deal with the envious people and secret enemies effectively. Exercise your authority with dignity, grace and generosity. Steer away from entering into fresh partnership deals and new ventures till mid year. Changes in job and career will be more favorable towards the year-end. Maintain cordial relations with peers and superiors to gain their support. Seek answers from wiser persons to flow through the hard times. Success will come from paying attentions to small details. The year - end would bring satisfactory conclusions to many pending matters.

Family :-Personal life will go through some upheavals and unexpected changes! Weigh up all pros and cons for rational solutions to over-ride the emotional tide. Untoward events in the family will test your patience and grit. A close friend or a family member can help to overcome a particular challenge. Avoid getting provoked or dragged into controversial dramas. Breakthrough in nagging family and property matters is foreseen after mid Ė year. Be prepared for some painful partings and surprising disclosures in the family. Pay attention to the needs of your loved ones and siblings, in spite of your busy schedules.

Health :- Energy levels and exhaustion can cause some frustrating moments. Eat correctly and take care of any medical conditions from aggravating. Meditation and alternative therapies will be rejuvenating and relaxing.

Significant Months :- February, March,April, July, June , August, October, November, December.

Compatible Signs :- Folks born under the signs of Cancer , Libra and Taurus or those whose birth dates add up to 6, 3, or 2 , will feature more prominently in your life

Fortune Guidance :- Look within, to find solutions! Learn to blend the opposition. Donít force pieces that donít fit. Believe in yourself; Miracles are just around the corner.

Cosmo Tip :- Always fix the name plate of the house/ office at the eye level to maintain your status.

7Opportunities :- A year to give wings to your burning desires and ambitions! Old established patterns will be replaced with new ones. Fresh breakthrough in career will lead to new ways of income. Your professional expertise and creative ideas are bound to be noticed by the higher ups. A personal hobby can turn into a new money-making venture. Monetary gains will start pouring in, after first quarter of the year. Open mindedness and flexibility to changes will increase the chances of success tremendously. Promotion and great incentives are assured towards the year-end. Previous old investments will now yield good returns. A job change or relocation is foreseen after mid- year. A wish fulfillment or aunexpected legacy is on the cards!

Love :-Exciting new friendships and romantic moments are on the cards for the youngsters ! Be ready to welcome the potential partners after a good thought. Wedding bells will ring for the eligible towards the year end. The couples will see their moods improve and their relationship mended towards the year end. Family gatherings and happy events would bring joy to the family after mid year.

Social Life :- Expansions in social circle will help to build new business and personal contacts. Developing a more spiritual outlook on life will be very illuminating. Interest in meditation and psychic knowledge will increase. Travelling to unusual places will be highly interesting.

Hindrances : - It is a year of introspection and spiritual insights! Postpone new ventures and large investments for the time-being. Be willing to help a friend in need. Expect drastic changes and hitches in career and money matters. Maintain a tight rein on your finances and refrain from making impulsive purchases. Business and partnerships will be more profitable after mid year. Clear the decks and pay of all pending loans and debts as soon as possible. Maintain an air of secrecy while making all career and financial moves. Read the fine print and double check all communication, before committing. Old forgotten projects will now bring forth profitable gains. Major breakthroughs in career matters are foreseen towards the year-end.

Family : - A time of introspection and significant turning point in the family set up! Subtle shifts in relationships will bring many old nagging issues to the surface. Keep close family ties intact, by taking long term positive decisions. Be wary of outside interferences, who disturb the inner peace. Make efforts to iron out the differences with a calm demeanor. Remain steadfast and hold tight to the loyal relations. Disputes and misunderstandings would finally get resolved towards the year-end.

Health :- Stick to your workouts and healthy diet habits for good health. Take periodic rests, to avoid nervous and physical breakdowns. Meditation and short holidays will help mental health rejuvenation. Chronic illnesses will need timely treatment and care.

Significant Months :- January, February, March,June, July, August, September, October, November.

Compatible Signs :- Folks born under the signs of Pisces and Cancer or those whose birth dates add up to 2,4 or 7, will feature more prominently in your life.

Fortune Guidance :- Break out of your shell! Adjust your sails along with the wind! Follow your heart and embrace your passions. Forget the past; but do remember thelesson !

Cosmo Tip :- Wear a Carnelian Crystal bracelet/ pendant to inspire confidence, courage and creativity.

8Opportunities :- A favorable and a very dynamic year for personal and career growth! Partnerships and new projects will bring in profitable gains. Sudden income comes through speculative deals and other multiple sources. Employees and colleagues will be more appreciative of your hard work and dedication. Perseverance and determination will help to achieve the desired progress and security during the initial months. Good work put in will be validated, recognized and aptly rewarded. A cherished creative endeavor will provide the base to shine in your career. Surprising windfalls and unexpected gains will weather any lows towards the year end. New ventures will be launched, after mid year, ensuring good gains. Legal and property matters would take a favorable turn towards mid year.

Love :-Love and romance will beckon the singles from unexpected quarters. The eligible will get married to their potential partners this year. Shakeups in the married life will finally get cleared with patient communication and understanding.

Social Life :- Expansions in social life is foreseen around mid year. Forming new influential friendships and travel to exotic locations are on the cards !Spiritual, charities and intellectual pursuits with likeminded people will be enlightening.

Hindrances : - Expect extreme highs and lows in career and personal matters. Remain flexible to sudden changes and major shuffles in work area. Be prepared to shoulder extra responsibilities and obligations in the year ahead. A major expense can suddenly restrict the financial flow. Keep your impulsive and obstinate nature under check. New partnerships and financial ventures need to be handled with extreme caution. Depend on your own resources and smart thinking to forge ahead. Opportunities to lay a stable foundation will be encountered during mid-year. Make sure to repay all debts and loans in time, before they pile up. The year-end will bring an old venture or a forgotten goal back into play with assured financial success. A sudden windfall is on the cards!

Family : Domestic matters will need a more balanced approach. Accept your faults and play on your strengths to overcome difficult situations. Be wary of new acquaintances and sweet-talkers. Painful partings would give rise to positive new beginnings. Paying attention to the needs of your loved ones will help iron out many problems. Maintain your sense of privacy, to keep unnecessary interferences at bay. Take the advice of the elders in times of need.

Health :- Pay extra attention to your health and that of your loved ones. Improve your stamina and vitality, by following a healthy regime. Short brakes and a good diet will help to overcome prevailing health issues.

Significant Months :- January, February, March, May, June, August, September, October and November.

Compatible Signs:- Folks born under the signs of Capricorn and Libra or those whose birth dates add up to 8, 6, or 3, will feature more prominently in your life.

Fortune Guidance :- Dare to dream big! Get out of your comfort zone. Trust your instincts, before taking the plunge! Remember; to change the outcome, you have to change the investment!

Cosmo Tip :- Use Purple colour un the North direction to enhance luck, properity and wealth.

9Opportunities :- Time to hit upon a potential Gold mine at work! It will pave the way for real professional distractions and rewards ! Knuckle down and organize your priorities to achieve tangible results. Itís a good year to put your ideas to paper and launch new ventures, which were off the hook. Effective, novel communications and negotiations will open up new avenues of growth around midyear. Businessmen and entrepreneurs will see a considerable financial increase, after initial months. Working from home will bring in added gains. Your brilliant ideas and innovative approach are bound to be noticed by your seniors. Those in glamour and entertainment fields will shine. Job seekers and students will have better success after midyear. Expect sudden gains or inheritance towards the year-end.

Love :-Wedding bells are on the cards for the eligible! Many romantic getaways and lighter moments will keep the singles busy. Be wary of deep intense attractions ! Romantic passions would get fired up for the couples, after a span of tense period.

Social Life :- Socializing and interactions will pave way for new activities and avenues. New friendships and contacts will be beneficial for personal and career growth. Renovating and beautifying your surroundings will be time-consuming.

Hindrances : - Tough challenges throws you for a loop! A well thought-out strategy will help to uncover a lucrative opportunity! Use your patience and wisdom to deal with delay and obstructions. Allow events to flow freely, as new information could change your plans. Make sure to pay all past debts and loans promptly. A disagreement with your partner or colleague will cause you to rethink a position. Depend on your inner guidance and resources to deal with the problems. Listen to a close friend or a loved one to help you uncover a secret tip for a lucrative business opportunity. Be wary of envious people and deceptive appearances. Keep an eagle eye on your purse strings to fight out the financial storm that strikes. Find new ways to work with superior and colleagues to achieve better results. Ignore all risky speculations and refrain from taking impulsive decisions.

Family Life :- Unexpected events at home will rock the emotions! It is the year to make certain important decisions to eliminate the dead wood. Keep your sensitivity levels low and remain detached to keep confrontations at bay. Family feuds and conflicts will reveal many dormant secrets. Take things in your stride and avoid reacting on trivial issues. Shallow relations would come to an end, making way for new stronger bonds. Watch out for temper tantrums and dramatic emotions with the family members. Loved ones and elders will require special care and attention. Legal matters and property issues turn out to be favorable towards the year-end.

Health :- Health can suffer due to excessive stress and strain. Find a proper balance in your schedules, to pursue recreational activities. Relaxation techniques will help to keep major health complications at bay. Exercise care and caution in the food intake. Remember mental health is more valuable than grades!

Significant Months :- February, March, April, June, July, August, September, October, December.

Compatible Signs:- Folks born under the signs of Scorpio, Leo and Aries or those whose birth dates add up to 9, 3, or 1 , will feature more prominently in your life.

Fortune Guidance :- Show your true colors; think out of the box! Do not let your rough edges ruffle othersí feathers. Remember that the best view comes after the hardest climb!

Cosmo Tip :- Hang a couple of Metal Wind-chimes/ bells at your entrance toring in positivity and happiness.

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