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Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction and three Eclipses in 2020
By Sachin Malhotra

The conjunction and opposition of Saturn and Jupiter is a classical yoga for big combats, warfare, as per the time-tested principals of 'Medini Jyotish'. This yoga has been explained in Bhavishya PhalaBhaskar's 'Ghara Yoga Prakran' stanza number 22. It has also been mentioned briefly in 'Shani-Chaar Adhayaa' of Bhriat Samhita of Varahamihira, Hindi Translation by Dr. Suresh Chandra Mishra, at page number 172. An ancient astrologer 'Deval' has given this yoga in his commentary of Bhriat Samhita, which is mentioned in some of the Hindi translations of this classical work. If Saturn and Jupiter transit in a sign or in same Nakshatra, then some countries and cities get destroyed by wars, and prices of food grains increase sharply. The conjunction of Saturn-Jupiter will hold its sway during the mid of 2020. The fear of big war-like situations between the Nations will be during the months of June-July, when three big eclipses will fall in a row.

ON the 5th/6th of June 2020, a Lunar Eclipse will be visible in much of the Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. On the 21st of June, an Annular Solar Eclipse will be visible in Europe, much of Asia, Africa and the Indian Ocean. Later, on the 4th/5th of July, a Lunar eclipse will be visible in West Europe, South America and USA. The first two eclipses will be visible in the Indian subcontinent. These three eclipses in 2020 along with the dangerous conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, portray a classical combination for big war-like situations around the world. Mars will be giving aspect to the Sun and Moon at the time of these eclipses, which shows a danger of a destructive combats war in June-July 2020. First let us analyse the horoscopes of these eclipses and then we will look into the effects of Saturn-Jupiter conjunction on various countries.

Annular Solar Eclipse
Annular Solar Eclipse     Annular Solar Eclipse

To start our analysis for the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction, I have taken this horoscope of Annular Solar Eclipse of 26th of December 2019, which is visible in most parts of India. Saturn and Jupiter will be in conjunction in 'war sign' Sagittarius, at the time of this Solar eclipse. Although the degrees of Saturn and Jupiter are very far away from each other, exact war will not take place, after this eclipse, but disputes between the various countries like USA-Iran, India- China, India-Pakistan and Israel-Iran will get accelerated and a diplomatic crisis will emerge very enigmatically. Notice the close degrees of Mercury with Sun and Moon at the time of this eclipse, which shows a fall in the Stock market around the world, and beginning of a global recession at the onset of New Year in 2020. Jupiter in Fiery sign tends to bring downfall in stock market, but it would increase the prices of Gold. The five-planets conjunction in one Rasi also shows chances of a big earthquake, which could be in Northern parts of India, as Moola Nakshatra signifies North direction as per Koorma Chakra and/or in Japan also, as Sagittarius shows East direction too.

Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse     Lunar Eclipse

Now analyze this horoscope of Lunar eclipse of 5th June 2020. You will find here that Saturn and Jupiter, both are retrograde in Capricorn (Makar) Rasi. Both planets are in same Nakshatra 'Uttara-Ashadha', which shows danger of fearful wars around the world. Also notice the degrees of Sun here, which is at 21 degrees in Taurus sign in Rohini Nakshatra. Mars is giving its 4th aspect to the Sun from the exact 21 degrees. This is a clear combination for dangerous combats, in which India may have to face a joint attack of both China and Pakistan at its borders. This Lunar eclipse of 5th June 2020 is more dangerous for India, as it is falling in the Rohini Nakshatra, which is very sensitive for our country.

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse     Solar Eclipse

See the horoscope of Solar Eclipse of 21 June 2020, which is falling in the Gemini (Mithuna) Rasi, which is sensitive sign for USA. Mars is giving aspect to the Sun and Moon at the time of this eclipse, from very close degrees. Notice here that Sun and Moon are at 6 degrees and 13 minutes in Gemini; Mars from Pisces is giving aspect to them, transiting at 01 degrees and 40 minutes. As per Bhriat Samhita if Mars aspects the Sun and/or Moon at the time of an eclipse, then big battles would take place. This eclipse shows dangerous war, in which USA might get involved with Iran; eventually, this war can take its toll at the entire Middle-east, including Israel.

Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction and Wars in the Past
  • At the time of World War II in 1941, Saturn-Jupiter were in conjunction in Taurus sign.
  • During the Cuba Missile Crises in 1962 and India- China War, the conjunction of Saturn-Jupiter had taken place in Capricorn sign.
  • In February 1962, Saturn and Jupiter were in Shravana Nakshatra in Makar Rasi, along with many other planets and an eclipse had fallen during that month, which was visible in India.
  • In 2000 Saturn and Jupiter were in conjunction in the Taurus sign; in the subsequent year, the USA waged a war in Afghanistan, after the World Trade Center attack in 2001.
  • Indian Parliament was also attacked by Pakistani Terrorists in December 2001.
  • So these past events also shows that Saturn-Jupiter conjunction is a dangerous yoga for big war like situations, around the world.

Now let us briefly analyse the horoscopes of some countries, which will get affected with wars in 2020. These wars are likely to adversely affect the global economy, and also the Olympics games which is scheduled to be organized in Japan from 24th of July to 9th of August 2020.

Foundation Horoscope of USA

Foundation Horoscope of USA     Foundation Horoscope of USA
Source: From the data of K.N.Rao.

In the Leo (Simha) lagna horoscope of USA, the Solar eclipse of 21st June falling in Gemini will be exactly at its lagna lord Sun. The conjunction of Saturn-Jupiter will take place in the 12th house from the natal Moon of USA and in the 6th house from its lagna, which is not good. In Vimshottari, the period of Rahu-Rahu is running at present. Natal Rahu is in the 12th house of losses and its depositor Moon is in the 7th house of war, in dreaded 'Kemadruma Yoga'. 12th lord Moon in the 7th house of war shows conflict at foreign land. In the horoscope of the current US President Donald Trump, Leo lagna is rising and he is under Jupiter- Saturn period in Vimshottari. Saturn, the sub period lord, is the 7th lord in Donald Trump's horoscope, which is falling in the 12th house of losses. So USA is likely to indulge in big combats, which might result in loss of Donald Trump's position in the subsequent presidential elections in November 2020. USA may get involved in war-like situations with Iran, which has Cancer lagna Foundation horoscope. These combats will adversely affect the economy of USA.

Foundation Horoscope of China

Foundation Horoscope of China     Foundation Horoscope of China
Balance of Dasa in Vimshottari: Moon 9 years 11 months 23 days
Source: The book of World Horoscopes

In the Makar lagna Foundation horoscope of China, the mahadasha of Mercury is starting from 24th of September 2019. Since the last couple of years, China has been under concern for slow economic growth, during its Saturn-Jupiter period, the dasa-Chiddra in Vimshottari. Now in transit, Saturn-Jupiter will be hovering at the Janma lagna and the natal Moon of China during 2020. This will make China aggressive towards India and Japan. China may attack India during June-July 2020, when Mercury-Mercury- Venus period will be running in its Foundation horoscope. Mercury is the strong lord of 6th and 9thhouses, which is along with Ketu and 8th lord Sun. Venus getting the aspects of Saturn and Mars shows war-like situations.

Foundation Horoscope of India

Foundation Horoscope of India     Foundation Horoscope of India

In the Foundation horoscope of India, the Vimshottari period of Moon-Saturn would be running throughout year 2020. Saturn is the lord of 7th house from Moon, indicating combats. The 7th house from dasa-lord Moon gets the aspects of both Mars and Saturn. In transit, the eclipses will afflict Sagittarius, the 8th house of the Foundation chart, which is the house of mass deaths. The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter will take place in Capricorn, which is the 2nd weakest sign after Gemini in Ashtakavarga, getting only 21 points. These are all indications for losses of lives and properties in big war-like situations. In the Scorpio lagna birth chart of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the period of Moon-Venus is running till June 2020. Venus, as the lord of 7th house from lagna and Moon, is showing the danger of war. The China and Pakistan may attack India during June- July 2020, which would give lots of trouble to India. The Kashmir and Northeast region of the country would be the worst affected region of India, during these strifes.

Foundation Horoscope of Japan

Foundation Horoscope of Japan     Foundation Horoscope of Japan

In the Dhanur lagna Foundation horoscope of Japan, the Moon is in Gemini sign. The eclipses falling in 2020 will be dangerous for the economy and top leadership of this country. Japan is having high hopes for a revival of its economy, during the Summer Olympic Games in July-August 2020. But Japan's expectations are likely to get shattered, due to some big countries opting out of Olympic Games, due to war-like situations and global diplomatic tensions. The Olympic Games organized by Japan are not likely to be a much-successful event. The Vimshottari period of Mercury-Saturn is starting from 2nd April 2020. Both Mercury and Saturn are functional malefics in the Foundation horoscope of Japan. Moreover, the transit of Saturn and Jupiter in the 8th house from the natal Moon of Japan is also bad. So the country may have to suffer some big losses in border-clashes, and also due to a lack-lustered Olympic Games event.

Foundation Horoscope of Pakistan

Foundation Horoscope of Pakistan     Foundation Horoscope of Pakistan

In the Aries lagna Foundation horoscope of Pakistan, the enigmatic Vimshottari period of Venus-Jupiter is running till October 2020. Venus is the lord of 7th house of war, and Jupiter is placed in the 7th house itself. Both Venus and Jupiter are in enemy sign; so they are weak. Pakistan has its natal Moon in Gemini, which will get afflicted by Lunar and Solar eclipses in the month of June 2020. The transiting Saturn and Jupiter will be in the 8th house from its natal Moon then. The country will have to suffer huge losses in war-like situations during 2020.

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