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Retrograde Jupiter plays havoc in the marital lives of female natives
Astrologer RK Verma in conversation with

Hemamalini Raghunathan

Here is an astrologer, who has been a passionate student of Vedic astrology, for the last three decades, along with his renowned Central Government service in New Delhi. Mr. R.K. Verma has been contributing articles for well-known astrology magazines, including EST. Mr. R.K. Verma (; mobile:9711700324) has many successful mundane predictions to his credit. Victory of Obama in 2008, return of UPA-2 in 2009, which won this astrologer EST Nostradamus Award in 2009. He is proficient in Ashtakavarga System of prediction, Numerology and Lal-Kitab remedies. Here, Mr. R.K. Verma talks about not-much-discussed characteristics of Jupiter, such as it denoting providential Grace, Intuition, question of male issues, Jupiter retrogression being detrimental to female natives etc.

Any incident that kindled your interest in astrology?

I vividly remember an incident from childhood. I must have been around 12 then (I am 57 now). We were all living in the joint family. My uncle had brought a pair of for my aunt (material) and another for my father's sister. He asked us all to guess, their price. I uttered immediately that it must have been between Rs. 22 and 23. Others also made wild guess, but they were far off the tangent. Then my uncle with some surprise and sparkle in his eyes asked me how could I guess, so accurately. He then informed us all that both sarees had cost him Rs. 45. What a perfect guess it was. neither a single paisa left nor right! I observed on some more occasions that I could hazard such guesses, which turned out to be perfectly correct.

I also remember my mother telling me once that I was suffering from typhoid in my childhood, and there was little chance of my survival, but somehow I survived. When I became a youth, there was curiosity to know as to why it had happened. But frankly speaking, I did not know then that one day I would become an astrologer, and find out for myself the reason for the same, by looking at my own chart. But as they say, coming events cast their shadows before! Then an incident occurred in my life on 12 August 1978, which turned me very spiritual. Mother Goddess is the Guiding Force for me. After this incident, I felt drawn towards Mother Goddess Durga, Who would thereafter become pivot of my life providing the succor and sustenance, so much necessary to sail through the topsy-turvy world.

Please share your experiences with your Guruji.
In 1986, I came in contact with my spiritual Guru Shree Khumain Poraton Maharaj (popularly known as Mahua Baba among the local people of Varanasi). He was a native of Manipur in the Northeast but came to Varanasi along with his Guruji and established an Ashram there. On the orders of his Guruji, Shree KP Maharaj made Varanasi his Karm Bhumi (i.e. field for religious and spiritual activities), and devoted himself to the welfare of humanity.

In 1989, I got an offer of appointment from Central Government and joined the same at New Delhi. However, I kept on visiting him every year in the Summer. After marriage, we (me and wife) requested Shree KP Maharaj to give us Diksha, which he happily agreed. On the occasion of Guru Purnima in 1997, we became his ardent disciples. I must accept that my life has changed completely ever since I came in contact with my Guruji. Such is the power and influence of a true Guru! He was a realized saint. Guruji was a devotee of Lord Shiva, so I also became Lord Shiva's devotee. Today, I have this Tri-Murti's (trinity of Gods-my Guruji, Mother Goddess Durga and Lord Shiva) blessings and grace over me, which helps me, sail through the turbulent waters of life.

When did you start taking interest in astrology? How did you learn the subject?.
I have learnt astrology myself. My occult journey began way back in 1990, when visiting Cannuaght Place in Delhi, I picked up the, "Cheiro's Book of Numbers". I read it within no time; the book, I must say, had aroused my curiosity to know the unknown. But I was searching for more. Then one day, I came across a book titled, "Bhrigu Samhita". Slowly but gradually I read this book also. By 1995, I had read many books on astrology written by prominent Indians as well as foreign writers/astrologers. While grasping the fundamentals, I had then begun to apply the principles enunciated in these books to examine my own natal chart, my close relatives and people around me. I made special efforts to collect a large number of horoscopes of celebrities and VVIPs, and examined them in great details in the light of astrological principles given in the classical books. I had opted to discuss the astrological reasons for their popularity, success and downfall in their fortunes in my write-ups in EST, where Case-studies of three prominent personalities- Lalu Prasad Yadav, Sharukh Khan and Mohd. Azharuddin were discussed.

Today, I must say that my hard work of yesteryears have been amply rewarded, which is reflected in my accurate predictions of US Presidential election 2008, Indian General Election 2009, Common Wealth Games held in Delhi in October 2010, NDA's win under the leadership of Nitish Kumar in Bihar in November 2010, No end to the World on 21st December 2012(defying Mayan Predictions) and Indian General Election 2019(where it was clearly mentioned that Narendra Modi will become PM for the 2nd consecutive term and also that Smt. Smriti Irani, will defeat Rahul Gandhi in Amethi), all these predictions have been published in EST in the relevant months in the past. EST also awarded me with the prestigious "Nostradamus Award" in 2009 for my former two predictions.

People generally expect a lot from the benevolent planet Jupiter that too at the time of Jupiter's transit to the next sign. What can be expected from such transits by a native?.
Jupiter is beneficial in transit in the houses 2,5,7,9 and 11 from natal Moon. Jupiter, during such transits, does some good to the native, related to the significations of that house. For example, when transiting the 2nd house, one can expect good flow of income and all round happiness in the family. In the 11th, it will give honor and a new position/status to the native as it is the house of gains. In the 5th, it will bless the native with a child. In the 7th, it may give marriage to the eligible bachelors, profit in partnership business, foreign journey or gain from abroad etc. In the 9th, it will give, inter alia, all round success, divine grace and good luck.However, to experience beneficial result on account of such favorable transit of Jupiter, one must have a well-placed and dignified Jupiter in his/her chart. In the remaining seven houses, Jupiter in transit, will harm/spoil the prospects, relating to that house.

We have heard a lot about the blessings of children, marriage, wealth from Jupiter; what about Providential Grace denoted by Jupiter?
Of all the planets, Jupiter is the most beneficial planet, and gives benefic results like a vast ocean. Whenever Jupiter in a nativity is placed in the Lagna, 5th, 7th and 9th houses, it gives Providential Grace, much desired during the time of crisis to the native, provided such Jupiter is in dignity i.e. it should not be in its sign of debilitation. I am giving an example. The native of Case-study-1, has Jupiter in 9th house in Aquarius. According to some classical texts, Jupiter in Aquarius gives benefic results like in Cancer, its sign of exaltation. Here, Jupiter is aspecting the lagna and 5th house. So, all trikona houses are getting benefited by it. This native was lucky to survive a powerful bomb-blast, right in front of his eyes on 13 September 2008 in Delhi, when a series of bomb blasts took place in which twenty one people were left dead, and more than hundred people got injured. The native confided in me that this was not the only instance, but he has received divine grace on several occasions in his life. This could be possible, only because of Jupiter's placement in the 9th house of the native's chart.

(Birth details kept confidential)

Is the power of intuition associated with Jupiter? How? Could you explain with examples.
Intuition is a knowingness, that comes without explanation, as to how or why. It is also referred to as a hunch or gut feeling. When Jupiter is placed in Watery signs (4, 8, 12) and also in Aquarius (a mystic sign, which happen to be kona/trikona), it blesses the native with good intuition. Moon is also a factor in giving good intuition, but it makes a person more psychic than intuitive. All astrologers without one exception, who are able to predict accurately, are blessed with good intuition, which is further enhanced because of observance of spiritual practices by them. Here, I would like to give the example of Sh KN Rao (Case-study-2), a well-known astrologer, and Head of Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan School, New Delhi. He has exalted Jupiter in 10th house from both Lagna and Chandra lagna. Such Jupiter aspects his 2nd house, which is the house denoting, inter alia, speech and it also casts its benign aspect on either side of 5th house, the house of "Purva-punya" (i.e. house denoting merits earned in the previous life) which gives the native, inter alia, an ability to look into the future, and decipher the upcoming events in advance.

Case-Study 2: K.N. Rao
It may be noted that another well-known astrologer Dr BV Raman, who has been credited with reviving study and practices of Vedic astrology in India and the West, also had his Jupiter in 10th house in Scorpio.

Any special feature/behavior of Jupiter that you would like to discuss here?
Yes! Here I would like to discuss some special features of planet Jupiter. We all know that Jupiter is a masculine planet, and is significator of children, especially male ones. But contrary to its nature, it gives mostly daughters to a native, if it is located in the house of a female planet and is influenced by a female planet, either by conjunction or aspect. Also, when Jupiter is lord of 4th and 7th houses (natives with Virgo Lagna only), it gives mostly daughters or daughters only. The astrological reason for this is quite simple, but may not be known to many students of astrology. Since 4th and 7th houses stand for mother and wife respectively, Jupiter, by virtue of being lord of these two houses, partakes the quality of a female planet. For instance, I am producing below the horoscope (Case-study 3), of a Virgo native, who has two daughters only. Readers can see that even though Jupiter is posited in a male sign Leo with a male planet Mars in 12th house, since it is lord of 4th and 7th houses, it has blessed the native with two daughters only.

(Birth details kept confidential)

Bill Clinton, ex-President of the US has also Virgo, as his Lagna, and he has been blessed with only one daughter.
Another peculiar feature of Jupiter is its behavior, when it is in retrograde motion. A retrograde Jupiter in a man's chart is a blessing in disguise. Such natives are able to succeed, where others have failed; they are able to revive a sick project, can turn a loss-making company/project into profit-making one etc. I have already discussed in my past articles in EST, while analyzing horoscopes of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, and shown how retrograde Jupiter in their cases has given them spectacular successes, whereas their predecessors have failed in the similar circumstances. It would not be out of place to mention here that Mahatma Gandhi also had retrograde Jupiter in his chart. Thanks to this retrograde Jupiter, he was able to achieve Independence for India from the clutches of the British in his lifetime, whereas many other leaders before him failed to do so.
However, retrograde Jupiter is not so kind in the case of female natives. It mostly proves to be a bane in their case. It plays havoc in their marital lives. It may not only cause delay in their marriage (caused primarily by weak and/or ill-placed Saturn but retrograde Jupiter in case of females is no less responsible), but also deny happiness from their spouse and children.
(Birth details kept confidential)

Let us consider the Case-study 4
This female native is married to a rich and famous man. But her marital life is extremely unhappy, because of extra-marital relations of her husband. Although she is the mother of a son and two daughters, she failed to receive happiness from her children.

What are the ways to please the planet?
Whenever Jupiter is a malefic in the chart of a native, he/she should resort to the following remedial measures to ward off its evil effects:- (I) Wear 5.25 (sava paanch) ratti Yellow Sapphire in Gold, in the Fore finger of Right hand on a Thursday, during Shukla Paksha.
(II) Donate Turmeric, Jaggery (Gur), Yellow clothes or Brown sugar.
(III) Apply Saffron (Kesar) tilak on forehead.
(IV) Observe fast on Thursdays.
(V) Worship Lord Shiva and recite "Om Namah Shivaye" 108 times daily.
(VI) In case of acute problem, one should recite "Mahamritunjay Mantra" daily.
(VII) Recite the mantra "Om grang greeng, graung seh Gurvaye namah" (9,000 times).
Note: The remedial measures suggested above are general in nature. For specific measures pertaining to a nativity, one should consult an astrologer.

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