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Celestial Dramas 2021
By R.S.Maniam

2021Important Celestial eventsRating good effects
January Saturn & Sun conjunction50%
FebStellium in Capricorn, Mars and Rahu association65%
MarchSun aspected by Saturn-Venus & Mercury join In AquariusVenus exaltation in Pisces.60%
AprilMars & Jupiter harmonious aspect on Air signs.Mars' 8th aspect on Saturn, Bad aspect60%
MayVenus, Mercury and Rahu in Taurus, Positive impacts on India. Rahu exalted, may provoke anti-government activities.55%
JuneMars opposing retrograde Saturn. Natural catastrophes. Solar eclipse.45%
JulyMid-month, Sun & Mars oppose Saturn. Violent attacks. Last week, more progress, Venus and Mars association.60%
AugustVenus and Mars in Leo. Cultural progress. Sun in royal sign, swakshetra70%
Sep"Venus aspected by Jupiter, Progress for women, luxury items, cruise ships, grand entertainment. Progressive period."70%
Oct"Sun debilitation, later joined by Mars, 10th aspect of Saturn, Political instability Oppression, bad times to Senior government leaders."55%
NovSun and Mars association , Lunar eclipse in Taurus aspected by Mars.45%
DecSolar eclipse in Scorpio, Sun hemmed between Mars and Saturn, Venus pentagon effect.40%

January 2021

The New Year 2021 starts with Venus and Ketu's exact conjunction at 25 in Scorpio in the constellation of Jyeshta (3rd pada) in the Navamsa of Aquarius. Venus becomes important, as it becomes Atmakaraka. Venus receives the 8th aspect of Mars from Aries. Mars aspects its own house. This Venus will increase the popularity of women, actors, etc. Venus & Ketu, aspected by Mars, may indicate accidents to celebrities; Venus and Ketu in Navamsa Airy sign indicate a tendency for air-accidents, collapse of structures. Venus-Ketu conjunction in Watery sign indicates water-borne and sexually transmitted diseases. Venus moves to Sagittarius on 4 Jan. 2021, joins Sun, Mercury and Venus. On 5 Jan. 2021 Mercury moves to Capricorn and joins Saturn, Jupiter. Amavasya falls on 13 Jan.2021 in the sign of Sagittarius and the new Lunar month Sharvari Pushya begins. The period of Kala Sarpa begins on 12 Jan.2021. All planets are again caught in between Rahu-Ketu axis (Scorpio and Taurus). Sun moves to the sign of Capricorn on 14 Jan.2021. Combination of Saturn, Sun, Mercury and Jupiter occurs, thus controvertial issues may pop up in democractic countries, The royal and people with dignity will be affected. Sun and Saturn's exact conjunction will happen on 24 Jan.2021, in the Navamsa of Aries, causing fire incidents, and explosions. Mercury moves to Aquarius on 25 Jan.2021, indicating good development in aerial communication including aerospace industry and air travel. Including deep space exploration. A Full Moon falls on 29 Jan.2021 in the constellation Pushya (4th pada). Mercury turns Retrograde 221' in Aquarius on 30 Jan.2021.

February 2021

On 5th Mercury re-enters Capricorn in retrogression, and joins Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Sun. During this period, there wil be controversial issues pertaining to administration, ministers, leak of documents, newspaper reports etc. Amavasya falls on 12th, a planetary pooling occurs in the sign of Capricorn, five planets configurartion will occur. Venus makes close conjunction with Jupiter, in the sign of Capricorn at 18. In the constellation of Sravana, in the Navamsa of Gemini, causing important developments in Telecommunication, trade, diplomatic relation and long distance, space exploration. As six planets' pooling happens (10 th, 11th, 12th Feb.) along Capricorn and Cancer axis, a tendency for earthquake is possible around this period. Practically all the seven planets are in Chara bhava during this period, which calls for abrupt changes in Political scenario.

Apparently the Lunar month of Sharvari Magha begins on 12 th. Some significant climatic changes are possible, as planets are engaged in war. Sun moves to Aquarius on 13 th. Venus moves to Airy sign on 21st and joins Sun. On 22nd, Mercury become Direct. During this period, significant events will happen in Air traffic, entertainment celebration, new vehicles, transportaion. Mars joins Rahu in the sign of Taurus from 22 Feb. 2021. It will trine Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury in Capricorn. Mars and Rahu association in the sign of Taurus is certainly to cause lasting damages. Mars-Rahu are commonly associated with violence, gang shooting, abrupt violence, and Military movements. Since it is a Fixed and Earth sign, land-slides, earthquake are possible. Since Rahu is poisonous, Blood-related diseases, food-poisoning and gas-leakage are possible. The Full Moon falls on 27 Feb. 2021. The aspect of Mars will fall on Moon in the constellation of P.Phalguni (1st pada). Romance, aesthetic arts etc. Will thrive around these period, as Venus aspects the Full Moon too. A notable event will happen in the royal circle.

March 2021

On 5th March 2021 and 6 th, Mars with Rahu will oppose Moon and Ketu in Scorpio. Moon is in the debilitated sign of Scorpio. This transit is not favourable, since Ketu-Moon will be squaring Sun-Venus too. This may provoke agitation, mental anguish, strong winds, coastal dangers, etc. On 11th, Mercury moves to Aquarious, joining Venus and Sun. Expect significant developments in aviation industry. Mercury and Moon will move on the same day in to Aquaruius sign. A New Moon will fall on 13th, Lunar month of Sharvari Phalguna will begin. Literary works, women-celebrities can get popular. Sun moves to the sign of Pisces on 15th. Sun receives the 3rd aspect of Saturn from Capricorn. Sun's association with Venus in Watery sign, aspected by Saturn, may show some development on a senior politician's health. On 17th, Venus ingresses to exaltation; ceremonies like grand marraiges of celebrities may happen. The fashion industry, entertainment field will prosper. Venus' conjunction with the Sun will occur 11 to 15 in Pisces, starting from 26th. A Full Moon will occur in the sign of Virgo on 29th, when Venus is in very close conjunction with Sun.

April 2021

Mercury moves to the sign of Pisces on 1st. Mercury enters debilitation sign, becomes neecha and obtains neechabangga from exalted Venus. Mercury, Venus and Sun will be in the sign of Pisces. On April 2&3, Mars-Rahu will aspect the debilitaed Moon with Ketu in the Watery sign of Scorpio; dangerous coastal events, natural calamities are possible, incluidng earthquakes. Jupiter moves to the sign of Aquarius on 6th. Jupiter enters Airy sign. The new Lunar year begins on 12th, Plava Chaitra begins, while Venus moves on the same day to the sign of Aries. Venus is in parivarthana with Mars in Taurus. Mars moves to the sign of Gemini on 14th, while Sun moves to Aries and begins the Solar year of Plava. Mars in the sign of Gemini receives the 5th aspect of Jupiter from Aquarius. Thus two superior planets occupy Airy sign and have harmonius aspect. Thus, during these periods, Universties, Air-ports, high land climbing, aerial communication will be highlighted. However Mars will throw its 8th aspect on Saturn in Capricorn. This will cause conflicts among the Head of the governments damage to farm lands and cattles. Coal mines will be meet with disaster. Mercury moves to Aries 17 April 2021 and joins Venus, Sun. Mercury formd parivarthana with Mars in Gemini. Medical publications, new drugs, therapeutic procedures will flourish. A Full Moon will fall on 27th.

May 2021

Mercury moves to the sign of Taurus and joins Rahu. Taurus is a Fixed sign. Rahu-Mercury's association will open a lot of rumours, misinformation will get circulated and become viral in the social media. There is a tendency for communication breakdown, leading to failure of talks or Summit. On 5th, Venus moves to its own sign Taurus, and joins Rahu and Mercury. Sensational news about the celebrities, actors and musicians will be highlighted, including love and marriage-failures. Amavasya will fall on 12th. The Lunar month Plav Vaishaka begins. As Venus, Rahu, Mercury transit India's natal lagna, there is tendency for internal conflicts from the extrimist groups, with demontsrtaions. Sun will transit the sign of Taurus from 15th. Sun will join Rahu, Mercury and Venus in Fixed, Earthy sign, indicating strong possibility for earthquakes, landlsides, natural disasters. Saturn turns retrograde in the sign of Capricorn at 19 in the constellation of Sravana 3rd pada. The monthly Full Moon will fall on 26th with Mercury changing house to Gemini, and becoming associated with Mars. A harmonious trine aspect occurs between Jupiter in Aquarius, and Mars/Mercury in Geimini, both are Airy. The aerial industry incluidng deep space exploration, communication, new adventures in transmission technology will thrive. On 29th, Venus joins Mars with Mercury indicating very good time for entertainment field, Mercury turns Retrograde on 31st in Gemini.

June 2021

On 3rd, Mars moves to the sign of Cancer, getting debilitated. The sign is ruled by Moon (water). Mars will oppose Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn. This opposition is detrimental. On 4th, Mercury in retrogression moves back to Taurus. Both Chara bhava Cancer and Capricorn come under oppression. There is a tendency for military intervention, Military activities etc. Sun,Mercury, Rahu together will create international tensions. The situations in Russia, North Korea, America and Britain may get triggered. Confrontation with China is not ruled out. A Solar eclipse in the sign of Taurus will fall on 10th. This eclipse falls at 25 39' Mrigasirsa 1st pada, in the navamsa of Leo (a royal sign). The government in the big democratic countries, also monarchs in Britain, Thailand, Malaysia will be affected. It is a Solar eclipse that occurs when Mars and Saturn are in opposition. On 15th, Sun joins Venus in the sign of Gemini. Sun-Venus receive the 5th aspect of Jupiter, which is good for governments to become stable, and much development for Women. Development in aerial and deep space exploration will be hignlighted. Jupiter becomes Retrograde at 802' in Aquariious on 21st. On 23rd, Venus moves to the sign of Cancer, and joins Mars, receiving the aspect of Saturn in Capricorn. Simultaenously Mercury becomes Direct on the same day. A Full Moon falls on 25th, in the constellation of Moola In Sagittarius.

July 2021

Mars and Saturn's exact opposition will happen on 2nd. This opposition will Involve Gemini and Sagittarius axis in Navamsa. It is mutable and unstable sign. Collapse of buildings and flight crash are possible. On 8th, Mercury moves to Gemini and Joins Sun. Mercury and Sun receive beneficial 5th aspect of Jupiter. Both are in Airy sign, denoting good times for broadcasting activities, Communication technology, space exploration and air-travel industry. During this period, a good diplomatic meeting between world leaders may happen. The Lunar month of Plava Ashada will commence on 10th. Troublesome period starts, as Sun moves to Cancer on 17th, and joins Mars and Venus, opposed by retrograde Saturn. As the Cancer is a femala sign, female leaders will face critism. Saturn aspects on Sun-Mars will trigger political agitation in Russia, and in big democracies. As the sign of Cancer is India janma rasi, internal pressure on Modi's governemnt is expected. On 18th, Venus moves to Leo and receives the 7th aspect of Jupiter in Aquarius. This period will be very aupicious for royal marriages, luxury activities, film industry, and sophisticated vehicles etc. Mas joins Venus in the sign of Leo on 20th, aspected by Jupiter, foretelling auspicious time for the world.

Good development is seen in Russia, Mars and Venus in 4th house of Putin, indicates good domestic changes in Russia. A Full Moon will fall in the sign of Capricorn. Mercury moves to Cancer on 26th and joins Sun in Cancer, aspected by Saturn. Administrative issues may pop up in big democratic nations.

August 2021

The new Lunar month will commence on 8th, Plava Sravana. On 9th, Mercury moves to Leo, joins Venus and Mars. Around these days, literary works, awards, entertainment field will be in the news. Venus moves to the sign of its debilitation point on 12th. Sun moves to the royal sign of Leo on 17th. Sun joins Mars and Mercury. An important conference at international level on diplomacy will take place. Trade change for better business in possible. On 20th, Mercury becomes exact conjunct with Mars, foretelling good developments in agricultural field. A Full Moon will occur on 22nd in the constellation of Dhanishta. Mercury moves to the exaltation sign of Virgo on 27th, and joins Venus, which obtains neecha banga... gossips about films stars and actors will be in the air.

September 2021

On 6th, Venus moves to Libra, (swakshetra sign), and receives the aspect of Jupiter. Jupiter and Venus in trine promotes good development in air travels, entertainments. New Moon falls on 7th. New Lunar month of Plava Bhadrapada begins. Simultaneously Mars moves to Virgo the same day, and joins Mercury. News about medical developments, Chemicals, military are likely. There is a harmonious trine formed between planets in the fixed sign of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Good technological developmeni in agriculture, architecture, land-development, are likely. On 15th, Jupiter in Retrogression moves back to Capricorn, and joins Saturn again, also joining the trine. On 17th, Sun moves to Virgo and joins Mercury and Mars. At least six planets are in good trine around this period, indicating longlasting diplomatic decisions. This may include appointments to influential posts. A high-level medical conference is also likely. A Full Moon occurs on 21st in the constellation of Uttrabhadra. Mercury moves to Libra and joins Venus. Saturn's 10th aspect falls on Venus and Mercury. Senior minister, politician, actress, celebrities will be honoured. Court case of actors will cause controversies. On 28th, Mercury turns Retrograde in the sign of Libra.

October 2021

On 3rd, Mercury moves back to Virgo in retrogression, joins Mars and Sun. This triple planet assscoiation in Virgo may cause some wrong documents getting highlighted. Controversial statements from the public will get circulated in media. Saturn becomes Direct on 11th, in Capricorn. On 17th, Sun moves to Libra and gets the 10th aspect of Saturn from Capricorn. This foretells flawsweaknes in govenrment, fatal sickness to senior politician, etc. Mercury remains retrograde. Simultanously Jupiter becomes Direct too on 18th at 28p in Capricorn. Full Moon will fall on 20th. Mercury become Direct on 19th in Virgo. On 22nd, Mars moves to Libra ansd joins the debilitated Sun. This is quite traumatic period as Sun-Mars association receives the 10th aspect of Saturn.There is a parivarthana between Mars and Venus, involving Airy sign, indicating tendency for volcanic eruption, explosion, man-made disaster, violation and group demonstrations for legal rights. On 30th, Venus moves to Sagittarius and forms good Grahamalika yoga from Leo to Capriocrn, initiated by Moon.

November 2021

Mercury moves to the sign of Libra on 2nd and joins Sun, Mars and Mercury, denoting good times for medical publications, new researches etc. There is a possibility of extending military services, or dominant administrative rules, especially in countries like Russia , China and North Korea. The new Lunar month of Plava Karthiga begins on 5th. On 17th, Sun moves to Scorpio and joins Ketu. A Full Moon will occur on 19th, in Taurus. There will be a Lunar eclipse on 19th, visible in India, as penumbral lunar eclipse. This Lunar eclipse will fall in Earthy sign, and aspected by Jupiter's 5th aspect and Mars' 8th aspect.There is a strong tendency for earthquake around this week, with strong winds, coastal hazards.

Lunar eclipse falling the first drekkana of of Taurus will cause damage to cattles, agricultural lands, etc. Mercury moves to Scorpio, joins Sun and Ketu. This will increase research work, production of artificial intelligence related fields. Since watery sign is involved, deep sea exploration will gain momentum. Since house of Mars is involved, new kind of surgery techniques will be discovered.

December 2021

Lunar month of Plava Margasira will commence on 4th. A Total Solar eclipse will fall in the sign of Scorpio at 18:13p , in the constellation of Jyeshta, in the Navamsa of Sagittarius. On 5th, Mars moves to Scorpio. Mars reaches swakshetra. Mars, Ketu, Mercury and Sun in venomous sign might spread a new disease, which may be blood-borne. Political situations may become aggresive. There may be troubles in Japan, Syria or Cambodia. Venus moves to Capricorn on 9th, and joins Saturn in chara bhava. There may be development in transport, fast-moving vehicles etc. Old celebrities may fall ill. On 11th, Mercury moves Sagittarius, thus changing the celestial phenomena of all planets in three to four houses, starting from Fixed sign of Scorpio to Fixws sign of Aquarius. Sun moves to Sagirtarius on 17th, joininng Mercury in the 9th sign of Zodiac, indicating mass religious gatherings, ideology, movements etc. However, Sun, Mercury hemmed between Mars and Saturn, may cause some controversial issues to religious movements. Between 17-19, Mars with Ketu aspects Moon, Rahu indicating erratic behaviors, killing, fire accidents and natural disasters. Venus turn Retrograde on 19th. A Full Moon falls in Gemini on 19th. Venus retrogression, being associted with Saturn, shows a senior celebrity becoming sick and getting implicated with cases. On 26th, Mars' transit with Ketu in Scorpio, in Watery sign. (Mars in the constellation of Anuradha) disturbances (tsunami) from ocean are likely with Full Moon in the Constellation of Arudra. Mercury moves to Capricorn on 29th and joins Retrograde Venus, Saturn. The last week of the year 2021 will see Mars/Moon/Ketu in Scorpio (undesirable sign) with Venus in retrogression moving back to Sagittarius on 30th. The last week of 2021 may creat a milestone in the world events.

Eclipses in 2021

There will be two Solar and two Lunar eclipses in 2021. Among the Solar eclipses, one will be Annular and the other will be Total. The lunar eclipses will be Partial and Total. The eclipses will be confined to Taurus and Scopio axis, according to Vedic astrology and The nodal point will be exalted and debilitated along Taurus and Scorpio axis. Both eclispe Lunar and Solar are happening on the Moon sign of Mr.Donal Trump and India's Natal Lagna.

Impact of Saturn and Jupiter conjunction:
The effect of Saturn and Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn in the begining of year 2021 will continue to impact the world finance and economy. In history, Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurred in 1761, (13 April 1761). According to Financial astrology by David William, it causes depression, quoting post French and Indian war.

Jupiter and Saturn conjunction and association in Capricorn should not be taken light. Both social and political complications can herald new social order, which can be implicated with new norms of the Covid 19 era. "We liberate ourselves from the old and establihsed order". Saturn and Jupiter contact can be oppressive and anti-social too.

Jupiter was behind 15 from Saturn, when Covid-19 started its spread. Now again Jupiter will be 15 ahead of Saturn only around the last weak of April. This period probably may show a drastic change in the pandemic situation.

Stellium in the sign of Capricorn:
Stellium in the sign of Capricorn From 9th Feb' 21 to 11th Feb' 21, six planets will pool in the sign of Capricorn. It is a great astrological and astronomical phenemena. Sun would have passed 29 in the sign. Capricorn gets too much crowded with planets. Since Capricorn signifies Sea Goat, there will be good development in medicine, orthopedic surgery, other medical sciences. Hydro electricty will be developed. Agricultural land, farming techniques. Trade union, workers, coalmines and old-buidings, may be affected. Disasters are likely in countries ruled by Zodiac sign of Capricorn. India, Germany, Mexico, United Kingdom, Sudan , Korea.

Saturn and Mars opposition from 2 June 2021:
This is a troublesome period, two malefics in opposition from the signs of Cancer and Capricorn. Mars debilitated, opposed by Saturn in Retrogression. This opposition starts on 2 June 2021 and will last till 20 July 2021. The last three days, Sun will join this opposition. Apparently a Solar eclipse also falls during this period, on 10 June 2021. June 2021 will be hectic and very sensitive period, since Mercury will already be retrograde and Jupiter will turn retrograde on 21 June 2021. The second part of month will be challenging.

Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and forest fires are possible. Injury to workers in industrial construction and miners. American politics may begin a new chapter. Major collisions are possible. Situation in India may be tensed up. North Korea , China, Russia may influence the global politics. Oil production and Oil politics will influenec the prices.

Venus eight years Retrogression cycle (19 Dec.2021):
The eight years Pentagon cycle will occur in the sign of Capricorn on 19 Dec.2021. Venus makes closest apperance to Earth. This synodic cycle has as five lobes as a pentagram. One of the five point is Capricorn. Last time, it occurred in the sign of Capricorn on 22 Dec. 2013. Venus at 0456' in Capricorn). On 19 Dec. 2021, Venus becomes retrograde at this point in Capricorn. The constellation will be Uttarashada. Venus forming a pentagon cycle in Capricorn in the 10th sign of Zodiac certainly indicates major ventures in business, industrialization. During this period, Venus will be in association with Saturn. There may increase incidences of Divorce (break-ups) in affluent. Women leadership may be highlighted. Venus will retrograde back to Sagittarius on 30 Dec. 2021. Planets will be confined to four zodiac signs from Scorpio to Aquarius.

The year 2021 will mainly show huge impact on the sign of Capricorn. Jupiter and Saturn conjunction happens in that sign in the 3rd week of December 2020 will continue its influence in the mundane affairs.



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