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Celestial Dramas 2019
By R.S.Maniam

  • Month of January will see changes in the countries of big democracies. There may be sickness, involving royal circles. Saturn aspecting two Airy signs would create a tendency for air disaster, collapse of big structures, etc. Jupiter and Venus conjunction foretells auspiciousness for actors, rewards, ornaments etc.

  • Mars aspecting Rahu in Watery sign Cancer would increase incidents of poisoning, gaseous leakage, theft and intrusions in February.

  • April will see Jupiter turning retrograde in Sagittarius, in the company of Saturn and Ketu. There may be Changes in currency value, Banking sector and fall in Gold price etc.

  • May-June will see Saturn-Ketu opposing Mars-Rahu in Sagittarius-Gemini axis. This will be a critical time globally, indicating air strikes, natural catastrophes, earthquakes, air disaster, violence, international conflicts, border-disputes, etc.

  • July begins with Solar eclipse, with Saturn and Sun in opposition, in the company of Rahu. This is another troublesome period for the world; there may be political instability. Venus' involvement in the eclipse may harm women in top positions; death of a political leader is not ruled out. Mars moving to its debilitation, crossing the Tropic of Cancer may cause earthquake. However, a good medical invention is possible, on the positive side.


The year begins on a Tuesday, as Saturn and Sun remain in almost near conjunction in the sign of Sagittarius. Mars (in Pisces) throws its 8th aspect on Venus and Moon in Libra. Mars also makes Parivartana with Jupiter in Scorpio. Sun is afflicted in both Rasi and Navamsa; there may be turmoil in countries ruled by Kings, sickness to the royal circles. Abuse of government power may be noticed. Venus moves to Scorpio and joins Jupiter in the Watery sign; since it is a female sign ruled Mars, this augurs well for actress and cinema. On the same day, Mercury moves to Sagittarius and joins Saturn and Sun. An important report may be published, which may be politically motivated, journalism will be limelighted. Amavaysa falls on 6 Jan. 2019, which will be a Partial Solar eclipse. This eclipse will occur in Northern hemisphere covering the polar regions; however it will be visible at Beijing, Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo. On 14 Jan. 2019, Sun moves to Capricorn and becomes associated with Ketu, in the Navamsa of Capricorn with Jupiter. Just around this period, monasteries, religious organization may deal with sensitive issues. On 21 Jan. 2019, a Full Moon will occur in the sign of Cancer in the constellation of Pushya triggering high tide and seismic activities around this time. It is said to be a first of the three Super Moon in the year 2019. As Moon joins with Rahu in the sign of Cancer, it cause the first Lunar eclipse in 2019. Asia will witness a partial eclipse, while the western world (North America and South America) will see a total lunar eclipse. Around this lunar eclipse date, Venus and Jupiter will be in exact conjunction and all watery signs will be occupied by planets. Venus then moves to Sagittarius and become associated with Saturn. Sex scandals, love affairs involving senior persons will come to the fore.


Amavasya falls on 5 Feb. 2019, in the constellation of Sravana (4thpada). During this time, Mercury, Moon, Ketu and Sun will be together in the sign of Capricorn. It is good time for scholars and researchers to publish the papers of research. Heads of Government institutions will be honored. A beautiful Grahamallika will be formed 5-6 Feb. 2019. Mars moves to Aries on 6 Feb. 2019. Mars' 8th aspect will fall on Jupiter in Scorpio. Mars will aspect Rahu in Cancer. (Watery signs) may increase incidents of violence, intrusion, terrorist activities, poisonous gas leakage, train derailment etc. Mercury moves to Aquarius on 7 Feb. 2019. Sun moves to Aquarius on 13 Feb. 2019, receiving the 3rd aspect of Saturn. Venus moves to Capricorn on 24 Feb. 2019 and becomes associated with Ketu. It is good time for art, creation, luxury items, and honors. However, Venus-Ketu association in the house of Saturn may cause sickness, accidents, unfavourable news to senior artists. Ketu in Vargottama during this time may aggravate scandals.


Amavasya falls on 6 March 2019, in the constellation of P.Bhadra 1stpada. (in the Fixed sign of Aquarius). It will be aspected by 3rd aspect of Saturn. Simultaneously Mercury turns Retrograde while in debilitation at 532' in Pisces. Mercury retrograde will cause unnecessary criticism of publication, journalism etc. The planets will be arranged in 2/12 positions from Scorpio to Aries starting in Martian sign and ending in Martian sign. On 21 March 2019, a Full Moon will fall in the sign of Virgo, in the constellation of Uttara Phalguni 3rd pada. During this period, the four quadrant of the Zodiac will be occupied by planets. The 10th aspect of Saturn will fall on Moon in Virgo. Great Ketu/Saturn association will happen from 24 March 2019, while Rahu moves to Gemini. Jupiter moves to Sagittarius on 29 March 2019. Thus Jupiter-Saturn-Ketu association will happen in fiery sign of Sagittarius. While this association occurs, Mercury will become Direct on 29 March 2019 in the sign of Aquarius.


Amavasya will fall on 5 April 2019, commencing the New Lunar year of Vikari. Jupiter turns retrograde on 11 April 2019, in its own house at 00:14 hrs in the constellation Moola 1stpada. Jupiter's movement in the Gandhanta nakshatra in retrogression will cause financial instability, and set back to currency, market & trade. Mercury moves back to Pisces on 12 April 2019. Sun moves to Aries on 14 April 2019 and will receive the 5th aspect of Jupiter, thus the ruling government will receive appreciation and credit. Politicians will get honored. Venus moves to the sign of Pisces and become associated with debilititated Mercury, causing Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga. It is a good time for celebrities, movies, shows, entertainment on a big scale. Full Moon will occur on 19 April 2019 in the constellation of Chitra (4thpada). Jupiter moves back to the sign of Scorpio in retrogression and becomes aspected by Mars. Weather conditions may cause problems, such as typhoon, Tornado. Coastal regions needs constant protection. On 24 April 2019, Ketu-Saturn conjunction begins. This conjunction will occur in Purvashada 4thpada, in the Navamsa of Scorpio.


Saturn turns retrograde on 1 May 2019, at 2624' in Sagittarius. Both Jupiter & Saturn's retrogression will have impact on internal affairs including fire arms, but ease the tension especially with neighbouring countries. Moon will be associated with Mercury, Venus and receive the 5th aspect of Jupiter. Good time for buying vehicles, inuagration of new flights, services and also time to throw a big party and internal honoring. Mercury moves to Aries on 3 May 2019, Amavasya will fall on 5 May 2019 in the constellation of Bharani (3rdpada). Mars moves to Gemini on 7 May 2019, Mars will become associated with Rahu. Mars-Rahu will be opposed by Saturn and Ketu from Sagittarius. It will be a tension-prone period, around the globe--shooting, massacre, military exercises, air crash and opposition between tribal groups will occur. The period from 8-10 May would cause unexpected incidents of violence. 15 May 2019, Sun moves to Taurus, in opposition to Jupiter. On 19 May 2019, a Full Moon will occur in the constellation Anuradha (1stpada), Baisakhi festival falls on 18/19. 21-23 May 20-19, are days of sensitive nature, moody, fearing situation. The possibility of Earthquake, Volcanic eruption, natural disaster, exists. From 31 May 2019 to 3 June 2019, planets will be pairing in almost four rasis-- Sat-Ketu(Sagittarius), Venus- Moon (Aries), Sun-Mer(Taurus), Mars-Rahu (Gemini).


Mercury moves to Gemini on 2 June 2019, to join Mars/Rahu. This association will create adamant attitude, false news, crimes, and controversial documents. Amavasya will fall on 3 June 2019, in the sign of Taurus in the constellation Rohini (3rdpada) and mark the beginning of Lunar month Vikari Jyeshta. 4-6 June 2019 will be a tense period of irritation, violence, shooting, bombing, robbery etc. An earthquake or plane crash is possible around this period. Jupiter comes close to Earth on 10 June 2019. Around 12 June 2019 Rahu-Mars conjunction will happen in the constellation of Punarvasu 2ndpada in the Navamsa of Taurus; peculiar disease, leakage of gases , volcanic eruption, landslides may occur. On 17, 18 and 19 June, seven planets will occupy the mutable signs, which may cause political tremors. Mercury moves to Cancer on 21 June 2019. All planets will be in six houses and form a peculiar planetary line--Taurus, Gemini and Cancer (Northern rasis), Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn. Mars moves to debilitation on 23 June 2019. On 29 June 2019, Venus moves to Gemini to be associated with Rahu and Sun, aspected by Saturn and Ketu, foretelling re-marriage, death of a important celebrity, politician or their spouse. Scandal surrounding royal family or upper class is likely. Since Airy sign Gemini is involved, loss of property / life through high rise building, inferno, plane crash, air craft disaster is likely.


The month begins (2 July) with Total Solar eclipse in the Southern hemisphere. It will happen in the constellation of Rohini (3rdpada), in the Navamsa of Gemini. During this solar eclipse, only four Rasis are occupied by planets--Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio and Sagittarius. This Solar eclipse will certainly have reasonable impact, as Mutable signs are dominant. On 8 July 2019, Mercury turns retrograde at 1020' in Cancer, in the constellation of Pushya (3rdpada). Mercury retrograde will cause social media to publish controversial news. On 9 July 2019, Saturn will come close to Earth, in direct opposition to Sun. A Full moon as partial Lunar eclipse will occur on 16-17 July 2019 in the constellation of Uttrashada (1stpada). Venus moves to Cancer on 24 July 2019, joins Mars, Sun and Mercury(R)-----gossips about celebrities will increase. Jupiter's aspect over the sign of Cancer and four planets will enable progress in transportation, medical fields, cosmetics, entertainments etc. Big celebrations may happen.


2 August 2019, Mercury becomes Direct. It moves to Cancer on 4 August 2019. All planets will be confined to four Zodiac signs on 9, 10 August 2019 and remain in 2/12 position to each other. On 9 August, Mars moves to Leo. Mars will have 4th aspect on Jupiter. Jupiter will become Direct on 11 August 2019. A Full Moon will occur on 15 August 2019, in the constellation of Dhanishta (2ndpada). This Full Moon will be aspected by Sun, Mercury and Venus, which will be conducive to love affairs, poetic moods and auspicious for celebrities. On 17 August 2019, Venus moves to Leo. Then Mars, Venus and Sun will occupy the sign of Leo. This will augur an important incident in the royal circle and the monarchs will become influential in political matters. A trine between Mercury and Jupiter will occur and Jupiter 9th aspect would fall on Mercury. Mercury's significations such as publications, international summits, good diplomatic relation would flourish. On 26th Mercury will move to Leo and join Mars, Venus and Sun. During this period, six planets will occupy the Fiery signs of Leo and Sagittarius. An important religious event will take place during these times. Amavasya will fall on 30 August 2019 which marks almost seven planets in Fiery signs-a good trine with Ketu and Saturn.


On 10th, Venus moves to debilitation sign. On 11th, Mercury joins Venus in the sign of Virgo; Venus gets Neechabangga, while Mercury occupy its exaltation sign. The Conjunction between Venus and Mercury occurs in the Uttara Phalguni (4thpada) and both Venus and Mercury joins Jupiter in Capricorn Navamsa, bringing good name to Head of governments and prestige to nations. Sun joins Venus and Mercury in the sign of Virgo on 17 Sept. 2019, Good time for women leaders to catch media. On 25 Sept. 2019, Mars moves to Virgo and become associated with Sun, Venus and Mercury. Mars throws its fourth aspect on Saturn and Ketu. Saturn will have its 10th aspect on Mars. Amavasya falls on 28 Sept. 2019 in the constellation of Hasta (1stpada). Almost 8 planets occupy Mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. Mercury moves to Libra on 29 Sept. 2019, A good Grahamalika forms from Virgo to Sagittarius. Mercury-Venus Parivartana occurs. Almost 8 planets will be in 2/12 position from each other.


On 4 Oct. 2019, Venus moves to own house Libra and joins Mercury in Chara bhava-- auspicious time for Transportation industry and air travels. Around 5 Oct. 2019, incidents of explosion, fire, accidents, mental anguish and violence is expected, as Moon joins Saturn and Ketu, aspected by Mars. A Full Moon will fall on 14 Oct. 2019 in the constellation of Revati 3rdpada in the Navamsa of Aquarius with Jupiter, a spiritual leader may pass away. Sun moves to Libra on 18 Oct. 2019 and gets debilitated, but obtains neechabangga, because of the presence of Venus. On 23 Oct. 2019, Mercury moves to Scoprio and become assictaed with Jupiter. Having obtained Parivartana with Mars in Virgo, it is auspicious times for diplomatic relations, internal summit, scholarly works and appreciations. On 26&27, planets will be again in pair and in 2/12 position from each other. Amavasya will fall on 28 Oct., in the constellation Swati (2ndpada). Mercury turns Retrograde on 31 Oct. 2019 in the constellation of Anuradha (1stpada). Controversial issue pertaining to purchase, trade and judiciary may be highlighted.


5 Nov. 2019, Jupiter moves to Sagittarius and joins Ketu and Saturn-- high spiritual order / movement / cult may get attention. This period also indicates the birth of a spiritual person, equivalent to a saint or incarnation. The aspect of Mars on the conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu calls for safety measures to protect monasteries or religious centres. A Full Moon will occur on 12 Nov. 2019, in the constellation of Bharani (4thpada). Sun moves to Scorpio on 17 Nov. 2019, and joins Venus. Sun and Venus hemmed between Saturn and Mars foresee incidents of women leaders suppression, issues pertaining right of women etc. On 21st, Mercury becomes Direct in Libra-- good for medical fraternity and especially the surgeons. On 22 Nov. 2019, Venus moves to the sign of Sagittarius and joins Saturn, Jupiter and Ketu. Infact, a close conjunction of Jupiter and Venus occurs on 24 Nov. 2019, in the constellation of Moola (2ndpada) in the Navamsa of Taurus. There is a planetary pooling in the Southern Constellations from Libra to Sagittarius. The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in the violent star Moola may cause accidents, especially of luxury vehicles, railways etc. New Moon falls on 26 Nov. 2019 in the constellation of Anuradha (2ndpada) commencing the month of Vikari Margasirsa. From 28 to 30 Nov. five planets will pool up in Sagittarius, Which will be auspicious for fire sacrifices (yajnas).


On 3 Dec. 2019, Venus will be in close conjunction with Ketu, in the Navamsa of Leo. On 5th, Mercury moves to the sign of Scorpio and becomes associated with Sun. Venus-Saturn conjunction will occur on 11 Dec. 2019, in the constellation of Purvashada (4thpada). A Full Moon will fall on 12 Dec. 2019, in the constellation of Mrigasira (1stpada). Venus moves to the sign of Capricorn on 15 Dec.; Mars will throw the 4th aspect on Venus in the sign of Saturn, During this period, sex scandal, women abuse, vehicle damage, problems in airports may arise. Sun moves to Sagittarius and joins Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu. During this period, the global political situation will become unstable, due to the impending Solar eclipse This year Christmas will fall on Amavasya Thithi in the constellation of Moola 3rdpada. Six planets will be in Sagittarius rasi, Moon, Sun, Mercury, Ketu, Saturn and Jupiter. This year Christmas will be specially auspicious, as it falls in the ninth house of the natural Zodiac, forming a T-cross formation around midnight.

Christmas Night (25/26 Dec.)

An Annular Solar eclipse will fall on 26 Dec. 2019, in the constellation of Moola (3rdpada), commencing the Lunar Month of Vikari Pushya. The Annular Solar eclipse will be visible in many countries extending from Saudi Arabia to Australia. Mars moves to Scorpio on 26 Dec. 2019-- thus eight planets are confined to three rasis from Scorpio to Capricorn. The year 2019 ends, with almost-nearing Jupiter-Ketu Conjunction in Sagittarius.

Saturn-Ketu association

In the year 2019, Ketu and Saturn will be associated in the sign of Jupiter, the Sagittarius. Saturn and Ketu signify higher wisdom, religious movements and seeking higher level of Consciousness. During the year 2019, religious activities will be intensified and a form of religious renaissance would prevail. The science of Vedanta will get attention. A senior spiritual person will evolve to influence the world. In a few countries, new modification of legal system will happen. Long distance transport facilities, especially air travel will improve. Eastern part of the globe will become the point of attraction.

Saturn & Mars opposition

Mars-Saturn opposition will start on 7 May 2019, this will occur along Sagittarius and Gemini axis. It will last till 22 June 2019. The Opposition will last for 46 days. Exact opposition will occur on 14 June 2019. This Opposition between two malefic planets is unauspicious, as both planets occupy mutable signs, which are unstable and can be distorted. During this Opposition, Mars is associated with Rahu, which makes Mars more malevolent. During this period of Opposition, various violent incidents could happen such as inferno involving high building, shooting, massive accidents, air disaster, falling from high position, mass demonstrations, and massive shooting. As Mars is associated with Rahu, there is a tendency for terrorist activities, intrusion, poisonous gas leaks and industrial accidents. 8-10 May 2019, 5-7 Jun 2019, will see Moon's association with Opposition, triggering natural disaster, panic situation, mass mental anguish, etc. On 15 Jun 2019, Sun joins the opposition, thus Mars/Sun/Mercury/Rahu is aspected by Saturn, which is very traumatic for the global political situations, especially in Russia and North Korea. Large democracies would undergo internal conflicts. Since Airy sign is involved, air strikes, bombing, are possible.

Saturn and Jupiter in 2/12 position.

These phenomenon in the sign of Sagittarius would happen, as Jupiter entered the sign Scorpio on 12 Oct. 2018. Saturn will be at 925' in Fiery sign and Jupiter will be in Watery sign of Scorpio. Two bulky planets will be in 2/ 12 position to each other. Such a combination occurred last time on 18 August 1959, as Jupiter entered Scorpio, and Saturn was transiting 725' in Sagittarius. Quite a similar position in the 2/12 position of Saturn and Jupiter.

  • Important talks between America and Russia are possible, including visits by Presidents to other nations.
  • Since Scorpio is a explorative sign and Saturn aspects Gemini and Jupiter aspects Taurus, there is a possible deep space exploration.
  • Since Jupiter transit in the watery sign of Scorpio, there is a tendency for major Typhoon or hurricane to strike the eastern globe
  • Saturn transits the sign of Sagittarius, a Fiery sign and of dual nature. Saturn represents dark colour, which resembles coal mines. Incidents of coal-mine disaster could happen.
  • As Jupiter to become associated with Saturn in Sagittarius, African nations may become the point of attention, in World economic and political forums.

Mercury crossing the Sun disc 11 Nov. 2019
This is an astronomical phenomenon. This will happen on 11 Nov. 2019. On this day, the Sun and Mercury will be in rapt conjunction in the constellation of Visakha (2ndpada), in the Navamsa of Taurus, which is also the house of Venus. Mercury will be in retrograde motion. Mercury becomes Atmakaraka as per jaimini astrology attaining 2502'. As Jaimini puts "Tathrachatushpadaha", there will be fear from animals, spread of diseases, natural calamities etc. Retrogression of Mars, Sun and Mercury will raise controversial issues, government aggression and critism about government policies.

Eclipses in the year 2019.

There will be three Solar eclipses, two Lunar eclipses.
Date Type of Eclipse Constellation Mundane impact Visibility
2 July 2019 Total Solar eclipse Arudra 3rdpada Aerial accidents, strong winds, Hurricane, women abuse, trouble to women leaders, earthquake, volcanic eruption. Visible from small parts of Chile and Argentina, just before Sunset. Some regions in the Pacific and South America, including locations in Ecuador, Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay.
26 Dec. 2019 Annular Solar Eclipse Moola 4thpada Financial crisis, spiritual unrest, market unstable, unlawful activities, Storms, wild fire, explosion, volcanic eruption. East in Europe, Much of Asia, North/West Australia, East Africa, Pacific and Indian Ocean.
21 Jan. 2019 Total Lunar eclipse Pushya 2ndpada The eclipse occurs in Cancer. There may be incidents of drowning, missing persons, being trapped or intrusion. Visible from North and South America, and Western parts of Europe and Africa. Central and Eastern Africa, Europe, and Asia.
17 July 2019 Partial Lunar eclipse Moola 3stpada Eclipse occurs in the sign of Sagittarius Moon, Saturn and Ketu are aspected by Mars, Violent shooting, danger to place of worship, fire accidents, railway accidents are Volcanic eruption, natural catastrophe. Much of Europe, and Asia, Australia, Africa, SouthEast of North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica.

Venus & Jupiter conjunction occurring twice in the year 2019

The first conjunction of Venus and Jupiter will occur on 22 Jan. 2019 in the sign of Scorpio at 21 in Scorpio, in the constellation of Jyeshta (2ndpada), while the second conjunction will occur on 24 Nov. 2019, in the sign of Sagittarius at 3 in the constellation of Moola (2ndpada). Thus, twice such type of conjunction occurring in the same year crossing the Ghandantha stars Jyeshta and Moola is very significant in history. Something related to affluent women, luxury transportation, etc will hit the lime light. The second conjunction of Venus- Jupiter, in the company Saturn and Ketu, may have undesirable effect on the religious beliefs, cult or mob psychology. A beautiful lady, a musician, actress, visiting holy places would attract the world or she will be given a great honour. Stock market around these two days may show a Bullish effect.

A great association between the divine planet Jupiter, Philosopher Saturn and the wise Ketu would see the year 2019, as a year of spiritual significance. A spiritual person will dominate the world, or a religious cult would dominate the power-blocks. Troublesome period will start, as Ketu-Saturn would oppose Mars- Rahu, in Sagittarius-Gemini axis. As both signs are Mutable ones, and unstable, ruled by Fire and Wind, a tendency for a situation of air strikes similar to "September 2nd might arise". [References:
3. Transit of Mercury 2019, oh/tm2019.html
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5. Brihat Jataka, by Dr.K.N.Saraswathi


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