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Celestial Dramas 2018
By R.S.Maniam

  • The year will commence on a Monday and the Year’s Numerology-count points to Number two. Moon occupies exaltation sign at the beginning of year; thus there will be more emotional, sometimes melancholic situations around the globe. The year 2018, will be a prominent year for women. Women leaderships, power and support may increase.

  • The month of April will witness bitter Saturn and Mars conjunction. This conjunction occurs in the Fiery sign of Sagittarius and Leo Navamsa. Thus explosion, bombing, war-like situation, conflict between Nations, natural disasters will surface. Stock markets may suffer.

  • The month of June will see Mars going retrograde in the midst of Venus-Rahu association and Sun-Saturn opposition, being the most troublesome period of the year. Crimes associated with women would catch the media.

  • July shows good development in intellectual and scientific fields. Solar and Lunar eclipses would induce political provocations and chaotic situations. A new woman leadership would evolve.

  • The August Solar eclipse will have some notable effect on India, as the Solar eclipse falls at the Janma rasi (Cancer) of India. The natal Sun of India is very close to Solar eclipse point. As this eclipse occurs in Chara bhava and aspects Mars which is retrograde, it may indicate explosion, bombing, violence, train accidents and also earthquake.

  • There is a good tendency for Gold price to fetch a good market, owing to Jupiter-Venus association in September.

  • December will see the association of Saturn and Sun in Sagitarius and Leo navamsa till 27 Dec. 2018, instigating political reverses. Leadership of democratic Nations will suffer.


The year 2018 starts on a Monday as per Gregorian calendar. The ruler of Monday, Moon, is in its exaltation sign. The year 2018 numerologically amounts to 2 (2+0+1+8=11=2). Hence the year 2018, with Moon exaltation, will be a highly sensitive and sentimental year. The Moon is almost reaching a Full Moon, as the Thithi is Chaturdasi. Full Moon falls on 2 Jan. 2018 in the constellation of Arudra (4th pada). This Full Moon will be the first one in January and the second Full Moon will fall on 31 Jan. 2018. There will be two Full Moons in January, classified as Super Moon, by the astronomers. Mercury moves to Sagittarius on 6 Jan. 2018 and becomes associated with Sun and Saturn. During this period, political controversial issues will come to the fore. On 7 Jan. 2018, Jupiter-Mars exact conjunction will occur in the sign of Libra in the constellation of Visakha (2nd pada), in the Navamsa of Taurus. On 13 Jan. 2018, Venus moves to Capricorn and it will be aspected by Mars from Libra. Venus becomes associated with Ketu. Mars’ 4th aspect on Venus, in the sign of Saturn, will damage the names of actors and celebrities. As Chara rasi is involved, road or railway accidents will increase. On 14 Jan. 2018, Sun moveing to Capricorn joins Ketu and Venus, aspected by Mars would increase the political tensions and violence. Amavasya will fall on 17 Jan. 2018. An earthquake is possible around the New Moon. Grahamalika from Libra to Aquarius will occur, as Mars moves to Scorpio on 17 Jan. 2018. On 31 Jan. 2018, Lunar eclipse will occur in the constellation of Aslesha (1st pada). Northeast Europe, Asia, Australia, Northeast Africa, North America, Northwest. America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic, Antarctica, etc will be areas of visibility.


Venus moves to the sign of Aquarius on 6 Feb. 2018; Venus will receive the 5th aspect of Jupiter. This will be auspicious period for entertainment field. Actors will be honoured. Some dignitaries will receive awards of great honour. Sun will join Venus on 13 Feb. 2018. There will be governmental favours. Saturn’s 3rd aspect falls on Venus and Sun. There will be a Partial Solar eclipse, which will be visible in Southern Hemisphere, especially South America and Antarctica region. There will be grahamalika between 19-21 Feb.


There will be a Full Moon on 2 March 2018. Venus moves to Pisces and be in exaltation. Venus will exchange house with Jupiter (good Parivartana). On 4 March 2018, Mercury moves to Pisces. Mercury will be in debilitation; however, there will be neechabanga to Mercury. On 5 March 2018, a beautiful graha-malika occurs from the sign of Virgo to Pisces. On 7 March 2018, Mars moves to the sign of Sagittarius. Thus Mars-Saturn association begins in fiery Sagittarius. Concurrently, Jupiter turns retrograde in the sign of Libra on 7 March 2018, in the constellation of Visakha (3rd pada), becoming Atmakaraka (as per Jaimini astrology) occupying 29°07’ in Libra. On 15 March 2018, Sun moves to Pisces and receives the 4th aspect of Mars from Sagittarius. Both Ubaya Rasis (mutable sign) become fragile indicating political unrest, dispute between nations etc. New lunar month Vilamba Chaitra begins on 17 March 2018; almost six planets in the Zodiac occupy mutable signs, creating unstable situations around the globe. On 23 March 2018, Mercury turns retrograde in the sign of Pisces. Venus moves to Aries on 26 March 2018, gets aspected by Jupiter in retrogression. On 26,27,28 of March, Moon will cross transit Rahu and receive the 8th aspect Mars from Sagittarius creating incidents of fear, drowning, poisonous gas-leaks and trouble to Police force.


On 2 April 2018, Mars-Saturn exact conjunction occurs at 14°50’ in Sagittarius (fiery sign), in the constellation of Poorvashada 1st pada The Navamsa falls in Leo. Thus this conjunction has more fiery element implication. This may cause bombing, shooting, explosion, volcanic eruption, etc., in places, including those of worship. This occurs in the second drekkana of Sagittarius. An influential woman leader may rise in the international arena. During 6,7,8 of April, Moon will be in close conjunction with Mars and Saturm in Sagittarius, causing fire accidents, traumatic experiences etc. Acts of arrogance will result in catastrophy. Sun will move to Aries on 14 April 2018 and will get associated with Venus, aspected by retrograde Jupiter. This period will favour the royals and actors. Mercury becomes Direct on 15 April 2018. Amavasya will fall on 16 April 2018. On 18th, Saturn will start its retrogression in Sagittarius at 15°02’ in the constellation of Poorvashada (1st pada). Venus moves to its own house on 20 April.


Mars moves to Capricorn on 2 May 2018 and becomes exalted. There will be mutual squaring between Jupiter, Mars and Sun. All these planets will be in Chara rasi (moveble signs). There may be dynamic changes in leadership in certain countries. Good development in medical filed will be noted. Military sectors will assume focus. Countries, such as England, Germany, Japan would get the attention of the world. Strong winds will blow. Fiery sign of Aries receives the aspect of Jupiter and Mars (fiery planet). Possibility of volcanic eruption or Chemical explosion is foreseen. Countries ruled by Monarch will subject to changes. Mars joining Ketu becomes venomous. 6-8 May are tension-prone times. Mercury moves to Aries on 9 May and joins with Sun (Budhoditya Yoga). Good literary awards and scholarly output may be noted. On 9 May, Jupiter will make close approach to Earth, and remain opposite to Sun. On 14 May, Venus moves to Gemini, Amavasya falls on 15 May. Venus in Gemini aspects the Saturn (retrograde) in Sagittarius. Women will hit limelight. 19-21 May will be very sensitive, as Moon and Rahu are aspected by Mars and Ketu; incidents of cheating, robbery and shooting may happen. On 27 May, Mercury moves to Taurus and exchange house with Venus. On 29 May, there will be a Full Moon.


On 9 June, Venus moves to the sign of Cancer and becomes associated with Rahu. Mars’ 7th aspect falls on Venus and Rahu. This period is not auspicious, and it will create issues of wrong-doing, mis-conduct, love-failure, divorce, sex scandal and women-abuse. On 10 June, Mercury moves to Gemini. This period will be good for publication, media, literary works, diplomatic relation, signing of accord etc. Two Amavasyas fall in the sign of Taurus, in the solar month of Taurus (May-June). On 13 May, exact conjunction of Mars-Ketu occurs at 14° 07’ in Capricorn, in the constellation of Sravana (2nd pada), in the navamsa of Taurus. During this period of conjunction Mars-Ketu will aspect Rahu-Venus, in the sign of Cancer. On 20 June, Venus-Rahu conjunction occurs in the second drekkana of Cancer, in the constellation of Pushya (4th pada) in the Navamsa of Scorpio.Crimes related to women, veneral dieases, death of celebrities are foreseen. On 22 June, Mars turns retrograde, in the sign of Capricorn. Retrograde Mars will aspect Venus, Mercury and Rahu in Cancer. Scandal in entertainment field, love failures and misfortune in sea transportation (such as sinking of ships) may happen. Five planets are in Chara rasis. On 27 June, Saturn-Sun opposition will occur in Sagittarius/Gemini axis, which would cause political instability and strain in diplomatic relation. Saturn comes closest to the Earth. This coincides with a Full Moon, on 28 June, in the constellation of Moola (4th pada). Mood will be of depression/melancholic state. During 30-31 June, almost seven planets will be in Movable signs. unexpected events are likely.


On 5 July 2018, Venus moves to Leo. Jupiter becomes Direct on 10 July. On 13th, Amavasya will fall in the constellation of Punarvasu (2nd pada). There will be a Partial Solar eclipse, which will occur totally in Antarctica. Maximum of this eclipse occurs in the third Drekkana of Gemini, an intellectual sign; thus creative, and new technology will be achieved in Science and exploration of Space. Sun moves to Cancer on 16 July. Sun becoming associated with Rahu, receives the 7th aspect of Mars. This period is tension prone. Violence, explosion, terrorist activities, and internal conflicts from opposition parties will happen, especially in democratic countries. Seven planets will transit Chara rasis between 19-21 July. Mercury turning retrograde on 26th will cripple the smooth flow of information and also blow up controversial issues. On 27th, Mars opposes Sun and moves close to Earth. A Full Moon will fall on 28th. This will be a Total Lunar eclipse, in the constellation of Sravana (1st pada). This eclipse will create fear and anxiety, as the eclipse occurs while Mars, Ketu and Moon are together and aspect Sun, Mercury and Rahu. There is a possibility of fire incidents, explosions, forest fire, etc., as this eciples occurs at Ayana points. This eclipse occurs as Blood Moon, favouring female leadership. A controversial female leader would hit the limelight.


Venus moves to Virgo on 1 August 2018, to its debilitation sign and receives the 10th aspect of Saturn. The lunar month of Sravana will begin on 11th. A Partial Solar eclipse will fall in the constellation of Aslesha (3rd pada), in the Navamsa of Aquarius. This Partial Solar eclipse will occur at 24°34’ in Cancer, in the third Drekana of Cancer. During this period, there will be expeditions and high-risk efforts, This eclipse will be visible at Northeast Europe, Northwest Asia, North of North America,. Sun moves to Leo 17th and receives the 8th aspect of Mars from Capricorn. A beautiful graha-malika occurs between 19-20 August. This involves two Ayana points; it will augur well for spiritual sadhana and worship. Mercury becomes Direct on 19th. Mars becomes Direct on 27th. On 31st, a good squaring of planets is formed by Moon in Aries, Mercury in Cancer, Jupiter in Libra and Mars in Capricorn. A form of Chatur-sagara yoga is formed.


The month of September begins with association between Venus and Jupiter in Libra. Venus moving to its own house is really auspicious. It starts with good squaring formed by Moon. From 6th, for two days, there will be pairing of planets——-Rahu and Moon in Cancer, Sun and Merucry in Leo, Jupiter and Venus in Libra, Mars and Ketu in Capricorn. Saturn becomes Direct on 6th at 08°25’ in Sagittarius. New lunar month Bhadrapada will begin on 9th. Mercury moves to Virgo on 19th and becomes associated with Sun. Good Nipuna yoga is formed. Sun and mercury are aspected by Saturn. The 10th aspect of Saturn falling on Mercury and Sun augurs well for academic achievements, completion of research and new findings. A Full Moon falls on 25th. Jupiter will remain as Atmakara for most part of the month. It will be in its own constellation of Visakha; its influence on mundane affairs will be prominent.


Between 3-4 Oct.; there will be again paring of planets in Cancer, Virgo, Libra and Capricorn. Venus will turn retrograde on 6th in the constellation of Swathi (4th pada). Mercury joins Venus and Jupiter on the same day. Thus Venus (R), Jupiter and Mercury become associated in the sign of Libra, a Chara (Movable) sign, and causing weather changes, Typhoon, Tornado, heavy downpour and flooding. Since the planets associated in Libra are Venus®, Jupiter and Mercury in Airy sign, airports, flights, tall towers, etc., need extra vigilance. Gold prices will be unstable. However, there will also be give good development in arts, music, literary work and cinema. Venus remains retrograde till 16th November 2018. Amavasya falls on 9 Oct. and the Lunar month of Aswayuja begins. On 10th, seven planets will occupy Chara rasis. On 11th Jupiter moves to Scorpio. Venus and Mercury make exact conjunction in the constellation of Swathi (3rd pada) on 14th in Aquarius Navamsa, (both Airy signs). Development will be noted in air transportation or space exploration. Sun moving to Libra on 17th, becomes debilitated. However Neechabanga is obtained from the transit of Venus. A Full Moon will fall on 24th. On 26th, Mercury joins Jupiter in Scorpio, encouraging new medical and surgery findings and new discoveries. Exact conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter will occur on 29th in the Navamsa of Leo, blessing the royal people to shine.


On 6 Nov. 2018, Graha-malika occurs from Virgo to Capricorn. Mars also moves to Aquarius on that day. Planets will line up from Libra to Aquarius. Mars will transit the Airy sign of Aquarius and receive the 3rd aspect of Saturn. There are chances for aerial accidents, collapse of building structure etc. Sun moves to Scorpio on 16th and becomes associated with Jupiter and Mercury. During this period, recognition, will be given to scientific and literary works. Venus becomes Direct on 16th. Just hours after, Mercury turns retrograde on 17th. A Full Moon will falls on 23rd; which is called Hunter’s Moon, in the constellation of Krittika (4th pada) Moon receives the aspects of Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and Sun, a good time to pray Lord Kartikeya and Lord Arunachaleswara.


On 7th, Lunar month of Margasirsa starts and Mercury becomes Direct. This will bring solution to some controversial political issues. Sun moves to Sagittarius on 16th and thus becomes associated with Saturn. Saturn-Sun association in Sagittarius will create turmoil in big democracies. A senior politician may have his final rule. A Full Moon will fall on 23rd, in the constellation of Arudra (1st pada). This period is good for spiritual sadhana, as Saturn and Sun aspect Moon, which may enhance the spiritual insight. Spiritual Gurus may have to face unexpected criticism. Mars moves to Pisces on 23rd. This year Christmas will fall in the constellation of Pushya. Rahu and Moon in Pushya, a constellation of Deva Gana, indicate good spiritual mood. The year will end, with Saturn and Sun moving to close proximity.

Prolonged transit of Mars (188 days) in Capricorn

In 2018, Mars covers six Zodiac signs. But it spends a long time in Capricorn. Mars enters Capricorn 2 May 2018 and moves to Aquarius on 6 Nov. 2018. Mars stays in Capricorn for almost 188 days. This will be most influencial on mundane affairs, as Mars will become associated with Ketu in Capricorn. Mars-Ketu become conjunct with Moon at least 5/6 times in that period, which will be detrimental to peace. Countries such as Russia, China, Turkey, Albania, Angola, Papua New guinea, Egypt with Red flag may react aggressively or subjected to turmoil, confrontation. The period of retrogression (27 June 2018 to 27 August 2018) will prove disasterous. A major earthquake is possible.

Period of three Superior planets in Retrogression

Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, all these superior planets, will be in retrogression from 27 June 2018 to 10 July 2018. This period of two weeks will create historical events Chara rasis seen implicated, during this period. As Mars retrogression begins, planets occupy Chara rasis - Venus-Mercury - Rahu association, in Cancer, Chara rasi. Mars-Ketu association in Chara rasi of Capricorn.

Venus stays longer in Libra

Venus moves to Libra on 1 Sept. 2018 and stays there till 1Jan. 2019. Venus will be conjunct with Jupiter in Libra, for most of the time. Venus in its own house will certainly augur well. According to H.S.Green in 'Astrology of Nations', this conjunction promotes peace and good will. There will be copious rain, when Jupiter conjoins with Venus. As Venus will cross the stars Chitra, Swati and Visakha, there will be good rain fall (Indian J. Innovations Dev., Vol. 1, No. 4 (Apr 2012). Generally, this Venus-Jupiter association promotes religious and charitable events. Venus will be associated with Jupiter till Jupiter moves to Scorpio on 11 Oct. 2018. Thus this association will last about 40 days. When Venus moves to Libra on 1 Sept. 2018, Jupiter will be at 23°09’ in Libra, A distance of 23 degree. Venus will move as close as 12 degree to Jupiter in Libra. The closest approach to Jupiter in Libra will happen 5 Oct. 2018. During this period, Venus and Jupiter will be visible in the western sky, after Sunset, as they move ahead of Sun. This Jupiter- Venus drama will extend to early 2019. The sign of Libra and Scorpio are classified as Bullish signs in financial astrology; hence the market may also show positive signs during this period.

Eclipses during 2018

There will be five eclipses - three Solar and two Lunar eclipses in 2018.

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Eclipse during 27-28 July 2018, 11 Aug. 2018 will have the influence of Mars in exaltation. The Solar eclipse will have the 7th aspect of Mars falling on Cancer. This eclipse occurs, while Mercury is retrogression. This will cause danger from diseases, sickness to senior politicians, collapse of regimes, attempt of assasination and violent happenings, accidents, earthquake etc. All types of water spots should be closely monitored. Since the lord of drekkana is Jupiter, places of worship need to be vigilant, with extreme security measures.

Saturn - Mars conjunction in Sagittarius.

Date Type Countries visible
31Jan. 2018 Total Lunar eclipse
Ecliptic point 17°31’
Aslesha 1st pada (Cancer)
North/East Europe, Asia, Australia, North/East Africa,
North America, North / West of South America,
Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic, Antarctica.
15 Feb. 2018 Partial Solar eclipse
Ecliptic point 3°01’
Dhanishta 3rd pada(Capricorn)
South in South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Antarctica.
13 July 2018 Partial Solar eclipse
Ecliptic point 26°35’
Punarvasu 2nd (Gemini)
South in Australia, Pacific, Indian Ocean.
27-28 July 2018 Total lunar eclipse
Ecliptic point 10°38’
Sravana 1st (Capricorn)
Much of Europe, Much of Asia, Australia, Africa, South
of North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic,
Indian Ocean, Antarctica.
11 August 2018 Partial Solar eclipse
Ecliptic point 24°34’
Aslesha 3rd (Cancer)
North/East Europe, North/West Asia, North in North
America, Atlantic, Arctic.

Mars enters the sign of Sagittarius on 7 March 2018, be there till 2 May 2018. Mars become associated with Saturn in the fiery sign. Mars an aggressive, energetic planet joins the adamant Saturn. Sagittarius is a ‘warry’ sign Exact conjunction happens around 2 April 2018. This occurs in the second drekkana of Sagittarius, a female drekkana, causing mental anguish and violent incidents. Saturn will retrograde, while being associated with Mars on 18 April 2018.

This transit of Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius will have impact on President Vladimir Putin, as the these touch the natal Mars (3°24’ Sagittarius) of the President. North Korean President Kim Jung Un has Moon in the sign of Aquarius, This Saturn-Mars conjunction occurs at the 11th place from the natal Moon. The birth chart of Kim Jung Un shows Mars and Saturn in Libra. Expect a step forward for the military administration of North Korea. President of America Donald Trump will have this conjunction in the second place from his natal Moon. Moon and Ketu are in Scorpio. This indicates some changes in financial policies.

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