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Celestial Dramas 2020
By R.S.Maniam

  • January: Sun-Saturn association; a Lunar eclipse; Jupiter-Ketu conjunction. There are tendencies of political unrest. Change of government. Keen interest in religious propaganda.
  • March: Towards the last week of March, planets are trapped between Rahu and Ketu. Mars and Saturn association will stimulate earthquake, landslide, trap in coal mines etc.
  • June: Rahu-Mercury association with Solar eclipse. Diplomatic failure, leakage of important documents, and media overblowing matters are possible.
  • August: Sun-Saturn opposition denotes troubled democracy, politicians getting defamed, loss of trade, Law implementation becoming difficult, etc. Venus and Rahu might increase divorce, sex scandals, etc.
  • October: Mars retrogression crosses Gandantha point of star Revathi, aspected by Saturn. Danger in watery areas, seas, escape from prison, crime-rate increasing, troubles in Egypt, France are possible.
  • November: Venus and Mercury transit Libra, aspected by Mars and Saturn. There will be good development in long distance communication including space exploration. Jupiter transits to the sign of Capricorn, depicting sluggish market and Gold prices.


This is a Leap after 2016, beginning on Wednesday, with Moon in the sign of Aquarius, while other planets occupying only five signs of the Zodiac. As the year begins, there are five planets occupying the sign of Sagittarius, as Saturn being in the highest longitude, becoming Atmakara. A good time for Diplomatic relation, international forums or conventions, not excluding religious matters, as Sagittarius being the ninth sign of the Natural Zodiac. On 9 Jan. 2020, Venus moves to Aquarius and receives the 3rd aspect Saturn and 4th aspect of Mars. A penumbral Lunar eclipse will fall on 11 Jan. 2020 in the constellation of Punarvasu 2nd pada at 2552' Gemini. This occurs on a Full Moon, which is termed as Wolf Moon. The 8th aspect of Mars from Scorpio falls on Moon in Gemini. Mercury moves to Capricorn on 13 Jan. 2020, just before the Saturn and Sun conjunction. On 13Jan. 2020, Sun becomes close conjunct with Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius at 2846'; this happens in the Vargottama Navamsa, in the constellation of Uttrashada 1st pada. There are tendencies for seniors politician to fall sick, and also conflict between neighboring countries, volcanic eruption and natural calamities are possible. On 14 Jan. 2020 Sun moves to Capricorn, then close conjunction of Sun and Saturn occurs during the last of January 2020. Saturn moves to Capricorn on 24Jan. 2020 and join with Sun and Mercury. Amavasya falls on 25 Jan. 2020. There will be Grahamalika from 20 Jan. 2020 to 29 Jan. 2020 from Scorpio to Aquarius. On 31 Jan. 2020, Mercury moves to Aquarius and joins Venus, with 4th aspect from Mars.


On 3 Feb. 2020, Venus moves to its exaltation sign of Pisces. Venus receives the 3rd aspect Saturn from Capricorn. Rahu-Moon association happens on 6th and 7th Feb. 7th aspect of Jupiter and Ketu from Sagittarius falls on Gemini. Mars moves to the sign of Sagittarius on the 8th and joins Jupiter and Ketu. This marks auspicious activities in religious sphere. Since it is a Fire sign, some fanatic religious incidents clash between religious sects could be expected. Full Moon falls on 9th Feb. 2020 in the constellation of Aslesha 3rd pada at 2552', receiving the aspect of Mars from Sagittarius. As Aslesha is a venomous constellation, around this time, watery areas, coastal regions, may witness untowards incidents such as drowning, etc. Saturn's 7th aspect on the Moon may cause melancholic incidents. On 13 Feb. 2020, Sun moves to Aquarius and becomes associated with Mercury. Mercury turns retrograde on 17 Feb. 2020 in the constellation of Satabhisha 4th pada. Mercury retrogression in the sign of Saturn, an Airy sign, will overblow controversial issues and cause leak of classified documents. Planets will be posited 2/12 position, while grahamalika forms from Sagittarius to Pisces. Mars and Ketu's exact conjunction will occur on 25 Feb. 2020. It will occur in the constellation Moola 4th pada, in the Navamsa of Cancer. Some unexpected incidents such as shooting, tribal fights, massacre are not ruled out. Venus moves to Aries on 29 Feb. 2020. Venus will receive the 5th aspect of Jupiter; both Jupiter and Venus are in Fiery signs. Good times for actors, musicians and celebrities. Show-biz will thrive.


A Full Moon will occur on 9 Mar. 2020, in the constellation of Pushya 4th pada, which receives the 9th aspects of Jupiter; incidents pertaining to royal favour, ceremonious royal visits, etc. would occur. Mercury becomes Direct on 10 Mar. 2020. Sun moves to Pisces on 14 Mar. 2020. Sun will receive the 4th aspect of Mars from Sagitarius. Planets will be in Kala Sarpa disposition, when Moon passes the sign of Sagittarius to Gemini, for a period two weeks. Mars and Saturn conjunction will occur, beginning from 22 Mar. 2020. Mars is in exaltation sign and Saturn is in its own house. This association will trigger unexpected events. New Lunar year (Sarvari) will begin on 24 Mar. 2020. Venus moves to its own house on 29 Mar. 2020. On the next day, Jupiter will move to Capricorn and become associated with Saturn and Mars. Jupiter becomes debilitated, but attains Neecha-banga. Venus will be in the western setting, Venus at farthest longitude distance from the Sun, Venus in the western setting may harm celebrities' health. For most part of March, Venus will receive 5th aspect of Jupiter. There will be progress in automobile industries, great honours to actors and grand functions. Saturn and Mars will be in close conjunction in the constellation of Uttrashada 3rd pada, in the Navamsa od Aquarius.


A Full Moon in the sign of Virgo on 8 April 2020, as Mercury moves to Pisces. Mercury becomes debilitated and joins Sun. The Full Moon in the constellation Chitra (1st pada) is aspected by Jupiter's 9th aspect. It is also called Super Moon. During Full Moon, the four quadrants of the Zodiac are occupied by planets. Sun moves to Aries on 13 April 2020, which marks the onset of Solar New year of Sarvari. The Solar year commencing at 19:51 hrs has Libra rising, at New delhi, with exalted Sun in the 7th house, and its lord Mars exalted in Capricorn. In the New Year of Sarvari, India will progress economically and good diplomatic relations will be maintained. Amavasya falls on 23 April 2020, in the constellation of Aswini (3rd pada). Mercury moves to Aries on 25 April 2020, joining the exalted Sun, which depicts good time for orators, political appointments, etc. Mars' 4th aspect falls on Aries, its own house, which solidifies the government's stability and progress, thus ensuring political gain for Modi's government.


Mars moves to Aquarius on 5 May 2020, Mars occupies a Fixed sign. Venus in Taurus augurs well, as Jupiter's 5th aspect and Mars' 4th aspect fall on it; Recognition to Actors, Musicians, huge artistic presentations, rewards, are likely. Luxury items such new models of vehicles would hit the market. Mercury moves to Taurus and become associated with Venus, aspected by Mars and Jupiter, encouraging poetic tendencies, boost in singers, advertisement fields. Increase in the price of ornaments is indicated, an interesting publication will get special attention. On11 May 2020, Saturn begins its retrogression in the sign of Capricorn at 750' in the constellation of Uttarashada (4th pada). Venus gets retrogression in Taurus. Sun moves to Taurus on 15 May 2020, joining Mercury & Retrograde Venus. Controversial issues pertaining to female celebrities, female politicians may erupt. A female leadership will get huge attention of media, not excluding Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi . Jupiter turns retrograde in the sign of Capricorn and thus three planets in the Zodiac will be in retrogression. All the retrograde planets are all in Earthy sign. The New Lunar month of Sarvari Jyeshta will commence on 22 May 2020. Thus six planets will occupy the Earthy signs. Death of a famous female leader is likely around this time. Mars and Jupiter would aspect the point of Amavasya; there will be land slides, collapse of structures and earthquakes. On 25th May, Mercury moves to Gemini and joins Rahu in Airy sign. This will encourage developments in the Tele-communication and also new networks. Space exploration will reveal new messages. Cellular networks may be hastened. Mercury-Rahu conjunction happens around the end of May, in the constellation of Mrigasirsa (4th pada), in Navamsa of Mars in the Watery sign; strong coastal winds, offshore drowning are possible.


On 6 June 2020, a Full Moon falls in the sign of Scorpio, in the constellation of Jyeshta (2nd pada). The Full Moon will be aspected by retrograde Venus from Taurus. It also coincides with penumbral Lunar eclipse. Planets will be in six signs in 2/12 position. On 15 June 2020, Sun moves to Gemini and becomes associated with Rahu and Mercury. During this period, controversial issues pertaining to trade and international relations may be highlighted, but summits will end with unpredictable situations. Since Airy sign is involved, documents may get leaked. Publications, work of reporter, communication media may face oppression. Mars moves to Pisces on 19 June 2020, and its 4th aspect falls on Gemini hosting Rahu, Mercury and Mars. Around this period, mass shooting, missiles attack, air strikes are possible. Software companies may have tough competition. An Annular Solar eclipse will fall on 21 June 2020, in the constellation of Mrigasira (4th pada). This period will be critical, as the Solar eclipse falls nearer to Rahu-Mercury conjunction point. Since Sun is involved with Rahu and Mercury, political power will be abused a lot. Political leadership will be in trouble and so also Democratic nations. Controversial news and gossips may rule the day. Mars aspects the point of Solar eclipse by its 4th aspects; violent attacks, demonstration, attack on embassies may not be ruled out. Fire, aerial explosion, accidents, volcanic eruption are possible. Venus becomes Direct on 25 June 2020. Jupiter changes polarity in the retrograde motion from the sign of Capricorn to Sagitarius and throws the 7th aspect on Gemini, enhancing new diplomatic relations.


A Full Moon will occur on 5 July 2020 in Sagittarius, in the constellation of Purvashada (2nd pada), in the navamsa of Virgo. It is coinciding with a Penumbral Lunar eclipse. Moon will be eclipse at 1930' in Sagittarius, in the second drekkana of Sagittarius. This drekkana favour women leadership. Mercury will become Direct on 13 July 2020. Jupiter will become close to Earth on 14 July 2020, when it is in exact Opposition to Sun. Jupiter-Sun alignment may bring a new ruling for Banks, and country's leadership. This Opposition will occur in Vargottama navamsa, hence it will impact the administration of State, Laws, finicial policies and monetary system. Sun moves to Cancer on 16 July 2020, opposing Saturn; thus mutual opposition between bitter enemies will occur. On 20 July, new lunar month will commence. Same day, Saturn will oppose Sun, and come close to the Earth. Amavasya in the midst of Saturn and Sun opposition will indicate bad times for old politicians, religious persons etc., since Cancer is the Moon sign of India, political tension is possible in India. Issues relating to water supply, irrigation, river-conflicts will once again surface. On 22 July 2020, Mercury will be further away from the Sun, and it will be visible in the morning sky.


Venus moves to Gemini on 2 Aug. 2020.Venus will be associated with Rahu and Mercury. Mars will cast its fourth aspect on Gemini, a twin sign. This association of Rahu, Mercury and Venus will receive the 7th aspect of Jupiter and Ketu. Incidents like remarriage, divorces, issues pertaining to morality and Gay-relationship etc. will be highlighted. Mercury moves to Cancer on 3 Aug. 2020 and receives the aspect of Saturn. New government agreement will be made. Labour issues may pop up. Saturn and Moon are together on the Full Moon day of 3 Aug. 2020. As both signs of Cancer and Capricorn are involved, there is a tendency for earthquake around that time. This Full Moon with a peculiar line of planets involves Gemini-Sagittarius axis and Cancer- Capricorn axis. Planets pooling the ecliptic region may cause climatic changes with sudden burst of unexpected weather conditions. On 12 Aug. 2020, Venus can be sighted as a very bright star, early in the morning, as its western elongation goes above 45. On 17 Aug. 2020, Sun moves to the royal sign Leo with 9th aspect of Jupiter bringing good times for the kingly persons. Royal favour, dignity, awards from the king can be expected. With Jupiter and Ketu in Firey sign Sagittarius, and Leo Sun mark good times for religious celebrations, festivals. Adding greatness to it is the movement of Mars to the sign of Aries on 17 Aug. 2020. There is a trigon aspect, which is auspicious, between the three Fiery signs. Major development in scientific field will augur new technology, with Mercury joining Sun in Leo on 17th. Amavasya falls on 19th. This Amavasya will be auspicious for pitru Karma. Huge sacrifices, donations, philanthropic activities are expected.


A Full Moon falls on 2 Sept. 2020 in the constellation of Satabisha (3rd pada). It is in vargottama amsa. Prestigious religious activities are likely to happen on 3 Sept. 2020, Mercury moves to Virgo and becomes exalted. Mercury exaltation will enable good diplomatic relations, exchange of trade matters, etc. Mars turns retrograde in Aries on 11 Sept. 2020. at 400'. During this period, three planets will be in retrogression. All superior planets Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are in retrogression. Jupiter becomes Direct on 14 Sept. 2020 in the sign of Sagittarius, with association of Ketu, marking a time of progress for religious institutions, big scale religious celebrations etc. This is also favourable for better financial situation and surge in Gold price. The passage of Jupiter and its aspect falling on Mars, Sun and Rahu is a bonus for governments, conferring victory in elections. Foreign royal visits are possible. Amavasya falls on 17 Sept. 2020. Moon joins Sun and Mercury in Virgo; women organizations will become powerful. Women will excel in Science and literary fields. On 23 Sept., Mercury moves to Libra, opposing Mars in retrogression. Mars/Mercury/Saturn squaring may create controversial matters and cause tension. On 19th Ketu/Rahu moves to the sign of Scorpio and Taurus respectively. On 29 Sept. Venus moves to Leo. Venus, well situated with aspect of Jupiter, marks good time for celebrities and royal marriages. New vehicles and luxury services may be initiated. Saturn becomes Direct on 29 Sept.


A Full Moon falls on 2 Oct. 2020, receiving the 3rd aspect of Saturn from Capricorn. An elderly celebrity, political figures may fall ill. Mars moves back to Pisces on 5th in retrogression. Mars in Watery sign opposing Sun, receiving the 3rd aspect of Saturn, may cause incidents of drowning, boatcapsizing, political traumatic events etc. On 13th, Mars in retrogression comes in opposition to Sun and close to the Earth. Mars will be in the constellation of Revati (4th pada) at 2714' in Pisces and becomes Atmakaraka. Death of a Spiritual person is indicated. With Vargottama Mars, there will be strong tendencies of violence, shooting, massacre, suppression, danger at sea, torrential rains and floods. On 17th Sun moves to the sign of debilitation; on the previous day, Amavasya falls in Kanya 2945' Venus moves to the sign of Virgo on 23rd. Venus will be debilitated, and aspected by retrograde Mars. Venus-Mars opposition will trigger negative propaganda about actors; there may be break-up of marriages. Scandal involving celebrities are not ruled out. Venus and Mercury will exchange houses. The passage of Sun in Libra will cause tension to governments, as Mars' 8th aspect and Saturn's 10th aspect falls on the debilitated Sun. Death of political figure, attempts of assassination, violence etc., are noted. On 31 Oct., the second Full Moon in the month will fall in the sign of Pisces at 1430' Bharani (1st pada).


Mercury will become Direct on 4 Nov. The four quadrands of the Natural Zodiac will be filled by planets Jupiter, Mars, Moon Venus between 5 and 6 Nov. Mars will become Direct on 14 Nov. A New Moon will fall on 15 Nov. This Amavasya will fall in the last degree of Libra at 2909', Visaka (3rd pada). It will be aspected by Mars from Pisces. This Amavasya will cover the Airy sign of Libra, in the Navamsa of Gemini. Thus, incidents of Tornado, Typhoons are possible. Two Jupiter signs (Pisces and Sagittarius) will be occupied by unblemished Jupiter and Mars (in Pisces). Sun moves to Scorpio on 16 Nov., and joins Ketu. On 17th, Mercury and Venus will be in association in the sign of Libra. Venus in swakshetra with Mercury is very auspicious for marriage among celebrities, entertainments, good price for vehicles, ornaments etc. Saturn's 10th aspect falling on Venus and Mercury will augur well for automobile technology, aerial communication development and space exploration. Venus and Mercury will be visible in the morning sky very clearly. On 21 Nov., Jupiter moves to Capricorn, its Debilitated sign. It will be associated with Saturn, thus obtaining Neecha-banga. The approach to the great conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter will start, as Jupiter will move closer to Saturn daily. Mercury moves to Scorpio on 29 Nov. 2020 and joins Ketu and Sun. A Full Moon will occur on 30 Nov. 2020 in the constellation Rohini (2nd pada). Moon will be in Vargottama, while a penumbral Lunar eclipse will occur. Since it is Earthy sign, an earthquake may be triggered around this period (prior or after).


Close conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn begins on 8 Dec., as both planets occupies the constellation Uttarashada (3rd pada), in the Navamsa of Aquarius. On 11th Sun and Ketu are in exact conjunction at 25 in Scorpio, in the Navamsa of Aquarius. This conjunction occurs in the constellation of Jyeshta (3rd pada). Since Capricorn is Chara bhava and an Earthy sign, there may be incidents related to earth movements, landslides, collapse of building under progress etc. Real estate business may see significant development; financial support may suffer. Venus moves to Scorpio on 12 Dec. Venus joins Sun, Mercury and Ketu. During this period, sickness to celebrities, accidents related to luxury vehicles, drowning may happen. A Total Solar eclipse on Amavasya falls on 14 Dec. in the sign of Scorpio, in Pisces Navamsa. Heavy torrential rains, resulting in massive floods is possible. Sun moves to Sagittarius on 16 Dec. On 18th, Mercury moves to Sagittarius joining Sun; thus auspicious Budh-aditya yoga is formed. Conjunction of Mercury and Sun in Sagittarius is good for diplomatic relations, good trade, religious organizations; new Court orders and legal systems will hit the lime-light. On 21 Dec., exact Saturn-Jupiter conjunction will happen at 621' in the constellation of Uttarashada (3rd pada), in Navamsa of Aquarius. During this major conjunction, matters relating to aviation industry, technology issues will be prominent. Climatic changes are possible, with hurricane, typhoon and disturbed weather condition. Parliament and political parties will be very active. On 24th, Mars moves to Aries to its own house, almost together with Moon. This year, Christmas, 25th Dec., will fall on the day, when all planets in the Zodiac are in pairing. Fire and Earth signs paring, more than Water sign. A Full Moon will fall on 30th Dec., in the Arudra (3rd pada) in the sign of Gemini. The year will end with close conjunction of Venus and Ketu in the sign of Scorpio in the Navamsa of Aquarius.

Jupiter Atichara

On 5 Nov. 2019, Jupiter moves to Sagittarius, enters Capricorn on 30 March 2020. Jupiter stays in Sagittarius for a period of 146 days. Jupiter becomes retrograde in Capricorn on 14 May 2020 at 306'. On 30 June 2020, it enters Sagittarius in retrogression. On 13 Sept., Jupiter becomes Direct in Sagittarius; Re-enters Capricorn on 20 Nov. 2020. The Atichara of planet Jupiter crossing the sign of Sagittarius and travelling in Capricorn to a maximum longitude of 306', before turning retrograde, is the phenomenon of Atichara, where Jupiter travels 33 degrees within a period of 193 days.

Grand Saturn-Jupiter conjunction

This Conjunction occurs, as Jupiter enters the sign of Capricorn in Atichara on 30 March 2020. However, Jupiter goes in retrogression to Sagittarius and will re-enter again in to Capricorn on 20 Nov. 2020. The exact conjunction will happen in Uttarashada (3rd pada) on 21 Dec. 2020. The close conjunction occurs at 609' in Capricorn, in the Navamsa of Aquarius. This grand conjunction may have notable effect on the Islamic world. According to the book 'Astrologi Hallucinati', book edited by Paola Zambelli, Saturn and Jupiter are jointly responsible for Religion, Prophecy, Kingdoms, empires and dynasty. Jupiter is debilitated, though there is neecha-banga. Saturn moves a maximum of only 648' in Capricorn, during the year 2020. The expected American Presidential election has been scheduled for 3 Nov. 2020, During this time, Jupiter and Saturn will be only 5 apart. As the year progresses Jupiter becomes close to Saturn; thus the American election in 2020 will be certainly influenced by the transits of Jupiter and Saturn, especially in view of approaching Grand Conjunction within 48 days. As stated by William Remesey in 'Astrologia mundane':

And therefore, it is that when these two highest planets are in conjunction in the fiery trigon, many commotions, wars, seditions, troubles, subversion of monarchies, kingdoms, States, alteration of laws, customs, privilege and rights, plagues, famine, desolation, anxiety and trouble, treasons, treacheries, and the death of kings, nobles, princes, emperors and powers follow.

Apparently the great conjunction will occur on the day of Winter solstice. Two major celestial phenomena happen on the same day.

Bitter Conjunction of Mars & Saturn

On 23 March 2020, Mars enters the sign of Capricorn and becomes associated with Saturn, its bitter enemy. Mars occupies the exaltation sign and while Saturn is in its own house. This conjunction is rare astrological phenomena as Saturn transits Capricorn, once in every thirty years. The last such association happened in the year 1992.

Mars and Saturn moves in Chara bhava and aspects the sign of Cancer.
  • Both signs are Moveble, Earth and Water signs respecgively. There will be tendencies for earthquake, which may be quite massive
  • There is a tendency for dominant leaders to resign their post.
  • Changes in Britain's political scenario is likely.
  • Demonstration, bombing, fiery explosions, violence.
  • There can be structural breaks or cracks in the major structures
  • Saturn signifies labour and mass; there can be matters relating to labour rights in the limelight.
  • Since Earthy sign is involved, incidents relating to Stadium and Security may happen.

Three Super planets in conjunction

This triple major planet-conjunction occurs as Jupiter enters the sign of Capricorn in Athichara on 31 March 2020. This triple superior planet conjunction will last till 4 May 2020, for about thirty five days. This ends, as Mars moves to Aquarius on 4 May 2020.

Three superior planets in retrogression

For a short period, starting from 11 Sept. 2020 to 13 Sept. 2020, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn, Mars in Aries will be in retrogression. This Superior planets in retrogression will involve two Fiery signs of Sagittarius and Aries, where Jupiter and Mars will transit. There will be harmonious aspect between Jupiter, Sun, Mars in Fiery signs. This augurs well for religious activities, royal circles, and senior government officials, including Prime Minister. Mars and Saturn in Squaring aspect may cause obstacles in controlling suppression, and also natural disasters are possible.

Saturn and Jupiter crossing transit Ketu

The Ketu and Saturn conjunction occurred for the first time on 28 Sept. 2019 in the constellation of Purvashada (2nd pada). Jupiter will cross the transit Ketu on 9 Jan. 2020. This conjunction occurs in the constellation of Purvashada too. As the sign of Jupiter is involved in the Ketu's conjunction with Saturn and later with Jupiter itself, it will make the market situation unstable, the prices may fall (Bearish trends). Jupiter-Ketu conjunction is favourable for good performance in higher institution, tendencies to open higher centres for studies.

Eclipses 2020

The year 2020, will witness six Solar eclipses (two Annular & four Total ones). Four Lunar eclipses will be penumbral ones. In the beginning of the year 2020, in the month of January, Saturn and Sun are in conjunction. At the end of the year 2020, Saturn and Jupiter are in conjunction. Saturn assumes a lot of importance in 2020, as it will conjunct with Jupiter and Mars in Capricorn. The sign of Capricorn will witness major, good and bad conjunctions. Great conjunction Saturn and Jupiter has been noted for changes in government, jolts to important political figures, changes in policies of national importance, since Capricorn happens to be the 9th sign of India 's lagna and 7th form Moon sign of India, Religious conflicts and diplomatic relation will be of great concern. Global financial situation, Gold prices and share market may be unstable and unpredictable.

  • Eclipse 2020,
  • Dictionary of astrology, Alan Leo
  • Vedic astrology, Market trends
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  • Astrology Book,

  • Three superior planets in retrogression.

    For a short period, starting from 11 Sept. 2020 to 13 Sept. 2020, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn, Mars in Aries will be in retrogression. This Superior planets in retrogression will involve two Fiery signs of Sagittarius and Aries, where Jupiter and Mars will transit. There will be harmonious aspect between Jupiter, Sun, Mars in Fiery signs. This augurs well for religious activities, royal circles, and senior government officials, including Prime Minister. Mars and Saturn in Squaring aspect may cause obstacles in controlling suppression, and also natural disasters are possible.

    Date Type of Eclipse Constellation Rasi Comments
    11 Jan. 2020 Lunar Eclipse (Penumbral) Punarvasu 2nd pada2553' Gemini Lunar eclipse occurs in the 3rd drekkana of Gemini. Eclipse in the dual sign; Mars 8th aspects falls on Lunar eclipse; fear of fire, earthquake, aerial mishaps.
    6 June 2020 Lunar Eclipse (Penumbral) Jyeshta 2nd pada 21 27' Scorpio Lunar eclipse in the 3rd drekkana of Scorpio. Watery sign. Eclipse occurring, when three planets in retrogression. Massive flood, drowning, Storms, Typhoon, Tornado are possible around that week.
    21 June 2020 Solar Eclipse (Annular) Mrigasira 4th pada 614' Gemini Solar eclipse in the 1st drekkana of Gemini. When three planets are in retrogression-Earthquake, Theft, intrusion, breach of trust, scandal Mars aspects- trauma, train accidents, aerial accidents, air strikes explosion, leak of poisonous gases, volcanic eruption, mass shooting.
    5 July 2020 Lunar Eclipse (Penumbral) Purvashada 2nd pada 1930' Sagittarius Spiritual Lunar eclipse, fire ceremonies, deep meditation, religious mania. Lunar eclipse occurs, when three planets in retrogression.
    30 Nov 2020 Lunar Eclipse (Penumbral) Rohini 2nd pada 1430' Taurus High tides, coastal damage, problems relating women,landslides, Theft. Act of arrogance are noted Eclipse occurs in the 2nd drekkana of Taurus.
    14 Dec 2020 Solar Eclipse (Total) Jyeshta 4th pada 2900' Scorpio Solar eclipse occurs in the 3rd drekkana of Scorpio, in Gandantha star. This eclipse falls in the drekkana of Moon. The Total eclipse falls in the vicinity of Venus, Moon, Mercury and Sun, in Watery and Female sign, Risks to women leader and celebrity. Threat to animals and reptiles from water and sea.


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