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Celestial Dramas 2022
By R.S.Maniam

JanuarySun-Saturn conjunction, Venus retrograde with Mars, Retrograde Mercury
Gossips, Democracy opposed, Political unrest, Strained family relations.
FebClose Mars-Venus conjunctions, Mercury direct, Religious Full Moon of Magha 70% month, Luxuries events. Heads of government, national prestige.70%
MarchFive planets in Earthy signs. Agricultural developments, new technology, Senior citizen issues, Transport accidents, Railway track incidents, scholarly presentation.65%
AprilSaturn-Mars conjunction, Machines, heavy industry, labour issues, geological issues, Volcano explosion, Mercury, Sun, Rahu in Aries---scandal; Press over-blowing issues. Partial Solar eclipse in Leo navamsa-bad health to rulers.60%
MayMars aspects Sun and Retrograde Mercury, Blessed Buddha Purnima with Lunar Eclipse. Jupiter-Mars conjunction, Rise in Good prices, lucrative trade.65%
JuneSaturn retrograde. Obstacles in air travels or crash, Dealings, space industry, Troubled western countries, Coal mines accidents, Harmonious Sun-Saturn trine (Aquarius and Gemini). Communication developments , especially satellite, faster communication. Mars-Rahu association. Another tough time. Last week of the month auspicious events will occur. 60%
JulyA great historic planetary arrangement in Swa-kshetra. Great Blessings for all nation. Significant beneficial incidents for humanity will happen. Aerospace exploration development, improvement electronic digital communication.70%
AugustMixed results, violent situation in the beginning, Mars-Rahu conjunction, Saturn-Sun opposition. Last part of the month progressive, as Sun will be in Leo, and Mercury in exaltation.65%
SepThree planets in retrogression. The middle of the month good development in business,trade and new dealings. Auspicious events, celebration, celebrity marriages.65%
OctFirst half will be very progressive in happiness, stable economy and good business, progress in higher education. Second half ruled by Solar eclipse and Mars in Gemini turning retrograde-trouble airspace, air attack, communication breakdown.55%
NovTroublesome month, Lunar eclipse, Inferior planets with Ketu, aspected by Saturn in Chara bhava, while Mars retrogrades back to Taurus. Plane crash, storms, tornado are possible, natural disaster and violence happenings.55%
DecMars (retrograde) aspects Venus and Mercury---strained family relation, fire accidents explosion in the middle of the month. Last week of the month sensitive issues, gossips and sensitive issues about celebrities, transport and communication development65%

Longitude 2018-2022

2018 planets longitude in the beginning of the year was more flat, while 2019,2020,2021, 2022 quite similar pattern with mild variation. Globally sluggish economy, recovery from Covid 19 will be in a slow phase with some stressful periods.

January 2022

The new Gregorian year begins on the auspicious day Trayodasi, Saturday, with Pradosha. The Moon in the constellation of Jyeshta (1st pada). Moon, Mars and Ketu association in the sign of Scorpio. Moon in Neecha bhava, obtains Neecha-banga with own house lord Mars. These are in exact conjunction in the Navamsa of Sagittarius. Worship of Bhairava will be auspicious. Plava Pushya, the new Lunar month will begin on 3 Jan. 2022. The New Moon is hemmed between Saturn and Mars. On 13 Jan. Moon will join Rahu in Taurus, aspected by Mars from Scorpio. These two days of Moon with Rahu in Taurus will create fear, anxiety, earthquakes, coastal dangers and harm to women. Sun moves to Capricorn on 14 Jan. and conjunct Saturn, and Mercury. After a few hours, Mercury turns Retrograde on the same day. Sun joining with Saturn in Aquarius, and Mercury in Retrogression will cause criticism and political unrest in big democracies. Mars moves to Sagittarius on 16 Jan. 2022 and joins Retrograde Venus.Mars with Retrograde Venus may result in divorce among celebrities or separation. A Full Moon will fall in the constellation of Pushya (1st pada) on 18 Jan. 2022. Venus becomes Direct on 29 Jan. 2022.

February 2022

The month begins with Amavasya falling, and the new Lunar month of Plava Makha begins on 1 Feb. 2022. On 2nd, a great day in history will occur, as the Number 2 digit will cover the special date, numerically Number 2 will be dominant (02-02- 2022). Mercury becomes Direct on 4th. On the same day Sun/Saturn will be exact conjunction at 21 deg in Capricorn, in the constellation of Sravana 4th pada in the navamsa of Cancer. Mars and Venus will be in near conjunction on 8 Feb. 2022 in the constellation of Purvashada (2nd pada) in the navamsa of Virgo. On 13th Sun moves to Aquarius, and joins Jupiter promoting good winds and weather. A Full Moon will fall on 16th, in the constellation of Makha, forming a very auspicious Full Moon, with aspect of Jupiter and Sun. Great Magha Poornima will be fruitiful, for those yearning for good progeny. Venus and Mars will move closely in the second part of the month of February starting from 9th onwards. Exact conjunction will occur on 26 th in the constellation of Purvashada (4th pada). On the last week of February, there are chances for a grand celebrity marriage to occur, luxury movies or blockbuster. Vargottama conjunction of Venus and Mars will occur for three days from 23rd to 26th. Mars moves to Capricorn on 26th. Saturn, Mars, Mercury association will occur in Capricorn. Venus will join this association on 27th .

March 2022

The month of March will commence with five planets association in Capricorn---Saturn, Mars, Venus, Moon and Mercury. Seven planets will be in two adjacent houses Makara and Kumbha. New Lunar month of Plava Phalguna will commence on 2nd March 2022. Mercury will move to the sign of Aquarius, and become associated with Jupiter, Sun and Mercury. Highly scientific / scholarly publication of researches, space exploration will be highlighted and good diplomatic conference will be organized. Sun moves to Pisces on 15th. Sun receives the 3rd aspect of Saturn. Rahu-Ketu axis will change to Aries and Libra mode on 17 March. Rahu will be aspected by the 4th aspect of Mars.Mercury moves to debilitation sign of Pisces on 24th. On 31st, Venus joins Jupiter in Aquarius, creating a good combination. Spiritual festivals, high level celebration, cinema, celebrities' marriages, air travel, space exploration will see good time.

April 2022

Subhakrithi Chaitra (Lunar Month) begins on 1st April 2022. On 5th, exact Mars-Saturn conjunction occurs at 28 in Capricorn, in the navamsa of Virgo. Capricorn and Virgo are both Earthy signs--- traumatic events may happen around the week of this conjunction. Labour issues, in trade unions, geological incidents, conflict at borders are possible, including strained diplomatic relation among Russia, China, North Korea and India are likely. A graha-malika occurs from Capricorn to Taurus. On 8th , Mars joins Jupiter and Venus in Aquarius. Just the same day, Mercury joins Rahu in Aries. The Solar year of Subhakriti begins on 14th. Sun, Mercury and Rahu are together in Aries. Simulatenously, Jupiter also moves to Pisces to its own house. Mercury moves to Taurus on 25th. The second Jupiter-Venus conjunction happens in Pisces. Venus moves to exaltation sign on 28th, marking globaly good progressive period. Saturn moves to Aquarius on 29th, April. Saturn joins Mars again. A Partial Solar eclipse falls on 30th in the constellation of Bharani (1st pada) in the navamsa of Leo.

May 2022

Subhakriti lunar month of Visakha begins on 1st May 2022. Mercury turns Retrograde in the sign of Taurus at 10, in the constellation of Rohini (1st pada). Mercury (Retrograde) receives the 4th aspect Mars from Aquarius. Mercury (Retrograde) will stimulate controversial issues in media, as Mars aspects Mercury--issues will become sensational, and stimulate public reaction. Sun moves to Taurus and joins retrograde Mercury, squaring with Mars. Earthy sign transit of Sun, aspected by Mars may trigger volcanic activities, fire incidents, inferno, earthquakes, underground activities are possible. Full Moon will fall on 16th in the constellation of Visakha (4th pada). A beautiful Buddha Poornima, as Jupiter and Saturn aspect the Moon in Scorpio (Watery sign) and Jupiter in Watery sign too. Great blessing for the world. There will be Total Lunar eclipse falling on this auspicious day. Mars moves to Pisces on 18th. On 24th, Venus moves to Aries and joins Venus, receiving 3rd aspect of Saturn. Venus-Rahu may reveal secret, sex scandals and cause veneral infections. Lunar Subhakriti Jyestha will begin on 30th. Jupiter-Mars exact conjunction will occur at 9 degree Pisces, in the constellation of Uttarabhadrapada (2nd pada) in the navamsa of Virgo. This Jupiter-Mars conjunction in Pisces-Virgo axis will influence, good trade, rise in investment, new business opportunities etc around this period.

June 2022

Mercury becomes Direct on 4th June 2022. Saturn turns Retrograde on 5th at 1p Aquarius. A Full Moon will fall on 14 June 2022 in the constellation was Jyeshtha (4th pada) in the navamsa of Libra. On 16th Sun moves to Gemini. Sun and Saturn transit Airy sign in harmonious aspect. Air industry will progress further, and good time for senior politicians to establish political standing, as there will be some disputes within. On 17 June, Venus moves to the swa-kshetra sign and joins Mercury, creating good combination for artist, luxury transports, entertainment, celebration, grand rewards to celebrities etc. Progress in tourism is noted. A graha-malika formed from Aquarius to Gemini. Air shows, skydiving, aerobatic entertainment are possible. Mars moves to Aries and joins Rahu. Mars is in swa-kshetra in Chara bhava. Mars joining Rahu are indicators for violent shooting, massacre, tribal conflicts, border troubles and leak of poisonous gase, chemicals and explosions. New Lunar month of Subhakirti Ashada begins on 29th. In the last week of June four planets are in their own houses-- Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus will be in swa-kshetra, marking good events.

July 2022

Mercury moves to own sign on 3 July, making five planets in swa-kshetra. A beautiful arrangement of planets will occur during this time. Planets from the sign of Aquarius to Gemini, and Cancer by Moon, will be in their own houses. This is a rare astrological transit phenomenon. Mercury joins Sun in the diplomatic sign of Gemini--important international meetings are possible. Good trade and communication, especially in aerospace, global communication, will enhance. On 13th Saturn moves back to Capricorn in Retrogression, and throw 3rd aspect on Jupiter in Pisces. Venus transits to Gemini on 14th and a Full Moon falls in Sagittarius in the constellation of Uttrashada (1st pada). On 17 July, Sun and Mercury move together to the sign of Cancer, opposing Saturn. Four Cardinal signs will be occupied by planets---Mars and Rahu in Aries, Sun and Mercury in Cancer, Ketu in Libra, Saturn in Capricorn. A sudden unexpected political scenario or hasty decisions are possible. In the midst, Jupiter will aspect Sun and Mercury. A good graha-malika occurs on 23rd to 27th July from Pisces to Cancer. Subhakriti Lunar month of Sravana begins on 28 July 2022. Jupiter's retrogression starts on 30 July 2022 at 14 in Pisces, in the constellation of Uttarabhadrapada 4th .

August 2022

1st August 2022, Mercury moves to the royal sign of Leo.. On 2nd, exact Mars and Rahu conjunction occurs in Aries at 24 in the constellation of Bharani (4th pada), in the navamsa of Scorpio. This period of f Mars and Rahu in Chara bhava and in the fiery sign would cause disastrous incidents such as shooting, mass killing, explosion , poisonous gases, theft etc. On 5th and 6th, Ketu-Moon association in Libra receiving the aspect of Mars and Saturn may cause panic and fear situation. On 8th, Venus joins Sun in Cancer, and receives both aspects of Jupiter and Saturn---matters pertaining to land, housing and agriculture will progress. Since Cancer is a female sign, there will be a tendency for women leadership to shine. Mars moves to Taurus on 11th. Monthly Full Moon will occur on 12th. Saturn will be in close approach to the Earth on 14th. Saturn is in exact opposition to the Sun. Sun moves to Leo on 17th . Mercury moves to the sign of exaltation on 21st. A beautiful graha-malika occurs on 23-24 August from Pisces to Libra. Jupiter aspecting exalted Mercury is good, ensuring progress in economic trade, business transaction, diplomatic talks and progress all round. New Lunar month of Subhakriti Bhadrapada occurs on 27th .

September 2022

The month begins with Venus ingress into Leo. Venus and Sun are in royal sign. Activities of Royal couples, monarch will be highlighted. The aspect of Mars on Leo will cause them more energetic . On 10th, a Full Moon appears in the sign of Aquarius, in the constellation Poorvabhadrapada (2nd pada) at 2331'. Mercury turns Retrograde on 11th. During this period, three planets will be retrograde, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury. On 17th Sun moves to Virgo and joins retrograde, Mercury aspected by Jupiter. On 25th Venus moves to Virgo. Jupiter makes closer approach to Earth, when it becomes exact opposition to the Sun on 26th. Lunar month of Subhakrithi Aswayuja will commence on 26th. .

October 2022

On 3rd Oct., Mercury becomes Direct. Venus, Sun and Exalted Mercury in good transit, aspected by Jupiter would impact a good recovery in trade, diplomatic, production field. Mars moves to the sign of Gemini on 17th. During this period, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo are occupied by majority of planets. Mercury's sign Gemini and Virgo involvement calls for development in communication and film industry and medical technology. Sun moves to debilitation sign of Libra, joins Ketu and receives the 10th aspect of Saturn. Saturn becomes Direct on 23rd. A Partial Solar eclipse falls on 25th. The eclipse will fall in the constellation of Swathi (1st pada), navamsa of Sagittarius. The eclipse will be aspected by Saturn's 10th aspect on Libra. Since it is Airy sign , there is tendency for aerial accidents, flight dangers, political instability and risk to ruling politician and monarchs. Mercury moves to Libra on 27th. Mars turns Retrograde in Gemini on 31st .

November 2022

A Lunar eclipse will fall on 8th. The eclipse will occur in the constellation of Bharani (3rd pada), in the Navamsa of Libra. Aries and Libra axis will be implicated. At least five planets are in Chara bhava. Ketu and Venus are in Airy sign, and Mars is Retrograde in Airy sign of Gemini--tendency for air disaster, run way accidents, train derailment etc. Venus moves to Scorpio on 12th, followed next day by Mercury to Scorpio on 14th. On the same day, Mars moves back to Taurus in retrogression. Mars aspects Venus and Mercury in Scorpio. Sex crimes, abuse of women, matters relating to celebrities' relations may be highlighted. Since this transit is closely related to India, as Mars transits indian lagna, and Venus and Mercury in Prime Minister Modi's Lagna and Moon. A significant development will happen in his leadership. Sun moves to Scorpio on 17th. Lunar month of Subhakriti Margasirsa commences on 24th. Jupiter becomes Direct on 24th. .

December 2022

Mercury moves to Sagittarius on 3rd. On 6th, Venus joins Mercury in Sagittarius. Mars in Taurus makes close approach to Earth, when it becomes exact opposition to Sun at 2154' in Scorpio. On 17th, Sun moves to Sagittarius. New Lunar month of Subhakriti Pusya starts on 23rd. Simultaneously, five planets will occupy the dual signs--Jupiter in Pisces, and Sun,Venus,Moon, Mercury in Sagittarius. Four planets in Sagittarius will be aspected by Mars from Taurus. On 28th, Mercury moves to Capricorn, and joins Saturn. On 27-28, a graha-malika will be formed from Sagittarius to Taurus. Most planets will be in 2-12 position. Mercury moves to Capricorn on 28th, and joins Saturn. Venus moves to Capricorn, just a day after Mercury on 30th. Mercury starts Retrogression in Capricorn on 30th. It moves back to Sagittarius on 31st.

Transit of Major planets

NoPlanets 1Jan. 2022RasiDeg StarPlanets 31 Dec. 2022RasiDegStar
SaturnCapricorn 17:43 Sravana- 3 SaturnCapricorn 28: 10 Dhanishta-2
GuruAquarius 6:20Dhanishta-4 31 Dec.2022Pisces 6:59 Uttrabhadra-2
MarsScorpio 18:55 Jyeshta -1 31 Dec.2022Gemini 15:03 Rohini-2

Superb Graha-malika forms on 3 July 2022
On this day, at least six grahas will be in their own houses, and form a parade of planets from Aquarius to Cancer. This is a garland of planets (graha-malika). Planets in Swa-kshetra may enhance the well-being of the Nation, good will and global goodness. Jupiter will aspecting Moon shows divine blessings in the process. Saturn in Retrogression is harmonious with Gemini transit. Globally, a good historical event is expected.

Venus & Mars move closely along Sagitarius to Pisces (Triple conjunction):
Starting from 16 Jan. 2022 to 16 Feb. 2022, Mars and Venus, most of the time, remain in the sign of Sagittarius. Mars and Venus will become close on 9 Feb. in the constellation of Purvashada (2nd pada), in the navamsa of Virgo. The constellation of Purvahsda is described as Aparajita , which gives victory; during this period great achievements, completion of a major project including under-water, area, profitable industrial farming are likely. Lot of Marriages, re-union can be expected. Mars and Venus, from 16 Feb. 2022 to 31 March 2022, will remain together in Capricorn. Venus and Mars will move very closely and attain Vargottama conjunction in the Navamsa of Sagittarius and Capricorn, in the constellation of Uttarashada. and Sravana too. This passage of Venus and Mars is quite peculiar. From 7 April 2022 to 26th, these will remains in Aquarius. From 17 May to 22 May, in Pisces. Since Venus and Mars move very closely, it may effect people as stated in Brihat samhita "If Venus should suffer defeat in his conjunction with Mars, the chiefs of armies will perish and princes will be at war". Some leadership changes or controversial situation may prevail in North Korea, Russia, Burma and also countries ruled by great influential leaders. Mars and Venus move almost together in signs from Sagittarius to Pisces for a period from 16 Jan. 2022 to 23 May 2022. This accounts for about 127 days ranging from Fiery, Earthy, Airy and Watery sign, finally meeting with Jupiter. Jupiter, Mars and Venus association in Watery sign may indicate good rainfall, luck to eminent persons and governments. Good development in Russia, Sweden, Canada and Finland are noted.

Major squaring between Saturn, Mars and Ketu
The major squaring of these planets will happen from 17 July 2022 to 10 August 2022. The planets will occupy four quadrants of the Cardinal signs---Saturn in Capricorn, Mars and Rahu in Aries, Sun in Cancer and Ketu in Libra. Saturn will be Retrograde during this period, occupying the constellation of Dhanishta (2nd pada), a martian constellation. During this period, Sun will be much afflicted, as Saturn's 7th aspect falls on Sun, and also Mars' 4th aspect. However, Jupiter's 5th aspect over the Sun is a good protective shield. Problems to ruling goverenment in India. Malaysia, Thailand, England and America will get resolved. Senior government leaders will suffer, mass criticism over policy will be highlighted. There is a tendency for major earthquake, volcanic eruption, Typhoon and Hurricane; man-made disasters are also possible. Mars in Fiery sign combining with Rahu is an indication for bombing, shooting and massacre, civil wars and also intrusion, or escape from prison. There could be migration, local tension, especially in countries like Burma. As Chara bhava, Cardinal signs are also Moveble signs, derailments, run-way accidents can occur. Cardinal signs are earthquake-prone signs, as pointed by H.S.Green; a major squaring can trigger earthquakes.

Longer stay of Venus in Sagittarius
On 1 Jan. 2022, Venus will be at 29 08' in Sagittarius, in last navamsa of Dhanus, in the constellation of Uttarashada (1st pada) and in state of Vargottama. Venus stays in Sagittarius in Retrogression in the beginning of the year. Venus will travel back in Sagittarius till the retrogression is over on 29Jan. at 1654' in the constellation of Purvashada (2nd pada). It becomes Direct and enters Capricorn on 27 Feb. Venus will be in Sagittarius almost 57 days. However, the passage of Venus through the constellation of Purvashada and Uttrashada, later in Sravana and Dhanista is considered favourable; Brihat samhita puts "If Sukra should enter constellation of Poorvashadha, the creatures of water will suffer; if should she enter constellation of Uttarashadha, diseases will increase. If she enters constellation of Sravana, diseases of the ear will afflict mankind. If she enters constellation of Dhanishta, heretics will suffer". Venus in the house of Jupiter with Mars rises early in the morning, visible in the eastern sky, during the month of February. Venus may bless the world with progress to the artist, women, cattle, farming, musical field awards and also religious activities. Since Dhanus is a sign of Kothanda Rama, there may be further progress to temple of Ayodhya as Rama Janma Boomi.

Rahu and Ketu causing Kalasarapa
Kalasarpa will be formed by Rahu and Ketu in Taurus and Scorpio axis, from 29 Jan. 2022; every fortnight, Moon may break the Kala Sarpa. This phenomena will continue till 25 April 2022, when Mercury moves to Taurus. However, a peculiar combination of planets will occur, while Rahu and Ketu in the Taurus and Scorpio axis. On 27 Feb., a stellium of five planets will occur in Capricorn. Moon,Mars, Venus, Saturn and Mercury will occupy the sign of Capricorn, while Sun and Jupiter will be in Aquarius, All the seven planets, without Rahu and Ketu, will occupy the two signs of Saturn in the Zodiac. The five planets in the sign of Capricorn will be visible early morning, in the eastern horizon, before Sunrise.
Mars transiting Gemini turns Retrograde and returns to Taurus
Mars enters Gemini on 16 Oct. 2022 and turns Retrograde in Gemini on 31 Oct. 2022 at 126' in the constellation of Mrigasira , Mars enters again in Taurus on 14 Nov. 2022. As Mars turns Retrograde, Mars will touch the important constellation of Rohini in Retrogression. This is considered a crucial point, as Mars retrogrades in this constellation, every 32 years, in Taurus. The last retrogression in Taurus occured on 21 Oct. 1990 in Rohini (4th pada) 2049'. On 24 Oct. 1990, Prime Minister Ali Bhutto (Pakistan) lost power in Election, on 7 Nov. 1990, Manmohan Singh lost vote of confidence in Parliment. Mars was in Rohini 3rd pada 1836'. On 28 Nov. 1990, Mars in the constellation of Rohini (1st pada), 1036' there was a leadership change in Singapore; Lee Kuan Ywe handed over power.

Mars entered Taurus on 13 August 1943 and started Retrogression 29 Oct. 1943, at 2909' in Taurus, in the constellation of Mrigasira. On 3-4 Nov. 1943, when Mars was at 2849' in the constellation of Mrigasira (2nd pada), the great massacre occured. In "Operation Harvest Festival", more than 43,000 jews were gunned down. On 27 Nov. 1943, when Mars (retrograde) ingressed into Rohini (4th pada), Tosya-Ladik earthquake happened in northern Turkey causing death maximum 5000 people. Thus historical events proved that Mars' transit in Taurus and its retrogression have powerful impact on mundane events. Since Mars will transit India and Malaysia's natal Taurus lagna, there is vulnerability of changes in political scenario, political upheaval and and also natural disaster. There can be disturbing moments, around the globe, mostly in northern hemisphere, North America, Russia, Turkey, Germany and China. On 20 Dec. 1943, when Mars retrogression was in Rohini 2nd pada at 1447', there was a coup detat in Bolivia. Thus summing up ,the following incidents are possible--military coup, chemical war-fare, massacre politicaly motivated. Middle-east countries such as Egypt, Palestine, Israel may become unstable; possibility of famine in some parts of world. Brihat Samhita on Mars transit "If the motion of Mars should be an accelerated one, there would be fear from destructive fires; if he should retrograde and enter another sign, the people would suffer from heat and many families would suffer, and if his course should lie through a sign, longer than the calculated period, there would be drought in the land and rulers will be at war".

Eclipses in 2022
There will be four eclipses in the year 2022-two Solar and two Lunar eclipses. Solar eclipse will be Partial, while Lunar will be Total.

NoDateEclipseConstellation Notes
130 April 2022Partial Solar eclipse. Visible from South/West South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Antarctica.1618' Constellation of Bharani 1st pada. The eclipse falls in the 2nd Drekkana and Leo navamsa. Eclipse receives 3rd aspect of Saturn. Both Rasi and Navamsa sign is fiery and Royal sign. Possibility of forest fire, heat exhaustion, climatic changes. The second drekkana is ruled by Sun, and it is a quadruped drekkana (animal), causing diseases. Bharani is a destructive constellation, owned by Yama; thus the Sun in exaltation sign may indicate aggressive political uprise around this time.
215-16 May 2022Total Lunar eclipse. Visible from North and South America, Europe, Africa, and parts of Asia. 108' in Scorpio in the Constellation of Visakha (4th pada). A great day to take holy dip in rivers, holy prayers, as the day falls on the Buddha Jayanthi (Watery sign). Jupiter aspects from Pisces. (9th aspect falls on Moon). In Navamsa, the Moon is in Cancer. The drekkana falls in the first part of Scorpio. Its lord is Mars, It shows struggling, seeking success through hardship. It may cause incidents of trap, escapism, or migration.
3 25 Oct. 2022 Partial Solar eclipse Visible from most of Europe, northern Africa, the Middle East, and western parts of Asia. 750' in Libra, in the constellation of Swathi (1st pada). The eclipse will be formed in the first drekkana. Since Libra is an Airy sign, air pollution is caused by mainly forest-fire, causing scarcity of crops (Alan Leo). The 10th aspect of Saturn from Capricorn will fall on the sign of Libra. As Mars is also in Airy sign, there may be incidents pertaining to space travel and air accidents, inferno sky scrappers. The first drekkana depicts merchants, handling costly products like Gold and other times. There is a tendency for surge in Gold prices. Internal trade will have a profitable period. The lord of drekkana is Venus. Small traders, dealing crafty items will benefit.
4 8 Nov. 2022Total Lunar eclipse Visible from Asia, Australia, North America, parts of northern and eastern Europe, and most of South America. 2151' Bharani 3rd pada.Aries This Total Lunar eclipse occurs in the constellation of Bharani, ruled by Yama. The eclipse occurs in the third drekkana of Aries. Its lord Mars is Retrograde in Gemini, and Jupiter too is retrograde. It falls in the third drekkana. Mars aspects Saturn in Capricorn. Five planets in Chara bhava denotes tendency of cyclones, typhoon and coastal dangers. Mars retrograde may depict air crash, air explosions.

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