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Celestial Dramas 2024
By R.S.Maniam

The global trends will still be sluggish in economic recovery, cold war to persist, hindering international goodwill.

JanuaryMost of the planets Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Sun receive 9th aspects of Jupiter. Productive summits, religious events, prestigious awards, Mars and Sun together can provoke aggression, fire accidents, forest fire, explosion. Fiery sign prominent: Shootings. 70%
FebVenus gets aspect from Jupiter: New transport, good times for Cinema, musician, sensitive publication, scientific publications. Legal institutions receive public attentions. Western part of Globe will face weather changes. Agreesion, demonstrations during midmonth. 75%
MarchBeginning of Political turmoils, Controversial leadership issues. Royal matters limelighted, Democratic countries in government scandals. Third week: Saturn-Mars nearing: natural disasters, earthquake, volcanic activities. Agricultural crops damage. 65%
April Venus/Sun/Rahu in Pisces till 14th : Sickness, death of celebrities, coastal events, accidents in high Watery places. Solar eclipse month: climatic changes affect tourist spots. Political changes, Great box office movies. Risk to dams, Possible Assassination. Saturn-Mars conjunction. 60%
May Mars-Rahu in Pisces: Pirate activities, Sea military exercise, Escape from jail. Sun-Venus in Aries: female leadership, new government's formation, political criticism. International games. New leadership in political arena. Countries ruled by Monarch will be limelighted. Second part of the month: Musician, singers will benefit. End of the month: leakage of radioactive elements, chemicals. 65%
June First half of the month: Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Sun association. Important financial summit. Good diplomatic relations. Global economic discussions. Celebrity marriages. Second half: space exploration, air travels, telecommunication and growth of Artificial Intelligence technology. 70%
July Space exploration, climatic changes, Typhoon, Torando, prestigious awards, music, art and ornaments. High scientific development. Mars in Taurus with Jupiter: Agrarian revolution and genetic engineering. World Bank statements. 70%
August Royal controversies, disputes, Government suppressions. Mercury retrograde: negative media reports, documents controversies. Mars aspects Leo: aggression, explosions, shooting, violence, Senior politician's ill health changes in national supreme post. 65%
Sep Mars in Gemini and Venus in debilitation. Airy sign transited by malefic Saturn (R), Tendency for border conflicts, Tension may arise in USA. Air travels problematic. There may speed winds, torando, typhoon, extreme dry spell in some places. Fire accidents. Conflict between nations and cold war. North Korea may be active again. 60%
Oct Month of Solar eclipse, Exalted Mercury, Sun and Ketu aspected by Jupiter and Mars: medical breakthrough, Growth in Telecommunication. Second half of the month: Windy signs are prominent: flash floods. Last part of the month: Mars in debilitation: Mining disasters, volcanic eruption and earthquake.65%
Nov Jupiter aspects Venus and Mercury. Good times for cinema, artists, singers and entertainment field. Watery signs prominent: heavy rains, deep Sea events, New discoveries financial relations with foreign countries; public safety and crime-rate to be looked into. 70%
Dec Mercury and Jupiter retrograde: financial setbacks, sluggish market conditions, controversial issues. Venus and Mars opposition in chara bhava: train accidents. Three planets Mercury, Jupiter, Mars in retrogression: obstacles. The year ends with Amavasya and peculiar Mars and Jupiter retrogression: not good omen. 65%

Longitudes of planets 1 Jan. 2020-2024


January 2024

The New year starts, while Moon is in the constellation of Makha (3rd pada) 9.05' in the Navamsa of Gemini, in direct opposition to Saturn. It is Monday, as per Gregorian calendar. It is a Leap year. The Year Number Numerology amounts to 8, and the Total Vital and Corporal Number become
1. Moon in Trine with Jupiter (Aries), Moon (Leo), and Sun and Mars (Sagittarius) in Fiery sign in harmony. On 3rd, Mercury becomes Direct, resolving some controversial issues, communication problems. Diplomacy enhances, solving problems in women and transport issues. On 6th, Mercury moves to Sagittarius, joining with Mars and Sun: latest medical development helping mankind. Sports events, Security-related talks may be held. Royal events, favours are possible. New Lunar month Shobana Pushya begins on 11th. Auspicious religious events are possible. However, prominent fiery signs are occupied by Jupiter (Aries), Sun, Mars, Mercury, Moon in Sagittarius explosions, Volcanic activities, Violent shooting, inferno. Sun moves to Capricorn on 15th. A Grahamalika forms, as Sun moves to Capricorn. Venus joins Mars in Sagittarius on 18th. Celebrity events and sports events will be highlighted. Full Moon will fall on 25th in the sign of Cancer, in the constellation of Pusya. On 28th Mars and Mercury become close conjunct at 23p in Sagittarius, in the Navamsa of Libra, deep space exploration, development in Computer and Engineering field, such as chat GPT4, will be limelighted.

February 2024

On 2nd, Mercury moves to Capricorn and joins Sun. On 5th good Grahamalika is formed by Moon (Scorpio) and Jupiter (Aries). Mars moves to exaltation on 6th. Mars' 4th aspect will fall on Jupiter, which is already in the house of Mars (Aries).The new Lunar month of Shobana Magha commences on 10th. On 13th Sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus will fortify the sign of Capricorn. Sun will move to the Airy sign of Aquarius, and join the planet Saturn.
This Sun conjunction will aggravate political tension in Democratic countries, including Britain, India, parts of Southeast Asia. It foretells bad times for senior politicians and old democracies. Saturn and Sun association happens, as both planets are hemmed between Mars and Rahu. Mercury joins Saturn and Sun in Aquarius on 21st. Venus and Mars will be in very close conjunction on 22nd. On 24th, a Full Moon will fall in the sign of Leo, in the constellation of Makha. Aspected by Mars (8th aspect), Saturn, Sun and Mercury(7th aspect) and Jupiter (5th aspect). This will be a very auspicious Full Moon, favouring the royal families, celebrities. Chandradhi yoga will form. This Leap year will witness Saturn and Sun exact conjunction at 29p in Aquarius, in Vargottamma. February will witness Grahamalika from Moon to Jupiter, starting from 5th till 16th.

March 2024

On 6th, Moon will join Mars and Venus, in the sign of Capricorn, creating love moods, auspicious marriage, award and recognitions to artists / etc. On 8 th, Mercury moves to Pisces, and joins Rahu. Mercury becomes debilitated. Media will overblow matters, leakage of important documents, missing evidences, scandals. From 7th to 14th, planets will be gathering in four houses, starting from Capricorn to Aries. New lunar month of Shobana Phalguna will commence on 10th. A senior actor may suffer from health issues and will be in limelight. Sun moves to Pisces on 14th. Sun Joins Mercury and Rahu. This Solar month of Pisces will create upheaval in political arena and an attempt to harm political; leaders. Government scandals and inappropriate fund management may happen. Traumatic Mars-Saturn association will join Venus, in the sign Aquarius on 16th. Some natural disaster will surface. Possibility of air crash, aerial accidents, risk of peculiar sky events will happen. Venus and Saturn conjunction will happen on 18th at 18p in Aquarius, in the navamsa of Pisces. Monthly Full Moon will occur on 25th. A Lunar eclipse induced by planet Ketu will occur in the sign of Virgo. The Lunar eclipse will receive 8th aspect of Mars. This may create violence, heated loggerhead incidents, trauma to women leaders. The Full Moon planetary positions depict an arrow, the sign of Aquarius, Pisces and Aries. On 26th, Mercury leaves debilitation sign and joins Jupiter in Aries, marking good time for stability in commerce, literary works, banking, monetary field, good diplomatic conferences etc. On 31st, Venus joins Sun and Rahu in Pisces. Venus moves to exaltation sign.

April 2024

Mercury goes Retrograde on 2nd. Mercury will be at 3<" in the constellation of Aswini (1 pada), receiving the 3rd aspect of Saturn from Aquarius. Controversial documents, legal matters will get highlighted. News Reporters may once again get into legal conflicts. Some religious organization funds will become issue. Controversial legislation may be passed. The month of April will be a critical one, as Mars is nearing conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius. A Solar eclipse approaches the sign of Pisces. Sun, Venus and Rahu are together in Pisces.
Starting from 5th, all planets will be pooled around Aquarius to Aries. This is rare phenomenon in history. The new Lunar year Krodhi Chaitra will commence on 8th April, coinciding with a Total Solar eclipse. Krodhi is the 38th year in the cycle of 60 years. A major historic event, shocking the world, could happen around this month. The Solar eclipse occurs in the constellation of Revati (3rd pada) in the navamsa of Aquarius. Extreme weather phenomena are possible, as constellation of Revati and the last sign of the Zodiac is implicated; sorrowful incidents are likely. On 10th, Mercury enters Pisces again. Concurrently Saturn-Mars exact conjunction occurs at 20<" in Aquarius, in Aries Navamsa, indicating explosion, fiery accidents, train accidents and Volcanic activities. Sun moves to Aries and the new Solar year of Krodhi starts on 13th at 20: 55hrs. Jupiter joins Sun in Aries. Mars moves to Pisces on 23rd, joining Venus, Retrogade Mercury and Rahu: A time of sensitive issues pertaining to women. Shooting, killing, violent attacks can happen in places of worship, tourist centres. A Full Moon falls on 24th . Venus joins Jupiter and Sun, on the same day. Mercury becomes Direct on 25th.

May 2024

Jupiter will move to the sign of Taurus. Seven planets will occupy four signs of the Zodiac, as Grahamalika, from Aquarius to Taurus. New Lunar month of Krodhi Vaisakha begins on 8th. Mercury moves to Aries and joins Venus and Sun on 11th. Sun moves to Taurus on 15th. Sun joins with Jupiter in Earthy sign; landed property and real estate, land issues may surface with government intervention and laws. Northern sign is occupied by two planets in 2/12 position. Mercury and Venus in Aries may result in good developments in medical field, new technology in Transport and filming. Exact Mars-Rahu conjunction will happen around 19th. Mars-Rahu conjunction at 20p in Pisces, in the navamsa of Capricorn with Venus would result women-abuse, sex-related assaults arrogance against females. Venus moves to Taurus on 19th, joining Jupiter and Sun. Exact conjunction between Venus and Jupiter occurs on 22nd, in the constellation of Krittika (3rd pada), in the navamsa of Aquarius. Venus in its own house, joining Sun (though Combust) may promote transport and tourism around the world, upgrading of the fast train facilities etc. A new space exploration milestone may be reached. A Full Moon will fall in the sign of Scorpio on 23rd, at 843' in the constellation of Anuradha (2nd pada). Jupiter's 7th aspect falls on the Moon, and Saturn's 10th aspect falls on the Moon in the debilitation sign. This Full Moon will augur well for wisdom-seekers. Spiritual ceremony performed during this period will benefit the globe. On 31st, Mercury moves to Taurus and joins Jupiter. Venus, Sun.

June 2024

Mars enters the sign of Aries on 2nd. Saturn's 3rd aspect will fall on Mars. Mars in Swakshetra. Accidents, violent explosion, volcanic eruption, fire accidents are likely. Venus and Sun conjunction occurs at 19p in Taurus, and Venus moves ahead of Sun. The Lunar month of Krodhi Jyestha will commence on 6th. A stellium of planets will occupy the sign of Taurus; Venus moves to the dual sign of Gemini on 13th. Harmonious trine aspect is formed between Venus and Saturn, indicating good development in air space exploration and deep space communication. On 15th, Sun and Mercury join Venus in Gemini. All forms of matters related to telegrams, newspapers, aeroplanes, telecommunication will get limelighted. Musicians, actors, film directors would receive the attention of the media, including love-affairs, marriages. On 20th , Summer solstice will happen. A Full Moon will occur on the next day, in Sagittarius, at 6:55p in the constellation of Moola. A peculiar line up of planets will occur on 24th. All 8 planets will line up from Capricorn to Gemini. Mercury will move to the sign of Cancer on 29th All planets will be occupying six signs like a garland. The end of June will witness the retrogression of Saturn, in Aquarius at 2513' in the constellation of Poorvabhadrapada (2nd pada), in the Navamsa of Taurus, with Jupiter in Vargottama. Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in Navamsa will cause financial problems, employment issues, sickness among cattle, etc.

July 2024

New Lunar month commences on 6th, (Krodhi Ashada). On 8th, Venus joins Mercury with Moon in Cancer. A good time for poets, musicians, entertainment of large scale, grand ceremonies rewarding artists. Mars moves to Taurus on 13th and joins Jupiter. Since the sign of Taurus governs Earth, soil and ground, Mars-Jupiter may call for firms actions in agriculture, land-laws, preservation of soil or the earth-safety itself. As Jupiter and Mars are passing through the lagna of birth chart of India, major Agricultural, land reforms laws, special programme for farmers may be implemented. On17th Sun enters Cancer and joins Mercury and Venus. The Solar month of Kataka will bring changes in India, as it is the Moon sign of India, where Saturn is situated with natal Moon of India. Politically, some significant positive vibes will happen. Mercury moves to the royal sign of Leo on 20th. Royal couples may once again be limelighted, as Jupiter and Mars transit the 10th from the sign of Leo. A Full Moon will occur on 21st at Uttarashada (3rd pada). On 31st, Venus will join Mercury in Leo. Happy moments for celebrities and entertainment shows.

August 2024

Lunar month of Krodhi Sravana will begin on 4th . Mercury turns retrograde on 5th, in the constellation of Makha (3rd pada). Retrograde Saturn aspects the Mercury. Media may expose old issues; government will re-open the cases. Women leadership will once again come under criticism. An celebrity may fall ill. New royal heads/Kings may ascend the throne. Jupiter and Mars will be in exact conjunction in Taurus, when Sun enters the sign of Leo on 17th . Sun and Mercury in retrogression and also Venus oppose the planet Saturn in Aquarius then. Political troubles may start in democratic countries, with royal power too. An old, senior politician may become the centre of the issues. Sun will receive the fourth aspect of Mars. Troubles from opposition parties may try to supress the ruling government. Demonstrations, anti-government parade will be on the rise. Women leaders will react vehemently. There may be death of an influential celebrity and politician. On 21st, Mercury moves back to Cancer. Mars moves to the sign of Gemini on 26th. Mars and Saturn are in Airy sign, with harmonious disposition to Venus in Virgo, towards the end of the month 25th. Venus becomes debilitated in Virgo, and joins Ketu, effecting the sectors of Transportation, Communication and correspondence among the celebrities. 5th aspect of Jupiter on Venus may help the musicians, arts, luxurious cars, romantic issues, prestigious marriages, artistic performance, fashion world etc. Venus-Ketu combination in the 6th sign of the Natural Zodiac, indicates outbreak of diseases, development in medical and health sectors. Virgo is mutable and earthy sign, and its lord Mercury is in retrograde motion in Cancer: divorce, separation are possible, including alteration in relationship-laws. Mercury becomes Direct on 30th.

September 2024

On 3rd Krodhi Bhadrapada Lunar month will begin. The first week of September will witness Venus and Ketu in exact conjunction, in the sign of Virgo. The conjunction will happen at 1226' in the constellation of Hasta (first pada), in the navamsa of Aries. This point is aspected by Mars from Gemini. Almost three mutable signs will be active in the Zodiac, Gay issues, sexual deviation, gang-rape cases, women-harassment may surface in media. Mercury enters Leo on 5th joining Sun again. Saturn moves close to Earth on 8th, in opposition to Sun. Sun moves to Leo on 17th. Sun joins Venus and Ketu. A Full Moon falls on 18th and a Partial Lunar eclipse will occur in the constellation of Purvabhadra in Pisces. Venus moves to Libra on 19th. A good trine forms between Saturn, Venus and Mars. On 24th, Mercury moves to Virgo and becomes exalted. Sun, Ketu and Mercury combination forms in the intellectual sign of Virgo, and aspect the Mars and Jupiter: A superb time for research presentation, scientific discoveries, diplomatic relations and literary works; new ambassadors may be appointed.

October 2024

A new Lunar month will begin on 3rd. An Annular Solar eclipse will fall in the sign of Virgo in the constellation of Hasta (2nd pada). On 10th, Jupiter turns retrograde in the sign of Taurus at 27:08p in Mrigasirsa (2nd pada). Mercury moves to Libra and joins Venus. All Airy signs will be occupied by planets--Venus,Mercury in Libra, Saturn in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini. A significant development in aero-space industry may be evident. Digital communication, Deep space exploration will further expand. Telecommunication, computer industry, artificial intelligence will be widely used. Since Airy signs are involved and Saturn also transits the navamsa of Pisces, climatic changes with extreme weather conditions will be be evident in certain areas, with flood etc. Venus moves to Scorpio, and be aspected by Jupiter. On 17th, Sun moves to debilitation, followed by Full Moon on 17th. Mars moves to the sign of debilitation. Venus, Mars and Rahu will occupy Watery signs of Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer. Mars' 4th aspect will fall on the debilitated Sun. Accidents, air disaster, explosion are possible. Mercury joins Venus on 30th.

November 2024

November will begin with a new Lunar month Krodhi Kartika. On November 3 & 4, five planets will be in Watery sign, indicating wet weather and heavy rainfall. Death and catamorphic events are possible from drowning, sea travels or under water events. On 7th, Venus moves to Sagittarius. Parivarthana between Jupiter and Venus will happen. Spiritual ceremonies, Worship related to Maha Lakshmi, auspicious events at Rama Janma Bhoomi would happen, as Moon joins Venus, as Venus ingresses to Sagittarius. A Full Moon will appear in the sign of Aries on 16th, in the constellation of Krittika (1st pada) at 2948'. On 16th, Sun moves to Scorpio, and remains opposite to retrograde Jupiter in Taurus. Sun joins Mercury in the sign of Scorpio. Jupiter's 7 th aspect and Saturn's 10th aspect will fall on the Sun and Mercury. The Watery sign Cancer with Mars, Scorpio with Sun, Mercury, and Pisces with Rahu, may cause heavy flooding, collapse of structures etc. Scorpio is the 8th sign from Aries and is a Fixed sign. The eighth house deals with natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, cyclones, accidents, epidemics, etc. On 16th, Saturn becomes Direct in Aquarius at 1830' in the constellation of Satabhisa. On 26th Mercury turns retrograde at 2828' in the constellation of Jyeshta. Retrograde Jupiter and Retrograde Mercury will oppose each other, in Taurus-Scorpio axis. This may indicate a sluggish situation in Capital gains. Moon will join Sun. Mercury, on 30th aspected by Saturn and Retrograde Jupiter, will be in Parivarthana with Mars. Medical fraternity may face challenging times, in the face of new development breakthroughs.

December 2024

Lunar month Shobana Margasirsa begins on 13th.
The month will commence with new Lunar month Krodhi Margashirsha on 1Dec. Venus moves to Capricorn on 3rd. Moon joins Venus, aspected by Mars from Cancer, indicating good times for marriage, love affairs, development in transport industry, new vehicle launch, recovery from sluggish foreign trade. New marriage-laws may be reviewed, as Jupiter aspects. On 7th, Jupiter in opposition to Sun will be close to Earth. During this period, Currency may gain, relationship with neighbouring countries will improve, border disputes will be solved. Mars turns retrograde on 7th, in the constellation of Pushya (3rd pada). Sun moves to Sagittarius on 15th; Full Moon falls in the sign of Taurus in the constellation of Marigasira (2nd pada). This is very auspicious period, as Moon in exaltation is with Jupiter. Mercury becomes Direct on 16th. On 25th, the Moon will be at 2905' in Virgo. There will be a beautiful Grahamalika from Virgo to Pisces. On 29th, Venus will move to Aquarius, joining Saturn, receiving the 8th aspect of Mars. This aspect of Mars will create tension in domestic life, separation among celebrities, etc. A new Lunar month of Krodha Pushya will commence on 31st. The year 2024 will end, while Mars and Jupiter are retrograde, and Moon in Sagitarius in Poorvashada 4th pada; it will be a Tuesday with Amavasya.


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