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Jupiter enters Capricorn
By Dr. S. Shantha

20 November 2020 -20 November 2021

Jupiter enters Capricorn, sharing the roof of Saturn on 20 November 2020 leaving its own-Moolathrikona, Fiery and adventurous dual sign(Sagittarius), to a sober Capricorn an Earthy-Cardinal sign (the sign of material and worldly success) at 10.28.12 am.
Details of Jupiter's Travel in Capricorn/Aquarius Signs

NakshatraPadaFrom To
Uttarashada 2 20 Nov.2020 05.12.2020
Uttarashada 3 06 Dec.2020 22.12.2020
Uttarashada 4 23 Dec.2020 07.01.2021
Sravana 1 08 Jan.2021 21.01.2021
Sravana 2 22 Jan.2021 03.02.2021
Sravana 3 04 Feb.2021 18.02.2021
Sravana 4 19 Feb.2021 04.03.2021
Dhanishta 1 05 Mar.2021 19.03.2021
Dhanishta 2 20 Mar.2021 05.04.2021
Dhanishta 3 06 Apr.2021** 22.04.2021
Dhanishta 4 23 Apr.2021 21.05.2021
Satabisha 1 22 May2021 20.06.2021*
Dhanishta 4 21 June2021 17.08.2021
Dhanishta 3 18 Aug.2021 14.09.2021
Dhanishta 2 15 Sept.2021 19.11.2021

(Turns progressive on 18.10.2021)
**Athichara starts
Jupiter leaves Capricorn on 21 November 2021.

On Friday, 22 January 2021 Jupiter sets in the West and rises in the East on Sunday, 21 February 2021.

Jupiter will be in exact conjunction with the Sun on Thursday, 29 January 2021 at 7.05 am. During Jupiter's 'asthamanam' (setting in the West) and combustion, it is not advisable to conduct any auspicious ceremonies

Stationery Period
Jupiter will be Stationery (without motion or in slow motion):
From forward motion to turn backward 19 June 2021 to 22 June 2021 (in Aquarius)
From backward motion to progressive 16 October 2021 to 20 October 2021 (in Capricorn)

Jupiter will trigger the results of the houses and planets it aspects or joins during its stationery period. The conjunction (not necessarily be in exact degree. 5o ahead or 5o behind) will also give the same results. The results will be more powerful during the stationery period of Jupiter from forward motion to Retrogression and comparatively less from backward to Progressive.
Jupiter transits a little faster than its average speed (it crosses Capricorn in 137 days (137/30=4 days, 13 minutes and 36 seconds per degree which is faster than the average speed of 4 minutes and 59 seconds per day).

Moorthy Nirnaya
On Friday, 20 November 2020, when Jupiter enters Capricorn, Moon travels in Sravana 4th quarter.
Jupiter will become Swarna Moorthy: exceedingly auspicious results for Capricorn, Leo and Pisces, as transit Moon is in 1, 6 and 11 from the natal Moon of Capricorn, Leo, and Pisces respectively.

Rajatha Moorthy : good results for Sagittarius, Virgo and Taurus since transit Moon is in 2,5 and 9 of Sagittarius, Virgo and Taurus respectively

Tamara Moorthy : average results for Scorpio, Cancer and Aries since the transit Moon is in 3, 7 and 10 from the natal Moon of Scorpio, Cancer and Aries

Loha Moorthy : below average results for Libra, Gemini and Aquarius since transit Moon is in 4, 8 and 12 from the natal Moon of Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius

Jupiter represents wisdom, experience, teaching, understanding, generosity, adventure and abundance. Jupiter was travelling in Sagittarius, its own and Moolathrikona sign for the past twelve months. Now, it is like an enthusiastic risk-taking chap with 'can do' attitude, who is forced to live with an experienced senior person with serious, systematic, and knowing boundaries with 'what if' attitude.

During this transit, one should stand away from greed, extravagance, hunger for lavish lifestyle and material wealth which eclipses one's humane nature.

General Predictions
Transit of slow-moving planets Saturn and Jupiter from one sign to another brings various changes(results) and is much expected by people anxiously. Last year, Jupiter was in its own house, and Saturn was under the roof of Jupiter; now the picture is entirely upside down. Jupiter is under the roof of Saturn, and Jupiter is dim in this house.

At the time of Jupiter transit to Capricorn on 20 November 2020, the rising sign is Capricorn with the Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon; Mars in Pisces; Rahu in Taurus; Venus and Mercury in Libra; the Sun in Scorpio with Ketu.

For India, Jupiter being 8th & 11th lord joins 9th & 10th lord Saturn, the yoga karaka causing Dharmakarmathipathy Yoga being the 9th and 10th lord in respect of Lagna sign (earth), and in respect of Rasi Cancer sign (cardinal), Jupiter is 6th and 9th lord joins Saturn being 7th and 8th lord. Though Jupiter's debilitation is cancelled, its auspicious results will be restricted. Only debilitation is cancelled and not.

  • Neecha Banga Raja Yoga formed, since Saturn is neutral to Jupiter, not Friend. Economic growth will be in slow and steady direction. Industrial growth can be predicted, during this period.
  • We can expect strong leadership in the Government, which will lead the country with firm structural decision, in respect of advancement in necessary areas.
  • But a few people will do unethical things and demoralise some sincere leaders.
  • Since Capricorn is 7th house for the 3rd house in India's chart, during this transit, neighbouring countries' efforts to disturb India in border issues will be handled efficiently
  • Mass loss to human lives may happen during May and June 2021. In the history, in July 1962 when Jupiter was retrograde in Aquarius in the star of Rahu, and Saturn in retrogression in Capricorn in Moon's star, China invaded India on border issues, resulting in huge casualties for India. When Saturn was in other Earthy signs (once in 20 years), i.e. Virgo and Taurus in 1980-81 and 2000-2001, some calamities happened to mankind. An epidemic disease called AIDS spread, when Jupiter was travelling in Swati (Rahu's nakshatra in Airy sign Libra, and Saturn in Earthy sign Virgo during 1981. During 2000-2001 when Jupiter was travelling in Gemini (Airy sign) in Arudra and Saturn in Rohini (in Earthy sign Taurus), the Twin Tower was destroyed in USA resulting huge casualties
  • In India, we can expect substantial growth in real estate, food industries including agriculture, travel and tourism, art and culture and motor industries.
  • Efforts taken in strengthening of financial sectors will not give expected results.
  • Senior political leaders will guide the youngsters and motivate them to work hard with focus for our nation's development. Expect steady progress under strong leadership. Some elderly leaders' demise may also inevitably happen during this transit.
Transit results of planets will vary according to the natal chart:
a) Bhava and Bhava lord in the natal chart
b) Planets in the birth chart house, where the planets transit
c) Dasa and bhukthi according to transit planets
d) Transit of planets in Varga charts
e) Ashtakavarga For example if Jupiter transits through a sign having
8 bindus: the person may achieve status and get high postings in Government like MLA or MP or Ministership
7 Bindus: happiness in all respects of life
6 Bindus: gain of money, ornaments, and vehicles
5 Bindus: win over enemies; get good friends and get benefited by them
4 Bindus: gain & loss will be in routine life
3 Bindus: poverty, nervous problem, ear problem and loss of peace of mind
2 Bindus: loss of property, loss of wife and children and punishment from Govt.
1 Bindu: trouble from enemies, relatives, and loss of everything
0 Bindu: worries, loss of wife and children
Remedies should be done by the natives themselves
e) Vedha and Vipreet Vedha

Vedha: if Jupiter transits in 11,9,7,5,2 houses, auspicious results will be cancelled, if 8,10,3,4,12 houses are occupied by planets)

Vipreet Vedha: if Jupiter transits in 12,8,10,4,3 houses, malefic results will be cancelled, if planets transit in 2,11,9,5,7 houses

Socio economic conditions of the individual may also influence to some extent.

a) for unfavourable transit of Jupiter from Lagna - visiting temples, lighting lamps and poojas in temples
b) for unfavourable transit of Jupiter from Moon sign - chanting mantras, japas and homam (havan)
c) for unfavourable transit of Jupiter from natal Jupiter - donations, service to the needy, elderly people,
charitable works, etc.

Predictions For 12 Individual Rasi And Remedies
Lal-kitab Remedies contributed by Rajiv K. Khattar


ARIES (Mesha):
Aswini, Bharani and Krittika (1)

Aries is a Fiery, Cardinal sign and 1st house of natural zodiac. Jupiter moves from 9th house (Bhagyasthan) to 10th house (Karmasthan) where it gets debilitated. Jupiter becomes Tamara Murthy for Aries, and the transit results may not be up to the mark, in general. You cannot enjoy the fruit of Dharma-karmathipathy Yoga by conjunction of 9th & 10th lords for Saturn owns 11th house (Badhakathipathy) for Aries and Jupiter owns 12th house (Virayaathipathy). The bottom line is the auspicious results of Jupiter, which you enjoyed during the past one year will get shrunk.

Jupiter and Saturn in 10th house; Rahu in 2nd house; Ketu in 8th house. Transit Jupiter aspects 2nd, 4th, and 6th houses.

Personal & Domestic : In general, Jupiter in 10th house (most powerful angle, the house of career and fame) is good for any native. But in your case, Jupiter with Saturn will help your professional life, not personal. You are advised to stand away from any experimental attitude and be ready to embrace the hard truth up to March 2021. Think twice before making any comments on others, especially your own people, to avoid unwanted quarrels. Some of you may become restless and roving. Some may fall in love with the right person according to your mind. But do not follow your mind blindly, since chances are there for cheating. For those who are already married, the relationship may be ruined, because of marital infidelities. Your mother-in-law may overtop you. You will become materialistic, and no scope for spiritual values in any sense during this transit. Please seek seniors' advice, whenever you feel apprehensive.

Career & Business : You can expect major upheavals and changes in your professional life; with sheer hard work and allegiance, you would get favourable results. Those who are seeking employment and looking for a change of job will be able to pluck the fruit. Iron spare parts manufacturing units will see their brighter side. Export business will rise from fall. Your reputation in business may be enhanced, if you keep up your promises. It is best not to go overboard.

Finance : It is better to keep your 'wants' in abeyance and open your purse for 'needs'. Too much pressure on your pocket will lead you face financial challenges. Medical expenditure may be on the high tide. Think well, before making any investments. It is not the right time to purchase movable or immovable property. If already under process if any, it will be delayed. Beware of fine/punishments by Government, if any illegal transactions and tax due.

Health : Guard yourself from aggravation of the prevailing health issues. Your mother's health will get improved. Your father may become cause of your concern. Take care of your spouse and children's health. You may feel easy from April 2021. Athletes must be watchful to avoid knee injuries, which may lead to surgery.

Women : This is the time to appreciate women's role in all spheres of life. Aries women will work tirelessly, not only in family, but also in public service. Those who are expecting childbirth may feel hurdles. Some of you may find it difficult to bring your children under your umbrella. Career women will bag rewards/pay hikes.

Students : The ingredients to get triumph in higher education are hard work and discipline. nothing else. Kick your bad habits. Overseas dream may come true after April 2021.

Birth Star Predictions

Aswini : You can see financial growth from April 2021. Some of you may lose wealth/money during November 2020 to January 2021. You can expect income from overseas business/contacts, if any. Some of you will get the job you were dreaming. Health will improve, if you are already ailing. Your friends and siblings may suffer from loss of money.

Bharani : Some of you may move to a bigger house. Children will lag in their studies. Loss in speculation is inevitable, during this transit. Women will undergo surgery during delivery, and uterus problem will bother some of you. Hoteliers and Ayurvedic doctors are assured with good time ahead. Avoid taking any important decisions between 2nd week of January 2021 and 1st week of March 2021.

Krittika (1) : Your financial growth will appallingly be slow. Politicians and public speakers should watch their words, while addressing the public. Disputes among own people may create tension, which may affect your health. Getting new job is not easy for you. You are advocated strongly not to enter any advised from 1st week of March 2021 to 3rd week of May 2021.

Vedic Remedies : Chanting Aditya Hrudaya Sloka, Rudram Chamakam, Mahalakshmi Stuthi will bring some relief. If you can afford, wearing Yellow Topaz ring is good. Donate leather materials to the needy. Feeding the poor, handicapped and menial workers is also good.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Put a drop of mustard oil in each of the nostrils at bed time.
Avoid donating food.


TAURUS (Vrishabha):
Kritika (2,3,4), Rohini and Mrigasira (1,2)

Taurus is the 1st Earthy, Fixed sign in the Zodiac. This transit period will be hunky-dory for you, since Jupiter is in another Earthy sign. Jupiter will bestow his blessings on you, since he is Rajatha Moorthy for Taurus sign.

For Taurus, Jupiter is the lord of 8th and 11th houses. Jupiter and Saturn in 9th house; Rahu in 1st house and Ketu in the 7th house. Jupiter aspects it 1st, 3rd 5th houses.

Jupiter moves to your 9th house of Luck and destiny, from the 8th house of hurdles and fall.

Personal & Domestic : With the blessings of revered Jupiter in your 9th house, you will be appreciated by your family as well as by the society. You will have rattling moments with neighbours and friends. Siblings and children will be happy. Some of you may enjoy childbirth and possession of big house. Meeting marriage-partner or lover will also become fuel for your joyous mood. You will restore your contacts with old friends and colleagues. Overall, you can fasten your seat belt and get ready for a wild and exhilarating ride.

Career And Business : Your fortune stars will arise now. Your 10th lord, structure-obsessed Saturn, with Jupiter will drive you in right direction to achieve your goal in your profession, though it becomes stressful. Consultants and freelancers will get packed with excellent agreements and more clients. Professional singers will see their plate to be full. Entrepreneurs and business fraternity will have excellent time. Media persons will get due recognition. Writers and publishers will become slogger.

Finance : You will not hesitate to take any risk in investment. Profits through foreign transaction and selling of immovable properties will increase your Bank Balance. You will be sourced from speculation also. Medical expenses will get reduced. Some of you will donate for charities liberally.

Health : No major health issues will bother you. Your spouse may undergo surgeries or treatment to lower Back pain. Mother's health may need medical attention. You must take care of any sign of discomforts through pollution, smoking and dandruff.

Women : Career women as well as home-makers will enjoy this transit. Your children and grandchildren will make you happy in the home functions. Those who are expecting childbirth will have safe-delivery. Some of you will have bon voyage with family for vacation.

Students : Students will be inspired to learn new things and new languages. Going abroad for higher studies will not be a remote possibility for you. You will get acquainted with deeply learned persons, who will guide you in all aspects. Many students will focus on Law, philosophy and pilgrimages. Film institutes will receive a pile of applications from students during this transit.

Birth Star Predictions

Krittika (2,3,4): People born in this star will be in 'can do attitude'. They will get profit/gain beyond expectation. Take care of any possible knee injuries. The period from 1st week of March 2021 to 3rd week of May 2021 is marked by adversities.

Rohini : Singers, publishers and writers will see bright rays, and be happy-go-lucky with huge Bank Balance. Some of you may suffer from shoulder pain. Good period from 2nd week of January 2021 to 1st week of March 2021.

Mrigasira (1, 2) : Students will excel with flying colours. Those who are expecting child will be assured with health new-born. Back pain may bother you, because of wrong exercise or long sitting posture while working. Some of you will have change of place, by transfer or moving to own house from rental one.

Vedic Remedies : Worshipping Shri Dakshinamoorthy in temples, chanting Sri Gayatri mantra will be helpful. Worshipping Goddess Sri Parvathi and Lord Shri Karthikeya is also recommended. Those who can afford, do Shri Ganapathy Homam in house or in temples.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Do not consume eggs, alcohol, fish and meat.
Offer Yellow flowers in the temples.


GEMINI: (Mithuna) :
Mrigasira (3,4), Arudra, Punarvasu (1,2,3)


Jupiter moves from Fiery Mutable sign Sagittarius to Earthy Cardinal sign Capricorn, ie. your 8th house of legacy and adversities. You cannot expect much favourable results from Jupiter during this transit, as it becomes

Loha Murthy. For Gemini, Jupiter is the lord of 7th and 10th house. Jupiter and Saturn in 8th, Ketu in 6th and Rahu in 12th house. Jupiter aspects 2nd, 4th and 12th houses

Personal & Domestic : This is an evaluation period for you. Purge your mind. You cannot avoid dis-satisfaction and stress in relationship with spouse, and clashes with partners and in-laws. Your activities behind the scene will be rewarded either materially or spiritually. Sudden luck will smile on you sometimes. Avoid any disputes with relatives, which may lead to Court proceedings. Take care, while driving and travelling.

Career & Business : You cannot expect your colleagues/superiors to be genuine bonhomie. Your boss may seem to be a draconian for you occasionally. So, you must work with fortitude to reach your goal in career. Your business travels will be fruitful. You must move things in piecemeal in business & career, meticulously. Do not expect speedy results.

Finance : There can be financial support by refunds/mortgage loan inheritance and spouse's increased income. You should wary of living on credit. Be wise in lending/borrowing. Avoid discord of any sort with Income Tax authorities. Stock-market investment may give good returns to some natives.

Health : You may feel fatigue and lazy often. One of your family members who is ailing for long will need extra care. Your father or in-laws may fall sick during this transit, which will bother you. Natives born in this sign may be affected by diseases like lung malfunction, TB or skin diseases.

Women : Marital disharmony will make you stressed out. It is better for you to postpone marriage. Servants will be helpful. Spouse/partner's financial growth will be steady. Career women should be vigilant, since some colleagues/boss will hocus-pocus them in their workplace. Diabetics should take special care.

Students : Students will show interest to do research in their current field of studies. More students would show interest in study of Siddha, Ayurveda and Acupressure. They are advised to practise Yoga and meditation to have fortitude and determination, to cope up with higher studies.

Birth Star Predictions :

Mrigasira: (3,4) : Curb the temptation of getting loan and spending. Your children will work hard to get higher marks/lucrative job. Take care of your mother's health. Pray to Lord Karthikeya.

Arudra : Stay back from unnecessary arguments in workplace as well as in home. You will deplete the savings, and expenditure will surpass the income. Skin disease in face and scalp, and lungs infection will bother some of you. Students will show interest to study occult science.

Punarvasu (1,2,3) : Monetary gains through salary-hike, profit in business, inherited property and refund/unearned money are possible for you. You must think twice before spending and investing. Long term investment is good.

Vedic Remedies : Worshipping Lord Karthikeya, chanting Rudram Chamakam will give relief during hardship. Chanting Shri Dakshina Moorthy Gayatri and Worshipping Ugra Devata (Shri Kali) are also recommended. Give respect, and help the needy elders and Sadhus.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Donate 8 Kg Potatoes in any temple's community-kitchen.
Wear Yellow shirt.



CANCER (Kataka) :
Punarvasu (4), Pushya and Aslesha


Cancer is a Watery, Cardinal and a committed sign, which is 4th in the Natural Zodiac, ruled by Moon. Jupiter moves from Runa-Rogasthan to house of partnership and Kalathra-sthan, which is good. This period will give mixed results for you, since Jupiter becomes Tamara Moorthy.

Jupiter is 6th and 9th lord for Cancer. Jupiter aspects 1st, 3rd, and 11th houses during this transit. Jupiter and Saturn in 7th, Ketu in 5th and Rahu in 11th house.

Personal & Domestic : Your family life will not only be prosy, but also quarrelsome, because of egoistic spouse. During this transit, you have to give and take. Even a banter will end up with quarrel. Your enemies will troll, but you will retort suitably. Those who are seeking good match for marriage will get suitable alliance. Rulers and politicians will see challenging period ahead. Children and younger siblings will become humble, and not jabber. Friends will give you solace, when you are gloomy. Government will underpin agriculture and allied activities, if you are connected.

Career & Business : Those who are in Government service will work in a gingerly way. Employees may face pay-cuts, denial of promotion and even retrenchment. If dasa-bhukthi is supportive, you will get rewards from boss/superiors in workplace. Foreign business contacts will yield good profit. Your dream for overseas job will be delayed or denied. This transit may absolve an existing partnership. It is better not to jump into new partnership blindly. Businessmen should be rational, to handle the high-handed partners.

Finance : Jupiter signifying wealth and wisdom is controlled by Saturn throughout this transit period. Therefore, financial growth will be slow and steady. Save for the future by cutting unnecessary expenses. Traders, representatives, those who working in communication (network), writers, professional singers/speakers and those running printing press will pocket good income, though not up to their expectations.

Health : You will enjoy good health, except some seasonal ailments. A little care should be taken on children/spouse's health. Medical expenses may rise, due to illness of in-laws and parents.

Women : Women will enjoy family life with spouse, children, and siblings. Career women will become stressed out, mentally and physically. You will worry about poor health of your children, especially by flue, typhoid or jaundice. Some of you will inherit your mother's property.

Students : Students must work hard in UG level. Higher studies would be possible, only by indefatigable effort. Many of you will show interest to join Army. More students will be enthusiastic in Travel & Tourism and Film industry.

Birth Star Predictions :

Punarvasu (4) : You will enjoy good health with good income. Caution to be exercised during January and February 2021, in all endeavours. You will take decisions boldly.

Pushya : You will become mass leader, if you are in politics or in any union. Your income and wealth will be steady. You will feel comfortable during this transit period, especially during January- February 2021.

Aslesha : Children will bring you luck. Sufficient income will support you to run the family without hardship. Friends and siblings will be supportive. Some of you will show interest to study Astrology. Worshipping Jeeva Samadhis of saints like Sri Saibaba, Shri Raghavendra and any other Guru will be good.

Vedic Remedies : Chant Shri Guru Gayathri daily for 16 times and chant Hanuman Mantras on Thursdays and Saturdays. Donating to hospitals which is run by charities is good. Worshipping Snake-gods in temple will help you to eradicate evils.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Keep Gold ornaments wrapped in Yellow cloth at home.
Not to keep statue of Taj Mahal at home.


LEO (Simha) :
Makha, Poorvaphalguni, Uttaraphalguni (1):


Leo is a Fixed, Fiery sign and 5th house of the Natural Zodiac, ruled by the Sun. Jupiter moves from your 5th house of love and progeny to 6th house of enemy, sickness and debts. You can expect quite good results from this transit period, since Jupiter becomes Swarna Moorthy to Leo but of course not in all aspects.

Jupiter is 5th and 8th lord to Leo, and it aspects 2nd, 10th, and 12th houses during this transit. Ketu in 4th, Jupiter and Saturn in 6th and Rahu in 10th.

Personal & Domestic : Dissension among family members will arise. Separation and opposition from spouse/partners are unavoidable, even if it is un-intentional. You may get continuous pinpricking from enemies. Your mental agony on high tide, due to feud among family members on property-settlement. Take care of your belongings, especially while travelling, to avoid theft/damage. For court proceedings if any, the judgement will be favourable to you.

Career & Business : You must show grit and persistence in workplace, which will help you to grab new opportunities, and get rewards/pay-hikes, even surpassing seniors. Your enthusiasm and confidence are your biggest selling points during this time. Some of you may get extension of service, after super-annuation. If you want to embark upon a new job, fend off this time. Your business foes will become friends.

Finance : You can expect a manna from heaven during this transit. You will get wealth from someone, who had no inheritor. Expenditure will raise due to children's education and frequent ailments. To quell your hunger for long distance or abroad travel, you will shell out from your pocket, and even borrow from banks.

Health : There will not be any major health issues during this transit. Seniors in your family may fall sick, and some of them must undergo old-age problems like cataract surgery or knee replacement and the expenditure will swallow a considerable portion of your Bank Balance. This is the right time to take Health Insurance, and start practising Yoga or Pilates.

Women : Your mother-in-law will be supportive during this time. Working women will be more coherent in office and business. You will get good servants to help in domestic chores. You may suffer from ailments in the lower abdomen and knee.

Students : Students will be thriving in studies. They will excel in competitive examinations. Parents must take care of them, against air-borne diseases. Some students will show interest in study of scriptures and Archaeology. Some will take 'yoga' as a profession.

Birth Star Predictions :

Makha : You will start to do yogas and meditation. Better to stay away from any arguments among family members or friends, to avoid discords. Worshipping Lord Ganesha daily will help you to overcome any hurdle. You will go on pilgrimage during May-June 2021. Avoid taking any important decisions during March, April, July & August 2021.

Poorvaphalguni : Excellent period ahead, except some health issues. Helping seniors, and donation to the charities will add to your good karmas. Except the period of January, February and last week of May to 3rd week of June 2021, this transit will bestow benefic results.

Uttraphalguni (1) : Your financial position will be moderate. You will go on pilgrimage. Your sedulous enthusiasm in solving problems in workplace will be noticed by your boss/superiors, and you will be rewarded suitably. Expect good period from December 2020 to March 1st week of 2021.

Vedic Remedies : Worshipping Goddess Shri Mahalakshmi, Shri Karthikeya and Shri Ganesha will help to overcome the hurdles. Chanting Rudram Chamakam, and Shri Vishnu Sahasranamam will help to recover from diseases. Light ghee lamps to Goddess Durga during Rahu Kalam on Tuesdays.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Not to share financial matters with irrelevant persons.
Daily feed any stray dog.


VIRGO (Kanya) :
Uttaraphalguni (2,3,4), Hasta, Chitra (1,2)

Virgo is an Earthy sign and the 6th house of Natural Zodiac, which is ruled by Mercury. Jupiter moves from your 4th house of mother and comforts, to 5th house of children and love. You can expect good results during this transit, since Jupiter is Rajatha Moorthy for Virgo. At the same time, there will be archetypal struggle between optimism and pessimism, which you must balance, depending upon your age.

Jupiter is 4th and 7th lord to Virgo. It aspects 1st, 9th and 11th houses during this transit. Ketu in 3rd, Jupiter and Saturn in 5th and Rahu in 9th house.

Personal & Domestic : Though Jupiter's aspect on 1st house attribute good health and clear thinking, other yearly planets' (malefics) aspect may dilute the auspiciousness to some extent, which may be personal, excepting financial benefits. Everyone wants to be your playmate. You will get into trouble because of children, if you do not pay more attention on them than career/business. You will get delighted through the harmony within the family. You will have lots of butterfly moments with the spouse/lover.

Career & Business : Transformation in career is indicated, since 5th house is 8th to 10th. You must work with avidity. You will get support from colleagues and subordinates. Greater responsibility in management of workers/employees will be testing your patience. Those who are working in health care/insurance will find no time to relax.

Finance : You will get profit through speculation, sale of immovable property and from investment in creative projects. Expenses on children's education, childbirth, marriages, etc. will drain your bank balance. You can expect hefty return from Shares, invested long back, if any.

Health : You will have no major health issues during this transit. You will find correct source of treatment for your illness. You must handle things with more tranquillity, to avoid deterioration of health. Your mother-in-law may fall sick and need medical care.

Women : If you are longing for a child, you will be blessed with one. Working women may be forced to resign or take voluntary retirement, because of transfer or to look after toddlers. Friends and elder siblings of your spouse will be helpful in your hard times. If you are in love, Jupiter will make your love-life strong. Pleasure trips/foreign travel are on cards.

Students : Students will take courses, which help them to land up in a job directly. Some of you will not be able to stop yourself from falling in love. But romance will take back-seat, and you will focus on education. Jupiter will open the door to show your talents and abilities to the world. So, grab the opportunity.

Birth Star Predictions :

Uttraphalguni (2,3,4) : Your inhibitions in trying new things will leave you; your efforts will not be cloudy. If you are single and looking for suitable alliance, or married and looking for progeny, it is for sure that your wish will get fulfilled. Auspicious period will be January and February 2021.

Hasta : Your health issues will bother you, according to your planetary position in the natal chart and running dasa-bhukthi. You will be harbouring your mind on your children's education and future. You will get some rays of hope to solve your problems during the period from 1st week of March 2021 to 3rd week of May 2021.

Chitra (1, 2) : You must avoid taking hasty decision in job/business during this period. Do meditation and Yoga, to maintain cool temper. Movable/immovable properties will yield profit. Children will make you proud.

Vedic Remedies : Worshipping Shri Lakshmi Narayana and Shri Karthikeya will help to get benefic results. Chanting Rudram Chamakam and doing Rudrabishekam in a Shiva temple on a Monday with Amavasya Thithi (New Moon) will eradicate your bad karma. Pray Goddess Parvathi Devi on Mondays. Performing Surya namaskara daily will boost your confidence.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Daily practice Yoga and Meditation.
Keep Yellow handkerchief with you.


LIBRA (Tula)
Chitra (3,4), Swati, Visakha (1,2,3)
Libra is an Airy, Movable sign, which is the 7th house in Natural Zodiac, ruled by Venus. Jupiter moves from your 3rd house of efforts and subconscious mind, to 4th house of mother, home and peace of mind. Overall, you can expect less benefits from Jupiter during this transit, since Jupiter is Loha Moorthy for Libra.

Jupiter is 3rd and 6th house lord and aspects 8th, 10th and 12th houses during this transit. Ketu in 2nd house, Jupiter and Saturn in 4th house and Rahu in 8th house.

Personal & Domestic : You will lose interest in love matters, and your children may leave home due to higher studies/job/ marriage, since 4th house is 12th to 5th house of love and children. Your mother may fall sick, (since 6th lord in 4th house of mother), due to which you may lose peace of mind. You may move to a bigger house or buy a big vehicle. Family-circle may get bigger, due to arrival of guests/friends. You would like to stay with mother/hometown but Saturn,(signifying distance), will keep you away for job or business. You will concentrate more in home, during this transit.

Career & Business : If you are in Real estate business or agriculture, mark it, this is a right time to explore innovative ideas and experiment and expand your horizon. Demand for architects, flower merchants/nursery, gardeners doing landscaping, Timber merchants and Marble merchants will be on increase. Transfer in job or profession is unavoidable. If your plan of starting home-business is lying in bed, it will wake up now. Brokerage business will yield good income. Film industry will be in inert phase.

Finance : You will increase your Real estate holdings. You will tend to spend more on home, for expansion/improvements. You cannot curb your crave for buying new houses or vehicles, resulting increase in debt. You will also make money through letting out a portion of your home, or by accommodating Paying Guest. If you have applied for any Govt. permission/grant, etc. you can see them on the move.

Health : Medical expenses on parents' health issues will increase. Journey from foreign/ distance workplace to mother-land/hometown will make you tired. Worries about family and children will not spare you to feel easy.

Women : You will find no time and energy to look after your personal needs. You may have to please too many people around you, and work tirelessly. Heavy work-load would leave you exhausted. Career women may opt for home-business/work from home. You will spend more time/money in decoration/improvements of your house.

Students : If you wish to get a foot on higher studies in abroad, Jupiter will lend you a helping hand, through your father or mother's friends, or through mother's elder siblings. Study of Geology, Archaeology, Mining, Spacecraft or Pilot course will be much sought after.

Birth Star Predictions :

Chitra (3,4) : Your travel will turn to be gainful. Some of you will start brokerage business. Real estate business will take you to the top of the ladder. Worship Lord Shri Karthikeya and Sri Angaraka (Lord Mars).

Swati : Curb the tendency to earn quick-money in short-cut. You must avoid illegal business transaction, which will land you in trouble. Avoid smoking, and be strict on eating vegetarian food. Guard your possessions from theft or damage.

Visakha (1, 2, 3) : You will win over in Court proceedings, if any. Your past mistakes will prick you, and you will get emotionally disturbed. You will be over-cautious like a mother, curbing the enthusiasm of her child. Respect elders and priests.

Vedic Remedies : Sincere worship to Lord Shiva and Sri Vishnu will help you to sail against all odds. Chant Shri Guru Gayathri mantra daily for 16 times. Donate Yellow cloth or Gold to temples or temple-priest. Perform Pitru rituals to get their blessings.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Follow the advice given by your elders & Gurus
Don't fall in the temptation of illicit relations



SCORPIO (Vrischika)
Visakha (4), Anuradha, Jyeshta

Scorpio a Fixed Watery sign, 8th house of Natural Zodiac, is ruled by Mars. Jupiter moves from your 2nd house of family and wealth, to 3rd house of siblings and communication. You can expect average results from Jupiter during this transit, since Jupiter will become Tamara Moorthy for Scorpio.

Jupiter is 2nd and 5th lord for Scorpio. Ketu in 1st house, Jupiter and Saturn in 3rd house and Rahu in 7th house. Jupiter aspects 7th 9th and 11th house during this transit.

Personal & Domestic : You will assert yourself more in handling the situations during this period. Misunderstanding with siblings or neighbours, if any, will be put to rest; but of course you cannot elude from their jealousy. You will make your family happy, by your sweet tongue. Romance will be twitching during this transit. You cannot expect all your efforts to give fruits. You will get positive as well as negative thoughts co-existing; some areas will expand and some contract. Be careful about flattery of beguiler. 

Career & Business : Your communications skills will turn the tide to your side with 'conditions applied'. Your voice will be heard loud and clear in workplace/business. Small business and Start-up companies will boost their business by marketing through web/blogs. If you are planning to launch your career through online, this is the right time to launch. Those who are working in Defence and railways will get due recognition. Cinema industry will get a blow.

Finance : You will pay more attention, while choosing the investment plan. You will gain through by short/frequent travels. Siblings and friends will succour, when you are in need. Your impulsiveness in selling land/house/four wheelers may burn your fingers.

Health : Jupiter aspects both the 6th house (curable diseases) and 8th house (incurable or karma vyathi). Natives who are suffering from curable diseases will get right treatment and start recovering.  Over-eating, and food poisoning are possible. Some natives will experience dental and Cataract problem.  They may undergo surgeries during this period.  Children’s health will improve.

Women : Many of you may get knee and shoulder pains. Singers must take care of their throat from any possible infection. Children may suffer from tonsils. Thyroid or TB may affect, if your dasa-bhukthi is not favourable.

Women : Women will tackle boldly any situation with new ideas in home, office and business. Resurrection of studies will give a boost over the fence to some women. If you are interested in drawing, stitching, counselling, and teaching, get start the business, since Jupiter will get away the pitchers.

Students : You should give up laziness, which is the number one enemy for your studies. Most of you will avid for playing badminton, tennis, and cricket and you may get selected to play for inter-state competition. Students will show interest in Literature, CA, Law, and Psychology.

Birth Star Predictions :

Visakha (4) : Avoid arguments with spouse or any other family members. Take a breath before reacting under any situation. Think 'what if,' before taking any important decisions.

Anuradha : Your feelings will overlap your presence of mind. You will get overwhelmed by receiving the long-awaited return from investments. After a bleak spell of illness, you will be on the road to recovery. Students will excel in sports. Be careful, while driving.

Jyeshta : You will have mixed results during this transit. Communication business, freelance writers, Chartered Accountants, Politicians and Lawyers need not drive on the bumpy road anymore.

Vedic Remedies: Worshipping Shri Ganesha, Shri Anjaneya and chanting Guru Gayathri will help you to overcome the hurdles. Helping poor students to continue their education is also good.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Occasionally, gift sweets to three girl children.
Clean your teeth with baked Alum powder.



Moola, Poorvashada, Uttarashada (1)

Sagittarius a Fiery Dual sign, the 9th house of Natural Zodiac, is ruled by Jupiter.
Jupiter moves from your 1st house of self to 2nd house of family and wealth. You can expect good results during this transit, since Jupiter will become Rajata Moorthy to Sagittarius.

Jupiter is 1st and 4th house lord and aspects 6th, 8th and 10th house during this period. Jupiter and Saturn in 2nd house, Rahu in 6th house and Ketu in 12th house.

Personal & Domestic : You will be happy and sometimes brooding over tensions prevailing in family life. You may break the old engagement. You will be comfortable in foreign land. Your enemy could no longer contain his enmity on you. Your father will get increase in income. Grown-up children will land up in lucrative job and happy family life. Overall, this transit can be a boon for persons with practical abilities, and a curse for fickle-minded persons by birth.

Career & Business : You will get financial bonanza, irrespective of whether you are an employee or employer. You must control your tongue from harsh delivery which will affect your career and relationship with your colleagues; higher authorities ultimately might withhold your success/promotion in your profession. Some of you will be elected as District Secretary or a counsellor in a political party. You will get pleasure in working for charities or trusts. You will get Government tenders which you were wishing for a long time.

Finance : You will gain from movable assets like mutual funds, cash certificates and Govt. bonds. You may be inclined to spend on charities, and become stingy in day-to-day needs. You will plan to invest in immovable properties.

Health : You may not face any malaise in this period. Your children and parents will keep good health, except some seasonal air/water-borne diseases. You may think of taking health insurance. Seniors in your house may get dental problems or Cataract.

Women : Women will handle day-to-day chores very efficiently. Jupiter is favourable to those, who are planning to tie the knot or have a child during this transit. Career women will see healthy atmosphere in workplace, and work with pleasure. Mother-in-law will be very co-operative. Overall, people around you will sport like a bee with Lotus.

Students : You may tend to drift your subjects. Practise yoga and meditation which will engross you in studies. Some physical activities like sports will keep you physically fit. Study of Fashion technology, Viscom, D.F.Tech. Music, Ortho dontics or Civil Engineering may be your stream.

Birth Star Predictions :

Moola : This transit will not be incredibly lucky for you. You will show more interest on spiritual activities than family affairs. Some of you may get heart problems.

Poorvashada : You will enjoy all material things. Buying new car or house will be easy in this quarter. Civil Engineers, Fashion designers and Musicians will have good time.

Uttarashada (1) : You must take special care of your eyes. Facial cream may give allergy. A caveat against using harsh words is advised. Students studying middle school level may get break in education.

Vedic Remedies : Performing Shri Ganapathy homam(havan) in house or temple will be helpful to cross the odd situations. Chanting Shri Mahalakshmi slokas and Sri Rudram Chamakam is good to get away from disease and poverty. Worshipping Shri Vishnu in Sayana pose is recommended.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Take interest in Gardening
Not to trade in Gold



Uttarashada (2,3,4), Sravana, Dhanishta (1,2)

Capricorn, an Earthy, Movable sign, is the 10th house of Natural Zodiac, ruled by Saturn. Jupiter moves from your 12th house of loss and expenditure, to 1st house of self and worldly outlook. You can expect excellent results during this transit, since Jupiter is Swarna Moorthy

Jupiter is the lord of 12th and 3rd house for Capricorn. Jupiter aspects 5th, 7th and 9th house during this transit. Jupiter and Saturn in the 1st house, Rahu in the 5th and Ketu in the 11th house.

Personal & Domestic : Your children, parents and spouse/partner will test your endurance. Have an eye on your children, since there are chances of falling prey to adolescent problems. You will trust yourself and handle things with obstinance. You will meet your love-partner during this transit; if you are already in love, you will try to strengthen it. You will focus on 'me' than before, in creating stable, viable social identity, professionalism in attitude and in appearance.

Career And Business : Those who are doing Travel and Tourism business will get golden opportunity to expand their business beyond their horizon, especially for spiritual tour operators, it is a good time. Those who are working in nautical field will get benefitted. It is good for you to accept transfer in job, which will help you for future promotion. Business partners will be very co-operative. You may have to travel due to job or to promote business, which will be successful. You will be in hunger for new challenging work in business and job. Beware of conspiracy against you, especially in politics. You may not be aware of the person, who dig the pit.

Finance : You can expect windfall income through speculation, or selling of immovable properties during this period. You should avoid carrying at third party's advice in investments. Foreign transactions will yield good income. Real estate and construction material business, such as manufacturing of Cement, Iron, etc. will fetch good profit.

Health : Some of you may get disease in upper abdomen area. TB or Cancer might affect some of you, and you may not get diagnosed in early stage. Kidney failure or kidney stone problem will affect some Capricorn natives.

Women : Women will take utmost care of their children, husband and father, and will spare no efforts to make them happy and comfortable. You will plan domestic chores meticulously. Capricorn natives may experience Uterus problems and Caesarean delivery during this transit. If you plan to get married or have a child during this time, Jupiter will make your plan successful.

Students : Your hard work with tenacity will take you to the top of the ladder at the same time, even a small sulky stream will let you sit in the last row. Seek advice from parents and elders in your circle before deciding your career. Many students will show interest to study marine engineering or join naval force.

Birth Star Predictions :

Uttarashada (2,3,4) : You will present yourself with confidence and with 'can do' attitude. You will focus on material things than spiritual interest. You will be interested in bon-voyage. Your family life will be smooth. Your political career will be stable.

Sravana : Your children may have some allergic problems and get addicted to smoking or drinking habits. You may fall prey to conspiracy of a third person in business or politics. Transfer in job is unavoidable.

Dhanishta : You will travel frequently. Stay away from unnecessary arguments in the workplace. Freelance writers and photographers, singers and those who are working in communication will get benefitted during this transit. Do not start any important work during January and February 2021.

Vedic Remedies : Chanting Rudram Chamakam and Shri Guru Gayathri will help to overcome the hurdle. Worship Shri Karthikeya. Chanting Shri Durga Suktham and Shri Lalitha Sahasranama will help to subdue bad karma. You will be blessed by helping physically challenged persons and poor feeding the poor.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Do good to others, without expecting anything in return.
Gift Yellow mangoes to the priest and take his blessings


AQUARIUS (Kumbha) :
Dhanishta (1,2), Satabisha, Poorvabhadra (1,2,3)

Aquarius is an Airy, Fixed sign, 11th house of Natural Zodiac chart, ruled by Saturn. Saturn moves from your 11th house of friends and profit to 12th house of loss. You will not experience any significant benefit during this period, since Jupiter is Loha Moorthy for Aquarius.
Jupiter is the lord of 11th and 2nd house to Aquarius, and aspects 4th, 6th, and 8th house during this transit. Now, Rahu, Ketu and Saturn are transiting in 4th, 10th, and in the 12th respectively.

Personal & Domestic : You will be growing more melancholy ic during this period, and try to get solace from long distance travel like pilgrimage. You will be forced to be away from family. You will be merciful towards enemies, instead of punishing them. Jupiter advises you a caveat against any unfair practices. Some of you may be hooked into unwanted habits. Your intuition, inner wisdom and vivid imagination will be extraordinary, during this period. Some of you may suffer the ignominy of defacement in politics.

Career & Business : Unwanted transfer or retrenchment is ahead for some Aquarians, because of their escapist tendencies and self-indulgence. You may be tainted by a person, who was faithful to you earlier. You will lose co-operation from partners and workers, despite handling them in the best possible way. You will not mind compromising with superiors or colleagues in office, to stabilise yourself. You may receive pay-hikes on your transfer. Your diligence will help you to run the business profitably.

Finance : You will spend extravagantly for spiritual fulfilment and charities. There are chances of unexpected income by inheritance or selling of vacant land. Though income through long distance travel is likely, travel expenditure will be out of control. Some of you will spend in construction of temple or making statues for Saints or Gurus.

Health : You will care a hang on your health during this period. Children and mother's health will get affected by some mysterious diseases. Some of you may suffer from over-doings of unwanted habits like smoking or drinking.

Women : Career women would see that their working conditions are conducive. They will get financial help from their children. But sometimes, your children will become obstinate. Some of you will find your life partner in foreign land. You will devote most of your time in serving old people, Saints and Gurus.

Students : Students will find it difficult to wake up and study in the morning, even remaining awake in night. Be careful in selecting your friend. Some of you may not get admission in the institution of your choice for higher studies. Some may pursue your higher education in foreign land.

Birth Star Predictions :

Dhanishta (3,4) : Your communication skill will improve. Moving to a new place/house is possible for you during this period. Women will find it difficult to continue studies/work due to the domestic pressure.

Satabisha : You may not enjoy financial growth substantialy. Your career also will get disturbed, because of your escapist tendencies and carelessness. It may be difficult for you to get rid of the unhealthy habit. You will spend most of your time in pilgrimage.

P.Bhadra(1,2,3) : Your children will bring happiness. You will enjoy your love-life. Speculation will be beneficial for some natives born in this star. Some of your friends may turn enemy during this time.

Vedic Remedies : Chant Bheeja mantra of Jupiter, and Rudram Chamakam. Pray Lord Karthikeya. Poor feeding and donation to physically-challenged will boost your good karma. Visit the temple of Lord Shiva on Mondays, and during Pradosha periods.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Every Saturday, pour water onto the roots of Peepal tree
Not to wear rosary of beads around the neck


PISCES (Meena) :
P. Bhadra(4), Uttarabhadra, Revati

Pisces, a Watery, Dual sign, 12th house of Natural Zodiac chart, is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter moves from your 10th house of recognition, name, and fame to the 11th house of profit and fulfilment of desire. You will howl with joy during this transit, since Jupiter become Swarna Moorthy for Pisces during this transit.
Jupiter is the lord of 1st and 10th house, and it will aspect your 3rd, 5th,7th houses during this transit.

Personal & Domestic : You will be in more relaxed and cheerful mood. You will reap the profit for your hard work you put in the past years. Friends' circle will expand. Your siblings will stand by your side during this period. You will enjoy family with spouse and children, and make pleasure trips. All your dreams will come true. Some of you may return to your own country. You may also change your residence.

Career & Business : You will circumvent your competitors in your business, and expand your business surefootedly. You will start online business, which is the trend during this transit. You will take up a new project with ebullience in your workplace. You will get promotion and monetary benefits for resurrecting the sick-unit of your company. You will have short frequent travel, due to job-transfer. Good time for politicians who are born in Pisces, of course, it depends upon the planetary placement and Dasa-bhukthi of their individual chart.

Finance : You will focus on many strata simultaneously, to heighten your finance. If you have already invested in stocks and shares, you will get the return in multi-folds. Income from immovable properties will surprise you, because you might not have dreamt such a high income. From June 2021, you may feel a pinch of shortness in financial flow. Your maternal uncle may help you during this period.

Health : You will not get any health issues. Of course, you must be careful while eating outside, particularly when travelling. Some of you may suffer from tonsils, lung infection or shoulder pain. Take care of your mother's health, because she may suffer due to hip fracture or piles.

Women : Women will experience mixed results. Their family life will be happy, and children will give them happiness. Corporate women will prove themselves an achiever in their respective field. They will get supports from in-laws and friends, which will help them to cross their odds.

Students : You will prefer group studies. You will be able to dazzle with your facile tongue. Some of you will undertake study tour. If you prune down your bad habits, success will smack on you. Foreign travel for higher studies is possible, if you try during this year.

Birth Star Predictions :

P.Bhadra (4) : This will be the golden period for you. So, be prepared to avail the maximum benefits from the benevolent Jupiter. Income through immovable properties, stocks and shares, and agriculture is promised. You will involve yourself in spiritual activities more than ever before.

Uttarabhadra : Politicians will get name and fame. You will get permanent income. Your genuine bonhomie attitude will make others happy. Children will bring happiness.

Revati : You will make short travel, which will be beneficial. Psychologists, counsellors, singers, writers, and free lancers will see steeped income during this period. Minor health problems are likely.

Vedic Remedies : Chanting Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam and Hunuman Chalisa will help to overcome the hurdles. Donating for charities and spiritual centres will help to reduce your bad karma. Chant Sri Guru Gayatri 16 times daily.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Gift Yellow clothes / bed sheet to your guru.
Contribute financially unclaimed dead body's last rites.



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