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Jupiter's Sojourn in Aries
predictions for 12-rasi & birth star
By Dr. S.Shantha

Lal-kitab Remedies contributed by Rajeev K Khattar

Much-awaited auspicious Jupiter transit will come into effect on 22 April 2023, Friday at 4:24:48 am (calculated as per Lahiri Ayanamsa). Last one year, Jupiter had not moved to Aries or Aquarius during its Progressive/Retrograde mode, and stayed in Pisces like a human, who does not want to leave his own house. Jupiter (abode of happiness), leaving its own house, will camp at its neighbouring friend's house, Aries, a Fiery Movable sign, ruled by Mars, for the next one year i.e., till its transit into Taurus on 1 May 2024, Wednesday at 12:10:08 pm. This tran sit of Jupiter may be a Gold rush for many natives, and for some others, it may become ominous, according to the planetary strength/placement, aspect, conjunction, benefic points in Ashtakavarga in the natal chart, and the currently running dasa-bhukthi. Vedha, Paryaya phala (cyclic results) also will alter the effect of transit Jupiter. Many people may eagerly wait for "Guru Bal", to conduct marriage for self/off-springs. Jupiter over one's own sign Moon sign is said to induct a sense of fear and anxiety. Jupiter gives good results in 2/5/7/9/11th from Moon. When transit Jupiter aspects the natal position of Venus, Mars, Ketu, and its natal position, it invokes the wedding bells. Emphasis should be given on transit of Jupiter, concerning an auspicious result such as marriage, birth of children, honour, religious functions, etc. Jupiter joins the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Rahu in Aries on transit day.

Jupiter's transit in Nakshatra padas during this transit period in Aries

Serial No.DateTime (IST)DegreeEntry in the Star
122/4/2023, Friday4:24:48 am 0000' 00" Aswini (1)
206/5/2023, Friday4:46:32 am 0320' 00"Aswini (2)
3.20/5/2023, Saturday3:32:24 pm0640' 00"Aswini (3)
4.04/6/2023, Sunday9:9:14 pm1000' 00"Aswini (4)
5.21/6/2023, Wednesday11:24:10 am1320' 00"Bharani (1)
6.10/7/2023, Monday4:58:11 pm1640' 00"Bharani (2)
7.06/08/2023, Sunday6:46:35 am2000' 00:01"Bharani (3)
804/9/2023, Monday7:7:30 pm2123' 46"Bharani (3) Turns Retrograde
904/10/2023, Tuesday12:12:05 am1959' 60"Bharani (2)
1031/10/2023, Tuesday8:51:56 pm1639' 60"Bharani (1)
1127/11/2023, Sunday2:39:48 am1319' 60"Aswini (4)
1231/12/2023, Sunday7:34:40 am1123' 24"Aswini (4) Turns Direct
1303/02/2024, Saturday12:16:16 pm1320' 00"Bharani (1)
1427/02/2024, Tuesday11:53:09 am1640' 00"Bharani (2)
1516/3/2024, Saturday8:13:35 pm2000' 00"Bharani (3)
1602/4/2024, Monday12:11:31 am2320' 00"Bharani (4)
1717/4/2024, Tuesday1:16:39 am2640' 00"Krittika (1)
1801/5/2024, Wednesday12:10:08 pm 3000' 00" Krittika (2) Transit to Taurus
('Jagannatha Hora Software' used for calculation as per Lahiri Ayanamsa)

Retrogression/Stationary period of transit Jupiter and the expected results
Jupiter is in Retrograde motion for 118 days within Aries sign. The results of a retrograde planet are surely adverse on the health. One of Parasara's dictums is that benefics in Kendras promote sound health. But experience suggests that a retrograde benefic is not capable of doing so.

Stationary period/retarded movement of transit Jupiter and its importance
4 September 2023, Monday6 September 2023, Wednesday (while turning into Backward motion)
31 December 2023, Sunday2 January 2024, Tuesday (while turning into Direct motion)

When a Retrograde planet is Stationary, before changing direction, it radiates great energy on Earth. This is more, when it aspects the natal planets. Both Retrograde and Stationary planets are powerful in producing effects, when they get Direct, but especially when the Retrograde planets turn Direct. The time when Jupiter just starts moving into forward direction (gaining full speed and leaving retrograde zone takes some more time) i.e., each retrograde zone has four points namely, Shadow, Retro Station, Direct Station, and Release.

Cumbustion of transit Jupiter
Combustion startsCombustion ends
28 March 2023, Tuesday at 8:02:05 pm27 April 2023, Wednesday at 2:6:32 am

Total Combustion period 30 days. Out of this, only 5 days, after its entry into Aries. This period is called Asta, Lope, Moudhya and Moudyami. Jupiter transits into Aries during its Combustion period.
Exact Combustion on 12 April 2023, Tuesday at 3:43:32 am, when both the Sun and Jupiter are in same degree i.e., 2735' in Pisces.
Under Vedic Astrology, Jupiter in a state of Combustion is considered a taboo, when it comes to concluding the auspicious tasks. It means that if Jupiter is combust, then no religious or auspicious event or ceremony, mainly Marriage Ceremony must be conducted. This is because the mentor of Devas, Jupiter, is the solemnizer of all auspicious functions, and its Combusted state will decrease its influence, and the outcome will not be favourable.
Pushkaram celebration
According to a legend, a Brahmin was granted a boon from Lord Shiva after severe penance, that he would be able to live in water and purify the holy rivers. The Brahmin came to be known as Pushkara ("the one who nourishes"). On a request from Brihaspati (Jupiter), he decided to enter one of the 12 sacred rivers, connected to each sign, when Brihaspati travelled from one Zodiac sign to another. Usually, Pushkaram will be celebrated for 12 days from the transit date. This year, it is connected to Ganga River, and Pushkaram will be celebrated from 22 April 2023 to 3 May 2023.

Moorthy Nirnaya
Moorthy Nirnaya is yet another method of judging results. This is judged on the position of transit Moon from natal Moon, when a planet goes to a new Rasi in transit. Astrologer Dr. U.S.Pulippani explained well about Moorthy Nirnaya in his book "Gochar Phaladeepika" (Torch on Transit of planets) . At the time of Jupiter's ingress into Aries, Moon is at 2939' in Aries, in Krittika(1).
1. When a planet is entering a new Rasi, the Rasi occupied by transit Moon at 1st, 6th and 11th from Janma Rasi, the planet is said to be Swarna Moorthy (Gold).
2. If the Moon is in 2nd, 5th, and 9th from one's Janma Rasi on that day, then the planet becomes Rajatha Moorthy (Silver).
3. If Moon is in 3, 7, 10 from Janma Rasi, it becomes Tamra Moorthy (Copper).
4. Moon in 8,4,12 from natal Moon is Loha Moorthy (Iron).
We can see the respective Moorthy for each sign and the expected results as below, during this transit:
Swarna MoorthyExcellentAries, Scorpio, Gemini
Rajatha MoorthyGoodPisces, Sagittarius, Leo
Tamara MoorthyAverageAquarius, Libra, Cancer
Loha MoorthyBelow AverageVirgo, Capricorn, Taurus

During transit, planets give good results at certain places from Janma Rasi and adverse results in the remaining houses. But, at times, results are cancelled by presence of some other planet or planets simultaneously, in some other specific houses from Janma Rasi. Such positions are called 'Vedha Sthana'. When good results are cancelled, it is called Gochara Vedha. For Jupiter, the following are Vedha/Vipreetha Vedha.
Benefic places of Jupiter transit from natal Moon are 2 5 7 9 11
Gochara VedhaExcellent12 4 3 10 8
Malefic places of Jupiter transit from natal Moon are12 8 10 4 3
Vipareetha Vedha places 2 11 9 5 7
For example, if natal Moon is in Pisces, the transit Jupiter in 2nd is supposed to bestow benefic results for the native. But if the Saturn is in Aquarius i.e., the 12th house to natal Moon, then the auspicious results of Jupiter will be cancelled. At the same time, if the natal Moon is in Taurus and the transit Jupiter is in Aries i.e., 12th to Taurus, and transit Sun is in Gemini, the 2nd house from natal Moon, then the bad results of Jupiter will be cancelled.

Nakshatra Vedha
The good or evil effects of planetary transit through stars get neutralised by occupation of certain specified stars by planets reckoned from the stars occupied by the planet under consideration. This is called Nakshatra Vedha. We should not ignore this, while predicting transit effects of any planet.

Transit Jupiter becomes Vedha for Mercury in 5th Nakshatra and 12th Nakshatra for Saturn. For example, if Natal Mercury in Satabisha nakshatra and Jupiter's transit in Aswini Nakshatra i.e, 5th nakshatra from Satabisha, then most of the benefic results to be given by Jupiter will be cancelled. Likewise, if natal Saturn is in Arudra nakshatra and the transit Jupiter comes to Mrigasira, the transit Jupiter's results will be cancelled.

Transit Effects from Astakavarga Angle
Ahtakavarga exercises are major modifying influence on transit results. To know the transit results and assessing the modification generated by the influence of the Ashtakvarga is the Bhinnashtaka Varga. Jupiter will modify its results in transit in each sign, according to the benefic points in that particular sign as below:
No. of points receivedEffect
7Gain of money, all happiness, birth of child, new vehicles, gold
6New dress, jewels, makeup materials, beautify himself, gain of money
5Win over his enemies, get sincere friends, and gain from them
4Both gain and loss and routine way of life
3Ear trouble, nerves weakness, poverty, lack of peace of mind
2Harassment from government, death of spouse, death of child, loss of property
1Harassment by enemies, loss of belongings, all the kith and kin turn into enemies
0Loss of money, death of spouse or child, worries, etc.

Cyclic effects
Jupiter passes through the 12 signs of the Zodiac roughly in 12 years. Each round is called a Paryayas (Cycle). In most cases, Jupiter may not complete more than 6 Paryayas in an individual's life-time. The effects of such Paryayas are given (next page):
Jupiter CycleEffect
1st round Danger to life, if Jupiter is in 8th house. Father will enjoy all comforts, elevation in job.
2nd If Jupiter in Aries or Taurus is good. If in 1,3,6,8,10 or 12 from Moon, only bad effects
3rd If Jupiter in 1,4,5,7,12 from natal Moon is good
4th Threat from Government, gain of wealth in the 2nd house, comforts in the 4th house,
 gain of property in the 9th house; gain of money in the 11th and 12th houses from the Moon sign
5th Mental anxiety, if in 1st house from natal Moon; in 2nd, gain of wealth; 4th comforts.
6th Good effects in 2,5,7,9 & 11 from natal Moon; in 8th, danger to life
 (if Maraka dasa or 3rd round of 71/2 Saturn in operation)

Mundane Forecasts
  • In India, employment growth will be there. But many job-seekers may not utilise the opportunity, causing unemployment problems.
  • It may be very difficult to control Inflation, not only in India, but in many countries.
  • Worshipping places will get face-lift and their wealth will get regularised. Government will spend more on this project.
  • Gold price will increase, and new Gold mines will be discovered.
  • Rupee-value against Dollar may further go down, during the first quarter of transit year. Economy growth will not be satisfactory.
  • Agriculture will take first place in Government's agenda. Government will spend more on procuring/ manufacturing war materials. Government will encourage Sports and grant many facilities to encourage Sports-person
  • Many foreigners would like to visit India, and many Indian nationals settled in foreign may tend to return to their motherland.
  • Foreign investments will increase.
  • New invention in communication and network will take place. Air services will increase.
  • Launching Satellites will increase. Mine industry will be developed.
  • Many countries would try to experiment nuclear weapons.
  • In India, political enmity will rise, resulting in problems to commoners and their lives. Terrorism will be on the rise globally.
  • Government agencies (RAW, Intelligence wings, and Enforcement Dept.) will function well.
  • Fire accidents, natural calamities such as flood, earthquakes, and forest fire, will be on the high.
  • UK will change certain foreign policies under new leadership. Racism will become new problem, and heat the waves may reach its peak in UK during this transit.
  • USA will make certain new agreement with UK.

Predictions & Remedies for Individual Rasi & Birth Star
Lal-kitab Remedies contributed by Rajiv K. Khattar

Jupiter transit effects will affect physically from lagna and mentally from Moon sign. Age and socio-economic conditions of the individual may also influence the results.

Remedies for unfavourable results of Jupiter
(i) from lagna-visiting temples, lighting lamps and poojas in temples
(ii) from Moon sign.chanting mantras, japas and homam (havan)
(iii) from natal Jupiter...donations, service to the needy, elderly people, Charities. (In this article, slokas/japas/havans as remedies are suggested, since it pertains to transit from Moon sign. Individual may do remedies, according to their planets in their birth chart).


ARIES (Mesha):
Aswini, Bharani and Krittika (1)

Jupiter enters 1st house, Rahu in 1st house (till 30 October 2023), and Saturn in 11th, and Ketu in 7th house during this transit. Transit Jupiter is the lord of 9th and 12th house for Aries, will aspect 5th house Leo, 7th house Libra and 9th house Sagittarius from Aries. Jupiter enters the 1st house of self, from 12th house of loss.

Though Jupiter and waxing Moon conjunction is good, transit Moon is in Mruta Awastha (evil effect) and as per another school of thought in Sushupti Awastha (Deep sleep), which could reduce the favourable result. Arians may not experience propitious results of Jupiter in general, since Badakathipathy Saturn aspects Aries with its 3rd aspect, and transit Rahu is already camping in Aries. Suitable remedies will help to overcome the hurdles, and Jupiter which becomes Swarna Moorthy for Aries may give excellent results, after it comes out from Combustion.

Personal : Self-confidence will pave way for progress during this year. You can expect your martial knot during this period, if unmarried. You will feel more secure about yourself, but do not exaggerate your importance, which is not good. Enemies may hide their identity, and come closure to you; Jupiter cautions you to watch their movements. Do not be childish or prejudiced otherwise you will enter in trouble. Do not be overbearing, even if you have significant success, and do not delude yourself into thinking that you have all the answers. Unwanted change of place is inevitable for some of you. The persons to who attract or get involved with you will be beneficial to you through mutual help. Advancement towards spiritual side might happen during this year. You might give priority for the eudaimonia of your parents, especially father and the children. Younger co-born will be supportive

Career & Business : You might become bold and quick in action in job or business. Physicians, whether in job or running private hospitals, will gain. Researchers in Pharmaceutical field may invent new drugs for Cancer. Freelance writers, photographers will pocket more income. Import business and brokerage may have some vent. Government will recognise and reward suitably sincere employees. Many of you working onsite will return to their homeland. You may suffer by unwanted transfer and retrenchment.

Wealth : You may have windfall through stocks, which you invested in the past. Profit by selling landed properties and increased rental income is sure for those, who intend to sell and rent their properties. Iron and oil products business will fetch your huge profit, during this transit. Stay away from gambling. There will be increase in income for technicians in Film industry and Medical industry. Expenditure for children's marriage, education, and unfavourable travel will increase. Medical expenses for mother might be unavoidable to some of you. Donation to charities and temple activities will be part of your budget.

Health : Many of you may suffer from rashes/white patches in face and dandruff in head. Face may glow and become chubby to some of you, during this transit. Migraine headach or some other heat or neuro problem will bother you, if your dasa-bhukthi is not favourable. Unfavourable journey might give you worries and fatigue.

Women : Government would honour women, and many women would come to limelight, if in active politics. Some unmarried girls will fall in love with boys of other religions, and get married. Women will occupy more places in forces and Police jobs. They may occupy some posts in Space stations also. You should avoid gossip, which may lead to quarrel with others.

Students : Students should not be in over-confidence of their preparation, to face the examinations. Research (Ph. D) students will complete their studies, if it is due for completion, during this transit, without delay. Say 'no' to drugs. More students show interest in Sports activities. Those who want to continue their post-graduation, will get admission in their dream institution and favourable subject. Disappointments to a few students are likely, who aspire for higher education in foreign land.

Birth Star Predictions

Aswini : Natives working in Air services, telecommunications, medias, and hospitals may get into trouble (if dasa bhukthi are not favorable), due to their negligence and tangible evidence against them in their work. December 2023 and January 2024 may become vibrant, and bring out the stored luck to some of you. You may pocket sizable profit through sale proceeds of landed properties. Consult Physicians immediately, if you find any discomfort in the head or facial area. Your mother’s health issues will bother you, and you might spend more on her treatment

Bharani : Wedding bells may ring for those, who want to get into wedlock. Job-seekers will land up in decent job. Those who are writing competitive examinations, especially UPSC, may pass out successfully. Many of you will go for pleasure trips, combined with spiritual places. Some of you may suffer from problems in the regenerative organ, and even hospitalised for surgery. During September 2023, you may have a pleasant surprise from your spouse/partner or father or from children/grandchildren.

Krittika (1) : You may complete your research studies during this transit. Your father will help you in need. Teachers, Judges, and temple authorities may get due respect. You may spend more for temple renovation and Samprokshanam during this transit. You may be upset with lack of happiness through younger siblings, trouble with servants and neighbours. You may suffer from shoulder or ear problems during this transit.

Vedic Remedies : Pray Lord Shri Ganesha, by chanting His mantras and conducting Ganapathi Homam in house or temples. Pray Goddess Lakshmi and light ghee lamp in temple on Fridays. Chant Aditya Hrudayam stothra and do Surya Namaskara. Chant Hanuamn Chalisa and Sri Sani mantras on Saturdays.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Don't be arrogant & authoritative.
Donate books to any needy student/s.


TAURUS (Vrishabha):
Kritika (2,3,4), Rohini and Mrigasira (1,2)

Jupiter placed in 12th, and Saturn in the 10th house. Rahu-Ketu in 12/6 axis till 30 October 2023.Jupiter aspects 4th, 6th, and 8th houses from Aries. Jupiter enters the 12nd house of loss from 11th house of gain for Taurus. Jupiter is the lord of 8th and 11th house for Taurus sign. Taurus is the 1st Earthy and Fixed sign of Natural Zodiac chart and ruled by Venus.

Personal : The transit benefits will not be obvious, since Jupiter becomes Loha Moorthy for Taurus. Good for learning, spiritual and religious pursuits. At this time, the demand of your ego will be less than usual. You may become sympathetic and helpful to others. Your spiritual preceptor (he or she) may not be a recognised teacher or even an old friend may suddenly assume this role and help you to redress your inner growth; you may also function as teacher for someone else. Occult or Metaphysics will be of great interest to you, which will give you knowledge, support, and comforts. You may sometimes be arrogant and try to cheat others. If you have any agenda to buy a landed property, this is the right time to materialise the idea. Your elder sibling may earn through foreign contacts. Separation from spouse/partner is inevitable, during this period for some Taurus natives. Children may go abroad for studies or after marriage. Your mother may require medical treatment for bone/nerve problem.

Career And Business : Job-seekers will land up in decent job, though not with lucrative income. Agriculturists and those who deal with agricultural products will earn good money. Administration area of Insurance, Judiciary, as well as Hospitals, Railways would get revamped, and your work will be recognised. This year will be prosperous for people working/doing business in air services, motor industries, cotton, oil, gas, and chemical industries. Skilled workers will get Government aid.

Wealth : Due to the ownership of 11th house, Jupiter will tend to give wealth during this transit. Real-estate people would book profit in their Accounts. Salary-hike will please you, and make you comfortable in day-to-day spending. Income through insurance, legacy, and compensation for loss of crops is possible during this transit. If you have any unaccounted money, then you will be in trouble.

Health : Your prolonged illness will come to control to some extent. Children may fall sick. You must be careful about air-borne diseases and respiratory problem. Lameness and bruises in the ankles, fractures and dislocations, corruption and putrefaction of the blood, gouts, cramps, and rheumatism will also be a problem to some of you, according to the natal position of planets and dasa-bukthi period. Serious sickness of a close relative may disturb you very much.

Women : Women will spend more time in spiritual pursuits. They must beware of their spiritual preceptor. Avoid interference of third person in your personal matter. If there is any conflict with spouse/partner, try to solve it then and there. Women in public service will start to evaluate themselves. Your mother-in-law will have sound health. You must give attention to the health of your father-in-law.

Students : Most of the students would opt to study Commerce, Agriculture, Aeronautics, and Medicine. Many students would choose Force(Defense) as their career. Many students would start earning, while learning. Students would show interest to learn foreign languages. Research scholars will finish their research successfully during this year. Laziness and 'so what' attitude may push you back in studies. Students will lose sound sleep, which may, in one way, help them to study in the night for long time.

Birth Star Predictions

Krittika (2,3,4): Money flow through promotion and increased salary will make you happy. Your concern will be your daughter's health and you must spend for her treatment. Some of you may suffer from knee pain. You will receive money through foreign contacts. Job transfer and separation from spouse will push you in frustration, and at times, you may act out of mind. Litigation, if any, would end up favourable to you. Your children, who live abroad, may join you during this transit. You may have disturbed sleep.

Rohini : Your confidence level will get boost during this transit. You will enjoy short travels. You cannot take quick decision, and will repent for impulsive act even in daily routine. Your mother's health condition may raise concern. Your younger siblings may get abundant wealth, during this period. Your maternal uncle may have some vent. Agricultural land and farm deals will be settled in beneficial terms. Your loan application may be cleared during this period.

Mrigasira (1, 2) : You must control your anger, and converse sweetly; otherwise it may end in an argument. Your children may start earning and reduce your burden. Street-food sellers can foresee trouble, and may opt to close their business. Medicos in this nakshatra must be careful, as false allegation against them may arise. If you are doing Iron or Textile business, you can expect high turnover during this year. Good period from last week of May to 3rd week of June2023.

Vedic Remedies : Worship Lord Shiva and chant Rudram-Chamakam. Perform Rudrabhishekam on Amavasya (New Moon Day) falling on Monday. Worship Lord Karthikeya and chant His mantras. Worship Sri Dhakshinamoorthy and chant His Gayatri mantra daily for 16 times. Worship lord Saturn on Saturdays and chant His mantras.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Feed the poor.
Take important decisions when you breathe from right nostril.


GEMINI: (Mithuna) :
Mrigasira (3,4), Arudra, Punarvasu (1,2,3)


Jupiter in 11th, Saturn in 9th and Rahu-Ketu in 11/5 axis (till 30 October 2023). Jupiter aspects 3rd, 5th, and 9th houses from Aries. Jupiter enters 11th house of profit from 10th house of service.

Gemini is the 1st Airy, dual sign of Natural Zodiac, ruled by Mercury. Jupiter is the lord of 10th (service) and 7th house (spouse/partner and Badhaka) for Gemini. Jupiter may give excellent results as Swarna Moorthy, since transit Moon is in 11th house with Jupiter.

Personal : This transit would become Gold rush for many Geminians. Everything is possible and profitable for you during this period, by the grace of Jupiter. You may expand your friends' circle, and persons from other religion also would come close to you. Spouse, children, parents, and acquaintance of luxury items will make you fly in the air. You will tick the long-pending pilgrimage trips in the itinerary. Your younger siblings may face hard times. This period is favourable for marriage. Avoid over-emphasis on activities that take you away from your practical responsibilities, too often.

Career & Business : Business people doing import and export business will reap huge profit. Your readiness to embark on bold new ventures will help you to get promotion with increase in income, respect, and foreign posting, if you are in job. A new communications project can excite you, and bring you into contact with interesting, helpful people. For many, this can be a vital time for an internet business, but be careful with cyber-crime. Companies supplying paper rolls for billing/ATM machines would fare well.

Wealth : Whatever you invested in the past will fetch you unexpected high return. Business income will increase. You may re-start the house construction, which had been abandoned earlier, and spend huge money for this. Medical expenses will be under control. Expenses on pilgrimage will be high. Your children may get scholarships reducing your financial burden. Keep your wallet tight against extravagant expenditure.

Health : Your children's spouse may fall sick, due to allergy or fracture or nervous problem. Your shoulder or throat or lungs may get affected. Some of you may go for tonsils surgery. If you are already in treatment for any health issue, it may get aggravated. Avoid drinks, to avert Liver problem and obesity. Some of you may suffer from eye problems.

Women : Women in the scheme of SHG (Self Help Group) scheme would reap profit, than their expectation. Your mother's income will increase. You may feel comfortable and close with your mother-in-law. Working women may get tired and weak, because of dual responsibility. They may not get good maid, to help in domestic chores. It is also a powerful time to lead a group, organize, and embark on a new career with innovation.

Students : Students doing computer, studies, chemical engineering, aeronautic studies, and foreign trade will come out with flying colours. Many of you may opt to study music, fine arts, and journalism. More physically-challenged students may get opportunity in Government services. Students may get new learning experiences through associates and networking.

Birth Star Predictions :

Mrigasira: (3,4) : You may get mixed results. Some of you would go abroad on business or study or vacation during this period. Real-estate dealings will fetch more profit. Do not be selfish. Avoid any argument with father or father-figure. Some women, born in this star, might be enticed by financial companies, into temptation of getting loan to buy luxury items. Students of this star may incline to take interest in learning Alternative therapies.

Arudra : Those who engage in manufacturing drugs, Xray films, and working in treasury will get more income and they will be in high demand. Business partners or colleagues may hide their true colours, but you would escape from their guileful act, by the grace of Jupiter. Your curiosity about others or the community would increase. Wedding bells will ring for unmarried. Some of you may undergo surgery in lower abdomen.

Punarvasu (1,2,3) : Your confidence level will get boost. Your communication skills will improve. You may spend more on spiritual journeys and spiritual activities. Women and girl children will be in trouble, by growing criminality. Respiratory problem will affect a few children. Students may incline to take interest in Alternative therapy subjects. For many, this can be a vital time for internet business.

Vedic Remedies : Pray Lord Dhakshinamoorthy in temples and chant His mantras 16 times daily. Chant Shri Vishnu Sahasranamam and Shiva mantras. Worship Goddess Durga and chant Durga Saptshati. Worship Lord Karthikeya on Tuesdays. Help the poor Cancer patients by giving money or with physical assistance.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Contribute in unclaimed dead body's last rituals.
Don't do anything that is illegal, unethical & immoral.



CANCER (Kataka) :
Punarvasu (4), Pushya and Aslesha


Jupiter in 10th, Saturn in 8th and Rahu-Ketu in 10/4 axis till 30 October 2023. Jupiter aspects 2nd, 4th and 6th house from Aries. Cancer is the 1st Watery, Moveable sign, which is 4th house in Natural Zodiac, ruled by Moon. Jupiter moves from 9th house of Luck to 10th house of Honour and service. Jupiter is the 6th and 9th lord for Cancer. Jupiter's transit in 10th is not encouraged by the authors of many classics, and added to this, it becomes Tamra Moorthy for Cancer, during this transit. Therefore, Cancerians can expect average results only; moreover, the transit Moon (which is also a sign lord of Cancer) at the time of transit is in Mruta Awastha(evil effect).

Personal : 10th house indicates career, profession, social status, and reputation. You can achieve your target with any reasonable efforts, with several cautions. More prestige or a higher social standing may be part of the picture for some. One may need to pay attention to his property and vehicles. You may be overburdened by death of a friend or relative, troubles from children or siblings, quarrel with spouse/partner and change of place, loss of respect in profession. If you are in love, this is the right time to convey it. Father and other family members will be supportive.

Career & Business : A few will have trouble with superiors in work-place. Your talents and skills may be recognized now like never before. Much of the hard work you have put in so far would begin to pay off now. You may travel in connection with your work or have increased dealing with foreign business. There may be change in your profession to the tune indicated by Jupiter; but in this case, the recognition will not be the same, as you will have in your established line of work. Higher officials in Government may be in trouble, by misdirection of political authorities.

Wealth : Help from father and Government-aid will help you, to tide over the inflated expenditure. Though rental income from house or vehicle is indicated, realisation of money will not be smooth, as cheating by mediators and several restrictions imposed by the Government will be on the rise. Spouse will be supportive, and share your financial burden. There will be delay in getting your wealth/money by legacy. Real estate trading will bring you profit.

Health : Many Cancerians may suffer from indigestion or shortness of breath or want of appetite. Heart surgery is inevitable, to some of you. If you have any problem with your right eye, it will be set right during this transit. The children may suffer, as 10th is the 6th house from the 5th house of the children. You may suffer from generic knee pain or knee injury. Efforts to boost your health and wellness on daily routines can pay off, encouraging you to reach your highest potential.

Women : Women will feel happy, with enhanced income. Those in service-cadre will be recognised and promoted in their respective field. More prestige or a higher social standing may be part of the picture for some. You must focus on your mother's health. You may get good help from maid servants. It is time to think for long-term investments, with the extra money in hand. Your children and mother-in-law may demand your attention more.

Students : Students will do well in their competitive examinations. Research scholars have to wait for some more time, to get their degree. Students studying in college in UG level may face some hindrance by health issues or problem in their institution. Cancerian students will struggle to write the upcoming tests.

Birth Star Predictions :

Punarvasu (4) : Your mental stability will give you courage to surge forward in job or business, in a new dimension. Your opponents will come forward for compromise. Your words will be the final in a crowd. Family life will be peaceful, except some health issues for children or mother or mother-in-law. You may involve in temple activities and spend money for this.

Pushya : Puranas say "Pushya is a successful and prosperous star, because it facilitated communion with the divine, which engenders morality, which in turn leads to true victory and prosperity." You will have self-control on your wishes. Your selfless nature, largess attitude towards the needy and hard work are the secrets of your success among the mass. Being star- lord, Saturn will not do harm to you or your profession. You may become an eminent speaker with authoritative communique. You would have more faith in your goals and aspirations, during this period of your life.

Aslesha : You an inherent weakness towards deception and jealousy. You are a silent and efficient worker. Your indecisiveness will be your problem. Meditation will help you to control the mind. Foreign travel will be rewarding. You will feel comfortable with friends and relatives. Your efforts to expand your business in overseas will be materialised. You inclination to eat everything may lead to put on weight, and thus some health issues.

Vedic Remedies : Worship Lord Shiva and Lord Dakshinamoorthy and chant slokas/mantras daily. Visit Tirumala-Tirupati and worship Lord Balaji. Chant Sri Vishnusahasranamam daily. Light lamp with Gingelly oil in the temple on Saturdays. Chant Hanuman Chalisa, Rahu-Ketu Gayatri mantra Donate woollen cloths during Winter to the needy.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Don't go out of the way to help others.
Rely on hard work rather than depending only on luck factor.


LEO (Simha) :
Makha, Poorvaphalguni, Uttaraphalguni (1):


Jupiter in 9th, Saturn in 7th,. Rahu-Ketu in 9/3 axis till 30 October 2023. Jupiter aspects 1st, 3rd, and 5th houses from Aries. Leo, the sign of leadership, is the 2nd Fiery and Fixed sign in Zodiac sign, ruled by the Sun. Jupiter moves from 8th house of litigation to 9th house of Luck. Jupiter is the lord of 5th and 8th houses for Leo. Jupiter will bestow good results, since it becomes Rajatha Moorthy for Leo, and it is transiting in 9th house, as lord of another trine 5th house.

Personal : "Sarva Sowbhagya Siddhi"-all round success, great luck! This is what the sages decree for the transit of Jupiter in the 9th house. You are likely to enjoy opportunities to expand your experiences and impress others. You may gain a lot of popularity and money as a teacher, influencer, or scholar. Foreign travel will be gainful, or you will be involved with foreign persons or lands, either in your business or in your personal life. You will be in religious and of awakened mind. Your heart will be filled with great joy of happiness, through birth of children, attaining high status and acquiring new house. Your positive outlook will be notable, during this cycle.

Career & Business : Change of job, promotion and increment are in front of you. Favour from superiors and Government is assured. It is a good time for publishers, writers, and media-persons. Businesspeople will get the Government approval, if any pending, during this transit. Spiritual tour operators and those who earn by spiritual discourse will be on demand, and get increased income. Musicians and debaters' plate will be full. They would even reach to a wider audience in abroad. More and more persons might utilise the social media, to earn for their livelihood.

Health : You may not have any major health issues for self or children or spouse. Only seasonal air- borne diseases may affect some of you. Your father may be affected by lung infection or respiratory problems. Some of you may suffer from sore eyes, jaundice, pains in the ribs, and neck during this period, but it may not be severe.

Wealth : Flow of money from insurance, legacy, and brokerage will help to change your lifestyle lavishly. Property dealings may not bring the expected profit. Investment in Government schemes and pharmaceutical stocks will fetch you good return. You may spend more on spiritual activities, donations, travel and buying or construction of house or luxury vehicles. No major medical expenses are foreseen. Much caution is required, while handling huge money. You may spend more money on maintenance of your paternal properties.

Women : Working women may enjoy monetary benefits, clubbed with other rewards in job. This transit may be a dull or adverse phase for women in politics. Businesswomen will take their business one-step ahead, with new ideas and patterns. Women in social work will be honoured. Some of you may face challenging discord and irritable conversations with their inner circle

Students : Sharing knowledge can be in strong focus among students. They may consider fine-tuning their talents and skills, with higher education or experience during this cycle. Many students might choose to learn a new language or take on other exciting studies. Success in higher studies is assured. Researchers will experience sleepless nights.

Birth Star Predictions :

Makha : The word 'Makha' means "power" and also means "gift. You will get inherited property. You will be keen in performing Pitru karma to your ancestors. Those who are in service in Force, especially in military, will be honoured. You may unnecessarily worry about your spouse's health. Rifts between couples or with partner, if any, will disappear seemingly. Some of you may suffer pain in spinal-cord or dorsal region of spine. You can expect some unexpected Luck during December 2023.

Poorvaphalguni : Good fortune, prosperity, happiness will make you fly in the air. Those who are cultivating bumper crops such as Sugarcane, sunflower, etc., also horticulture, especially Jasmin flower will reap good return. Some of you may become spiritual preceptors during this period. One, who enchanted your heart, will agree to marry you.

Uttraphalguni (1) : Uttara Phalguni is the star of marriage and commitments. You may become an expert in counselling. You will succeed in easing disagreements and promoting accord, harmony, and felicity in family life. If you plan for a child, then Jupiter will bless with good progeny. Some of you may fall in love or if already in love, this is the right time to take it to marriage.

Vedic Remedies : Worship Shri Ganesha with Red flowers and Scutch grass on Mondays and Sankatahara Chathurthi days (4th day from Full Moon Day). Worship Goddess Lakshmi and chant her slokas on Fridays. Worship Lord Shiva and Shri Dhakshinamoorthy. Chant Guru Gayatri mantra16 times daily.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Be religious & vegetarian.
Help and respect your elders & gurus.


VIRGO (Kanya) :
Uttaraphalguni (2,3,4), Hasta, Chitra (1,2)

Jupiter in 8th, Saturn in 6th and Rahu-Ketu in 8/2 axis. Jupiter aspects 12th, 2nd and 4th house from Aries, during this transit. Virgo, is the 2nd Earthy and Common sign in Natural Zodiac, ruled by Mercury. Jupiter becomes the lord of two angle dual houses for Virgo i.e., 4th and 7th. Jupiter moves from 7th house of spouse to 8th house of longevity. Ashtama Guru is considered dreadful in astrology. This transit portends inauspicious results to Virgo natives, since Jupiter is camping in 8th house, coupled with its role as Loha Moorthy during this cycle (during the last cycle also, Jupiter was Loha Moorthy for Virgo, since transit Moon was in 12th at the time of Jupiter transit).

Personal : Your focus on your private/intimate life would bring you more joy during this cycle. Conversations and musings will be deep, and lead to fruitful discoveries. This is the right period for spiritual transformation. Property conflicts are likely to have favourable resolutions. Avoid getting embroiled in unethical/immoral activities or supporting such activities. Children may part from you for marriage or higher studies or job or conflict. The native will not enjoy a harmonious relationship with his/her in-laws.

Career & Business : Profit in business might become mirage for some natives. You will be locked in a sudden increase in competition with business community or co-workers. Impacts of your degrading professional life will also pack a wallop in your personal life. There is no place for arguments or gossips at workplace, especially regarding your boss. Some press and media persons will be in trouble, by their stinging reports. Some of you may get throttled by distance and sudden transfer or loss of job or dishonour.

Health : You are cautioned to watch what you eat, because you might have a sweet tooth, and overweight lead to many health issues. An unwanted or a period of stress and strain will now be healed up during this transit. There are possibilities to suffer from chronic disease. Some of you may suffer from Venereal disease, ulcer, heat complaints, urinary infections, and pile troubles.

Wealth : Profit through Real estate is promised in this period. Leather, cotton, oil, woollen, wheat, mustard seed, and iron traders will get moderate profit. Some natives may incur loss due to fire or theft. Acquiring loans or mortgages, an increase in a partner's income, gain through in-laws or inheritance of property, compensation from insurance, capital investments and profits through friends will ease your financial burden. Delay in getting loans and compensation from insurance companies cannot be ruled out. You might also get benefit from managing others' resources.

Women : Workload will squeeze your energy, if you are in job. Women working in construction site, fabric factories and in hospitals/labs will have healthy environment. Pregnant women will face complicated/caesarean delivery. Confusion in selecting your spouse/partner may delay marriage proposals.

Students : Many students may be lacking in studies, by developing unhealthy habits such as smoking, drugs, and infatuation. Practising yoga is advised to focus on studies. Many research scholars will work zealously to complete their thesis. Those appearing for LAW, MBA and other competitive examinations will do well.

Birth Star Predictions :

Uttraphalguni (2,3,4) : New addition in family will make you happy. Your voice texture is added value to become a good orator. Rumour-mongers will be identified and punished. A good time for requesting loan from bank or friends. You may also visit Eye clinics, due to cataract, sore eyes, and retina problems. Some of you may choose your friend, as a life partner.

Hasta : Hasta is the star of heightened awareness and dexterity. Reciting Savita (Surya) mantra or Gayatri mantra will give more strength, and clear an erroneous mental representation. Mothers will enjoy comforts with children. Happiness through your spouse, children/grand children and parents is guaranteed during this transit. Real-estate dealings, foreign travel will be profitable. You have to concentrate on your spouse's health. You will feel more empowered during this transit.

Chitra (1, 2) : Chitra is the star of architects and engineers, with refined skills and multiple talents. Your children/grandchildren will be free from sickness. Investment in stocks will bring good returns. Younger sibling may undergo treatment/surgery in throat or lungs, and get cured. Property disputes, if any, will be decreed in your favour. If you are marketing fertilisers and chemicals, you can bag huge profit in this cycle. Air travel agents may not find time to relax.

Vedic Remedies : : Worship Surya Dev in temples, reciting His mantra. Perform Surya Namaskara. Chant Sri Rudram Chamakam and perform Rudrabishakem to Lord Shiva. Worship Lord Karthikeya and chant His slokas. Donate kitchen utensils and cots for the needy patients.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Donate 8 Kg potatoes in any temple.
Wear gold and yellow clothes.


LIBRA (Tula)
Chitra (3,4), Swati, Visakha (1,2,3)
Jupiter is the lord of 3rd and 6th houses ( Upachaya houses) for Libra, now stationed in 7th in Aries, Yogakaraka Saturn in 5th, and Rahu-Ketu in 7/1 axis. Jupiter aspects Kama Trikona houses i.e., 3rd, 11th houses, and 1st house, from 7th another Kama Trikona house Aries.

Libra is a 2nd Airy, Moveable and 7th house in Natural Zodiac, which is ruled by Venus. Jupiter moves from 6th house for sick and debt, to 7th house of spouse and partner. Jupiter will give average results, since it becomes Tamra Moorthy for Libra and is not a benefic for your sign. It is enemy to your sign lord Venus.

Personal : Married couples will be mutually co-operative, but at the same time, the native may have to experience several heart-breaking situations. You may develop a close relationship or partnership with foreigners or unconventional relations with them, may be of the opposite sex. Travel on auspicious undertakings, happiness through wife and disciplined children, and respect from public are indicated during this transit. Some of you may adopt a child. Domestic happiness, good food, blissful moments are assured, but you should avoid unnecessary surmisal of your spouse/partner. Some of you may fall in love, and marry a person older than you. You may enjoy gain through secret affairs.

Career & Business : Your ability to get along with others will improve and you will be more appealing than usual in workplace. You will be blessed with good dignity, authority, and public image. Partnering up on projects will bring increased fame and status, for those in marketing. Your inhibition to adapt modern techniques in business or job will be detrimental to career and reputation. Freelancers will find new sources of income. Assertive job-seekers will bag their dream-job even in abroad.

Wealth : It is a good period for acquiring wealth, prosperity, and opulence in your life. Avoid investing in a high-risk portfolio, for quick money. The unexpected expenses that you have been witnessing in the last cycle will also reduce, thereby paving the way to wealth accrual. If not careful in new investment, your money will be locked up.

Women : You will need to calm down at home, to ensure domestic peace. If you are planning for progeny, it may get delayed. You may show less interest in fun or travel. Some of you may fall in love or marry a person from other religion, and much older than you. Your neighbours will be very helpful.

Students : A significant person would come into your life with common educational goals or belief systems, who may take a strong interest in you. Students would become disciplined and involve in more Sports activities than ever. Their discipline and hard work will help them to get high score.

Birth Star Predictions :

Chitra (3,4) : Those born in this star are ambitious and adventurous. If you are in defence, you will be recognised by your superiors; at the same time, be careful of the pit, dug by your enemies. You will get Number One position in your Sports team. Avoid getting loan during this period. Your mother will maintain sound health. Some of you may suffer from Appendicitis or Hernia.

Swati : "Individuality" is the key word for Swati. You will always be on the heel, travelling widely on spiritual or jolly trips to abroad. Good period for X-Ray instrument manufacturers and technicians. You will get good helper maid servant. If you are trading ready-made garments or fancy goods, this is golden period for you.

Visakha (1, 2, 3) : The nature of Visakha is fixation and decisive dedication. You will be one of the most fortunate natives, who enjoys Jupiter's blessings with good health, spouse, children, and good friends. Money flow through speculation, arts, and cinema, play-back dialogues, spiritual discourse are on cards. Some of you may suffer from vertigo or brain congestion.

Vedic Remedies : Chant mantras on Goddess Mahalakshmi. Worship Lord Kartikeya and Goddess Durga and chant their slokas. Worship Shri Narasimha Moorthy and Sri Chakarathazwar. You can feed Elephants and Cows. Chant Shri Ganesh gayatri mantra before going out from the house and starting any work, even the daily routine ones.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Always keep with you, a square piece of silver wrapped in yellow cloth.
Avoid unnecessary travelling.



SCORPIO (Vrischika)
Visakha (4), Anuradha, Jyeshta

Transit Jupiter is in 6th, Saturn in 4th house. Rahu-Ketu in 6/12 axis till 30 October 2023. Jupiter, the lord 2nd and 5th for Scorpio, aspects 2nd, 10th, and 12th houses i.e., 2nd lord aspects its own house; as 5th (Trine) lord aspects 10th , an important angle house from 6th house, and becomes Swarna Moorthy, which is a promising factor for excellent results in the areas of job, wealth, family, recovery from illness, debt, etc., during this period.

Scorpio is the 2nd Watery and Fixed sign, and 8th house of the Natural Zodiac chart, ruled by Mars. Jupiter moves from your 5th house of progeny and poorva punya to 6th house of debt and sick.

Personal : You may enjoy serving others, who require care, gaining good name during this period. Frustration due to delay in marriage or breakup in relationship and loss of peace in married life will keep you in a pathetic condition. Change of place/residence, children's health will disturb you mentally and physically. Fruitless undertakings, anxiety and disputes with relatives may nag you.

Career & Business : You can be so confident in your ability to take on projects and endeavours, but you must watch that it should not overload your plate; you have to overcome hindrances. Businessmen will be successful in hiring people to work. It can be easier than usual to find employment for the unemployed. There is possibility of accusation and indictment in workplace. Medical professionals will earn more. Mine engineers and oil traders will have a Golden period.

Health : This is an excellent period for health, vigour, and vitality. Recovery from illness will be speedy during this transit, but take care about your diet. Avoid drinks and over-eating. Some Scorpios may suffer from obesity, spleen or lung infection, pancreatic problems

Wealth : Property dealings will be delayed, resulting in locked-up or loss of money. Expenditure on children's education and caring of mother may increase. Read carefully, before investing in any scheme or project. Some will lose money or assets by cheating, spending in gambling, drinking alcohol, prostitution, theft, fire, speculation, or money-lending. Many of you would show interest in investing Gold. Investment in Pharma stocks and pesticide companies are beneficial. It will be easy to secure loans in this period.

Women : Women will enjoy increased social activities, and also break from routine domestic chores. Children would start earning, and support her financially. Some women may develop extra-marital relationship with persons out of their own religion/community. Pregnant women have to face Caesarean delivery. Some of you might suffer from fibroid period.

Students : Students may feel the push to work hard, to face the examinations. Qualified students will get wide job opportunities. Those, who are actively involved in sports, will win competitive games, and earn huge money. Some students indulging unreasonable in means, while writing examinations, will be detected, and punished.

Birth Star Predictions :

Visakha (4) : This star creates strong dedication to objectives and the ability to achieve those goals. Children will do well in their higher studies. Your income will increase. Your mother may undergo knee surgery. If you are seeking a job, Jupiter will help you to land up in a good company, with high-pay bag. You will lead, initiate, inspire others, and demonstrate enthusiasm and courage in your work-place. Some of you may suffer from lung infections or heart palpitations.

Anuradha : The deity empowering Anuradha is Mitra, the Vedic god of devotion and friendship. Anuradha is the star, where love acts as the inspiration for all actions. Wellness of your spouse, parents, children, and grand-children will boost your energy, during this transit. Pregnant ladies must take extra care, especially during 6th and 8th months. These natives can postpone IVF treatment for some time. Some of you may suffer from stone in kidney or bladder.

Jyeshta : The word Jyeshta means, "chief, best, greatest, first, eldest." Its symbol 'umbrella' shows that these natives will protect everyone under their umbrella like Lord Krishna did with Govardhan Hill. You will become self-reliant in all walks of life during this period. You will get good return from landed property and fisheries. Be kind to your parents and kids. Your service to elders and the needy will pay back to you in appropriate time.

Vedic Remedies: Chant Guru Gayatri mantra 16 times daily, and worship Lord Shiva. Worship Shri Dharma Sastha and Sri Anjaneya. Chant Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam daily. Worship Shri Varaha Permal and Sri Lakshmi Narayanan on Wednesdays. Poor feeding and helping the abandoned old people are also recommended. Worship Snake-gods.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Not to indulge in speculative activities.
Help & respect maternal uncle.



Moola, Poorvashada, Uttarashada (1)

Transit Jupiter in 5th, Saturn in 3rd and Rahu-Ketu in 5/11 axis till 30 October 2023. Jupiter aspects 1st, 9th and 11th houses from 5th house, Aries. Sagittarius is 3rd Fiery and Dual sign in the Natural Zodiac chart, ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter moves from your 4th house of Mother and Sukhasthan to the 5th house of progeny and Poorvapunya. Jupiter assumes the role of Rajatha Moorthy and tend to give good results during this cycle.

Personal : You will pursue your joy more heartily during this cycle. You may feel confident and supported. Love failures or unconventional relationship with another caste or another religion people or extra marital affair, engaging in gambling, drinking, etc., may picture you wrongly, among your circle. You must keep a regular check on diversion of mind of your children. You will take unusual approach to gain knowledge and power. You will have ample opportunities for independent venture and self start-ups. You will fulfil the wishes of your parents. Your father may accept you love, but mother may be reluctant to accept.

Career & Business : Business people should focus on paying perks, other than salary, to their employees and overhead charges to increase profit. Business people will expand their business with more creative ideas. Be incredibly careful about your opponent/enemy, since they may hide themselves, and be close to you as friend or well-wisher in work-place as well as in business. Detective agencies will become busy in this cycle. Smart and cunning politician may reach the top position. More persons will involve in equity business.

Health : Some natives may suffer from problem in small intestine, lung cancer or fluid in lungs. Some of you may be hospitalised, due to wounds, bruises by iron or fire. Be cautious about physicians, who may not be qualified doctors. You may switch over from Allopathy treatment to Herbal medicine. Diet control and saying 'no' to alcoholic drinks are very important, to keep good health now.

Wealth : Natives having business in animal husbandry, fisheries and nurseries will get profit more than usual. Share-brokers will have more clients, and earn more money, as commission. Good return from stocks and shares will ease your financial burden. Increased expenditure on children's education and entertainment will shrink your wallet. Long-term investment is advisable in this cycle.

Women : Women will be more confident in handling things other than routine. They will be comfortable with income. Working women, working in different places, away from their husband's place, have to wait for some more time, to join their husband. If you intend to take IVF treatment, the 2nd half of this cycle is conducive period.

Students : Many students may be upset with trouble and break in education. Students would show interest in playing outdoor activities than school studies, especially those who are in adolescent age. They may learn many foreign languages, and do well in Computers. Some students may indulge in petty theft to fulfil their wishes. Some of you will get honour through research. You may complete Higher studies successfully.

Birth Star Predictions :

Moola : Birth of child, name and fame gained through art and entertainment, profit from tangible property dealings and machineries will make you happy. You may overcome the inhibitions to start new venture. Legal matters/documentation, if any, will take more time to end. Some of you may suffer from pulmonary disease.

Poorvashada : Poorvashada means 'invisible' and strength of purity. You will enjoy happy family life. Sudden transfer or change of place of residence will give worries. You will re-start the interrupted business deals or journey, if any. You may spend more in spiritual activities. One of your family members will do inter-caste/religion marriage. You will spend more in buying expensive and ultra-modern things. Some of you may suffer from swelling in leg, above the knees.

Uttarashada (1) : Uttarashada empowers human beings to give "110%" to their tasks, drawing all available power and pouring it into each of their endeavours. Increased income through rental properties like house, four wheelers, and conducting spiritual tours will make you one among the riches. If you are a lawyer or banker or a trustee (handing finance), your past mistakes will come to light, and you will be penalised. Some of you may suffer from skin disease and uneasiness in stomach, due to gas problem

Vedic Remedies : Worship Shri Vinayaka and chant His Gayatri mantra daily. Feed elephants, whenever you can. Worship Shri Jambukeswarar (Lord Shiva), and chant Rudram-Chamakam. Worship Sri Anjaneya (in the manifestation-form of carrying Sanjivini hill on Ekadasi (11th day from New Moon or Full Moon) day. Chant Hanuman Chalisa daily. Worship Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi. You can offer free counselling/teaching for indigent students.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Not to take anything free from anybody.
Every Sunday observe fast.



Uttarashada (2,3,4), Sravana, Dhanishta (1,2)

Transit Jupiter in 4th house, Saturn in 2nd house from Capricorn sign and Rahu-Ketu in 4/10 axis up to 30 October 2023. Jupiter, the lord of 12th and 3rd houses will aspect 8th, 10th and 12th houses from Aries during this transit. You cannot expect more favourable results during this transit, since Jupiter becomes Loha Moorthy for Capricorn in this cycle.

Capricorn is the 4th Moveable and Earthy sign, and also Karmasthan in Natural Zodiac chart, ruled by Saturn. Jupiter moves from your 3rd house of younger siblings and courage to 4th house of mother, vehicles, and houses.

Personal : Generally Capricorn natives are focussed and of 'don't care' nature. Your popularity will increase among your circles. You may face domestic issues, and you would expect more care from your mother. You must stay calm & composed, during all the challenging situations; otherwise things will spiral out of control in no time. Sometimes, mental peace will be a luxury in your life during the first half of this transit. If you manage this transit properly, you will not feel alone, lost, or alienated. Some of you may shift to a bigger house. Avoid rude talk; otherwise even your kith and kin will ditch you. Your younger sibling's or children's debt or sickness may give great distress to you.

Career And Business : Aeronauts will bag increased pay, during this transit. Dentists and Lab-technicians may develop their working place, with latest equipment. Objects and professions related to mechanics, surgery, tools, politics, working with iron, architecture, firefighting, and sports would figure strongly. Freelancers will face dull period in this transit. Real estate will fetch moderate income. Businesspeople, especially who venture into start-ups, will get support and Grants from Government. Many people would show interest in ranching.

Wealth : You will get financial support from parents. There will not be delay in getting your share of ancestral property and insurance claim. You may spend more on spiritual activities and pilgrimage. Gain from investment in agriculture is assured. Long-term investment is beneficial now. Some of you can get a mortgage/support that allows you to expand your home-base. You must be careful about over-extending yourself with home improvements or larger accommodations that are beyond your means.

Health : Some of you may suffer from allergy, nervous weakness, and heart enlargement. Pain in Right hand like frozen shoulder will bother you, especially sports person with shoulder injury. Spouse may be hospitalised for ailments, under the hip areas or leg. You may see improvements in kidney-related ailments, if you suffer for long.

Women : You need some leeway to connect with your vision and innovative side, and this could mean more working from home, or in singles rather than in teams. Fortifying your energy and emotional reserves can figure strongly and helpful. This can be an excellent time to set up a home business or home studies. Your psychological level, confidence in yourself and feelings of security will increase during this transit.

Students : Lack of concentration in studies due to unhealthy habits and friends will push you to back bench. Some students may have break-up, due to change of place or dearth of money. Students will develop their inner confidence, through motivational speech, by successful persons. Getting loan for higher education will become tiresome job for some students.

Birth Star Predictions :

Uttarashada (2,3,4) : You will say 'no' for luxury. Your indomitable optimism and can-do spirit will give success in job. There are chances to invest in fraudulent schemes, believing the rosy picture by a public promotion. Be careful, while driving. You may visit Ophthalmic specialist, due to irritation or blurred vision in this period. You can wear Ring with Elephant Hair or pendent made of Elephant Tusk.

Sravana : 'Sravanam' means listening, paying attention and acquiring knowledge. You will concentrate in your studies and get high score in examinations. Your past investments in Agriculture will fetch you good returns now. You may unduly be pessimistic about the future of your child. Some of you might be mortified by black/white patches or rashes in the facial area. Avoid taking decision on any important matters from 2nd week of May to 2nd week of June 2023.

Dhanishta : Dhanishta means 'steady wealth' ('Dhana' means wealth and 'nishta' means steady). Your Real estate dealing will give minimum profit. If you are in politics or in public service, be doubly careful in money matters and giving interviews to media or even talking to commoners; otherwise you may be trapped, and it will be difficult to wriggle out of the controversy. Some of you may suffer from migraine headache. Worship Sri Karthikeya near water places (eg. Tiruchendur, which is in seashore).

Vedic Remedies : Worship Sri Arthanareeswarar (Lord Shiva with Sri Parvathi in unified form) and Sri Kala Bairava. You can do Vaastu Homa in office or factory, in case you are in business. Chant Rudram-Chamakam and do Rudrabhishekam to Lord Shiva in a temple on Amavasya day, which falls on Monday. Donate Rice liberally for Anna Dhanam.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Not to keep broken toys in your house
Donate in orphanage for education


AQUARIUS (Kumbha) :
Dhanishta (3,4), Satabisha, Poorvabhadra (1,2,3)

Jupiter transits in 3rd house and Saturn in 1st house. Rahu-Ketu in 3/9 axis till 30 October 2023. Jupiter, the lord of 2nd and 11th house will aspect 7,9 and 11th houses from Aries. Aquarius is the last Fixed and Airy sign for Natural Zodiac chart, ruled by Saturn. It moves from your 2nd house of wealth and family, to 3rd house of courage and siblings. Jupiter will give average results, being the lord of two Upachaya houses, and also it becomes Tamara Moorthy to Aquarius sign.

Personal & Domestic :
Your relationship with spouse and partners will be seamless, of course with obvious difference of opinion in this transit. You may gain popularity through writing and public relations. Your courage and self-sufficiency will be noticeable. Gaining through neighbours, siblings, cousins, and friends are assured. Your optimistic outlook will bring upbeat circumstances into your life, if you remain realistic. Your commute or devices which connect you with others will improve. Your thinking will be more positive, and forward-looking. It can be seen the way you express yourself. Although your efforts would turn out to be in your favour, your success will not be accepted by the people around you. You will enjoy journeys. Your father may go on pilgrimage.

Career & Business : You are shrewd, tolerant, more perceptive. Others would more receptive to your ideas in workplace. Some of you may feel a hostile climate in work-place. Business-people would be in a real tendency to do more and more, forgetting time and energy limits. Avoid too many projects, which may cause a ripple of problems in your life. So, try not to overload your plate. Writers, printers, booksellers, media persons, musical instrument players, and sports persons like cricketers will do well. Vasthu specialists may have no time to relax. Sometimes, you may act on your intuition, which will help you to avoid error in profession. You may have to travel frequently, as part of your profession.

Wealth : You will plan investment effectively for future. Sources of income will increase. Foreign investments or foreign trade will fetch more money. Many people may show interest in investing in ferry-boat in Tourist places. You may spend more on communication devices. Avoid investing in start-up companies and cinema industries, during the first half of this cycle. Investment in Real-estate and network companies may give more returns.

Health : You may often visit ENT specialists during this cycle. Take utmost care, while handing electrical equipments and fire. You must be vigilant, while driving vehicles, operated by Battery or Gas. Your spouse's younger sibling may undergo surgery, and you have to meet the expenditure. Some natives may suffer from bad dreams and mental agony.

Women : SHG (self-help group) women will earn more money. They may start small Garment company to do tailoring, embroidery work dyeing, or block printing. You may show interest in Community development. Your dressing sense will improve, and will attract others. Your tolerance level with family members will increase. You will enjoy group activities with neighbours and friends. You will show more interest in spirituality and philanthropic works.

Students : Students in elementary level will do well. Your increased communication with classmates, friends and peers in general will help you in studies. Many will earn, while learnig. Some of you, who are already in job, will do Online courses like MBA to get promotion. Those who are qualified in Law, Journalism, painting, and fashion would receive wide job opportunity.

Birth Star Predictions :

Dhanishta (3,4) : Realtors will have windfall profit in this transit. You are faithful in relationships and you are fond of society. You may try to start a club with neighbours and friends. Unmarried will get married. You may quit regular job, and start small business like catering. Check your Blood Pressure. Some of you may suffer from fracture in leg or varicose veins. Pain in ankles is possible, if your job warrants standing.

Satabisha : The name 'Satabisha' means "Hundreds of Healers." It is a star of aeronautics and other atmospheric endeavours. Air Force people, doctors, persons in clandestine intelligent operations and Pilots will get recognition/promotion, with increased pay. If you suffer from chronic illness for long, recovery will be delayed. Wearing mask, while going in heavy air-polluted area is must, to avoid infection from air-borne diseases. You may tend to do underground business.

P.Bhadra(1,2,3) : This is a serious star, concerned with significant personal transformation. You are independent and patient in nature. Astronomers, astrologers, experts in fine arts artists, and share brokers will be busy during this period. You will frequently travel by air, and it will be beneficial. Some of you may suffer from swollen ankle, and low Blood Pressure.

Vedic Remedies : Worship Sri Anantha Sayana Perumal (Sri Vishnu). Chant Mrituyunjaya mantra and worship Sri Nanjundeswarar in Nanjungod, Karnataka. Worship Sri Eka-pada Moorthy Lord Shiva. Chant Sri Guru Gayatri daily 16 times, and light ghee lamp on Thursdays in Shiva temples. Distribute sweets on Thursdays.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Daily, after taking bath,chant Durga stotram
Maintain harmonious relations with brothers & friends.


PISCES (Meena) :
P. Bhadra(4), Uttarabhadra, Revati

Transit Jupiter in 2nd, Saturn in 12th. Rahu-Ketu in 2/8 axis till 30 October 2023. Jupiter, the lord of 1st and 10th house, will aspect 6th, 8th, and 10th houses from Aries during this transit.

Pisces is the last Watery and Dual sign in Natural Zodiac chart, ruled by Jupiter. It moves from your 1st house of Self to the 2nd house of family and wealth. You can expect good results, since Jupiter becomes Rajatha Moorthy for Pisces.

Personal :"Sva-vacham phalam" . Mantreshwara has used a wonderful phrase, stuffed with wonderful meanings. You will enjoy happiness through flow of money, prosperous family (kutumbha sukham) and happiness of the entire clan. You will focus on service to parents and spouse, during this period. Your reputation/status will increase in family and society. Your speech and body-language will attract others. You will enjoy new arrival in the family. You must avoid harsh and bragging talks, which may deteriorate your relationship with near and dear. You may achieve something significant, such as your desires and dreams.

Career & Business : You would excel in any profession that requires training, monitoring, guiding, or teaching others. You are knowledgeable about health and therefore you can choose your career in the field of yoga, martial arts, sports coaching, or physiotherapy. Some of you will do your family business, particularly Garments, cosmetics, Real estate, and medical line, and make it profitable with hard work. Anchors, poets, and story-tellers may get opportunity, to prove their excellence. Comedians and supporting actors will have some vent.

Wealth : Some of you will enjoy stability in Bank Balance and property, through family lineage or from in-laws. Earning through research and scientific work may figure strongly. You may spend a lot to help people in need and give donation to charitable institution. Gaining through pets/pet-food business may also give increased income. Some of you may get money from past investments in stocks, insurance and also through legacy. Investment in healthcare, hotel industries and foreign companies will give good returns. You may become spend-thrift, and therefore avoid purchasing things for show-off.

Health : Health will not be stable throughout the year. Some of you may suffer from insomnia and pain in the limbs, gout, corns, and calluses. Some natives may undergo surgery or treatment in hospital as in-patient for piles complaints and appendicitis. Itches, cough and heat boils or glands, thyroid problem may affect you. Take precautions against air-borne diseases, causing sneezing and wheezing. Losing control in diet and jealous on others' wealth may affect your rosy health.

Women : Women will have financial liberty, and spend more to satisfy needs, and become independent. They could squeeze time to spend for spiritual development. Your responsibility in family will be mounting. Some of you may get money or property from your parents. Mother-in-law will be supportive. Do not have too much faith on maid servants, for they may leave abruptly, without informing you. Take care, while cooking, as there is chances of getting wounds by fire or smoke.

Students : : Your oratorical power and clarity in speech will increase now. Happy family environment and healthy food will ease your tension in studies. Research scholars will excel in their findings, which will be useful to the mass. Some of you may win in competition like Spelling Bee or speak / perform well in national/international level.

Birth Star Predictions :

Purvabhadrapada (4) : You might think yourself as an angel of mercy. Visiting hospitals and jail to counsel the inmates will be part of your routine. Politicians will get important role in their party level or in Government. Some of you may suffer from fluids in lungs or wheezing problems.

Uttarabhadra : Uttarabhadrapada allows us to conceive of wealth as something more than just a financial entity. Prophetic abilities in you will improve. You may become a person with serious tone. You may undertake several foreign trips. Some of you may suffer from indigestion, constipation, or rheumatic pains.

Revati : Revati inspires love, kindness, gentility, and non-violence. It is therefore a prosperous influence on marriage and other loving relationships. Some of you may become spiritual Guru. Unmarried will get married, and settle down in family life. You will find out your lost items now. You may get award and reward from your boss in work-place. You may suffer from abdominal disorder, gout in the feet, intestinal ulcers, mostly due to drinks and drugs.

Vedic Remedies : Worship Lord Vishnu and chant Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam daily. Worship Lord Shiva in sila rupa (other than Linga rupa). Worship Sri Sani Bhagvan on Saturdays and light lamp with Gingelly oil for 17 Saturdays. Offer food, clothes to physically challenged and the poor.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Not to go against your family's values & principals.
Every Thursday feed a cow.



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