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Jupiter gets out of its Debilitation Sign Capricorn, & enters into Aquarius
By Dr. S. Shantha

20 November 2021 - 13 April 2022

Jupiter enters the Water Bearer Airy and Fixed (Aquarius) sign in exaltation mode, from calm, ambitious cardinal- earthy sign (Capricorn) on Saturday 20 November at 10:49:04 pm.
Normally, Jupiter restricts its stay in any one of the signs from Capricorn to Aries once in twelve years' cycle. This year Jupiter travels in Aquarius only for 4 months and 23 days approximately. But literally, though the main transit takes place on 20 November 2021, Jupiter stays in Aquarius for nearly five and half months (in forward motion, and retrograde motion before going back to Capricorn on 14 Sept. 2021) in its transit period in Capricorn. Therefore, Jupiter's transit effects in Aquarius are nearly 11 months. In the last Century also, Jupiter's transit period was restricted to about six months or so i.e., from 13 December 1926 to 26 April 1927, and from 7 November 1938 to 8 April 1939, and now from 20 November 2021 to 13 April 2022. Hereafter, there will not be any short travel period for Jupiter in Aquarius in this Century. It may happen in any one of the signs - Capricorn or Pisces or Aries. According to 'Kala Vidhanam' by C.G. Rajan; If Jupiter transits in three signs in a year, 7 crores death will happen on Earth. From April 2021 to April 2022, Jupiter travels in Aquarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Details of Jupiter's travel in Aquarius sign

Dhanishta320-Nov-2110:49:04 PM15-Nov-217:31:15 AM
Dhanishta 415-Dec-217:31:15 AM2-Jan-223:04:13 PM
Satabisha12-Jan-223:04:13 PM18-Jan-222:51:29 PM
Satabisha218-Jan-222:51:29 PM02-Feb-022 10:10:05 AM
Satabisha32-Feb-2210:10:05 AM16-Feb-221:56:54 PM
Satabisha416-Feb-221:56:54 PM2-Mar-2210:20:51 AM
P.Bhadra12-Mar-2210:20:51 AM16-Mar-225:25:32 AM
P.Bhadra216-Mar-225:25:32 AM30-Mar-224:53:09 AM
P.Bhadra330-Mar-224:53:09 AM13-Apr-223:01:21 PM

Jupiter enters Pisces - P.Bhadra(4) on 13 April 2022 in Athichara and does not come back to Aquarius, again.

On Friday 25 February 2022, Jupiter sets in the West and rises in the East on 27 March 2022 at 10.17 am.

Jupiter will be in exact conjunction with the Sun on Saturday 5 March 2022 at about
People who follow Rig-Veda will not conduct any auspicious ceremonies such as marriage, Upanayana, etc during the period, of Jupiter's Asthamana and combustion.

Jupiter crosses Aquarius in 144 days i.e., it takes 4 days 19 hrs.12 min. to cross one degree i.e., it is closer to the average speed of 4 minutes 59 seconds per day.

Pushkara celebration
Jupiter transit into each sign relates to a river in India. Usually, Pushkaram will be celebrated for 12 days from the transit date. This year, it is connected to Sindhu river in Jammu-Kashmir from 20 November 2021 to 1 December 2021.

Moorthy Nirnaya
  • On Saturday, 20 November, when Jupiter enters Aquarius, Moon travels in Taurus sign at 19° / 01' in Rohini 3rd quarter.
  • When a planet is entering a new sign, the sign occupied by transit Moon at that moment happens to be 1st, 6th and 11th from natal Moon, the planet is said to be Swarna Moorthy (Gold).excellent results
  • If the Moon is in 2nd, 5th and 9th from one's natal Moon on that day, then the planet becomes Rajatha Moorty (Silver)....good results
  • Likewise, if Moon is in 3rd, 7th, 10th from natal Moon, it becomes Tamra Moorthy (Copper)...average results.
  • When Moon transits in 8th, 4th, 12th to Natal Moon is Loha Moorthy (Iron)...below average results

Jupiter as a Planet in general
Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar system. So basically, it is a planet of expansion. It is masculine and termed as a Brahmin by caste, in the Hindu astrology. It rules the signs Sagittarius and Pisces. It gets exalted in Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon (a fast-moving planet). Its debilitation place is the sign Capricorn ruled by Saturn (a slow-moving planet). A strong Jupiter in a birth Chart makes one honest and spiritual, confident, and truthful, ambitious, and religious. It provides Political leadership, knowledge, wisdom, and judgment. A strong, well-placed Jupiter in a chart assures its owner of good luck and fortunes, and provides opportunities in one's life for expansion, growth, and success. Power and authority are available to those with strong Jupiter in their Charts.

Aquarius as a Sign in general
Aquarius is the 11th sign and last Fixed, Airy sign of the Zodiac. The 11th house stands for gains and fulfilment of desires. This sign is ruled by the great Saturn. It is also understood by many, to be co-ruled by Rahu. Aquarius is a highly philosophical and team-oriented sign.

Connotation of Jupiter's transit in Aquarius
Like Capricorn, Aquarius too is ruled by Saturn. This transit of Jupiter will be important for the reason that Jupiter crossed the debilitation sign, which naturally caused decline in the auspiciousness, and readiness to bestow some good results.

Jupiter's presence in Saturn-dominated Aquarius sign may bring some strength and stability to Jupiter's influence. This will improve the pace of work for the natives of the Aquarius sign; at the same time, new changes will also take place.

At the time of Jupiter's transit, the rising sign is Cancer; Mercury and Mars are in Libra; the Sun and Ketu are in Scorpio; Venus is in Sagittarius; Saturn is in Capricorn; Rahu and Moon are in Taurus.

Since Jupiter's stay in Aquarius is noticeably short period during this transit, the results will be felt as a starting point, and may not go for a long way in certain area.

In Indian, Independence chart, transit Jupiter will be in 10th house from lagna and in 8th house from Moon sign. People will be relieved from the grip of fear of hospitalisation due to pandemic, which they have suffered for the past two years. Hospitals will be modernised and expanded. Temples will be renovated and the poojas will be regularised. Since Jupiter is in Airy sign, we could achieve self-sufficiency in gas supply (Oxygen). Government will take firm action against the unethical activities in religious organisations and worshipping places. Religious leaders, who get involved fraudulent activities will be punished. Employment opportunity will increase in general. But generally, Jupiter's transit in 8th or 10th house is not good.

Jupiter aspects the natal Jupiter (which is in 6th to lagna and 4th to Moon) with its 9th aspect. It will help to reduce the enmity among the people within the country, and pandemic will be in control. People will start to enjoy life slowly, and feel comfortable in the homeland. But troubles from neighbouring countries will not come to an end.

Jupiter aspects the 2nd house from lagna with its 5th aspects, and 2nd house to Moon with its 7th aspect, which means that significant improvements in finance and economic sectors are possible. New educational policy will be adapted at the school level. Travel and tourism will increase the foreign exchange.

Jupiter's 9th aspect to the 4th house from lagna, and 9th aspect to the 4th house from Moon sign indicates growth in Agriculture sector, Vehicle industry and Real estate industry.

Religious activities will be on the rise, and some unwanted activities will create communal riots in some parts of the country.

The leaders ruling the Government will face a challenging period. Military sector will become advanced (India's second nuclear test codenamed Operation Shakti, when Jupiter was in transit in Aquarius in 1998).

Terrorist attack will increase. (In February 1998, when Jupiter was in transit in Aquarius sign, 12 bomb blasts took place in Coimbatore).

Natural calamities due to rain and wind will be high in December 2021 and January 2022, destroying properties, crops and even human lives.

Talented women will be recognised and duly honoured by the Government. Air travel & Tourism industry will grow with new inventions and with innovating schemes. Road transport (including train services) will be improved with modern technology.

Transit results of planets will vary according to the natal chart of the individuals.
Even though the Jupiter's transit is favourable, the effects will vary on account of the following:
1. Bhava and Bhava lord in the natal chart
2. Planets in the birth chart house, where the planets transit
3. Planetary aspects
4. Dasa and bhukthi according to transit planets
5. Transit of planets in Varga charts
6. Ashtakavarga! for example, if Jupiter transits through a sign having
8 bindus: the person may achieve status and get high postings in Government like MLA or MP or Ministership
7 Bindus: happiness in all respects of life.
6 Bindus: gain of money, ornaments, and vehicles
5 Bindus: win over enemies; get good friends and get benefited by them
4 Bindus: gain & loss will be in routine life.
3 Bindus: poverty, nervous problem, ear problem and loss of peace of mind.
2 Bindus: loss of property, loss of wife and children and punishment from Govt.
1 Bindu: trouble from enemies, relatives, and loss of everything
0 Bindu: worries, loss of wife and children
Remedies should be done by the natives themselves.

7. Vedha and Vipreet Vedha

If Jupiter transits in 11,9,7,5,2 houses, auspicious results will be cancelled, if 8,10,3,4,12 houses are occupied by planets

Throughout the transit of Jupiter in Aquarius, Saturn remains in 12th and Rahu in 4th to it, causing Vedha

Vipreet Vedha : if Jupiter transits in 12,8,10,4,3 houses, malefic results will be cancelled, if planets transit in 2,11,9,5,7 houses.

Socio economic conditions of the individual may also influence the transit results to some extent.
Jupiter's transit effects will be felt physically from lagna and mentally from Moon sign.

a) for unfavourable transit of Jupiter from Lagna - visiting temples, lighting lamps and poojas in temples>
b) for unfavourable transit of Jupiter from Moon sign - chanting mantras, japas and homam (havan)
c) for unfavourable transit of Jupiter from natal Jupiter - donations, service to the needy, elderly people, charitable works, etc.

Predictions For 12 Individual Rasi And Remedies
Lal-kitab Remedies contributed by Rajiv K. Khattar

Prediction for 12 individual signs may vary from person to person, according to their natal charts, based on the placement, aspect, and conjunction of planets and Dasa-bhukthi-antara, Ashtakavarga, Vedhas, and the number of Jupiter's cycles the individual is undergoing now etc. This is general prediction, based on Moon sign. It is only probabilistic and not deterministic

It is to be observed that Jupiter enters Aquarius on 20 November at 10:49:04 pm and leaves Aquarius on13 April 2022 at 3:01:21 pm and enters Pisces i.e., it transits in Aquarius for 144 days only.

Rahu transits from Taurus to Aries and Ketu transits from Scorpio to Libra on 12 April 2022 at 1:40:22pm, just one day before Jupiter's transit to Pisces. Therefore, one can feel more important changes in their lives during this period.


ARIES (Mesha):
Aswini, Bharani and Krittika (1)

Jupiter in 11th house, Saturn in 10th house, Rahu in 2nd house, and Ketu in 8th house during this period. Transit Jupiter aspects 3rd house, 5th house and 7th house from Aquarius.

Aries is the first Cardinal, Fiery sign and first house of the natural Zodiac. Jupiter, lord of 9th and 12th house moves from 10th house of livelihood and authority to 11th house of gains and fulfilment of desires.

Jupiter becomes Rajatha Moorthy for Aries, since the transit Moon is in 2nd house to the natal Moon, which means the natives may enjoy good results.

Personal : Though Jupiter comes out of its fallen sign, it is still under the domain of Saturn. Therefore, things will move slowly. But still, stroke of luck smiles at you. Past misunderstanding with siblings, children, partners, and spouse will be cleared and relationships are likely to change better. Friend's circle will eventually become big now. Singles will find promising mates from inner circles and the married one will have blissful married life. Birth of child is assured for those who are planning for a child. Some of you will face woes from elder siblings. You can expect gain from your paternal uncle. You will have an enriched travel experience during this transit, and enjoy freedom from rigid rules.

Career & Business : It is the time for realisation of revenues in your profession. Your good performance in the past will be rewarded by promotion and bonuses now. Your leadership skills will shine in your establishment. Lack of tact and diplomacy may put you in a sharp corner, among your superiors and colleagues. For freelancers, their stalled opportunity will turn into a big money pouring one. Artists and singers will craft their new ideas and will become successful in getting rewards/awards. Professionals will get an opportunity to equip themselves, and be ready to climb up the career ladder. For entrepreneurs, this period will bring major gains by joint ventures.

Wealth : Your will get substantial windfall from foreign deals and investments, e-commerce, tourism, Royalty, and commission. Expected return from real-estate is not possible during this period. Postpone the idea of selling movable/immovable properties for six months; otherwise it will burn your fingers. Think twice, before making any investments. Government securities, bonds, insurance, Mutual funds, and Government banks' savings schemes are always better.

Health : Jupiter travels in 11th, which is 8th to 4th (Sukhasthan). So, self-care is must. Regular walking/exercise/yoga will help you to keep yourself healthy. Those who are already having hearing problems, blood pressure or respiratory problems must take extra care. Stay away from liquor/smoking or any kind of bad habits, to maintain the pink of health. Your mother's health may demand extra care from you.

Women : Women may not enjoy any significant good results during this transit. However, you are going to become a big wheel in your circle, and get due recognition from Government. You may encounter like-minded people in your venture, which will help you to enhance your financial status. If you have any self-help project in mind, which is lying in the loft, you can dust it now, and start working on it which will yield good results and make you happy. Some of you will perform religious ceremonies in a big way. If you are in parturiency, please take extra care and be prepared to tackle any eventuality.

Students : Jupiter will help you to delve into new ways to score high marks in examinations. Proper planning in preparation will help you to reach your academic goals. Group studies will help in a big way to secure high marks. Mute your distractions, to concentrate on studies.

Birth Star Predictions

Aswini : Your difficult period will get over from first week of January 2022. Opposition, enmity, and impediments will streak out.

Bharani : You will have comfort, peace of mind and progress in all walks of life. Your wishes will be fulfilled in time. From last week of November 2021 to first week of January 2022 will be a fortunate period for you.

Krittika (1) : Be cautious, while talking to neighbours. You need to be careful, while driving. Money problems will be solved. Good period is from 20 November 2021 to 2 January 2022.

Vedic Remedies : Worship Lord Shri Ganesha, Goddess Saraswathi and Shri Mahalakshmi to cross over the hurdles and to maintain peace and prosperity. Visit Lord Shiva temple and chant Rudram Chamakam. Chant Shri Dhanvantri mantras and Shri Maha Mrityunjaya mantras daily for good health.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Once a month, on any Saturday, donate Tea to 11 labourers.
Drink water, fortified with Saffron leaves.


TAURUS (Vrishabha):
Kritika (2,3,4), Rohini and Mrigasira (1,2)

Jupiter in 10th house, Saturn in 9th house, Rahu in 1st house and Ketu in 7th house. Transit Jupiter aspects your 2nd house, 4th house and 6th house from Aquarius.

Taurus is the first Earthy and Fixed sign in Zodiac chart. Jupiter is the lord of 8th and 11th house for Taurus. It moves from your 9th house of luck to 10th house of profession. Even though old treaties do not consider Jupiter's transit in 10th house is good, you will have auspicious results during this period since Jupiter will become Swarna Moorthy for Taurus.

Personal : You will have mixed results during this transit, since the good influence of Jupiter is at a low ebb. You will not be able to hide your frustrations for not getting your desires fulfilled, and try to seek solace from spiritual fervour. You will become an eminent personality and blessed with a palatial house and luxury vehicles. Separation from siblings and friends will make you sad. You might get acquainted with foreigners. Family life will be peaceful, but on the flip side, may be hampered by your children's health and behaviour. Improvement in your mother's health will ease your concerns. Alter your sullen resentful attitude towards neighbours. For couples, they will be united now, if they were parted for any reason, earlier.

Career And Business : Jupiter's transit over 10th house will lead to direct impact on career, since 10th house is a powerful Karma Kendra and Artha Triklona house. Your experiences learnt last year will help you to cope up with any unpleasant situation in workplace. Change of job or position or place is for sure during this transit. Entrepreneurs will dilute the plot of their rivals and expand their business. Job-seekers will land up in a good job with heavy pay bag. Be well aware of online business, at times you may fall prey of forgers. Artists will have to wait for some time to reel in revenues.

Wealth : Returns from Real estate deals or rental and Vehicle deals will help to swell your pockets. Inflow of money from Agriculture and cattle is promised, and will drain through the maintenance of the same. Profit from business may shrink. Additional wealth from paternal side will help to make over the losses. Foreign business will fetch some amount. This period is not conducive for short term investment and purchasing shares. Expenditure on your child's health and education will make your purse slim. Temptation to purchase new vehicle and change into a big house will result in costly cover-up costs.

Health : Those who are suffering from heart-related problems will get relief, by the grace of Jupiter. If you find any discomfort in throat, swiftly go for medication. You may visit Eye clinic, to treat irritation or kind of blurriness. Regularise eating habits; otherwise it may lead to several stomach problems. Knee problem might bother you. Too much of concentration on business expansion and shift over to new job/new workplace will give stress and anxiety. Avoid or postpone travel, if you can, during this period.

Women : Most of the women may not stroll like some men folks. Your close associate may stride from the centre stage. You must take extra care on the health of your parents-in-law during this period. Your rivals in politics will have upper hands. Working women may have to shoulder higher responsibilities due to promotion or new job. Even though businesswomen will pluck the fruit of success, the return will not appease them.

Students : Students writing competitive examinations will do well. Aspiring students will get hold of help from entrepreneurs and Government agencies to pursue their higher studies. Your overseas dream would come true, after six months. You will be losing friends, which will push you in desperate mood, but soon you will get over, and focus on your career-oriented studies.

Birth Star Predictions

Krittika (2,3,4): If you are not calculative, loss of money is inevitable. Your good fortunes such as marriage, new job, income increase will start from 1st week of February 2022. You will become famous within your circles.

Rohini : You will have mixed results. Tightly hold your purse to avoid lavish expenditure. You might enjoy life with comforts and happy family atmosphere from last week of November 2021.

Mrigasira (1, 2) : Try to overcome the intimidation in workplace. Temper the unflagging temptation to earn through short cut method which will land you in trouble and loss. Good period starts from 1st week of January 2022.

Vedic Remedies : Perform Rudrabishakam on Amavasya Thithi, which falls on Monday. It will increase your overall prosperity. Worship Goddess Maha Lakshmi with Bilva leaves to avoid money loss. Worship Goddess Parvathi on Mondays for peace of mind. Visit Lord Balaji in Tirumala-Tirupati during this transit. Worship Lord Karthikeya and chant slokas on Lord Karthikeya.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Every Saturday donate a handful of Almonds (with hard shell cover) in any temple.
Not to wear Blue & Black clothes.


GEMINI: (Mithuna) :
Mrigasira (3,4), Arudra, Punarvasu (1,2,3)


Jupiter in 9th, Saturn in 8th, Rahu in 12th and Ketu in 6th house during this transit. Transit Jupiter aspects your 1st 3rd and 5th houses from Aquarius.

Gemini is an Airy Mutable sign and 3rd house in Zodiac ruled by Mercury.

Jupiter is the lord of 7th house of spouse and 10th house of professional life and karma for Gemini. Jupiter moves from your 8th house of fall and hurdles to 9th house of luck and destiny.

You cannot expect much favourable results during this transit period, since Jupiter is Loha Moorthy for Gemini, as transit Moon is in your 12th house.

Personal : Jupiter might bring streak of luck and fortune to you. Your communication skill will become impeccable. You will be able to take decision in certain things, which were in flux so far. Couples will sit and talk, to decimate the rancour, if any. You may be blessed with a child. Try to wipe out any issues with in-laws or any other member in your spouse side; otherwise it will get amplified and swamp your piece of mind in family life. Singles may be allured by someone, with whom they feel amorous. Your father will be enjoying good food and wealth. You will cherish the ecstatic moments with siblings. You may plan for a holy trip which gives spiritual retreat.

Career & Business : If you are working with Government, take utmost care. A single mistake or wobbly talk will take you to the edge of a crag, where you stumble with fear of unwanted transfers or demotion or even suspension from service. Teachers, lawyers, temple priests, singers, and freelancers will get some vent, which will boost their revenue. Luck will smile at instrumentalists, commission agents and painting artists during this transit. Entrepreneurs will expand their business by hitting the right box and convince the opponents with honey-coated tongue and execute their plan meticulously. Job-seekers might have to wait for some more time to get their dream job, and be wise to pick the one in hand. Even though it gives meagre income, it will help you to climb the career-ladder more rapidly.

Wealth : You have to be prudent in investment planer, or else you will get flunked at the end. Your stocks, already invested, may get swelled by now. Those who have invested in Cinema or small screen projects will get meagre return. Hopes of Real-estate investors as well as vehicle industry owners/dealers to gain profit may get doomed with discontent. You will be saddled by repayment of house or vehicle loans. Your medical expenses will be under control.

Health : You will feel energetic, and your family members will be in sound health. There will be no major health issues, except obvious and seasonal fever or air-borne diseases during this period. You will completely come out of the existing sufferings, if any. If your Dasa-bhukthi period is not supportive, you may suffer with knee problems like arthritis, etc. Take care of your eyes. Do not postpone Cataract surgeries, if it is prescribed. Avoid liquors; otherwise you will become an addict leading to health problem.

Women : You will go through an emotional transition period now. Increased work will demand some relaxation, which you might overlook to comfort others. Postpone the marriage proposals for some time. Your planning for a child will get success. Working women may face challenges in workplace, such as transfer or reduction in pay. Dull phase for women in politics during this period. Business-women will pioneer new concepts, to take their business one step ahead, and get success with good returns.

Students : Jupiter will help you to choose your academic stream decisively. Most of you will drop the idea of going abroad for higher studies during this period. Agriculture and allied subjects will attract more and more students. Students will show interest in Research and developments largely in farming during this transit. Government will also come forward to provide necessary infrastructure and financial help to the potential students.

Birth Star Predictions :

Mrigasira: (3,4) : Breeze of luck has turned to your side and do not spare any slice, and double your money. Favourable period from 1st week of January 2022.

Arudra : Screen your urge to earn quick money. Avoid buying luxury items and eating outside food to the maximum possible. Conducive period to start new venture is from March to April 2022. Your pride will drag public attention during this period.

Punarvasu (1,2,3) : You will be wandering in the dream world, as your marriage date will get fixed during this period. Jupiter will fulfil all your desires in your wish-list. November and December 2021 will be good periods.

Vedic Remedies : Worshipping Shri Hanuman on Wednesdays and chanting Hanuman Chalisa will help to stride over the hurdles. Chanting Shri Vishnu Sahasranamam is always good. Worship Lord Sri Karthikeya and Shri Dakshinamoorthy and chant slokas of both the Gods. Sri Durga Saptashati Homa will help to reduce the evil effect.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Obtain blessings from your elders regularly.
Donate 9 packets of Saffron to your Family priest.



CANCER (Kataka) :
Punarvasu (4), Pushya and Aslesha


Jupiter in 8th, Saturn in 7th, Rahu in 11th, and Ketu in 5th house during this period. Jupiter aspects 2, 4 and 12th houses from Aquarius.

Cancer is a Watery, Cardinal and a committed sign, which is 4th in the Zodiac chart, ruled by the Moon. Jupiter moves from your 7th house of marriage and partner to the 8th house of longevity. For Cancer, Jupiter is the lord of 6th and 9th houses.

Even though transit Jupiter in 8th house, a negative sign, you can, nonetheless expect good results, since transit Moon is in 11th house to Cancer and Jupiter becomes Swarna Moorthy.

Personal : Slightly difficult time, at home, as misapprehensions and miscommunications may keep you on toes. Control yourself from eccentric pursuits. Be prudent in choosing your friends, as Rahu with Moon in 11th might let you go wrong. You will try all the trick shots, to get your desires fulfilled. Family life will be easy-going. Your siblings will thrive with sudden luck, which may not be long-lasting. Your children who were parted from you, due to job or studies, will re-join you and settle down well. Singles may choose their mate outside their own caste/religion/language. Your parents may go on pilgrimage. You will be thrilled by travel with friends and foreigners to new horizons.

Career & Business : Small businessmen in construction activities may decide to shift their field or go for a job. If you are doing your family business, it is the right time to take it to the next level. There will be a slight disappointment and animosity at work-place, but these are going to be transient only. Your spouse may get lucrative job. Artists will enjoy high income coupled with name and fame. People working in medicine and allied industries and in force will get Government aids and support. Government servants may face sudden transfer/promotion in out of turn or compulsory retirements with monetary benefits. Farmers will introduce alternate method in farming and get success.

Wealth : Plan your finances well, as unforeseen expenses might jeopardize your Bank Balance during this period. There will not be any hitch in getting your paternal properties. You will become well-heeled with spouse's income. Getting loan to meet commitments will not be an issue. You will get back the money out of the Blue, which you have lent in the past. You may tend to spend more and more in spiritual activities/tours and donations to charities. Your Children may get hefty pay package through work in onsite or foreign business collaboration.

Health : If you are having any heart ailments, you will become normal now. Avoid liquor/cigarettes or any kind of which will deteriorate your health. If you are ailing with any chronic illness, take utmost care; else it may develop to the next level. Unbalanced diet habit may give health problem, which may end with surgery in any part of the tummy. You may become fatigued, due to audacious journeys. Aged father may suffer severely with some diseases, which is obvious in old age. Your mother may suffer from ear infection or allergy, and spouse may need medical aid due to gut problem.

Women : You will become highly inclined towards spirituality, and there are strong possibilities of your attaining success in some kind of arcane discipline. Your spouse will be supportive in the family. You may not skip timely sumptuous food. Take care of your health, as there are chances to undergo surgery for fibroid or any other lymph in lower abdomen. You might be stressed out by your children's love proposition.

Students : Students in Secondary school and undergraduate level will not face any hurdle. But higher studies will be a challenge. Higher studies and job in foreign lands will lose its charm, among students. Occult science will entice more students. Study in water resources, and revolutionising agriculture will dominate other streams.

Birth Star Predictions :

Punarvasu (4) : Your debt will be paid back to your surprise. November and December 2021 will be good periods.

Pushya : You will enjoy harmony with family members, increase in income and good food. Auspicious period in this transit is 1st week of January to March 1st week 2022.

Aslesha : Be prepared to face sudden change in job or transfer. You may fall in love which is avantgarde and against the wish of your parents. Favourable period is March and April 2022.

Vedic Remedies : Worshipping Shri Dakshinamoorthy on Thursdays and chanting Shri Guru Gayathri 16 times daily will help to traverse in tricky times. Worshipping Shri Sanaicharan and Shri Hanuman may reduce your bad karma. Chanting Shri Vishnu Sahasranamam daily to get success in your endeavour and get recouped from illness.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Donate money/food to the beggars.
Mix a pinch of Turmeric powder in bathing water.


LEO (Simha) :
Makha, Poorvaphalguni, Uttaraphalguni (1):


Jupiter in 7th, Saturn in 6th, Rahu in 10th and Ketu in 4th house during this transit. Jupiter aspects 1st, 3rd, and 11th houses from Aquarius.

Leo is a 2nd Fiery sign in natural zodiac and Fixed sign owned by the Sun. Jupiter moves from your 6th for enemy and disease to 7th house of spouse and partner. Jupiter is the lord of 5th and 8th houses for Leo.

Jupiter will bestow average results during this transit since transit Moon is in 10th to your natal Moon and Jupiter becomes Tamara Moorthy.

Personal : Jupiter's direct aspect on 1st house may invigorate your energy. Those who are unsung heroes so far, will emerge into limelight now. Though you are enjoying family life, eensy-weensy ego clashes may fumble your warmth with your spouse, which can be solved by complementing each other by their good traits. Singles will enjoy being in focus in cohorts. Your relationship with parents and children is going to be seamless. Alienated friends may come closer and you might relish their company. Foreign travel, which was unticked in your itinerary will be completed this time.

Career & Business : You will come out of your awry approach in workplace during this period. Your past efforts will culminate into promotions and bonuses. There will be an air of shilly-shally attitude in you which you must avoid. This period is presumably propitious for job-seekers to stride off in their career. Officials will be honoured by the Government for their laudable services. Businessmen will hoe out ostensible partners, and join hands with genuine one by winnability strategy. Freelancers may have vast opportunities to demonstrate their talents and bag high income. Artists, by featuring new concepts into their presentation/performances, will allure more audience. Small businessmen such as start-ups, who depend on social medias to advertise their products/service, will get success in taking their business to further steps.

Wealth : You will start planning for savings from the hardest lesson learnt last year. You will get hefty amount as profit on your share from investment in partnership-firm. Salary-hike, bonuses or incentives will help the working class stay away from loan for routine expenses. You will invest in small amounts, propagate in many schemes by your smart thinking, could yield in a big way in future. If you have investments in neighbouring countries or State or towns, you need not worry about the safety of your investments, provided it is a legitimate one. Investments in Agriculture and Horticulture/organic farm industries will boost your profit.

Health : There will not be any serious health issues for you and your family members now. If you are under treatment for migraine or any kind of head related sickness or throat/neck or ears, you will get relief. Heart enlargement, cholesterol, etc. may bother some of you during this period. You must stay away from smoking/drinking to avoid lungs-related diseases. Take care of any plausible air borne seasonal diseases.

Women : You may amplify your social circle, and spend time to unwind from routine. Increased income by salary hike/bonuses will give you breathing room to some extent. Grown up children will settle with rewarding job and there is also likelihood of their return from foreign countries to join you. Working women will experience easy-going in workplace. You will focus more on your love life. Married women will get more comforts from their husband. Your mother-in-law will be incredibly supportive.

Students : Jupiter will create vast ambience to students, who wish to continue higher studies in their dream institutions. Medical institutions, paramedical and other medicine related institutions will be streamlined and overhauled by the interference of Government enabling the qualified and fervent students to get admission in their turn. Study of multi-media courses might attract more students.

Birth Star Predictions :

Makha : Increased income through Real-estate is assured. Your mother may have some health issues now. You may enjoy auspicious effects of Jupiter during January-February 2022. Worshipping Lord Shri Ganesha will increase the prosperity.

Poorvaphalguni : This Jupiter transit is a boon for these natives. If Dasa-bhukthi and other planets in your chart are supportive, you may fly in the air with happy and prosperous life. Auspicious period is from last week of November 2021 to 1st week of January 2022.

Uttraphalguni (1) : Government employees may enjoy some perks, announced by the ruling Government. Rural artists (street drama/folk dances) will find more platform to perform and increase their livelihood.

Vedic Remedies : Worshipping Shri Ganesha with Scutch grass and Red Arali flowers and fasting on Krishna Chathurthi will give success in your endeavours. Praying Goddess Lakshmi and chanting Shri Lakshmi Ashtothra mantra on Fridays and offering food to the needy will increase your wealth and create cordial atmosphere in family. Chanting Rudram Chamakam on Pradosha days (Thrayodasi Thithi i.e., 13th day from Amavasya and Pournami days) will give strength to overcome hurdles. Offering yellow-coloured dress or gold to temple priests will enhance your prosperity.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Do not keep statues/ photos of Taj Mahal at home.
Keep a square piece of Gold wrapped in Yellow cloth.


VIRGO (Kanya) :
Uttaraphalguni (2,3,4), Hasta, Chitra (1,2)

Jupiter in 6th, Saturn in 5th, Rahu in 9th and Ketu in 3rd to Virgo during this transit. Jupiter aspects 10, 12 and 2nd houses from Aquarius.

Virgo is the 2nd Earthy sign in Natural Zodiac and a Dual sign owned by Mercury.

Jupiter is the lord of 4th and 7th. houses for Virgo. Jupiter moves from your 5th house of Progeny to 6th house of enemy. Jupiter will give you good results during this transit, since transit Moon is in 9th house to your natal Moon, Jupiter becomes Rajatha Moorthy.

Personal : Though Jupiter's 9th aspect to 2nd house of family will help you to eliminate the wedge amongst your tribe. Do not antagonise your spouse which will disharmonise your married life and even cause estrangement. Singles will forge ahead carefully in selecting a prospective partner. Be watchful about any connivance from someone who speaks a foreign language and belongs to other religion/caste. Children will give stress to you. Your spouse may be depressed on her/his sibling's separation from family. Your child's job/income will assuage your anxiety. You may take on foreign travel with an assignment from the Government.

Career & Business : If you want to switch-over to a better job, this is the right time for effectuation. You may get job in abroad if you try now. Frustration, pressure, and denial of promotion may persuade some Government servants to opt for voluntary retirement or resign. Businessmen may plunge into debt, which make them sleepless, and their foe's evolution will make them tetchy. Food industry may thrive with boosted profit and crafting job opportunity for many. Social Medias and news agencies will come under the surveillance of Government and the brag will be punished suitably. This may be a dull period for artists and freelancers. There is a chance for winning in Panchayat Union /workers' Union election, if you contest.

Wealth : You will strive hard to fight every obstacle in the path on your financial goals, and will use your insight to the deepest to achieve it. Avoid signing up for extra loans or credits as repayment will lead to operating costs, and push you in the whirl of debt and opt for more loans. A well-vetted Real-estate deal will pave the road to pocket reasonable profit. Investing in Government-backed schemes will give long term benefit. Curb your temptation of entering quick money-making offers, which may drain out your savings reserved for essentials.

Health : You may be rather disquieted by indigestion, gastric and blood circulation issues. Some of you may suffer from kidney-stone and spine (lower part-disc) issues. If your job warrants several hours of sitting in one place, then you must do regular yoga/aerobic exercises and walking. If you are Diabetic, regular check-up (foot, kidney, eye) is necessary. Your father may be affected by lungs or knee problem.

Women : Separation from your husband, for any reason, will give you dreariness. You will find comfort in attending spiritual discourse and visiting religious places (mutts/temples). Returns from your old savings will help you to meet out unforeseen expenses. You may be surprised by knowing the hidden information of your friends, which might change your relationship with them. You must be watchful of obesity which is the root cause for many complications.

Students : Students will achieve academic success by effective learning. They will strengthen their communication skill and interact with intellectuals, which help them to achieve their goal. For those who dream to continue their higher studies in abroad, Jupiter will fulfil their desire. Government will streamline the educational institutes, which may pave way for many students to pursue their higher studies without any hindrance. Many students will opt for Aerospace studies and research in this period.

Birth Star Predictions :

Uttraphalguni (2,3,4) : Obstacle and confusion will make you to step backward in all your efforts. Foreign journey may straw your reserves. Prudent planning of fiscal matters will save you from the disaster. Favourable period is January-February 2022.

Hasta : Very few, born in this star, will enjoy auspicious events such as marriage or childbirth with the support of Dasa-bhukthi and other factors. Sudden income through legal heirship or speculation is on the card. You might suffer from Uterus issues or Haemorrhoids/Piles Favourable periods are November, December 2021, March, and April 2022.

Chitra (1, 2) : Identify your secret enemy and maintain distance from them. Sort out the differences with spouse/partner to avoid widening the gap. Investing stocks and shares will fetch good return in the long. Favourable period is January and February 2022.

Vedic Remedies : Chanting Shri Vishnu Sahasranamam daily will give overall benefic results and help to recover from disease and poverty. Performing Rudrabhishakam in Shiva temple and chanting Rudram Chamakam will give you strength to cross over the hurdles and get success in all quarters. Worshipping Shri Karthikeya by chanting Sri Subramanya Bhujangam and Kandha Shashti Kavacham daily, particularly on Tuesdays will help you to win over the enemies and have seamless life.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Help & respect your father.
Keep 60gm pure Silver, wrapped in Yellow cloth in your bedroom.


LIBRA (Tula)
Chitra (3,4), Swati, Visakha (1,2,3)
Jupiter in 5, Saturn in 4, Rahu in 8 and Ketu in 2nd during this period.

Libra is the third Moveable, Airy sign which is Male and Odd sign. It is 7th house in the Zodiac Chart owned by Venus. Jupiter is the lord of 3rd and 6th house to Libra which are Upayachayasthan for your sign. Jupiter moves from your 4th house for Sukhasthan to 5th house for Progeny and Poorvapunya. Even though Jupiter aspects your 9, 11 and 1st houses, the results will not be significantly favourable since Jupiter becomes Loha Moorthy for Libra, as the transit Moon is in 8th to natal Moon.

Personal : You can see through yourselves and fend off disagreements with spouse and other members in the family. Sometimes your spouse may become hysterical without any reason. Jupiter will help to choose a right life-companion now, and keep stay on the lookout. You will enjoy bliss with children and parents. Your bondage with your elder siblings and closeness with friends will go strong. For married couple, who plan for a new born, Jupiter will fulfil their desire for sure now. You might go for short travels. Nature-hunters will explore new spots in forests and mountains by hiking during this transit.

Career & Business : This is the period to be alert in workplace. Even a small gaffe will be viewed as censurable one. You can expect change of job or transfer to other states. Your attempts to get Government job might become futile. Think twice before signing partnership deed, since Jupiter warns you about any transgression of your partner. If you intend to advance your business to the next level, this is the right time to step into action. E-commerce is proving to be the best channel for start-ups, for selling niche products. Those who are working in hospitals, temples and other religious places will have an outlet for their fury around their service conditions and compensations. Folks working in Merchant Navy and Naval force may intend to take a break now.

Wealth : Jupiter's aspect on your 11th house of gain will assure more profits in business and other investments than expected, and make you comfortable in finance. You will get profits in selling your movable/immovable properties through flexible and nimble dealings. Money through Insurance, stocks and by Legal heirship will be credited in your account, if you are entitled. Frugalness is the key word for all, till the financial sector get fully recovered.

Health : Take care of lower abdomen area, since Jupiter intends to take the illness if any, to next stage. Piles and fungus in private parts may give problem to some natives. If you find slight discomforts in throat or lungs, go for immediate medication. Be prepared to face any eventuality on your parents' health issue. Keep tabs on your children's health and prevent them consuming junk foods. Be careful on over-indulgence in food to avoid weight gains.

Women : Cronyism at your workplace or in family will infuriate yourself, and the stifled anger may rise up. You will try to cosy up with your husband/lover to avoid any distinct squabble. Jupiter will bless with a birth of girl child for married women, who plans for a child. Some of you may move to a bigger house. There are chances for travel to hill stations during this period.

Students : Students may get stuck in college level and confused over the selection of suitable stream in higher education and job-oriented courses. They might take the help of career guidance platform through aggregator that matches foreign education, aspirants with student-peers, mentors, and counsellors. Cross border admission for higher studies is easy during this time.

Birth Star Predictions :

Chitra (3,4) : Devotional and classical singers will be honoured. Investment in stocks and shares will give good returns. Take care of your eyes. January-February 2022 period will give auspicious results.

Swati : Stay away from smoking or liquor, to avoid obvious health issues. Separation from kith and kin is unavoidable for some natives born in this star. You will enjoy arrival of a new-born and a friend in the family. Good period is March-April 2022.

Visakha (1, 2, 3) : Moving to a big house and go for luxury vehicles are the main events during this period. Give up sceptical approach and move forward with self-confidence to get success in all walks of life.

Vedic Remedies : Worshipping Goddess Shri Mahalakshmi and Shri Karthikeya will enhance your prosperity and success. Do Mritunjaya japa many times daily, to recover from illness, if any. Worship Shri Dakshinamoorthy, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi for strength and peace of mind.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Donate the unrequired books, at home.
Donate 5 Kg Wheat flour, to any needy person.



SCORPIO (Vrischika)
Visakha (4), Anuradha, Jyeshta

Jupiter is the 2nd and 5th lord to Scorpio and aspects your 8, 10 and 12th houses from Aquarius during this transit. Transit Jupiter in 4, Saturn in 3, Rahu-Ketu in 1/7 axis in this period.

Scorpio is the 2nd Watery sign and 8th house in Zodiac chart, which is ruled by Mars. Jupiter moves from 3rd house of siblings and communications to 4th house of mother and land.You can expect average results from Jupiter during this transit, since it becomes Tamara Moorthy to Scorpio, as the transit Moon is in 7th to natal Moon.

Personal : You will enjoy family-life with big house and other luxuries. Some issues may arise with maternal uncle. Try to solve any misunderstanding with family members then and there, to avoid animosity. Children may go far from you, due to job/higher studies. Your bondage with mother will go strong now. Your father might suffer financially. Couples might be brooding by suspecting each other, imagining unreal things. Everyone might get amazed to see your communication skill. Foreign trip is marked now. You will concentrate on domestic/personal area than profession during this period, and have reservation to speak/meet with strangers or to start new things.

Career & Business : You might move to a higher trajectory, attaining your professional goals and slated for reward, as a major rejig is seen in your professional life. Job-seekers could get a lucrative job. Erring Government servants may be punished and even ousted from service, without any monetary benefits. Businessmen might reap good profit with the grace of Jupiter. Some businessmen may wind up their business due to rigid Government rules and regulations which they could not comply with. Steel and motor industries may face a dull phase. It is a good period for artists, singers, and freelance photographers. Petty bourgeoisies can also bag some extra money during this period.

Wealth : Income through legacy or stocks will help you to wrestle previous loans and debts to the ground. Income through selling your landed properties will fetch substantial amount. Food industry will be a Cash Cow, which might lure investors. Even hoteliers, running small restaurants, can take it to a big level and open branches. Overall, your frugality and savings plan will help to lead a contented life, but your spouse will become spendthrift in this period.

Health : Take utmost care against any new virus attack which prevails in your area. If you are ailing from chest or knee problems, take extra care and it may lead to surgery also. Blood related illness will spiral up now. You might visit ENT specialists or ophthalmologist during this period. Father and child's health might need extra care from you.

Women : Women will be busy in decorating their house with luxury items. You might enjoy gardening, particularly Jasmin flower garden. You will rejoice with re-union of your closest tribes and josh around with them. Singles will give Green signal to their parents for look out of suitable alliance. Your husband may get transfer or go for a change of job now.

Students : Students will go for vocational courses to get prowess. You might study well, keeping in mind that you can unlock the career opportunities with the highest academic qualifications and reach new horizons in your professional life. But some of you could not cope up with tough competition and stay back. Specialising in Radiology and Pathology will be the choice of many medical students. Agriculture and allied studies will draw major students now.

Birth Star Predictions :

Visakha (4) : Take care of your father's health, as his illness may need hospitalisation. You may get money out of the Blue, which will be handy now to meet contingents.

Anuradha : You will celebrate birth of child in your family. You will travel to foreign countries during this transit. Your good period starts from January 2022.

Jyeshta : Domestic chores will put you under stress during this period. Brooding over past misfortunes will straw your energy and fervour. November and December 2021 will give some relief.

Vedic Remedies: Chanting Mritunjaya mantra and perfoming Mritunjaya Homa in the prescribed manner will give relief from health issues. Worshipping Shri Dakshnamoorthy and chanting Guru Gayathri mantra will boost the prosperity. Chanting Hanuman Chalisa and worshipping Shri Iyyappa will help to come out of the evil effects. Chanting Shri Vishnu Sahasranamam will give you strength to handle any eventuality. Worshipping deity in the form of Ugraha Kali will remove all the bad effects circled around you.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Add a spoonful of Curd in your bathing water.
Wear Yellow colour vest.



Moola, Poorvashada, Uttarashada (1)

Jupiter is the lord of 1st and fourth house for Sagittarius, and aspects 7, 9 and 11th houses from Aquarius during this transit. Transit Jupiter in 3rd, Saturn in 2nd, Rahu in 6th and Ketu in 12th in this period.

Sagittarius is the 3rd Fiery and Dual sign, ninth house of Natural Zodiac, which is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter moves from your 2nd house of family and wealth to 3rd house of Communications and siblings.

You can expect excellent results from Jupiter as it becomes Swarna Moorthy during this transit since the transit Moon in 6th to the natal Moon.

Personal : The criticism on your articulation by others will push you into a blue mood. There might be some flareups in your domestic environment that you will need to handle with a calm demeanour. Singles might get into wedlock, duly fulfilling their expectations. Couples will bring back their bond in track, evaporating the disharmony, if any, unless there are severe negative combinations for marital issues. Relationships with children, parents, siblings, and friends will be silky. Sometimes, you may spend time for the welfare of others, and receive disappointment in the bargain. You will have fun with family by foreign travel.

Career & Business : This transit might be a pick-up period for artists, traders, free lancers, and travel business. In workplace, dark clouds will slowly start to move away, brightening the way ahead in career. Your diligence in handling the situations will help you to get recognition and promotion. Ensure that you do not procrastinate things; otherwise, it might impound better openings in business or career. Your plan to change over job with better pay bags during this transit will be materialised. Entrepreneurs might bag hefty profit, by the grace of Jupiter. Job-seekers will find vide network to get suitable job.

Wealth : You might save more money with the help of your father and siblings. Downpour of profit in business will help you to provide extra cushion for future development. Litigation, if any, will come to an end, favouring you. Real estate dealings will enhance your income. Revenues due from Government will be credited to your account. You have to be judicious in spending while travelling.

Health : Sagittarians must be incredibly careful about lungs, discomfort in lower abdomen parts (especially TB in kidney), chest area, throats and cracks or wounds in foot. Mother's health might need medical attention. Take care, while driving and trekking. Your children and spouse will be doing good. You could avoid medical expenditure if you say 'NO' to alcohol, non-veg food and smoking.

Women : You may be devoid of maids to help you in domestic chores, which could exasperate you. Children and husband may try to comfort you from all quarters. Stay conscious of edgy comments, as these will escalate the differences with mother or in-laws. Working women will find it difficult to handle more obligations in their workplace, demanding extra hours of work and this will fuel their frustration when denied compensation in turn. Single women may find their companion, as they fancied.

Students : Students will be pleased with their academic progress scoring high marks. They will take extra coaching to develop communication skills. If you wish to pursue higher studies in abroad, Jupiter will accomplish your desire. Many students might opt for Information Technology which presents an array of job opportunities with lucrative pay packages since it is transforming almost every industry across the globe..

Birth Star Predictions :

Moola : You will have a seamless journey in all walks of life. Happiness through children and spouse might boost your energy. Auspicious period starts from January 2022.

Poorvashada : you might become self-sufficient in finance and allocate extra money for savings. Travels will be advantageous during this transit. November and December 2021 will bring some luck.

Uttarashada (1) : Strictly open your purse for needs only. Your neighbours will be helpful. You might feel concerned about your mother's health. Expect good results from January 2022.

Vedic Remedies : Pray Lord Sri Ganesha before starting any work to get success. Worship Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi on Fridays and chant Lakshmi Ashtothra mantra. Light ghee lamp and distribute milk sweets, if possible, to increase your prosperity. Chanting Rudram Chamakam and chanting Shri Guru Gayatri for 16 times daily will give you strength to overcome the testing period. Donate Yellow metal (Gold) and Yellow cloth to the temple priests. Visiting temple of Family deity, and doing pooja will keep your family safe.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Gift 6 Green glass bangles each, to three girl children.
Not to fall in the temptation of illicit relationships.



Uttarashada (2,3,4), Sravana, Dhanishta (1,2)

Jupiter is the lord of 12th and 3rd house and aspects 6, 8 and 10th houses during this transit. Jupiter in 2nd, Saturn in 1st, Rahu in 5th and Ketu in 11th houses during this period.

Capricorn is the 3rd Earthy and Movable sign, ruled by Saturn and 10th house in Zodiac chart. Jupiter moves from your 1st house of self to 2nd house of family and wealth. You can expect good results since transit Moon is in 5th house from the natal Moon and Jupiter becomes Rajatha Moorthy.

Personal : Your sagaciousness and clarity in mind will help you to evaluate yourself in many areas. You will become an eloquent speaker and royalty appears in your gait and gesture. Jupiter promises marriage to singles and childbirth to the married couples. Couples may try to strengthen their bond, by quelling their past dissents. Your maternal uncle will be supportive. Children's health or their dreadful activities will take you to the extreme wariness. You might have slight ruffle with neighbours and younger siblings. You may tend to spend lots of time in travel.

Career And Business : Healthy atmosphere in workplace might encourage you to give more output; as a result, your higher-ups steer you towards well deserved accolades and promotions. You might stall the idea of job-change at least for six months. Job-seekers will attract bigger opportunities by spreading their word and immaculate resume, beyond their expected pa cheques. Entrepreneurs might vanquish business enemies effortlessly during this transit. Marketing professional may not achieve their target, due to lethargy resulting loss of revenue and credentials. Politicians can expect sudden popularity among the mass/party.

Wealth : Increase in income by business profit and bonuses/pay hikes and perks in job will help you to stay away from taking loans for short term targets. Unexpected gain through speculation is promised by Jupiter. Money due to you will be credited to your account promptly. You can postpone the Real estate dealings for some time. Judgement on litigation will be decreed in your favour. Double check the finer lines before signing investment plan documents.

Health : You can keep yourself from visiting physicians, only by regularising eating habit, since sickness in stomach area is foreseen. You might gorge yourself at the dining, inviting needless health issues. Swelling in facial area due to allergy or insect biting will give anxiety. Throat may be affected now. You will have a sigh of relief from the sufferings of knee problems and reproductive system issues. Children's health issues due to undesirable habits will give you stress.

Women : You will be overwhelmed by the decantation of affection and support from spouse and children. Your mother-in-law's complements will boost your energy. You will be rewarded with promotion, pay hikes and perks in workplace for finishing your project on time. Pregnant women should be incredibly careful since there is a possibility of abortion or any other water lymph in uterus. Singles should be doubly cautious choosing their life partner and forcing decision for marriage will end up with sorrow.

Students : Students should put consistent efforts to achieve high ranks. Many students will be willing to join force. Agriculture and allied studies will be the choice for many students. Political science will attract students those who intend to take part in socio-economic development of the country. Aeronautic engineering might become the choice in higher studies among students.

Birth Star Predictions :

Uttarashada (2,3,4) : You will be noticeably clear and firm in your decision. Jupiter will bless you with abundant money inflow, good health, and happy family life during this transit. Favourable period will start from January 2022.

Sravana : You can enjoy good results, if dasa-bhukthi with other planetary support during this transit. You must be incredibly careful in all your endeavours. You can take decision on important things in November and December2021. Feed crows and poor feeding/donation to beggars will help you to come out from miseries. Have darshan of Shri Sanaicharan in Thirunallar located in south of Tamilnadu if possible.

Dhanishta : You will have smooth going with your spouse, children and in-laws. You may purchase old house, with swimming pool, flower garden and tiles on the top roof in good deal. Good period from January 2022.

Vedic Remedies : Chanting Shri Guru Gayathri daily 16 times and chanting Rudram Chamakam will help you to focus on good deeds. Giving food and cloth to street dwellers/beggars may reduce your bad karma. Worshipping Shri Parvathi Devi and Shri Karthikeya will give you peace of mind and success. Chant Hanuman Chalisa and Sri Sani Gayathri daily. Worshipping Goddess Sri Durga and chanting Durga mantras will help you, while sailing through in hard times.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Treat your spouse respectfully.
Not to get yourself involved in others' disputes.


AQUARIUS (Kumbha) :
Dhanishta (3,4), Satabisha, Poorvabhadra (1,2,3)

Jupiter in 1st, Saturn in 12th and Rahu-Ketu in 4/10 axis.

Aquarius is the 3rd Airy sign and 4th Fixed sign. It is the 11th for Zodiac chart, is ruled by Saturn. Saturn moves from your 12th house of expenditure to 1st house of self. You cannot expect auspicious results from Jupiter, which becomes Loha Moorthy for Aquarius during this transit, since transit Moon is in 4th house to the natal Moon. Jupiter is malefic (owning 2nd and 11th houses) for Aquarius but its aspect on 5th, 7th and 9th houses will give mixed results.

Personal & Domestic : Jupiter joining Moon during this transit will make the phrase "Knowledge gives discipline, from discipline comes worthiness, from worthiness one gets wealth, from wealth (one does) good deeds, from that (comes) joy" become true in your case. You will be able to discipline yourself by correcting past mistakes, and be more aware of worldly necessities. It would be good, if you avoid taking impulsive decisions in key issues. Due to Jupiter's direct aspect on 7th house, you might face some rocky time in wedded life; but it would be solved by 'give and take' policy of your spouse. It is good for you to avoid countering on any undesirable comments by others. You might become showier, with an inflated sense of self-importance. You would be able to correct your erring children. Your mother might go for Theertha yatra (for holy dip in rivers and sea). Your father may resolve the issues with his brothers. Your pending wish for long travel, especially by air, might be completed during this transit.

Career & Business : Entrepreneurs, dealing/manufacturing cosmetics, will pocket huge profit, by introducing new varieties in their production. You may face transfer of job, and you would accept the same, fearing loss of job. You will try to make best use of resources and potentials in workplace. Job-seekers might find more opportunity to prove their talents in Information and Technology, and Construction field like designing. Freelancers and artists adapting modern techniques in their project might help them to widening their clientele. Politicians and sports persons might have slight edge, and last-minute win will be there and, on the flipside, they have to face challenges from opponents. Film industry might be lingering to normal giving relief to the workers. Marketing persons would struggle to achieve their targets. Dealers/manufacturers of luxury cars would reap huge benefits and even they would struggle to meet the demand.

Wealth : You should curb your tendency of spending excess of your earnings, which may lead to even bankruptcy, if Dasa-bhukthi is also not favourable. Some of you might opt to sell your properties for throw-away prices, to meet the needs. Try to compromise the partner/spouse to avoid Court cases, which might end up with spending more on recompense and alimony. You might spend for medical treatment of your in-laws. You would redeem the stocks, which you are holding for long, to meet the financial crunch. You may get wealth from your grandparents in legacy.

Health : You should be very choosy in the dining, to avoid over-eating and become obese. Regular exercise and brisk walk will keep you in pink of health. Your father may undergo Cataract surgery or treatment for dental issues. Mother may suffer from respiratory problem. Your spouse might need your special attention and care.

Women : Some women would face disparagement from their tribe for their limited pursuits. Sometimes, you are vulnerable to criticism by others, including close tribes for your timidity. Discussing personal/family problems with friends or unknown persons inadvertently might fix you in big trouble. Working women will stuck between the duelling demands of family and work. Regular breathing exercise and yoga will help you to come out of stress. Single women would find it difficult to finalise their marriage and if in love, might vacillate between Green and Red signal. Married women might postpone childbirth now.

Students : Students' dedication and sincerity would be paid back by high marks. Most of the students might utilise their free time to do part-time job, to meet their petty expenses by themselves. Many students would join online courses of animation, stock trading, etc. to equip themselves for earning, while studying. They might show interest in the study of Siddha Medicine. Mechanical and Civil Engineering, and CA courses will be on the top picks among students.

Birth Star Predictions :

Dhanishta (3,4) : You will enjoy life full of beans with spouse and children. Your joy might be intensified by leisure trips. Natives born in 4th quarter should focus on their health. You could expect auspicious results from January 2022.

Satabisha : You must be cautious in all walks of life, particularly be calculative in spending. You might slip out good opportunities, due to your belief in superstitions and sentiments. You will have a sigh of relief from March 2022.

P.Bhadra(1,2,3) : You must hold your purse very tight for lavish expenditure. Your close associates may snigger at your cock-a-hoop talks. You would find some relief from hardship in November and December 2021.

Vedic Remedies : Worship Shri Karthikeya and Sri Durga Devi, chanting slokas on these deities. Chanting Hanuman Chalisa and worshipping Lord Hanuman on Ekadasi day (11th day from Full Moon and No Moon Day) will give strength to cross the rough road. Lighting ghee lamp in Shri Dhakshinamoorthy will boost your income. Chant Shri Vishnu Sahasranamam daily for all prosperity. Contributing some amounts for temple renovation and to purchase pooja items would help you to have peace of mind and good health.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Pursue deeper knowledge in your relevant field.
Not to wear any Rosary of beads around the neck.


PISCES (Meena) :
P. Bhadra(4), Uttarabhadra, Revati

Jupiter in 12, Saturn in 11 Rahu - Ketu in 3/9 axis from Pisces. Jupiter aspects your 4th, 6th and 8th houses from Aquarius, during this transit.

Pisces is the third Watery and 4th Dual sign, which is 12th house in Zodiac chart house and ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter moves from your 11th house of gain to 12th house of expenditure. You will have an average result during this transit since transit, Moon in 3rd house from natal Moon, and Jupiter becomes Tamara Moorthy for Pisces.

Personal :This is the time of testing your patience, which would push you to embrace escapist tendencies, self-indulgence, and ruminating. You might suffer due to theft, danger from secret activities, and enmity of kith and kin. You would choose orthodox way of worshipping, and practise meditation at spiritual retreats and places of seclusion. Family life may get rattled by the intervention of a third person. Friends and parents would mediate to solve the issues between the couples. Children will create problems by developing bad habits. It is the time to be alert about their relationship. Jupiter is not favouring marriage for singles, and childbirth for married ones. Long distance travel is inevitable during this period.

Career & Business : It is the time to evaluate your professional skills. You might try to be in good books of your higher ups in office by hard work, sparing no corners. Success of your competitors cannot be ruled out. Business enemies could plot conspiracy against you. Results of litigation for patent or logo might turn against you. Getting job for unemployed would be fluky by registering into websites, which promote openings. If you try for onsite project/foreign placement, Jupiter will make it easy now. It is awfully hard period for politicians to win over their rivals. Freelancers and Artists would uplift their creations and allure new clients.

Wealth : Steady cash flow through Real estate is assured during this period. Dealers/manufacturers of four wheelers and two wheelers might bag huge profits. You might get a tidy sum from your spouse's side. Stocks and shares, which you hold for long, would fetch good returns. You may have to assign more funds for child's higher education and getting loan for this purpose would fuel to further your financial crunch. It is safe to invest in Government backed investment scheme.

Health : This transit will not give any major health issues to you, except knee/foot problems. But you might be concerned over slight discomforts, complained by your spouse. Go for immediate medication, if throat issues and fluid in lungs are diagonised. If you suffer from Thyroid, you must take extra care. You could get relief from existing heart ailments or any issues in private parts by the grace of Jupiter. You need not worry about your parent's health. Children's' health may give some concern.

Women : Women might go through tensed moments in all directions. But you would handle all blues by holding husband's hand. Relationship with father or father-figure will be stressful. You could boost your energy, by your mother's support. Your grown-up child may land up in job with lucrative pay bags and their marriage prospects also seen bright during this transit. Savings would be unthinkable for you during this time. Open the purse for 'needs' only, and dodge the 'wants' to avoid thinning your wallet.

Students : More students would engulf in Space research during this transit. They might mainly pick Commerce and Finance, as their academic curriculum. Eligible students would fully utilise the Government support and excel in entrance/competitive examinations. Unless they undergo severe and continuous practice, they could not lift the victory cup in sports. Some students might get upset with lack of confidence, while conversing in public/out of their own place and facing personal interview.

Birth Star Predictions :

P.Bhadra (4) : Lack of concentration might be main concern during this transit. Deep meditation and attending spiritual courses will help you to overcome this. Auspicious period is November and December 2021.

Uttarabhadra : Increased income, business success and good health are in the card for those who born in this star. Foreign travel will fetch more income. Favourable time will start from January 2022.

Revati : More income through tangible assets such as machinery/properties is foreseen during this transit. Sometimes you may get confused and act primitively. Good period will start from March 2022.

Vedic Remedies : Chanting Shri Guru Gayatri and lighting ghee lamp in Guru Sannadhi will help you to eradicate in marriage and childbirth. It will help to enhance your income. Chanting Hanuman Chalisa, visiting Sri Saniswaran temple, poor feeding and offering Thill oil to temples to light lamps will help to reduce the effect of bad karmas. Chanting Shri Vishnusahasranamam is good for all. Visiting temples where the lord Shri Vishnu is in Sayana (lying) pose and get His blessings.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Once a month donate a dozen of Yellow bananas to the sweepers.
Every Thursday read Vishnu Sahasrnama.



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