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Jupiter's Transit in Scorpio
By By Dr. S. Shantha

11 October 2018 to 5 November 2019

Details of Jupiter's travel in Scorpio sign.
Jupiter stays in Visakha 4th quarter from 11 Oct. 2018 to 26 Oct. 2018
Anuradha 1st quarter from 27 Oct. 2018 to 11 Nov. 2018
2nd quarter from 12 Nov. 2018 to 26 Nov. 2018
3rd quarter from 27 Nov. 2018 to 11 Dec. 2018
4th quarter from 12 Dec. 2018 to 26 Dec. 2018
Jyeshta 1st quarter from 27 Dec. 2018 to 11 Jan. 2019
2nd quarter from 12 Jan. 2019 to 29 Jan. 2019
3rd quarter from 30 Jan. 2019 to 19 Feb.2019
4th quarter from 20 Feb.2019 to 29 March 2019
Jupiter leaves Scorpio on 29 March 2019 and move s on in Atichara into Sagittarius. The speed in Atichara is less than average speed of 4 Minutes 52 seconds (approximate) a day. Retrogression begins on 10 April 2019. On 22 April 2019, Jupiter leaves Sagittarius in Retrograde motion and re-enters Scorpio. Jupiter turns Direct on 11 August 2019 while in Jyeshta 2nd quarter and stay in Scorpio till 5th November 2019.

Jupiter's transit i.e. when it travels from one sign to another is considered very significant in Vedic Astrology, as Jupiter is the cause of progress in one's life. It is deemed to be an extremely auspicious planet. Jupiter is called the Guru, known for optimism, growth, generosity, and abundance.

One gets involved in religious and spiritual deeds, due to the effect of Jupiter. Jupiter's aspect on 5,7 & 9 house from its position very auspicious. When Jupiter comes to houses 2,5,7 and 11 from Moon sign, it is considered very auspicious. In general, we consider its aspect to be good to the aspected house, irrespective of the house from where it is seated. If a native has a powerful Jupiter in his chart, ill effects of other planets won't harm much. A powerful Jupiter poses a positive effect on one's family, career, and society. Guru is all about reason and judgment. Success and good fortune comes, when Jupiter favours. To get best result from Jupiter, one should work hard, respect others, be determined, and pray to God.

Jupiter's effects are to expand our experiences, our knowledge, and our understanding. On 11th October 8:29 pm, (on a Thursday ruled by Jupiter), Jupiter moves from the balanced and harmonious sign of Libra into the intense, passionate, and deeply psychic sign of Scorpio. After a long stay of nearly 13 months in Libra, it will be in Scorpio till 5th November 2019. Jupiter's transit through intense and passionate Scorpio urges us to full fill our hearts' desires. As Jupiter's nature is extravagant, we must guard ourselves to go out of control in fulfillment of any desire. It is slightly mismatch, as Jupiter stands for outside of itself to expand and grow, and Scorpio for inner side. Jupiter can expand the more negative qualities of a sign, just as it can expand the positive traits. Scorpio is ruled by malefic Mars; it is a Fixed and Watery sign. 1st house in Zodiac sign is also ruled by Mars. Scorpio is considered to be a malefic 8th house to Kala Purusha and a Secretive sign and denotes negativity. Jupiter will travel in this sign through the stars Visakha, Anuradha and Jyeshta. Jupiter travels in his friendly sign, it will give 8th house results.

When Jupiter enters Scorpio, the sign-lord Mars is in Capricorn - its exaltation sign, with Ketu (a spiritual planet).

During the period of Jupiter's Retrogression(10 April 2019-11 August 2019), natural calamities and terrorism may increase.

Other major transits in 2018-2019
Ketu moves to Sagittarius on 07 March 2019 U. Shada (1)
Rahu moves to Gemini on 07 March 2019 Punarvasu (3)
Jupiter has travelled 115 degrees from its exaltation position. Therefore its results also will be comparatively less, whether it is positive or negative. It gets combust from November 17th 2018 to 11th Dec.2018. Exact conjunction with Sun on 27 November 2018. During this period, it would cease to give the result of its positivity/negativity. Jupiter sets in the West on 17 November 2018 and its Heliacally rises in the East on 17 December.2018.

Moorthy Nirnaya
At the time of Jupiter's entry into Scorpio, the Moon is in Visakha 2nd quarter in Libra sign.
Therefore, Jupiter becomes Swarna moorthy for Libra, Taurus and Sagittarius - Excellent result Rajatha moorthy for Virgo, Gemini and Aquarius - Good result
Tamara moorthy for Leo, Aries and Capricorn - Average result
Loha moorthy for Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio - Bad result
As per conventional method, Jupiter's placement in 2,5,7 & 11 from the Moon sign is good and its aspect on 5,7, & 9 is auspicious. It may vary according to Moorthy Nirnaya. For example, for Sagittarius Moon sign, transit Jupiter comes to 12th and it is presumed not auspicious but as per Moorthy Nirnaya, it may give good results also, as it is Swarna Moorthy for Sagittarius.

General Mundane Predictions
Jupiter transits into 7th house of Indian Independence Chart and 8th house of Kala Purusha chart. Spiritual growth and Renovations of worship places will happen; administrations will be set right. By aspecting the 3rd house, cordial relations will be maintained with neighboring countries. Research or investigative projects are very much supported. Detective agencies will get benefitted. Those practicing Black Magic will prosper. Nuclear Scientists may come with new inventions. Business and finance will be improved, after Jupiter enters Anuradha Star. Tax-evaders will be punished. Better co-operation between employees and employer is indicated. Military forces will be strengthened. Sudden loss due to Natural calamities like flood and earthquake are also indicated. New contagious diseases will spread and that will be the World health problem. Interestingly, when Jupiter transited Scorpio from 1981 to late 1982, news about AIDS crisis spread. Animals like Peacock, Elephant, Dolphin will be affected.

(Predictions for Individuals might get modified a little, as per the influence of individual dasabhukti periods,Vedha,Vipreet Vedha etc.)

Prediction and Remedies for 12 Rasi individuals
Lal-kitab Remedies contributed by Rajiv K. Khattar


ARIES (Mesha): Aswini, Bharani and Krittika (1)

Jupiter in 8th; Saturn in 9th;; till March 2019, Rahu in the 4th and Ketu in 10th.

Jupiter is the lord of 9th and 12th for Aries, the first house of Kalapurusha and ruled by Mars. Jupiter aspects the 2nd, 4th and 12th houses. Jupiter's sojourn would yield only average results, since Jupiter becomes Tamara Moorthy for Aries.

Personal & Family: As this Rasi is Cardinal and Fiery, owned by a fiery energetic planet Mars, the person born in this is always energetic and aggressive; he takes hasty decisions and be stubborn in their decisions. 9th and 12th lord Jupiter in the 8th is not favourable. Separation from father, moving away from family to unwanted places, lack of co-operation from family members, unnecessary litigation process in getting ancestral properties, legal expenses and fear of imprisonment, fire and accidents are likely. Friends will be helpful; some may develop secret relationship with other caste/other country persons. The period will be good for spiritual growth. Some may be selling the house-property in loss. Being Tamara moorthy, Jupiter will be beneficial to certain extent only. Karmadhipathi Saturn in the 9th is favorable for Arians. They would do donations to charities.

Finance : You will get intimation about an Insurance settlement if any, Tax rebate / refund, or an inheritance could come your way. Unexpected income may be expected between 9th Dec.2018 to 29 Dec. 2019 for some individuals. Don't trust blindly anyone, in the finance matters, since chances are there being cheated. This is favorable time to work on financial planning and strategy, since financial loss is indicated. Financial loss may be through theft, fire, flood expenditure due to vehicle-repair(which may incur due to accident). Financial gains may come through a partnership or there may be an increase in your spouse's income. Expenditure is likely on spiritual matters and for good things.

Career : During this transit, Aries natives will be less sensitive to power-struggles and competitions. Some may be relieved from job or change of job is indicated. Association with people in lower rank is not good. A few will be unnecessarily defamed and dragged into litigation. Sincere, hard work may help to avoid unnecessary mishap in the work-place. Avoid argument with superiors.

Health : Physical ailments due to accidents or water bound infectious disease are likely. Some may have to undergo surgeries. Some may suffer from swelling in the reproductive organs. Avoid unhygienic, outside food. Caution to be taken in intake of water. Take care while taking bath in lakes/ ponds. Mother's health may be affected. Some natives may suffer from leg pain. Problem in Left eye is likely. Take care of health of the spouse.

Women : Women will face dispute with partners in the house and from superiors at work-place. They may not get inheritance property. They must watch their children's behavior. Women will be helpful to their spouse in finance, with extra income. Expenditure on spiritual activities would rise. They may face problems with other women. Don't do un necessary expenditure on household articles/dress/ornaments. Some working women may lose job or resign.

Students : Students who aspires for research in medicine, Nuclear Science, occult studies would get success. Those who want to go abroad for higher studies will get their ambitions fulfilled. Poor students would get financial help for their studies from philanthropists. Students must guard against cultivating unwanted habits during this period, which may affect studies.

Birth Star Predictions

Aswini : They may get favourable results initially for a few days. Later they will face obstacles in all their efforts. They must control the anger at home and work- place. They will start spiritual sadhanas and will achieve considerably. Some may suffer from severe headache or head-related disease.

Bharani : These natives will be benefitted to certain extent. Things will turn favourable for them, after initial struggles. Caution to be exercised, while buying/ repairing vehicles and house. Some natives would do re-modeling of the bathroom. Avoid unnecessary expenses on dress, ornaments, furnishings of the house, etc. Eye diseases may crop up for some natives. Period from 11th Jan. 2019 to 29th March 2019 will be favourable for these natives.

Krittika (1) : The natives must be careful in Government-related matters. Filing Income Tax Returns in time, remitting dues to financial institutions on due dates are advised. Take care of the eyes. Consult the Physician, even if slight discomfort is experienced. Period from 27 Nov. 2018 to 26th Jan. would see improvements in health and finance.

Vedic Remedies : Pray Lord Karthikeya on Tuesdays. Chant Guru Gayathri and Sri Dhakshinamurthy manthra. Donate liberally to charities. If possible, visit Tiruchendur and worship Lord Karthikeya. The natives may give dress and ornaments to elder brother's wife and eat food given by her on Yama Dwithiya i.e Sukla Paksha Dwithiya in the Solar month of Scorpio ((November 15th to December 15th). This year, this day falls on 08 Dec. 2018. This will help them to come out of fear of death/ loss/fire/accident.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Wear Gold, as Ring, chain etc., which touches the body.
Once a month, donate 8 packets of Camphor in any temple.


Krittika (2,3,4), Rohini and Mrigasira (1&2)

(Jupiter in the7th; Saturn in the 8th; Till March 2019, Rahu in the 3rd and Ketu in the 9th ).

Jupiter is 8th and 11thlord for Taurus natives. Taurus is the 2nd house of Kalapurusha and ruled by Venus. Jupiter aspects 11th, 1st and 3rd houses. This period will be extremely good, since Jupiter becomes Swarnamoorthy for Taurus.

Taurus natives work hard to get all comforts and luxuries in life. Even men born in this sign are handsome. He likes to enjoy life fully.He has much respect and devotion towards his guru and God.

Personal & Family : Jupiter in Scorpio would enhances the natives' social circle and they would get talented in arts. Those who are single may find suitable life-partner and those already have one will enjoy life in all aspects. At the same time, some problems may also crop up in married life due to ego, but they would be resolved, if natal Jupiter is in good place. Saturn's aspect on the 2nd house would disturb the domestic harmony. Conducting marriage ceremony should be avoided, while Jupiter is combust i.e. from 17th November to 18th December. Some astrologers of the opinion that when Jupiter is in the 7thin transit for a female chart, it is not good for solemnizing marriages (Karako Bhava nasti). The native will become more famous than his father and gain through foreign travel. Siblings will also prosper and may go abroad. Court cases, partnership issues and any open conflicts will be settled favourably. After 7th March 2019, when Rahu enters the 2nd house, caution should be exercised in speech/conversation. Family matters should be solved tactfully. Benefic results may get affected to some extent, due to Vedha (Rahu in 3rd till March 2019). Rahu will give some good results. Ketu in 9th house would give sickness to father till March 2019.

Finance : Money expected from Government may be delayed and have to be followed up tirelessly. Adopt a patient approach to get the favour /dues from Government. Income may be increased through many new sources. Closure of some old partnership is in the offing. Friends and siblings will give helping hand in need. Income can be expected from ancestral property. Money through dowry or marrying a working women and through settlement of ancestral properties are possible. There will be increase in expenditure for enjoyment. Expenditure from father-in-law's side will increase. Saturn's aspect on the 2nd house might create loss of wealth.

Career : Those who are in the field of marketing luxury items, ornaments, textiles and food items will shine. They may get new clients. Those who are in Business will progress. The employed class will get promotion with increase in salary. Some natives may get chance to go abroad, relating to their job/business, which will be fruitful. Cordial relationship with employers/ partners are indicated.

Health : The native's spouse may gain weight. Physical enjoyment is to be controlled. Some natives may suffer from Thyroid and Tonsils, Obesity, dental problems, lung infections and hip fracture. Due to Saturn's aspect on 2nd, 11th and 5th houses. Children's health may also be affected for some natives. Pain in upper limbs and blood clot may create problems to some natives.

Women : Women born in Taurus would find some disturbances in married life. Women entrepreneurs will expand their business. Children will co-operate. Male partners will extend their whole-hearted support. Minor domestic problems should be solved then and there. Those who are in public life will get popularity. Take precautions in choosing life-partners and don't believe strangers who give false hope of getting chances in film industry or job abroad. Be strict in diet, to avoid obesity.

Students : Students will get opportunities for their higher studies. They will show interest in Research and Development. Those who are studying Mechanical Engineering will be benefitted. Fashion Technology students will excel. Those who find financial difficulties will get aid from many sources.

Birth Star Predictions

Krittika (2,3,4): Jupiter aspecting Taurus would cause Gajakesari Yoga, whenever Moon transits Krittika. These natives would benefits from paternal side. Dealing with Government matters will become very hard. Help will be extended from elder siblings and friends. Health problems may arise from January 2019 for some natives, if dasa-bhukthi periods are not conductive. Some may travel abroad, for official purposes. Pregnant women would need special medical care.

Rohini : These natives will find it hard to take any decision, in choosing life partners and business partners. Avoid taking hasty decisions . Caution should be exercised in expenditure. Some relief will be seen from January 2019. Some women may will face complication in child-birth pregnancy. Becoming Anaemic will be the main problem for these natives during Nov-Dec.2018. Some natives may suffer from Thyroid/tonsils. Foreign travel is indicated.

Mrigasira (1, 2) : Till March 2019, these natives will find things going favourably, of course with hindrance here and there. Difference of opinion will arise with children. These natives love trekking and show interest in agriculture. Some will experience destruction of wealth to some extent. Investment in landed property is possible for a few. Some women may undergo uterus-related problems. Stiff neck will be another thorn in the flesh. Regular exercise is recommended.

Vedic remedies : Worship Goddess Lakshmi. Chant Mahishasura mardhini sloka. Do Rahu kala Pooja, Kubera Pooja. Perform rites for Pitrus with dedication. Light ghee lamps in temples on Thursdays to Lord Dhakshinamurthy; on Fridays to Goddess Lakshmi and on Saturdays to Shri Shani Bhagawan. Do Annadhan, whenever possible, especially during the solar month of Aries(April-May). Don't give in charity Yellow clothes to any sadhu on a Thursday or on Jupiter's nakshatra.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Not to keep any religious book or photo in your bedroom.
Help and respect mother and elderly women.


MITHUNA (Gemini): Mrigasira (3,4), Arudra, Punarvasu (1,2,3).


(Jupiter in the 6th; Saturn in the 7th; till March 7th 2019 Rahu in 2nd and Ketu in 8th).

Jupiter is 7th and 10th lord for Gemini. Gemini is the 3rd house of Kala Purusha and ruled by Mercury. Jupiter aspects the 12th, 2nd, and 10th houses. This period will be moderately favourable, since Jupiter becomes Rajatamoorthy for Gemini Mithuna refers to Maha Vishnu who took the form of captivating Mohini, the damsel, while distributing Amrita. These natives, therefore, captivate others with their attractive form and gesture. They look younger than their age. They may be dual in nature and at times with conflicting qualities. They will be always selfish and look after their own work.

Mithuna refers to Maha Vishnu who took the form of captivating Mohini, the damsel, while distributing Amrita. These natives, therefore, captivate others with their attractive form and gesture. They look younger than their age. They may be dual in nature and at times with conflicting qualities. They will be always selfish and look after their own work.

Personal and Family : General effects of Jupiter passing through the 6th from Janma Rasi will be that they not be in good terms with the spouse and children, separation from family. There will be litigations or disputes with relatives. Natives might be endangered through thieves, cattle, fire and Government, and enmity with relatives and mentors. Even the beautiful wife Nature, sweet voice of birds could not make the native happy. Natives will always be in irritation mood. Disputes with spouse may end up in divorce/ separation in some cases. Some natives may have to leave the native place on compulsion. Some may become unsociable and so even the spouse and children might dislike the native.

Finance : Natives will be in good financial position. Salary-hike may be expected for those in service. Some may borrow money, to renovate home/office. Avoid availing loan, as it will become a huge debt in due course, which will be difficult to repay. Avoid spending much, as expenses may be more during this time. Those who are doing business would fare better with the co-operation of people, who work under them. Income through landed property may be affected. Jupiter's aspect on 12th house might increase the expenditure for spiritual activities and auspicious functions. Income may come through landed property of in-laws. Income from family property will come to your aid.

Career : Jupiter aspects the 10th house. Loss of position and bad name in work place are possible for a few. Benefits may come through co-workers or employees during this transit. The native will be more successful in appointing employees to work for him, if applicable, and improvements in his working environment are likely. It is easier than usual to find employment now. Chances are there to get a new job during this period, or significantly improve the existing one. Some natives may get new job opportunities abroad also. Health-related or healing professions would appeal to a few and they would involve themselves in those.

Health : Health will be affected, since Jupiter is Maraka and Badhaka for Mithuna. Generally, the natives may suffer due to stomach ailments, obesity. Respiratory disorders or backache problems. Due to Saturn's aspect on 1,4 and 9th houses, health of both father and mother may be affected.

Women : Women may get humiliated at the workplace as well as in home. Their income will not get affected much. Children will get married and their income also will increase. Some will get initiated into spiritual pursuits like Japa. Unexpected income may come through games of chance, speculation etc. Some may be affected by Knee pain. Pregnant women need to follow the Doctor's advice.

Students : Students may get opportunities to do Post Graduation and further research. Those who are interested in Business Administration will do well. Law students and those studying Teachers Training course will also do their best. Professional students would get success in getting Job placement, before completing the course. Maternal uncle will help for the higher studies.

Birth Star Predictions :

Mrigasira: (3,4) : Increase in income and gain of properties are on cards. Some sudden evil events may also happen. A Friend will turn into an enemy. There will be disturbances in work-place as well as in family. Those who are eligible will get married. Their younger siblings will prosper. Promotion or favourable transfer is possible. Foreign travel is indicated. Father and elder brother's health will get affected, but they will get well soon. Pain may develop in both the hands.

Arudra : Expenditure for auspicious matters will increase. Transfer to unwanted place may happen. Some of them may go abroad for job and earn well. Stomach may be affected due to untimely and unhealthy food. Some may suffer from problem in Throat/neck. Harmony in family life will be disturbed till March 1st week of 2019. Father's health will improve.

Punarvasu (1,2,3) : Meticulous planning in financial matters is a must; otherwise, some natives will end up with a huge debt. No savings is possible. Business may run into loss. Friends will not be helpful. Avoid harsh words in speech. Those who are single will find suitable partner. Health may be affected, due to irregular sleeping pattern. Pain in right hand may bother a few. Natives who are working for network and communication may face trouble.

Vedic Remedies : Chant Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam. Donate Green-coloured clothes and whole Moong dal on Wednesdays. Donate saplings of Peeple tree, horse-gram, spiritual books, honey, sugar and Yellow cloth to temple priests on Thursdays. Chant Runa Vimochana mantra. Worship Goddess Mahalakshmi to get the money back from the borrowers.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Keep junior staff / domestic helps under strict discipline.
Apply a little Saffron as tilak on your forehead.



Punarvasu(4), Pushya and Aslesha.


(Jupiter in 5th; Saturn in 6th; Rahu in 1st and Ketu in 7th till March 7th 2019)

Jupiter is 6th and 9th lord for Cancer, which is the 4thhouse of Kalapurusha and ruled by the Moon. Jupiter aspects 9th, 11th and 1st houses. Jupiter aspects 9th, 11th and 1st houses.

This period will not be quite good, since Jupiter become Lohamoorthy for Kataka.

Cancerians are true to the nature of Moon, unsteady nature. They are pure and clean-hearted. As the Lord of the sign waxes and wanes, the life of these people will have ups and downs coming alternately. They will aspire for goals, beyond their capacity. Some of them are social workers and have become famous.

Personal and Family : Cancerians will be with full of joy and all comforts. They will get re-united with relatives who were not in touch and get happiness through them. Birth of male child is indicated. Auspicious ceremonies are likely at home. Emotional problems will be resolved. The natives may get servants, who will be helpful to them. Natives will make lots of travel to religious places and foreign also. These people may get chance to meet high intellectuals. Some of the natives may develop their art and crafts work. Natives will get good status, name and fame. Native's father will be famous person with wealth and prosperity. Rahu will not give much trouble, due to Jupiter's aspect. Saturn in the 6th will also give good results.

Finance : The natives would succeed in Speculation and Chance-games and gain money. There will be expansion of business. Old investments would give the native regular fixed income. Income through children may also be expected. Lot of expenditure on travel and amusement is possible. Expenditure on health issues are likely during November--to January for a few natives. The natives will donate liberally for religious cause. Debts will be cleared. Some problems will be there in acquiring the father's property. Income from house-rent will increase for those who rent out their land/house. Some natives may get savings through discounts on bargaining.

Career : Those who are in Government service will exercise authority in their departments. Higher officials will also support you. There are chances for promotion and transfer. Those who are trying for foreign job will get success in their effort. Hidden enemies in work-place will disappear. Those who are working in temple administration will see increase in income. Media persons may be affected.

Health : Jupiter's aspect on the 1st house indicates good health. But some minor stomach (digestive parts) problems are also indicated. Those who already have some ailments will also recover from their illness. Children's health may be affected.

Women : Women may get good assistance for house hold chores. Many women may be blessed with male child. Those who are expecting child birth should be very careful. Some women might undergo Caesarian surgery for delivery of the child. Take care of health of self, partners and children. Disagreement may arise with male partners. Working women may face trouble in work-place and may leave the job because of this. Some natives may be separated from their husbands. Lovers will find it difficult to get their desire fulfilled.

Students : Students will show a lot of improvement in their studies. Those who are in Post Graduate level will succeed and pursue Research also. Finance will not be a problem for their studies. Average students also will show improvements in their studies after January 2019. Yoga and meditation may help them. Many children would show interest in leaning Vedas and Mantras.

Birth Star Predictions :

Punarvasu (4) : Those who are born in Punarvasu star will gain land/house property. Increase in cattle and Happiness due to auspicious ceremony at home like marriage/child birth are on cards. They will feel mentally strong. Some natives may get heart ailments, if dasa-bhukti periods are favourable. Pain in right hand and skin allergy are likely. Some may undertake foreign travel which will be gain ful.

Pushya : Disagreement with spouse and so separation may happen. Resolve this problem, by mutual discussions. Jupiter over Saturn's star is not good. Caution should be exercised in finance matter. Speculative activities will not be gainful. During this period, 7th lord in 6th and 6th lord in 5th in transit will affect family, wealth and health. Ailments in right hand are possible.

Aslesha : Aslesha born natives would find some relief, after January 2019. Increase in income, child birth are on cards. They will always be in wavering mind. They may feel exploitation in work-place. Natives may feel that they are not getting due recognition. Properties should be purchased in joint name. Single ownership will end up in trouble. Father 's health may be affected. Spouse will be helpful in family matters. Foreign travel is indicated. These natives are truthful to everyone. This nature will help them overcome the hurdles.

Vedic Remedies : Worship Sri Guru Bhagawan in a Navagraha Shrine on Thursdays, by lighting ghee lamp. Chant Sri Hanuman Chalisa and worship Him on Saturdays. Milk may be donated to the poor children and for Abhisheka to Goddes Parvathy in temple. Do not accept donations in the name of temples.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Not to indulge in betting / speculation of any kind.
Don't ill treat the male children of the family.


LEO (Simha) :
Makha, Poorvaphalguni, Uttaraphalguni(1).


(Jupiter in 4th; Saturn in 5th; Rahu in 12th and Ketu in 6th till March 7th 2019.)

Jupiter is 5th and 8th lord for Leo, which is the 5th house of Kala Purusha and ruled by the Sun. Jupiter aspects 8th,10th, and 12th houses.

This period will give average results since Jupiter becomes Tamaramoorthy for Leo.

Leo natives are of commanding and nature, shorttemper. The constitution of their body is very strong. They are natural rulers, clever, intelligent, discriminatory, clear headed, hard working, proud and learned in arts and culture.

Personal and Family : Confidence level will increase with more secured feeling. Domestic activities, may expand and grow. Relations with family will be very pleasant and supportive. Some of them may moveto a bigger home, or expand the Real estate holdings. New members may get added in the family.

Some natives would show interest in investigating about their ancestors. Avoiding or escaping responsibilities may create problems at times. These natives want to please everybody all the time, which is not possible. Some of them will always be in worries. Caution should be exercised, while driving. Father may become ill. There will be lack of comforts for some natives and some will suffer from mental agony and humiliation. Children will give trouble. They may get into some bad addictions. Friends may turn away. Mother-in-law will be helpful.

Finance : Income through real estate investments (house/land) and business may be enhanced. Appreciation in value of property/land would give happiness and relief. Expenditure on expansion/ repairs of the house will be increased. Some natives will start business from home and get money. Natives may plan long term investment and business. Income through Speculation will be moderate. Avoid too much investment in speculation. Increase in expenditure due to children is likely.
Financial loss due to agriculture, real estate and cattle are also possible for a few.

Career : Some natives may face transfer within the work-place. Few of them may face departmental action and demoted. Take steps carefully in expanding business. Handle the subordinates very patiently and tactfully. Those who are developing real estate business should always be cautious; otherwise business would become very slow, causing loss. Team work is essential during this period, to get success in business.

Health : Stress, anxiety, and tiredness may affect the mind and body, due to over-work and overenthusiasm. Some natives may get hurt from quadrupeds. Hormonal imbalance may arise. Nothing is to be feared about serious illness, with the current transit of Jupiter. Those, who are in addiction of smoking, drinking, etc. would come out of that.

Women : Women will always be busy with domestic affairs and continuous work, due to arrival of new members to the family. Some of them will have to take care of children and the domestic affairs singlehandedly, due to the absence/non-cooperation from their male partners. For working women, it is a testing period. Some of them have to face harassment and humiliation by their superiors. They have to take care of their health, relating to chest portion. Children's health may also pose big problem for them.

Students : Students will have comfortable environment for their studies. Avoid the company of bad friends; otherwise some might get into the addiction of bad habits. Afflicted Jupiter in the natal chart may create problem in education. They will achieve their goal through hard work and intelligence. Students will be able to concentrate in studies seriously, after January 2019. Sleep will pose big hindrance for some students.

Birth Star Predictions :

Makha : Natives born in this star will get involved in spiritual activities. Separation is likely from their spouse during November and December 2018. From January, things will change . Mixed results are indicated. Domestic happiness may increase. Students in School level will get good results. Women will get more money. Writers and those who work for networking and communication will also prosper, after January 2019. Friends will help. After March 2019, when Ketu comes into the 5th house, worries may develop on account of children.6th lord in 5th indicates no enemies.5th lord in 4th foretells loss due to speculation.

Poorvaphalguni : Natives born in this star will face problems till January. Only average result is expected for the rest of the period. Heavy expenditure is likely due to re-modeling/expansion of their houses, guests, and functions. Domestic expenses will become uncontrollable. Working people will become stressful. Separation from family due to transfer is also on cards. Some problems in the face-area is possible. Pain in hands may bother a few.

Uttraphalguni (1) : These natives could invest in speculation and gain, if they do it correctly. Some will get interested in spiritual activities and chanting mantras. Saturn will create problems through their children. Students will show less interest in studies. Some natives may go pilgrimages. Some natives would involve themselves in temple activities and tend to spend money for that. Health issues in facial area is likely.

Vedic Remedies : Worship Shri Ganesha. Chant Adithya Hrudaya mantra. Distribute sweets made of Jaggery and Wheat on Sundays. Visit a Gurustala, (Tiruchendur). Worship Sri Durgamata on Tuesdays. Donate multi-colored cloths and wollen blankets to the poor.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Not to fall in the trap of illicit relationships.
Wear Yellow thread around the neck.


Uttraphalguni (2,3,4), Hasta, Chitra (1,2)


(Jupiter in 3rd; Saturn in 4th; and Ketu in 5th and Rahu in 11th houses till 7th March, 2019)
Jupiter is the lord of 4th and 7th for Virgo, which is the 6th house for Kalapurusha, ruled by Mercury.
Jupiter aspects, the 7th, 9th and 11th houses. This period will be good, since Jupiter has become Rajata Moorthy for Virgo

Those born in Virgo are charitable, well-natured, knowledgeable, alert, clever, curious, orthodox, of good character, but selfish and cunning. They will earn a lot during the later part of their life. They may be dual-minded, with conflicting views. They may also earn their bread as petty shop-keepers, clerk or as accountants, auditors, publishers, salesmen, registrars, secretaries, share brokers, etc.

Personal & Family : When Jupiter passes through 3rd from Janma Rasi, those, who were waiting to get married and were unable to find a partner till now, will find their soul-mate, now. Experience good fortune with vehicles, transportation, through siblings, and with the communications industry. Opportunities may come through short trips, messages, emails, or they could come through contacts with siblings, classmates, and neighbors. Quarrel with maternal uncle is indicated. Native's dreams/wishes in subconscious mind will get fulfilled. Chances are there for getting deceived by others. This period will bring a lot of anguish, enmity with relatives, physical sickness, interruption of work etc. Natives would learn to be more flexible and adaptable. There may be separation from home due to job. Financial position will be unsteady.

Finance : Income through online business, Printing and publishing will enhance. Some gain through gambling/speculation is indicated. But extravagant spending is dangerous. Expenditure in domestic front will be high. Spouse's siblings will help for business. Children will spend a lot of money for their friends. Some natives would incur huge expenditure for marriage of their children. Plan your investments wisely, as absent-mindedness may cost you heavily. Never stand as surety to any one, as chances are there to get deceive. Due to Saturn in the 4th, there may be theft of valuables.

Career : Those who are associated with the transport industry and communication sector will be benefitted. Artists will get more opportunities. Marketing people will find new clients and hence get more income after January 2019.

Some may have to face challenges in their business during this period. Strategizing before putting time and energy in work will surely be helpful. This period will be quite tough for office-goers. They must be more attentive in work, as bad performance or carelessness may negatively affect their chances of promotion. Refrain from unnecessary talk in office.

Health : Health will be affected, often due to stress and continuous travel. Children's health will be affected.
Natives are advised to take regular breaks from work, in order to take care of their health. Right hand will be affected for some natives. Saturn's 10th aspect will give problems for spleen, kidney, uterus and bladder.

Women : Women will face a lot of challenges in bringing up their children. They should be very patient in work place. Their health may get affected, due to over burden of work in office and home. Increased expenditure in domestic affairs will cause worries. Maid servant will not co-operate or quit, putting them in more stress. Students: Students are likely to be very intuitive. Jupiter expands their mental power; so they will grasp new information quickly and comprehend things effortlessly. This placement of Jupiter is very beneficial for the native's early education too. They can also excel in writing and literary fields. Students' knowledge will grow. It is a good time to do research further in their field of study.

If anyone is writing a book, a report or articles, it is a good time to get focused on writing and accomplish lots. Saturn in the 4th will give hindrance and break in higher studies for some natives. Those who are studying through Correspondence will do well.

Birth Star Predictions :

Uttraphalguni (2,3,4) : These natives will face unexpected changes in life. Placement of Rahu and Saturn will give them some benefits too. Some natives may have problems in facial area. Singers must take care of their throat. Some natives may lose or quit job due to transfer to unwanted place. These natives are generally very attached to their female children; birth of female child is indicated. Income from father's side is possible.

Hasta : Rahu's transit is not favourable. Saturn will do favour to few natives. Skin allergy in face may cause trouble to a few. Unmarried will get suitable bride/bride grooms. Marital life will be somewhat disturbed and there may be minor quarrels. There will be an undercurrent of dissatisfaction brewing in married life. Women will be happy with in-laws. Hairfall will be a big problem to a few. Some natives may suffer from headach, due to over-thinking and hard work. They may find it difficult to meet the increased expenditure.

Chitra (1, 2) : Natives may acquire land/house properties. Some may expand their house. Income through trading cosmetics is possible for some natives, after January. Difference of opinion with spouse will disappear and harmony in married life would prevail. There might-be troubles at work place and thus the danger of losing job. Health problems may develop in head and face.

Vedic Remedies : Worship Lord Shiva during Pradosha (Thrayodasi Tithi). Chant Siva Mantra. Perform Surya namaskar daily. Worship Goddess Shri Parvathi Devi on Mondays and Shri Durga Mata on Tuesdays, with lighting ghee lamps. To excel in music, worship lord Shri Hanuman on Ekadasi day.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Not to sign important documents on Wednesday.
Check and test the credentials of other person, before agreeing to help.


LIBRA (Tula)
Chitra (3,4), Swati, Visakha (1,2,3)

(Jupiter in 2nd; Saturn in 3rd; Ketu in 4th and Rahu in 10th houses till 7th March 2019)

Jupiter is the lord of 3rd and 6th for Libra. Which is the 7th house for Kalapurusha, ruled by Venus. Jupiter aspects the 6th 8th and 10th houses. This period will be excellent, since Jupiter becomes Swarna moorthy for Libra.

Libra is Cardinal and Airy sign. Natives born in this sign like perfumes and live with all comforts and luxuries. They are liked by all, though lack mental strength.

They are impartial, in giving judgment. They like partnership in their career. They have business acumen of high order and like to perform good acts.

Personal and Family : Jupiter would introduce new things and make the native's life pleasant. Some will have addition in the family by child birth or marriage during this time. Jupiter may give change of residence for those, who are living in a rented place. Those who are living in own house will spend for renovation. Those who are single at the age of marriage may find the love partner during this period and those who are married will get full support from their spouse. Some natives may indulge in extra-marital affair, during this period. Gain through religion and religious activities are indicated. Some will gain popularity, through helping people in need. Native's mother may fall sick and those who are already ailing would become worse during this period.

Finance : Natives would get money from many corners, and Bank balance will surely be on the rise. Those who have applied for loan, will get it sanctioned during this period. Tendency in spending most of it will come and as a result, they may not be left with much of what they will accumulate. There is possibility of gain from every kind of investment. Expect financial constraints due to extensive expenses during Jupiter's retrograde period. Natives may donate to charities. Income from landed property will increase. Be extra careful if lending or borrowing.

Career : It is a decent time for self-development in business . Those who are in service will find new opportunities for job. Politicians may struggle to maintain credibility. Those who are in performing arts, will have a good time. Native's professional life will become highly commendable. Those who are jobless will find new employment opportunities. They will face challenges boldly in work place.

Health : Putting weight due to over-eating may end with complications. Take regular breaks from work in order to take care of health. Natives may suffer from diseases of the intestine. Jupiter's aspect on 6th house would help the native get well soon if at all health is affected.

Women : Women will enjoy domestic life. Male partners will give more attention to their well-being. Working women would choose quitting job, due to transfer, increased work-load or more responsibility in job, on account of elevation. Children's health will give them worries. Due to gain of body weight, respiratory problem may arise.

Students : Since Jupiter rules education, students may consider updating their skills by attending seminars, workshops, webinars or formal classes. Students will excel in studies in High school level. They must take care, if the natal 2nd house, 2nd lord and dasabhukti are not favourable. For some natives, break in study may happen. Those who are studying literature, music must work hard.

Birth Star Predictions :

Chitra (3,4) : These natives will enjoy life in all aspects. Gain of immovable properties as well money is indicated. Ketu in the 4th will give trouble up to March 2019, in the home environment and health sector. Expenditure will be on the high due to repair of vehicles/houses. Income from land will not be up to the expectations. Some natives may be affected by Hirnia, Kidney stone problem.

Swati : These natives may face ups and downs in financial matters as well as in the work front. Some will achieve high position unexpectedly due to Rahu in the 10th. These natives will never give up their effort, till they succeed, whatever comes in between. Father's health may be affected after March 2019 and those who are doing spiritual activities will also face problems.

Visakha (1, 2, 3) : Jupiter's transit will enhance their Will power. Some natives may feel dejected and lose enthusiasm at times. However, they will rise and succeed finally. Married life will be generally happy, with some quarrels occasionally, which would get resolved soon. Students focus on their studies would do well after January 2019. Problems may arise in lower abdomen and kidney. These natives must restrain from over strain, physically and mentally.

Vedic Remedies : Chant Sri Dakshinamurthy manthra. Worship Sri Durga Mata and Lord Sri Kartikeya. If possible, perform Sri Mruthyanjaya Homa and donate Gold to temples. Offer milk to Snake God. Donation of Cow will be more effective.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Whenever you are distressed, go to any temple.
Gift Yellow-coloured sweets to your elders.



SCORPIO (Vrischika)
Visakha (4), Anuradha, Jyeshta.

(Jupiter in 1st; Saturn in 2nd; till 7th March 2019 Ketu in 3rd and Rahu in 9th)

Jupiter is the lord of 2nd and 5th for Scorpio, which is the 8th house for Kalapurusha and ruled by Mars. Jupiter aspects 5th 7th and 9th houses. This period is not so good, since Jupiter becomes Loha moorthy for Scorpio.

Scorpio is a Fixed sign and those born in this is also of the fixed views, and with pretending tendency. They can keep up secrets and are of somewhat cruel nature. They may have connection with underground people and are unreliable. They are charitable, humourous, clever and sweet in conversation, but deceptive. They are aggressive towards enemies, and ultimately win over them. They try to finish all the work promptly. They may create conflict between people.

Personal and Family : Jupiter's transit in Scorpio is a blessing, as it aspects the houses 5, 7 and 9. This transit is beneficial for their children, spouse and father. Generally people talk of Janma Guru with reference to the Epic Ramayana, when Sri Rama lost Sita during Janma Guru and started wandering. Some natives may change their residence or travel long distance, due to work-commitments. When Jupiter in transit is in the natal Moon sign, the person will lose wealth, intellect and position and will have frequent quarrels. Efforts done to become famous will give adverse result only. Some always be in the grip of fear. Theft of valuables is indicated. Moon with Jupiter will give good effects to some natives during waxing Moon period like cordial relation between couples or reunion with spouse for those who are separated due to job etc.

Finance : Some natives may put finance in joint venture. Financial gains from family business are likely. There will be monetary gains from relatives too. Some natives will be making money from home itself. Those dealing with real estate, vehicles, mines, geology, history, and lands will make good money. Due to Saturn in the 2nd, some natives may have to struggle in getting money in time. Financial help through children is indicated. Some natives will borrow money. Ninth house Rahu may create problem in getting wealth from paternal side.

Career : Those who are into mining, occult, astrology, healing, etc will make good name for themselves. Those who were working behind the scene will come to front and get benefitted. Jupiter in Scorpio could make a few get involved in private nursing, funeral businesses or elderly care homes. Some natives may start family business involving both husband and wife.

Health : Natives must take care of their weight-gain, restlessness and over-confidence, Saturn in the 2nd will affect eating palatable food. Avoid eating in unhealthy outlets.

Eye problems will increase. Unfortunately taking overdoses of drugs would result in serious health problem during this period. Meditation will have a profound impact in healing.

Women : Cordial relation would prevail with their husband/partner. Utterance of harsh words may create quarrel. Some may undergo surgery for hernia, fibroid, removal of ovary etc. Change of residence, transfer of working place will be problem for some women. Children and father will co-operate.

Students : It might be an ideal time for students born in this Rasi to consider higher education, to pursue a diploma, degree and publishing their writing. This is a great time for picking up useful and profitable skills. Students will choose courses in Mining, Psychology's etc.

Birth Star Predictions :

Visakha (4) : Those who are born in Visakha in Scorpio sign are blessed by their ancestors. Mutual understanding between couples will be good. Till March 2019, they may face ups and downs in travel, spiritual activities, domestic disharmony etc. Relationship with father and children will be smooth. Some will be devoid of help from servants. Some will go on foreign trip/pilgrimage, after January 2019.

Anuradha : Childrens study in school level will go slow. Some natives may gain wealth and be blessed with child-birth. If Dasa-bhukthi period is not conducive, some natives might get addicted to bad habits and spend a lot for that. Some will do business with foreigners or other language-speaking persons or those who belongs to other religions. Sufferings due to tooth ailments, kidney stone and hernia may bother a few.

Jyeshta : Some natives will face nervous problem. Loss in business also lkely. Exaggerating things and harsh arguments will lead them to get into troubles in home as well as in work place. Mother's support will give relief. Children will not co-operate much. Some natives will enjoy blissful married life. Some may tend to move onto the spiritual path, after March 2019. Till January 2019, there may hindrance in all their efforts.

Vedic Remedies: Perform Rudra Abhishek with the help of a pandit. Donate things made of skin to the needy. Do Annadhan to beggars and the physically-challenged. Chant Shri Vishnu Sahasranama on Saturdays and Wednesdays. Donation of blankets made of wool will also be helpful. Maintain cordial relations with in-laws.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Not to wear Green shirts.
Help and respect the widows.



DHANUS (Sagittarius) :
Moola, Poorvashada, Uttarashada (1)

(Jupiter in 12th;,Saturn in 1st; till 7th March 2019, Ketu in 2nd and Rahu in 8th)

Jupiter is the lord of 1st and 4th for Sagittarius, which is the 9th house for Kalapurusha and ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter aspects the 4th 6th and 8th houses. This period will be quite favourable, since Jupiter becomes Swarna moorthy for Sagittarius.

Persons born in this sign will be calculative of profit and loss in anything they do, will be wealthy which their looks will reflect. They are attractive, easygoing, self-reliant, friendly and will enjoy life with all comforts. They have liking towards spiritual, logic, philosophy, Vedanta, ethics, economics, etc. They are influenced by fair sex. They enjoy good vehicles and attendants.

Personal and Family : Since Jupiter aspects the 4th, 6th and 8th houses, there will be mixed results. Natives will win over the enemies. More spiritual inclination is likely during this period. Long distance travel or journey abroad is indicated. Native's mother will be benefited during this transit. Natives may show less interest in presenting themselves smart. Cordial atmosphere in home may get disturbed sometimes. Some natives may move away from native place or change their residence. Things will move slowly. Be cautious, when moving with high society women, since chances are there to fall prey to scandals. Some natives may feel that they are always under fear.

Finance : Natives might incur loss, due to expenditure in unwanted things. Loss of income is likely from immovable properties. At the same time, some natives will purchase new vehicles and landed property. Transact carefully, while selling and purchasing of land or building, otherwise some may cheat you. Expenditure will be on the high upto January 2019; after that, the condition will improve slowly.

Career :Some natives will get good opportunity in finding good job. There is every possibility of facing defamation and losing their present position in the job. There are chances of facing suspension for some natives in Government job. But their determination will bring success. Things will be moving ahead quite slowly. Literary person will shine. Natives must have to compromise in certain things in job or in business. Some natives may witness the elevation of the fellowworkers and depressed. Their performance in the work place will not be so productive.

Health : 2nd lord in 1st and 1st lord in 12th indicate loss of wealth and health. Sleeplessness, irregular food habits would cause serious mental as well as physical health issue. Children's health may be affected. After March 2019, Rahu will give some trouble to spouse in health matter. Due to Jupiter's aspect on 6th, natives who are ailing already will get relief.

Women :Women born in this sign have to shoulder the entire burden of domestic works. But they will manage very efficiently. Those who are suffering from Cancer (in breast or uterus) will get Saturn's 3rd aspect will give worry about father-in-law's health. Women searching employment will get suitable job. Working women may face troubles from boss and colleagues. Those who are working in Government will be punished without any fault on their part. They may feel inferior to their siblings.

Students : Higher studies are possible for those who want aspire for that. Research students will excel, after March 2019. Many natives will show interest in Research in Water-resources and get success. Those who study in school level have to work hard. They may face obstacles, due to ill health and finance. They will be in co-operative mood with fellowstudents.

Birth Star Predictions :

Moola : Natives born in this star will excel in studies, overcoming the hindrances. Some of those who are studying professional courses will get placement Those who want to do medicine will succeed in getting admission. Those in show-biz will receive good assignments. They must take care of eyes and teeth which may give problems. Expected income will not reach in time.

Poorvashada : Natives of this star may get Government job. Some may get interested in vehicles, jewellery perfumes, bed comforts, etc. Some will develop interest in spiritual activities, after March 2019. Some natives will travel to foreign countries. Some natives will suffer from knee problems. Some will do business from home and get profit in that business. Those who are selling computer accessories will do well, after January 2019.

Uttarashada (1) : Natives born in this star will have to do unwanted travel. They have to starve sometimes, while traveling. Everything will get delayed, due to Janma Sani. Avoid giving false evidence in any matter. Till March 2019, they will face difficulties in finance and family. But due to their steady mind-set, they will overcome everything smoothly. Gain of landed property is possible for some natives. Native's mother will be supportive. Mental tension will increase, whenever conjunction of Saturn with Moon occurs.

Vedic Remedies : Worship Lord Ganesha on Mondays. Worship Goddess Shri Lakshmi on Fridays with ghee lamps and Lotus flowers. Chant Adithya Hrudaya stothra. Chant Shri Hanuman Chalisa and visit the temple of Shri Hanuma on Ekadasi days. Light lamps with til oil on Saturdays in front of Shri Shani Bhagavan. Visit Tirupathi and worship Lord Shri Venkateswara for peace of mind. Render services to Sadhus. Take care of Peepal trees. Students must worship Sri Vishnu on Punarvasu Nakshatra day, to score good marks in examination.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Feed your guests and treat them well.
Read atleast a page from your religious book daily.



Uttarashada (2,3,4), Sravana, Dhanishta (1,2)

(Jupiter in 11th; Saturn in 12th; till 7th March 2019, Ketu in 1st and Rahu in 7th house)

Jupiter is 3rd and 12th lord for Capricorn, which is the 10th house for Kalapurusha and is ruled by Saturn. Jupiter aspects the 3rd, 5th and 7th houses.

This period will give average results, since Jupiter has become a Tamara Moorthy for Capricorn. Natives born in Capricorn sign are calculative in all affairs; whenever they help others,

it will not be without any expectations. They may have problems in domestic life and public life, because they get a lot of opponents. They are adamant in nature. They may face financial loss or shortage. They will not believe others easily. They will lose money through theft. They may do unethical things and as a result they will be hated by relatives and parents.

Personal and Family : Jupiter's aspect on the 5th and 7th houses are good. 11th is the Badhakasthan for Capricorn sign. But still good results may be expected, from 5th and 7th house matters. Child birth and marriage may take place. Social status will improve. They may have to be away from home, due to transfer of job. Natives may get intuitive feelings. By initiating into mantras, they will be spiritually successful. They may also get chances for foreign travel and it will be gainful. Sometimes unnecessary travel may create tiredness and loss of money. Siblings will shine. Friends and relatives may give trouble and will not be helpful.

Finance : Increase in salary is indicated for those in service. Caution should be exercised in working place, which dealing with partners in business. Avoid too much of investment in Stock market. Loss in Agricultural products may happen. Expenses will be on the high, for repairing vehicles and house. Some natives may incur expenses for auspicious functions like child-birth or marriage celebration of the children. There may be unexpected loss in business, due to hidden enemies.

Career : increase of income in job can be expected. Unexpected fall of position or litigation in business is possible for some natives. Natives may not keep up their promise of time-schedule in job or business. Because of this, loss of income may happen. Some natives may have to travel to foreign countries on job. Natives have to incur medical expenses for spouse for undiagnosed disease. Marketing people may get benefits. Some people may have confusion in taking decision, regarding change of profession. Some natives working in foreign countries may have to return to mother-land.

Health : General health may get affected. Spouse's health may pose problems and the disease could not be diagnosed. Parents' health should be taken care of. Stress in work, physically as well as mentally, will make the native worn out. Do meditation and eat good food. Water and air bound diseases will be on the increase. Natives are advised to take precautionary medicines. Some may suffer due to leg/knee pain.

Women : Women will get attention from the opposite sex. Some natives may quarrel with spouse and male partners. Some natives will become lazy. Working women will get Government support. Expecting mothers may get male child. Those who are in high position may experience downfall from the present position or forced to come out. Women in politics will gain popularity. Some women will spend lot of money in decorating their homes. Women running Beauty parlour will gain.

Students : Students doing higher studies will get remarkable success and pursue further studies. Those who are in technical education will shine. Study of Marine Engineering and Navy will be attract you. More students will opt for Catering technology or textile technology. More students will show interest in fashion designing and jewellery making. Avoid wandering unnecessarily which may affect their studies.

Birth Star Predictions

Uttarashada (2,3,4) : Uttarashada natives will get mixed results. Some of the natives born in this star will travel abroad. Politicians may not get benefits, as expected by them. Some will get transfer in job. Notable spiritual development will be there, after March 2019. Some natives will gain in speculation. Some will fall in love with people of other religions. Some natives will get new house. Singers will shine. Over all from January 2019, the natives will get relief from financial difficulty.

Sravana : People born in this star will get benefic results during this transit period in general. Some people will gain huge finance during the period between the middle of December 2018 to the end of January 2019. Marriage, child birth, increase in wealth, new job are on cards. Some natives will enter into heated arguments with spouse/male partners or lover. Some natives will become very lazy. They may get good servants. Foreign travel is indicated.

Dhanishta (1, 2) : Natives born in this star may go on short travels. Gain through immovable properties will be high. Singers will shine. Mother will be in good health. Some natives may develop chest-related problem. After March 2019, income will increase through profit in business. Some natives will spend for spiritual activities. Siblings' health may get affected.

Vedic Remedies :
Chant Shri Vishnu Sahasranamam. Worship Lord Karthikeya on Tuesdays in the nearly temple, offering Red flowers. Offer Butter to Lord Hanuman on Saturdays. Chant mentally 'Om Namah Shivaya', whenever possible.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Wear a Gold chain around the neck.
Feed the elephants with Sugarcane.



Dhanishta (3&4), Satabisha, Poorvabhadra (1,2,3)

(Jupiter in 10th, Saturn in 11th; Ketu in 12th and Rahu in 6th house till 7th March 2019)

Jupiter is 2nd and 11th lord for Aquarius . Aquarius is 11th house for Kalapurusha and is ruled by Saturn. Jupiter aspects the 2nd, 4th and 6th houses. This period will give good results since Jupiter has become Rajata Moorthy for Aquarius.

People born in Aquarius are generally straight forward, highly intellectual and deep thinking. They will definitely complete the work, which they start at any cost. They won't give up their efforts till the end. They love art and literature. Married life will not be very happy. These natives live long with good health. Others will be envious of Aquarians. They lead a comfortable life with all prosperity. They will give importance to friends, than relatives. They show interest in Yoga, meditation etc.

There is a mythological story that when Jupiter was in 10th from Janma Rasi for Lord Shiva, due to the sin of Brahmahathya (while plucking the head of Lord Brahma), He lost everything including His abode with Parvathi Devi. and started begging alone, with the same hollow skull of the plucked head of Brahma.

This story tells about the difficulties of the placement of Jupiter in the 10th house from the Moon. If Lord Himself suffered to this extent, think about common people in Kaliyuga, who are committing a lot of sins, of even in day-to-day life.

Personal & Family : A few Confidence of the native will be shaken. Natives' desires may remain un fulfilled. Some will wander aimlessly. All their endeavors would go in vain. Jupiter's aspect on the 2nd house shows increase in income and harmony domestic life. Some will enjoy new vehicles and house. Relationship with spouse and children will become stressful, with petty quarrels. Relationship with in-laws will not be smooth. Some natives may get trouble from the Government. Some may face Litigation in ancestral property matters with their siblings.

Finance : Loss in property is indicated. Some will suffer due to over-expenditure. But Jupiter's aspect on the 2nd house will give some relief in financial matters. Some will get gain from ancestral property. Refrain from investing huge money in Stock and Shares. Make a habit of regular savings from your income, which can save you from financial sufferings during this transit. Borrowing or lending should be under control; otherwise, the dealings will end up with big trouble.

Career : When Jupiter passes through l0th, generally there is danger to the official position the natives occupy. But due to Jupiter's connection to the houses 2,6, and 10th there will be positive results too to some extent. Some may face suspension from job. Some natives will get transfer to unwanted place and may have to get separated from the family for some time. Expenditure will also increase, due to that. Some natives may be held responsible for some misappropriation at their work place. Avoid argument with superiors. Those who are dealing with cash transactions must be extra careful.

Health : Jupiter's aspect on the 6th house will minimize the health problems. Some natives will suffer from eye problems, throat, skin diseases. Health of spouse and children may get affected. Aged persons should be very careful, since there is possibility of bone fracture in hip or legs.

Women : Women natives should take extra care of their own health and that of spouse and children. Some working women will have to go far away from family, due to transfer or promotion in job Spinsters will find suitable life partner. Some will move to new house. After March 2019, they may get peace of mind, due to cordial relation with family members and financial improvement.

Students : Students studying in school level will shine. Those who are in higher studies must put sincere hard work. They should take care of their health. They should develop good communication skill. Students doing undergraduate studies will come out successfully. Most of the students would like to join Commerce and Accounts or finance-related courses. Research students will do well, when Jupiter travels in the star of Mercury. Students will face hardship in getting loan from financial institutions and charitable Trusts.

Birth Star Predictions

Dhanishta (3, 4) : Some will get more income. Unmarried natives will get married. Their siblings will go to higher position/status. Some may lose of immovable properties. Lack of confidence would make them feel inferior in public life. Period from 26th November 2018 to 26th Jan. 2019 will be good financially.

Satabisha : Child birth is indicated to some of the natives born in this star. Some will travel to foreign lands, which will be gainful for them. One of the family members may suffer from serious health issue. Some natives will sell their properties in loss to meet the medical expenses. But these natives will face all the miseries courageously and come out of the hurdles in finance, health, job, etc.

Poorvabhadra (1,2,3) : Some unmarried natives may meet their life-partners. Child birth is also indicated to a few. Loss of positions and bad health conditions are indicated. Some natives will gain in Share market investments, after March 2019. Some natives may get worries about their siblings. Quarrels will crop up in the family. Some natives will show a lot of interest in spiritual pursuits.

Vedic Remedies : Worship Goddess Mahalakshmi on Fridays, with Lotus flowers. Offer milk to the Snake-god. Recite Shiva Stuthi whenever possible. Worship Shri Kali Mata, lighting lamps on Lemon peels. Visit a Shiva temple situated in a hill. Fasting and worshipping Lord Shiva on Pradhosha (Trayodasi Thithi) days will give much relief from all sufferings. Those who can afford can perform Sri Sudarshana Homa.

Lal-kitab Remedies :
Occasionally feed sweet food to the blind people.
Donate dried Dates in the temple.



MEENA (Pisces) :
Poorvabhadra (4), Uttrarabhadra, Revati

(Jupiter in 9th; Saturn in 10th; Ketu in 11th and Rahu in 5th houses till 7th March, 2019)

Jupiter is the 1st and 10th lord for Pisces . Pisces is the 12th house for Kalapurusha and is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter aspects the 1st, 3rd and 5th houses.
This period will not give good results since Jupiter has become Loha Moorthy for Pisces.

Natives born in this Rasi are quite merciful, truthful, courageous and innocent. They have liking for perfumes and are spendthrift, charitable, but watchful. Usually, they remain in wavering mind. They love the relatives and friends. They are Interested in helping people in distress. This is the sign of expenditure, occurring due to sinful acts, profession in foreign lands, imprisonment and release therefrom.

Personal & Family : Significations of the 2nd house will get affected during this transit, since Jupiter will travel 8th to the 2nd house. Some natives will face troubles in the family financial crises, if the dasabhukti and Jupiter's placement in the natal chart are also not supportive. Some natives will get benefic results from 20 Feb. 2019. Some natives may be blessed with progeny. Unmarried younger brother/ sister may get married. Some natives will perform Pitru pooja during this period and get blessed by their ancestors and go on pilgrimages. Some may be get benefitted by Government schemes.

Finance : Natives will not be comfortable financially. Some natives who have invested in Cinema industry will get their fingers burnt. Business in communication/network/dubbing work/advertisement will not give the expected income. Some natives will get the father's money, which was due from his employer, as legal heir. Medical expenditure on children's health is likely. Avoid huge investment in speculation. Sale /purchase of immovable properties will get cancelled in the last minute causing loss and worries.

Career : With Saturn in, the 10th. Some natives will become the leader of Panchayat/Municipality. Some politicians will win and get prominent position in the Party/Government. Loose talk in public meetings about functioning Government may lead them to trouble and punishment. Some natives may get improvement in status and also increase in income from the end of January 2019.

Health: Health issues will not be much. But due to unnecessary travel and staying away from the family due to job transfer, etc. minor sickness may bother you. Mental stress due to children's health is also indicated. Mother's health also will get affected. Some natives may have to spend for dental problems and digestive disorders. Some natives may meet with minor accidents, if dasa-bhukti period is not supportive.

Women : Women fare well during this transit. Women working in Government will be honoured. Till March 2019, children will give trouble. Spinster will find suitable bridegroom and the married will get child. Those who are in public life will become more popular. Unemployed will get employment. Working women might face some troubles in the work-place. Self-employed women will gain much. Beauticians will get improvements.

Students : After March 2019, students will show some improvements . Those who are in primary stage of education may discontinue due to ill health. Bad company will distract the studies. Students who have inclination towards research can pursue during this period. Student who are studying Vedas and Mantras will shine.

Birth Star Predictions

Poorvabhadra (4) : These natives will act with wisdom and courage. They will get all comforts in life, like good health, wealth, love and affection. They will get good servants. Skin allergy will give trouble to some natives. Spouse's health may be affected. Some natives will travel to foreign countries. There will be gains from immovable properties. Minor problems in work-place are likely.

Uttarabhadra : Some natives born in this star will find suitable life-partners, if eligible for marriage. Some natives will move to bigger house than they are living now. Those who are involved in jewellery and textile business will expand their business ambience. One of their younger brothers/sisters will attain higher status. Businessmen will find new ways of marketing their products.

Revati : Those who are born in this constellation generally have calm nature. During this period, they will have wavering mind and this may affect their family life. Some will get good job. Those in service will get transfer with increased income. Blessings from ancestors will make them enjoy life peacefully. Some will start spiritual pursuits and spend for those.

Vedic Remedies : Worship Lord Maha Vishnu in Sayana posture (eg.Sri Ranganathar in Srirangam, Tamilnadu, India). Chant Shri Vishnu Sahasranamam on Wednesdays. Chant Sri Dakshinamurthy mantras on every Thursdays, for 16 weeks. Worship Lord Karthikeya and visit His temple. Daily visit of any temple is suggested.

Lal-kitab Remedies:
Maintain harmonious relations with in-laws.
Control your temperament.



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