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Elaborate Annual Predictions and Remedies for 2023

(Based on your Moon Sign & Birth Star)

By Dr. CH.D.Ravindra Nath
Lal-kitab Remedies contributed by Rajeev K. Khattar


Major Transits in 2023: (Based on Lahiri Chitrapaksha Ayanamsa)
Jupiter: In Uttarabhadra-2(Pisces), at the start of the year. It transits to Aries on 22 April 2023, Retrogrades on 5 September 2023 in Bharani-3(Aries) and transits back to Aswini-4(Aries) by the end of the year.
Combusts on 28thMarch 2023 in Revati-3(Pisces) and comes out of it on 27th April 2023 in Aswini (Aries).
Saturn: In Dhanishta-2(Capricorn), at the start of the year, transits to Aquarius on 17 January 2023, Retrogrades on 18 June 2023 in Satabisha-3(Aquarius), turns Direct on 04 Nov. 2023 in Dhanishta-4(Aquarius). Combusts from 31 January 2023 to 5 March 2023.
Rahu: In Bharani-2(Aries), at the start of the year, retrogrades to Revati-4(Pisces) by the end of the year.
Ketu: In Swati-4(Libra), at the start of the year, retrogrades to Chitra-2(Virgo) by the end of the year.

As per Gochara, transit of Jupiter in 2, 5, 7, 9, 11 houses and Saturn in 3, 6, 11 houses from your Moon sign indicates favorable results. It is always better to study Gochar(Transit) predictions along with Dasa, bhukthi, Ashtakavarga Charts and above all planetary Vedha to get correct assessment of planetary effects upon individuals. In spite of transiting in a favorable house in Gochara, a planet may not be able to give full benefic influence due to Vedha. For example, if Jupiter transiting in 2nd house gives favourable results, only if no other planet is transiting in 12th house.

Annual Forecast for 12-Rasi Individuals
MESHA (Aries)
Aswini, Bharani and Krittika (1)
Aries Jupiter in your 12th sign at the start of the year, transits to your Moon sign on 22nd April 2023, retrogrades on 5th Sept.2023. Combusts on 28th March 2023 and again transits to your Moon sign on 22nd April 2023. Saturn in your 10th Sign at the start of the year enters your 11th house on 17th January 2023, retrogrades there and turns Direct on 4th Nov.2023. Suffers Combustion in your 11th house in February 2023. Rahu transits in your Moon sign and 12th house, and Ketu transits in your 7th house and 6th house all through the year.

General Characteristics : Handsome appearance, long hands, broad eyes, long life, liked by all, clever, respected by highly placed officials, affiliations and liking for low class people, daring and chivalrous, greedy, indecisive, neat and reputed.

Domestic : Favorable transit of Saturn ensures good social life, reputation, status and honour in social circles. Spoiled relations with your kith and kin if any are likely to be revived. You will attend a number of social functions this year. Amidst these favorable indications, the adverse transit of Nodes may give rise to occasional tense situations. Journey to a religious place with family and friends is indicated. Those going for higher education will perform exceedingly well in their chosen field. Singles among you will take the lead this year for possible wedlock. Couples will straighten the messy things in their marital life and enjoy marital bliss.

Finance : You may acquire objects of your desire, but be wary, as extravagant expenses will make it difficult to put the finances in your control. Despite some ups and downs, overall you are going to be in the winning edge. Indications of acquiring a house property is very much on cards this year. Likelihood of spending on high-class vehicles, clothing and jewellery. Time is favourable for clearing off your loans and pay off your financial obligations with ease this year.

Career : You will like the atmosphere at your work place. You can extract work from your subordinates according to your job-needs, and enhance your career prospects. New responsibilities will be entrusted to you. Transfer to a distant place with increased job responsibilities is indicated in the middle of the year. Attempts of your adversaries to let down you will be counter-productive.

Health : By and large, your health this year would remain normal. Occasional sickness may compet you to visit hospitals. Fever, body pains, swelling of joints and eye troubles are indicated. For those running inimical dasa-bhukthi, ailments relating to diabetes, kidneys and private parts will result in some kind of health hazard, in the third quarter of the year. With Yoga and regular exercises, you can avoid minor health issues, resulting from change of weather.

Women : Good time for working women. Promotion, due for a long time, will be realised. Transfer on request will be allowed by your bosses. Bachelor girls can hear the ringing of wedding bells, only from 2nd or 3rd quarter of this year. Women suffering chronic Gynec problems, need to be doubly careful. For others, brief illness, followed by fast recover, is indicated.

Birth Star Predictions

Aswini : Guard yourself against intemperate habits, which are detrimental to your health. Life at distant and secluded places will be fetching and enjoyable. You are likely to be drawn towards occult studies and yoga. You might need to make some investment hesitantly, but it will prove to be worthwhile by the year-end. Acts of secret foes will be successfully overcome. You are likely to part your ways with your preceptor on idealogical issues. Some of you will get selected for lucrative posts.

Bharani : Positive attitude of your Boss in job-front would make you cheerful. Speculation looks disturbing. Cautious approach is advised. Stock market investors need to wait for long term gains. Efforts to expand your business empire, developing new skills to hone your talents are very much likely. Regular income and reduced savings will make your financial position very much rosy. Those in partnership business must be very much vigilant. You are likely to be taken aback with the turncoat attitude of your colleague.

Krittika(1) : You are likely to be helped by unexpected persons. Secret activity and sudden distant journeys will bring success. Normal good health is indicated. Hospitalization, if happens, will be followed by early discharge. There will be much gain and success. However, division of property, domestic squabbles relating to hereditary properties cannot be ruled out. Sale of properties will result in gain. Gain and cooperation from co-borns, and neighbours are likely. Vigilance and care are needed, to avoid fractures and injuries.

Vedic Remedies : Chant ‘Om Namo Narayanaya” 108 times daily. Visit any Vishnu temple on Thursday and offer prayers. Recite Durgashtakam daily, and worship Goddess Durga. Recite Ketu Stothra daily, and worship Lord Ganesha. .

Lal-kitab Remedies : Donate 1 Kg Wheat grains in any temple, on the first Sunday of every month.
Every Thursday, chant Ganapathy Sahasranaam.

Krittika (2, 3 & 4), Rohini and Mrigasira (1 & 2)
Aries Jupiter in your 11th sign at the start of the year transits to your 12th sign on 22nd April 2023, retrogrades on 5th Sept.2023. Combusts on 28th March 2023 and again transits to 12th from your Moon sign on 22nd April 2023. Saturn in your 9th Sign at the start of the year enters your 10th sign on 17th January 2023, retrogrades there and turns Direct on 4th Nov.2023. Suffers Combustion in your 10th house in February 2023. Rahu transits in your12th sign and 11th sign, and Ketu transits in your 6th sign and 5th sign all through the year.

General Characteristics : Thick mouth and lips, liberal, more daughters, wealth, kith and kin, happy in middle and last part of life, pains in stomach, Constipation, cough and respiratory diseases and gains in Agriculture.

Domestic : Periods of retrogression and Combustion of Saturn may cause hurdles in your effort. Avoid impatience and adamant replies to keep cool the domestic atmosphere. Children, health and education are the issues, which will require your special attention this year. Parents’ health issues are likely to bother you much. Visits of places of worship will provide you peace and tranquillity. Plans to re-model your existing house are likely to take some more time.

Finance : Income through crop-yields, rental and real estate will be satisfactory. Your family members may compel you to purchase some ‘not-so-required’ goods, making your finances a tight rope-walk. In middle part of the year, your plans to make long term investment will fructify and yield rich dividends. Avoid speculative transactions in the first half of the year. Donations to philanthropic activities will quench your thirst, for fulfilling social responsibility.

Career : Your point of view on a long-drawn pending project will be well received by your higher-ups. Chances of accession in career, and receiving successful assignments are very much likely this year. Your individual decisions requiring ratifications from higher echelons will be obtained. As far as possible, avoid any snide remarks or getting down into the low-vibe cess pool. Those in marketing field need to hone their skills, and improve their etiquette to win over the clientele.

Health : Transit of Nodes indicate restlessness, disturbing your sleeping habits. This is a year to re-align your mind, body and spirit. Ensure sound sleep for yourself and avoid street-food at the most. Don’t expose too much for Sunlight .Drink sufficient water, and keep the water-levels in your body at optimum levels, to prevent dehydration. The twin evils of hypertension and Diabetes need to be monitored regularly to keep them under control.

Women : Highly beneficial for working women! You will be financially well off this year. Financial plans, which you could not carry out, because of paucity of funds, can be transpired into action this year. Attitude and behaviour of your children will be irritating some times. Care and concern of your husband and timely support from your in-laws will keep you happy most of the time in this year.

Birth Star Predictions

Krittika (2,3&4) : For those in TV and media, this year will be very much encouraging. Audio and video communication will be your forte. You will enjoy happiness from friends, relatives and well-wishers. You will meet your old school teachers and college professors, and enjoy their company. Your clients will extend their whole-hearted support to your organisation. A year to build up your fortunes through patience!

Rohini : There will be no dearth of opportunities. A year of hectic activity is ahead. You will enjoy cordial family atmosphere. You will develop the intuitive ability to find out who is your trusted friend and well-wisher. You will help all those, who are around you. You will find fortunate occurrences happening all of a sudden, when all the while you are worried about the outcome.

Mrigasira(1&2) : Very challenging year is ahead, and you need to show your dare-devil attitude. You will change your job at the spurt of a moment, but will get a senior position, after a small gap. But don’t be temperamental. Patience is the need of the hour. Due to pressure of work in your office, it is most likely that you might neglect your family life.

Vedic Remedies : Perform Navagraha Havan (Homa) to appease nine planets with special emphasis on propitiation of Saturn, along with poor feeding on Saturdays. Sponsor the education expenses of atleast two poor children. Worship and meditate on Lord Hanuman, whenever possible.

Lal-kitab Remedies : During the Navratras, wash the feet of 9 girl children & take their blessings, after gifting them sweets, fruits and money.
Don’t initiate Court case against anyone.

Mithuna (Gemini)
Mrigasira(3 & 4), Arudra and Punarvasu ( 1, 2 & 3)
Aries Jupiter in your 10th sign at the start of the year transits to your 11th sign on 22nd April 2023, Retrogrades on 5th Sept.2023. Combusts on 28th March 2023 and again transits to 11th from your Moon sign on 22nd April 2023. Saturn in your 8th sign at the start of the year enters your 9th sign on 17th January 2023 retrogrades there, and turns Direct on 4th Nov.2023. Suffers combustion in your 9th house in February 2023. Rahu transits in your 11th sign and 10th sign, and Ketu transits in your 5th sign and 4th sign all through the year.

General Characteristics : Tall, very clever, good orator, firm determination, virtuous, neck disease and elevated nose, humorous, good writer, subordinate to wife and humorous, farsighted, learned and honored by Government.

Domestic : Happiness and comfort from family is very much indicated this year. You need to shun your superiority complex, to enjoy the company with your kith and kin. Compromising on certain issues and pampering your spouse will bring conjugal bliss in required quantum. Nagging health issues of senior citizens in your family would keep you on tenterhooks. You will get peace and tranquility through your spiritual fervor, with visits of places of worship.

Finance : You will tide over the crisis, with the help of family friend or relative. Also your old investments would become handy, in turning around your financial position for betterment. Travel on business promotion is indicated in the middle of the year, which will be very much fruitful. Good time too for those involved in intellectual pursuits! Cumulative effects of Jupiter and Saturn indicate comfortable financial position all through the year.

Career : Favourable transit of Jupiter for most part of the year and with relief from Ashtama Sani dosha (8th house Saturn), your talent will be recognized. You can change your foes into friends. Many of you will be entrusted with new assignments, in which you will shine in flying colours. Business relating to building materials, software and finance field will flourish. Financial professionals need to be extra vigilant while doing certification works.

Health : Trouble from bile and stomach related issues are likely. Minor mishaps and related injuries are indicated. Chronic patients may require urgent minor surgery for quick-relief. Ketu’s transit is likely to result in eye infections or injuries, which may get cancelled with favourable dasa and vidasa.

Women : Your social circle will go through major revival and renewal. Freelancers will be soaring high this year, by kicking the online ventures up a notch. As money dealings steal the spotlight exercise adjustments, when signing for investment decisions. Don’t severe relations, basing on rumours and ear-biting fallacies. Take care of your children’s health. Avoid arguments with your in-laws and think in their perspective.

Birth Star Predictions

Mrigasira (3, 4) : You will fulfill your ambition, with the support of your well-wishers. Co-workers will be cooperative. You can garner the support of your subordinates with your pep-talking ability. Secret enemies will be subdued. Working women will find this year rewarding. Planetary indications are bright to students, for changing their line of study. You need to put-in extra efforts to master the coding skills, which will enhance your career prospects.

Arudra : New investments to meet the market-demand is indicated for entrepreneurs. Revival of friendship with one of your old acquaintances is very much on card. Job-seekers by experimenting with new approaches will get their dream-job. But, avoid venturing away from comfort-zone. Favourable Rahu’s transit will give positive insights and yield large gains this year. Good time to married people, to plan for their off-springs!

Punarvasu (1, 2 &3) : Financially, you will be cozy for major part of this year. But problems related to house and lands need to be faced. Favourable time for unmarried to enter into wedlock! Don’t take domestic friction to your heart, and adhere to the policy of “this too will pass-away”. An issue, over which you are pondering over in the past will be decided in your favour.

Vedic Remedies : Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily. Visit Saneeswara temple, and offer prayers on Saturday, coinciding with Thrayodasi(13th lunar day). Visit Durga temple on Fridays, and offer Lemon rice to Goddess. Take holy bath in a river, on New-Moon day.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Once in a month, on any Thursday, donate 1100gm. Yellow Chana dal in any temple.
Treat sweepers respectfully.

Kataka (Cancer)
Punarvasu(4), Pushya and Aslesha.

AriesJupiter in your 9th sign at the start of the year transits to your 10th sign on 22nd April 2023, Retrogrades on 5th Sept.2023. Combusts on 28th March 2023 and again transits to 10th from your Moon sign on 22nd April 2023. Saturn in your 7th Sign at the start of the year enters your 8th sign on 17th January 2023, Retrogrades there and turns Direct on 4th Nov.2023. Suffers Combustion in your 8th house in February 2023. Rahu transits in your10th sign and 9th sign, and Ketu transits in your 4th sign and 3rd sign all through the year.

General Characteristics : Unpredictable, indecisive with insecure behaviour, vulnerable and suspicious. But you are also tenacious, loyal, patriotic, sympathetic, persuasive, intuitive and sensitive, loved by kith and kin, good natured and happy: bereft of enemies.

Domestic : Unfavourable transit Saturn will affect domestic peace. The beneficial transit of Nodes will somehow balance this. If you maintain your cool, many contentious issues can be avoided. Differences with your kith and kin need to be nipped in the bud and also without rubbing on the wrong side. Students need to put in extra efforts, to cross the benchmark levels, in academic and competitive exams.

Finance : You need to think twice, while going for a big investment. Better not to go for new loans this year. Carefully balance your financials, and give priority to clear-off your debts. Use your Credit cards sparingly, and clear the bills in time. Second half of the year would give slight financial affluence and scope for considerable saving. Speculation and share market investment require much care and concern, from July to September.

Career : Better not to venture for new assignments. A bird in the hand is always better than two in the bush. Consolidate your position by hook or crook. Promotions, which fell due already, will take some more time to materialize. Prepare yourself for long-distance transfers, if you are handpicked for promotion. You are most likely to be entrusted with additional responsibilities, but the pay-hike may not be commensurate.

Health : Drinking warm water atleast once a day, and keeping digestive supplements handy with you, the oft-repeated health issues of bloating stomach/gas like issues can be avoided mostly. You may not be meticulous with your food or diet. Untimely and uncontrolled meals to satisfy your palate is likely to disturb your health clock. You may not be able to follow the diet control chart or exercise schedule as envisaged, owing to hectic work environment.

Women : You will be cornered on many issues in the first quarter. You need to be very much tactful in managing your domestic affairs. Working women in senior cadres need to be cautious, before approving the docket files, lest you may be misled by your subordinates. Decisions taken by you in Executive cadre are likely to be reviewed by higher-ups, much to your chagrin. In decision-making, don’t rake-up controversies, and tread on the safe-path.

Birth Star Predictions

Punarvasu (4) : You will be having oscillating moods quite often this year. Though financially well, your concern is towards your children, settled in overseas. You need to go abroad in May/June, to oversee the welfare of your NRI children. You will not be inclined towards spiritualism. But you will get solace from a spiritual Guru on whom you will always rely upon.

Pushya : Signs of revival of friendship with your childhood acquaintance is very much on cards. For those bitten by cupid’s arrows, this year makes the wedding bells ring. You will experience real spiritualism and feel grateful to God for the benefits and boons you are going to receive. In the result, you will become more charitable and involve in virtuous deeds like a good Samaritan.

Aslesha : Required guidance from parents and in-laws will be received in time. For newly married, arrival of your dream-child is very much indicated. For working girls, indications of hike in package with added responsibilities is likely. Aged women among you will enjoy in social functions and gatherings. When confronted with arguments, exercise the knack of remaining silent and non-controversial.

Vedic Remedies : You need to perform remedies to Jupiter and Saturn. Chant Sankat Mochan Hanuman Ashtakam. Visit any shrine of Shani Bhagwan, and anoint the idol with Gingili oil. Offer food stuffs, prepared with Black grams to crows on Saturdays.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Clean your water-storage tanks.
Add Barley flour in your diet.

Simha (Leo)
Makha, Poorvaphalguni and Uttara phalguni(1)

Aries Jupiter in your 8th sign at the start of the year, transits to your 9th sign on 22nd April 2023, Retrogrades on 5th Sept.2023. Combusts on 28th March 2023 and again transits to 9th from your Moon sign on 22nd April 2023. Saturn in your 6th Sign at the start of the year enters your 7th sign on 17th January 2023, Retrogrades there and turns Direct on 4th Nov.2023. Suffers Combustion in your 7th house in February 2023. Rahu transits in your 9th sign and 8th sign, and Ketu transits in your 3rd sign and 2nd sign all through the year.

General Characteristics : Broad face, yellowish eyes, thick chin, likes forest and mountains, cannot bear insults, strives for achieving high goals, strong bones, easily forgives others, short hair, happy and far-sighted, afraid of cold weather, good friends and advisors, humane, loved by parents.

Domestic : Timely help from your spouse will make you happy.Family bliss is vouchsafed. Sometimes, you will be overtaken with anxiety and restlessness. Relations with family members and friends will be good and you will have a good social life. There could be an auspicious function in your house. Beneficial transit of Jupiter from April 2023 ensures required quantum of affection and cooperation from your siblings. There is a possibility of a long journey on spiritual purpose.

Finance : Your investments will be profitable. It is a very good time to buy property. Speculation appears to be good, but only on long term basis. You will be able to save money for further investment. You will try and succeed in expanding your business. But, new partnership units may have some teething troubles. Much of your income will be spent for children, siblings and parents.

Career : Your bosses will be over demanding and utilize every opportunity to corner you. Watch your behaviour and hold your tongue, as this may reduce your reputation. Unfavorable transit of nodes may compel you for change of job in a fit of anger. You are advised not to lose your temper and stay cool, to avoid dislocation. Be submissive during the 3rd quarter of this year.

Health : Extra care need to be taken about your and your spouse’s health. Lethargy, stomach disorders, anguish, mental agony, fear and a general sense of disorientation will prevail. Saturn’s transit indicate health issues to parents and in-laws. Chronic health ailments are likely to relapse, requiring immediate medication, which will be brought to control with medical expenditure. Exposure to sunlight in required quantum will make you hale and hearty.

Women : Financial and moral support from your mother will be available in required times. Achievements and career advancements of your children will make you proud. Marital life will be quite harmonious with short hiccups. For working girls, increase in rank or promotion with additional perks can be expected. Your colleagues will be cooperative and render support in your accession to higher post.

Birth Star Predictions

Makha : Pleasurable pursuits will only result in physical strain. Enemies will be subdued, and Court cases will be decided in your favour. Normal health will be maintained by following the health guide. Your preventive care helps in reducing the consultation of physicians. Birth of a child will give you immense pleasure. Women working in corporate sector will do well.

Poorvaphalguni : Relations with public and participation in public services will enliven your spirits. Career-wise, an upliftment is indicated. Be careful while driving. Fines for violation of traffic rules or minor mishaps are likely to disturb you. Household electronic goods and other electrical appliances will require nagging repairs, and require replacement also. Guard yourself from viral fevers and mosquito bites.

Uttaraphalguni(1) : Your endeavours to succeed will be supported by your superiors. Frequent short journeys are likely to result in seasonal ailments requiring medication. Pleasurable pursuits and love affairs are not ruled out. Favour and help from maternal uncles and aunts can be anticipated. Eligible unmarried need to wait up to Sept/Oct, for getting the approval from other side and finalizing the match.

Vedic Remedies : Recite Guru Gayatri: “Om Suracharyaya vidmahey, devapoojyaya dheemahi, thanno Guruhu prachodayath” 108 times a day for continuous 16 days. Visit the shrines of Lord Karthikeya and anoint the idol with milk on Tuesdays. Perform Ganapathi homam on the day of your Birth Star.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Don’t fall prey to the fake saints.
Maintain harmonious relations with brothers & sisters.

KANYA (Virgo)
Uttaraphalguni (2, 3 & 4) Hasta and Chitra (1 & 2).

Aries Jupiter in your 7th sign at the start of the year transits to your 8th sign on 22nd April 2023, Retrogrades on 5th Sept.2023. Combusts on 28th March 2023, and again transits to 8th from your Moon sign on 27th April 2023. Saturn in your 5th sign at the start of the year enters your 6th sign on 17th January 2023 Retrogrades there and turns Direct on 4th Nov.2023. Suffers Combustion in your 6th house in February 2023. Rahu transits in your 8th sign and 7th sign, and Ketu transits in your 2nd sign and 1st sign all through the year.

General Characteristics : Weak hands and shoulders, skilful in playing instruments, expert in debates, lives in foreign lands, learned person, head of an institution, engaged in other’s work, Skillful in accounting and Management jobs, cannot withstand to criticism, earns money from writing, poetic nature.

Domestic : Avoid arguments with family, friends and relatives. Don’t be rude, rash and irritable. Any imbalance in your behavior is likely to spoil the relations. Don’t opt for travels, unless it is a must lest this will not give the desired result turning out to be a burden on your finances. Transit of Jupiter is not favourable after April, and Nodes are also helpless. But, you can run the show with the blessings of beneficial Saturn.

Finance : Close watch is required, in respect of your finances. Stay away from vices and bad company. Take care of your money and valuables to avoid theft. Out-flows will be in geometric progression, while in-flows are only in arithmetic progression. Expenses of your spouse and children may compel you to go for loans. Shares obtained from primary market are likely to benefit you.

Career : You need to exercise great amount of restraint. There will be loss of reputation, if you get distracted or show apathy towards your work. Always fulfill your commitments, and clear the files in time. You need to put-in a lot of efforts for completion of work, as per schedule. You cannot change your job also, despite the best of your efforts. Your integrity, hardwork, brilliance and commitment will get recognition in the 2nd part of the year.

Health : You must be vigilant in your movements, and also during the travel, you have to guard yourself against theft and injuries. Frequent health problems are foreseen, though of a minor nature. Ailments related to digestive, diaphragm, legs and reproductive organs may bother a few. You will be tired and exhausted with a lazy lustre feeling. Stress in managing the house hold affairs and also in job-front will make you prone to hypertension.

Women : Relations with spouse will be on a medium note. Housewives can expect domestic harmony with some occasional squabbles. Working women can expect promotions and transfers, to distant places. But socially, you will be in a great shape. Trouble in kidneys and menstrual disorders are likely. By consuming adequate quantity of water and through personal hygiene you can adjust the health clock in your favour and avoid hospitalization.

Birth Star Predictions

Uttaraphalguni (2, 3 & 4) : There will be many unproductive short journeys. Attempts to achieve success and enjoy the fruits requires more time than expected. Efforts to go abroad will be materialized after some initial setbacks. Health of your parents will become a point of worry to you. Enemies in business will be subdued.

Hasta : Regular income and reduced expenses will result in small savings. Over-exposure to cold winds is likely to result in breathing related issues. All endeavours will be successful. Students can aspire for campus placements. Married life will be satisfactory despite some petty disagreements. Indications of good job to unemployed is very much indicated.

Chitra (1 & 2) : Intemperate habits and carelessness will result in health issues to you. Domestic happiness is foreseen. Avoid revealing your personal details to others. Mixed results are expected in respect of career and professional front. You may go abroad to meet your kith and kin there. Those in show business will have a better time.

Vedic Remedies : Recite Shiva Saharsranama. Visit Lord Shiva temple on Mondays and perform Rudrabhishekam. Worship Lord Ganesha and meditate on your Family Deity in early hours. Visit Goddess Durga temple on Fridays and offer prayers.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Every Thursday, donate 200gm Turmeric sticks in a Ganapathy temple.
Not to indulge in any kind of illegal, unethical & immoral activities.

Tula (Libra)
Chitra ( 3 & 4), Swati and Visakha ( 1,2 &3)

AriesJupiter in your 6th sign at the start of the year transits to your 7th sign on 22nd April 2023, Retrogrades 5th Sept.2023. Combusts on 28th March 2023 and again transits to 7th from your Moon sign on 27th April 2023. Saturn in your 4th sign at the start of the year enters your 5th sign on 17th January 2023, Retrogrades there and turns Direct on 4th Nov.2023. Suffers Combustion in your 5th house in February 2023. Rahu transits in your 7th sign and 6th sign, and Ketu transits in your 1st sign and 12th sign all through the year.

General Characteristics : Beautiful eyes, face and eyebrows, mostly works in Government departments or atleast good connections with them, Devoted to saints and gods, intelligent, subordinate to wife, cannot say “no” to women, tall, thin nose, engaged in trade & commerce, not interested in others wealth, famous, practical person and lazy.

Domestic : You are likely to be involved in some legal issues. Don’t pin high hopes on your friends and acquaintances. You are likely to be forsaken by your friends in times of need. Don’t stand as surety to others debts. Good time for students, charitable and religious organisations. Amidst the above pinpricks, some of you can enjoy the luxuries of imported cars, frequent air travel, robust health. Required money will be ready in your hands, to make the people around you happy and contented.

Finance : Hold tight on your finances, as it is likely to be spent on unnecessary purchases. Those in business can expect a big jump of profits. Expansion of units is very much likely. You are likely to get money from life-partner, land, rent from immovable properties, vehicles and distant trading. Speculative activities will yield higher returns. You can recover most of your long standing dues this year.

Career : Promising time is ahead for bureaucrats and civil servants, who go by Rule-book. Your efforts to get a transfer to a place of your choice will happen during Rahu’s transit in your sixth sign. Those in Research line will be elated with publication of their research papers in international magazines. Good time for those in Media, R & D, Foreign Trade, staff of multi-nationals and Software professionals.

Health : There will be a sense of well-being in life. Drive out lethargy, and keep yourself out of depression, by engaging in spiritual pursuits. People suffering from chronic diseases will notice substantial improvement in their health. However, swelling of joints, rheumatic pains with fever, miraculous escape from road mishaps are indicated. Keep your emotions in control, to reduce the overflow of blood into brain vessels.

Women : Financial gain and purchase of precious jewellery is very much likely. Hospitalisation and recovery from illness is also foreseen. Enemies will be defeated. Working women will have a tough time in serving the in-laws and managing the household affairs. Those with children of marriageable age will finalize the marriage proposals this year, and wait for arrival of new bride/groom.

Birth Star Predictions

Chitra (3 & 4) : Success will be achieved with sustained efforts in a systematic way. From hereditary quarters a wind fall is indicated. Those facing departmental enquiry will have a relief through acquittal. Your consultation with astrologers would turn to be fruitful. Occult sciences and yoga will attract you. Unemployed need to put extra efforts to start their earnings. Government employees preparing for Departmental tests for next cadre escalation can be hopeful of positive results.

Swati : Hurdles in life will be solved. Adverse transit of Jupiter till April and Saturn in 5th may cause problems in job, and also with partners. The natives are advised to be cautious in their financial dealings. Matters related with comforts, conveyance and children will become the point of concern. Women should take care of their health from April to June. Gambling should be avoided.

Visakha (1 ,2 &3) : Avoid any new ventures in this year. Only careful and cautious speculative activities should be attempted. This is a time of re-look into your previous activities, and gauze their effect on you. Health hazards need to be attended immediately. Marriage trials will seek some more time to fructify. Be careful in oral and written communications.

Vedic Remedies : Worship the Divine Mother in any form…Durga, Lalitha, Eshwari(Parvathi) or Lakshmi. Recite Durga Stothra or Durga Sukta. Worship the Goddess on Tuesdays and Fridays, and distribute milk, Lemon rice and White clothes to poor.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Feed Green grass/fodder to 100 healthy Cows in a cow- shelter.

Vrischika (Scorpio)
Visakha(4), Anuradha and Jyeshta

AriesJupiter in your 5th sign at the start of the year transits to your 6th sign on 22nd April 2023, Retrogrades in 5th Sept.2023. Combusts on 28th March 2023 and again transits to 6th from your Moon sign on 27th April 2023. Saturn in your 3rd Sign at the start of the year enters your 4th sign on 17th January 2023, Retrogrades there and turns Direct on 4th Nov.2023. Suffers Combustion in your 4th house in February 2023. Rahu transits in your 6th sign and 5th sign, and Ketu transits in your 12th sign and 11th sign all through the year.

General Characteristics : Broad and Strong chest, a drooping belly and tawny eyes, pendulous nose, uneven teeth, appearance of profundity, bilious constitution, betrayer, firm, fierce, promotes violence, quarrels, associations with higher-ups, wanderer and earnings through objectionable means.

Domestic : Changes are expected in family life. Minor difference of opinion between partners and relatives will arise. But they will not result in feuds. There will be a smooth running of your domestic atmosphere. Nodes’ favorable transit helps in dealing crucial matters tactfully, and avoid some hardships. The karmic planet stationed in 4th and aspecting your Rasi extends moderate results this year.

Finance : Inspite of business growth, some kind of dissatisfaction will be lurking your mind. Plan carefully and spend cautiously to save for the rainy day. You should not expect any windfall gains this year. Your finances will be secure with growth in revenues. Be careful in lending and borrowing. You need to manage the first half of the year with careful planning and judicious spending. Gains from stocks, held for a long time only, are indicated. Caution is required in dealing with Short-term investments.

Career : You can assert your position in the career-field. New projects or ventures can be attempted. Authorities and companions would be a source of inspiration and help. Those in service, tourism and hospitality sectors will do better. Your hard work and sincerity will pay the dividend ultimately. Optimistic approach and commitment to work will impress the superiors. Fluctuating fortunes are indicated for those in Real Estate. Entrepreneurs of new start-up companies will have a good time ahead.

Health : Mental worries and physical strain will cause health hazards. Blood pressure and nervous tension will affect the physical well-being. Wind and bile related complications are likely to trouble. Alternative treatment of medicine like yoga, Siddha and Nature Cure are suggested for quick and low-cost recovery. Take a break from routine chores, and rejuvenate and re-charge yourself in hill stations to maintain robust heath.

Women : Married women need to take care of the health of their partners. Women in the family-way need to take absolute rest. Spinsters will stand a fair chance of getting married in the first half of the year itself. Working women will get a sudden transfer in their job, which may not be to their liking. Home-makers need to realize how relations could become topsy-turvy, with their casual and passing remarks.

Birth Star Predictions

Visakha(4) : Some elevation in status can be expected. Some will lose self-confidence. Accumulation of wealth and savings is difficult in first three months. Caution is required in the official dealings/bank transactions/lending or borrowing on Mondays coinciding with Moon’s asterism (Hasta, Sravana, Rohini).

Anuradha : Antagonism from friends and loss of money in journeys are indicated. Likely to get Government/public sector employment. Success over enemies and winning of Court cases are likely. Early recovery with short-time hospitalization is indicated for viral infection, sometime in July/August. Hostile attitude from those in power and authority is foreseen. Don’t expect any help from political leaders.

Jyeshta : Servants and subordinates will be a source of happiness and help. You will get comfort from pet animals. News of miscarriage in and around your family circles will disturb your mood. There will be distant journeys, which will recharge you. Spiritual discourses and yoga sessions will give mental peace and tranquility. There will be some unpleasant incidents at pleasure-seeking spots.

Vedic Remedies : Recite ‘Aditya hridayam’ and perform Suya Namaskaram. Perform Rudrabhishekam on a Monday in Lord Shiva’s temple. Recite Ketu Gayatri “Om Thamo grahaya vidmahe Dwhajasthitaha dheemahi thanno kethu prachodayat:” 108 times daily, and worship lord Ganesha on Wednesday. Donate parched rice to poor people.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Every Monday, worship Goddess Saraswati with Blue flowers.
Always keep a light Grey (smoky) colour handkerchief with you.

Dhanus (Sagittarius)
Moola, P.Shada, U.Shada(1)

AriesJupiter in your 4th sign at the start of the year transits to your 5th sign on 22nd April 2023, Retrogrades in 5th Sept.2023. Combusts on 28th March 2023 and again transits to 7th from your Moon sign on 27th April 2023. Saturn in your 2rd Sign at the start of the year enters your 3rd sign on 17th January 2023, Retrogrades there and turns Direct on 4th Nov.2023. Suffers Combustion in your 3rdhouse in February 2023. Rahu transits in your 5th sign and 4th sign, and Ketu transits in your 11th sign and 10thsign all through the year.

General Characteristics : Stout and prominent physique, large eyes, defective nails, large chest/shoulders/arms/belly, prefers to reside river beside, devoted to father, controls others through love and affection, will have a good life partner, knowledge of scriptures, best person in family, diseases of mouth and eyes, phlegmatic and windy constitution, danger/threat from Govt.

Domestic : Saturn’s transit into Aquarius will provide you major relief from petty disturbances from mid-January onwards. Apart from this, favorable transit of Nodes will provide the silver lining. Travel in luxurious cars, overseas travel on sponsorship, winning in elections are indicated. Good time for students appearing in competitive examinations. Family members will be supportive. Ailing elder in the family will get recovered. Minor skirmishes will surface in the domestic-front, but you will resolve them tactfully.

Finance : Beneficial transit of Saturn ensures your income to be plentiful and continuous. Very good time to buy property. Transit of North node in your 6th house accelerates the financial growth process. Strategic planning and fiscal conservation enables you to clear off the majority debt load with ease. The more you hold tight your wallet strings, the more your repayment spree of loan reduction. New stream of inflows through well-thought out Real estate options will add feathers in your portfolio management. Favourable transit of Saturn in 3rd helps you in recovering fiscal dues so far remained in litigation.

Career : Artists will make a noteworthy impact in the public eye. At work place, with goodwill on the rise, deserved promotions and pay hike keeps you cool. Strategic networking by jobseekers will bring them straight in the front line of high paying employment. Digital splash by marketing professional will be well applauded and recognized by the power players of their field. You can avoid the avalanche of discord snowballing from your higher-ups in the last minute with your knack and forethought. Freelancers working on a big project will hit the benchmark of success by hook or crook.

Health : Enrolling in a Yoga Retreat will help combat recurring health issues, particularly mucle/joint aches/knee disorders. Make self-care as your top priority, as stomach issues and viral fevers are most likely to bother you much this year. Adding energy session or good workout in your daily schedule, will have a positive effect on your stress levels. Those ailing from heart or high blood pressure issues need to be extra careful.

Women : Opportunities galore for working women in white collared jobs. . You will be in a fix in making a selection. You are advised to do multi tasking and prove that you are better than the best in tactfully managing the domestic and job fronts. You will try your hand on a variety of cuisines other than your traditional ones. Get prepared for a overseas holiday in Sept/Oct this year.

Birth Star Predictions

Moola : Negotiations for lucrative partnerships and joint ventures will reach to an amicable consensus. Those who have outgrown their professional paths and reached their efficiency bar will take a bold leap into an inspiring new direction. Spread your wings far and wide and don’t be complacent with paltry and moderate gains. Success and cooperation in business matters is very much on card. You will reap the benefits of maintaining the robust heath so far.

Purvashada : New Contacts and relations are very much indicated which are going to be useful in long run. Singles will attract their soul mate as they cast their line back into the sea of love. Intellect and timely actions help the students to make quick progress in their education. Be wary of entering a burnout territory, when whipping out a credit line for extravagant expenses. Marketing staff will upgrade their skills in locking the elite clients.

Uttarashada (1) : You will receive an answer, clear cut direction or documentary proof to resolve a long-standing legal battle. Monetary dues, which you thought uncollectable, will be recovered to your utter dismay. For couples, dependability and perseverance will be the two winning traits that will strengthen their relations further. With full concentration and dedication, students will succeed in flying colours.

Vedic Remedies : Recite Lalitha sahasranaam on every Friday, along with Ashtalakshmi stothra. Donate new clothes to women. Anoint Lord Shiva with sugarcane juice, curd and honey on Mondays for three times. Donate fruits in orphanages on your birthday.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Every Thursday, circumabulate(9 times) in the nearby temple.
Do not keep bills to pay( pending) in your purse.

Makara (Capricorn)
Uttarashada(2, 3, 4), Sravana and Dhanishta(1&2)

AriesJupiter in your 3rd sign at the start of the year transits to your 4th sign on 22nd April 2023, Retrogrades in 5th Sept.2023. Combusts on 28th March 2023 and again transits to 6th from your Moon sign on 27th April 2023. Saturn in your Moon sign at the start of the year enters your 2nd sign on 17th January 2023, Retrogrades there and turns Direct on 4th Nov.2023. Suffers Combustion in your 2rd house in February 2023. Rahu transits in your 4th sign and 3th sign, and Ketu transits in your 10th sign and 9th sign all through the year.

General Characteristics : Tall, timid, soft disposition, curly hair, fickle minded, devoid of affection, spendthrift, righteous, nomadic nature, liberal, knowledge of music and scriptures, excessive hunger and thirst, un-orthodox behavior, hypocrite, devoted to mother, good servants, less anger, shameless.

Domestic : Favorable transit of nodes will neutralize the adverse results of Jupiter and Saturn. You will be overtaken by anxiety and restlessness. You might find yourself isolated in some situations, but do not let that depress you. Transit of Saturn may result in involvement with unscrupulous people. Domestic misunderstandings and humiliating situations must be met with fortitude. Your children will bestow all their love and affection on you.

Finance : Expenses relating to higher studies of your children are indicated more this year. This year is moderately good in respect of finance. Better to check your Investment planning twice or thrice with your investment consultant before concluding. Expenses in foreign currency is likely to be in the second half of the year to meet your siblings/relatives in overseas. Repair/renovation of your own dwelling is also indicated in this year.

Career : Professionals will gain the confidence of their clientele. This year is all about how you optimize your time and what you do in the given time interval. Mid half of the year is a testing time to Bureaucrats in obliging their political bosses or else get prepared to relocate. Those involved in publicity, cinematography, music and vocal will have a good career ahead. Middle level managers need to take extra loads of work and they will be rewarded for that.

Health : Those having neurological issues need to take extra care. For some, it will be difficult to diagnose the ailment. You may be prone to Viral fevers, conjunctivitis like contagious diseases. As far as possible, avoid outside food. It is most likely that you may lose control over your food habits, morning exercises etc., which will tell adversely on your health. Try to stick to your health calendar and don’t skip morning walk from your daily schedule.

Women : You will realize that arguments result in reduction of relations more so in your domestic environment. You should stop worrying on things on which you have no control. Some activities of your grown-up children may not be to your liking, and they prove to be an area of concern. You will diversify your attention and find solace in social and charitable activities.

Birth Star Predictions

Uttarashada(2,3 & 4) : Good support from abroad is indicated, and your overseas projects will do well. Publication of your research articles will earn you global recognition. But you need to guard yourself from your rivals and competitors. Good time for sports persons among you. You will be supportive to your kith and kin and they will also reciprocate the same to you. Employees will do well in their job front and a pay hike is very much likely.

Sravana : You will be very aggressive in your career. In the result you need to cope-up with lot of pressure. You need to balance your personal and official lives to ensure domestic harmony. Those pursuing photography and visual communication will get their talent recognised. Professionals in portfolio management need to be penny wise and pound wise. Financial affluence is very much on cards.

Dhanishta(1 & 2) : Forget and forgive’ should be your policy in this year. People who once acted against you will come to you with sorry face. Take up challenging assignments and implement them in a systematic manner. Time to show your mettle. Some of you are going to be the toppers in your academics. You will spend lavishly in a family function or overseas pleasure trip.

Vedic Remedies : Visit Tirunallar of Tamilnadu or Shani Shinnapur of Maharashtra to propitiate Shani Bhagwan. Anoint the image with Gingelly oil. Offer food items prepared with Black grams to crows. Recite Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays, and seek the blessings of aged persons in the family.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Before leaving home, drink water through Copper tumbler.
Every Tuesday, light a lamp of Jasmine oil.

KUMBHA (Aquarius)
Dhanishta (3 & 4), Satabisha, Poorvabhadra (1, 2 & 3)

AriesJupiter in your 2nd sign at the start of the year transits to your 3rd sign on 22nd April 2023, Retrogrades on 5th Sept.2023. Combusts on 28th March 2023 and again transits to your 3rd sign on 27th April 2023. Saturn in your 12th Sign at the start of the year enters your Moon sign on 17th January 2023, Retrogrades there and turns Direct on 4th Nov.2023. Suffers Combustion in your 1st house in February 2023. Rahu transits in your 3rd sign and 2nd sign, and Ketu transits in your 9th sign and 8th sign all through the year.

General Characteristics : Birth in excellent family; novel ideas, mean mentality, independent, Elevated nose, thick hands and feet, very lazy, always calm, hoards money, beautiful eyes, helpful to friends, promotes strife, enthusiastic to perform big tasks, interested in other’s wealth, jealous and no hesitation to do illegitimate things.

Domestic : Maintain cool temper and maintain cordial relations with family members. Indisposition to aged persons in the family will bother you for some time. Jupiter’s favorable transit will negate the odds of Saturn. You need to cope-up with the adverse behavior of your co-borns for some time during this year. Progress of your children in academic front will provide you the proud moments.

Finance : Indications of mortgaging a property for your business needs are very much apparent. Pending bills from Govt. will be cleared only after meeting the formalities. Be punctual and also careful in filing your tax returns. Be aware that ignorance of law is no excuse. Be complacent with what is with you and don’t run for large scale diversification or modernization of your business. Don’t go even a mile extra in spending for family functions.

Career : Your endeavours to tread into new paths in business/profession will be met with tough resistance from your competitors. Unexpected help from strange quarters is on cards. Good time for academicians, book publishers, research scholars and advocates. Politicians need to think twice before switching their loyalties. The adage “A Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” is always correct.

Health : Issues related to flatulence and gas are likely to crop-up. You may feel bloated. Keeping away from Non-veg as much as possible will keep you away from clinical visits. As far as possible avoid exposure to cold winds, dust and places of high altitude. Even though quick recovery is indicated minor health issues are likely to bother you number of times this year due to adverse transit of Saturn for major part. Guard yourself against air-borne diseases.

Women : Period is tough for spinsters to get married this year. Working women need to cope with the odds of career advancement tagged with domestic squabbles. Great care is required in balancing these two divergent fields. Good cooperation from colleagues and higher-ups will enliven boost your self-confidence. Good time for bureaucrats and those in political offices among you for getting their dream post.

Birth Star Predictions

Dhanishta (3 & 4) : Mixed results are indicated regarding health. Trouble from enemies and disputes will become a cause of concern. Your financial management will be good and you need to give a pat to yourself for this. Better to disclose the investments made clandestinely in earlier years and pay the dues to exchequer. You investments in bullion will reap you rich dividends but no so with land and shares.

Satabhisha : Troubles from siblings, neighbours and long journeys are indicated. Domestic happiness is available aplenty. Time for settlement of your disputes quite amicably. Participation in spiritual discourses will relieve you from tension. People working in Air force, military mining and water works need to take extra care in job-front. Domestic happiness is assured, as long as you maintain your cool and composure.

Poorvabhadra (1,2&3) : Government grants/subsidies and expected job/promotion is likely to be delayed by two to three months. Your savings will increase due to regularity of income and reduced expenses. Avoid sensual pleasures and speculative activities. People acting as middlemen will be benefitted more in this year. Your care and concern towards your family members will win their confidence. Watch your wards movements carefully.

Vedic Remedies : Recite Srilakshmi Nrusimha Karaavalamba stothra of Adi Sankaracharya daily. Visit a nearby shrine of Lord Narasimha, and offer jiggery-mixed drink to the deity. Perform Surya Namaskar daily in the open air during Sunrise. For financial affluence, Lakshmi Ashtakam need to be recited daily.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Every Friday, feed chapattis, prepared from Wheat flour & Jaggery to a cow.
Every Tuesday & Saturday, around Sunset, read Sankatmochan Hanuman Ashtak.

Meena (Pisces)
Poorvabhadra(4), Uttarabhadra & Revati.

AriesJupiter in your 1st sign at the start of the year transits to your 2nd sign on 22nd April 2023, Retrogrades on 5th Sept.2023. Combusts on 28th March 2023 and again transits to your 2nd sign on 27th April 2023. Saturn in your 11TH sign at the start of the year enters your 12th sign on 17th January 2023, Retrogrades there and turns Direct on 4th Nov.2023. Suffers Combustion in your 12th house in February 2023. Rahu transits in your 2nd sign and 1st sign, and Ketu transits in your 8th sign and 7th sign all through the year.

General Characteristics : Beautiful eyes, big head and elevated nose, earns through trading of valuables, gets unexpected wealth, subordinate to wife, gains from Govt. interested in voyages, far sighted, fast walker, passionate, full of patience, good conduct and good relations with kith and kin, takes care of parents.

Domestic : From April onwards, Jupiter’s transit brings you a lot of promising fortunes. Your social status will be enhanced and you will perform an auspicious event in your family. But this may not be good time to fight a Court case and contest in an election. Handle your friends and acquaintances carefully to avoid being forsaken by them. You will share some happy times with your children staying in abroad.

Finance : It is a very good time to buy property. Partnerships will be successful and you can consolidate the resources. Inspite of fluctuations in Stock markets, your investments will do well. Cash inflows will be sufficient. Your intention to foraying and branching out consumes most of your liquid funds. Those engaged in agri-related commercial crops will flourish well.

Career : Good time for job-holders who require specialized skills. Frequent air travels on account of job are very much indicated for software, Research and Development staff. Required help from your subordinates will be received in time. Great care need to be shown in data tabulation and consolidation and filing of statutory returns. Your approach to work will win you laurels from your superiors.

Health : You will have vitality and energy. Your health consciousness and keep fit attitude gives you rich dividends. However, minor disturbances due to contagious diseases and allergic complaints are foreseen. Multivitamin capsules will help you to recover from seasonal ailments with less medication. For those who suffered sciatica, frozen shoulder, swollen joints and Thyroid earlier need to be cautious as these are likely to relapse once again.

Women : Smooth sailing in your domestic and work fronts are foreseen. You will manage your domestic chores as well as job routine in such a way that none can find fault. You will get the appreciations of your in-laws, for solving an in-house problem with your tact and intellect. Spinsters can pin hopes on meeting their dream-boy this year. Drink abundant water to avoid health issues related to Gall bladder and Kidneys. You will witness your honour and respect in society getting multiplied. Good time for eves in politics.

Birth Star Predictions

Purvabhadra (4) : There will be happiness from spouse and other family members. Unemployed youth are likely to get their first job. Increased income will result in savings. Disputes will be settled in your favour. House, land or vehicle will be acquired this year. Good time to get married and enter into wedlock. Aged among you will get some reprieve from chronic ailments.

Uttarabhadra : Distant journeys are very much indicated. Act on your own. Don’t depend friends advice. Trouble from vehicles will cause considerable cash flow. At home, support from parents and children is very well indicated. However, disputes emanate, regarding ancestral properties, which need to be handled with knack. Your envisaged ventures will be completed in time. Taking preventive care for dental issues.

Revati : Maintain absolute confidentiality in your professional/job front. Avoid loose talking. Don’t involve in underhand dealings. Help from fellow staff in fulfilling the tasks in time is indicated. Favourable orders from legal forums are very much likely. Your efforts for getting a political(nominated)post will fructify this year. One important document or object found unexpectedly in antiques of your house will be a source of joy for you.

Vedic Remedies : Recite Hanuman Chalisa and Dasaratha-kritha Shani Stothra. Worship Lord Balaji on Saturdays and wearing Yellow Sapphire in a Silver Ring on a Thursday. Recite Rahu and Ketu Gayatri mantras. “Om Nagadhwajaya vidmahey padmahasthaya dheemahi thanno Rahu prachodayaath” (18000 times within a span of 18 days). “Om Kethugrahaya vidmahe mahavaktraya dheemahi thanno kethuprachodayath” (7000 times in a span of 7 days).

Lal-kitab Remedies : Every Thursday, pour Saffron water onto a Shivaling.
Take bath in any holy river.


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