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Elaborate Annual Predictions and Remedies for 2020

By Dr. Ch.D.Ravindra Nath
Lal-kitab Remedies contributed by Rajeev K.Khattar


Major Transits in 2020 (Based on Lahiri Chitrapaksha Ayanamsa) :

Transiting in Moola-4 (Sagittarius) at the start of the year, JUPITER enters Uttarashada-2(Capricorn) on 30 March 2020, Retrogrades on 14 May 2020, re-enters Sagittarius on 30 June, becomes Direct on 15 Sept. 2020 and continues the sojourn in Sagittarius till 21 Nov. 2020. Then it transits to Capricorn. Combust at the start of the year, it moves out of it on 22 Jan. 2020.

Saturn, while transiting in Uttarashada-1(Sagittarius) at the start of the year enters Uttarashada- 2(Capricorn) on 24 Jan 2020, Retrogrades on 12 May 2020, becomes Direct on 30 Sept. 2020 and will be in Uttarashada-4(Capricorn) by the close of 2020. Saturn will be in combustion from 02 Jan. 2020 to 30 Jan. 2020.

Rahu (True) stationed in Arudra-3 (Gemini) at the dawn of 2020, transits back to Mrigasira-1(Taurus) on 19 Sept. 2020.

Ketu (True) placed in Poorvashada-1(Sagittarius) retrogrades to Jyeshta-3(Scorpio) on 19 Sept. 2020. It is always better to study Gochar (transit) predictions along with Dasa, bhukthi and the Ashtakavarga Charts, to get correct assessment of planetary effects, upon individuals.
MESHA (Aries)
Aswini, Bharani and Krittika (1)
Aries Jupiter: in 9th (Sagittarius) till 29 March 2020 and then in 10th (Capricorn) till 30 June. Again in 9th till 21st Nov. Then in 10th for the rest of the year. Saturn also in 9thupto 24 Jan 2020, then enters 10th (Capricon) and transits there throughout the year. Rahu transits in your 3rd (Gemini) till 19 Sept. 2020 and then 2nd(Taurus), while Ketu follows suit in your 9th and 8th houses.

Domestic : Family affairs will have a smooth run. There will be domestic happiness. Minor skirmishes at home may not disturb the prevailing harmony much. There is a probability of acquiring a house or vehicle. Wind fall or legacy is likely to give a pleasant surprise to you. There will be auspicious functions in your family. Family members will be supportive. Ailing elder in the family will get recovered. Spiritual advancement and visits to places of worship are on cards. Avoid impatience and adamant replies to keep domestic harmony.

Finance : First quarter of the year makes you very much comfortable financially, as Jupiter is in your 9th. Your investments will be profitable. Income will be good, plentiful and continuous. It is very good time to buy property. Those in business can expect a good jump in profit. From 2nd quarter onwards watch your finances closely and avoid risky investments. However, favourable transit of Rahu will keep you afloat from all kinds of financial disturbances. Stock market trading is not going to be promising.

Career : This is an excellent period for professional and financial growth particularly for those in teaching, writing and publishing line. Your bosses will be favorable and appreciative and you can expect a good promotion and increment.. Transit of Jupiter in the 10th house between April and June may result in disputes and arguments with your superiors at your work-place, as they will not be receptive to your views. Your enemies will have the upper hand threatening your position and honour. They may get you transferred to a far off place.

Health : Travels would lead to fatigue and ill health. Regular physical exercises and recreational activities are needed. Regular and systematic will help you a lot. Fracture of bones from falls or accident is likely. Head, brain, private parts, thighs and chest are vulnerable for likelihood of disease setting in.

Women : Required help from parents and relatives will be available in times of need. You will manage your domestic affairs with tact and could successfully avoid criticism from your in-laws. Income will not be a problem. Cleanliness and care are needed to avoid infections. Friends and colleagues will extend full cooperation to working women in their professional tasks. Relations with life partner will have some minor hiccups.

Birth Star Predictions :

Aswini : Your nakshatra-lord Ketu transiting in your 9th showers on you the blessings of preceptors and preachers. Overseas travel is likely. Distant travel is likely. Prosperity in a distant land is indicated. Quarrels and arguments with life partner may mar marital bliss. There will be problems from the public. People working in public relations will have a tough time in the beginning of the year. Disputes will be amicably settled. Income from movable and immovable property is expected.

Bharani : Income inflow appears to be good. There will be gain of land, house and defeat of enemies. Delicious food, wealth and comfort can be expected. There will be prospect of getting a government job or position. Change of place or residence cannot be ruled out. There will be many unproductive short journeys. Co-borns and neighbors are likely to create trouble. Sound health can be enjoyed with regular exercises.

Krittika I : Much attention is required to safeguard health, as acute and chronic health hazards may cropup. Loss of property or vehicle and domestic disturbances are likely. You will overcome acts of secret foes successfully. Occult studies and Yoga will attract you and you will make considerable progress in this direction. Sustained effort will bring success in all ventures.

Vedic Remedies : Chant Om Namo Narayanaya 108 times daily. Visit any Vishnu temple on Thursdays or Saturdays and offer prayers. Reciting Durgashtakam, worship Goddess Durga, daily. Recite Ketu Stothra daily and worship Lord Ganesha on Wednesdays.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Do not keep dustbin in the East direction. Every Tuesday, worship Lord Hanuman.
Donate food to the poor.

Krittika (2, 3 & 4), Rohini and Mrigasira (1 & 2)
AriesJupiter in 8th (Sagittarius) till 29 March 2020 and then in 9th (Capricorn) till 30 June. Again in 8th till 21 Nov. Then in 9th for the rest of the year. Saturn also in 8thupto 24 June 2020, then enters 9th (Capricorn) and transits there throughout the year. Rahu transits in your 2rd (Gemini) till 19 Sept. 2020 and then 1st (Taurus), while Ketu follows suit in your 8th and 7th houses.

Domestic : You will enjoy family happiness to a large extent, inspite of loss and trouble from your siblings and neighbours. Health condition of one of your parents will result in frequent journeys to you. You will gain by disposal of your dead investment. Your rudeness and rigid mentality may deprive you of marital happiness. Compromising on issues and pampering your spouse will bring conjugal bliss in required quantum. Friends will come to your rescue in times of need.

Finance : You may not save as much as you want, despite much increase in your financial position. Growing expenditure and compulsory investment may occasionally create financially worry. However, nothing will daunt your fighting spirit in your attempts to succeed. Investments in Partnerships may not yield good results. Speculation looks discouraging. Cautious approach is advised. Stock Market investors will gain from long term holdings. You will have income from your avocation, or business and individual efforts.

Career : There will be occasional troubles from your colleagues/boss at work place. You will be promoted to next higher rank after much struggle and delay. You will be transferred to a place which you don’t like. Pinpricks and workload will make you disappointed. Pending dues or arrears will be partially realized. Those who are facing court cases are likely to see positive result in the middle of the year. Some may face official enquiry initiated against them.

Health : Indigestion, gastric problem, chest pain, ear problems and illness of mysterious nature are some of the health hazards you may encounter. Visits to hospitals and regular health checkups will ensure sound health. Chronic patients suffering from diabetes, B.P and Cancer will have to adhere to prescribed diet, medicine and physical fitness activities.

Women : You want to move with the times and make an image makeover. You will be in tune with the latest fashion at the same time keeping up the family traditions. You will be in a mood to socialize. You will become extravagant and spend money on unwanted items. Children will prove to be a source of strength to you. You will stay for a short while in abroad with your children and husband.

Birth Star Predictions

Krittika 2,3,4 : Indications for change of job to a senior position are more. You will be very aggressive in career. But you should avoid very temperamental. Patience is the need of the hour. Due to pressure in work-front, you may neglect your family life. Your children will come out inflying colours in competitive examinations. Some of you will get involved in fine arts and journastic flair, in addition to your routine duties.

Rohini : You will have a meteoric rise to the top. You will get several offers from abroad, which you need to scrutinize them carefully keeping long term benefits, before taking a final decision. Your investments will give you multifold results. You will burn midnight oil to come out with flying colours, in your competitive and departmental examinations.

Mrigasira 1 and 2 : You will develop ambitious plans for the future. You will develop strong partnerships, which will be beneficial. People who want to set-up their own start-ups will succeed well. But you have to guard your project from your rivals and competitors. You will get good support from abroad, and your overseas projects will do well.

Vedic remedies : Recite Vishnu Sahasranamam daily at home. Visit a Vishnu temple and offer prayers on Thursdays. Worship Lord Ganesh and recite Ganapati Ashtothra. Feed Cows with Bananas and grass. Read verses from Srimad Bhagavad and ponder over their meanings.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Daily light a lamp of Gingili oil, after Sunset.
Every Monday, chant Siva stothra.

Mithuna (Gemini)
Mrigasira(3 & 4), Arudra and Punarvasu ( 1, 2 & 3)
Aries Jupiter in 7th (Sagittarius) till 30 March 2020 and then in 8th (Capricorn) till 30 June. Then back in 7th till 21 Nov. Then in 8th for the rest of the year. Saturn also in 7thupto 24 Jan. 2020, enters 8th (Capricorn) and transits there throughout the year. Rahu transits in your Moon sign (Gemini) till 19 Sept. 2020 and then 12th (Taurus), while Ketu follows suit in your 7th and 6th houses.

Domestic : You will have good social life and will enjoy good reputation, status and honour in the social circles. You will take a lot of interest in religious activities, yoga, meditation etc., Good time for singles to consider engagement. Transit of Saturn in 8th will disturb you much. At home, your siblings would be more cooperative and affectionate than ever. There is every likelihood of meeting a high level Government authority. Avoid travel as much as possible, as this will not give the desired result. If you don’t watch your words, you may lose some of your trusted friends.

Finance : Expenses outweigh your income sources. Control your purse carefully, as you are likely to indulge in wasteful expenditure. Rahu‘s transit will result in cause of worry due to growing expenditure. Stay away from vices and bad company, to avoid the ill effects of ashtama sani. Expenses of children, parents and siblings may compel you to go for loans. You may have to borrow for running the show. But things will show improvement after September, when the Saturn becomes Direct, from retrogression.

Career : There could be loss in business and in your professional field. Your projects and endeavours may not bring the desired result. You may even face difficulty in completing your previous tasks on time. You would need to hold on to your courage and confidence, as these may also be shaken-up, due to the hurdles at work. However, the beneficial transit of Ketu will make you bold and you will be able to influence the people, from whom you may also expect a profit. You are also likely o defeat your opponents and gain over them.

Health : Health will be good and your body will acquire a new vigour, vitality and luster. You will feel active, confident and happy. However, sudden tensions and anxiety about health are not ruled out. Sometimes, you will be tired and exhausted with a lazy lackluster feeling. You need to watch out for throat troubles and pain in thighs and hips. Health of spouse and father will not be good either.

Women : Be active and take full advantage of the opportunities that come towards you. Opportunities galore would be but you will be at your wits’ end, when it comes to decision-making as it will conflict with your household duties. You are advised to do multi-tasking and hone your skills to prove that you are better than the best in both of your worlds. You will also be keen to learn cooking of various cuisines, other than your traditional ones. You can expect a overseas holiday this year.

Birth Star Predictions

Mrigasira 3&4 : Most of the matters you attend to will succeed rather easily. You will try and help all those who have been loyal to you and who have stood by you, in times of your need. You will be leading a happy-golucky life. You will pick-up new friends and acquaintances. Good time for eligible bachelors, to enter into wedlock. You will become social in outlook and do charitable activities.

Arudra : Good time for you! You will change your job, and fortunately you will get a senior position with payhike. You will be very aggressive in your career. Your children will succeed well in their studies. You will become very shrewd in managing your finances. Some of you will be interested in literary pursuits, photography and short-film making. Those staying overseas on job assignments can expect a trip to their home-town in India.

Punarvasu 1,2,3 : You should not take domestic friction to your heart, and insist on moving away. For those who are romantically inclined, there could be disappointment in love-affairs. Your parents are not likely to approve your choice. Revival of old friendship is very much on cards. A long-standing Law suit is going to turn in your favour this year. Most of your plans will succeed during the last quarter of this year.

Vedic Remedies : Perform a Navagraha Havan, with special emphasis on propitiation of Saturn. Recite Saturn Kavach and Aditya Hridayam. Donate for educational expenses of poor children. Donate Black clothes to the poor on Saturdays.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Every Thursday, worship Lord Vishnu with Yellow flowers. Light Camphor after Sunset in your Bedroom.

Kataka (Cancer)
Punarvasu(4), Pushya and Aslesha.

AriesJupiter in 6th (Sagittarius) till 30 March 2020 and then in 7th (Capricorn) till 30 June. Then back in 6th till 21 Nov. Then in 7th for the rest of the year. Saturn also in 6thupto 24 Jan. 2020 enters 7th (Capricorn) and transits there throughout the year. Rahu transits in your 12th sign (Gemini) till 19 Sept. 2020 and then 11th (Taurus), while Ketu follows suit in your 6th and 5th houses.

Domestic : Life will be good. If you have children of marriageable age, you may plan their marriage with suitable person this year. Possibility of change in residence is high. Avoid any kind of litigation, to prevent defamation and humiliation in the society. Ailing children, if any would travel the road of fast recovery in this year. You will be able to command more respect and honour in the society. You will get Providential help from religious and spiritual fields. However, maintain a good rapport with your near and dear, as they may oppose you when you least expect it.

Finance : You will settle all your outstanding debts, bills and other dues. Inflow of money will be smooth and you will be financially quite comfortable. Your income will be multifarious and your in-laws will be supportive. There will be plethora of opportunities. You need to filter the opportunities and reject those that are not up to your expectations. Despite fluctuations in Stock market, your investments will do well. This will be a year of steady growth financially.

Career : Lady Luck smiles on you. Bosses and seniors will be supportive and helpful. You may even expect some gain from officials of higher order. Those in Public service and bearing the brunt of disciplinary charges/legal cases will get the reprieve. You are also likely to get new opportunities in your work-front, which will give you higher responsibilities and more rights. You will have upper hand over enemies and competitors. Those in politics will have higher success rate. You will experience a cooperative atmosphere from your colleagues.

Health : Extra attention is required in this regard. You are likely to develop peculiar ailments, which would require proper diagnosis. Take care of your limbs and mental health. Tension and restlessness may result in insomnia to you this year. You are advised to get sufficient exposure to Sunlight, to get adequate Vitamin D.

Women : You will spend more time with your family. Your life-partner will support you, recognizing your hard work. Your family members will also support you well in times of need. Ailing spouse will recover and glows with good health. Working women can expect transfer, promotion and good increments. Period is good for spinsters to get married. Women, who seek divorce, can get it easily this year. This period will also see the enhancement of your learning and wisdom.

Birth Star Predictions

Punarvasu (4) : Sudden journeys, repayment of loans and medical treatment will pinch your pocket. Attempts to achieve success and enjoying the fruits of it may fail in the last minute. Health of parents will become a cause of worry to you. Efforts to perform the marriage of children will be successful after much efforts. You need to strain all through this year, only to see the last laugh in the last quarter of this year.

Pushya : Your confidence levels will increase. You will get required finances in time. But those in public service need to be more vigilant to avoid disciplinary action. Don’t involve in underhand dealings as these will land you in trouble. Fulfill your Tax obligations in time, lest you may have to face rough weather. One issue, over which you are pondering since quite long, will be settled in you favour.

Aslesha : Your efforts to know new things will be successful. You will receive required finances in time. Financially, You will be cozy for major part of this year. But problems relating to house and vehicle have to be encountered. Involvement in love-affair is not ruled out. Intimacy with other sex may blossom into love. Tedious and distant journeys, followed by high expenditure, are likely.

Vedic Remedies : Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily. Visit a Saneeswara temple and offer prayers on Sanitrayodasi days. Visit a Durga temple and offer prayers on Tuesdays. Take bath in a holy river, often.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Not to use Blue curtains and Bedsheets in your bedroom.
Verify the facts yourself, before believing anybody.

Simha (Leo)
Makha, Poorvaphalguni and Uttara phalguni(1)

Aries Jupiter: in 5h (Sagittarius) till 30 March 2020 and then in 6th (Capricorn) till 30 June. Then back in 5th till 21 Nov. Then in 6th for the rest of the year. Saturn also in 5thupto 24 Jan. 2020 enters 6th (Capricorn) and transits there throughout the year. Rahu transits in 11th (Gemini) till 19 Sept. 2020 and then 10th (Taurus) while, Ketu follows suit in your 5th and 4th houses.

Domestic : Normal domestic peace, and family happiness are indicated. The benefits of Jupiter’ transit in your 5th house will get considerably enhanced by the favourable transit of Saturn aslo. Indisposition of parents would cause occasional worry. Pending divorce cases will drag on for some more time. A portion of your property may have to be sold, but new property will be added. You will have marginal gain in this. Sickness of spouse will block conjugal bliss for some time. Jupiter in 6th (April-June) may cause theft, fire and loss of property, which can be avoided, if handled with great care. Ketu’s transit may cause worry about children’s health.

Finance : Those in trade and business can expect good profits. Money will come on time and investments would get you good returns. You have to spend much for children, property and on journeys. Your investments in overseas and in Real estate will yield good results. Speculators need to exercise caution. Investments in stock market are going to be jerky, requiring double caution from your end.

Career : This is a very happy and successful transit for you. You will be able to work with enthusiasm and dedication, and work will yield the desired results. Your superiors will appreciate your work and will reward you for your good efforts. Avoid rift with your colleagues and bosses, and also avoid filing Court cases. Compromise is the way to settle disputes. Some of you may change their job or avocation for betterment. You will get transfer to your place of choice.

Health : Physically and mentally, you will be at your peak and will enjoy peace and contentment. Problems, if any, will only be due to your gluttony and over-indulgence in sensual pleasures. High fever, liver-related ailments, and joint pains are indicated, which may require visit to hospitals once or twice. Balanced diet and morning walk and philosophical outlook will enable you to maintain normal health.

Women : Working women can expect a reasonably favourable year. Much-awaited promotion will be attained. There will be support and guidance from superiors. Normal domestic life for housewives is assured. You will enjoy marital bliss, if you are free from moodiness and frigidity. Re-thinking and reconciliation are likely to those, who applied for divorce. Spinsters can hear the wedding bells in the second half of the year.

Birth Star Predictions

Makha : A problem, which is bothering you for quite a long time, will settle in your favour. You can expect sudden inflow of money from several sources. You may acquire some landed property and buy some jewellery in this year. If you have children of marriageable age, you may plan their marriage with suitable person this year. Those in the spiritual line will have some upliftment, with the blessings of their mentor. Your muchdesired long pilgrimage will happen this year, or you may go for foreign travel.

Poorvaphalguni : For those who are romantically inclined, there could be disappointment in love affairs. Your parents may not approve your choice. You will become charitable in nature and go out of the way to help your friends and relatives. It is better to get adjournment of the pending Law suits. You will experience real spiritualism and be grateful to God for material benefits showered on you, without being asked by you.

Uttaraphalguni (I) : You can enjoy sound health with regular exercises, yoga and with stipulated diet. Distant journeys, secret foes and life at unknown place will bring trouble. Unexpected expenditure and investment cannot be avoided. There will be domestic happiness. Change of place or residence cannot be ruled out. Trouble with Co-borns and neighbours are indicated.

Vedic remedies : Perform Rudrabhishekam in a Lord Shiva temple. Visit a Shiva temple on Mondays and Pradosha days. Worship Lord Ganesha at home on Wednesdays to nullify Ketu’s transit dosha.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Help and respect the widows.
Occasionally feed the street-dogs

KANYA (Virgo)
Uttaraphalguni (2, 3 & 4) Hasta and Chitra (1 & 2).

AriesJupiter : in 4th (Sagittarius) till 30 March 2020 and then in 5th (Capricorn) till 30 June. Then back in 4th till 21 Nov. Then in 5th for the rest of the year. Saturn also in 4th upto 24 Jan. 2020 enters 5th (Capricorn) and transits there throughout the year. Rahu transits in your 10th sign (Gemini) till 19th Sept. 2020 and then 9th (Taurus) while Ketu follows suit in your 4th and 3rd houses.

Domestic : There will be disturbed relations with spouse, and happiness will be lacking at home in the first quarter, due to unfavorable transits of Jupiter and Saturn. Quite favorable transits of the nodes will make you a little relieved. You will be able to solve all the domestic problems. A new born baby will be the centre of attraction in your family. Students will clear the examinations in flying colours. Friends will come to your rescue, in times of need. Handle them carefully.

Finance : Inheriting wealth or property is indicated. You will have income from employment, business activities and personal effects. Financial Institutions will grant loans liberally for expansion of your business and diversification, and this will be put to use properly. Businessmen can expect increased profits and recover the pending dues successfully. Stock market investors will gain more from their short-term holdings.

Career : This is the time to expect progress in your projects at work, as well as your pending work. You would also be able to influence others at work or in the society. You may also expect to get the cooperation of your colleagues and seniors at work during this time. You may have to travel towards Northeastern region officially, or you may go on voyage. Those involved in legal, audit, software, and hospitality sectors are going to derive more benefits in this year. Politicians will have smooth-going.

Health: Some chronic health hazards will be subdued or completely cured. Overall improvement in your health can be aspired. However, visits to hospitals for health checkups and treatment cannot be avoided. Those suffering from heart, renal and intestine disorders will get some relief this year.

Women : Housewives can expect domestic harmony, despite some squabbles in the family matters. Working women will get promotions and transfers to distant places. Relations with your spouse will be normal. It is likely that you will exhaust your savings, by spending heavily on jewellery. Stress in managing your family affairs tactfully will impact your health. The attitude of your family members towards you will turnout very much positive.

Birth Star Predictions

Uttara Phalguni (2,3, 4) :

Health condition may not be conducive to you this year, particularly for travel. Avoid tedious travel as far as possible. Help from unknown persons or foreigners or from Naturecure sources will help you in fast recovery. Disputes may crop-up, regarding hereditary properties. Trouble from parents is not ruled out. There will be domestic happiness all through the year, despite some pinpricks.


Success in attempts, victory over enemies and settlement of disputes are indicated. Domestic happiness is also foreseen. Indications for foreign travel are more. Mixed results can be expected in respect of career and professional front. There will be some discontentment to you, in respect of your career. Your relatives will turn indifferent in times of need.

Chitra 1, 2

There will be frequent troubles in the family affairs. Expenditure will be imminent and inflow of money will be delayed. However, many health maladies will be cured. Trouble from Govt officials is indicated. Promotion will remain at a distance. Trouble from your child is indicated. It would be better to avoid too much sensual pleasures and speculation activities.

Vedic remedies

Worship Goddess Mahalakshmi and visit Her shrines. Recite Dhanada Lakshmi stothras, Lakshmi Ashtothra on Fridays. Propitiate Sani Bhagwan and offer food to crows. Observe Ayyappa Deeksha, for appeasing Sani Bhagawa.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Plant a Neem tree.
Every Friday, feed 9 little girls with sweets.

Tula (Libra)
Chitra ( 3 & 4), Swati and Visakha ( 1,2 &3)

AriesJupiter: in 3rd(Sagittarius) till 30 March 2020 and then enters 4th (Capricorn), retrogrades on14th May and re-enters Sagittarius on 30 June 2020; Jupiter becomes Direct on 14 Sept. 2020. Leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn on 21st Nov.2020, and transits there for the rest of the year. Saturn also in 3rd upto 24 Jan. 2020, enters 4th (Capricorn), becomes retrograde on 12th May 2020, becomes Direct on 30th Sept.2020 and remains in Capricorn throughout the year. Rahu transits in your 9th sign (Gemini) till 19 Sept. 2020 and then 8th(Taurus), while Ketu follows suit in your 3rd and 2nd houses.

Domestic : You will enjoy support from all your family members. Happy celebrations in your family are on cards. Spoiled relations with your kith and kin are likely to be revived. Children will show merit in their studies. You will attend a number of social functions this year. Conjugal harmony will be at its peak. Journey to a religious place with family and friends is indicated. Sometimes, it will be difficult to balance between your spouse and other members. Amidst these favorable indications, the adverse transit of Nodes may give rise to an unexpected Court case from your near and dear.

Finance : You will face mixed results, regarding finance. Income through crop-yields, rental and real estate will be satisfactory. But speculative transactions should be avoided. Selling of household materials, vehicles and purchasing of new ones are very much likely. Your family members may compel you to purchase some unnecessary items, which may lead you to tight-rope walk in the second half. However, you will plan for a long term earning or investment in the middle of the year.

Career : Really good time for Service-holders! You can change the foes into friends in your working field. Your talent will be recognized, and you will receive appreciation from the higher echelons of your Department. Many of you will be entrusted with additional charge, in which you will shine with flying colors. Professionals in financial markets can foresee the trends and derive its full benefit. Those in Partnership business will prosper. Business relating to base metals and precious metals, minerals, spare parts, building materials, softwares and finance field will flourish more.

Health : More or less, health will remain good, except for minor ailments from Bile and stomach- related disorders. Those with hypertension need to watch their moods and control their emotions, from July to September this year. Minor mishaps and related injuries due to fractures to ankle, toes and forehand cannot be ruled-out. However, chronic patients may need to undergo surgery for quick relief.

Women : Career girls will get good chance after a long run. But overwork will lead to strain and ill-health. However, husband’s love and support will be there. Home-makers may face tensions, due to misunderstandings with husband and misbehavior of in-laws. Gynecological disorder is indicated. Husband’s financial as well as spiritual development will make you happy.

Birth Star Predictions

Chitra (3, 4) : A profitable trip is coming. Many of you will find a new and promising platform for future endeavors. You will be thankful for a new career direction and will be lucky in business. Celestial energy indicates that health will require extra attention, as heart and stomachrelated issues are likely to crop-up.


Your hard work will begin to show results. But travel plans are likely to be delayed. Financial gains through paper or mails are very much indicated. This Year, Cosmos brings forth nostalgic re-unions and whimsical trips, down the memory lane. Self-employed will take decisive steps to explore untapped resources.

Visakha 1, 2, 3

Your ability to connect the strategic dots on a key project will be recognized and applauded by your higher-ups. Jobseekers, by following their impulses, will explore promising employment prospects for themselves this year. Nostalgic reunions with bosom friends will give happy moments with senior citizens. There will be compromises in your family as well as with your near and dear.

Vedic remedies

Visit shrines of Lord Ganapathi. Recite the mantra- “Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Kloum Gum Ganapathaye, Varavarada Sarva Janame Vachamanaya Swaha” 27 times on Sundays, to ward off hardships in your efforts. Perform or participate in Lakshmi-Ganapathi homam on a Wednesday for over-all prosperity. Recite “Devi Khadgamala stothra” on Fridays and offer sweet Pongal to Goddess Durga.

Lal-kitab Remedies:

While sleeping, keep your head in the East direction.

Vrischika (Scorpio)
Visakha(4), Anuradha and Jyeshta

AriesJupiter: in 2nd(Sagittarius) till 30 March 2020 and then enters 3rd (Capricorn), retrogrades on 14th May and re-enters Sagittarius on 30 June 2020; it becomes Direct on 14 Sept. 2020. Leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn on 21st Nov.2020 and transits there for the rest of the year. Saturn also in 2nd upto 24 Jan.2020, enters 3rd (Capricorn), becomes retrograde on 12th May 2020, becomes Direct on 30th Sept.2020 and remains in Capricorn throughout the year. Rahu transits in your 8th sign (Gemini) till 19 Sept. 2020, and then 7th(Taurus), while Ketu follows suit in your 2nd and 1st houses.

Domestic : You need to spend some quality time for having fun and frolic with your family members. This will ensure domestic happiness. Children, health and education are the issues which may require your special attention mostly this year. Distant journeys are on the anvil. Saturn’s retrogration in May/June may result in hurdles in your efforts Avoid impatience and adamant replies to keep cool the domestic atmosphere. Parents’ health issues are likely to bother you much. You will get peace and transquility through your spiritual fervor with visits of places of worship.

Finance : Some old due will be recovered. Timely help from your family friend, neighbor or brother will help you to tide over the crisis. You can come out successful without drawing your previous earnings/deposits. Business travel cannot be ruled out and you will gain substantially from it. Those involved in intellectual activities and publishing industry fare well. Business partnerships and agreements will attract tensions. The cumulative effect of Jupiter and Saturn transits indicate overall good with increased savings and purchase of new assets this year. Avoid speculation as planetary transit is indicating mixed results.

Career : Things will not be smooth and you will face opposition of your employer and colleagues. Your enemies will try to dethrone you from your position. You will have to face many obstacles in executing your work. Those in public service are little bit safer. For private and self employed much caution is required in changing jobs or extending their area of operations.

Health : As per the transit of Rahu, this is the time you must give top priority to your health. Reproductive organs, contagious diseases and mental anxiety and fatigue will bother you most. Bile and related issues, Veneral, illicit and illegal relations if any will land you in troubled waters during the 7th house transit of Rahu to your birth sign. Ketu’s transit indicates eye infections and fire mishaps which are avoidable with appropriate remedies.

Women : Avoid any kind of argument with your spouse as this will affect your conjugal bliss for much of the time. Instead, approve your hubby’s decision as though you are having Hobson’s choice. You will face the situation of “Catch 22” (in which there is no good solution or resolution possible because of the way in which the factors of the solution relate to each other) with your in-laws so that the position stands at status-quo and remains unresolved.

Birth Star Predictions

Visakha 4

Expenses may increase on arrival of many friends. You may need to withdraw deposits on this count. Students will take career making decisions which will prove to be successful. Your children will improve in their studies. This is the time for new relationships and responsibilities. Some of you will perform the marriage of children resulting in extension of family relations.


Attachment with a strong hold official or politician will help you to get your coveted post. New business or contracts will be signed by you. Professionals will excel in their vocation but returns and appreciations from clients may not be commensurate. Research scholars are likely to face some obstacles in getting approvals of their findings. Many of you will reap profits from your past investments.


Higher authorities will be in your favor. Your lover may desert you. Emotional outburst will endanger the career. It may not be wise enough to start new venture. Professionals will face tough competition from all corners. False-allegation, back-biting will put you into trouble. Journalists need to be cautious. Those in medical, finance, brokerage, and legal professions will have a better year.

Vedic remedies (Scorpio) :

Offer prayers to lord hanuman and recite hanuman chalisa for one week continuously. Perform anointing of Lord Karthikeya(Subrahmanyaswamy) on Tuesdays with milk. Recite Ashtotram of Lord Karthikeya. Circumbulate the shrine of Goddess Shakthi 18 times on Fridays.

Lal-kitab Remedies:

Apply Turmeric Tilak on the forehead daily.
Avoid wearing Green clothes.

Dhanus (Sagittarius)
Moola, P.Shada, U.Shada(1)

AriesJupiter: in 1st(Sagittarius) till 30 March 2020 and then enters 2rd (Capricorn), retrogrades on14th May, and re-enters Sagittarius on 30June 2020. Becomes Direct on 14 Sept. 2020. Leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn on 21st Nov.2020 and transits there for the rest of the year. Saturn also in 1st upto 24 Jan 2020, enters 2nd(Capricorn), becomes retrograde on 12th May 2020, becomes Direct on 30th Sept.2020 and remains in Capricorn throughout the year. Rahu transits in your 7th sign (Gemini) till 19 Sept. 2020 and then 6th(Taurus), while Ketu follows suit in your ‘1st and 12th houses.

Domestic : Family bliss is vouchsafed. Mother’s recovery from ailment, and timely help from your spouse will make you happy. However, enemity with your relative may result into legal dispute. Domestic misunderstandings and humiliating situations must be met with fortitude. Temporary separation from loved ones may become necessary. Sometimes you will be overtaken with anxiety and restlessness. You might find yourself isolated in some situations but do not let that depress you. There can be much temptation to get involved with unscrupulous people which you must resist.

Finance : You may acquire objects of your desire this year. But guard yourself against the tendency of overspending. Real estates matters meet with difficulties. Business ventures can be profitable. Those in joint ventures are likely to flourish. They will see reduced competition and can make good profits. Your holdings in banks, iron and steel, Cement, Petroleum products will yield good fruits. Property dealings are likely to go through.

Career : A prominent role with new responsibilities will be entrusted to you this year. Those in service will be able to capitalize due to their net working with the powerful. Business professionals also will succeed if they do not over commit. Do not let complacency to dampen your progress. You should use every opportunity to succeed and for this purpose you need to hone your skills. Bright times for those in telecommunications, tourism, hospitality, education and Revenue Departments(GST, Income Tax, Customs etc).

Health : Minor ailments of the stomach and fever can cause discomfort. Past ailments may begin to rise-up if not careful. Throat infection and disruption to voice is likely to trouble you in around middle of the year. Revive and revisit your old agenda of serious health care which you have placed in cold storage not long ago. Brisk walk in the morning along with intake of sufficient water will make you hale and healthy. Balanced diet will keep out indigestion and stomach related ailments at bay.

Women : Single ones will find eligible mates. Entrepreneurs among you will be stamped with success by diversifying your operations. Freelancers will be soaring high this year by kicking the online ventures up a notch. Job seekers will find themselves from drudgery to dream job in view of number of job opportunities. Chances are more from getting benefitted by mother side relatives. Renal and menstrual disorders are likely to trouble you. However, hospitalization will be avoided because of your preventive measures.

Birth Star Predictions


Windfall gain or wealth from distant sources is very much likely. Sickness will persist for a short while. Income from unexpected and forgotten sources will surprise you much. Honour, good name and success are on cards. Friends may create number of problems. Their advice is likely to boomrang. Sustained effort will bring you success in all ventures. Health problems will be under control Disputes with regard to hereditary properties cannot be ruled out.


A financial or business opportunity will knock your door. Professionals will face tough competition. Journalists need to exercise extra caution lest they may face defamation proceedings. You are likely to be summoned to a Court of Law other than as an advocate this year. Visit of hill stations in summer will cheer your spirits. You will revive friendship with one of your old acquaint.

Uttarashada 1

Happy period from love and relationships point of view. If married, you may get involved in a conflict with your wife because of your misbehavior with your spouse’s family members. Some of you may experience the discomfort of forced change of residence as per the transit of Ketu. Avoid any kind of litigation as you are not going to succeed. There will be disputes and arguments with siblings and friends.

Vedic remedies

Worship Lord Sun in the morning. Perform Suryanamaskarams. Recite AudityaHridayam daily. Visit Lakshminarayana temple on Thursdays and Fridays and chant “Om NamoNarayanaya” 108 times.

Lal-kitab Remedies:

Avoid wearing Blue clothes
Wear Silver chain around the neck

Makara (Capricorn)
Uttarashada(2, 3, 4), Sravana and Dhanishta(1&2)

AriesJupiter: in 12th(Sagittarius) till 30 March 2020 and then enters 1st (Capricorn), retrogrades on14th May and re-enters Sagittarius on 30 June 2020; becomes Direct on 14 Sept. 2020. Leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn on 21st Nov.2020 and transits there for the rest of the year. Saturn also in 12th upto 24 Jan. 2020, enters 1st(Capricorn), becomes retrograde on 12th May 2020, becomes Direct on 30th Sept.2020 and remains in Capricorn throughout the year. Rahu transits in your 6th sign (Gemini) till 19 Sept. 2020 and then 5th(Taurus), while Ketu follows suit in your ‘12th and 11thhouses.

Domestic : This year, you will break the fortress walls and cool your heels to welcome the domestic harmony. You will discover innovative ways to breathe new life into staid and rigid routines. You will do excellent prioritization and check the trip budget so that you will spend your hard-earned money on those items which you relish most. Singles among you will take the lead this year with the irresistible impact of cupid’s arrows and write a fairy tale for themselves. Couples will straighten the messy affairs and quench the thirst of conjugal bliss to their heart’s content.

Finance : Inflows will be in a squeeze and outflows might overshoot the income. For profitable turn in real estate, take a few steps backward in order to get yourself on track. The spending spree will be on the rise with unplanned risky investment. Fortunately, this year your talent in expecting the unexpected will consolidate your portfolios and reaps excellent dividends. Business transactions require you to act with tact in competitive situations.

Career : At work place, be wary of burning bridges with the higher-ups by going way over the edge with a daring move. Keep your strategies ready as the window of opportunities is going to open for you. Roll up your sleeves as the higher echelons will involve you in serious decision making. Job seekers by experimenting with new approaches will succeed in their trials. Before signing collaboration deals scrutinize the ins and outs of the project for a profitable turnout. However, Saturn’s unfavorable transit will make you miss some opportunities in the last minute.

Health : Pay prompt attention to any discomfort due to temperature rise and infections. Those ailing from blood pressure and heart diseases need extra caution. Stay calm and maintain cool composure. Practice Yoga, meditation or heart fullness to get relief from anxiety, stress and depression. You will listen to the early warnings of your body and take the required preventive and precautionary measures in time. Saturn’s transit in your Moon sign this year may let loose some minor health issues on you. However, you will keep yourself fit most of the year.

Women : Luck will be with you in love matters and you will gain influence, support and prominence. You will receive honest communication and surprising disclosures. Transit of three planets in 12thwarns working women need to be alert in communications through mails and whatsapp to avoid criticism and opposition. As money dealing steals the spotlight exercise adjustments when signing for investment decisions. Your social circle will go through major revival and renewal.

Birth Star Predictions

Uttarashada (2,3,4)

Keep your options open as financial sources will open up new money making opportunities. Artists among you will embrace the fame, glamour and creativity. Avoid being hasty—softenup any real estate investment launches to secure lucrative deals in your favour. Stock market investments and speculations will unleash unwarranted contingencies. Get the accurate figures before making bold decisions.


Artists among you will take the plunge and turn their inspired ideas in to tangible forms. Don’t take decisions basing on the statements with a grain of salt. Avoid venturing away from the comfort zone. Students will study diligently and seriously to spark-up their grades. Mother’s health will require extra attention. Avoid untested risky investment for obligation sake. Job seekers by experimenting with new approaches will land in a job of their liking.

Dhanishta (1, 2)

You will put to use your entire octane energy and become robust this year. This is the time to be proactive and solidify your union with better half in a long trip. Those in marketing will create a stable framework for their dreams to cross the finish line. Favorable transit of Rahu will cause positive insights which will give large gains this year.

Vedic Remedies(Capricorn)

Visit Lord Venkateswara’s temple on Thursdays and light ghee lamps in your house, while worshipping the God. Recite Ketu Kavachas, stotras and Ketu Gayatri. To overcome financial fluctuations pray Goddess Mahalakshmi and recite Dhanada Lakshmi Stothra.

Lal-kitab Remedies:

Burn incense (Sambrani) to ward off negative energies.
Gift fruits, sweets to little girl.

KUMBHA (Aquarius)
Dhanishta (3 & 4), Satabisha, Poorvabhadra (1, 2 & 3)

AriesJupiter: in 11th(Sagittarius) till 30 March 2020 and then enters 12th(Capricorn), retrogrades on14th May and re-enters Sagittarius on 30 June 2020 and becomes Direct on 14 Sept. 2020. Leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn on 21st Nov.2020 and transits there for the rest of the year. Saturn also in 11thupto24 Jan. 2020 enters 12th (Capricorn), becomes retrograde on 12th May 2020, becomes Direct on 30th Sept.2020 and remains in Capricorn throughout the year. Rahu transits in your 5th sign (Gemini) till 19 Sept. 2020 and then 4th (Taurus), while Ketu follows suit in your ‘11th and 10thhouses.

Domestic : An excellent year for you in all respects. Favorable transit of Jupiter and Saturn will shower all kinds of fortunes on you. Particularly your children would do well in studies and bestow their love on you. Jupiter’s 12th house transit will prone you to take hasty decisions which should be avoided at any cost. You will acquire a new house or remodel the existing house for more convenience. Your house will be flooded with relatives and friends for attending an auspicious occasion which you are going to cherish for a long time. Saturn is your moon sign lord. Your spouse will bestow all his/her love and affection upon you.

Finance : Expenditure related higher studies of your children are very much indicated. Donations to philanthropic institutions are very much on cards. Better to take the advice of financial consultant in portfolio management. Despite fluctuation in the stock market your investments will do well. You will have a smooth take-off and landing in financial markets despite many turbulent conditions. Agriculture produce would fetch moderate profits.

Career : Freelancers will give a jump-start to their career, by pooling their talents with high-end contacts. Avoid knee-jerk reaction when dealing with higher authority till the storm subsides. Your point of view on a vexed issue will be accepted and appreciated by your higher-ups. Your decisions requiring ratification from your superiors will be obtained. At work place avoid any snide remarks or getting down into the low-vibe cess pool this year. Chances of landing on a highly successful assignment this year are very much imminent.

Health : Health needs proper care. Adopt exercise regime and build your immunity. Stay away from negative situations and environment, as this could have impact on your physical and mental health. Be mindful of what you eat. Avoid fatty food and excess sugar which could trigger illness. Saturn’s 12th house transit gives you some health alerts which you should not neglect. Senior citizens among you need to watch their digestive system and have a balanced diet. Keep away from dust as this may create breathing issues.

Women : Those in relationship will see an improvement and move the next level in their life. Those married can plan to have a child and can reignite the spark in your life with your partner. Don’t severe relations basing on rumours and ear-biting news. Avoid clashes within the family. You will be targeted severely. Time is good for wedlock and those waiting for progeny. Take care of your childrens’ health and avoid rash driving.

Birth Star Predictions

Dhanishta (3, 4)

Competitors will pose a threat to business people. However, expect favors from spouse. Thoughts of buying a new property would get a shape. Expenditure on medicine, consultation, lab tests and scanning will take-out much of your earnings. You will have relief in the 3rd quarter. Your efforts to perform a social function will bear fruits from the second quarter of this year.


Conflict with father or paternal relations are indicated. Frustrating time for students. Your efforts will give half of the result only. Don’t take decisions for temporary stop-gap purpose; aim for long range goals. You need to master an unfamiliar territory through hard work and perseverance, need to research well in advance on your preferred domain.

Poorvabhadra (1,2,3)

New investment to meet the market demand is indicated for entrepreneurs among you. Some of you will go on leave, and pass more time with family members to avoid job tension. Businessmen will witness delay in collection of old dues, due to red-tapism of bureaucracy. Career girls will have a good chance, after a long run. Government employees will get favorable CCRs from their bosses in the year-end.

Vedic Remedies

Perform Suryanamaskar daily at the time of sunrise. Recite Aditya Hridayam and Suryastakam at the time of morning prayers. Perform abhishekam (anointing) of Lord Shiva with Sugarcane Juice, curd and honey every Monday for continuous 3 weeks. Donate food and fruits in old age homes on the day of your birthday.

Lal-kitab Remedies:

Help and respect father & elders.
Not to consume Alcohol in any form

Meena (Pisces)
Poorvabhadra(4), Uttarabhadra & Revati.

AriesJupiter: in 10th(Sagittarius) till 30 March 2020 and then enters 11th(Capricorn), retrogrades on14th May and re-enters Sagittarius on 30 June 2020 and becomes Direct on 14 Sept. 2020. Leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn on 21st Nov.2020 and transits there for the rest of the year. Saturn also in 10thupto 24th Jan.2020, enters 11th (Capricorn), becomes retrograde on 12th May 2020, becomes Direct on 30th Sept.2020 and remains in Capricorn throughout the year. Rahu transits in your 4th sign (Gemini) till 19 Sept. 2020 and then 3rd (Taurus), while Ketu follows suit in your ‘10th and 9thhouses.

Domestic : Jupiter’s favorable transit in your 11th most of the year will keep your domestic atmosphere very much conducive. You will keep all your family members in the best of their moods. Relations with family members and friends will be good and you will have a good social life. Get ready for a rejuvenating long distance travel this year. Those going for higher studies will perform exceedingly well in their chosen field. There could also be an auspicious function in your house this year which will be well attended by your kith and kin.

Finance : The transit of Saturn is a jolly good for you. Your work will get recognition and you are likely to be promoted to a higher position with more authority and can a significant jump in salary. You will find new horizons in your sources of income this year and acquire a new property. But occasional hiccups in the inflow of moneys cannot be ruled-out because of unsteady gait of Jupiter and Saturn between Sagittarius and Capricorn—your 10th and 11th houses.

Career : Avoid slippery slopes when dealing with your superiors, lest you will be by-passed in the promotion list. Grind to shine! Get ready to take a plunge towards your career goals this year. Assert yourself in launching of new projects to get great success and good fortune. Saturn’s favorable transit this year will give boost to your career. Those in marketing field need to hone their communication skills and improve their etiquette to win over the clientele.

Health : Initially the energy levels will be low; however as year marches ahead you will find increase. A year to align your mind, body and spirit. Ensure sound sleep for yourself and avoid street food at places of low hygiene which will affect your immunity. Focus on your personal health and hygiene and adopt meditation, yoga and regular exercise. Don’t expose yourself too much to Sun-light. Drink sufficient water and keep the water levels in your body at optimum levels so that you can avoid dehydration.

Women : Your relations with your relatives — especially your mother’s side are likely to be spoiled. Your enemies and competitors will have an upper hand. Your income will not be sufficient to meet your expenses. Avoid taking loans to keep you away from debt trap. Take care of your health especially chest and knee joint problems. Avoid getting involved in imprudent activities and arguments with friends and relatives. You will win over the grim situations with grit and determinations.

Birth Star Predictions

Poorvabhadra 4

Service holders will find the year not very encouraging. False allegations, back-biting will put you into trouble in the first quarter. It will not be wise enough to start new projects. Many opportunities will be lost in the last minute. Don’t be sure of anything unless written confirmation is received. You will realize that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.


Your ambition will be fulfilled with the support of a politician and/or a family friend. Students will be serious for higher studies. Housewives will enjoy the affection of their husbands and plan a pleasure trip with spouse and children. Secret enemies will be subdued. Co-workers will be cordial and higher authorities will support with choicest place of posting as per your deep desire. Career girls too will find this year highly rewarding.


Misunderstanding with Wife and father will occur but will not dampen your spirits. Career girls should be careful as you are prone to snubbing from your boss. Senior Officials among you may need to peptalk with the subordinates for getting things done in a positive way. Housewifes will enjoy the affection of their husbands. Planetary indications for students changing their line of study is very much indicated.

Vedic Remedies (Pisces) :

Recite Lalitha Sahasram on every Friday along with Astalakshmi Stotra. Donate new clothes to women on Fridays. Worship Lord Subrahmanyeswar Swamy at Plani. Perform Anointing the idol with Milk for 7 Tuesdays in a temple.

Lal-kitab Remedies:

Float a handful of dried Turmeric sticks in a flowing river.
Daily morning, walk on the grass.


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