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Elaborate Annual Predictions and Remedies for 2024

(Based on your Moon sign and birth star)

By Dr. Ch.D.Ravindra Nath
Lal-kitab Remedies contributed by Rajeev K. Khattar


Major Transits in 2024: (Based on Chitrapaksha Ayanamsa)
Jupiter: In Aswini-4(Aries), at the start of the year; it transits to Taurus on 2nd May, Retrogrades on 10th October 2024 in Mrigasira(2), transits back upto Rohini(3) and remains in Taurus sign till year-end. Combusts around 5th May 2024 in Krittika (2nd Pada), till 5th June 2024 in Krittika (4 Pada).
Saturn: In Satabisha(1), at the start of the year, Retrogrades on 1st July 2024 in P.Bhadra(2) in Aquarius. It turns Direct on 16th Nov. in Satabisha 3rd Pada. Combusts around 11th Feb 2024 in Satabhisha 3rd Pada, till 5th June 2024.
Rahu: In Bharani-2(Aries), In Revathi (4) Pisces, at the start of the year in its Retrograde motion; stands in U.Bhadra(1) Pisces, by the end of the year.
Ketu(True Transit): In Chitra(2) Virgo, in the beginning of the year with Retrograde motion; transits back and stays in Uttaraphalguni(3) at the year-end.

As per Gochara, transits of Jupiter in 2, 5, 7, 9, 11 houses and Saturn in 3, 6, 11 houses from your Moon sign indicate favorable results. It is always better to study Gochar(Transit) predictions along with Dasa, bhukthi, Ashtakavarga Charts, and above all, planetry Vedha to get correct assessment of planetary effects upon individuals. In spite of transiting in a favorable house in Gochara, a planet may not be able to give full benefic influence due to Vedha. For example, if Jupiter transiting in your 2 nd house gives favourable results, only if no other planet is transiting in your 12th house.

Annual Forecast for 12-Rasi Individuals
MESHA (Aries)
Aswini, Bharani and Krittika (1)
Aries Jupiter in your Moon sign at the start of the year, transits to your 2 nd house Taurus on 2nd May 2024, retrogrades on 10th Oct,2024, Combusts in it from 5th May to 5th June. Saturn in your 11th Sign at the start of the year continues its sojourn there, all through this year, with Combustion, Retrogression and Direct motion. Rahu transits in your 12th house from Moon sign and Ketu transits in your 6th house all through the year.

General Characteristics : : Spontaneous, Likes to be adventurous, Ready to face challenges in life, ability to convert challenges into opportunities, energetic, never likes to be a run-of the mill personality

Domestic : Favourable transits of prime planets Jupiter and Saturn for most part of the year is showing a good augury of pleasant things to you this year. Indications of enhanced prestige and good social standing are on the cards. You can be rest assured of the support from your father and other family members. If you are in love, this is the right time to convey it. Amidst this favourable trends. transit of Rahu in 12th will give you some pinpricks. Your opponents will come forward for a compromise.

Finance : Profit through Real estate is promised in this year. You might also get benefit from managing others’ resources. Flow of money from insurance, legacies and brokerage like mediator works will make your finances strong. You are likely to spend most of your income on travel, housing and personal requisites. Much caution is required, while handling huge money. Medical expenses will be under control.

Career : Your mental stability will give you courage to surge forward in job or business. Your talents and skills will be recognized now. Much of the hard work you have put in so far would begin to pay off now. But, senior bureaucrats among you may have to face rough weather due to decisions taken in haste or by misdirection of political authorities. Change of job with increased perks is very much indicated in the first quarter of the year itself. Avoid gossips or arguments at work place. Govt servants among you will witness a cozy atmosphere in your work place.

Health : Nodes’ transit indicates restlessness, due to your irregular sleeping habits. Drink sufficient water to avoid dehydration. Frequent long distance travels on road, and the related fatigue are likely to tell adversely on your health. Indigestion, nausea, gastric troubles will bother you much this year, as per the 2nd house transit of Jupiter. Ketu’s transit indicates likelihood of eye-infections, swelling in joints or muscular pains.

Women : Don’t severe relations, basing on rumours and ear-biting fallacies. Avoid arguments with your in-laws and think in their perspective. Chronic patients among you may require urgent minor surgery for quick relief. Children’s health is likely to be a cause of worry to you, in the middle of the year. Financial and moral support from your mother will be received in time. Always watch your words, and don’t be rude to others.

Birth Star Predictions

Aswini : General characteristics: Birth in well-to do family; God-fearing and charitable, gradual increase of prosperity with high thinking.
Don’t take domestic friction to your heart and don’t over-react on minor squabbles. Domestic happiness is foreseen. Avoid revealing your personal details to others. You are likely to go abroad to meet your kith and kin there. Mixed results are expected in career and professional front. Possibilities of a friend becoming a life-partner are not ruled out. Politicians will get important role in their party or in Government

Bharani : General Charateristiscs: Lover of truth; always enjoys tasty food; deep sleep; reddish eyes; broad forehead; curly hair.
New addition in the family is likely to make you happy. Your voice texture will add value to become a good orator. You will lead, initiate, inspire others and your vocal talent will earn you significant laurels and recognition. Time is good for making investments on precious metals. Your success will come through resolving of arguments or inner conflicts. Time to get married for eligible bachelors. You will get acquaintance with a person, who has your welfare at heart.

Krittika(1) : General Characteristics: Wise; famous; sumptuous eater; many relatives; easy going; earns wealth by own effort.
You will gain an insight into the root of the problem concerning your domestic life, and take steps to correct it. This step will give you an edge over others in your family, ensuring the love and affection from your kith and kin. Flow of money may be rather slow, but it will be timely. You will improve your business contacts, by making maximum use of social network.You will become utterly self-reliant, and make your dreams a reality.

Vedic Remedies : Recite or listen to Kanakadhara stothra on Fridays. Offer Tulasi to Lord Vishnu on Wednesdays. Recite Lalitha Sahasranama stothra on Sundays; worship Goddess Durga on Tuesdays and offer Lemon rice prepared with parched rice to Goddess Durga. .

Lal-kitab Remedies : Consume a little Fennel, after sunset.
Worship Lord Ganapathy, before leaving home.

Krittika (2, 3 & 4), Rohini and Mrigasira (1 & 2)
Aries Jupiter in your 12th house at the start of the year transits to your Moon sign Taurus on 2nd May 2024, retrogrades on 10th Oct,2024, Combusts in it from 5th May to 5th June. Saturn your 10th sign at the start of the year continues its sojourn there all through this year with Combustion, Retrogration and Direct motion. Rahu transits in your 11th house from Moon sign and Ketu transits in your 5th house all through the year.

General Characteristics : Always likes to be comfortable avoiding risk; connoisseur of delicious meals, and expressions of luxury. Prefers stability independence.

Domestic : There will be a smooth sailing in your domestic affairs. Minor difference of opinion with relatives will subside, within a short time. Favorable transit of Rahu, will result in tactful dealing of stressful incidents, without an iota of discomfort. Changes are expected in family life. Children will flourish in their academic pursuits. There will be many short journeys. Indications for change of place are very much prevalent. You will host an auspicious function in your family this year.

Finance : You cannot expect financial affluence this year, though there won’t be any shortcoming. Transit Jupiter in your Moon sign will bring noticeable improvements in your financial matters. Your generosity will know no bounds, and hence you are likely to be influenced to donate liberally to religious institutions. If you are unmarried, you may meet your soul-mate during this transit. The optimistic and amiable conditions in your married life will help conception and you may be blessed with a baby

Career : Jupiter’s transit over the natal Moon means you will have strong spirit of reform with a hopeful, sociable and visionary outlook. It will bring new opportunities. In an attempt to finish off tasks, you will prefer the easy way of doing things. Recognition for a job well done will flow in for those working in government service or contracts. Work place will open doors to a much-awaited leadership position, promotion or bonus.

Health : You are likely to gain weight this year, unless you are highly conscious of your health. Indications for a slip-back in your health conscious attitude are very much glaring. Opting for a meditation like yoga or walking, will keep stress and seasonal flues at bay. Extra precaution is needed for those suffering from blood-related ailments or low-immunity levels. Whole grains and organic produce, if made part of your daily menu, will keep you fit.

Women : You are likely to meet your soul mate in the second half of this year. This is a favourable time for creative matters, romance, love, travel, and higher education. Conditions in your married life will help conception and you may be blessed with a baby. Loved ones and friends will prove to be a great deal of support and comfort. Short distance travels will provide you the required soothing from domestic chores.

Birth Star Predictions

Krittika (2,3&4) : General Characteristics Full of knowledge and humility, Clever, but blurred intelligence and slow grasping power, ill reputed; mentally worried; charitable-minded.
Sudden acquisition of unexpected money will make your financial positon better this year. Success in your new ventures are assured. Unsettled conditions in domestic life will begin to resolve themselves to your utter dismay. But your travel plans may require frequent reschedules.

Rohini : General Characteristics: Inclined to do harsh actions, Noble-minded, clever, capable and rich; good in mathematics, proficient in interpreting, fearless, and of wavering mind.
Disciplined and self-controlled life style is required from your end. Electronic gadgets in your house would require multiple repairs. Guard yourself against the attack of stray animals, while driving. You can anticipate help from maternal uncles and aunts.

Mrigasira(1&2) : General Characteristics: Capable of achieving big things; not afraid of enemies. Religious minded; interest in study of elite literature; destined to enjoy happiness of a high order; appealing voice.
Your concern will be centered around children settled abroad. You will experience real spiritualism and feel grateful to God for the benefits and boon showered on you. Good time for students to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Vedic Remedies : : Recite Sankata Nasaka Ganesh Stothra (from Narada Purana) on Wednesdays. Also, recite Srilakshminrusimha Karaavalamba Stothra of Adi Sankaracharya daily. For financial affluence, Lakshmi Ashtakam has to be recited.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Be careful, while travelling. Don’t initiate Court case against anyone.
Not to donate/ gift Copper items to anyone.

Mithuna (Gemini)
Mrigasira(3 & 4), Arudra and Punarvasu ( 1, 2 & 3)
Aries Jupiter r in your 11th house at the start of the year transits to your 12th house Taurus on 2nd May 2024, retrogrades on 10th Oct,2024, Combusts in it from 5 th May to 5th June. Saturn in your 9th sign at the start of the year continues its sojourn there all through this year with Combustion, Retrogression and Direct motion. Rahu transits in your 10th house from Moon sign and Ketu transits in your 4th house all through the year.

General Characteristics : Does not like loneliness, Always yearns for new things, changes behavior and attitude as per convenience, Talkative, gives detailed explanation of every minute thing.

Domestic : HYou need to take sudden decisions to take unexpected developments in life.Friends and social contacts play a major role in enhancing your social status. A few domestic obligations will prove to be irksome, but you will manage them tactfully .Arrival of someone seeking over a part of your life is possible. You will enjoy improve vitality. One of your long felt desires would materialize now.

Finance : Agriculture lands will give increased yield. Be cautious on property transactions. Businessmen would devise a long term strategy. Influential people would support your dynamic projects. Your intention to foraying and branching out will consume most of your liquid funds. Inspite of fluctuations in Stock Market, your investments will do well. Don’t run for large scale diversification. Stitch the coat with the available cloth on hand.

Career : Make the most of your talents to work during this year. Good news awaits to those who work from home especially computing, researching or journalism. Colleagues and business partners will be cooperative. Advancement is foreseen for professionals. Better not to opt for change of place this year. Refreshingly novel ideas will strike you. Focus on being smart, rather than on hard working.

Health : Count on healthy food, rather than on nutritious dishes. Relief is foreseen for those suffering with heart or blood pressure issues. People with chronic long term ailments will find relief with alternative medical treatment. Freshers in the path of Yoga and Meditation will reap the benefits mostly. Health of your spouse may require your special attention. Guard yourself against Spine or Chest issues.

Women : Be careful with strangers. Aged among you should guard against slip and fall. Students would shine in their academic pursuits. Those dealing in Fine Arts will bubble with creativity. Legal battles, if any, would result in your favour. Birth of a child in the family would bring cheer. Tolerable health conditions would keep you in high spirits. Extensive travels would bring pleasure and profits.

Birth Star Predictions

Mrigasira (3, 4) : General characteristics: Charitable, handsome, soft-natured,.wounds on head, trouble from poisonous creatures.
You will get many and new influential friends this year. There will be a delay in the receipt of anticipated money. A long standing problem is going to be solved but other conditions will still be in the air.All obstacles and vicissitudes will be overcome and you will be in a much more positive frame of mind.

Arudra : General Characteristiscs: Knack in negotiations, religious, proud, ungrateful, shameless but clever, picks up good points from other.
A new career direction is in the offing .Luck will be with you in landing a new employment opportunity. You will be uplifted, renewed and in a sociable mood. Entry of a new member in to your family would bring cheers in your life. You will realize that unsolicited advices are letting you down in your career front. False news and hearsays will bother you much.

Punarvasu (1, 2 &3) : General characteristics: Prefers sweets, enthusiast, generous, strong and wealthy, talks in low voice, wise and thirsty.
Expect major changes in your activities, attitude and love life. Avoid indulging in trivial issues that result in arguments. Change of location or promotion is indicated to some. Don’t take petty things to heart. Avoid hectic life schedule and prefer cool and calm going. Period of financial stress is indicated in the 2nd half of the year.

Vedic Remedies : Worship Lord Dakshinamurthy on Thursdays. Chant Durga Saptasati, whenever possible. Chant Vishnu Sahasranamam every Saturday, and sit in meditation for atleast half an hour daily.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Atleast once, take bath in a holy river.
Donate for unclaimed dead body’s last rites.

Kataka (Cancer)
Punarvasu(4), Pushya and Aslesha.

AriesJupiter in your 10th sign at the start of the year transits to your 11th house Taurus on 2nd May 2024, retrogrades on 10th Oct,2024, and Combusts in it from 5 th May to 5th June. Saturn in your 8th Sign at the start of the year, continues its sojourn there all through this year with combustion, retrogression, and direct motion. Rahu transits in your 9th house from the Moon sign and Ketu transits in your 3rd house all through the year.

General Characteristics : Unpredictable, indecisive with insecure behaviour, vulnerable, and suspicious. But you are also tenacious, loyal, intuitive and sensitive, loved by kith and kin, good-natured and happy.

Domestic : Unfavourable transit of Jupiter and Saturn will affect domestic peace. The beneficial transit of Nodes will somehow balance this. If you maintain your cool many contentious issues can be avoided. Differences with your kith and kin need to be nipped in the bud, and also without rubbing on the wrong side. Students must put extra effort to cross the benchmark levels in academic and competitive exams.

Finance : You need to think twice, while going for a big investment. Better not to go for new loans this year. Carefully balance your financials, and give priority to clear-off your debts. Use your Credit cards sparingly, and clear the bills in time. Second half of the year gives slight financial affluence and scope for considerable saving. Speculation and share market investment require much care and concern from July to September.

Career : Better not to venture for new assignments. A bird in the hand is always better than two in the bush. Consolidate your position by hook or crook. Promotions that fell due already will take some more time to materialize. Prepare yourself for long-distance transfers, if you are handpicked for promotion. You are most likely to be entrusted with additional responsibilities, but the pay-hike may not be commensurate.

Health : Drinking warm water at least once a day, and keeping digestive supplements handy with you, the oft-repeated health issues of bloating stomach/gas-like issues can be avoided mostly. You may not be meticulous with your food or diet. Untimely and uncontrolled meals to satisfy your palate are likely to disturb your health clock. You may not be able to follow the diet control chart or exercise schedule as envisaged owing to a hectic work environment.

Women : You will be cornered on many issues in the first quarter. You need to be very much tactful in managing your domestic affairs. Working women in senior cadres need to be cautious, before approving the docket files, lest they may be misled by your subordinates. Decisions taken by you in the Executive cadre are likely to be reviewed by higher-ups, much to your chagrin. In decision-making, don’t rake up controversies and tread on the safe path.

Birth Star Predictions

Punarvasu (4) : General characteristics: Lustrous; high position professionally, don’t hesitate to lie, tactful in speaking, will not disclose personal thoughts to outsiders, very much possessive.
You will be having oscillating moods quite often this year. Though financially well, your concern is towards your children settled in overseas. You need to go abroad in May/June to oversee the welfare of your NRI children. You will not be inclined towards spiritualism. But you will get solace from a spiritual Guru on whom you will always rely upon.

Pushya : General Characteristics: Long lived, Enjoys the pleasures of life through his own efforts, sickness in middle age, boastfulness, ungratefulness.
Signs of the revival of friendship with your childhood acquaintance are very much on the cards. For those bitten by Cupid’s arrows, this year makes the wedding bells ring. You will experience real spiritualism, and feel grateful to God for the benefits and boons that you are going to receive. In the result, you will become more charitable and involved in virtuous deeds like a good Samaritan.

Aslesha : General characteristics:Success in job/profession, high level of superiority complex, respects traditions and customs, highly egoistic, non-serious in attitude, differences/disagreements with children.
Required guidance from parents and in-laws will be received in time. For newly married, the arrival of your dream child is very much indicated. For working girls, indications of a pay-hike in a package with added responsibilities are likely. Aged women among you will enjoy social functions and gatherings. When confronted with arguments, you exercise the knack of remaining silent and non-controversia.

Vedic Remedies : You need to perform remedies to Jupiter and Saturn. Chant Sankat Mochan Hanuman Ashtakam. Visit any shrine of Shani Bhagwan and anoint the idol with Gingelly oil. Offer foodstuffs, prepared with black grams, to crows on Saturdays.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Every Saturday, donate Mustard oil, to a poor person
Wear bathroom-slippers, while taking bath.

Simha (Leo)
Makha, Poorvaphalguni and Uttara phalguni(1)

Aries Jupiter in your 9th sign at the start of the year transits to your 10th house Taurus on 2nd May 2024, Retrogrades on 10th Oct, 2024, and Combusts in it from 5th May to 5th June. Saturn in your 8th Sign at the start of the year continues its sojourn there all through this year with Combustion, Retrogression and Direct motion. Rahu transits in your 9th house from the Moon sign and Ketu transits in your 3rd house all through the year.

General Characteristics :Broad face, thick chin, likes forests and mountains, strong bones, far-sighted, afraid of cold weather, good friends and advisors, humane, loved by parents.

Domestic : : Timely help from your spouse will make you happy. Family bliss is vouchsafed. Sometimes, you will be overtaken with anxiety and restlessness. Relations with family members and friends will be good, and you will have a good social life. There could be an auspicious function in your house. Beneficial transit of Jupiter ensures the required quantum of affection and cooperation from your siblings. There is a possibility of a long journey for spiritual purposes.

Finance : Your investments will be profitable. It is a very good time to buy property. Speculation appears to be good, but only on a long-term basis. You will be able to save money for further investment. You will try and succeed in expanding your business. But, partnership units may not run smoothly. Much of your income will be spent on children, siblings, and parents.

Career : Your bosses will be over-demanding and utilize every opportunity to corner you. Watch your behaviour and hold your tongue as this may reduce your reputation. Unfavorable transit of nodes may compel you to change jobs in a fit of anger. You are advised not to lose your temper and stay cool to avoid dislocation.

Health : : Extra care needs to be taken about your health and the health of your spouse. Lethargy, stomach disorders, anguish, mental agony, fear, and a general sense of disorientation will prevail. Saturn’s transit indicates health issues to parents and in-laws’. Chronic health ailments are likely to relapse requiring immediate medication which will be brought to control with medical expenditure.

Women : Financial and moral support from your mother will be available at the required times. Achievements of your children will make you proud. Marital life will be quite harmonious with short hiccups. An increase in rank or promotion with additional perks can be expected. Your colleagues will be cooperative and render support in your accession to a higher post.

Birth Star Predictions

Makha : General characteristics: Learned; successful in all avocations; helpful to relations: praiseworthy habits; mean-minded; clever in influencing others; dutiful to spouse; expert in work done by hands; indifferent health, diseases which cannot be outwardly diagnosed; gentlemanly.
Pleasurable pursuits will only result in physical strain. Enemies will be subdued and Court cases will be decided, in your favour. Normal health will be maintained by following the health-guide. The birth of a child will give you immense pleasure.

Poorvaphalguni : General Characteristics: Financial and agricultural wealth; goodlooking; kind-hearted; liked by all; interested in wearing ornaments and costly dress; great interest in music; indecisive.
Relations with the public and participation in public services will enliven your spirits. Career-wise an upliftment is indicated. Be careful, while driving. Fines for violation of traffic rules or minor mishaps are likely to disturb you. Household electronic goods and other electrical appliances will require nagging repairs. Guard yourself against viral fevers and mosquito bites.

Uttaraphalguni(1) : General characteristics: Rheumatic constitution; charming personality. Self-respect; successful in all undertakings; God-fearing and rightful; shrewd; a sense of pride; dutiful spouse possessing business knack, endurance to sufferings.-
Your endeavours to succeed will be supported by your superiors. Frequent short journeys are likely to result in seasonal ailments requiring Medication. Eligible unmarried need to wait till Sept./ Oct. for getting the approval from other side and finalizing the match.

Vedic Remedies : Recite Guru Gayatri, “Om Suracharyaya vidmahey, deva poojyaya dheemahi, thanno Guruhu prachodayath” 108 times a day for continuous 16 days, to enjoy the blessings of Jupiter. Visit the shrines of Lord Karthikeya and anoint the idol with milk on Tuesdays. Perform Ganapathi Homa to remove hurdles in your efforts.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Every Thursday, donate 9 Yellow Bananas in a temple.
Don’t trust anything, without verifying yourself.

KANYA (Virgo)
Uttaraphalguni (2, 3 & 4) Hasta and Chitra (1 & 2).

Aries Jupiter in your 8th sign at the start of the year transits to your 9th house Taurus on 2nd May 2024, Retrogrades on 10th Oct 2024, and Combusts in it from 5 th May to 5th June.
Saturn in your 6th Sign at the start of the year continues its sojourn there all through this year with combustion, retrogression, and direct motion.
Rahu transits in your 7th house from the Moon sign and Ketu transits in your 1st house all through the year.

General Characteristics : Humble, self-effacing, industrious, and practical. Methodical workers and quick-thinkers, lot of mental energy, frequently appear to be stressed; Strives for perfection, organized, aims towards stability.

Domestic : Favourable transit of Jupiter brings a lot of promising fortunes. Your social status will be enhanced, and you will perform an auspicious event in your family. Transit of Saturn in the favorable 6th blesses you with Success in Court cases and resounding victory in elections. Your ties and bonds with your relatives and friends will also be happy and cordial. Students striving for campus placements are having bright chances this year.

Finance : Financial affluence is indicated. Money from life-partner, land, house, public dealings, vehicles, etc. will be received in time. Your efforts to settle financial obligations through arbitration and other Civil negotiations will turn in your favour. Vehicles and other immovable properties, which you want to dispose-off, will fetch a good price. Transit of Nodes indicates your likelihood of indulging in illicit practices, which you should guard against.

Career : Your inherent talents will get recognition from your higherups. Your latent skills, hard work, and intelligence will pay off rich dividends this year. Those expecting awards for their dedicated work particularly the teaching community can aspire for a good year ahead. Students working on thesis work and specialization will receive the coveted degrees.

Health : This is the time to distance yourself from emotionally draining situations to avoid past ailments from resurfacing. Continuous strain will lead to extreme tiredness and cost your health which you should avoid by all means. Harm or injury from sharp objects is indicated. Be extra careful while driving to evade minor mishaps.

Women : Don’t overreact on petty squabbles over trifles. This will disturb your otherwise peaceful domestic atmosphere. Your parents will be a source of strength for you this year. Your co-born will extend their support to you in times of need. Those aspiring to go abroad for higher studies are required to be extra cautious in the documentation of the visa process. Health will improve and nagging health issues if any will be subsided

Birth Star Predictions

Uttaraphalguni (2, 3 & 4) : General characteristics: Indecisive; rude in talking, ungrateful, proud and showy, male children, good-natured, liked by the fair sex; courageous; good-looking; dominating type.
Marriage of children will pose much hardship to you. Domestic squabbles, disagreements with co-born or other Civil litigations are likely to crop-up. Realization of hopes and aspirations is likely from the second half of the year. Those interested in yoga and occult studies will make considerable strides in this direction.

Hasta : General Characteristics:Reputed; arrogant; habitually helping and protecting others; wealthy; generous like a king; devotion to God; avoids duels/arguments; suffers some amount of sorrow on account of spouse; dutiful sons; strong build;
Professional life will progress normally. Love affairs will be met with stiff resistance from parents. You can mend the ways of your spouse into yours through your knack and tact. Your progeny will be a source of pleasure and pride to you.

Chitra (1 & 2) : General characteristics: Adored by women; all kinds of prosperity; bright eyes; large feet; sweet-tongued; interest in dressing up tastefully; larger circle of friends; good-looking; pleasure-seeking; fame.
Over-exposure to cold winds is likely to result in breathing-related issues. One of your children is likely to become a cause of worry for you in the first half of this year. Eligible among you will get selected for good positions in Govt. departments.

Vedic Remedies : Visit Lord Shiva temple on Mondays, and perform Rudarabhishekam. Visit Durga temple on Tuesdays, and offer prayers. Worship Lord Ganesa on Wednesdays. Meditate on your Family deity, whenever possible.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Every Friday, gift Green glass-bangle, to 7 young unmarried girls.
Not to indulge in speculative activity of any kind.

Tula (Libra)
Chitra ( 3 & 4), Swati and Visakha ( 1,2 &3)

AriesJupiter in your 7th sign at the start of the year transits to your 8th house Taurus on 2nd May 2024, Retrogrades on 10th Oct.2024, and Combusts in it from 5th May to 5th June. Saturn in your 5th sign at the start of the continues its sojourn there all through this year with Combustion, Retrogression, and Direct motion. Rahu transits in your 6th sign and Ketu transits in your 12th sign all through the year.

General Characteristics : You are known for your calm nature and natural charisma. You are more of a communicative nature, relationship-oriented, and artistic. Libra natives value justice, keeping the peace above all else.Devoted to saints and Gods, intelligent, subordinate to spouse, cannot say “no” to women, tall, thin nose, engaged in trade and commerce, not interested in others’ wealth, practical, but very lazy.

Domestic : The atmosphere in your household will be congenial this year. But by poking your nose too much into the domestic chores of your family members, you are likely to disturb them. Allow other members of your family to have a free hand in dealing with their personal matters. Favorable transit of nodes will give you a breather. Students need to put in some extra work to reach the high grades.

Finance : Inheritance at a moderate level is indicated in the first quarter of this year. Your Stock Market investments held since a long time will yield good results now. Allocate a good chunk of your savings to be spent on children, pleasure trips, and pilgrimage purposes. Businessmen cannot expect rolling riches this year. You can manage the show with available finances, without going for new loans.

Career : Politicians among you need to exercise great care, in switching loyalties to political parties. A wrong decision in this direction may prove to be very costly, and it will badly affect your career prospects. Officials on Poll-duties need to safeguard their personal security. Government employees need to exercise great caution in performing their duties, as Jupiter’s transit is not favourable. For others, mixed results are indicated in career-front. On the whole, better not to venture for a job-change, unless warranted by other constraints.

Health : Avoid dehydration at any cost. Perform breathing exercises regularly, to avoid any kind of infections in Respiratory system. Indigestion, gastric and chest problems are likely to bother you much this year. Chronic patients undergoing treatment for B.P., diabetes, and cancer need to adhere to prescribed diet, medicine, and physical fitness activities. Take required precautions against nausea, and avoid going to high places as much as possible.

Women : It is most likely that much of your income will be spent on extravagant and unwanted items. Try your level best, to avoid them. You will try to balance the twin objectives of being fashionable and at the same time present yourself in a traditional style. It is most likely that your plan to go for a short stint abroad with children and husband will receive a favorable nod from your in-laws. Try to be cool, and don’t rub the wrong side of your spouse to keep the in-house atmosphere peaceful. .

Birth Star Predictions

Chitra (3 & 4) : General characteristics: Forceful personality; restless; tactful and cunning; Devoted to austerity; interested in mediation, Wise, likes learned people; famous; courageous; leader of the oppressed, clever in cheating or stealing.
Meteoric rise to the higher post is indicated. You will burn the midnight oil to come out with flying colors in your departmental/ competitive examinations. Those of you building new partnership relations with others will have a good time financially. Those who want to establish their own start-ups need to be extra vigilant, to avoid copyright or trademark hassles

Swati : General Characteristics: Tall stature,In the habit of giving to charities and making donations; prosperous; courageous, broad eyes;kind and openhearted; famous; liked by relatives; intelligent; low appetite; independent; behaviour according to situations; skilful in talking, easily adaptable to changes.
Take extra care, during distant journeys. Guard yourself against duplicity of friends. You will get good support from abroad, and your investments will yield timely and fruitful yield. Hone your skills in Fine arts and other occult studies, to have a reprieve from routine activities.

Visakha (1 ,2 &3) : General characteristics: Influence in academic circles and acquaintances with learned people; humble; successful in all undertakings; helpful to relations; clarity in speaking; daring adventurous nature.
Be proactive, and solidify your union with your better half in a long trip. Good time for those in the Marketing line to create a stable network to meet the targets. The favourable transit of Rahu allows you to aim high, and make big things. Over-exposure to Sunlight may result in fatigue and dehydration issues, which you can avoid.

Vedic Remedies : Perform Abhishek (Anointing) of Lord Shiva with Sugarcane Juice, Curd, Milk, and Honey, every Monday, for at least three weeks. Recite Aditya Hridayam and Suryashtakam at the time of morning prayers. Performing Surya Namaskar will help in improving your health.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Maintain harmonious relations with your brothers.
Wear undergarment of Black colour.

Vrischika (Scorpio)
Visakha(4), Anuradha and Jyeshta

AriesJupiterJupiter in your 6th sign at the start of the year transits to your 7th house Taurus on 2nd May 2024, Retrogrades on 10th Oct.2024, and Combusts in it from 5th May to 5 th June. Saturn n in your 4th sign at the start of the year continues its sojourn there all through this year with Combustion, Retrogression, and Direct motion. Rahu Rahu transits in your 5th sign and Ketu transits in your 11th sign all through the year.

General Characteristics : Well-built body, miser, chances of becoming an atheist, harsh towards kith and kin, unkind to mother and follows father, honoured by Government.

Domestic : Contentment in family matters, despite some small hitches and hiccups, can be foreseen. Don’t be too emotional and sentimental dealing with your kids. Expected help from parents in times of need may not be available. Be prepared to go for other options. By experience, you will learn that different difficult tasks will be accomplished by polite, pleasant language and calm thinking. This is the year to sort-out the hitches, if any, with your kith and kin. .

Finance : Fortune is smiling. Wealth and prosperity will flow in. Prospects for construction of new dwelling or undertaking face-lift to your existing habitat is very much on cards. Institutional support from financial institutions for your capital projects will be timely. Sticking to righteousness and goodness will make high money flow naturally. Try to avoid taking properties on lease; instead, buy it through negotiations.

Career : : Try to exert more from your friends and partners, in the process of your career building. All kinds of partnerships including marriage will yield good fruits to you this year. However, sudden problems from Government authorities of foreign land are indicated. You will explore a lot of opportunities to earn money, through your intuition and cleverness. You will develop a more positive attitude towards your yet-to reach goals, and mend your ways accordingly.

Health : Risk of falling from high places and resultant fractures cannot be ruled out. Regular and systematic dieting will help you, in avoiding obesity issues. Visit to hospitals for regular health check-ups and also for ailments relating to blood circulation disorders are indicated. Devotion, spiritual activities will regulate your emotions and subdue the tensions. Take extra care to avoid liver and kidney disorders, by maintaining clean food habits.

Women : Time is favourable for research-oriented among you, to test your fortunes in abroad. Be practical and clever. Father may be very rich. But circumstances will not allow any help from him. Same is the case with your in-laws. Expectant mothers need extra care. Change of location is likely to be imminent. Travelling, over-expenditures, settlement of property and harmonious behaviour of subordinates and colleagues etc., are likely. Don’t rub the wrong side of your spouse, and fulfill your desires and wishes with knack and diplomacy. .

Birth Star Predictions

Visakha(4) : General characteristics: Gentlemanly, well-versed; charitable.; opportunist, cannot keep-up promises, scared of sharp objects, fear of looking down from high places.
Letting of your properties to tenant is very much indicated this year. Business-connected trips, choice partnership, gain of dead money, good news from distant places, increase in vocational involving and fulfilment of desires are likely. Prosperity will follow to you by helping others. Mother’s health issues will disturb your mental peace.

Anuradha : General Characteristics: Property of a permanent nature; well-mannered; good-looking; prosperity; Diplomatic in talk; Restless, behaving repulsive often.
You are likely to get out of debt-clutches this year. Travelling connected with newer/ pipeline projects is possible. Money earned honestly will grow. Farm lands will give good yields. All businesses requiring more of mental work will give good results. Psychoogists, Medical practitioners and legal professional will have a prosperous year ahead will have a prosperous year ahead. .

Jyeshta : General characteristics: Many children; firm-minded; goes after easy money; Proficiency in writing and editing; proud; unlucky in missing opportunities.
Disposal-minded approach will benefit you more this year. You will sort out major pending litigations through arbitration. Your partners/ companions may be irksome with unreasonable demands. Good Luck will come from the influence of maternal uncle/ aunt. There will be no problem as to the sustenance is concerned. Don’t opt for disposal of Gold, however much the need may be.

Vedic Remedies : Visit Lord Saneeswara temple on Sani-trayodasi days and offer prayers, Anoint Lord Sani’s idol with Gingelly oil. Recite Sani strotra and Durgashtakam daily at home, to get relief from evil effects of Artha-asthama Sani (4th house transit of Saturn).Recite Ketu stothra and worship Lord Ganesh at home daily to get benefic results from Ketu.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Daily after sunset, burn a little Camphor at home/shop
In case of any illness, instead of taking tablets/ capsules, taking liquids containing alcohol e.g. homeopathic medicines, will prove to be more effective.

Dhanus (Sagittarius)
Moola, P.Shada, U.Shada(1)

AriesJupiter in your 5th sign at the start of the year transits to your 6th house Taurus on 2nd May 2024, Retrogrades on 10th Oct.2024, and Combusts in it from 5th May to 5 th June. Saturn in your 3rd sign at the start of the continues its sojourn there all through this year with Combustion, Retrogression, and Direct motion. Rahu transits in your 4th sign and Ketu transits in your 10th sign all through the year.

General Characteristics : Gives prominence to independence, possessing the ability to do what they want. Adventurous; have a sharp business and sports mentality. Known for their emotional intelligence, which helps them to connect with others easily. Outspoken with optimistic, extrovert nature.

Domestic : Parental support will make you comfortable. Siblings will also lend their helping hand. Marital life will go on a smooth sail. Avoid confrontation with your family members. Separation from the family, due to new job assignments and in-service transfers, are indicated. Mind remains confused. However, the beneficial transit of Saturn in your 3rd house will not let you down. Be wary of your enemies, and don’t allow them to tarnish your image.

Finance : You will get the financial support for buying, renovating or extending the home. Those engaged in Real estate sector need to be careful from May to October 2024, during the Retrogression of Jupiter your Moon-sign lord. You will be tempted to spend a good amount of your hard-earned money in Speculation on something which proves to be not so worthwhile later. Be cautious.

Career : Vistas for fresh partnership and new business ventures will open, but personal comforts will be affected. You will find it difficult to balance the career and domestic affairs. After an initial phase of confusions and hard work, the travels shall be successful and growthoriented. You must make sincere efforts to win the confidence of your superiors. Favourable time to win the confidence of your higher echelons.

Health : There would be minor health concerns occasionally. You are advised to change your life style and food habits. Regular exercises and recreational activities will keep you fit. Be extra careful, while travelling in water. Also, guard yourself from water borne diseases like dysentery. Good exposure to Sunlight and consumption of healthy food ensure you robust health. Trouble in the upper limbs and muscular pains are indicated in the second half this year.

Women : You need to take care of your children’s health. Married women need to extra careful in handling family issues. By engaging in open talk without confrontation, you can bring your spouse in your way. Employed women may have to face problems from their subordinates. Love affairs will bloom in to marriages. Working women need to gear-up for taking charge in nixt higher level.

Birth Star Predictions

Moola :General characteristics: Liked by all relatives; wavering mentality; kind-hearted; liked by the opposite sex; pleasure-seeking; spend-thrift; well-mannered.
Occupational problems in work place are indicated. Take abundant care of nerves and intestines. Watch your hypertension score regularly, and take medication. Good period financially to those working in finance, banking and money lending businesses. Good time for flourishment of your children. Enemies will be subdued.

Purvashada : General Characteristics: Successful in undertakings; reputed; master of Arts; loving spouse; intelligent, very proud; Indecisive;
Differences and disputes among relatives will dampen your spirits. You must bedoubly sure while signing for surety for others. Gambling should be completely avoided. Allergy, skin eruption and blood related problems will bother you much. Healthwise, some minor setbacks are indicated. You are likely to get moral support from co-borns.

Uttarashada (1) : General characteristics: Versatile; praiseworthy habits; devotion to God; diplomatic in talk; valorous; good memory. Well-versed in shastras, learned; intelligent; truthful.
Illness and worries are likely to bother you much. Comforts and conveyances will get affected. There will be improvement in all aspects in due course. Patience is called for. Jupiter’s transit is not wholly good. Things will improve in the 2nd half of this year. As far as possible, don’t take loans nor lend to anybody. Beware of backbiters.

Vedic Remedies : Donate Kumkum or Turmeric in any Goddess Sakthi temple. Worship Lord Dhanvantari (Divine physician) and Lord Vishnu in any form, for maintaining sound health. Recite Vishnu Sahasranama and Hanuman Chalisa will give mental peace. Distribute Red-coloured clothes to the needy on Thursdays, to get cured from the negative effects of Evil eye.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Float 400gm dried solid Turmeric sticks in a flowing river.
Avoid wearing Black clothes.

Makara (Capricorn)
Uttarashada(2, 3, 4), Sravana and Dhanishta(1&2)

AriesJupiter in your 4th sign at the start of the year transits to your 5th house Taurus on 2nd May 2024, Retrogrades on 10th Oct.2024, and Combusts in it from 5th May to 5 th June. Saturn in your 2nd sign at the start of the year continues its sojourn there all through this year with Combustion, Retrogression, and Direct motion. Rahu transits in your 3rd sign and Ketu transits in your 9th sign all through the year.

General Characteristics : Loves family, hypocrite, truthful, religious, less anger, coveted, less ambitious, good vocal skills, tale-bearer.

Domestic : : Transit of Saturn in your 2nd house all through the year will make you restless, and involve you in reckless spending and repent later. Family affairs do not appear to be free from squabbles and unpleasant occurrences. Conjugal harmony will be disturbed. Heated exchanges, unnecessary arguments and estrangement with spouse you can avoid by watching your words. Favourable transit of Nodes will help you all through the year in patching-up the differences in domestic disturbances.

Finance : You cannot expect financial affluence this year. Outflow of money will exceed income inflow. But you will not be deprived of timely financial support from your family members. Sufficient income will be generated from your business/profession, house property or from hereditary sources. Partnership ventures may show signs of cracks or breaks. A portion of property may be sold or mortgaged to meet domestic needs.

Career : Transfers to unwanted or distant places are likely. Court cases relating to your service matters are likely to bother you much. Promotions may elude you. You will feel tired of work load. Lack of appreciation from your bosses will depress you. Amidst these pinpricks, good cooperation from your colleagues and subordinate staff will give you some kind relief. Your attempts to relocate or efforts to change your job will not be fruitful.

Health : Special attention is required in your health care. However there is no need for panic. Ailments relating to liver, intestines, lumbar region and knees are indicated. Intemperate food habits and gluttony need to be avoided. Eye care is also needed. You are likely to undergo a surgery. However, quick recovery is indicated with minimum days of hospitalization. Make yourself fool proof against water-born diseases.

Women : Domestic harmony will be disturbed. You may face problems and complaints from husband and in-laws. Try to cheer and please your spouse frequently to keep you in his good looks. Bachelor girls will have to wait for one more year to find a suitable grooms of their choice. Health issues relating to reproductive organs are most likely. Positive nod from your parents for your love matters will be a next to impossible thing.

Birth Star Predictions

Uttarashada(2,3 & 4) : General characteristics:Engaging in fruitless actions; liking for company and acquaintances of people, contented; interested in scriptures and religious rites, enthusiastic by nature.
Fulfilment of desires and aspirations is likely. Troubles from siblings, neighbours and tedious journeys are likely. You will try to keep your health in good condition. You will spend a lot of time pondering over spirituality. Success in attempts and success over enemies, settlement of disputes or cases are also indicated. Income-front and family affairs look positive.

Sravana : General Characteristics: Fond of ornaments and perfumes, handsome appearance; dependent on relatives; liked by all; talkative; famous; proficiency in Arts.
You may face financial crunch as a result of delay in getting money in the second half of this year. You will get benefitted from co born and short journeys. Family affairs are likely to sail through rough weather due to your inability to react in time. Avoid confrontation with your colleagues. Your carelessness will result in health issues. Loss of money in journeys is indicated.

Dhanishta(1 & 2) : General characteristics: Praiseworthy habits; active with profession; lacking devotion to God, constitutionally hot; habit of back-biting; Humble and diplomatic in talking.
Reconciliation and re-union with spouse is on cards. Conjugal bliss is very much indicated. You are likely to go abroad, to spend time with your relatives. Good time for those of you in politics. Trouble from enemies and disputes may cause worry. Some of your key relatives are going to turn indifferent, and join in your enemies camp.

Vedic Remedies : Recite Lord Sivaratnamala Stavam daily.Recite Navagraha Peedaharana stothra daily, along with Suryaashtakam. Visit the shrine of Saturn on Saturdays. Recite Lord Venkateswara Suprabhatam on Saturdays for financial flourishment.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Once a month, on a Saturday, donate 200gm whole Black unbroken pulse to a poor.
Daily, after taking bath, read Vishnu Sahasranaam.

KUMBHA (Aquarius)
Dhanishta (3 & 4), Satabisha, Poorvabhadra (1, 2 & 3)

AriesJupiter in your 3rd sign at the start of the year transits to your 4th house Taurus on 2nd May 2024, Retrogrades on 10th Oct.2024, and Combusts in it from 5th May to 5 th June.
Saturn in your 1st sign at the start of the yearcontinues its sojourn there all through this year with Combustion, Retrogression, and Direct motion.
Rahu transits in your 2nd sign and Ketu transits in your 8th sign all through the year.

General Characteristics : Nerves are visible in all parts of the body. Commit unfavourable deeds, fond of flowers and sandalwood, variable income, grateful, endowed with vehicles, always calm and industrious.

Domestic : Your spouse will get a better placement and lend you the required financial support. Parents will extend their support. Love affairs will lead to marriage. Inimical activities of enemies should be nipped in the bud tactfully.There will be auspicious functions at home. Siblings will engage themselves well and earn money.

Finance : Transit of Saturn in your Moon sign causes a financial tight rope walk. By regulating unnecessary expenses, you can meet the family’s financial requirements. There will be no dearth of money, and you will not be driven towards lenders. Partnership businesses will do well and speculative activities will bring moderate success. As far as possible, postpone your expansion plans.

Career : With a commitment towards work, you will gain the goodwill of your superiors. Your requests for enhancement in your pay-package and other perks will be looked at in a positive way by your superiors. Those in Govt. service are likely to be benefitted monetarily, by payrevision in a modest way. Long-distance journeys on official duty are indicated.

Health : Alcohol, non-vegetarian food, and fried food items with high levels of fats will result in Ulceration in the stomach or intestines. Severe Gastritis indicated in those with gluttonous food habits. Rheumatic pains, neurological problems and arthritis need to be checked quite frequently to keep them under control. Regular medical check-ups are necessary for chronic patients.

Women : You will get peace and comfort at home.Improvement in family affairs is indicated. Children will be a source of hope and satisfaction. Loose talk and prolonged arguments will affect your marital bliss. Fiscal affairs will be satisfactory. Working women should maintain utmost care and balance at workplace. Loggerheads with colleagues must be avoided at all costs.

Birth Star Predictions

Dhanishta (3 & 4) : General characteristics: Acting according to circumstances; proficiency in astrology; farsighted, Cruel; sinful in actions; courageous.
Health may deteriorate to a few, if their natal chart indications are also negative. Regular medication will be needed. Chronic sufferers need to take extra care. Trouble and loss from legal issues is expected. Danger from quadrupeds is indicated. Prosperity of children is assured. Pleasurable pursuits will fresh-up the mind and body.

Satabhisha : General Characteristics: Political affiliations, respectable; good earnings; calm, clever and collected, when faced with enemies;
Secret activity and sudden distant journeys will bring success. Normal good health is indicated. Hospitalization, if happens, will be followed with early discharge. There will be much gain and success. Division of property, domestic squabbles relating to hereditary properties are also indicated. Relations with co-borns are likely to be strained. Vigilance and care is required, to avoid fractures and injuries.

Poorvabhadra (1,2&3) : General characteristics: Devotion to God, Preceptor; firm-minded; friendly with everyone; harsh in actions; proud.
You will enjoy cordial family atmosphere. A year of hectic activity is ahead. You will find fortunate occurrences happening in your life when all the while you are worried about the possible adverse outcome. Change of job is likely in a spurt of moment, but likely to get a senior position, after a small gap, is indicated. Pressure of work in your office will force you to neglect your family life.

Vedic Remedies : Recite Sri Lakshminrusimha Karavalamba Stothra daily. Perform Navagraha Homa(havan) to appease Nine planets with special emphasis on Saturn, along with poor feeding on Saturdays. Sponsor the educational expenses of poor children, Donate umbrallas and clothes to the needy. Donate Blood, to safe-guard you from many number of evils.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Feed the crows with savories and sweet biscuits.
Take important decisions after sunset.

Meena (Pisces)
Poorvabhadra(4), Uttarabhadra & Revati.

AriesJupiter in your 2nd sign at the start of the year transits to your 3rd house Taurus on 2nd May 2024, Retrogrades on 10th Oct.2024, and Combusts in it from 5th May to 5 th June.
Saturn in your 12th sign at the start of the year continues its sojourn there all through this year with Combustion, Retrogression, and Direct motion. Rahu transits in your Moon sign and Ketu transits in your 7th sign all through the year.

General Characteristics : Meritorious. Earns through trading in Pearls, jewels, and water-products, and flourishes in Govt service. Religious, sweet in speech, enjoys comforts, subordinate to spouse.

Domestic : Minor skirmishes at home are indicated. But these will not affect your domestic happiness. Family affairs will run smoothly. Aged persons in your family circles need your special attention. Legacy from deceased persons or windfall gains are likely. Those of you, who are divorced already, can hear the wedding bells ring once again. Children’s educational excellence will be a source of pride to you. One big auspicious function in your house is very much on the cards.

Finance : Your financial inflows will not match with the outflows. You need to plan your outflows beforehand to bridge the gap by hook or crook. Discretion is very much required from your end. Businessmen can expect better results with an eye on collecting the outstanding bills in time. Moderate results only are expected in stock markets. Saturn’s transit in the 12th house benefits overseas traders and also to those who want to go abroad for employment.

Career : You will have a normal year without, any ups and downs. Better to stick to your current job and your efforts to switch jobs may turn out to be a costly mistake. Your efforts to impress your superiors through dedication and commitment will yield fruits. Work sincerely, and be obedient to your boss. Pending Court cases in service matters are likely to drag on for one more year. The work field environment will be peaceful.

Health : Every care must be taken, to avoid accidents or injuries. Chances of narrow escape from falling from high places and minor injuries in road mishaps are indicated. You should avoid dwelling too much on past unpleasant happenings as this may throw you into depression or emotional outbursts leading to excessive flow of blood into brain vessels. Involving yourself in spiritual discourses and developing a philosophical outlook will avert the untoward mishaps related to health.

Women : Spinsters will hear the ringing of wedding bells. Working women can manage professional affairs with the active cooperation of friends and other colleagues. You will manage your domestic affairs in such a way without giving any scope for your family members or colleagues to criticize. Relations with partner will be changing frequently. Elicit his cooperation in the domestic front tactfully.

Birth Star Predictions

Purvabhadra (4) : General characteristics: Idealists and non-conformists; good influencers of others; cynical, eccentric. Knack for business. Government jobs, frequent promotions and salary-hikes.
Overseas travel is likely. Preceptors and teachers will bestow their blessings. Postponement of the wedding is indicated. Extra-marital relations would bring many troubles domestically. Possibilities of getting cheated by friends or relatives are likely. Income from movable or immovable property will enhance your cash inflows. At home, support of parents and elders is assured.

Uttarabhadra : General Characteristics: Essentially adaptable contradictory traits in behavioral characteristics, unpredictable behaviour; innate capacity for mesmerizing people; Susceptible to fits of anger.
Chronic health problems will be kept under control. An opportunity once you missed will again knocks on your door. Sustained efforts will bring success in all ventures. Distant long journeys may not be beneficial to you this year. Some of you may have to face property disputes with cousins or coborn. Subdued chronic diseases are likely to relapse. Politicians are likely to gain by switching their loyalties.

Revati : General characteristics: Sincere; work systematically; very practical independent; even a slight setback can make them depressed. Financial flourishment after 40 years of age. Fear in treading unknown paths.
Conjugal displeasure and marital discord are indicated. You need to exhibit great care to retain the marital bond. Reconciliation and reunion with spouse is indicated after an unpleasant gap. Your subordinates will help you reach your career aspirations to reach the next higher echelons. Good time for those in the media and celluloid industries. For those in the tourism and hospitality sectors life will be normal without any obstructions.

Vedic Remedies : Recite Sankata-nasana Ganesh Stothra on Wednesday for atleast 7 weeks; perform Lakshmi Ganapathi Homam. Recite Lord Sri Venkateswara Stothra on Saturdays for atleast 8 weeks. Visit a Saneeswara temple on a Sani Trayodasi day and offer prayers.

Lal-kitab Remedies : Keep a dried stick of Black Turmeric, wrapped in Yellow Cotton cloth in your home-temple.
Wear a Silver chain, around your neck.


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