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marital problems
Here are some of the answers to your "Marital Problems", from our expert Vasireddy Sreenivasa Rao.

Send us your question and technical doubts relating to your Marital Problems.
Mr.Venkatabalasubramaniam, Bangalore

Q: How will be my married life?
A: Second half of the year 2001 could be the eventful year. Lagna lord and 7th lord are together and nodes are also involved in the combination. This is an indication that Rahu’s entry into the sign Gemini (as 7th) will give you the marital status. Both of you may try to exaggerate the trivial things and get into unwanted arguments. Try to avoid these.
Ms.Garima Saxena, Kanpur.

Q: When will I get married, and what will be the profession of the boy?
A: Jupiter major and Saturn sub will give you the marital status. Profession of the boy can be known only after seeing his horoscope.
Mr. M.G.Rajasekhar, Bangalore

Q: When will I get married and how will be the married life?
A: Love affairs are indicated, though love marriage may not take place. You can opt for an arranged marriage. Lagna lord occupying the 7th aspects the 7th lord in the 11th, both falling under Jupiter’s aspects. Hence married life will be smooth.
Mrs. Meena, Devi. Chennai.

Q: When will my husband be free from booze? When will I be blessed with a child? How will be my married life?
A: Your husband’s dasa period is good, but the dasa lord is afflicted by nodes. Find some way to make him free from drinking habits. Otherwise he will become a nervous wreck and may lose potency. Thus children may be delayed. In your chart, 5th lord is in the 6th, a week point. 5th house is occupied by Rahu. The next Jupiter’s transit into Gemini may bless you with a Female child., Hassan

Q: Please discuss the prospects of marriage of the girl?
A: 7th lord is in the 12th in Rasi Chart, and is debilitataed in Navamsa, however in mutual aspects with lagna loard. This is a case of delayed marriage after prolonged distress. A compatible horoscope can be selected. The boy may have weight problems. He may lose an inheritance or legacy.
Mr.G.Balraju. Hyderabad

Q: When will I get married and to what type of a girl?
A: Marriage may take place in the year 2002. The girl may easily get irritataed. She feels very, strong about what she wants in life. She may not know the meaning of peaceful living (Mars-Mercury combination).
Mr. Ganesh, Mumbai.

Q: When will I get married and to what type of a girl?
A: The marriage may be delayed considerably. Time is not favourabe for another five years.
Ms. Smitha Srivastava, Lucknow.

Q: When will I get married and to what type of a person?
A: The year 2001 seems to be the most favourable. The boy will be methodical, practical and a deep-thinker. He will never jump to hasty conclusions.
Mr.Pandurang, Zaheerabad-Medak.

Q: I had a fabulous love affair with a lady for the past three years. For unknown reasons, everything disappeared. Please suggest some remedy?
A: The very presence of debilitated Venus with Moon explains your fabulous character. Remedy is just forget the past and seek new pastures, if you so wish...
Mr. Ramesh Ragore, Mysore

Q: We are living separately. Will she come back or shall I re-marry?
A: She may not be in a mood to come back at least for another

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