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Personal Problems

Here are some of the answers to your "Personal Problems", from our expert Hemamalini Raghunathan

Send us your question and technical doubts relating to your Marital Problems.

Mr. Kaushik Chakraborthy, Udgir.

Q: After graduation in Electronics Engineering , will I go for higher studies? Please suggest remedy for sade-sati.
A: Planetary positions definitely encourage higher studies. Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily. Visit a near-by temple on Saturdays. If possible, go on a pilgrimage to a Sani-Kshetra. Do some service to handicapped persons.
Mr. N. Mahesh, Bangalore.

Q: Business or job, which will suit me?
A: Your 10th lord occupies its own house with Saturn, enjoying the blessings of Jupiter Saturn in the 10th signifies elevation in life as a result of recognition by others 2nd and 11th lord Mercury is happy in its own house. You will prosper well as a self-employed personality.
Mr. S.K. Khindri, Delhi.

Q: Is it possible to recover the money I lost?
A: Saturn in the second house aspecting the 4th and 11th house is not much conducive for financial stability. Now you are going through the fag end of Saturn dasa which will not be very fruitful. In the next Mercury dasa also, bhukthis are not much favourable till 2006. Saturn and Jupiter both go into 4th transit in the latter half of 2000 which will also be not much productive. So be patient and pray the Almighty to guide you. You may recover a part of your money.
Ms. K. Nayaki Ramesh, Chennai.

Q: I am in a confused state. I had faced many problems so far in life. Kindly give suggestions to lead a peaceful life and attract others.
A: Lagna lord Venus is aspected by malefic Saturn. But the presence of Jupiter in the ascendant will act as a protection against in social service activities or in some hobbies. Taking part in community prayer services, bhajans etc., will provide you with opportunities to interact with others.
Mr. Gurkirpal Singh, Bathinda.

Q: All along I have been struggling in politics. Will I achieve anything in that field?
A: You may not achieve anything very big in politics. You cannot depend much on it for your income. Your horoscope indicates multiple sources of income. So try your hand in various small business like contracts, commission work etc. At present, you are under the influence of sade-sati. There will be some marked improvement in the latter half of 2000.
Mr. S. Manjunath, Davangere.

Q: What are the difference yogas in my chart? Which will be the most suitable profession to me?
A: The prominent yoga seen in your horoscope is Bhadra yoga which arises when Mercury is placed in his own house and in angles to the lagna. The native with this yoga will enjoy long life, keen intellect, wealth and prominence in the society. He will be a good speaker in the assemblies. Jobs which involve creativity like interior designing, architecture, literary work, show biz etc. will suit you.
Ms. Mamta Kulkarni, Bangalore.

Q: How are my educational and health prospects?
A: You will continue your education unto graduate level (technical education, computer training etc.). There will not be any major health problem. Neecha bhanga raja yoga in your chart will bless you with a prosperous future.
Ms. Xyz, Bangalore.

Q: I am without a job for the past 6 months. Will I be placed in a good job soon?
A: Transit Jupiter is crossing your natal Jupiter which is placed in the 10th in your natal chart. So a major change in the career front is most likely. You will be able to secure a very good job before the end of the year’99. Latter half of the year 2000 will be very productive. So start putting utmost efforts.
Mr. J. Vijayaragavalu, Chennai.

Q: When will I settle down with a good job?
A: You will secure a good job to your own satisfaction only after 2003. You have just started on sade-sati. So stick to the routine and continue in any temporary job. Never venture into anything new. Be patient.
Mr. Vadivelu, Chennai.

Q: When will I be free from all the troubles? Any remedies please?
A: As both transit Saturn and Jupiter are in the 12th to Moon, the going may be found tough. But you are undergoing the second cycle of sade-sati which may not trouble you much. Conjunction of 4 planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury and Ketu) in the 11th in your natal chart is very note-worthy. You may experience unexpected lifts in life. Period after 2002 is very promising. A pilgrimage to Thirunallar, a Sani-kshetra will bring relief. Visit a temple nearby and do pradakshina (going around) 9 times to Navagrahas on Saturdays.
Mr. Ananth, Bangalore.

Q: Since childhood, I have been suffering in one way or other. How is my future?
A: If your birth time is noted correctly, the horoscope you have furnished does not show much unfavourable traits. Every life goes through ups and downs. With a little attitude adjustment, you can perceive the rosy side of life. At present, the major transits (Jupiter and Saturn) are favourable. Transit Saturn is crossing your natal Saturn. A major change in life is likely to happen. Enjoy the change!
Mr. N.A. Suresh, Tirthahahalli.

Q: Which line of education will suit the native?
A: Medical line will suit him well.
Mr. C.N. Raghavendra Rao, Bangalore.

Q: I have booked a flat. Even after full payment, I have not got the flat. The building remains incomplete. I am financially crippled.
A: Your 11th lord and 11th house are not well disposed. 2nd lord and 2nd house do not receive any benefic aspects. You are under the influence of sade-sati. It may not be very smooth for another 3 years.
Mr. V. Kumar, Bangalore.

Q: I am a self-made man. When will my business be steady?
A: Your 10th lord Mars occupies its own house and is aspected by the ascendant lord Saturn. Presence of Mercury in the ascendant ensures acquiring wealth by your own efforts. You have just started on your second cycle of sade-sati. Even though you may face obstacles, business will become steady after 2000.
Ms. M.Das, Calcutta.

Q: The native is in an administrative post. I would like to know what does the future hold for him?
A: On the whole, sailing will be smooth. He is likely to visit foreign countries but he may not settle down there. Financially he will be very safe.
Mr. Javed Ali, Delhi.

Q: I am a student of astrology. Will I be able to become a successful astrologer?
A: 10th lord is Mercury and it aspects the 4th, which is the house of Jupiter. Mercury is quite well disposed. Together with some other profession, you can carry on with your interest in astrology.
Mr. D. Sriram, Chennai.

Q: Will I succeed in SCRA exam of UPSC after my 10+2 (May 2000) ?
A: Period after August 2000 is quite promising.
Mr. B.V. Satish, Bangalore.

Q: How will be my financial condition?
A: 11th lord Venus occupying the ascendant is quite favourable. But the ascendant and second lord Saturn occupying the 6th with Ketu will not be much favourable. 2nd and 11th houses do not receive any beneficial aspects. The financial condition will be moderate.
Mr. Nishant Singh, Udaipur.

Q: Please suggest a gem stone for all-round prosperity and to improve concentration in studies.
A: Diamond or Zircon will be suitable to you.
Mr. Anil Kaalwat, Hubli.

Q: When can I construct my own house?
A: Latter half of 2001 will fulfill your wish.
Mrs. Kavita B. Patil, Gulbarga.

Q: Which one suits me the best, job or business?
A: 10th lord is in lagna, an indication that you can generate income on your own. Self employment is best for you.
Mr. N.S. Prasanna Kumar, Bangalore.

Q: When will my business catch-up?
A: You have four planets in the 10th. If you concentrate on one project at a time, you will succeed.
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